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May 31, 2002: 'Southampton Advertiser' - Green Toyah 
Southampton Advertiser - 30th May 2002Toyah also popped up in Southampton paper 'Advertiser' yesterday with much the same feature that appeared in the 'Burton Advertiser' the day previously.

"Actress and TV presenter Toyah Willcox wants to know if Advertiser readers can rise to the challenge.

The green campaigner, who had a string of pop hits in the 1980s, wants people in Southampton to recycle their aluminium drinks cans and clean foil to help the environment...."

Thanks to Andi for this scan.

May 31, 2002: 'Burton Advertiser' - Toyah Does The Can Can!
Burton Advertiser - 29th May 2002Toyah was featured in the 'Burton Advertiser' on Wednesday (29th May).

"Actress and presenter Toyah Willcox has teamed up with the Aluminium Packaging Recycling Organisation (trying saying that after a few beers - davie:) (ALUPRO) to encourage recyclers in Burton to 'make things happen' by raising funds by recycling used aluminium drinks cans and recycling clean foil.

Toyah commented: 'Because aluminium can be recycled time after time, the environment really wins'. Find out more by visiting www.alupro.org.uk"

Thanks to Kev Tucker for this. Check out Kev's amazing 'Mermaid Days' Toyah website by clicking the pic.

May 30, 2002: 'Little Tears Of Love' Buy CD Online Now
Get It While You Can!"Little Tears Of Love" is now available to buy online, via mail order at toyahwillcox.com.

The four track CD EP, featuring Toyah's first new recordings for eight years; 'Little Tears Of Love', 'Mother', 'You're A Miracle' and 'Experience', is priced at 10.75. This includes post and packaging

There are only a limited number of CDs remaining so click the cover art (an original painting by Toyah herself called 'Bubblegum Heart') to go and buy this wonderful CD. 

May 30, 2002: Provamel - "Toyah Willcox Is Devoted To Dairy Free"
Provamel AdHere is the press ad, featuring Toyah, for 'Provamel' that has been appearing in various UK magazines over the past weeks and months.

The full page ad quotes Toyah as saying: "Soya Fresh because it's good for my health and cholestrol, Soya Fruity, and as I'm always busy, a Peach or Strawberry Yofu as an instant and satisfying snack."

"Toyah Willcox Is Devoted To Dairy Free"

The ad also lists two websites: www.provamel.co.uk and www.familyheart.org

Thanks to Michael Cooney for this scan.

May 29, 2002: June Tour - Worcester Gig Has Been Postponed
ToyahToyah's Worcester concert on Saturday June 15th, one of five planned for the month of June, has been postponed due to schedule conflicts.

The previously announced London date (Ronnie Scott's - Sunday June 16th) is unaffected and will go ahead as planned.

Three more dates for the June tour have yet to be announced and will be made known on toyahwillcox.com in the next week or so I think.

This Sunday (2nd June) sees Toyah travelling to the Isle Of Man to perform in the extra "Here And Now" concert. The ninth and final of the tour.

Click on the picture of TW to visit Dreamscape's "Here And Now" section.

NB: Dreamscape has been unavailable to most visitors for the last few days. I'm not sure why but think it was a fault at Geocities:)

May 29, 2002: Toyah Presents 'Songs Of Praise' on Trinity Sunday
Songs Of Praise - 26th May 2002Toyah presented Songs Of Praise on Sunday evening on BBC1.

This was Toyah's fourth time in as many years presenting the programme, and came from York. Toyah introduced the show with: "I'm about to explore the unknown, the seemingly impossible and the frankly unbelievable".

Much of the music in the show came from York's impressive cathedral and Toyah interviewed the Archbishop of York, Rev. David Bishop.

Toyah performs It's A Mystery - May 2002Toyah also joined in a rehearsal of the York Mystery Plays, and interviewed actor John Hall. He played God in the Mystery Plays staged in York Minster in 2000.

She also spoke to a woman who, just after being bereaved, believes she met an angel on a street in Liverpool.

