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26 February : Offical News Update

The Official Toyah Website

The Official Toyah Willcox website was updated on 22nd February with various Toyah News and Information.

26 February : Calamity Jane
The dates for the Calamity Jane UK theatre tour have been altered slightly. Toyah will be touring the country in the title role between September 2002 and April 2003. Check out the revised dates on the Calamity Jane Page.
26 February : Cleo
Toyah was featured in some UK tabloid newspapers at the end of last week in full page adverts for the continuing CLEO campaign.

Toyah And Pals

26 February : Alan Cumming
Scots actor, Alan Cumming, now a Broadway (Cabaret) and Hollywood star, mentioned Toyah in a recent interview with 'The Scotsman' newspaper. He was talking about his very early career. 

"I was really young. I was too young. I was 16 and I was interviewing Toyah! Did I interview Toyah? I remember going to see her but I might not have interviewed her. Bucks Fizz I remember interviewing, Sal Solo, yes...!"

26 February : TV Details
Under Offer : Challenge TV
Tuesday 26th Feb : 3.00pm
Wednesday 27th Feb : 3.00pm
Thursday 28th February : 3.00pm
Friday 1st March : 3.00pm

Holiday On A Shoestring : UK Style
Thursday 28th February : 8.30am
Monday 4th March : 00.00am

Beyond Medicine : Discovery Health
Wednesday 27th February : 6.00am
Wednesday 27th Feb : 8.00pm
Sunday 3rd March : 10.00am
Wednesday 6th March : 6.00am
Wednesday 6th March : 8.00pm
Sunday 10th March : 10.00am

26 February : 'Sheep Farming/Blue Meaning' CD 
Available Very SoonThe rerelease of 'Sheep Farming In Barnet' and 'The Blue Meaning', Toyah's first two albums, gets more interesting and curious by the week. Amazon now have the proper title listed ('Sheep Farming In Barnet' as opposed to 'Sheep Farming In Bar' - used for the first couple of weeks of listing) for the double CD release. Further to the news that the catalogue number is VOORCD4002 it is now known that the album will be released on Safari Records (through First Night Records), which is being reactivated in time for the 15th April release date.
26 February : 'Love Is The Law' CD Release Petition
NOT Available Soon!Yesterday I started an online petition to judge exactly how much interest there is in a CD release of 'Love Is The Law', one of Toyah's best albums. The petition has an expiry date of 30th June 2002 and If enough 'signatures' are added by then I will send it to Connoisseur Collection (and with the news that it is being reactivated, I will send it to Safari Records also ) which may make them rethink their refusal to liberate 'Love Is The Law' the way they did for 'Anthem' and 'The Changeling' back in early 1999.

I think that if the petition is to be taken seriously and have any affect atall then hundreds of signatures will be needed, so please let everyone you know who likes TW about it - Thanks!

Sign The Petition

Visit the Dreamscape 'Love Is The Law' Page

26 February : Toyah Newsbits
The 'Here And Now' Tour in April is to be documented by Louis Theroux. He is, apparently, going to concentrate on Adam Ant, Toyah, Belinda Carlisle and ex-Spandau Ballet for a future BBC show.

Toyah was quoted in the 'News Of The World's magazine 'Sunday ' last Sunday (24th Feb). It is at the end of an article about dyslexia: 

And finally some words of advice from Eighties punk queen turned television presenter Toyah Willcox, herself a sufferer.

"I am dyslexic and didn't pass a single exam. But I think anyone can do anything if you have the willpower and enough self-esteem."

26 February : The Recording Of 'Take The Leap'
Have You Taken The Leap?Not exactly an up-to-date piece of Toyah News but this is 'new' to me, so I thought I would mention it for anyone else who had missed it.

Sound On Sound have a brilliant online interview with Toyah and a couple of the members of Friday Forever all about the recording of 'Take The Leap, or 'Leap' as it was called at the time the interview took place.

It really is a great interview, and behind the scenes look at the making of 'Take The Leap'. So what you waiting for? Leap to the interview by clicking the album pic.

