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Another helping of  'Hi-De-Hi! curiosities

Hi-De-Hi! - The Scripts (BBC Books 1983)

"Hi-De-Hi! readers! Welcome to Maplin's. 
For the benefit of newcomers, there's Jeffrey Fairbrother, the entertainments manager, who used to be a professor at Cambridge. There's Ted Bovis, your camp host, his assistant, Spike Dixon, and Mr Partridge, the Punch-and-Judy man. There's Fred Quilly, who looks after the horses, and Yvonne and Barry Stuart-Hargreaves, the stuck-up ballroom dancers. There's scatter-brained Peggy, the chalet maid, and, of course, there's Gladys Pugh, the chief yellowcoat. Finally, there's someone you haven't seen on your screens, Charley Binns, the senior camper, who knows all the secrets of Maplin's. He tells you about the night Jeffrey and Gladys were trapped in the Three Bears' Cottage, about how Ted raised the money for his wife's alimony, about the Most Popular Girl Yellowcoat Competition and many other things. With this book in your pocket your holiday is bound to be a happy one. And if you read it at home you'll think that you are on holiday. So Hi-He-Hi! readers! Welcome back to Maplin's!" 

Right:  Signed picture of Jeffrey Holland, aka Spike Dixon.

Hi-De-Hi! - The Holiday Musical 
Promotional Poster (1984) 

Hi-De-Hi! Box Set (2002) 

Available on VHS & DVD Video, the complete first two series of Hi-De-Hi!

BBC/Radio Times Vintage Maplin's Bus
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