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26 March : 'Law' on CD
The 'Love Is The Law' CD Petition now has almost 150 names on there. That's great, let's hope it keeps growing.

Please ask everyone you know who is the least bit interested in Toyah, and her music, to add their name. Thanks!

26 March : 'Class Of...1982'
The classic promo video for Toyah's 1982 single 'Brave New World' appeared briefly at the beginning of this nostalgia quiz show on BBC2 last Saturday night. Two small clips were included in a montage of all things 1982.

Toyah was mentioned on this show a few weeks ago too, when a contestant almost played her as one of the Minipops in the early 1980's!

26 March : Trading Post
For those who have emailed me with items to be added to the "Trading Post", it should be online in the next week or so. In the meantime Sabine Bode has a spare ticket for sale for the Brighton 'Here And Now' gig (April 19th). 

If anyone would like it please email Sabine

26 March : Toyah on 'Open House'
Open House - 25 March 2002

Toyah's stint as Open House co-presenter was broadcast yesterday after being filmed last Wednesday evening. Toyah, and other co-host mark Curry, covered a variety of topics. They were in the kitchen with chef Simon Rimmer (Toyah accused him of being messy and said "you're not coming near my kitchen", Simon didn't look as though he thought Toyah was joking) who was cooking artichokes, and also featured was a look at holidays in Disneyworld, Florida.

Toyah also interviewed actor David Easter, star of Brookside in the 80's and Family Affairs on channel 5 at the moment. She seemed to be a bit of a fan of his and thinks his life story will, one day, be a best seller. There was also an interview with someone who had been diagnosed with, and survived, prostate cancer. Toyah revealed that she had to trick Robert into a visit to the doctor's when he was worried about his health but didn't want to visit a GP, and that he still brings it up three years after the fact.

The show ended with Toyah and Mark interviewing two "extreme ironers", a growing 'sport' in which people iron an item of clothing in unusual places. And no, this isn't a joke, though I'm sure TW was jesting when she said she "didn't even own an iron."!

Toyah is a natural at presenting these days, and makes it look so easy. As you can see from these pictures she is also looking very thin, so no worries about her not fitting into her 'Here And Now' outfit! - har har!

Toyah - NOT the new Gloria Hunniford, okay!!


23 March : Toyah - In The Press
Daily Express - 11 Feb 2002Toyah has been featured in various UK newspapers over the last month, including a two page interview in the Daily Express on Monday 11th February.

This is a very interesting article and among many subjects discussed Toyah reveals that she is at present putting the finishing touches to her new album, she is working on a novel about the aftermath of war, and that she is planning on having plastic surgery this year. All very interesting but as this is from a UK tabloid take it all with more than a pinch of salt!

Toyah also talks about Adam Ant, the Here And Now Tour, punk, Robert Fripp, September 11th and much more.

Daily Star - 15 March 2002More recently, last Friday (15th March) to be exact, there was an article about Toyah in the Daily Star's Jono Coleman page. This was connected to the interview he did with Toyah a few days earlier (broadcast on Heart FM on the same day this was printed) and he mentions that Toyah is to present a BBC documentary about life-drawing. Jono also claims that Toyah "exclusively" revealed to him that she was to play Calamity Jane, common knowledge to most Toyah fans for months. The article also says that Bananarama and Heaven 17 are part of the 'Here And Now' Tour! Who does the research for these papers?

Huge THANKS to Alec Kelly for both of these. To read the full articles click on the pictures.

Cardiff's 'South Wales Echo'Toyah was also recently featured on the front page of Cardiff newspaper the 'South Wales Echo'. This was an ad for the paper's Whats On guide and I think there must have obviously been something about Toyah in there though I'm not sure what. Toyah is wearing her famous spiky collar so at a guess I'd say it was something linked to the first 'Here And Now' gig that will be taking place at the Cardiff International Arena on 18th April. 

Dont have a clue when this is from either, but it looks fairly recent.

Thanks to Gary Wharton for the pic.


23 March : Remember The Eighties
Toyah @ Remember The EightiesThere is a top Toyah interview at the excellent 'Remember The Eighties' website. This site has lots of up to date information, news, links & more on many of the eighties best artists.

Take a look by clicking the picture.

23 March : Adam Ant Exits 'Here And Now' Tour
Adam & ToyahOn Thursday it was announced that Adam Ant had withdrawn from next month's 'Here And Now' nationwide arena tour. 

