Su Pollard Profile

It comes as no surprise to find effervescence in Su's palms! You can see the clear spacing between all the fingers and the wide-angled thumbs, and the sweeping lines, betraying a go-getting spirit. The palms look fleshy and energetic, particularly around the base of the Jupiter fingers, which shows tremendous physical energy. They're thick too, implying aggression of the spirit as well as body. Su's versatility and range of talents are reflected in the outer curve of the palm.


Su is left handed so that's her progressive hand. And it reveals steadfastness, liveliness and abundance of vitality. Here's a warrior on the battlefield of life - and one on the winning side. Her knuckles are firm and well marked; if you link this with the seriousness of Saturn and the length of the head lines you can see that she's both sensible and alert. The thumbs, although placed low on the hand, are short and sharp and the lower phalanges (indicating reasoning powers) are stronger than the area of will and obstinacy. Yet, although she does take time to ponder the practicalities, I found an air of movement in the palms that shows she also likes to follow her impulses. As for her uniquely extrovert fashion sense (and her remarkable powers of self-expression) these are sparked off by the long Apollo finger and Mercury's powerful influence.

The Apollo finger really stands out as its tip climbs steadily towards Saturn, and it's here her work in the theatre is reflected, showing how she needs to display her artistic talents to an audience. Since Apollo points to power and attractiveness in relation to hobbies, business and people it's calling Su to the forefront, encouraging all the adaptability and energy that she brings to her performance.


You can also spot impulsiveness and gregariousness in the clear spacings between the head and life lines - she doesn't often tone down her loud, colourful behaviour! But look at the head line driving purposefully across the centre of her palms; this calms her down, showing that she can philosophise (remember the thumbs!). In fact the head line almost runs off the palm altogether, emphasising the length of time she devotes to thoughts and issues beyond the strictly personal. This also betrays high intelligence and a good memory. Although the energies run quickly and freely through these palms she can balance reality and desires, never losing sight of the practical.


Looking at the heart line on both palms clearly demonstrates the difference between past and present. In the right (Past) hand it's low-set, straight and short, ending under Saturn, which shows her to be ruled basically by her head not her emotions. But on the left (Current) palm it's fuller and warmer, high in the hand and sweeping up to join the middle of the girdle of Venus. This shows how Su has mellowed: the old heart line (in the past hand) curves down towards the head line and has a devil of a time untying itself from the head forces which dominate - logical, cautious and challenging. But the new line on the left hand has a gentle upward curve which encourages her femininity and leaves logic behind. Su's grown more instinctive and responsive with time. But although she's more romantic these days, the heart line hasn't let go of the head altogether (there are two lines breaking off downward to connect with the head line) reminding us how she can be single-minded, and still look after number one. This fork implies a good balance between will and emotion.

Su is physically very demonstrative. She would never hesitate to show her affection through touching someone she loves. But her reaction to others depends upon her frame of mind at any given moment: she can adjust to someone's needs simultaneously if so moved and when inspired she'd light up like a colourful beacon. Off on a new adventure! But if there is any hint of a communication barrier she can switch off just as easily. The low, broken, short head line in the right hand bears this out. There is a half semi-circle of Venus which mirrors her sensitive and romantic side. As it's only half formed, though, you can assume that in the final analysis Su's ruled by her head rather than her heart. If you study the palms you can see how her heart line runs clearly in two parallel markings, which shows she needs to fulfil her emotions in all sorts of diverse ways, almost leading a double life to keep pace with her emotional needs. This double composition eases up around the age of 40 to 42 revealing a more settled and placid picture is imminent.