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29 January : Popst@r Website Back Online
Great News! The "almost legendary" Popst@r website is back online. The Toyah fansite has an excellent new look and now includes an archive, Obsolete, for anyone who has missed any of their Toyah type shenanigans since the site started, way back in April 1998.

Popst@r was the very first Toyah website I ever visited, and I thought it was so good that I couldn't wait to get online again as it brought back so many Toyahtastic memories.

All the old favourites are there, Relics, Virtual Scrapbooks, Misty Mountain Makeovers and much more. My favourite of the new sections has got to be; Top Ten Toyah, which begins this month with the hilarious (and topical) Top Ten TV Traumas.

And there's the forthcoming soap opera - Toyahnation Street - to look forward too as well!

Visitors can also join the Popst@r mailing list, and send Alv & Mona a message via the site's Feedback Form.

So whatcha waiting for? Head on over to Popst@r.

29 January : Naturewatch 'Compassionate Shopping' Guide
Toyah is featured on the cover of the Naturewatch publication 'Compassionate Shopping Guide'. This is the eighth edition of the publication and Toyah, along with the late Beaton (her beautiful white rabbit), not only graces it's cover but the previous edition seven too.

On the Naturewatch website Toyah says, “As consumers we have more power than we give ourselves credit for. By selective shopping we have the power to stop animal testing.”

This is a great guide on how not to give your hard earned cash to companies who needlessly exploit animals. The guide,a snip at 1.50 including p&p, (8th Edition) can be ordered online at the Naturewatch website or via post:

122 Bath Road,
Glos. GL53 7JX

Thanks to Popst@r for this info.

29 January: The Ebony Tower
The Artsworld cable channel repeated The Ebony Tower in early January for the third or fourth

time. They have an information page online at the moment, if anyone wants to take a look.

29 January : Cleo

As does the Cleo company, whose advertising campaign Toyah was recently involved with. Their page, called Cleo Celebrities (mmm lovely) includes a small Toyah biography.

29 January : Hole In The Wall
Another Toyah online oddity is her inclusion in the 'Hole In The Wall Gang' website (whatever it is?!).

Especially as the site has used this very rare Dean Stockings picture.


25 January : Richard & Judy
Toyah was a guest on this evening's Richard & Judy Show on channel 4.

She appeared along with Belinda Carlisle and Tony Hadley to talk about, yes you guessed, April's 'Here And Now' Tour.

25 January : Shoestring(ed)
The Shoestring debacle continues. BBC's Ceefax printed a letter in their TV Letters section the other day from someone wanting to know when the Shoestring starring Toyah would be broadcast!
25 January : Disappear
There appears to be something happening to many of the best known Toyah websites. They are disappearing.

'Popstar', as we all know has been offline for a while now. 'Riot Of Colour', the fantastic Toyah lyrics resource likewise. More recently 'The Changeling' and 'Ieya' (the very first Toyah website) have also went awol!

Maybe they just don't have the time to devote to a site (I know exactly how that feels) but let's hope the loss of service is temporary.

25 January : Liquid News

Last night's Liquid News featured Tony Hadley (ex-Spandau Ballet) as a guest. One of the topics mentioned was, of course, the Here And Now Tour.

Host Christopher Price said, "Tony will be teaming up with fellow 80's pop legends Toyah, Howard Jones and, hopefully, Adam Ant."

There then followed retro clips of Adam And The Ant's 'Stand And Deliver' video and Toyah's 'It's A Mystery' from Top Of The Pops, as well as clips from Howard Jones, ABC, Belinda Carlisle and Spandau Ballet.

The 'Here And Now' tour dates were also shown.

25 January : Here And Now - Toyah Fan Meet Up?
Sabine Bode, longtime Toyah fan from Germany, has emailed me asking if I could mention something about a Toyah Fan Meet to coincide with April's 'Here And Now' Tour. Sabine is planning on going to Wembley or Brighton so if anyone going to either of these dates would like to meet up, you can contact Sabine via her email address: Sabine.Bode@t-online.de 

This is the full list of dates again, for anyone who doesn't know them:

18 April 2002 : Cardiff International Arena 
19 April 2002 : Brighton Centre 
20 April 2002 : Birmingham NEC 
24 April 2002 : Newcastle Telewest Arena 
25 April 2002 : London Wembley Arena 
26 April 2002 : Sheffield Arena 
27 April 2002 : Manchester Evening News Arena 
28 April 2002 : Glasgow SECC 


20 January : Mick Mercer
This week I, and other fans who have Toyah websites, received an email from Mick Mercer. I'm sure most of you will know who Mick is, but for those of you who don't - he is a journalist, who in the early 80's interviewed Toyah a number of times for magazines and music papers such as Record Mirror and NME. Mick also reviewed many of Toyah's very early gigs and albums between 1979 and 1984. 