This from Ananova:  Adam Ant pulls out of '80s revival tour 

Adam Ant has pulled out of the Here And Now tour. Former Spandau Ballet trio Hadley, Norman And Keeble will now headline the tour. The tour is due to begin at Cardiff Arena on April 18. Other acts on the bill include Belinda Carlisle, Toyah, Howard Jones, ABC and China Crisis.

Dreamscape sends Adam best wishes.

Visit Dreamscape's 'Here And Now' page for full details of the tour

Ant Lib OnlineAll the latest Adam news can be found at Ant Lib Online. You can also send Adam a message via this website too.

23 March : Quadrophenia Book

A Quadrophenia Anthology

'Chasing The Wind' is a new book about Quadrophenia, Toyah's third film in which she played Monkey. It is an A-Z anthology of all things relating to the film and may be of interest to Toyah fans as it includes a four page section on Toyah and her involvement with the film. The book, written by Gary Wharton, boasts 319 pages, more than 90 illustrations and a scene by scene breakdown. A CD Rom linked to 'Chasing The Wind' is also available and details of where to buy a copy of the book or CD can be found by clicking the above pic.

23 March : Open House
Toyah recorded her presenting stint for Open House yesterday along with Mark Curry. The show will be broadcast this coming Monday (25th March) at 2.20pm on channel 5. (NB: Screen captures and info will be here on Monday evening for anyone who won't be able to see the show:) 
23 March : CD Promotion
I wonder if Safari are planning any promotion for the 'Sheep Farming'/'Blue Meaning CD? To increase awareness and sales maybe they should send copies to Teletext, Ceefax, Record Collector Mag etc.
23 March : More Toyah TV & Radio
Open House : Channel 5
Monday 25th March : 2.20pm

Holiday In Style : UK Style 
Monday 1st April : 11.00pm 

Holiday On A Shoestring : BBC Prime 
Wednesday 3rd April : 6.30pm 
Thursday 4th April : 11.30am 

Personal Passions : BBC 2 
Monday 1st April : 11.45pm 

Jammin' : BBC Radio Two 
Thursday 4th April : 9.00pm 
Saturday 6th April : 12.30pm 
Rowland Rivron presents a six-part musical panel show. Regular player Richard Vranch is on the keyboards, and guests are Dave Catlin Birch, Toyah Willcox and Steve Frost. 

See 18th March TV Details (below) for this coming week's TV info.

23 March : Site Information
Many Thanks to everyone who takes the time to visit Dreamscape. The site 'hits', both unique and return visits, continue to increase by the week. This is excellent news for this site and Toyah, and shows that her fanbase is definitely on the rise again.

Some visitors have enquired why the site is unavailable sometimes. Unfortunately Geocities limit bandwith and sporadically "switch off" access if this is exceeded, but this only lasts for a few minutes so check back a little later. Until I secure a domain and personal webspace for Dreamscape, the Geocities facility is all I can afford to offer - better than nought though!


18 March : Mystic Challenge

mystical Toyah

Toyah appeared on Mystic Challenge on Challenge TV last Thursday. Two astrologists were given a personal possession of Toyah's but weren't aware who she was. They then had to come up with as much information as possible. Both of them did indeed reveal lots of details about Toyah's life that sounded pretty accurate (no children, weird clothes, singer and actress, and so on...), and Toyah agreed with most of what they said.

18 March : Open House
Toyah will be guest presenting Open House on channel 5 this Wednesday (20th March). Toyah is standing in for regular Open House host Gloria Hunniford, which she previously did twice back in October 2000. The show is broadcast at 2.20pm in the UK.
18 March : Toyah TV Details
Venom : Animal Planet
21st March : 7.30pm

Under Offer : Challenge TV 
Each weekday @ 3.00pm 
Until Friday 29th March 

Holiday In Style : UK Style 
Tuesday 26th March : 00.00am 

TV Scrabble : Challenge TV 
Thursday 28th March : 5pm / 10pm 

Personal Passions : BBC Prime 
Saturday 30th March : 5.15am 

Beyond Medicine : Discovery Health 
Wednesday 20th March : 6am / 8pm 
Sunday 24th March : 10am / 5pm 
Wednesday 27th March : 6am / 8pm 
Sunday 31st March : 9am / 4pm 