Huge thanks to Gavin Brick for alerting me to this:)


22 February : The Truth About Women
Toyah - A Woman Telling The Truth!!

ITV2 repeated The Truth About Women on Tuesday evening. This was originally broadcast by ITV in 1997 and features Toyah, plus many other female celebrities, talking about various aspects of life from a female pespective. This particular show was about relationships, and included a few choice quotes from TW:

"When I have a relationship with a man, I'm afraid it's that old cliche. I'd like it to be slightly special, no money involved. I'd like to know he hasn't been putting it around sheep in a field in Kent! I would want to know that he's quite clean."

"My ideal escort would be 22, 'cos they're rather silly at that age, slightly dippy, blond, 6ft 2, Brad Pitt-like, and totally unaware of his wonderful charisma. As soon as they have an ego I wanna slap them!"

"People do live in open relationships, it makes me feel naseous."

"There's few things that would make me divorce my husband, and one would be infidelity. I think I could survive a one night stand but not a permanent mistress. I think it's shit, I really do. I know it suits some people but you've got to bear in mind that where there's adultery there's someone being used, some one being treated badly!"

22 February : Yikes! - My Teenage Toyah Art!!
My Only Excuse Is Youth!Oh dear!! At the weekend while going through my old cupboard at home I found a bundle of Toyah drawings I 'created' when I was a teenager. I think at the time I intended to send them to be included in the 'Intergalactic Ranchouse' Newsletter's fan art section but, luckily, for some reason I didn't. Possibly because I couldn't afford to buy a Star Bar and a stamp, and back then my stomach always came first, yep before even Toyah!!

Awful as these drawings are, finding them, and a few other bits and pieces, really did bring back loads of memories. I didn't know any other Toyah fans back then, all my friends liked The Jam, Madness, Siouxsie etc (so did I but not half as much as Toyah!) so I used to get into arguments a lot. I think every few weeks I would decide to write to some of the fans requesting penpals in the 'IRH' Newsletter but didn't bother in the end, yep you guessed, a Twix tasted a lot nicer than a stamp - heh heh!!

Little did I know that all these years later I would be letting the (cyber)world see what a crap artist, but devoted Toyah fan I was!

22 February : Toyah Music/Gigs
Here is recap of Toyah music releases and gigs that may, or may not, be happening in 2002:

Sheep Farming In Barnet / The Blue Meaning Double CD : This looks lie a definite release as it is available to pre-order from Amazon - Click Here

Four From Toyah 2002 EP : This is going to be available to but at April's 'Here And Now' tour dates hopefully. All new tracks too!

Prostitute / Ophelia's Shadow / Take The Leap : Toyah and Robert Fripp own the rights to these three TW albums and there has been talk of all three being reissued with all new artwork.

Here And Now Tour : Yes, well I think we all know about this!

Acoustic Gigs : Toyah has said that there is a possiblity of some acoustic gigs at small venues to premiere new songs.

2002 looks like it could be the best year for Toyah music "projects" since 1994.

22 February : American Fanclub
Does anyone have any info on the North American Toyah Fanclub? Is it still going? I recently sent a letter to the founder, Daryl, as I'd like to find out if it is still operating but I'm not sure if he received it. I've sent another as if at first I don't succeed... 

I'm interested in getting hold of old Newsletters but I think I've exhausted every avenue I can think of - can anyone help?

22 February : Captured

Toyah Screen Captures

Thanks to everyone who has emailed me in the last few days for their positive feedback about the "Captured" section. I really do appreciate the comments.


17 February : Toyah Auction

Toyah in The Shagaround

The costume that Toyah wore in the stage play The Shagaround last year is being auctioned off for a charity. The charity fundraiser is in aid of The Primrose Appeal and Beds Youth Theatre. Also included is a signed script from the play.

17 February : TV Details
Under Offer : Challenge TV
Monday 18th Feb : 3.00pm
Tuesday 19th Feb : 3.00pm
Wednesday 20th Feb : 3.00pm
Thursday 21st February : 3.00pm
Friday 22nd February : 3.00pm
Monday 25th Feb : 3.00pm
Tuesday 26th Feb : 3.00pm
Wenesday 27th Feb : 3.00pm
Thursday 28th Feb : 3.00pm

(Thanks to Michael Cooney)

Beyond Medicine : Discovery Health
Sunday 17th Feb : 10.00am
A look at the various forms of bodywork and its ability to rebalance the body and relieve stress.

