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27 November : Toyah On 'Liquid News'

Toyah was a guest on yesterday evening's Liquid News on BBC Choice, alongside the band Liberty. Host Christopher Price introduced Toyah..."sitting on the sofa is the woman who moves heaven and earth wherever she goes"

Toyah talked about the new Richard And Judy Show, "they deserve a much better set, but Judy looked good, really well rested", Jennifer Lopez and her ridiculous backstage demands, "back in the 80's all I asked for at Top Of The Pops was some ginseng. Next year when I'm touring I'm going to ask for an under 20 chalet boy!".

Talking about the difference between bands in the noughties, compared with those back in the 80's Toyah commented, "we were really badly behaved, I feel like I'm sitting here with my children".

Toyah also mentioned that she would like to do the Royal Variety Performance but would probably never be asked, the fiasco that is Miss World, working behind the scenes on TV, 'Fly On The Wall' television shows, and that she has been asked to present a new TV show next year about "sex and religion, the two great taboos".

Toyah should be back on Liquid News fairly soon as Christopher didn't feel he talked nearly enough to Toyah. I couldn't agree more!

Thanks to John S for his help.

27 November : Toyah On Telly
I Love 1979 : UK Horizons 
Fri 30th Nov : 9.00pm 
Sun 2nd Dec : 11.00pm 

Toyah, and others, remember Quadrophenia

Beyond Medicine : Disc Health 
Thurs 29th Nov : 8.30pm 
Sat 1st Dec : 6.30/10am 1/4pm 
Thurs 6th Dec : 8.30pm 

Brum : BBC1 
Sat 1st Dec : 7.30am 

Brum : BBC2 
Mon 3rd Dec : 8.10am 
Mon 3rd Dec : 1.00pm 

27 November : BAFTA's
Toyah revealed on last night's Liquid News that she will be attending this year's BAFTA Awards, which take place next week.
27 November : Here And Now
Apparently the Wembley date for the 'Here And Now 2002' Tour has almost sold out already so maybe a second date will be added. Toyah was spotted in the audience at Wembley Arena on Nov 15th for 'Here And Now 2001'


22 November : Here & Now Leaflet
Scans of the front and reverse of the promotional leaflets. Just on the offchance that anyone hasn't managed to get hold of one yet. They are starting to appear all over the place so it shouldn't be too long before everyone gets their hands on one.

TOYAH - The colourful character Toyah exploded onto the charts in 1981 with the track "It's A Mystery". She followed this up with hits such as "I Want To Be Free", "Thunder In The Mountains" & "Brave New World".

NB: I will be adding a page to Dreamscape dedicated to all things 'Here And Now 2002' soon. This will be added to as and when more news/info becomes available right through until next April.

22 November : 'Here And Now' 2002 - The Sun
As predicted there was a fair bit of press coverage for Tuesday's Press/Photo Call to launch next April's 'Here And Now' arena tour.

From The Sun

Eighties? More like forties

Cream of the pop ... this lot were huge - once 

IT’S hard to imagine – but this motley crew of forty-somethings were once the cream of pop. Now these Eighties superstars are poised for a British comeback.

Adam Ant, Spandau Ballet, Belinda Carlisle, Toyah Willcox, Howard Jones and China Crisis will appear together on the Here & Now Tour next April.

Toyah said: “It’s like a big family reunion.”

Here we look at how they were – and what they have become.

TOYAH WILLCOX, 43, famous for I Want To Be Free and Thunder In The Mountains, still sports a peroxide hairdo and is a Tellytubbies voice.

The feature that appeared in yesterday's Sun newspaper is also available to view online at their website.

Click here to visit the site. There you can read the full article, plus 'then and now' comments on all the artists.

22 November : 'Here And Now' 2002 - London Metro
London Metro covered the launch by concentrating mainly on Toyah and Adam Ant and featured a cool picture of them both together. Toyah said; "I haven't seen some of these people for 20 years. It's like a big family reunion."

