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26 July : Toyah @ The Theatre
The Shagaround : Soho Theatre, London 23 July - 18 August. 

The Shagaround : Brighton,
3 - 8 September.

Aladdin : Stockport Plaza, Stockport. 12 December - 6 January 2002.

26 July : Top Ten Toyah
Over the past week or so lots of fans have been revealing what their present Top Ten favourite Toyah songs are over at Angels & Demons. Lots of interesting choices and a few surprises too. Check it out.
26 July : Sacred Spaces
Don't forget there are still another six threads in this series, being reshown each Sunday morning on the Heaven & Earth Show.
26 July : Happy Birthday TW.com
Toyah's official website has been online for just over a year now, congratulations to Craig Astley & everyone there. Next month the site will run an exlcusive interview with Toyah, and they need YOUR questions. The site has been updated with some very exciting news for all us fans of Toyah's music. Zoom over and prepare to be thrilled!!!
26 July : Q's The 100 Greatest Women In Music!
The latest edition of Q Magazine reveals that the results of their poll to find the 100 Greatest Women In Music will be published sometime before the end of the year. Let's hope TW is in there somewhere.


17 July : Sacred Spaces

The first Sacred Spaces was repeated on Sunday morning's Heaven And Earth Show. Toyah visited a buddhist temple that was once a court and holding cells for some of Britain's most dangerous criminals. Each of the Sacred Space threads, originally broadcast last year,  will be repeated over the next seven weeks.

17 July : Top Ten 1981
I wasn't even going to bother mentioning this as I'd been really looking forward to it, and unfortunately it turned out to be a huge disappointment. It did reveal though that Toyah was the 10th most successful chart act of 1981.
17 July : TV Years 1985
Toyah also popped up on TV Years 1985 on Sky One over the weekend. Like TV Years 1981 she was commenting on some of the biggest TV shows of the year.


11 July : Toyah On Telly Bumper Update / Official Toyah Site Updated
Flirty Something : Various ITV Regions
Saturday 14th July : 00.05am

Vanessa Feltz hosts a late-night chat show which explores relationship issues for thirtysomethings. Tonight's programme investigates commitment with guests Toyah Willcox, Lynette Burrows, John Kearns and Sara Jacobs

Top Ten : 1981 : Channel 4
Saturday 14th July : 10.05pm

Suggs from Madness counts down the definitive music acts from 1981 and recalls the year's events and trends. Featuring music from Adam Ant, Bucks Fizz, Soft Cell, Madness, Human League, Police, John Lennon and Toyah

Heaven And Earth Show : BBC1
Sunday 15th July : 10.00am

Toyah Willcox visits a Buddhist temple with a shady past.

Brum : BBC Choice
Throughout July : Monday to Friday
7.35am / 10.35am / 1.35pm / 4.35pm

The adventures of a little car, narrated by Toyah 

Through The Keyhole : BBC1
Monday 16th July : 2.55pm
Wednesday 18th July : 2.55pm
Thursday 19th July : 2.10pm

David Frost challenges a panel of celebrities to identify two well-known personalities by peeping into their homes - with the help of Loyd Grossman, who lays a trail of convoluted clues. With Jono Coleman, Toyah Willcox and David Dickinson

Whose Recipe Is It Anyway? : Taste (CFN)
Run of shows finishes at the end of July
Monday to Friday : 3.30pm / 7.00pm
Saturday/Sunday : 1.00pm / 8.00pm

Take one ex punk princess, mix liberally with a selection of chefs, garnish with a celebrity of the minor variety, and you have a relaxing and not atall unpleasant way of passing half an hour! Yep, Toyah still cooking up a storm on Carlton Food Network's Taste channel every day.

Under Offer : Meridian / Sundays

Mystic Challenge : Challenge TV
Wednesday 25th July

Paul Ross presents a game show in which psychics, astrologers and palmists are invited to put their powers to the test. In each edition, a panel of mystic masters is invited to reveal key personal details about the lives of mystery guests. With guest Toyah Willcox

I Love 1979 : BBC2
Saturday 28th July : 9.00pm

Toyah remembers the phenomenon that was/is Quadrophenia.

Beyond Medicine : Discovery Health
Throughout July : Mon / Fri / Sun
Monday & Friday : 6.00am / 5.30pm / 8.30pm
Sunday : 7.30am / 10.30am / 1.30pm / 4.30pm

More alternative therapies in this interesting and informative guide to staying healthy in 2001.


Official Toyah Site Updated

www.toyahwillcox.com has been updated today with news of a new run of The Shagaround and Toyah's July Diary entry.


6 July : Aladdin Flyer

The flyer for Aladdin, Toyah's panto this xmas, is now available. Click here for full image and more details.

Thanks to Paul Lomas for the pics.

6 July : Madonna, Jubilee & Toyah
Madonna's 'Drowned World' Tour reached Earls Court in London on Wendesday night, the first of six dates there, including tonight and most of next week. Parts of the show are said to be influenced by Derek Jarman's Jubilee, which of course starred Toyah as Mad. This got me thinking about whether or not Madonna is aware of Toyah. Obviously if she has seen Jubilee she will know of her, but I wonder if she knows about Toyah's music career and how Toyah was 'shifting shapes and changing faces' way before Madonna became famous for doing so.
6 July : Animal Aid Auction
Go here to take a look at the Toyah items up for auction in the All Star Charity Auction.
6 July : Tellurian Online Redesigned
Tellurian Online, The Toyah Archive website, has just relaunched with a fantastic new design. Take a look here.


3 July : Ever Wondered?

Toyah investigated astrology versus psychology on this show on Saturday morning. Toyah agreed with everything that the astrologer found from her birth chart, but was then told it wasn't actually hers, but simply a generalised view and the astrologer was actually a psychologist. The same test was carried out with four other people and like Toyah they all agreed that the readings matched their lives. How can horoscopes and 'stars' apply to millions of peoples yet still seem accurate to individual lives?, Toyah asked. The psychologists explained that people who believe in astrology "perceive the world the way they want to perceive it". So there you go!

3 July : Midsummer Reviewed

Toyah continues to play Titania and Hippolyta in A Midsummer Night's Dream at Stafford Castle through until July 14. Read an excellent review of the play by Paul Richards here


1 July : All Star Australian Charity Auction
The Australian Animal Lib Organisation's All Star Charity Auction begins today at ebay.com.  Included in the auction is a Toyah Tour Scarf from the 80's. This is from their press release:

All of the money raised from the auction goes to Animal Liberation. They are not Government funded and all staff are volunteers. Every dollar raised will go directly to help the animals. Animal Liberation has been fighting for animal rights since 1976, and this fundraiser will help pay the bills ofsome ground-breaking court cases. We've got rent to pay on our office and shop and we ALWAYS have lots of campaigns to run.We always need extra funds and we are just so incredibly happy that so many celebrities worldwide have come out to help us by donating some wonderful autographed items.

Animal Liberation would love for everyone to get behind us and ......BID!!!!

Some of the other artists include Adam Ant, Boy George, Pearl Jam, Kiss, Chrissie Hynde, Moby, Reef, REM, Natalie Portman, Billy Idol and plenty more. Something for everyone's musical tastes. I hope that a fortune is raised. The way the world is going the animals need more help than ever.