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June 29, 2002: Toyah's Tartan Trousers @ eBay
Toyah's Tartan Trousers!Another piece of extreeemely rare Toyah memoribilia is currently up for grabs at eBay auctions. The listing reads as follows:

Red tartan bondage trousers with zips worn by Toyah Willcox for publicity photo shoot in 1994 (see photo). These are the genuine article from the session and are as new. Worn only by Toyah, they are approximately 34inch waist and approx 32inch inside leg (rolled up for photo's). A couple of Black and white photographs of Toyah wearing them will also be thrown into the bargain.

Click the picture above to view the auction listing.

NB: In case anyone is interested, Toyah is actually spraying "Be Proud, Be Sexy, (Be Safe)" in the picture above - Taken by Dean Stockings in 1994.

Thanks to Dean Stockings.

June 29, 2002: Toyah On TV 
Urgh! A Music War : Sky Cinema 1 - Sunday 30th June : 1.25am
Barmy Aunt Boomerang : CBBC - Saturday 6th July : 2.00pm
Barmy Aunt Boomerang : CBBC - Sunday 7th July : 2.00pm
Brum : BBC 2 - Monday 8th July 10.00am / 1.00pm
Urgh! A Music War : Sky Cinema 1 - Wednesday 10th July : 10.35pm
Under Offer : Callenge TV - Twice Daily
June 27, 2002: The Who's John Entwistle Is Dead
John Entwistle, legendary bassist with The Who, has died of a suspected heart attack in America. I'm sure all our sympathies go out to the family and friends of someone who is synonomous with the awesome Quadrophenia.
June 26, 2002: 'Love Is The Law' Online Petition 
To CD or not to CD?In the next week or so the 'Love Is The Law' CD Petition will close. There are well over 200 names on there, not sure if that's good or bad and whether it's enough to make any difference when a decision is being made about the possibility of a CD release.

I will forward the list along with a begging letter to Safari Records, and will post any feedback I receive on this very page. Keep those fingers crossed:)

June 26, 2002: 'She Bop' "Reviewed" in The Guardian
As well as mentions in most listings magazines ('Heat' and 'Hot Stars' to name but two) and newspapers, She Bop, Toyah's two-part BBC Radio 2 documentary was also reviewed in Monday's 'Guardian'

The opinion piece, on the first part of this exploration of the role of women in rock, isn't overtly flattering about Toyah or indeed the docu:

Radio Review - She bangs the drums

You can tell that Jefferson Airplaine singer Grace Slick is an iconoclast when she talks about having dated every member of the band. "If you like somebody," she said on She Bop (Radio 2), "that's part of what you do: you go to the movies, you have sex, you have dinner." The clue to her being a live wire is the order she puts them in.

It was a rare fizz of rebellion in a too-tame documentary about women and rock. What it argued - that there have been a lot of important women over the years, not always given credit - is hardly novel, and it could have been made livlier without the thudding chronological structure and the inclusion of much well-trodden material.

None of this was helped by Toyah Willcox as presenter - astonishingly, the show actually opened with one of her songs - a graduate of the Janice Long school of gushing. Where the programme needed to be feisty and impressive, it was dull ("1974, by which time the situation was beginning to improve for women in rock"), and where it tried to be analytical, it floundered. Debbie Harry was said to be creating "a cartoon persona that parodied the old stereotype of sex symbol". What Willcox didn't add was that within milliseconds Harry was a good old-fashioned sex symbol.

It was left to maverick talents such as Slick to give She Bop the few rare moments of life it should have exuded throughout. Rather sullying the feminist impulse behind the programme, Slick said that she always had as much clout with RCA men in suits as any member of the band. "When women came up to me and said 'd'ya wanna go burn a bra?', I thought 'I don't wear a bra or pants in the first place'. It just has never ocurred to me that being a woman is an obstacle."

Her sentiments might not be enabling to other women, but they're emphatically more gripping than Willcox's inconsequential recollections ("Punk helped me escape Birmingham. I had pink hair and I was particularly unattractive") and Dionne Warwick moaning about how Cilla Black affected her UK sales. Elisabeth Mahoney

The second part of She Bop is broadcast on BBC Radio Two this Saturday at 8.00pm. It can also be listened to online at BBC2's website.

Many thanks to Paul Johnson for providing this article.

June 22, 2002: 'Calamity Jane' - Whip Crack Away with that promotion...
Calamity Jane promotion"Whip-crackin', finger-snappin', boot-stompin' musical fun for all the family!"

