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21 April : Urgh! A Music War

Urgh! A Music War 1980

The excellent 1980 music film Urgh! A Music War will be screened by Sky Cinema 1 at 00.10am on Saturday 4th May.

Toyah performs an awesome live version of 'Danced' in the film, which also features The Cramps, The Police, GoGo's (lead singer Belinda Carlisle currently on tour wih Toyah), Gary Numan and many more.

21 April : 'Little Tears Of Love'

Hurrah! New Toyah Music:)

The title track has tinges of PJ Harvey and all four songs sound like nothing Toyah has ever recorded before.

I haven't heard any of the new songs yet but good things are being said about the first Toyah music of the noughties!

Alv Popst@r's Opinion:

Title track seems really good - got
that PJHarveyish filter on some of the vocals, and it gets quite big
and Numanish at times. Quite like Miracle, I'm not sure about the
others yet, it's not like anything she's done before - but at least
we've got out of the Tring Era! New material at last!

21 April : Double CD

Delayed, but worth the wait!

It no looks like the 'Sheep Farming In Barnet'/'Blue Meaning' double CD reissue may be delayed for yet another week. It was originally scheduled for release on 15th April then put back to 22nd April, and now may not be out until next Monday (29th April).

21 April : Toyah On TV
Under Offer : Challenge TV
Each weekday @ 3.00pm

Ever Wondered? : BBC2
Tuesday 23rd April : 00.30am
Ever Wondered? : BBC Prime
Tuesday 23rd April : 3.00am
Fascinating questions answered. Toyah Willcox discovers what horoscopes can reveal about human behaviour.

Brum : BBC 2
Monday 29th April : 8.15am
Brum and the Football Hero. 
The adventures of a little car who lives in a motor museum, narrated by Toyah Willcox. Brum scores the winning goal when he comes on as a substitute during a football match.

Beyond Medicine : Disc Health
Eaah Friday / Saturday / Sunday
Various Times

Urgh! A Music War : Sky Cinema 1
Saturday 4th May : 00.10am
Documentary film looking at some of the best sounds from the early 80s, with punk, new wave, reggae and techno represented by contemporary groups such as Wall of Voodoo, Sting, Toyah Willcox, Belinda Carlisle and OMD.

21 April : Site Stats
Friday 19th April saw Dreamscape's opening page receive its highest number of "hits" ever. Visit hits are always fairly high and continually growing but Friday's were significantly higher than ever before. No coincidence that it was the day after the first 'Here & Now' gig.
21 April : 'Here & Now' Is Here And Now!
The Mirror - 19th April 2002At last! The 'Here & Now' Tour got underway on Thursday night at the Cardiff International Arena, continuing at the Brighton Centre on Friday night and Birmingham NEC last night.

Toyah is second on, after China Crisis, in the running order and her "set list" is 'Good Morning Universe', 'Thunder In The Mountains', 'It's A Mystery' and 'I Want To Be free'. Toyah has had a great reception each night, and apparently is in fine voice. 'Little Tears Of Love' is also said to be selling well and may well run out before the end of the tour ("No!").

Toyah's outfit comprises of a see through black top, forearm plate, metal breast plate, black thigh boots, ankle bangle and a virtually non-existent skirt!

Toyah's set on opening night at Cardiff was professionally filmed, though it's not clear if this was for the much talked about Louis Theroux docu, but hopefully it should be available somewhere, sometime. Robert Fripp was also spotted on the opening night.

There has been virtually no press coverage for the start of the 'Here & Now' Tour so far, at least in none of the UK tabloid newspapers. This may change when the shebang reaches Wembley Arena next Thursday (25th April), we will have to wait and see.

The next date of the tour will be at Newcastle Arena on Wednesday.

The article above is from Friday's 'Mirror' and is a, not too serious, overview of the acts taking part in the 'Here & Now' Tour and eighties revivals in general, with a nice pic of TW circa 1981.