Wednesday 20th Feb : 6.00am
Wednesday 20th Feb : 8.00pm
How ear acupuncture can help treat addiction and other disorders.

Sunday 24th Feb : 10.00am
An exploration of biofeedback.

Wednesday 27th February : 6.00am
Wednesday 27th Feb : 8.00pm
The workings of Bach's Flower.

Brum : CBeebies
Showing daily through February @ 8.50am, 12.50pm, 4.50pm & 6.30pm.

Holiday On A Shoestring : UK Style
Thursday 28th Feb : 8.30am
Toyah soaks up the luxury of a five-star hotel on the island of Langkwai.

17 February : Captured!

Captured - Toyah On Telly!

'Captured' is a new section of Dreamscape, bringing together as many screen captures as possible from Toyah's television appearances, along with additional information. Whether it's a music performance, guesting on a chat show or presenting so long as Toyah was there it will be included. This website addition is a new improved, and greatly expanded version of the screen capture pages in 'Remember' so these will be deleted. Compiling  'Captured' is a fairly big task but the first section "Music Performances" is now online, with "Interviews & Presenting" coming soon(ish)!

17 February : Minx
This week an original 'Minx' CD was snapped up at eBay, the online auction site, for an incredible $360 (that's a cool 252). If this is a genuine bid it surely means that this is at present Toyah's most sought after rare item. It makes you wonder why CBS Records don't rerelease 'Minx' on CD, even as a limited edition.
17 February : 'Sheep Farming/Blue Meaning' CD 
Classic Toyah AlbumsAmazon now have 'Sheep Farming In Bar' (!!!) listed as a two disc release available from 15th April. The catalogue number is VOORCD4002 (ah the memories of Safari) and the CD can be pre-ordered now.

Thanks to Rob Cope for this exciting information.

17 February : 'Here And Now' - Bits & Pieces!
Howard Jones, Belinda Carlisle, Adam & ToyahToyah continues to be mentioned here, there and everywhere because of her association with, and participation in, April's forthcoming 'Here And Now' arena tour. Martin Fry of ABC, also appearing on the tour, was a guest on Open House on channel 5 this week. While talking to Martin about 'Here And Now' host Gloria Hunniford gave Toyah a big mention.

Meanwhile on Thursday's edition of Liquid News a clip from the 'Here And Now' press call/launch, from 21st November, was shown. This was during a story about Adam Ant appearing in court.

17 February : The Art Of Dexter Brown
'Toyah' by Dexter BrownToyah is featured in the recently released book 'The Art Of Dexter Brown' by Robert Edwards & Toyah Willcox (first mentioned on Dreamscape in August 2001). Dexter Brown is famous for painting and drawing racing cars but he also created some beautiful Toyah art in the early 80's. The picture used on the sleeve of Toyah's 1980 live album 'Toyah! Toyah! Toyah!' is a Dexter composition and there is also two of his works included in 'The Changeling' songbook from 1982. Toyah contributes the introduction to the new book and also included is some of Dexter's excellent Toyah artwork. The book is available to buy online from Amazon, though it is a little pricey. Still a great addition to any Toyah collection.
17 January : Toyah Interview - Anglia TV
ToyahA recent interview with Toyah, who presented the 'Six Of The Best' Awards on Anglia TV.

"I enjoy anything to do with the arts. I think it's alway incredibly rewarding to see what other people are up to. It's so easy once you are successful to sit in the pocket of your own success and not realise the world is moving on around you. 

"So it's lovely to be involved in arts programmes because you get a feeling of the undercurrent of how the human race is moving forward. Art always predicts trends that later end up in the supermarket. 