Thanks to Tracey Murray for the this pic.

The Mirror and Daily Star also ran news stories about the Photo Call, concentrating almost solely on Adam Ant. If anyone has any more press coverage please let me know - Thanks!


21 November : 'Here And Now' 2002 Tour
The 'Here And Now' 2002 Tour ball was seriously set in motion yesterday with the Press Conference/Launch in London. So far these are the lealflets I have been able to find promoting the event. Both feature pictures of Toyah (neither very up to date though) and the one on the right mentions songs by all of the artists. Toyah is, of course, represented by  'It's A Mystery'.

More to follow shortly, as I'm sure there will be UK press coverage today. Check back soon for more information and pictures.

Thanks to Ant Lib Online - A great Adam Ant Site : Visit their site by clicking here.

21 November : Here And Now
The Press Conference/Photo Call for the launch of the tour took place yesterday morning at the Cafe De Paris in Picadilly, London.

Almost all of the artists who will take part in the tour next April; Toyah, Belinda Carlisle, Adam Ant, Howard Jones, China Crisis etc, were present. This was shown on a number of news programmes in the UK yesterday.


20 November : Tellurian Update

Tellurian Online has been updated with yet another fantastic Toyah presentation. This time taking an in-depth look at 1993's 'Take The Leap' UK Tour as remembered by Chris Limb et al. Relive those giddy days of October & November '93 by directing your mouse over the cat above...

Interesting to see the above pic, amongst all the great images captured through the tour, in the presentation. I am somewhere in there, right at the front. Toyah grabbed my hand near the end of the gig and didn't let go for a good 30 secs, everyone kept shouting 'please come back to Glasgow soon, Toyaaaah!'.

20 November : Toyah Gallery

Isn't November a boring, dull and depressing month? Still a while till Crimble, but Summer has long gone. Now there is no need to live in a dark and gloomy twilight world, no. Visit the Dreamscape Toyah Gallery and your life will be instantly 'lightened up'. With almost 300 pics of TW, there is definitely something there for everyone. (Yes I agree, it is hard to believe I have a Marketing degree!)

20 November : Here And Now 2002 Tour
Sometime today there will be a Press/Photo Call to announce next year's 'Here And Now' Tour. Not sure if Toyah will be present, though hopefully she will be as there is bound to be coverage of the launch in some of tomorrow's UK newspapers.

'Here And Now' 2001, featuring Kim Wilde, Nick Heyward, Paul Young, Heaven 17, T'Pau, Curiosity Killed The Cat and Go West has one date left on 1st December at Butlins in Minehead. The Press Call for this tour took place at the Kensington Roof Gradens in London on 12th June, and almost all of the artists from the tour showed up.

20 November : Toyah Newsbits & Rumours
Toyah will be presenting Tolkien's Middle Earth this Thursday (22nd Nov) on BBC2 at 7.30pm. Unfortunately it is only being broadcast in the Midlands region.

The Connoisseur Collection label will reissue 'Sheep Farming In Barnet' and 'The Blue Meaning', Toyah's first two albums, as a double CD sometime in the first quarter of 2002. 

CD reissues of 'Prostitute' and 'Ophelia's Shadow' may also be made available. No label has been mentioned as yet but Toyah and Robert Fripp do now own these recordings.

Highly unlikely, but Toyah has mentioned the possiblity of a remix and reissue of 'It's A Mystery' and 'I Want To Be Free'!

'Living Out Loud', TW's autobiography, published in September 2000, is to be translated into German early next year.

Toyah is set to take part in an all female expedition to the Amazon rainforest in the new year.

The Riot Of Colour website, featuring the complete Toyah lyrics, may soon be back online. I'm sure you will all be pleased to know.