More info as it becomes available. Thanks to Alv at Popst@r for the info:)

21 April : Calamity Jane
Toyah IS Calamity JaneCalamity Jane, the musical Toyah will be starring in for the best part of eight months from September, is advertised in the back of the 'Here & Now' Tour programme (oh no, I'll have to buy one now!), along with a website full of Calamity information (click the pic to go there). The website has some excellent images of Toyah in her Calamity Jane guise.

The confirmed 2002 dates included in the ad and on the new website are almost indentical to the dates on toyahwillcox.com, EXCEPT the Glasgow one, which isn't on there yet - typical! Oh well, many more are still to be finalised.

The film, starring Doris Day was a classic from the golden age of the Hollywood Musical. Now Calamity Jane hits the stage as an action-packed, rip-roaring comedy adventure round the Wild West with one of the most witty and hummable scores ever written for a musical.

Calamity Jane stars the legendary Toyah Willcox whose career spans pop-stardom, film, TV and stage, with lead roles in everything from Taming of the Shrew to Cabaret and Peter Pan.

Featuring such classic songs as 'The Deadwood Stage (Whip-crack-Away!)', 'Windy City', The Black Hills of Dakota', 'Secret Love'.

Tickets for Birmingham, Oxford, York, Manchester, Sunderland, Torquay on sale now at www.ticketmaster.co.uk

Visit Dreamscape's Calamity Jane Page

Thanks to Jez L for the information.

21 April : Toyah Feud - NME 50th Birthday Issue
NME - 20th April 2002Toyah is featured in this week's NME, the music paper's 50th Birthday Issue. She is on the "Feuds Corner" page, listed as someone who isn't a very big fan of the music weekly, alongside Morrissey, Thom Yorke of Radiohead, Bryan Ferry and the Stereophonics. She is in good company.

They say that in 1996 she sneered at one of their journos, "I'm not talking to your magazine!" and stomped off in a huff.

Toyah's reply, to the NME offering an 'olive branch', allegedly was, "My life has been wonderful without NME. Fish and chips taste better on it than any broadsheet."

That's telling 'em:)

21 April : More Online Toyah 'Curiosities'!
Toyah @ Urban ImageYet more Toyah online treasures from the darkest vaults of the internet, sort of!

This is from a great website called "Urban Image", I think it has been online for quite a while. Click the picture to go take a look. They say they have other Toyah pictures but when I clicked I kept getting an error page.

Essential EightiesThis is from the "Essential Eighties" website which has also been around for some time.

They describe Toyah as a "tiny, lispy public school punkette" and "a shouty, slowbuilding piece of middle intrigue" is their description of 'It's A Mystery'.

They also mention that Toyah was/is Adrian Mole's favourite popstar.

The mini bio ends by saying "She is now by far at her sexiest and has a wicked glint in her eye."


13 April : New EP - 'Little Tears Of Love'
'Little Tears Of Love' - our prayers answered!"FRESH… VIBRANT… EXPLOSIVE… hear the sound of Toyah Here & Now in the 21st century." - toyahwillcox.com

After more than EIGHT years 'Little Tears Of Love' marks Toyah's return to releasing music (hooray etc.). The new limited edition EP features four brand new Toyah songs and will be available to purchase on this month's nationwide 'Here And Now' Tour. 

The artwork for the CD is Toyah's very own creation and each CD comes individually numbered and signed by the lady herself. A limited quantity of the CD will also be available through mail order at a later date.

'Little Tears Of Love' - Tracklist:

1. Little Tears Of Love
2. Mother
3. You're A Miracle
4. Experience

In Dreamscape's 25 months of reporting Toyah News & Happenings this really has got to be the most exciting event so far, and according to tw.com an album is also on the horizon too. What have we done to deserve such exciting developments in 2002? Who knows, and who cares?, let's just get that music!!

Thanks to Craig Astley from toyahwillcox.com for the info and picture.