18 March : Toyah On 'Heart FM' & In 'The Scurra'
the scurrilous 'Scurra'!Toyah guested on Jono Coleman's Breakfast Show on Heart FM on Friday morning (15th March). Unfortunately I didn't hear the interview but a generous member of the Liquid News Messageboard (thanks BF) supplied me with this quote from Heart FM:

"Early 80’s pop icon Toyah joined us to talk about the forthcoming Here and Now tour in which she is taking part. She told us exclusively that she is having a metal bra-type breast plate thingy for the gig and is looking forward to it… but at 43, she doesn’t want to look like a granny Kylie."

Toyah was also mentioned in The Mirror's 'The Scurra' column following her Heart FM appearance:

"Toyah Willcox has been moaning about her mum and dad. Talking to Jono Coleman on Heart 106.2, she lisps: 'They went on Esther the other day and the only thing they got to say was that they saw me in pantomime. I own their house and I told them if they ever mention pantomime again I'll throw them out.'

18 March : Provamel Soya Milk Ads
Toyah with her Soya!This is a recent advertising feature that Toyah was part of for Provamel Soya Milk.

The campaign is still running and, unlike the Cleo campaign, Toyah did give her approval to be associated with the product.

The adverts and advertising features have been appearing in various UK magazines and publications for the last 18 months or so.

Thanks to Paul Lomas.

18 March : Toyah & 'The Lord Of The Rings'
on the trail of Tolkien...BBC Midlands Report website have a Toyah feature online at present, originally broadcast by the BBC in the Midlands late last year.

With the multi-million pound film adaptation of JRR Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings hitting cinema screens last Christmas, Midlands Report took Toyah Willcox on a journey to discover how influential the Midlands was on the book’s famous author. Lord of the Rings is Toyah’s favourite book, one she’s read four times since her teens. Tolkien lived close to her childhood home in Birmingham.

Click the picture above to go to the full report.


14 March : Retro Toyah - Top Of The Pops 2
Joel & Toyah - Top Of The Pops March 1981Top Of The Pops 2 dusted down and aired once more Toyah's second ever appearance on Top Of The Pops, from March 1981, last night on BBC2. This was the Toyah band's second performance of 'It's A Mystery' on the long running music show.

Steve Wright, Top Of The Pops 2 host, must be one of very few people who still thinks cracking a joke about Toyah's lisp is even remotely amusing! He used the jibe at the very start of the show, and again after the Toyah clip. He introduced Toyah by saying, "Long before she started appearing on Give Us A Clue(?!!) and Through The Keyhole, there was Toyah!"

Toyah! Toyah! Toyah!During the clip the on screen text was: 'Here's someone else hitting the stages of the nation. Toyah's on tour with a bunch of 80's icons, including Adam Ant and those bits Of Spandau Ballet who aren't related. Ra-ra skirts and snoods will be de rigeur.'

The Toyahtastic blast from the past ended with silly Steve Wright commenting, "That was Toyah, 'It'th A Mythtery', and she was mad. She was using those cool hair colours long before they were even invented!".

Top Of The Pops 2 have a poll going on at the moment for viewers to vote for their favourite TOTP performance. Zoom over & vote for a Toyah clip at www.bbc.co.uk/totp2

14 March : 'When Rock Ruled The World'
Toyah - Rock Chick!!Toyah apeared on last night's When Rock Ruled The World, "celebrating the loud appeal of rock music".

Toyah commented, "When I think of rock I think more of the look than the music. Every bloke I knew as a teenager was a rock fan. They all had the cliched look, the long hair, the fuzzy sideboards and a bit of a beard".

Toyah said of Alice Cooper, "The main problem was he wrote a song called 'Dead Babies'!", Hawkwind, "I went to see Hawkwind when I was 12 and I spent the whole of the concert running away from a naked woman", and Black Sabbath, "Everyone talked about Black Sabbath playing Birmingham and they were just stunning. I didn't even know what Black Sabbath meant but after seeing them I admit I did go out and buy all these really rubbishy, crap books on the occult".

Toyah's final comment on the show was, "If I wrote a song about beasts tearing the limbs and heads off children it would sell, sadly!".

Next week's programme is called When Shoulder Pads Ruled The World, a look back at the 80's, so it's more than likely that Toyah will turn up as a 'talking head' on it too.