"This will be the first televised one and that's always a lovely occasion. I think it's a good time to celebrate our regions as we become a more corporate society. We mustn't forget that every region is different and a celebration of that is a very good thing. We have strong traditions of theatre here and many rock venues around this area. For the last 20 years I've worked in this area on and off as a musician and an actress. 

"I like it because I like the folklore. I like the fact that people in Ely still believe in fairies. I think those beliefs are wonderful and important things. I've always had a feeling that belief should be treasured, no matter what that belief is. It's something I have a huge respect for, whether its fairies or religion or whatever. 

"Regional theatre was where I trained. I used to dress Sylvia Syms, Judy Geeson. Simon Williams and then I went to drama school. There's no experience better than being in the workplace.

"First time I came up to Norwich was to do Tales [of the Unexpected]. It was 1981, February to March. I remember everything about it. It was very cold and I had to drive around (I couldn't drive myself at the time), in a 60s sports car in a huge wig driving around Norwich pretending to be a model. I remember how lovely the people were and how very traditional everybody was to work with.You didn't have any young tearabouts and everybody worked to the rulebook. I rather liked that. It was certainly very different from the punk scene. 

"Two years later I worked with Olivier in The Ebony Tower. I love doing stage. I think it's the most vital part of acting, But I probably love doing film more. But I never want to be stuck in one category. I'm touring again in April - every stadium in country as part of an 80s package, with Adam Ant, China Crisis, Belinda Carlisle, Spandau Ballet.... And there's a new album coming out later. 

"First novel too, it's being held up dreadfully by all this other work. It's horror. That's the problem. I'm very into psychological horror, but it's not the best time to do it. So I'm still writing it, and if it doesn't suit next year, if we're still at war, I'm going to hold it, because it's just wrong. I think people need cheering up in these times.


12 February : The Observer - 'What's In Your Basket?'
ToyahToyah was featured in Sunday's 'Observer', talking about her eating habits (shark cartlilage?, eeek it's enough to put you off your breakfast!). A nutritionist gave his opinions on her diet...

The musician and actress likes to live healthily by eating rice cakes and shark cartilage. Our nutritionist Dr John Briffa approves.

'Now I'm in my forties, I try to stick to a diet that keeps my weight down and my hormones balanced as I think it's good to pre-empt certain things. I've studied nutrition since I was 23 and I began to find that a lot of my eating habits were to do with boredom and frustrations rather than hunger. When I was thirsty I would eat rather than drink. The main offender in our culture is that we don't drink enough water so now I don't drink tea, coffee or alcohol and a lot of H2O. By getting rid of certain things in my diet my body has changed shape and I have more energy.

I try to eat small meals throughout the day. A lot of my time is spent with film crews and they eat three really big meals a day, which is what I actively avoid, so I carry rice cakes to dip in Marmite. Lunch usually consists of soup and granary bread (hopefully from a bakery in Evershot in Dorset). I'm not great at eating greens because my schedule doesn't give me time to cook, so spinach soup is a good option. I drink soya milk because it lowers cholesterol, it helps to balance hormone levels and you're not dealing with animal fats. I'm not vegetarian. I eat what I crave, but most of the time I don't crave meat. 

What I do crave is chocolate. I'm capable of eating a box of chocolates a day, so dates with sunflower seeds and carrots with raisins are a good way of snacking without feeling guilty. My tablets are a kind of food supplement. I started taking Revi-Face a year ago, a supplement that contains shark cartilage and encourages the collagen to keep replacing itself and I'm hooked. Imedeen is another skin supplement based on fish products. It's expensive but I feel that it's an investment. Getting older doesn't worry me, what does is getting unfit. It's sad that you don't need to eat so much and you need more exercise and sleep, but I won't sell myself short. 

Toyah Willcox will be performing in the Here and Now Tour 2002 this April. 

Dr John Briffa's verdict:

Soya milk - Provamel Soya Fresh - Cow's milk is a major cause of symptoms and illnesses related to something known as 'food intolerance', plus, a significant proportion of the population (mainly non-Caucasians) cannot digest the milk sugar lactose, and may have symptoms such as bloating and wind some time after drinking milk as a result. I'm not over-enthusiastic about cow's milk and believe that non-dairy substitutes such as soya milk are better for many people. There is also some evidence to suggest consuming soya products may reduce the risk of heart disease and certain cancers. However, soya is believed to impair the absorption of certain nutrients, including iron and zinc, therefore, I think Toyah might do well to take a decent multivitamin and mineral supplement.