Yeehah! The Calamity Jane promotional bandwagon has just roared into town and is slowly gathering speed.

These are taken from the Regent Theatre's (Stoke On Trent's finest) Autumn/Winter 2002 Season brochure. I'm sure Toyah/Calamity will be appearing in similar brochures/leaflets in the next few months at a theatre near you:)

Keep your eyes peeled.

Thanks to Rob Cope for these images.

June 22, 2002: Toyah News Bits...
• The recently reissued 'Sheep Farming In Barnet'/'The Blue Meaning' Double CD has been "reviewed" by Q Magazine. It's a very unprofessional and unflattering view, by someone who obviously just doesn't 'get' Toyah atall!

• As well as 'The Club' appearance, Toyah will hopefully be playing two further live dates (with band) in July. One of these may be in Preston.

• Sky Cinema 2 broadcast Urgh! A Music War last night. Sky Cinema 1 have the concert film scheduled for Sunday 30th June @ 1.25am.

• Toyah On Telly/Radio  - She Bop (This & following Saturday, BBC Radio Two), Remotely Funny (Saturday evening, BBC 1, soon), Under offer (Twice daily on Challenge TV. These must be on a loop, surely Toyah didn't record hundreds of these?), and Beyond Medicine (Continues on Discovery Health sporadically).

June 22, 2002: Toyah's Ronnie Scott's Gig - Updated Info
Many thanks to Toyah fan, Stephen Bennett of Haywards Heath, for this excellent overview of Toyah's 'Ronnie Scott's' gig last Sunday (16th June):

It was great to see Toyah in such good form at Ronnie Scott's last Sunday,
the new tracks are fantastic and really move Toyah into the higher league. I
have been a fan since '81 and this is the best musically I've heard
from her in a long time. I'd hoped for maybe a few rarer live tracks (maybe
tap into "Prostitute" or "Desire" or some more obsure album tracks) rather than
"Mystery" for instance, but the crowd seemed to love the classics and the
reaction to "I Wanna Be Free" was great!

Toyah seemed to be really enjoying the evening as it went on, after what
seemed to be quite a nervous start.  She became more chatty with the
audience and she and Tim Elsenburg seem to make a great double act!  It
transpired during the night (after some rather loud demands for "Ieya") that
Tim had forgotten to learn the part!  Tim responded to the requests by
shouting back 'Hiya!'.

Before playing "Mother" Toyah thanked Robert for forgiving her for writing
it - and annouced that Robert was in the audience but only she knew where
(Robert in fact was hovering at the back trying to fade into the background
and looked quite embarassed!).

I think my favourite track (aside from the "Little Tears of Love" tracks) was
"Every Scar Has A Silver Lining", (Toyah had wanted to call it "Every Shit
Has a Silver Lining" but this was refused!) which was the second song of the
evening - she rocked!  "Thunder" was played in a new interpretation with slow
beat verses breaking into the chorus and it gave it a new lease of life.
"Mystery" was played quite subdued but good none the less (personally I think
the heavy metal version played during the Strange Girls tour early 90's
should be revived).  "I Want to be Free" ended the set played at double speed
and the audience got to their feet to join in, with Toyah passing the mike
around the front row to sing along.

I don't think Ronnie Scott's has been shaken up so much on a Sunday night
and it seemed to be a huge success. Toyah seems to have found her sound, both in the studio and on stage.  I hope the momentum keeps going and there is really good promotion when the new album eventually appears - would be a shame if the general public never got to hear what Toyah has to offer in 2002. 

Well done, Toyah keep up the good work!

Ronnie Scott's Set List:

Something Good Is Going To Come 
Every Scar 
Little Tears Of Love 
Troublesome Thing 
Thunder In The Mountains 
You're A Miracle 
It's A Mystery 
I Want To Be Free

NB: Thanks also to Alec Kelly and John for helpful info:)

June 21, 2002: Toyah To Play 'The Club' In Stoke - Updated Info
The Club - Stoke's finest!Toyah's latest PA, at 'The Club' in Stoke On Trent, has now been confirmed. Toyah will appear on Friday 26th July, playing to backing tapes. It is hoped that she will perform at least one new song from the "Little Tears Of Love" EP, as well as her usual '80s classics. Toyah has made many memorable appearances at 'The Club' over recent years so this is sure to be a wonderful night.