Toyah performed the classic "It's A Mystery" accompanied only by a piano. and ended the show by saying: "For what it's worth, my advice would be to go through life with your eyes and heart open because those among us are not always what we expect them to be. For me, God is in everything that we see, everyone that we meet and everything that we do. Now, is that such a mystery?".

May 28, 2002: Toyah On TV 
Under Offer : Challenge TV - Twice daily (early morning & afternoons).
Holiday In Style : UK Style - Thu 30th May : 00.00
Mystic Challenge : Challenge TV - Thu 6th June : 11am / Fri 7th June : 1.20am
Urgh! A Music War : Sky Cinema 1 - Tue 11th June : 00.15
Beyond Medicine : Discovery Health - Various days & times
Jubilee : Film Four - See below for eight broadcast dates & times
May 27, 2002: Toyah In 'The Sunday Times'
Toyah was in yesterday's 'Sunday Times'. This was a two page article in which she explained her objections to the proposed plan to build an asylum seeker's centre near Worcester.
May 23, 2002: June Tour - Dates & Venues confirmed for two gigs
Toyah in Glasgow - 28th April 2002Toyah's Official Website has announced the dates and venues for two of Toyah's five gigs taking place in June.

The tour is a "low key" event to showcase Toyah's new songs to fans, press and music industry bods. As well as tracks from Toyah's new EP "Little Tears Of Love" and her forthcoming new album, there will also be selected songs from her extensive back catalogue.

The two confirmed dates are :

Saturday June 15th - The Marr's Bar, Worcester
Sunday June 16th - Ronnie Scott's, London

Futher info and details can be found @ toyahwillcox.com.

This amazing picture of Toyah was taken at The Clyde Auditorium in Glasgow on April 28th by a Glasgow Evening Times photographer. 

Many thanks to Alec Kelly for providing it:)

May 22, 2002: Toyah Guests On 'Never Had It So Good'
A punk never had it so good!Toyah made a slightly less controversial appearance on Monday (May 20th) at teatime on ITV.

She was a guest panel member on the retro quiz show Never Had It So Good alongside Rowland Rivron and Jim Bowen. They were playing against Fred Dineage, Linda Lusardi and David Lonsdale.

Show host Matthew Kelly introduced Toyah by showing a pic of her, and saying: "back in the days when her hair had its own dressing room". Toyah responded by looking a bit embarrassed. Interestingly the pic is taken from Toyah's autobiography 'Living Out Loud' and the book was credited on the end titles.

super, smashing, great!Matthew said to Toyah: "You worked with Katherine Hepburn, Laurence Olivier, go on  tell us about them. What were they like?" Admittedly Toyah did look as though she has been asked that question a zillion times (she has) and replied saying simply: "They were all as fab as you Matthew".

Despite having been in an episode of Minder, Toyah had trouble remembering who sang the show's theme tune. She also didn't join in the singalong to it either.

She did get a question about Quadrophenia correct. Easily naming five actors (including herself) who had appeared in the film.

Final score, 37 to Rowland, 38 to Fred!

May 21, 2002: Toyah at asylum seekers protest
Daily Express - 20th May 2002Toyah was all over the media at the weekend and start of the week.

She featured in many television news reports and in Monday's 'Daily Express' (front cover), 'Daily Mail' and 'Metro'.

Toyah joined more than a 1000 campaigners protesting against plans to build an asylum centre at Throckmorton in Worcs. The Daily Express said: 'Local resident Toyah Willcox, the broadcaster and former pop star, explained why the village held a special place in her heart. "I have known this area all my life," she said. "My family live here and I love it. I think it is a very special place. The residents are not anti-asylum seekers and they are not racists".'

This is a very emotive subject, and this isn't really a suitable place to discuss such a matter. However due to the intense media interest, and Toyah's involvement, I do think some sort of mention was necessary.

Many thanks to Michael Cooney for providing these pictures.

May 19, 2002: 'Jubilee' at the Golden Jubilee!
Toyah & Adam In 'Jubilee'To coincide with Britain's Golden Jubilee "celebrations" Film Four are showing Jubilee a number of times.