Granary bread - When eating a grain, it's generally best to eat it in as unrefined a form as possible. Wholegrain products contain more fibre, are more nutritious and release sugar more slowly into the bloodstream than their refined counterparts. The problem with 'granary' bread is that the wholemeal flour content can actually be quite low. Overall, I think a 100 per cent wholemeal bread or whole rye bread would be a better option for Toyah.

Marmite - Marmite is actually made from a yeast waste that is generated by the brewing industry. What I have found in practice is that people who like to eat Marmite have symptoms that suggest they have too much yeast in their system. Telltale signs of excess yeast include abdominal bloating and wind, athlete's foot and thrush (especially in women). I don't know enough about Toyah to make any firm recommendations here, but my feeling is that she'd be a lot better off dipping her rice cakes in guacamole or hummus.

Dates - Dates are a decent sort of food; they're quite a good source of vitamin C and potassium and high in fibre too. My only slight reservation about them is that they're really very sugary. Let's get this in perspective though: compared to biscuits and cakes they are way ahead in the nutritional stakes. Toyah might benefit, however, from swapping some dried fruit for fresh.

Fresh spinach soup - I agree with Toyah; fresh soups are a good way of getting relatively nutritious food into the system with minimum effort. Soups have another boon in that they're relatively easy to digest, making them a good option for a quick lunch or late evening meal. Spinach soup is as good as any and is likely to be rich in several important nutrients including lutein (which appears to reduce the risk of cataracts forming in the lens of the eye), folic acid and magnesium.

Sunflower seeds - In their raw (unroasted) state, sunflower seeds make a healthy snack food or addition to cereals and salad. They are rich in healthy fats known as essential fatty acids that are important, among other things, for maintaining the health of the heart and circulation. Sunflower seeds are also a good source of the mineral zinc, which plays a part in a multitude of body processes including fertility and immunity. Big tick for sunflower seeds.

Organic carrots - You don't need me to tell you that carrots are a healthy food. But, just for the record, they are high in fibre and particularly rich in the anti-oxidant beta-carotene which appears to help protect us from major killers such as heart disease and cancer. Over the last few years conventionally grown carrots have often been found to be laced with pesticide residues. Bearing this in mind, Toyah's tendency to go for an organic variety makes good sense.

Green & Black chocolate - Everyone should have a bit of treat now and again if they want to. A little bit of what you fancy and all that. Actually, I think this particular brand of chocolate isn't too unhealthy. It's organic for a start, and being mainly made out of cocoa solids is actually quite low in sugar. Go on Toyah, treat yourself.

Imedeen (skin supplement) - Imedeen's main ingredients are proteins and substances known as 'glycoaminoglycans', both derived from fish. These fishy extracts are believed to feed the deeper layers of the skin, thereby helping to keep it plump and wrinkle-free. Actually, there is some experimental evidence that Imedeen does improve the condition of the skin in time. Bearing in mind she takes Revi-Face too, Toyah does seem to be taking a belt and braces approach to protecting her skin from the ravages of time.

Interview by Chloe Diski 

12 February : Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock HolmesThe Furter Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes is now available to buy on audio cassette. Toyah plays Gloria Wilson in the story 'The Singular Inheritance of Miss Gloria Wilson', one of five stories in the series. The series is due to be broadcast on BBC Radio Four sometime soon (Feb or March) and was recorded in October 2001.

The full series comprises:

1. The Peculiar Persecution of Mr John Vincent Harden, 2.The Madness of Colonel Warburton, 3.The Singular Inheritance of Miss Gloria Wilson, 4. The Star of the Adelphi, 5. The Saviour of Cripplegate Square.

Amazon have it for sale on their website, if anyone is interested.

12 January : GNER Magazine
Toyah has recently featured in the magazine available to anyone who travels with GNER railways. If anyone has a scan or a copy please email me.