14 March : 'Love Is The Law' CD - Latest News
Love Is The LawIt looks like the names being added to the petition list has now slowed down considerably. There is now well over 100 names on there but I doubt if that figure would have much effect on persuading Safari that it could be viable for them to issue a 'Love Is The Law' CD. I'll keep the petition online until the end of June so perhaps hundreds more names will be on there by then.

Someone made an interesting comment, suggesting that maybe 'Love Is The Law' could be released as a limited edition CD at a slightly more expensive price. I'm sure everyone who has so far added their name to the list would be willing to pay a little extra if it means finally getting an official 'Law' CD to add to their collection.

I will certainly suggest that when I send the petition. For anyone who hasn't added their name yet, please click the pic to go and "do yer bit"! - Thanks:)

14 March - No Liquid News
At the weekend the Liquid News website had Toyah and Adam Ant listed as the guests on the BBC1 weekly edition of the show. However on Monday afternoon, just hours before the show was broadcast, the guest info changed to Jenny Eclair and Tess Daly.
14 March : Toyah & Cleo
Some of you may have noticed Toyah cropping up in various magazines and newspapers as part of the Cleo advertising campaign recently. I've even included a few of the press pics on this News page over the past few months. Now it seems, according to last week's Daily Mail, that Toyah didn't even realise she was being featured in the Cleo campaign and certainly didn't give the company permission to include her.

Thanks to Paul Lomas.

14 March : Here And Now
'Here And Now' Metro AdThis is the latest 'Here And Now' tour advert, taken from the daily paper Metro.

As mentioned previously the Brighton gig (18th April) is now entirely sold Out, and the Glasgow gig (28th April) has been moved from the SECC to the Clyde Auditorium.

Hopefully press coverage will begin in the next few weeks as it is just over a month until the start of the tour. Last year's tour received a fair amount of attention so here's hoping version two does too.

More information on the tour can be found @ Dreamscape's Here And Now Page.

14 March : More TV News

Cheggers & Toyah

From the sublime to the ridiculous! Toyah appears on Top Of The Pops 2 last night hollering the fantastic 'It's A Mystery' accompanied by the cool as **** Joel Bogen, and the day previously she was teamed up with Keith Chegwin on Under Offer on Challenge TV! Talk about polar opposites. Challenge continues to show Under Offer every day at 3pm. Toyah will also be popping up on Mystic Challenge this morning, at 11pm, on the channel.

Toyah was mentioned on a recent Class Of..., the nostalgia quiz show hosted by Zoe Ball on BBC2. Apparently one of the female guests just missed out on the chance of 'being' Toyah on the the weird 80's kid's pop show The Mini Pops.

Toyah is doing the voiceover for the current Marie Curie Cancer Charity adverts on television.

Thanks Claire Ormrod.


8 March : Love Is The Law
Love Is The Law - On CD?The 'Love Is The Law' online petition has now reached triple figures in little over one week - THANKS - We still have a long way to go if we are to persuade Connoisseur Collection or Safari Records to release this album on CD, however this really is a fantastic start. 

Similar to the 'Anthem' and 'The Changeling' CD reissues in 1999 through Connoisseur, and the forthcoming 'Sheep Farming In Barnet' and 'The Blue Meaning' releases on Safari it would be great if the 'Love Is The Law' CD could include bonus tracks (ie: Be Proud Be Loud (Be Heard), Laughing With The Fools, Haunted etc.). I definitely think this release could happen if the names continue to be added to the list.

8 March : Selected TV Details
Top Of The Pops 2 : BBC 2
Wednesday 13th March : 7.05pm

Steve Wright introduces another selection of contemporary and classic pop from the Top of the Pops archives. Featuring hits from Elvis Costello, Duane Eddy, Toyah, Blur, Bow Wow Wow and the Weather Girls.

Mystic Challenge : Challenge TV
Thursday 14th March : 11.00am
Friday 15th March : 5.30am

Paul Ross presents a game show in which psychics, astrologers and palmists are invited to put their powers to the test. In each edition, a panel of mystic masters is invited to reveal key personal details about the lives of mystery guests. With guest Toyah Willcox.