"A controversial portrait of early British punk which imagines Elizabeth I paying a visit to the future of her sceptred isle, with the aid of an astrologer and Shakespearean fairy Ariel. Somewhat overshooting the present, she finds herself in a land of chaos and decay in which the punks have inherited the Earth. Made in the year of Queen Elizabeth II's silver jubilee. Directed by Derek Jarman, the film stars Jenny Runacre, Toyah Willcox, Ian Charleson, Little Nell, Richard O'Brien, Karl Johnson."

Film Four Extreme : Saturday June 1st - 10pm
Film Four : Monday June 3rd - 1.20am
Film Four Plus 1 : Monday June 3rd - 2.20am
Film Four Extreme : Monday June 3rd - 10pm
Film Four Extreme : Tuesday June 4th - 2am
Fim Four : Wednesday June 5th - 1.40am
Film Four Plus 1 : Wednesday June 5th - 2.40am
Film Four Extreme : Friday June 7th - 10pm

May 15, 2002: "It appears I'm a singer again!" - Toyah On Tour 2002
toyahwillcox.comToyah has announced that she is, yet again, taking to the road. She will play five live dates in June and unlike the "Here And Now" Tour it looks like these gigs will consist of full sets too.

Toyah will visit "small, intimate venues" in Birmingham, London, Worcester, Wolverhampton and Brighton and will use these appearances to showcase new songs, plus play a selection of her classics.

Further information, and actual dates and venues, will be made available at toyahwillcox.com very soon.

May 15, 2002: Happy Days For Toyah & Robert!
Robert & ToyahBest wishes to Toyah and Robert Fripp for their 16th Wedding Anniversary tomorrow (16th May). 

Geocities will be offline this weekend (Friday 17th through until Sunday 19th May) so Dreamscape won't be available for 48 hours or so.

Toyah's 44th Birthday is this coming Saturday (18th May as if you don't know!). Many Happy Returns Toyah.

Don't scoff too much birthday cake:)

May 14, 2002: Four Record Labels After Toyah!
Little Tears Of LoveThanks to the overwhelmingly positive reaction to the "Little Tears Of Love" EP, four record labels are reported to be interested in releasing Toyah's forthcoming new album.

The four new songs on the EP, Toyah's first music release for eight years, have created a real buzz about Toyah as a singer/songwriter again. 2002 could prove to be a renaissance year for TW's music career if the quality of these songs continues on the long awaited album.

May 14, 2002: Extra "Here And Now" Concert 
Toyah in Manchester - 27th April 2002We haven't heard the last of "Here And Now" 2002 just yet. Toyah revealed in her May Diary entry that she will be playing a ninth date in the Isle Of Man on Sunday 2nd June.

Joining her will be Belinda Carlisle, ABC and China Crisis from April's dates, along with Carol Decker of T'Pau and Curiosity Killed The Cat.

Further information, including venue and ticket details, will be made available at toyahwillcox.com as soon as they are known.

Apparently, of all the acts on the eight April dates, Toyah sold most merchandise. Lend us a fiver!

Click on the Toyah picture for Dreamscape's "Here And Now" section. 

Pic : Toyah on 27th April 2002 in Manchester (Thanks to Colin Dew-Parry).

May 13, 2002: 'Aladdin' - The Sequel!
Toyah will, once again, play Aladdin this coming festive season, at The Anvil in Basingstoke. The panto runs from Friday 13th December 2002  through until Sunday 5th January 2003.

“Toyah Willcox, who must be one of the finest Aladdins of her generation, displayed tremendous energy and an impish sense of fun that made her the ideal boy". (Encore Magazine)

The Anvil, Churchil Way, 
Hants RG21 7QR
Box Office: 01256 844244

May 11, 2002: Toyah to present 'Songs Of Praise'
Toyah will be presenting Songs Of Praise a week on Sunday AND performing 'It's A Mystery' as part of the show too...

"Toyah Willcox introduces a special programme celebrating the wonder and mystery of the Christian faith. After going in search of an angel on a Liverpool street, she meets the Archbishop of York, and performs her world famous hit 'It's A Mystery'. Featuring music from York Minster and the new single from Secret Garden."