Thanks to Gavin Brick

12 January : A Load Of Hot Air
Hot AirYet another interesting online Toyah item. I'm not sure how long this has been hanging around at the BBC Education website but I only discovered it a few days ago.

Toyah and Janet Street-Porter argue the case and we have to decide who puts forward the better argument.

"Pre-Raphaelite painter Edward Burne-Jones is trapped in an ascending hot air balloon with adventurer Ferdinand Magellan, the first person to attempt to sail around the world. There's only enough power in the balloon to keep one person in the air Someone must jump out to allow the other to survive. Who decides? You do!!

Toyah Willcox speaks for Edward Burne-Jones and Janet Street-Porter argues Magellan's case.

Take into account their achievements, pioneering spirit, personal attributes, problems they overcame or struggled against, and the way the world would be without them.

in the blue corner...
Edward Burne-Jones 
and in the red corner...
Ferdinand Magellan "

What's so good about this feature is that there are about five audio files of Toyah enthusing about Edward Burne-Jones.

Click to go and see for yourself!

12 January : Acoustic Toyah
Further to Toyah mentioning in her recent diary entry at toyahwillcox.com that there is a possiblity of some low key acoustic gigs in the next few months. I'm aware of at least two small venues, and quite a few fans too, in Glasgow City Centre who would be extremely happy to have TW make an appearance north of the border!!
12 January : Pop Heroes

Toyah - Pop Hero!

Yes I know, yet another 'bit' that can't really be justified as genuine News (I've gotta try to fill this page up with something y'know - heh heh!)

Just another online tribute to TW that really is worth taking a look @! This is a section, called 'Pop Heroes', of someone's personal website dedicated to none other than Toyah! A substantial opinion piece on our fave female singer and lots of pics too.

Pay A Visit


7 February : Official Update
TW's Official website

Toyah's Official Website was updated a couple of days ago with oodles of interesting and excititng news no self respecting TW fan will want to miss!

7 February : Music Releases
It looks like there could possibly be a 'Four From Toyah 2002' (a weird but welcome idea) EP available at the 'Here And Now' concerts in April. 

There's also the proposed rerelease of 'Sheep Farming In Barnet' and 'The Blue Meaning' as a double CD. If this does happen it will be around the same time.

7 February : Aladdin 2002/3
Toyah has confirmed that she will be playing Aladdin again this coming Christmas after the success of the 2001/2 production at the Plaza in Stockport.

She will be in Basingstoke from 13th December until 5th January 2003.

7 February : Here & Now Party

Aftershow asked me if I would mention their 'Here And Now' party...

Here and After 80s Tour Party
(The 80s are Dead – Long Live the 80s!)

27th April: Quay Bar, Deansgate, Castlefield, Manchester.

Gig aftershow parties are for the press, promoters and publicity merchants. Sometimes the band turn up. What about the people who make it all possible, the ones that pour their hard earned cash into the tickets, the merchandise and travelling over massive distances, the ones that excite others through word of mouth, the ones that dedicate themselves to the band - the fans? They are barred from such events. Eleven o'clock rolls around, the gig finished, the night has just begun, leave the venue in a state of ecstasy, out in to a strange city all revved up for a big night out, with no-where to go.

Aftershow.co.uk is changing that by providing parties for the fans. The hugely successful Aftershow parties in London, Birmingham and Manchester last year, have caused considerable demand for more. Each party is arranged around the fans and many are organised after we have been asked by a fan. Record requests are taken before each gig through our unique e-request system, at the parties band merchandise is given out, classic band posters are framed on the walls, an avidfan is always in the DJ line up, photo's of the night's gig are printed at high speed and made available at the party, and the website displays photos of the parties for fans to download picturesof themselves and their mates having a damn fine time.

With the current 80’s upsurge, April’s 80s revival tour should prove to be even more succesful the last year’s, but the classic ‘what do we do now?’ will still be there and Aftershow.co.uk will be providing the answer on April 27th at Quay Bar, (Deansgate, Castlefield. Tel: 839 8803) straight after the Here n Now gig at the MEN arena.