Venom : Animal Planet
Thursday 21st March : 7.30pm

Toyah Willcox narrates a close-up look at poisonous creatures. Animals as diverse as the pinhead-sized hydra and the ten-foot-long cobra have developed toxins to overcome prey or deter predators. However, scientists are beginning to realise the full potential of venom in the field of medicine. This programme discovers that hidden among these natural substances there may be chemicals that can help cure human diseases.

8 March : Double CD Cover & Tracklisting
Toyah's Double CD CoverThis is the cover of Toyah's new double CD comprising of her first two album releases, 'Sheep Farming In Barnet' and 'The Blue Meaning'. Both of the reissued CD's have the original tracklists plus bonus tracks; 'Sheep Farming In Barnet' has 'Bird In Flight' and 'Tribal Look', and 'The Blue Meaning' has 'Sphinx'.

The double CD is released on April 15th through Toyah's original record label, the "reactivated" Safari and has the catalogue number VOORCD4002.

"SHEEP FARMING IN BARNET and THE BLUE MEANING are the first two Toyah albums, released as a slim double set for the first time on cd. The albums form the basis of the Toyah band live show which toured extensively between 1979 and 1981. In 1980 ATV made a documentary featuring "Ieya" and several other tracks from "The Blue Meaning". "Danced" was feaured along with the band and Toyah in an acting role in an episode of BBC TV’s Shoestring. "

Sheep Farming In Barnet - Tracklist 

12. BIRD IN FLIGHT - bonus
13. TRIBAL LOOK - bonus

The Blue Meaning Tracklist 

10. SHE
11. SPHINX - bonus

Very Special THANKS to Michael Cooney for his help.

8 March : Dreamscape - A Toyah Willcox Fanzine? - UPDATE
Dreamscape - A Toyah Willcox Fanzine?Well, a very big thanks for the immediate and positive resonse to the suggestion of "DREAMSCAPE - A TOYAH WILLCOX FANZINE". I didn't really think there would be much interest or enthusiasm for such a publication in 2002, but as usual I was wrong.

Someone agreed with my comment that there are possibly hundreds or thousands of Toyah fans out there who don't have access to the internet, many through choice too!

At the moment it is still only an idea but if it does happen it will probably be around May, after the 'Here And Now' tour and CD release, when there will be tons to fill the fanzine up with.

Thanks to Rob, Michael, Ian, Tracey & Gary for their opinions and feedback. Much more welcome.



7 March : Dreamscape - A Toyah Willcox Fanzine?
Dreamscape - A Toyah Willcox Fanzine?Don't panic! It's just an idea and may never happen, though you never know. 2002 looks like being incredibly busy for Toyah and I got to thinking that it might be a good idea for all that happens this year to be documented (on paper in a magazine format, rather than just virtually). We have the 'Here And Now' shebang ("Toyah On Tour - Warrior Rock twenty years on!"), the CD reissues, 'Four From Toyah 2002' EP, rumoured acoustic gigs, Calamity Jane, Aladdin, and who knows what else?.

Wouldn't it be great to have all that, and the rest, in a fanzine/magazine?, something along the lines of 'Intergalactic Ranchouse' (mentioned by TW in her March Diary Entry at tw.com), 'Tellurian' and 'Toyah's Shadow' - keeping the Toyahzine fires burning, so to speak! Would there be enough interest in it? If I thought that at least 100 fans were interested in a Toyah fanzine in 2002 then I would definitely give it a go. It could be a one-off celebration of all things 'Here And Now,' or it could perhaps become a regular publication available every few months, again depending upon interest and Toyah news. The internet has in some ways made fan(maga)zines seem old fashioned, but I think that adds to their charm, and after all not everyone is online. There are possibly thousands of old Toyah fans who don't realise she still has a following!

Any feedback would be appreciated.

7 March : Top Of The Pops 2

Toyah On Top Of The Pops 2

Toyah will be appearing on Top Of The Pops 2 next Wednesday evening on BBC2. It hasn't been revealed yet which archive clip will be shown, though they have seven to choose from. The last time a retro Toyah clip was on the show it was 'I Want To Be Free' in May 2000.