It is likely to be the acoustic version of 'It's A Mystery' Toyah performs, as on 'The Acoustic Album'/'Toyah Classics'.

Songs Of Praise : BBC1
Sunday 26th May : 5.25pm

There is also a Toyah narrated episode of Brum, 'Brum & The Airport Adventure',  on Monday 20th May, CBeebies at 8.20am, 12.20pm and 4.20pm.

May 9, 2002: 'Sunday Mail' - Here & Now report
Sunday Mail - 5th May 2002Scotland's 'Sunday Mail' newspaper ran a favourable review of the final "Here & Now" concert, in their magazine supplement 'Seven Days' on 5th May, giving it four out of five stars. Like so many other news stories/reviews of "Here & Now 2002", the Sunday Mail have used a huge picture, in comparison to those used for the other bands, of Toyah. And are of the opinion she was easily one of the best things about the nostalgia fest...

"Old pop idols show they're still up for it

Who said nostalgia was a thing of the past?

Imagine a whole section of your LP collection - remember those? - brought to life on stage. That's Here And Now 2002.

Punk singer-cum-actress Toyah, now best known as the voice of the Teletubbies, was in a rebellious mood.

Wearing a dangerous looking metal bra, she shouted: "I promise you I'm not going to swear - but I am going to show you my bottom."

She did, flashing her bum under a black mini-skirt. Not a bad posterior for a 43 year old, it has to be said. By the time she vacated the stage to make way for Go West the crowd were on their feet and ready to dance."

Click on the pic to read the full review.

May 7, 2002: The Official Toyah Mailing List
It's Official!Toyah's Official website has just launched the Official Toyah Mailing List. Click the pic above to leap on over there and sign up for regular Toyah news and updates via email. Toyah's new Diary entry will no doubt be online soon too, detailing her thoughts on a very busy April.
 May 5, 2002: Toyah In 'Now' & 'OK' Magazines
Now Magazine - 8th May 2002As mentioned in the previous News update, Toyah is in 'Now' magazine (issue dated 8th May 2002). 

The interview is the full version of the edited piece that appeared in Wednesday's 'Scottish Daily Mail'/'Daily Mail'. The 'Now' article includes two excellent new pictures of Toyah and the magazine is still available to buy for the next few days in the UK.

Click the pic to read the full Toyah interview from 'Now'.

OK Magazine - 9th May 2002Toyah is also in this week's 'OK' magazine. In the Diary section (pages 140/141) there are two pages dedicated to the "Here & Now" Tour, which includes two pics of TW, one backstage and one onstage.


Fan's of '80s pop experienced a musical flashback as a host of their favourite acts played an arena tour of the UK. Tony hadley, Norman & Keeble, Belinda Carlisle, Toyah, China Crisis, ABC, Go West and Howard Jones played electrifying sets, and the gigs have been so successful that a Here And Now Christmas Party 2002 arena tour has been announced."

Toyah is also pictured @ the 'UK Fifi Awards' party in' OK', on page 144.

Thanks to John for this information.

 May 5, 2002: 'Daily Mirror' - Here & Now Report
Daily Mirror - 3rd May 2002The Daily Mirror's Friday entertainment pullout 'The Ticket' seems to be lagging a little behind everyone else...


Never mind, they have used a large picture of Toyah in their article, and gave her a fairly positive review though mainly concentrated on that outfit...

"The ever colourful Toyah came bouncing on in a bizarre but daring outfit. The 43 year old's skirt was so short she made Kylie look like a nun. Coupled with groin-high boots, I reckon there were a few front rowers getting rather hot under the collar. As for her metallic bra, why would anyone want to wear metal boob-caps? It's A Mystery. Decidedly dazzled by Toyah's boobs and boots. It was time for Go West..."

Please click on the picture to read the complete "Here & Now" review.

May 4, 2002: 'London Evening Standard' - Toyah's Moving On...
Evening Standard - 1st May 2002Anyone got a spare million? Toyah is on the move...She was featured in the London Evening Standard's 'Homes Gossip' column on Wednesday (1st May).

