Who were your music influences when you were growing up?

STEVIE: Weaned on a diet of rock'n'roll, soul, Tamla and psychedelic pop.

What's your first memory of Toyah? Do you remember the first time you met her and the first gig you played together as a band?

STEVIE: Toyah walked into the rehearsal room and traded insults...quality haha... There were so many gigs at that time but I'm guessing we played the usual circuit for about 10 gigs before going into record Sheep Farming.

Toyah has talked previously about some of the wild gigs from the early tours. Skinheads, stage invasions etc. What do you remember of that time?

STEVIE: It was as wild as Toyah says... I do remember though that we used to call our tours The good beer guide tours. If say we were in Nottingham going to Leeds, we would consult the Good Beer Guide, find a pub that we would be near around lunchtime and go there for Real Ale, a sandwich and a game of darts, then have a kip in the car, get to the gig and raid the crews beer rider... Happy days.

What are your favourite songs from the albums you played on?

STEVIE: From Sheep Farming, Danced... always fun to play. Neon Womb, but a real fave was Our Movie... From Blue Meaning, the title track, Visions, Insects and of course the awesome IEYA.

'Shoestring' is a legendary moment in Toyah history. Did you enjoy being a part of that?

STEVIE: It was good to see how all the behind the scenes stuff worked and I tried to be around all the aspects of filming, editing etc.. Also built a good friendship with Gary Holton... Lovely man.

Do you remember much about the filming of the ATV documentary?

STEVIE: Yes... The cameras were around for quite a while, but the whole crew, particulary the main cameraman John Varnish, made everyone at ease so it was like a family thing in the end.

Were you aware of the album Safari released in 1985, 'Mayhem'. Made up of demos and rare recordings?

STEVIE: Missed that one but I think I only played on Danced, the unreleased version.

32 years later, how do you feel about, the legendary, IEYA?

STEVIE: IEYA was the only song we had written and arranged before going into Parkgate Studios because the rest of the album was written in the studio... When we came to record IEYA we were well into a routine... breakfast and then Gem went into town and filled up the car with booze, then we would start the tape rolling... I had been partying hard and the call came out... Tape rolling... I'm glad we got it in one take because the half bottle of Bells I'd enjoyed took its toll and I crashed out behind the kit... But that was the take... It has an amazing vibe to it.

Did you follow Toyah's career atall after you left the band? If so, what did you think of the huge "pop" success in 1981/82?

STEVIE: I did... even went to the Rainbow gig to say hi and used to go see Toyah when she lived in Finchley... The girl can cook believe me... Always knew she would do well.

Are you still in touch with Charlie, Joel, Pete?

STEVIE: ... Only Charlie... but lately Steve James... Keith Hale and Gem Howard.

It's been a long time but the original Toyah band are still held in high regard. Would you ever consider a one-off reunion gig?

STEVIE: That would be fun... but maybe a bit explosive... haha!

Do you ever look back on those years. How do you feel about that time now?

STEVIE: It was a really good time in my life but I have no regrets.

Daft question time: I know you are British and white but did anyone ever confuse you with Madonna's drummer in the 80s, also called Steve Bray?

STEVIE: I was... and was hoping his royalties would accidently be paid into my account haha!

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