Tickets are 6 (subject to booking fee) from Piccadilly Box office in Virgin Megastore (tel: 832 1111) or www.ticketline.co.uk. 50 tickets are always held back for the door in case old friends meet up and only some have bought in advance. To pay on the door, get there as soon as you can as they go very fast.

Photos are available on request (examples can be viewed at the website: www.aftershow.co.uk). For more information contact Tony or Al: 07880 614 615 or info@aftershow.co.uk

7 Febuary : Calamity Jane
what a calamity!Toyah has confirmed that she will open on 2nd of September 2002 in Northampton in Calamity Jane, the story of the 'mad, bad and dangerous to know' cowgirl, made famous many years ago by Doris Day.

The production will include a full orchestra and Toyah describes it in her diary as "the biggest project I’ve taken on in my life"!

The mammoth tour will stretch from September 2002 through until April 2003, with a break at Christmas for Toyah to undertake her regular panto stint. She also hopes that the musical may even make it to London's West End.

Dates confirmed so far are:

02 September 2002 Derngate Theatre Northampton
09 September 2002 Derngate Theatre Northampton
16 September 2002 Apollo Theatre Oxford
23 September 2002 Empire Theatre Sunderland
30 September 2002 TBC.
07 October 2002 Opera House Manchester
14 October 2002 Theatre Royal Glasgow
21 October 2002 Opera House York
28 October 2002 New Theatre Hull
04 November 2002 Grand Theatre Blackpool
11 November 2002 Princess Theatre Torquay
18 November 2002 TBC.
27 January 2003 Festival Theatre Edinburgh
03 February 2003 Hexagon Reading
10 February 2003 TBC.
17 February 2003 Alexandra Theatre Birmingham
24 February 2003. Grand Theatre Leeds
03 March 2003 Theatre Royal Newcastle
10 March 2003 Theatre Royal Newcastle
17 March 2003 Theatre Royal Norwich
24 March 2003 Theatre Royal Nottingham
31 March 2003 Empire Theatre Liverpool
07 April 2003 Marlowe Theatre Canterbury
14 April 2003 Lyceum Theatre Sheffield

Thanks to toyahwillcox.com for the above news.

Phew!! And the musical numbers included:

Deadwood Stage 
Everyone Complains About the Weather 
Weather Dance 
Careless with the Truth 
A Hive Full of Honey 
Adelaide's Ballet 
Weather Dance lesson 
I Can Do Without You 
'Tis Harry I'm Planning to Marry 
Windy City 
Keep It Under Your Hat 
Exaggeration Ballet 
Higher Than a Hawk 
A Woman's Touch 
Love You Dearly 
The Black Hills of Dakota 
Secret Love

7 February : Toyah TV Details
Beyond Medicine:
Sunday 10th February : 10.00am
Wednesday 13th February : 6.00am
Wednesday 13th February : 8.00pm
Sunday 17th February : 10.00am
Discovery Health

Monday 11th February : 4.50pm 

TV Scrabble:
Thursday 14th February : 5.00pm 
Thursday 14th February : 10.00pm 
Challenge TV 

7 February : 'Here And Now' - Toyah Fan Meet
Here And NowSabine Bode, longtime Toyah fan from Germany, has emailed me asking if I could mention something about a Toyah Fan Meet to coincide with April's 'Here And Now' Tour. Sabine is planning on going to Wembley or Brighton so if anyone going to either of these dates would like to meet up, you can contact Sabine via her email address: Sabine.Bode@t-online.de 

This is the full list of dates again, for anyone who doesn't know them:

18 April 2002 : Cardiff International Arena 
19 April 2002 : Brighton Centre 
20 April 2002 : Birmingham NEC 
24 April 2002 : Newcastle Telewest Arena 
25 April 2002 : London Wembley Arena 
26 April 2002 : Sheffield Arena 
27 April 2002 : Manchester Evening News Arena 
28 April 2002 : Glasgow SECC 

Keep updated with all the important information and news regarding the 'Here And Now' 2002 Tour at the Dreamscape dedicated page. Take The Leap!