"Former punk star Toyah Willcox is selling her nine-bedroom manor house in Dorset for 900,000 through FPDSavills. The rambling property lies in the heart of Thomas Hardy country in the village of Evershott, used as a location for the Hollywood film Emma, starring Gwyneth Paltrow and Ewan McGregor. "It's a very atmospheric 18th century house with a beautiful old garden and coach house." reports a neighbour. Toyah has lived there for 15 years while her guitarist husband, Robert Fripp, tours with his rock band King Crimson."

Thanks to Michael Cooney for this.

The same story also makes it onto an online property website (also Wed 1st May).

Thanks to Jez L for sending me the link to this.

May 4, 2002: Miscellaneous Toyah News
The much talked about Louis Theroux "Here & Now" documentary gets a mention in this week's 'Radio Times' - "More victims are being lined up for the scrutiny of Bafta winner Louis Theroux. Following in the footsteps of Jimmy Saville, Paul Daniels and Max Clifford are eighties pop sensations. The interviewer will soon be trailing Belinda Carlisle, Howard Jones, China Crisis, ABC and Toyah on the Here and Now tour." 

Thanks to Michael Cooney for this info.

There's a picture of Toyah (from the "Here & Now" press launch) included in the article about Belinda Carlisle's band the Go Go's in this month's 'Q' Magazine.

Thanks to Stephen Bennett for this info.

Toyah is interviewed in 'Woman & Home' magazine, and may also feature in a future issue of the motorbike magazine, MCN.

Thanks to John for this info.

The current issue of Marie Claire includes the "Provamel Soya Milk" ad featuring Toyah.

Thanks to Kev McNamara for this information.

May 4, 2002: 'Little Tears Of Love' - Bringing Tears To Toyah Fan's Wallets
Available soon @ toyahwillcox.comThe "Little Tears Of Love" CD has been turning up on eBay in the last couple of weeks and it appears people are willing to shell out HUGE wads of cash to hear Toyah's first new songs for years.

The EP will be available via toyahwillcox.com (there is a News update detailing this at the site) in the near future. So patience isn't only a virtue, but in this instance could save you a bucket of money too!

I really think that if  the EP's title track "Little Tears Of Love" could get some decent radio airplay big things could happen for it and Toyah. It really will be a missed opportunity if this isn't promoted properly and heard outwith the Toyah community. Not sure how best to do this but maybe if we all request it @ our local stations they will have to play it, though they could use the excuse that they don't have it to play I suppose. There may also be a chance Toyah could perform it on a few TV shows (GMTV etc.) to garner interest.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to not let 'Little Tears' disappear too soon?

NB: Some visitors have been having problems viewing the recently added "Little Tears Of Love" lyrics/review page. Not sure why, I think it may have something to do with the background pic. Anyway I've changed the text colours so they are now visible with or without a picture background:)

May 3, 2002: 'Birmingham Post' - Toyah's Horror At Bard Park
The day before the first "Here & Now" gig Toyah was interviewed in the 'Birmingham Post' by Emma Brady:

"Midland popstar turned actress Toyah Willcox has spoken of her disbelief at plans to transform the Royal Shakespeare Company's famous home into a 100 million tourist attraction.

Punk princess Toyah received critical acclaim when she played Miranda in Derek Jarman's production of The Tempest in 1979.

The Kings Heath born singer who had hits with It's A Mystery, I Want To Be Free and Thunder In The Mountains in the early 80s, has performed in various Shakespearian plays and has close links with many Midland theatres.

Toyah also appeared as Hernia in the Birmingham Rep's production of A Midsummer Night's Dream in 1988. She said: "I can't believe they would do something like this, I mean the RSC have such credibility.

"The Royal Shakespeare Theatre at Stratford is where everyone wants to work as actors, and it's where the directors are that those actors want to work with.

"I have huge respect for the RSC, I love Shakespeare and it remains one of my lifelong ambitions to take a role in an RSC production there.