16 November : Toyah In Stockport

As previously mentioned Toyah was in Stockport on Wednesday evening, though she didn't as reported turn on the town's Christmas lights. Toyah is starring in Aladdin at the Stockport Plaza this year from 12th December through to 6th January 2002. She appeared onstage with some of the panto's other stars, looking fantastic with her new blond extensions. Could this be a hint at the new 'image' Toyah is planning for the 'Here And Now' 2002 Arena Tour? Click on the pics above to see more pictures of Toyah's Stockport appearance.

Thanks to Paul Lomas & Michael Obrien for the information.

Thanks to Paul Lomas for the pictures.

16 November : Toyah At 'The Tate'
Toyah, pictured at The Tate in London (Tuesday 9th October 2001). She participated in a debate on director Derek Jarman, as part of .'Derek Jarman - A Celebration'. Also taking part was Jenny Runacre who played Bod in Jubilee. Click here if you'd like to see more pictures of Toyah when she visited The Tate.

Thanks to Paul Cable (right of TW) for the pictures.

16 November : Toyah On Telly
Beyond Medicine
Discovery Health 

Sat 17th Nov - 6.30am/10am/1pm/4pm 
Thu 22nd November - 8.30pm 
Sat 24th November - 
Thu 29th November - 8.30pm 

BBC1 - Sat 17th Nov - 7.30am 
BBC2 - Mon 19th Nov - 8.10am 
BBC2 - Mon 19th Nov - 1.00pm 
BBC1 - Sat 24th Nov - 7.30am 
BBC2 - Mon 26th Nov - 8.10am 
BBC2 - Mon 26th Nov - 1.00pm 

The Tempest : Film Four 
Tue 20th Nov - 2.25am 
The Tempest : Film Four Plus 1 
Tue 20th Nov - 3.25am 



14 November : Aladdin

It won't be long now until panto time. Toyah begins her, two shows a day, stint in Stockport on 12th December. Not sure of ticket availability, but anyone interested should call the Plaza Box Office: 0161 477 7779. Have fun!

14 November : Toyah Set To Light Up Stockport
Tonight Toyah will switch on the Christmas lights in Stockport as the festive season slowly but surely begins to infiltrate our lives.

Toyah is starring in the Stockport Plaza's panto this year, in the lead role of Aladdin, so it is only fitting that she should be the one to flick that switch. Also appearing in the panto are Steven Cole (Leo from Brookside), Mark Chatterton and Martin Gold.

The Aladdin launch & photocall in Stockport was way back on 4th May (the very first news story used on the new look Dreamscape).

Thanks to Paul Lomas for the pictures & panto leaflet


10 November : Toyah On Celebrity 'TV Scrabble'

Toyah made yet another TV appearance on Thursday (8th November). This time on Challenge TV's TV Scrabble, the celebrity edition. Host Toby Anstis introduced Toyah as "the gorgeous, delightful actress, singer and writer". The other celeb was Rick Wakeman and both of them were dressed in bright pink. Toyah said they were "the Barbara Cartland fanclub" and went onto reveal they both share the same birthday, 18th May. "All the best people are Taureans", laughed TW.

As she always does, Toyah got into playing the game with great enthusiasm and had a good laugh too. She chatted to Toby about her memories of Quadrophenia and how she has been friends with Leslie Ash ever since.

And the score? Toyah - 105, Rick - 249!!


10 November : Q Magazine Poll - 100 Greatest Women In Music
It now looks likely that the much delayed Q Magazine Poll 'The 100 Greatest Women In Music' will be included in the issue published on 7th December (this will coincide with an exclusive Kate Bush interview - I wonder who won?), which is dated January 2002.

Here's hoping that Toyah will be included somewhere in there. If she is it's yet more publicity for her music, and along with next year's tour and the CD reissues, things do seem to be looking good for all us fans of Toyah's musical side.