Click the logo above to visit 'The Club's' website. Available there, is a map - very helpful for anyone new to Stoke On Trent:)

June 20, 2002: Toyah's Ronnie Scott's Gig
I haven't heard much about Toyah's 'Ronnie Scott's' gig last Sunday evening, but from what I have heard, Toyah was in fine voice and played a smattering of old songs (no 'Danced' or 'Ieya' though) along with some newbies too.
June 20, 2002: 'V Graham Norton' - Screen Caps & Info
Toyah on V Graham NortonAs previously mentioned, Toyah guested on V Graham Norton last Thursday evening (13th June) here in the UK.

Graham introduced her thus: "Toyah Willcox, actress, TV presenter, but most importantly the High Priestess Of Punk". Toyah entered via the stairs, accompanied by two of Graham's underdressed "butlers", looking very pleased to have them on her arm!

Graham's good taste in music!Toyah greeted Graham's other guest, dancer Joquian Cortes, and exclaimed; "I've just come to meet you". and then told him; "I had hits in Spain but you're too young to remember!".

Graham then produced a 'Little Tears Of Love' CD and said; "Joquian, you can go out and buy Toyah's new EP. When they said 'Toyah's back with music', I thought it would be some old hits chucked together. But no!, it's new!"

Toyah's facial exercisesToyah replied; "It's very new. I'm writing from my age point of view. All my friend's children are beautiful, children of 24 years old I mean. I sit round my friend's meal tables, fancying my best friend's children! I've written lyrics on the fact that desire is very strong in women of my age." Graham told Toyah; "You do look fantastic. Do you do a lot of exercise?" Toyah replied; "I do around two hours a day. I also do facial exercises in the car, people must think I'm mad."

Graham then gifted a Chin muscle Tonifier to Toyah.

He then proceeded to ask her if, when she had red hair, she "matched her carpets to her curtains?". The show ended with Graham matching three male volunteers!

June 18, 2002: 'Calamity Jane' Update
Toyah as JaneGlasgow will, after all, be included in the mammoth Calamity Jane tour of the UK.

Tristan Baker, the man behind the musical, has informed me that Glasgow will be visited in the first week of the second run of the tour in January 2003.

Calamity Jane opens at the Derngate Theatre in Northampton on Monday 9th September. The tour travels the length and breadth of the UK between then and May 2003.

June 17, 2002: Toyah' Unmissable List - London 'Evening Standard'
Evening Standard - 14th June 2002Toyah was featured in last Friday's 'London Evening Standard'. She chose her current arts faves in their "The Unmissable List":

The Unmissable List...chosen by TOYAH WILLCOX

I'm a devoted admirer of David Bowie, but I think his choice of artists for this festival is slightly bizarre. It's not that I dislike any of them; it's just that I would never have grouped them together. Nevertheless, I love artists that you can't predict, and there are certainly performers here I'd like to see - Suede most of all. The fact that they're on the bill acknowledges them as one of England's top acts, which people seem to have forgotten.
Until 30 June at Festival Hall. SE2 (020 7960 4242): Suede on 23 June (sold out).

What appeals to me about this is the idea of Jackie Clune playing Julie Burchill, when there's no resemblance between them. In the play, Jackie hints at Julie's high voice - which is brave, because these voices can be irritating in a theatre. I'm a great fan of Julie's work, and whether you're stabbed or caressed by her pen, it's still wonderful to be part of a legendary writer's mind. Not that i've been on the receiving end myself; I think I'm probably too bland for her. (Toyah obviously didn't read the NME in the early '80s! - Davie)
Soho Theatre, W2 (020 7478 0200), until 13 July.

I love trash movies. Every report I've read says Spider-Man is superb, and I just can't wait to lose myself in it. I'm wary of American films, but when they get their action right, it's fantastic. And you can see that the technology is now right for Spider-Man, following films like The Matrix and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. I have such a yearning to be a female stuntwoman. When I was working on Quadrophenia, the stuntmen were of a different type: they simply expected to be hurt.
Spider-Man (12) is on general release.

Ever since I saw the film Monsoon Wedding, I've been intrigued by Bollywood culture. The fact that Meera Syal has written the book for this musical gives it a lot of weight. She's astonishing, capturing little moments of real experience brilliantly and being so true to her background. The presence of such a musical in the heart of the West End is wonderful, acknowledging Asian culture as strong and deserving. I just hope it isn't westernised. I'd prefer it to be like Monsoon Wedding, where you felt you were stepping into India.
In preview at Apollo Theatre (0870 4000 650); opens Wednesday 19 June.