"But I still can't believe such a reputable company would allow itself to be transformed into a theatrical theme park. Hopefully these plans will see it become more of a repertory theatre." Last month members of the House of Commons Select Committee for Culture, Media and Sport backed plans for a Shakespeare village to be built on the site of the 70-year-old theatre.

But the RSC's scheme has drawn criticism from all quarters, including the Prince of Wales, Sir Michael Gambon and Sir Donald Sinden. The 43-year-old singer, who now spends most of her time presenting television programmes and acting, will return to Birmingham when the Here and Now 2002 tour hits the NEC on Saturday.

For Toyah the current 80s revival has given her a second chance to play massive arenas across Britain.

This will be her first gig in her home town since 1987, when she and her husband - King Crimson guitarist Robert Fripp - played for students at Birmingham University.

She said: "This is a really exciting tour because everyone involved is getting wrapped up in the nostalgia of performing their hits the way they were played in the 1980s.

"Over the years I've reworked most of my songs to make them more contemporary, so it sends a tingle up my spine to hear the original synthesizer sounds.

"I don't really miss much from the 80s because I'm enjoying life so much right now, but it's amazing that the music is proving a hit with young children who probably don't remember it the first time round, as well as their parents." School disco crooners Spandau Ballet will top the bill, which also features ABC, Belinda Carlisle, China Crisis, Howard Jones and Go West.

Original headline act Adam Ant pulled out of the tour last month due to medical problems.

While Toyah admits the flaming red mane she sported in the 80s will not be recreated, she said she will be slipping into an outrageous stage costume.

JRR Tolkein's great-nephew, designer Tim Tolkein, has fashioned steel armour especially for her tour. "I've dubbed it the man-magnet, because everyone seems to comment on the breast plate when I'm wearing it," said Toyah."

Thanks to Jez L for letting me know about this.

May 3, 2002: What Else Will Toyah Be Doing In 2002 Then?
Now that "Here & Now" is done and dusted, what is Toyah doing for the rest of the year then?...

'Little Tears Of Love' - further copies of the EP released for sale soon, available by mail order via toyahwillcox.com

'Calamity Jane' - Toyah touring the UK from September 2002 through until May 2003 in the title role of this musical, though there's a break for...

'Aladdin' - Toyah's annual panto stint. She will be in Basingstoke from 13th December until 5th January 2003.

New Album - Toyah's new album, her first since 'Dreamchild' in 1994, should also be released sometime this year. No firm details other than it IS happening and will most probably be available through mail order via Toyah's official website.

Tour - Rumours persist that Toyah will undertake some sort of "low key" tour of small, intimate venues around the UK to showcase the music on her new EP and LP. Toyah did mention that her "Here & Now" contract stipulated none of the artists could perform live 60 days either side of that tour, so if there is to be any sort of tour it can only happen July/August.

TV - Ooops, almost forgot that TW's also a TV presenter. Expect to see her on Songs Of Praise, Holiday, Louis Theroux, Remotely Funny, The Amazon Sisters, etc...

May 1, 2002: 'Scottish Daily Mail/Daily Mail' - Toyah & Other '80s Pop Princesses
Scottish Daily Mail - 1st May 2002Not content with hogging the cover of Monday's 'Evening Times', Toyah is also on the cover of today's 'Scottish Daily Mail'. Inside is a two page feature "Return Of The 80s Pop Princesses".

The feature, which is taken from this week's 'Now' Magazine, has interviews with Toyah, Kim Wilde, Clare Grogan, Susan Sulley, Joanne Catherall, Sonia and Mica Paris. It includes a really good group picture of the seven "pop princesses" as well as retro pics.

Click on the pic above to read Toyah's interview. And if you are in the UK, don't forget to but 'Now'.

NB: Clare, Susan and Joanne helped launch "Here And Now 3" yesterday.

May 1, 2002: 'Little Tears Of Love' - EP Sold Out At Glasgow Concert
Little Tears Of Love"Little Tears Of Love", Toyah's new EP sold out at the Glasgow "Here & Now" concert on Sunday evening.

I know for a fact that there are many people still looking for the CD so hopefully it will be made available through in the near future.

Everyone who has, so far, heard the four new songs have been mightily impressed. So roll on that new album...

