Dick Whittington
North Wales Theatre, Llandudno

North Wales Theatre's pantomime is big and spectacular - the Act I closer The Hall of History is an eyepopper - but never for a moment does it lose touch with its audience.

Dick Whittington is played by Su Pollard and she is excellent at picking up and responding to audience reaction. Once she has them blowing raspberries, the children are completely on her side and she is a smashing principal boy. Her glasses might be unusual in the role but her vigour, charm, legs and singing are just right.

She is also blessed with a superb cat. Justin Webb's lithe movements are a joy to behold and he leads the opening dance of Act II in magnificent style. His climactic fight with Christopher Howell's menacing King Rat is splendidly choreographed.

Paul Danan, late of Hollyoaks, makes his pantomime debut as Mate and looks as though he is an old hand. Barry Hester is a splendidly robust Sarah the Cook. The haunted bedroom scene he shares with Danan and Max Ward's Captain is very funny.

This panto is full of glamour and wonder. The audience left feeling they had become friends with everyone on stage.

Victor Hallett

The Stage
December 2001