Unlike many music journalists of the time Mick always supported Toyah and his interviews and reviews were always positive and favourable without being psychophantic. I have some of these reviews and will add them to Dreamscape as and when I get the spare time.

These two Toyah pictures are owned by Mick and he has kindly let me use them here. They are taken from a Toyah Photo CD he has compiled, which is available from his website, The Mick Mercer Archive.

Mick also sent me two interviews he did with Toyah, one from ZigZag Magazine published in December 1980, and the other from Record Mirror published in 1981. I have recently added the latter to the Article Archive, and will include the ZigZag interview as soon as I have the time.

20 January : Adam Ant - Get Well Soon
No one can have failed to have heard about Adam Ant's recent troubles. Adam has been all over the tabloids and TV News during the past week and I wish him a speedy recovery. Toyah recently said that Adam and her are getting along brilliantly which is great to hear.

There also appears to be no need to worry about April's 'Here And Now' Tour. This is taken from Friday's 'Planet Sound' (Channel 4 Teletext Music News Page):

Promoters of an arena tour due to feature Adam Ant as headliner are insisting he will still appear.

"Adam told us he is really excited about performing on this tour." said Tony Denton. "He is receiving treatment and we expect him to make a full recovery."

The tour, starting in April, will be Ant's first British shows for six years. The Here And Now Tour also stars ABC, Belinda Carlisle and Toyah.

The Sun also ran a similar story, again quoting Tony Denton.

20 January : 'Four From Toyah' Silver Disc
An interesting piece of Toyah memoribilia recently closed at eBay, the online auction website, for the not inconsiderable price of 310.

The item was a silver disc presented to someone, not Toyah, to recognise sales in the United Kingdom of over 250,000 copies of 'Four From Toyah'.

Lots more interesting Toyah bits and pieces can be found at ebay.co.uk

20 January : News Of The World
Toyah gets a small mention in today's (whisper it) 'News Of The World'. Sarcastic TV reviewer Ally Ross, "Britain's No.1 Couch Potato" writes on his page...

I'd like to congratulate Toyah Willcox on landing the voiceover contract for Immodium diarrhoea tablets...I'd like to, but somehow it seems inappropriate.

Oh dear! Who rattled his cage? We all have to pay the mortgage somehow!!!

20 January : What A Relief!
Toyah can currently be heard on TV in the UK doing the voiceover for 'Immodium Tablets'. I think this is the first ad she has been involved with since the 'Bird's Angel Delight' one a few years ago. Of course nothing will ever compare with the almost legendary 'Mum Roll On Deodorant' campaign. 

Rock 'N' Roll Indeed!

20 January : Radio Five
Toyah did a live phone interview with Radio Five on the day that Adam Ant was hospitalised.

She said that there were many times in her life when she felt she might crack up, and that she thought that Adam will pull through!

Thanks to Paul Richards.

20 January : Shoestring - Duh!
Shoestring - Find The Lady advertised all over the place, TV guides, newspapers, websites (cough) etc, that it would be broadcast on Thursday 17th January - Nope!

Instead the BBC decide to show it a whole day early resulting in me, and many others I'm sure, missing out yet again. I haven't seen this episode since it was repeated way back in the early 80's and it now looks like that I'll have to wait until around 2019 for a another repeat showing. I know it's not that important really, but worth a moan anyway. Well done the BBC - not!

20 January : TV Update
Ever Wondered?
Tuesday 29th January

Holiday In Style
Saturday 2nd February
UK Style

Toyah relaxes in Langkawi.

20 January : More Festive TV
Aside from the already mentioned 'Toyah on Festive Telly' appearances (see 11th January) she was also spotted during Paul Young's This Is Your Life. They used an old (and brief) clip from the 1985 Rock & Pop Awards (now the Brits) when TW, complete with 'Minx' image, presented Paul with the Best Male Singer award.