Yep, it's OfficialSpeaking of toyahwillcox.com, leap on over to read oodles of exciting Toyah News and check out Toyah's April Diary Entry, where not only does she chat about the new EP and the 'Here & Now' Tour but also reveals she will be on TV again soon in a show called Remotely Funny!

13 April : Toyah in 'The Sotsman Magazine'
The Scotsman Mag - 6th April 2002Toyah was featured in the magazine that accompanies Saturday's edition of 'The Scotsman' newspaper, called funnily enough, 'The Scotsman Magazine', last Saturday (6th April).

She was quizzed on her clothing tastes and habits in the one and a half page feature "Wardrobe Of The Week". 

Toyah revealed (pre April's tw.com Diary) that J.R.R. Tolkien's great-nephew was designing a breastplate as part of her 'Here & Now' outfit. 

"It is costing 1000, I want to look like a futuristic Boadicea", said Toyah. She also mentions that she is inspired by Madonna's style.

Visit the LIBRARY for the full interview, or simply click on the picture.

Huge Thanks to Alec Kelly for this.

13 April : 'Here & Now' - Almost Here & Now!
It's Here And Now!In only five days time (Thursday 18th April) the 'Here And Now' Tour will open at the Cardiff International Arena, after what seems like light years of waiting and anticipation.

This advert is from this month's 'Q' Magazine, and still features, though sadly now departed from the tour, Adam Ant. 'Q' also gives the tour, and Toyah, a mention in their Gig Guide section. As have many other magazines and newspapers over the last few months, let's hope there will be plenty of media coverage when it finally gets going this Thursday.

Anyone going to Cardiff, or any of the other dates please feel free to email an opinion or review.

I'd really appreciate a report on the concert in general and in particular how awesome Toyah was:)

13 April : 'Calamity' Pic

Yeehah! - Toyah as Calamity Jane

Toyah as Calamity Jane, at last a picture! This appeared in last night's 'Manchester Evening News', advertising Toyah's visit to the city's Opera House in Calamity Jane this October.

Big Thanks To Paul Lomas for this.

13 April : Toyah Live in Sunderland

Toyah @ Sunderland FC

Toyah will be performing 4 songs live as Special Guest to open the Sunderland v Liverpool football match on Saturday 13 April at Sunderland’s home ground, The Stadium of Light.

The club has sold 48,355 tickets for the game and announced that the fixture is sold out.

13 April : Hot Stars
Hot Stars MagToyah's comment recently that she will be having cosmetic surgery has been picked up on by certain sections of the media.

This is taken from the "Backchat" section of 'Hot Stars' magazine in last week's edition.

13 April : Popst@r Updated
Get popst@rred!Alv & Mona have updated their fantabulous Popst@r website. Among lots of additions there is the news ('Lore' section) that Toyah will be in the York Mystery Plays on 7th and 14th July. She will be in Chandler's Angels And Shepherds.

This edition's 'Makeover' is hilarious and should definitely not be missed:)

13 April : Double CD
The Double CD Reissue of 'Sheep Farming In Barnet' and 'The Blue Meaning ' will now be available as of next Monday, 22nd April.
13 April : Fad Gadget Dies
Sad news to report that Francis Tovey, better known as Fad Gadget, has died at the age of 45. Fad Gadget supported Toyah on the 'Good Morning Universe' Tour in late 1981.


8 April : Revolution Radio
Toyah guested on Oldham's Revolution Radio on 1st April. She was interviewed by Pat Sharp and was asked to name her favourite three songs. Toyah chose; 3. 'Ashes To Ashes' by David Bowie, 2. 'Tainted Love' by Soft Cell and 1. 'Sledgehammer' by Peter Gabriel, she commented that "Peter Gabriel is to the music industry what Anita Brodrick was to the cosmetic industry".

During the interview 'It's A Mysetry', 'I Want To Be Free' and 'Thunder In The Mountains' were played. Pat asked Toyah if she had any superstitions before she goes onstage, Toyah revealed that she doesn't like anyone whistling in her dressing room, she likes to be very quiet and doesn't like to turn left on her way to the stage. So there ya go!