I was at a party in November where there were several Lucian Freuds on the walls. It was astonishing to be in the environment of these pictures in a domestic contrast, with candles burning right beside them. I think the pictures are irreverent; they speak of a kind of loathing. I study life-drawing and am intrigued by the way painters deal with flesh on the bone. Freud handles it almost as if it's rotting, at times. For me, paintings tend to have smells. A Matisse will smell like a good florist's perfume, whereas a good Lucian Freud will smell like rotting meat.
Tate Britain, WS2 (030 7887 8008), from 20 June.

Toyah Willcox performs songs from her new album on Sunday at Ronnie Scott's, 47 Frith Street, W1.

Huge thanks to Michael Cooney for this scan.

June 15, 2002: Toyah In 'Vogue' Magazine
Toyah is featured in this month's 'Vogue' magazine. There is a photo of her included in an advertising feature for a well known perfume.
June 12, 2002: Toyah On 'V Graham Norton' Tomorrow Night
Toyah V GrahamYesterday's news that Toyah would be appearing on V Graham Norton has now been confirmed. Toyah guests on the chat show tomorrow night. Let's hope Graham persuades her to perform "Little Tears Of Love", maybe with Betty on backing vocals. How utterly cool would that be? 

V Graham Norton : Channel 4 : Thursday 13th June : 10.35pm

June 12, 2002: Toyah's June Diary Entry Now Online
Official ToyahToyah's Diary entry for June has now been added to toyahwillcox.com.

The letter is dedicated to Toyah's godmother, who died recently. As usual it is a very interesting read, and among much information Toyah reveals that her new album should be released in November  (what a top early Christmas present that will be!), and also introduces her new band; Al (Alastair Hamer - drums), Tim (Tim Elsenburg - guitars) and, the uniquely nicknamed, Bish (Anthony Bishop - bass)! Toyah and her three piece band will play at Ronnie Scott's this Sunday and other selected venues in July.

Check out all the news by clicking the tw.com logo.

I'd like to dedicate this website to my mum, who died five years ago tomorrow

June 11, 2002: Toyah On 'V Graham Norton' *to be confirmed*
V. Graham NortonIt looks highly likely that Toyah will soon be a guest on V Graham Norton, channel 4's five nights a week, late night chat show. She is scheduled to appear in the very near future on the cheeky Irish chappie's hilarious show.
June 11, 2002: Toyah 'She Bop's' On Radio Two
Toyah will present the two part documentary She Bop on BBC Radio Two, on the last two Saturday's of June.

Toyah Willcox begins a two part exploration of the role of women in rock. The radio series includes contributions from such females stars as Suzi Quatro, Grace Slick, Debbie Harry and Mary Wilson.

She Bop : BBC Radio Two
Saturday 22nd June : 8.00 - 9.00pm
Saturday 29th June : 8.00 - 9.00pm

Overseas Toyah fans will be able to listen to the docu via the BBC 2 website.

June 11, 2002: 'Here & Now' - Isle Of Man Gig - Update
Toyah appeared, as billed, in front of a 4,000 all standing audience at 'The Bowl' in Douglas, Isle Of Man, as part of the final "Here And Now 2002" Tour. Robert was in attendance too, and Toyah was spotted quite happily dancing around to all the other acts in the line up at the side of the stage. She wore the same costume as for the rest of the tour.

Many thanks to Colin Dew-Parry for this update.

June 10, 2002: 'Urgh! A Music War' & Other Toyah TV Info
Urgh! - A Music WarSky Cinema 2 are showing Urgh! A Music War on Friday 21st June at 9pm.

Toyah performs an awesome live version of 'Danced' in this various artists concert movie from 1980. Also appearing are The Cramps, The Police, The Gogo's, Gary Numan, Echo And The Bunnymen, The Dead Kennedys, Klaus Nomi, OMD and many, many more.

Urgh! A Music War : Sky Cinema 2 - Fri 21st June : 9.00pm
Under Offer : Challenge TV - Twice daily (early morning & afternoons).
Beyond Medicine : Discovery Health - Various days & times

June 9, 2002: Toyah At Ronnie Scott's Website
Ronnie Scott'sFurther information, and ticket details, about Toyah's gig at Ronnie Scott's in London on Sunday June 16th are available in the News section at toyahwillcox.com.

There is also a small article, with quotes from Toyah herself, at Ronnie Scott's website. Click on the picture.