10 November : Here And Now
There seems to be a real buzz, online at least, about this tour. As well as mentions on many sites related to the artists (Howard Jones, Adam Ant, ABC, etc.) due to appear next April, it is popping up on 80's forums and clubs all over the internet. I know some people have said that the whole event is a naff idea and Toyah shouldn't have got involved, however already it's getting her mentioned and talked about. By April 2002 the publicity the tour generates can only do Toyah's music career good, who knows what could happen!

There is also a prominent mention on the excellent 80's site 'Lexicon'. Click on the above pic to go there, not only for the 'Here And Now' News but more 80's shenanigans than you can shake a stick at!

10 November : Kate Bush Site

Toyah recently got a mention on the fantastic 'Kate Bush News' website. It was regarding the BBC Musical Memories page I mentioned in last month's News (10th October). If you'd like to take a look, click on the pic above and when you reach the Kate site scroll down to the 16th October News entry.


8 November : Official Toyah Updated

Toyah's Official website has been updated with her diary entry for November and the complete unedited manuscript draft for the 'Daily Mail' article Toyah wrote on Top of the Pops, plus lots of interesting News on what the minx will be up to over the next few weeks or so, go on, take the leap!

8 November : Toyah On Telly
Brum : BBC1 - Sat 10th Nov - 7.30am 
Brum : BBC2 - Mon 12th Nov - 8.10am 
Brum : BBC2 - Mon 12th Nov - 1.00pm 
Brum : BBC1 - Sat 17th Nov - 7.30am 
Brum : BBC2 - Mon 19th Nov - 8.10am 
Brum : BBC2 - Mon 19th Nov - 1.00pm 

Beyond Medicine : Discovery Health 
Thursday 8th Nov - 8.30pm 
Saturday 10th Nov - 6.30am/10am/1pm/4pm 
Thursday 15th Nov - 8.30pm 
Saturday 17th Nov - 6.30am/10am/1pm/4pm 

The Tempest : Film Four 
Tuesday 20th Nov - 2.25am 
The Tempest : Film Four Plus 1 
Tuesday 20th Nov - 3.25am 

8 November : Here And Now 2002 Tour Dates
The dates for next year's 'Here And Now' arena tour have finally been released after much anticipation. At present there are eight dates around the UK, the show is coming to Scotland unlike the first tour happening this month, confirmed for next April.

18 April 2002 : Cardiff International Arena
19 April 2002 : Brighton Centre
20 April 2002 : Birmingham NEC
24 April 2002 : Newcastle Telewest Arena
25 April 2002 : London Wembley Arena
26 April 2002 : Sheffield Arena
27 April 2002 : Manchester Evening News Arena
28 April 2002 : Glasgow SECC

Acts confirmed, so far, include Adam Ant, Hadley, Norman & Keeble (ex Spandau Ballet), Belinda Carlisle, ABC, Howard Jones, Toyah and China Crisis.

Ticketmaster have details on some of the dates, and are already selling tickets for one of the venues. Tickets for further dates look likely to go on sale this Friday (tomorrow - 9th November).

8 November : Chicago Rock Cafe - Northampton PA
It now looks highly likely that Toyah's second PA of the year, at the Chicago Rock Cafe in Northampton on Thursday 29th November, will definitely take place. Anyone interested in going should contact the Chicago Rock Cafe directly for details.

The club's telephone number is -01604 627766, and their address - Chicago Rock Cafe, 4-5 Parade, Market Square, Northampton NN1 2EA. 


4 November : London Metro - 60 Second Interview
Toyah was interviewed in the London paper, Metro, last week in the '60 Second Interview' section...

Birmingham-born singer, actress and TV presenter Toyah Willcox, 43, first came to fame as the punk movement's 'short girl with a lisp' in the late 1970's. Star of films Quadrophenia and Jubilee, she had hits with songs including It's A Mystery and I Want To Be Free, and has since fronted TV shows from The Good Sex Guide Late to The Heaven And Earth Show. She is married to fellow musician Robert Fripp.

What's your favourite job?
Making movies, because I like the whole event. It's like you're in a circus and you're on the move.