Thanks to Michael O'Brien.

8 April : Toyah On TV
Under Offer : Challenge TV 
Each weekday @ 3pm 

Ever Wondered : BBC Prime 
Saturday 20th April : 6.00am 
Fascinating questions answered. Toyah Willcox discovers what horoscopes can reveal about human behaviour. 

Beyond Medicine : Disc. Health 
Various Days &Times 
Toyah explores dozens of alternative remedies in this mammoth, 39 part series. 

8 April : Double CD Reissue - Tracklist Addition
Toyah's New Double CDAccording to Amazon 'Street Addict' will be also be included as a bonus track on 'The Blue Meaning' along with 'Sphinx'. The double CD comprising 'Sheep Farming In Barnet' and 'The Blue Meaning' is released next Monday (15th April) on Safari Records with the catalogue number VOORCD4002.

'Street Addict' was originally the b-side of Toyah's 1981 Top Ten single 'Thunder In The Mountains' and to the best of my (often flawed) knowledge has never been available on CD before.

For full traclisting of both CD's pay a vist to Amazon's webshop or last month's Dreamscape News Page.

8 April : Toyah on Radio 2's 'Jammin'
As mentioneed, Toyah appeared on Radio 2's quiz show Jammin' last Thursday night (also repeated on Saturday afternoon). The show's host Rowland Rivron said: "What can I say about our second guest this evening? How many people have made the transition from shock new wave artist to cuddly BBC1 religous affairs presenter?

Toyah revealed she was into Alice Cooper as a teenager, to which Rowland replied "Oh dear", to which Toyah exclaimed: "What's oh dear, he's Marilyn Manson's grandmother isn't he?"

This really was a surreal half hour of radio: Toyah rearranging 'Je Taime' and performing it as a love song to David Beckham and at the same time taking the piss out of her Teletubbies voiceover. She then went onto change the lyrics to 'It's A Mystery' to 'It's A Pisstery' in celebration of those TV ads aimed at women of a certain age!, and then sang the old Mary Hopkins song 'Those Were The Days' in the style of Limp Bizkit, holding a note mid song for what seemed like ages. And also performing 'Wild Thing' in the style of opera singer Leslie Garret (Toyah is definitely in fine voice for 'Here And Now')

A very entertaining way to spend 30 minutes.


1 April : Toyah In 'The Sun' - Toyah's Still A Shocker
The Sun - 26 March 2002Toyah was featured in 'The Sun' last Tuesday (26th March), on Day Two of their "Back To The 80's" series. The article/interview has a few errors (according to this, Toyah's last album release was back in 1984, and she has already finished the Calamity Jane tour before it's even begun!).

Former punk Toyah Willcox still likes to shock.

She says: "I'm planning a face-lift. I have no qualms about telling people. I'm going to look younger so people will want to know why."

Toyah was 16 and a 4ft 11in boarding school girl with a Birmingham accent and a lisp when she went to see the Sex Pistols in 1974.

Afterwards she dyed her hair pink and never looked back.

She had Top Ten hits with It's A Mystery, I Want To Be Free and Thunder In The Mountains and was in the 1979 movie Quadrophenia.

Since then she has become a TV presenter, fronting shows such as The Good Sex Guide Late.

She is the voice of the Teletubbies, children's series Brum and Imodium diarrhoea tablets.

She tours every year and recently starred in the stage musical Calamity Jane. She is writing a new album, her first since 1984.

Twenty years on from her heyday Toyah is leaner and blonder. At 43 she doesn't drink alcohol, tea or coffee, is a vegetarian and does at least an hour of exercises every day.

The face-lift is to ensure she can indulge in her great passion - work - for years to come.

She is looking forward to the Here And Now Tour.

