Dick Whittington
Churchill Theatre, Bromley

Su Pollard never fails to entertain, if not just because of her wacky glasses and gormless voice. But there has never been a busier person on the stage - her footwork could give Michael Flatley a run for his money - as she constantly gets the Churchill audience involved and frolicks around like a youngster. As a sprightly Dick Whittington, Pollard engrosses throughout with her manic enthusiasm.

Terrence Hardiman has just the right amount of cunning and nastiness as King Rat and revels in the role, as does Tudor Davies (Dame Fitzwarren), who keeps the adults on their toes with quickfire puns.

However, the kids are more concerned with the feline capers of Nigel Garton as Tom the Cat. His graceful movements are a delight, but he does play with his tail rather too much.

As seems the norm for panto these days, a TV Gladiator is on the bill and here it is Scorpio (Nikki Diamond), who confidently uses her considerable frame as Spirit of the Bells.

Impressive lighting (Chris Nicholls) and sound (Martyn Davies), along with super dancing from the Debbie Fyffe Babes (choreography by Warren Carlyle), make this E&B co-production a real hit.

David Reading

The Stage
January 2000