7 March : Toyah's Diary

Toyah's Official Web Presence

Toyah's Diary Entry for March is now available at toyahwillcox.com


5 March : Double CD
It is looking highly likely that the double CD release of Toyah's 'Sheep Farming In Barnet' and 'The Blue Meaning' on Safari Records, will have different artwork to either of the original releases. Can't wait to see what it is going to look like.
5 March : TV Details
Under Offer : Challenge TV
Tuesday 5th Mar : 3.00pm
Wednesday 6th Mar : 3.00pm
Thursday 7th Mar : 3.00pm
Friday 8th Mar : 3.00pm
Monday 11th Mar : 3.00pm
Tuesday 12th Mar : 3.00pm
Wednesday 13th Mar : 3.00pm
Thursday 14th Mar : 3.00pm
Friday 15th Mar : 3.00pm

Beyond Medicine : Discovery Health
Wednesday 6th Mar : 6.00am 
Wednesday 6th Mar : 8.00pm 
Sunday 10th Mar : 10.00am
Wednesday 13th Mar : 6.00am
Sunday 17th Mar : 10.00am
Sunday 17th Mar : 5.00pm

Mystic Challenge : Challenge TV
Thursday 14th March : 11.00am
Friday 15th March : 5.30am

5 March : Almost Two!
Dreamscape will be two years old (heck! it's stiill a virtual toddler!) on 10th March. To celebrate I'll be adding a special temporary page with lots of Toyah goodies in; pictures, a Toyah article, and news of section 'revamps' and additions to the site that I hope will be happening sometime soon.
5 March : Site Changes/Info

The Toyah Trading Post

The Dreamscape "Trading Post" will be open soon. I've had a few emails from Toyah fans asking if I could list their albums etc. that they would like to sell but can't be bothered with eBay. If anyone would like to trade or sell anything Toyah related, or you are looking for something, then please email me with the details and I'll list it.

A few other changes to the site have been made recently:

I have deleted the "Fan Page" to make space for "Trading Post" and the "Dreamscape Is Two" sections. However all the content (fan reviews, opinions etc.) has been saved and safely relocated to the "Article Archive".

I have also deleted the 'ad' for the rerelease of 'Prostitute', 'Ophelia's Shadow' and 'Take The Leap' seeing as the proposed release has been put on hold for the moment.

5 March : Toyah in 'M' Magazine - 'I Love My...' Interview
M Magazine - 2 March 2002Toyah was in 'M' Magazine at the weekend. This is the mag that comes with Saturday's Daily Mirror. She was featured in the regular interview 'I Love My...', a section where a well known person explains why they love a certain possession.

Toyah chose a wicked queen statuette that she was given when she was starring as the Wicked Queen in Snow White And The Seven Dwarves in Stevenage at Christmas 2000.

The statuette was made by an usher at the theatre and is made in the image of TW as the Wicked Queen!

As you can see the interview is accompanied by a new Toyah picture.

Read the full article by clicking on the picture.

Thanks to Rob Cope for this.

5 March : 'Love Is The Law' CD Release Petition
Available Soon? - Who Knows!Thanks to everyone who has, so far, added their name to this. The last time I looked there were over 70 names, which isn't bad for a few days, in fact it's very encouraging that so many people feel quite passionate that this album is finally given a CD release. I hope that if Toyah ever finds out about this, she will be happy that so many people cherish 'Love Is The Law' 19 years after it was recorded!. I have received some positive feedback via email too, so hopefully the list will continue to grow over the coming weeks and months. I'm planning on leaving it online until the end of June and then send it off to Connoisseur and Safari, it'll then be in their mighty hands whether we all get this Toyah treasure CDeed!

Sign The Petition

Visit the Dreamscape 'Love Is The Law' Page

5 March : 'Here And Now' Tour - Latest News
Here & Now in GlasgowThe 'Here And Now' concert at the Brighton Centre on Thursday 18th April has now completely SOLD OUT. This is the second gig of the tour and has beaten the Wembley show, rumoured to be almost sold out months ago, as the first to shift every ticket.

Thanks to Ant Lib Online, the wonderful Adam Ant website, for the information.

Another 'Here And Now' development has been the change of venue for the Glasgow concert, from the Glasgow SECC to the Clyde Auditorium (also known as the Glasgow Armadillo) on Sunday 28th April, the last concert of the tour. This doesn't really make any difference as the Clyde Auditorium is actually part of the SECC, and is situated right beside it!

Small adverts for the tour are appearing in the nationwide free newspaper 'Metro' every day. This pic is from yesterday's Glasgow edition.

Zoom over to Dreamscape's 'Here And Now' page for more info.