She says: "It's my last chance to play big arenas and there is no bigger buzz. It'll be fun too. I haven't seen most of the guys on the tour for 20 years."

She was always the most career-minded of punks. She says: "In a way I missed the Eighties because I was always working.

"I wish I had been more brazen in my career.

"But if I had I probably wouldn't have been asked to do the Teletubbies."

For 16 years she has been married to Robert Fripp, former guitarist with King Crimson.

He lives most of the year in America while she flits between the couple's four British homes.

She is looking for a house in the UK to finally settle down.

Toyah was sterilised aged 27. She says: "I've never had maternal instincts. It means I have a lot of time to work, that's what I love. I hope I'm working when I'm 70."

1 April : Classic Pop @ BBCi
Classic Pop @ Auntie BeebWell at least the people at BBCi know exactly who is the real star of this month's 'Here And Now' Tour. They have a link to information about the tour dates and they are using a picture of Toyah to entice visitors to click.
1 April : 'Love Is The Law' CD Petition
Love Is The Law - It's Fatal!!Many Thanks to all the people who have added their names to the 'Love Is The Law' on CD petition. At the risk of sounding boring (who, me?), KEEP GOING please! Thanks also to everyone who has emailed me with comments (a 'Desire' on CD petition? for EG - now there's an idea - gulp!).

NB: Unfortunately I can only update the site at the weekends for the next few weeks (bumper updates though to compensate - 1st April update includes more Toyah magazine & newspaper cuttings/clippings than you can shake a pair of scissors at!).

1 April : Daily Mail
Toyah was featured in the Daily Mail's 'Saturday' Magazine. Haven't seen this but it is linked to her appearance on BBC Radio Two's Jammin, which is broadcast on the station (and online @ their website) this Thursday at 10pm (Repeated Saturday at 12.30pm).
1 April : Toyah TV And Radio
Holiday In Style : UK Style 
Monday 1st April : 11.00pm 

Personal Passions : BBC 2 
Monday 1st April : 11.45pm 

Holiday On A Shoestring : BBC Prime 
Wednesday 3rd April : 6.30pm 
Thursday 4th April : 11.30am 

Jammin' : BBC Radio Two 
Thursday 4th April : 10.00pm 
Saturday 6th April : 12.30pm 
Rowland Rivron presents a six-part 
musical panel show. Regular player 
Richard Vranch is on the keyboards, 
and guests are Dave Catlin Birch, 
Toyah Willcox and Steve Frost. 

Under Offer : Challenge TV 
Each weekday @ 3pm 

Beyond Medicine : Discovery Health 
Each Sunday & Wednesday 
Twice daily 

1 April : Here And Now 3
It looks highly likely that there will be a third 'Here And Now' Tour of the UK's arenas. Come December 2002 Kim Wilde, The Human League, Five Star, Altered Images, Dollar, The Belle Stars and Visage will be doing the rounds.

This obviously must mean that promoters are happy with ticket sales for the first two tours. (Thanks Rob Cope).

1 April : More Toyah Online

The Neon Room

A few more great Toyah websites to feast on. First is Suzy's 'The Neon Room', the thoughts and favourite pics of an Australian Toyah fan.

Top Toyah Art

The Toyah section of Imagemeister's (aka Andrew York) website has some truly brilliant Toyah artwork, and handy info pages on the about-to-be-reissued 'Sheep Farming In Barnet' and 'The Blue Meaning' albums.

Kid's TV Archive - It's Barmy!

Finally there's the Kid's TV Archive, with complete episode guides & info for the two series of Barmy Aunt Boomerang. Streuuuth!

1 April : Radio Clyde
Toyah was mentioned briefly on Glasgow's (and Scotland's) top radio station 'Clyde1' on Wednesday afternoon. The DJ announced that it was exactly 23 years to the day that Toyah played her first gig at Dingwalls. (Visit the great Toyah site Behind The Lake & find that this wasn't actually her/their first live gig). The DJ went on to mention Teletubbies (yawn!).