Toyah's Diary entry for June will also be online at toyahwillcox.com soon. Catch up on Toyah's news, views and thoughts on what is fast becoming one of the busiest and most exciting years of her career.

June 7, 2002: Toyah Newsy Bits & Pieces
Kylie Naked, apparently!Fresh from being hailed as 'The New Kylie' (sort of) by certain sections of the UK press, it now can be revealed that Toyah has previously "inspired" Kylie Minogue (sort of)!

The book 'Kylie Naked' mentions Toyah in a paragraph detailing Kylie's decision to appear as Miranda in The Tempest. Ah but did Ms. Minogue receive a nomination from the Evening Standard for her performance we wonder!?

Thanks to Michael O'Brien for the info:)

Remotely Funny, the show Toyah mentioned she was filming a few months ago, begins tomorrow evening (6.55pm) on BBC1 in the UK.

"Eamonn Holmes introduces a comedy game show in which contestants control celebrities for the day and will ask them to attempt thirty hidden-camera challenges - no matter how embarrassing - in an effort to win sums of money."

Toyah's appearance isn't expected for at least a couple of weeks.

June 7, 2002: Where Does Dreamscape Come From?
Dreamscape Headquarters - har har!!At last! I have finally managed to sum up the effort to show you all where I throw together and update this site.

This is Dreamscape Headquarters *cough, cough*, aka my bedroom. I am sometimes chained to this corner for what feels like days adding irrelevant bits of Toyah info that nobody wants to know about anyway:)

And it never looks this tidy, believe me!

"Bring on the computer, the one that cannot lie. Tape every brain cell, every scene and every sigh!", "Computer", available on the newly reissued CD "Sheep Farming In Barnet".

June 5, 2002: Toyah's VH1 Bio Webpage
VH1.comVH1 have a Toyah page at the "Artists" section of their website. This includes a bio, but interestingly they don't mention the fact that Toyah was a VH1 presenter for the best part of three years! Please click the pic to go there.
June 4, 2002: '(Take The) Leap!' - Rare Items Up For Grabs @ Ebay
Leap! RaririesSome extremely rare Toyah related memoribilia is currently listed at eBay auctions.

Original A4 sheet containing details for inner sleeve of 'LEAP' in Toyah's handwriting, with lots of scribblings and last minute changes. Plus - Original black & white contact sheet of 'LEAP' covers - includes different versions, one with moon in sky and reflection in water, some of scene without band in water and one with a different picture of Toyah and the band in water. Plus - Colour lazer copy of the 'rough' version of sleeve for 'LEAP'. This is the version that Toyah originally saw and said yes to the design, though the colours are different to the version which was finally used. Plus - Inkjet copy of the original track listing (different order to the final one, including "Name Of Love" listed as "Now You'll Never Know"). Each song title has a small symbol drawn by Toyah.

Click the picture above to view the auction listing.

Thanks to Dean Stockings.

June 2, 2002: 'Cabaret' CD - Reissued With New Artwork
Reissued Cabaret CDToyah's 1997 CD 'Cabaret' has been reissued with new artwork and a slightly different title.

The CD, also featuring Nigel Planer, was originally subtitled 'Music & Songs From...' but is now part of the 'Songs & Music From The Legendary Shows...' series. It has the catalogue number PLSCD585.

The album has the same tracklist as the original release and is currently available at HMV.

Thanks again to Michael O'Brien for the info.

June 2, 2002: Toyah To Play 'The Club' In Stoke
It has just been announced that Toyah is to play at 'The Club' in Hanley, Stoke-On-Trent sometime in the near future. Toyah has made many memorable appearances at 'The Club' including last June's fantastic PA to celebrate club owner Ruby's 30th birthday.

Further details to be posted at toyahwillcox.com when they are finalised.

June 2, 2002: 'Here & Now' In Isle Of Man Today
Toyah is in the Isle Of Man today for the final (and extra) "Here And Now" concert. She joins ABC, Belinda Carlisle, Curiosity Killed The Cat, China Crisis and Carole Decker of T'Pau at The Bowl for the gig.
June 1, 2002: Toyah On VH1'S '100 Greatest Men'
Toyah appeared on cable/satellite music channel VH1's 100 Greatest Men this afternoon. No, the channel she used to VJ for isn't confused about gender, Toyah was commenting on the man who came in @ number 58 on their list, Peter Gabriel.

Thanks to Michael O'Brien for this info.