Thanks to Craig Watkins.


14 January : More Toyah TV
Thursday 24th January
11.40am / 3.20pm
Friday 25th January
UK Gold

Thursday 24th January
UK Gold 2

Drama series set in a busy Midlands medical practice. Toyah plays single mother, Marcy Preston.

Holiday In Style
Saturday 26th January
UK Style

Toyah travels to Thailand.

Ever Wondered?
Saturday 26th January
BBC Prime

Fascinating questions answered. Toyah Willcox has an astrology chart reading in order to find out what the belief in horoscopes says about human behaviour.

14 January : It Shouldn't Happen To A TV Performer

Toyah appeared on It Shouldn't Happen To A TV Performer on Saturday night (ITV 1 : 9.30pm). She recalled the time when her tights were torn by a dancer as she performed 'Echo Beach' at the London Palladium.

"All music, all dance, all light entertainment is to do with sexual attraction. So the clothes have to be right.

"It was a great routine. I was carried on, very dramatic. I was in my little 80's ra-ra skirt and the dancers had to gather round me and pull off a skirt which revealed my little ra-ra skirt. In rehearsals it never went wrong, but one of the dancers instead of grabbing the skirt grabbed my calf. It felt as though he tore my flesh, and as soon as it happened all I wanted to do was look down to see if there was any blood because it really, really hurt. I just wanted to say 'Stop!, can we start again?'

"I ran up to the dressing room going 'no, no' no!' I looked awful. I looked like some tired old hooker."


12 January : 'Shoestring' To Be Repeated on BBC1
The episode of Shoestring, Find The Lady, which Toyah appeared in is being reshown on BBC1 next Thursday (17th January) at 2.10pm.

The episode, which features both Toyah and the original Toyah band, was filmed in August 1979 after the director offered Toyah a lead role. 'Find The Lady' was first broadcast on 2nd December 1979 and repeated in August 1981. It hasn't been reshown, as far as I'm aware, since the early 80's.

Toyah plays Toola alongside Trevor Eve (as Eddie Shoestring), Christopher Biggins and Gary Holton.

Joel Bogen, Pete Bush, Steve Bray and Charlie Francis also appear as 'Toola's' band, playing songs from the 'Sheep Farming In Barnet' album.

This is worth watching alone for the stonking version of 'Danced' that closes the episode.

BBC1 - Thursday 17th January : 2.10pm

Thanks to Paul Cable.

12 January : Toyah On Telly
It Shouldn't Happen To A
TV Performer
Saturday 12th January
ITV 1 : 9.30pm

A host of stalwarts from the world of light entertainment reveal the most cringeworthy moments of their careers. Brian Conley and Frank Carson are among the personalities owning up to the blunders, while Toyah Willcox recalls the time her tights tore on stage at the London Palladium.

Beyond Medicine
Discovery Health
Wednesday 16th January
6.00am / 8.00pm
Sunday 20th January
10.00am / 5.00pm

Thursday 17th January
BBC 1 : 2.10pm


11 January : Doctors
The episode of the BBC daytime medical drama Doctors, in which Toyah appeared, is to be repeated a number of times on UK Gold and UK Gold 2 at the end of January.

Toyah plays Marcy Preston, a single mother who takes her tearaway son, Danny, to see Dr Steve Rawlings in the hope that his behaviour can be improved.

This programme was originally broadcast on BBC 1 in April 2000.

11 January : Panto Over
Toyah finished her stint as Aladdin, at the Stockport Plaza, on January 6th. She was last spotted loading up her car and signing piccies and CD's for fans outside the theatre. Adios!

Thanks to Michael Obrien.

11 January : Toyah's Festive TV Appearances...

Did everyone manage to catch sight of Toyah over the festive season? It wasn't too difficult if you have a TV! She poppd up on many shows, most of which were repeats from earlier in the year, including: I Love Christmas (pics 1-3), I Love 1979 (pic 4), Banzai (pic 5) and I Love a 1980's New Year (pic 6).

Toyah's short I Love Christmas appearance was to comment on the fact that the children's film Chitty Chitty, Bang Bang included a creepy character called the child-catcher.

"child-catcher, the best part in film history. In the middle of this film, which is about the universal worship of what children like, you get a child-catcher!", commented TW gleefully.

Thanks to Stephen Bennet.