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29 September : The Tempest

The Tempest : Film Four : Wednesday 10th October : 00.25

Directed by Derek Jarman, The Tempest, the film that earned Toyah a nomination for Best Newcomer at the 1980 Evening Standard Film Awards will be on Film Four next month.

"One of the most original films ever made in Britain" Sunday Times

"Continuously entertaining" Evening Standard

"A major achievement" Time Out

29 September : OK Magazine
Toyah is in the current issue of OK Magazine. She is included in a feature about ex-Blue Peter presenter, Mark Curry and his 40th birthday party.

Mark guested on Whose Recipe Is It Anyway?, the cookery show Toyah recently presented on the Taste CFN channel.


22 September : Toyah On Telly
Never Mind The Buzzcocks
BBC 2 
Monday 1st October : 9.00pm 
Sunday 7th October : 11.55pm 

Comedy pop quiz hosted by Mark Lamarr, with team captains Phill Jupitus and Sean Hughes and guests Toyah Willcox, Kermit from Big Dog, Captain Sensible and DJ Steve Lamacq.

22 September : NICVA
Toyah's been popping up here, there and everywhere recently. As well as all the usual TV appearances she's also been spotted at the NICVA (Northern Ireland Council for Voluntary Action) awards ceremony.

Thanks to Kev McNamara for sending me Today magazine with Toyah in.

22 September : Bad Hair Days

Toyah cropped (pun intended) up on this channel 4 documentary on Thursday night to talk about hairstyles. The docu looked at the importance of hairstyles over the last century. Toyah said she was very influenced by David Bowie and his Ziggy Stardust image, and her favourite haircut was John Lydon's, "little short crop, just so simple and so good."

Other guests recalled first seeing Toyah, "She came on Top Of The Pops with this flame red hair, it was almost illuminous. It was so bright.", "There was a lot of it and I presume it was all hers, but it was quite thatched. You could have had a quite nice cottage underneath it."

Toyah continued, "When you had red hair 25 years ago no one treated you as if you were normal. Everyone treated you as if you were mad, bad or about to be." And, "I remember snotty, new up and coming hairdressers saying no one has red hair anymore. everyone's into monochrome. I remember thinking stuff this."


11 September : Awash With Colour

Toyah was the first guest on this new series that mixes painting tips and travelogue. Presenter Dermot Cavanagh and Toyah visited Yeats' country, Co. Sligo in Ireland. She talked about her career, past, present and future. The show included a number of old clips from Top Of The Pops, Songs Of Praise etc.

Toyah and Dermot then set out to paint the picturesque Glencar Loch, set in the shadow of the majestic Benbulben Mountain. Toyah recalled an artist using watercolour on her face to create her 'Brave New World' look. She was pleased with her "first painting", and with Dermot's tuition. As you can see it aint half bad for a first attempt.

11 September : Toyah On Telly
Holiday In Style : UK Style
Saturday 15th Sept : 9.00pm
Friday 21st Sept : 8.00pm

Toyah visits Langkawi.

Bad Hair Days : Channel 4
Thurs 20th Sept : 8.30pm

The story of hairstyles through the ages and how they serve as a reflection of modern culture's obsession with image. Featuring contributions from Nicky Clarke, Toyah Willcox and Robert Elms, as well as everyday people with a hairy tale to tell.

Beyond Medicine : Disc Health
Sunday 23rd Sept : -
7.30am / 10.30am / 1.30pm /
4.30pm / 7.30pm.



6 September : New Book?
The new book, mentioned in last month's news, 'The Art Of Dexter Brown' is published today. The pic above on the cover of Toyah's 1980 live! album is an original painting by Dexter. This must be the reason why Toyah is involved with the book.

Thanks to Chris Limb for clearing this up via Angels & Demons.

6 September : Daily Mirror
Toyah got a mention in the Daily Mirror on Tuesday of this week. On the crap '3am' showbiz page, in the 'Surveillance' section.

June Whitfield, Valerie Singleton, Toyah Willcox and Richard Whiteley being given presents by Anthea Turner at the Slug And Lettuce in Kingston, Surrey, and then piling onto a riverboat.

6 September : Burton & South Derbyshire Advertiser
Toyah popped up in the Burton & South Derbyshire Advertiser yesterday (Wednesday 5th September). 

The story was on Toyah presenting a "green" award to East Staffordshire Borough Council.

'More than 180 councils throughout England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland were nominated for this year's awards with trophies presented at a special London ceremony by actress and singer Toyah Willcox.

Toyah, who is closely involved with environmental issues herself, presented the award to East Staffordshire Borough Council representative Tanya Rowntree.'

Thanks to Kev Tucker, of the Mermaid Days website for sending me this.


1 September : Toyah On Telly - Updates
Heaven And Earth Show : BBC 1
Sunday 2nd September : 10.00am

Second instalment of the repeated 'Sacred Spaces', delayed from July/August. In this Toyah and famous fifth Beatle Pete Best visit Abbey Road studios, Pete's sacred space. And yep, four Toyah's troop across the world's most famous zebra crossing.

Interesting Note : Toyah recorded her 1987 album 'Desire' at Abbey Road studios, though obviously she doesn't mention this while interviewing Pete. The title track was one of the first songs she and Robert Fripp collaborated on, so perhaps Abbey Road is a sacred space to Toyah too.

Brum : BBC 2
Monday 3rd September : 8.10am / 1.00pm

Brum : BBC 1
Saturday 8th September : 7.25am

Adventures of a little car called 'Brum', narrated by Toyah.

Awash With Colour : BBC 2 
Monday 10th September : 4.00pm 

Dermot Cavanagh presents a mix of painting tuition and travelogue. He and Toyah Willcox set out to paint Glencar Loch in County Sligo. 

Holiday On A Shoestring : UK Style 
Saturday 15th September : 9.00pm 

Toyah soaks up the luxury of a five star hotel on the island of Langkawi. 

Please Note : The show mentioned on 24 August News Update, Bad Hair Days, which was advertised and featured Toyah has disappeared from TV schedules.