Click the picture for full "Little Tears Of Love" lyrics, plus my humble review of the EP.

May 1, 2002: 'Here And Now' - Over And Out After Glasgow Goes Wild!
Glasgow Evening Times - 29th April 2002The successful "Here & Now" Tour 2002 ended at the Clyde Auditorium (aka Glasgow's Armadillo) late on Sunday evening. 

In my humble opinion Toyah stole the show, something that the 'Glasgow Evening Times' seemed to agree with as they put Toyah on the cover of their paper on Monday afternoon.

Glasgow gave Toyah, and all the other acts, a great reception. She received a huge cheer when she mentioned that she "lived here for two years" and there was even the "Toyah!, Toyah!, Toyah!" chant from a small section of the packed Armadillo before she launched into her final song 'I Want to Be Free'. And, yes, like the rest of the tour Toyah managed to get everyone up on their feet for her much maligned 1981 hit.

Glasgow Evening Times - 29th April 2002I think I speak for EVERY Toyah fan at the gig by saying she definitely left everyone wanting more! And not just Toyah fans as I heard plenty of comments at the bar along the lines of "Toyah was excellent". Even my mate, Richard, thought Toyah was good and he ISN'T a fan!

The 'Evening Times' also used a huge picture (na na na na na) of Toyah inside Monday's edition too.

"80s sensations Toyah and Tony Hadley proved they can still wow the crowds when they stole the show at the Armadillo.

Doctor Who must have been at the Armadillo last night as the Here and Now Tour rolled into town.

The venue became a tardis, taking its Glasgow audience back in time to the 1980s with a cavalcade of artists and songs from the decade when the New Romantics ruled the charts. A packed Clyde Auditorium audience screamed, danced and whooped its way through every minute."

On a personal note I'd like to say it was great to meet Steve and Martin, and a huge thanks to John for trekking all the way from Stoke for the excellent concert:)

May 1, 2002: 'Mail On Sunday' - "Watch Out Kylie..."
Mail On Sunday - 28th April 2002The 'Mail On Sunday' reviewed the Wembley gig and their headline is surely one that will give Toyah a giggle.

"Back to the future. Pantomimer (!!) Toyah is back on the Wembley stage - at the age of 43 - and still wanting to dye her hair."

Click the pic to read the full article at the Wembley "Here & Now" page.

Thanks to Colin Dew-Parry for the 'Mail On Sunday' scan.

COMING SOON - An expanded "Here & Now" Section, with pages of pictures, reviews & fan opinions from each tour date. Thanks to everyone (Sabine, Paul C, Paul L, John W, Rob C, Jenny P, Alec K, Paul Johnson, Jez L, Kev M, Colin D-P, Russell E, Michael O, Derek B, Chris R, Tiff D, Anna-Louise) who has sent me "Here &  Now" bits and pieces, I'm overwhelmed!:)

May 1, 2002: 'Love Is The Law' Online Petition 
Love Is The LawThe "Love Is The Law" Petition to get a CD release has now reached almost 200 names.

What we need is the kind of publicity that two (cough, splutter) High Road (a Scottish soap opera for anyone who hasn't a clue what I'm going on about) fans managed to achieve a few weeks back for their petition. They got column space in lots of tabloids and on Teletext because they set up a petition to "save High Road" or something, which compared to getting "Love Is The Law" on CD is soooo trivial!!

May 1, 2002: 'Sheep Farming In Barnet/The Blue Meaning' Double CD
Toyah's Double CD - It's Out There!There seems to be a bit of confusion about what's happening with the 'Sheep Farming In Barnet'/'The Blue Meaning' Double CD Reissue,  from me especially!

The first release date was put back from 22nd to 29th April, then put back to 6th May apparently. BUT some fans have managed to buy their copies in HMV, so I tried yesterday only to be told it wasn't released until next Monday (erm, 6th May).

Maybe Safari Records are doing a gradual release? Bad news for Toyah fans in the Outer Hebrides - tee hee:) - Confusion Rules!

NB This CD is now available (as of May 2nd).