Does that stem from making music videos?
It was before that, when I worked with Derek Jarman in Jubilee. Then I went on to do George Cukor's TV film The Corn Is Green - with Katherine Hepburn - and I fell in love with the complete focus you have when you're working on a film. Nothing else exists and I find that rather lovely.

How influenced were you by youth culture in your choice of career?
Hugely. When you're young, youth culture is all that exists - you don't think about anything else. The punk movement influenced me, the mod not so much as I was too much into punk. The films at the time like Scum, Quadrophenia, Breaking Glass...they were all youth culture films and we all wanted to be in them.

Was Hazel Oconnor (star of Breaking Glass) a rival?
Back then, I considered her a rival, but we're more like friends now. We moved in completely different directions. The press would play us off against each other but that was not just between me and Hazel, it was also between me and Paula Yates and virtually every female on the planet. We were all enemies. I think we've all smartened up now and don't fall for those tricks.

Do you look at your old videos and cringe?
No, I don't cringe at anything I've ever done. I'm proud of everything.

Do you still listen to your old punk albums?
No, I haven't got the time any more.

If you recorded a song today, what would it be like?
I kind of like electro/techno/pop at the moment. Kylie has hit the bullseye with her latest song. It's very 'of the moment'.

What's on your CD player?
PJ Harvey's Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea, and Music by Madonna.

What's your health routine?
I insist on eight hours sleep a night, I don't drink alcohol, tea or coffee. I'm a vegetarian so I always eat fruit and veg and I do about an hour's aerobic exercise a day.

How spiritual are you?
Not as much as I used to be. I used to be so much more but I found I've become more and more distracted by work. That's what keeps me going - I just enjoy my work. I've never wanted a family in my life. A lot of people put family as a priority but I don't, which means I have an awful lot of time on my hands to work in.

Who's been your biggest influence?
I still carry a real torch for David Bowie's work. I also like Steven Spielberg's work, even though he can really miss the mark sometimes. When he gets it right though, you never forget what he's done.

What did you think of AI?
I loved the last half hour, I thought it was sensational, but would have liked him to edit the first hour and a half down.

And have you met Bowie?
No - my husband has done some work with him but I have yet to meet him myself.

What's your biggest vice?

What's your best quality?
I haven't got a clue - perseverance, possibly.

What's been your most embarrassing moment?
I often lose my temper with people because I take the wrong meaning from something. People call me the rottweiler - there have been times where I actually put my fists up to someone when they haven't done what I thought they'd done. I'm immensely embarrassed by that.

Do you apologise after?
Yes (laughs) - but it's often too late.

What's your motto?
Don't dream it, be it. It's from the Rocky Horror Show.

What would your epitaph be?
She came, she lisped, she left.

Toyah is currently promoting Provamel Soya Milk.

Huge thanks to Tiff Davidson for sending me this.

4 November : Toyah On Telly
Tales Of The Unexpected 
Granada Plus 
Tuesday 6th November 

TV Scrabble 
Challenge TV 
Thursday 8th November 
Thursday 8th November 10.00pm 

Ever Wondered? 
BBC Prime 
Saturday 10th November
Tuesday 13th November
Wednesday 14th November
BBC2 - 00.30am

4 November : Rubellan Radio
Rubellan Radio - Obscure 80's, New Wave & Classic Alternative Music Playlist...

You can now catch classic Toyah tracks online by zooming over to Rubellan Radio, part of Live 365.com

Click & Listen

4 November : Fan Meet?
I've recently been chatting to other Toyah fans, both on and offline, regarding the possibility of a bunch of us meeting up sometime next year. During the 80's there were a number of Toyah fan gatherings and parties, so maybe something similar though probably not on that scale. It would be a great way for all us loyal Toyah folk to get to know each other offline as well as on. And I'm sure there would be a reunion or two.

If anything were to happen it would most probably be around the time of the 'Here And Now' tour dates. So if anyone is interested please email me: