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January 30, 2003: 'Calamity Jane' & Toyah in Edinburgh
Edinburgh Evening News - 29th Jan 03The 'Edinburgh Evening News' placed an awesome picture of Toyah on their front cover yesterday afternoon to celebrate Calamity Jane playing at the Festival Theatre in the city. Toyah, as you can see, is in full Calamity gear, including whip, and looks great. Calamity Jane is securing Toyah even more press coverage and column inches than last year's 'Here & Now' Tour did.

The, almost, half page picture news feature is headlined: Toyah holds the whip hand as she boards city stage. The short piece is simply a basic mention that Toyah has rode into town.

Calamity Jane ads are also playing dozens of times each day on 'Radio Forth', Edinburgh's biggest radio station, with Toyah introducing herself as Jane. These were also heard in Glasgow last week on the city's 'Radio Clyde'.

Calamity hits EdinburghAs already mentioned, Calamity Jane opened at the Festival Theatre in Edinburgh on Tuesday evening. Edinburgh audiences will have a hard task beating the fantastic reaction Glasgow gave to Toyah and the cast all last week, but I'm sure they are up for the challenge!

The show continues there through until Saturday night.

Many thanks to Giddy Gavin.

January 30, 2003: Stop The War - 'Daily Mirror'
Mirror - 29th Jan 03Toyah features in yesterday's 'Daily Mirror' newspaper in their, "Not In Our Name" campaign.

She is pictured adding her signature to the anti-war petition.

'The Daily Mirror's anti-war petition last night stood at an amazing 157,000. An army of readers, showbiz stars and sporting legends have all demanded Tony Blair back down on his threat to attack Iraq.'

The article continues: 'Toyah Willcox, 44, said: "I feel so sad that innocent people will have to die for oil.'"

January 29, 2003: 'Calamity Jane' - Goodbye Glasgow, Hello Edinburgh!
Calamity JaneLast night Toyah, and the Calamity Jane cast, opened at the Festival Theatre in Edinburgh.

This followed a phenomenally successful week long run at the King's Theatre in Glasgow. The audience reaction to the cast's final bow on Saturday night was nothing short of astonishing. Toyah, in particular, received deafening cheers and whistles. We surely can't remember the last time such a feisty and energetic woman lit up Glasgow's Bath Street so magically.

Thanks to Alec and Dave (& Toyah) for a Calamitytastic night:)

Maybe Joan Kerrigan summed up Toyah/Calamity's visit to Glasgow best with her letter in the Evening Times on 25th January...

Evening Times - Letters - Terrific Toyah
I agree with Ann Fotheringham's review of Calamity Jane (Times Out, Jan 23) it is a wonderful show.

Toyah Willcox is superb as Calamity and makes a role that many associate with Doris Day her own. Let's see more of this great entertainment in town.

January 29, 2003: Get Well Soon, Laura :)
LauraWhile I've got a spare five minutes I'd just like to say Get Well Soon to Laura, Canada's biggest Toyah fan:)

Thanks for your emails and very kind comments about Dreamscape on your website - much appreciated.

Get Well Soon, Laura:)

January 29, 2003: Toyah on TV / Toyah Newsy bits & pieces...
Under Offer : Challenge TV - Twice Daily Weekdays : 9.00am & 2.00pm
Urgh! A Music War : Sky Movies 2 - Saturday 1st February : 00.45am
Doctors : UK Gold - Saturday 1st February : 1.50pm
Doctors : UK Gold - Saturday 1st February : 10.50pm
Mum's the Word. Drama series set in a busy Midlands medical practice. Dr Helen Thompson pays a home visit to Stella Darwin and discovers that Stella's nine-year-old daughter knows why her mother is so badly bruised. Marcy Preston takes her tearaway son, Danny, to see Dr Steve Rawlings in the hope that his behaviour can be improved.
Starring: Christopher Timothy, Jacqueline Leonard, Mark Frost, Corrine Wicks, Akbar Kurtha, Toyah Willcox.

• Paul Cable has asked me to point out that Friends Reunited now have a music Message Board. If you're a member why not give Toyah a mention on there sometime:)

The other Toyah!• Worth a mention? Who knows? - The only other famous Toyah ever - Toyah Battersby, the Coronation Street character named after you-know-who and easily one of the show's most likeable people, rides off into the sunset at the beginning of February after six years of soapsud shenanigans! Georgia Taylor is leaving "Corrie" for pastures new and once more there'll only be one Toyah worth bothering about in Blighty. See ya Toyah, and Good Luck to Georgia.

• The Remember section has now been consigned to the scrapyard, to be replaced, soon, by Castaways - Classic Toyah "Moments".

January 24, 2003: Dame Toyah Willcox in Glasgow:) - 'Scotland Today'
Scotland Today - 23rd January 03Toyah made a live appearance on Scotland Today yesterday afternoon.

The interviewer introduced her by babbling on about the "'80s pop revival" and then continued, "Toyah has been busy building a new career for herself as an actress.", quick as a flash Toyah replied, "I'm not building a new career, I was in the National Theatre when I was 18".

Toyah went on to chat about the 'Here And Now' tour and said her life was very full and varied: "I don't go home at night and wish it was 1981 again!", she laughed.

She mentioned that the average age of the cast was 24 and they all treat her with much respect: "I'm experiencing more respect now than I've ever had, and that's all I want. Stuff the money, stuff the fame, people being respectful to you is a huge kick".

Toyah on Scotland Today"The cast are so young, they kind of look on me as some grand Dame which makes me laugh because I don't feel a day over 16. If they knew the bad thoughts I have, no one would ever give me any respect. I'm a practical joker and I like winding people up. I'm not a responsible person atall!".

The interviewer then called her "Dame Toyah Willcox", to which she laughed.

January 24, 2003: 'Calamity Jane' - Reviewed in 'Evening Times' / 'Scotsman' Pick
Toyah in GlasgowLIVE REVIEW: Calamity Jane, King's Theatre

Toyah Willcox has to be made of rubber ... for there is no way any real, flesh and bone 44-year-old woman could withstand the battering she takes on stage as the gun-toting heroine.

She is flung around, hoisted up to dangle from assorted bits of scenery, tripped up, shot at and jumped on, all in the name of entertainment.

At one point, judging by the collective gasp, everyone in my row were convinced she had smacked her head off a chair, but the beaming smile didn't falter for a second.

Forget Doris Day's pseudo-macho Calamity, this is the real deal.

Toyah is a fizzing bundle of energy. a wildcat hell-bent on sharp-shooting and hard-drinking the men out of Deadwood.

Still it's just as well she has nailed the physical side of her character, as her voice never carried it.

Evening Times - 23rd January 03Don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan of 80s pop Toyah, it's just that Musical Theatre Toyah doesn't have the awe-inspiring vocal ability of other actresses in the genre.

None of the singers were outstanding on the opening night, with the exception of Hamilton-born Alasdair Harvey as Calamity's sparring partner Wild Bill Hickok.

But it didn't matter, as we were all having such a whip-crackaway time anyway.

And the story rattles along at a fine pace - apart from the really irritating scene changes, where various characters dance about with bits of scenery for no apparent reason.

Calamity Jane runs until Saturday.

By Ann Fotheringham.

'The Scotsman' chose Calamity Jane as their PICK OF THE WEEK too:


Whip-crack away, it’s Calam in all her glory, or rather it’s Toyah Willcox in her gunslinging glory. Gone are her days of lisping away through the Top of the Pops stage mist like some frustrated Kate Bush, these days Toyah is revelling in Doris Day’s boots. Set in the hills of Dakota it’s an energetic musical about the unlikely romance of famed Western tomboy Calamity Jane and gunfighter Wild Bill Hickock. In an attempt to lure a handsome army lieutenant away from another woman, Jane trades in her gunslinging and uniforms for housekeeping and dresses. A sing-a-longer’s dream, for sure. 

January 24, 2003: Tonight Matthew... / 'Ready Steady Cook'
Daily Star - 22nd Jan 03• The 'Daily Star' yesterday reported that Toyah is among a large list of celebrities who have added their names to an open letter supporting Matthew Kelly in his hour of need. The letter says he is a "gentle and caring man".

Yesterday's 'Daily Mail' also covered the story - A host of celebrities have signed an open letter of support for the TV star Matthew Kelly, according to a report in the Daily Mail. 

More than 40 actors, writers and directors have signed the letter in which they say they wish to record their pride and pleasure in knowing and working with this "gentle, caring man". 

They say the image of him currently being painted in some quarters of the national press is one they do not recognise. Names on the list include Julie Walters, Robert Lindsay, Miranda Richardson, Anthony Sher, Les Dennis and Toyah Willcox. 

Thanks to Alec Kelly for the Daily Star article

Mum's the Word. 
Drama series set in a busy Midlands medical practice. Dr Helen Thompson pays a home visit to Stella Darwin and discovers that Stella's nine-year-old daughter knows why her mother is so badly bruised. Marcy Preston takes her tearaway son, Danny, to see Dr Steve Rawlings in the hope that his behaviour can be improved.
Starring: Christopher Timothy, Jacqueline Leonard, Mark Frost, Corrine Wicks, Akbar Kurtha, Toyah Willcox.
Toyah's appearance on Celebrity Ready Steady Cook on UK Food is now listed as being shown four times that day.

UK Food - Monday 27th January : 6.30am / 11.30am / 3.00pm / 7.30pm

January 22, 2003: 'Calamity Jane' & Toyah in Glasgow
Evening Times - 22nd Jan 03Today's 'Evening Times' and 'Glasgow Herald' both feature Toyah, announcing Calamity Jane's arrival in Glasgow yesterday...

Toyah aiming to be a big hit
Toyah Willcox breezed into Glasgow all guns blazing for her new role as Calamity Jane.

Her return to the stage has her playing a part immortalised on the Hollywood screen by Doris Day in 1953.

The role as the singing gun-toting heroine in the town of Deadwood is a major shift from her days as a punk icon with flaming red hair in the 1980s.

She is also a familiar face on TV in programmes such as Heaven And Earth and Doctors.

Calamity Jane at the King's Theatre also stars Hamilton-born Alasdair Harvey as Wild Bill Hickok and features classic songs such as The Deadwood Satge and The Black Hills Of Dakota.

Herald - 22nd Jan/ Ev Times - 21st Jan, 03TOYAH ON TARGET FOR CALAMITY
TRIGGER HAPPY: The Deadwood Stage came roaring into Glasgow last night with Toyah Willcox at the reins.

The pop star and actress is playing Calamity Jane, the pistol-packing tomboy, in the musical of the same title, at the King's Theatre.

The musical comedy includes classic songs like The Deadwood Stage (Whip Crack Away), Just Flew In From The Windy City and Secret Love.

It tells the tale of a showgirl brought to entertain the female-starved Deadwod locals by Calamity, but chaos ensues when the showgirl's maid is mistaken for the performer. The show with Willcox in the lead role is in Glasgow until Saturday.

Yesterday's 'Glasgow Evening Times' named Calamity Jane PICK OF THE DAY in their Times Out section...

PICK OF THE DAY: Calamity Jane, King's Theatre
She is the gun-totin' heroine who is more than a match for any man - and she arrives in Glasgow tonight.

Calamity Jane, starring Toyah Willcox in the lead role and local actor Alasdair Harvey as her sparring partner Wild Bill Hickok, is in town for one week only.

The show, which was made famous by the 1953 movie starring Doris Day and Howard Keel, is full of Western action and well-known songs. It runs until Saturday.

January 22, 2003: Toyah on TV - 'Scotland Today' tomorrow
Toyah will be the live studio guest on tomorrow afternoon's Scotland Today.

Scotland Today : Scottish Televison - Thursday 23rd January - 2.00pm

January 22, 2003: 'Calamity Jane' - A Hive Full Of Honey!

Calamity Jane

'Didn't I tell you 'bout the time when I was a scout for the army? I saved a major once. Pulled four arrows out of his hide, poison ones...He sure was a brave Major. He gave me my name, "You're a great one to have around in a time of calamity," That's what he said, that's what he said!' - Calamity Jane.

Having never watched the famous film version, and heard little of the soundtrack, I wasn't sure what to expect from the legendary tale of Calamity Jane. I can honestly admit, despite being a huge Toyah fan, I couldn't imagine the musical being as superb as it certainly is. And it is superb, incredible, and every other superlative you care to mention. The show, a feel-good fest, has been constructed with so much care and attention to detail, even the set changes, though seamless and well-executed, were mini performances that garnered applause.

The score too, even to these fresh ears, has some truly uplifting songs, particularly 'Black Hills Of Dakota', 'A Woman's Touch', 'Higher Than A Hawk' and 'Secret Love'. Prepare to be humming those for weeks after...

The musical really does capture that Wild West feel too and the sunset backdrop is almost worth a visit alone. The entire cast are excellent, great accents, singing, interaction, it's obvious that they all get along well, they really do seem a happy gang of cowboys and girls. Aladair Harvey (from Hamilton, just outside of Glasgow)and Kellie Ryan, in particular, as Wild Bill Hickok and Katie Brown, almost steal the show. 

But not quite. This is Toyah's show. Toyah IS Calamity Jane. She puts so much into the role that even a seasoned fan, for the duration of the show, will put aside that it's TW up there. Toyah really does become Jane for those two hours onstage; the swagger, the attitude, and the bravado. She is at the heart of almost every scene and each facial expression, gesture and nuance is captivating. Jane climbs every available piece of scenery, hangs from the rafters, is thrown and swung, yet Toyah rarely stops even to draw breath. Little wonder she is loking so fit just now. 

Jane's journey, from macho cowgirl to fully fledged woman in love, is, not only, a bumpy ride, but an awesome two hours of fun, laughter, tears and joy. Toyah puts her heart and soul into playing Calamity Jane and last night she performed 'Secret Love' with enough passion and tenderness to melt even the toughest Glasgow heart. 

I'd say Jane is easily the best role of Toyah's stage career, possibly, if you'll excuse the cliché, the role she was born to play. I can't imagine any other actress playing Jane half as well, or enjoying being Jane half as much.

Yep, Toyah IS Calamity Jane - Please don't miss out!

Thanks to Alec, Will and Ed for a brilliant night:)

PS. If this show doesn't transfer to the West End or continue to tour the UK for much, much longer, then there really is no justice.

January 21, 2003: 'Calamity Jane' - Second leg opens tonight in Glasgow
Calamity CentralBack in business! - Calamity Jane reopens, for the second leg of its mammoth nationwide UK tour, this evening at the King's Theatre in Glasgow.

Click the pic to the right to check out Dreamscape's shiny new Calamity Jane section - Reviews, Gallery, Quotes, Cast, and much more...

Calamity JaneAfter a nine week run in 2002, and a break for panto, Toyah and the large cast and orchestra are now on the road again right through until the beginning of April, possibly longer!

Along the way they'll stop off in Edinburgh, Canterbury, Darlington, Southend On Sea, Eastbourne, Leeds, Dartford, Norwich, Nottingham, and finally Liverpool.

After that, who knows? There are rumours of further dates, a transfer to London's West End, and even mutterings about Broadway!! All totally unconfirmed.

January 21, 2003: Toyah in 'Sunday' magazine + other Newsy Bits!
Sunday - 19th Jan 03• A small pic of Toyah, circa 2000, appeared in yesterday's 'Sunday', the News Of The World's magazine. It was included in an article titled, erm, 'Who Needs HRT?':

"Experts say managing your diet and exercising is the best way to ensure your body is equipped for the change.  Singer Toyah Willcox, 44, recommends drinking Alpro soya milk, which is high in isoflavones - a substance known to ease menopausal problems."

Ready Steady Cook• Celebrity Ready Steady Cook
UK Food - Monday 27th January : 6.30am
TV stars take up the challenge to cook a meal in 20 minutes. In this edition, singer-songwriter Midge Ure and broadcaster Toyah Willcox team up with chefs Antony Worrall Thompson and Lesley Waters. Presented by Ainsley Harriott.

• Toyah received a mention in the latest update on the 'Kate Bush News' website. This is in relation to Toyah mentioning, and being described as best friends with, Kate in last week's 'Glasgow Herald' interview.

Toyah and bunnyRolf's Amazing Animals with Toyah and Beaton was repeated at the weekend on UK Horizons. Still haven't managed to see any of Toyah's TV appearances about rabbits. Really annoying as I've got a soft spot for TW and bunnies:) 

Thanks to Susan.

January 19, 2003: 'Sunday Post' - Toyah Interview today
Sunday Post - 19th Jan 03Another day, another cool Toyah interview...

Scotland's 'The Sunday Post' today features a one page question and answer session, part of their "The Honest Truth" series, with everyone's favourite intergalactic, Calamitylicious, pop-punkette (I should be writing for a tabloid, me!).

I almost choked on my soya milk when I read that Toyah's best memory of Scotland is strolling along Byres Road in Glasgow's West End. Toyah certainly knows her 'stuff' as Byres Road just happens to be Glasgow's coolest, friendliest, and most laidback street. A stomping ground for me, and every other student with any taste.

But enough waffling. Read the full interview by clicking the pic.

January 19, 2003: 'Calamity Jane' in Scotland / Ceefax
Calamity - Edinburgh ad• Various Scottish Sunday newspapers are running this small ad for Calamity Jane at the Festival Theatre in Edinburgh.

It states that Calamity opens on Tuesday 28th January NOT the 27th as previously advertised.

• Meanwhile, Calamity Jane at the King's Theatre in Glasgow has virtually SOLD OUT. The King's stopped running press advertising for the show weeks ago, possibly as they didn't need to. Apparently there are very few tickets left.

• Toyah received a mention on yesterday's 'The Vibe', the music letters page on BBC Ceefax. The short letter read: "Does anyone know if a CD will follow the Christmas Here And Now tour? And does anyone know if Toyah has a greatest hits album out? - Maria

January 18, 2003: 'M' Magazine -Toyah Interview today
M - 18th Jan 03Toyah is interviewed in today's 'M', the magazine supplement that accompanies the 'Daily Mirror' each Saturday.

The interview focuses on Toyah's rebellious teenage years. Reassuringly, Toyah says that although her outward physical appearance may now be conformist, inwardly she is still a little bit left-of-centre rather than mainstream.

Bravo! To read the full interview - click the pic!

January 18, 2003: Calamity Jane in 'OK!' / Daily Express 'Saturday' magazines
OK!/Daily ExpressCalamity Jane is given column inches in a couple of magazines this weekend...

Daily Express 'Saturday' (18th - 24th January) : Theatre - Calamity Jane
The whip-crackin'' musical, Calamity Jane, starring Toyah Willcox (pictured with Alasdair Harvey), begins touring on Tuesday at the King's Theatre in Glasgow, from there the show heads to Edinburgh, Canterbury, Darlington, Southend, Eastbourne, Leeds, Dartford, Norwich, Nottingham and Liverpool.

OK! 'Hot Stars' (18th - 24th January) : Hottest gigs, theatre, dance and exhibitions
Glasgow - Calamity Jane : King's Theatre
Toyah gives Doris Day a run for her money as Calamity Jane in Glasgow.

January 18, 2003: Toyah newsy tit bits...
Calamity in Leeds• Toyah is Calamity Jane at the Grand this autumn

A rip roaring show featuring classics such as Windy City. Toyah Willcox plays sharp shooting heroine Calamity Jane at the Grand Theatre.

Calamity Jane - Monday 3 - Saturday 8 March
An action packed, rip roaring show featuring classics such as The Deadwood Stage and Windy City. Toyah Willcox plays the sharp shooting heroine Calamity. 

Source - BBCi Leeds

• Ohrbelag - Alternative Radio have been blasting out 'The Woman Who Had An Affair With Herself', from Toyah's amazing 1991 album 'Ophelia's Shadow', all this month. The song is included in their January 03 playlist.

January 16, 2003: All new Dreamscape Guestbook
Dreamscape guestbookJust added a new look Guestbook. Go on, take a look or leave a little message. Nothing too saucy or obscene, though, I'm a sensitive soul y'know!!

PS. All the old Guestbook messages, from the past three years, will be added to the site as an archive sometime soon.

January 16, 2003: 'Weekend'/'Woman's Own' - Toyah Interviews
Toyah interviewsNow online - Toyah interviews from 'Weekend' magazine (4th January) and 'Woman's Own'  (13th January).

Both are interesting Toyah chats, especially Toyah's interview with 'Weekend' which can best be described as revealingly honest.

Judge for yourself...

Go read both by clicking the picture.

January 16, 2003: "Doesn't she look like Annie Lennox"! - Toyah @ Google
Thanks to Garry Lambie for pointing out that Google groups have hundreds, if not thousands, of retro Toyah related messages. Fascinatingly, some of the messages date back to 1989, a time when the internet was still very much in its infancy.

Go to http://groups.google.com, and search for "toyah" or "toyah willcox"

January 11, 2003: 'Woman's Own' magazine - Toyah Interview
Woman's Own - 13th Jan 03Toyah is interviewed in this weeks 'Woman's Own' magazine, dated 13th January 2003.

The interview, part of the magazine's 'Face of 2003' contest, includes another new picture of  Toyah, and an entertaining chat on how she looks so good at 44. Toyah admits she cuts and colours her own hair! "I do my hair myself. I haven't had it cut in two years. I just trim and colour it at home."

What a girl! Check back soon for the full interview, plus last week's  'Weekend' magazine interview too - both will be added to the Article Archive.

Thanks to Alec Kelly for the info about this.

January 11, 2003: 'Rock Legends' Screen captures & transcript added
Rock legends - 3rd Jan 03Now added to Dreamscape - Over 40 screen captures and full transcript from the recent Carlton TV, Rock Legends, documentary on Toyah and her music career.

I realise everyone would rather actually watch the docu, but I hope the pictures and text are of interest to those of you who haven't managed to see the half-hour special as yet.

January 11, 2003: Toyah on TV - *Latest Update*
Under Offer : Challenge TV - Twice Daily Weekdays : 9.00am & 2.00pm
Under Offer : UK Style - Each Friday : 10.30pm
Urgh! A Music War : Sky Movies 1 - Sunday 12th January : 1.30am
The Entertainment Biz : BBC Prime - Friday 17th January : 3.00am
The Entertainment Biz : BBC Prime - Sunday 19th January : 4.00am
Premieres and Junkets (Part 4) - The documentary series about the entertainment industry focuses on movie marketing. This programme appraises the multi-million dollar marketing campaign for 'Independence Day' and follows the low-budget but resourceful and imaginative UK relaunch of the cult film 'Quadrophenia'. Stars talk about the public spectacle of the press junket.
Urgh! A Music War : Sky Movies 2 - Tuesday 21st January : 00.30am
January 11, 2003: 'Calamity Jane' - Latest
Calamity in EastbourneToyah, as Calamity Jane, graces the cover of Eastbourne Theatres Spring 2003 brochure.

Calamity Jane plays at the Congress Theatre in Eastbourne, beginning 24th February.

Calamity Rumour: I've been told, by a reliable source, that  the current run of Calamity Jane will be extended by a number of weeks, maybe six. After the final week in Liverpool at the beginning of April the cast will break for a few weeks and then possibly hit the road again, visiting Sheffield and Wimbledon along the way.

Calamity is featured at IC Scotland and British Airways websites this week:

IC Scotland - Noone causes a Calamity quite like Jane By Steven McCombe

The King's Theatre will this January take us away from the damp and dismal weather of Scotland and over the Black Hills of Dakota and into the heart of the old Wild West.

Here's where we'll be treated to whip-cracking comedy and romanticism from a cowgirl by the name of Calamity Jane. The pistol packin' tomboy whips up a storm when she brings a showgirl to entertain the female-hungry locals of the Black Hills.

 And chaos erupts in the Western town because of mistaken identity, rivalries and secret assassination attempts in what is a contrastingly funny, touching and riotous musical. The production stars the internationally recognised Toyah Willcox and includes such great songs as The Black Hills of Dakota, Just Flew in from the Windy City and the Oscar-winning Secret Love.

The show runs only for a short time between 21st and 25th January 2003 so it's a good idea to buy tickets ASAP. 

British Airways - Calamity Jane The Musical, starring Toyah Willcox and adapted for the stage by Charles K Freeman, comes to the Edinburgh Festival Theatre. The music is by Sammy Fain and lyrics are by Paul Francis Webster.

Calamity is a tough-talking tomboy who puts her reputation on the line when she promises to bring a famous singing star to Deadwood's Golden Garter Saloon. But mistaken identity, feminine rivalry and secret love all conspire against her good intentions. The audience can hum along to classic songs like The Deadwood Stage (Whip-crack-Away!), Windy City and The Black Hills of Dakota.

January 11, 2003: Toyah Newsy/Trivia Bits & Pieces...
Trigger HappyTV• The episode of Trigger Happy TV that Toyah appeared in was broadcast on American TV in December. The hilarious series, starring Dom Joly, was shown on Comedy Central.

• Toyah is featured in the News section of www.RememberTheEighties.com this week: Toyah has revealed that she will not be taking part in the forthcoming Granada TV series that she describes as a show where "eight faces of the past are going to tour America on a tour bus, putting their own show on in every city. They have to leaflet their audience into each venue, get their own costumes, make up etc. Each week one will be voted off until one winner is left.". Toyah also revealed the name of one confirmed participant, former Spandau Ballet frontman Tony Hadley.

Top Ten - Electro Pop was repeated last night on Channel 4. Included in the Gary Numan section was a clip from This Morning in 1997, with Gary and his wife. His wife said, "When I was 12 I was a huge fan. I wanted to be best friends with Toyah and to marry Gary."!

• There was a question on Family Fortunes the other day which asked for names of pop stars known by their first name. The contestant buzzed with Toyah and subsequently got a X. Having said that, Elvis wasn't included in the 100 people surveyed either!

• One True Voice star Daniel Pearce met his girlfriend when they were both singing backing vocals for Toyah, ABC and China Crisis on last year's 'Here & Now' Tour.

Many thanks to Alec Kelly for some of the above info.

January 9, 2003: Toyah's Webletter - In a LEAGUE of its own!
Are you local?Toyah's first Webletter of 2003 is now online at toyahwillcox.com, and a very interesting read it is too.

Toyah mentions the Christmas gifts she gave to her dad and Robert, and that Robert gave her the complete League Of Gentlemen collection available on DVD (I wanted that too, didn't get it though - squish, squish!).

The letter ends with, "I cannot wait to be in Scotland. Having many happy memories from filming Aunt Boomerang and doing the Edinburgh Festival, but above all the men are to die for."

January 9, 2003: Toyah/Calamity in 'Glasgow Herald' & 'EveningTimes'
Glasgow Herald - 7th Jan 03As Glasgow and Edinburgh get ready for the Calamity Jane invasion later this month, the 'Glasgow Herald' and 'Evening Times' both featured Toyah this week.

Another excellent Toyah interview in  Tuesday's 'Herald'.

Toyah, speaking in Basingstoke last month while starring in Aladdin, talks more about Calamity Jane, music, theatre, life at 44, and 2003 being her 25th year in music.

"2003 is actually my 25th year in the business, so there will be one big concert and a mini-tour."

Read the full interview by clicking the picture.

Thanks to Alec Kelly for this.

Evening TimesThe 'Evening Times' included a pic of Toyah in a feature covering what we can expect at theatres in the West of Scotland in early 2003.

"It's a new year and theatres across the west of Scotland are already gearing up for exciting new seasons.

Glasgow will be bursting with stars over the next few months, with famous faces joining the best new talent around.

Toyah Willcox, Johnny Vegas, Siobhan Redmond, Tom Conti, Barbara Rafferty, Rik Mayall, Jerry Sadowitz and Dylan Moran are just some of the celebrities heading for the city.

With Ambassador Theatre Group firmly in charge now at the King's, the spring season is shaping up to be a cracker. 

Musicals highlights include Calamity Jane, with Toyah Willcox. Toyah steps into Doris Day's shoes as the heroine of Calamity Jane at the King's Theatre."

January 7, 2003: 'Toyah - Rock Legends' - Wonderfully, Shining Bright
Rock Legends - 3rd Jan 03Thanks to my generous pal, Rob in Stoke, I now have the Carlton documentary, from which these pictures are taken.

Highlights include; a great Toyah interview, where she waxes lyrical about her early music career for the first time in a loooong time; clips from various promo videos, Toyah's very first Top Of The Pops appearance performing 'It's A Mystery'; a short clip from the Calamity Jane stage show; interviews and opinions on Toyah from Robert Fripp, friend & hairdresser, Derek Goddard, school pals, Bina & Gita Jairaj, and Birmingham music journalist Mike Davies.

Robert possibly sums up the enduring appeal of Toyah best, and as only he can, "my little wife is a wonderfully, shining bright person." The documentary ends with Toyah, and band, performing the sublime 'Little Tears Of Love'. 

The programme is an interesting, long overdue, and very welcome, quick-flick through Toyah's music career but I still hope that one day there will be a really substantial overview of Toyah's music achievements. A true follow up to 1980's ATV Toyah docu. Until then, though, Rock Legends will do nicely!

Thanks again to Rob. Check back soon for a section of screen captures and full transcript from Rock Legends. If only there was 30 hours in a day:)

January 7, 2003: 'Daily Mail' Toyah's Christmas... belatedly! :)
Daily Mail - 28th Dec 02
Thanks to Steff I finally managed to get hold of the 'Daily Mail' Christmas mini-feature included in their Saturday 28th December edition. It details, in words and pictures, how Toyah, her parents, and Robert spent Christmas Day.

Toyah, 44, is an actress, singer and TV presenter. She lives with her husband, guitarist Robert Fripp, in Pershore, Worcestershire, and she loves making a fuss of her parents, who visit her at Christmas.

Pic 1: Fripping heck; Robert bought me this lovely 18th-century oil painting. Pic 2: Special; We love to treat my parents, Beric and Barbara, at Christmas. Pic 3: Starved; Too busy to cook, we all eat out in the Abbey Tearooms in Pershore. Pic 4: Light of my life; Robert with my gifts, some paraffin lamps. Pic 5: Stocking Surprise; We had such a great day we forgot some of our own presents - until 11pm.

Thanks again to Steff Sewell (aka Ophelia '93) for this.

January 6, 2003: Even more Toyah newsy bits...
Toyah's truth!The Truth About Women, originally from 1998, was repeated last night, yet again, on ITV2. I switched channels to catch Toyah exclaiming; "...We'd be shagging in a doorway"! She also mentioned that if she had her youth to relive she would have hundreds of lovers.

• Toyah's first website letter of 2003 should be online at www.toyahwillcox.com in the next few days. Thanks to Craig for the info.

January 5, 2003: Toyah Cover & Interview - 'Daily Mail' WEEKEND Magazine
Weekend  Mag - 4th Jan 03What a splendid way the 'Daily Mail' has chosen to start 2003. The UK newspaper put Toyah on the cover of their WEEKEND magazine supplement yesterday (Saturday 4th January) and featured a fantastic, and revealing, two page interview with her inside.

The cover of the magazine boasts; "Toyah's Story, Toyah Willcox on fraud, bankruptcy, lost millions - and earning them all over again"

Two stunning new pictures of Toyah accompany the article.

The interview is titled "Punk Shock - Through the 1980's TOYAH WILLCOX reigned supreme as the high priestess of punk. But then a trusted business partner conned her out of her fortune - prompting a long battle to regain her millions."

In the frank interview Toyah goes on to say that she has had botox treatment last April, "I had it on my cheekbones and had treatment to regenerate the collagen under my eyes." Toyah also mentions that she is planning to have a facelift sometime this year.

These are possibly the biggest revelations in the interesting chat with Moira Petty.

I'll try to add the complete interview to the Article Archive sometime soon.

Thanks to John, Paul and Steve for informing me about this.

January 5, 2003: More Toyah Newsy Bits...
Toyah and John - OK!• As mentioned on 2nd January here are Toyah and John, pictured in this week's 'OK!' Magazine (Jan 8th 2003, Issue 348). They were attending the BBC Animal Awards 2002 last month.

It's The Number One Party, was repeated last night at 7pm on BBC Choice (soon to become BBC Three). Toyah was in the audience of this show (see below for info).

• The Carlton Toyah documentary was broadcast on Friday night. Thanks to my pal, Rob in sunny Stoke, who has posted me a copy, I'll be adding screen captures and information to Dreamscape sometime next week, for anyone, who like me, didn't manage to see it.

• Today sees the final performance of Aladdin, Toyah's very successful panto for Christmas 2002, at The Anvil in Basingstoke. Fitting that the panto should end on 12th Night. Don't forget to take down your Christmas tree!

January 5, 2003: 'Aladdin' - Reviewed in THE STAGE
Goodbye AladdinAladdin is reviewed this week by 'The Stage'.

ALADDIN - Basingstoke

For a proper pantomime look no further than the Proper Pantomime Company's production at the Anvil. Writers Christopher Lillicrap and Jeanette Ranger are renowned for providing good family entertainment with all the traditional trimmings for Christmas and this script should not disappoint even the most conventional of audiences.

Directed by Christopher Dunham, the show is bold, bright and boasts some good, corny moments. Toyah Willcox has boundless energy in the title role and she stands out as principal boy, partly though in Act I because her 'poor boy' costume has not been designed in synchronisation with the rest of the Chinese costumes.

That aside, the setting of Beijing-stoke is colourful and in general the characters are dressed in customary pantomime style, not least Lillicrap himself as Widow Twankey in some outrageous outfits.

Richard Earl is good at encouraging audience participation as Wishee Washee, John Pennington is the upstanding Emperor, John Moeketsi Moabi is great as the hip Genie of the Lamp and Kim Harvey makes the most of her role as the Genie of the Ring.

Other roles are played by Stephen Paget (Abanaza), Carolyn Sinnett as Lou-Lou the Panda, Ian Sharp (Vizier), Kellie Ryan as Princess Jasmine, Victoria Nalder and Alexandra Joel.

By Julie Watterstone

Visit 'The Stage' website by clicking the picture above. Many thanks to Susan Hailes from 'The Stage' for letting me know about this review.

January 2, 2003: Toyah New Year Newsy Bits & Pieces!
Number One Party• Spotted Toyah in the audience of yesterday afternoon's It's The Number One Party, a celebration of 40 years of UK chart-topping singles, on BBC1. Toyah boogied her socks off to Madness, Nancy Sinatra, Steve Harley, Chrissie Hynde & UB40, Dr & The Medics, and, er, Gareth Gates, among others.

• Toyah, and John (Ruby, The Club Stoke), are pictured in the new edition of 'OK! Magazine', page 141. Picture to appear here shortly I hope.

• Apparently Toyah was featured in last Saturday's 'Daily Mail' (though not in the Scottish version) in an article about how certain celebs celebrated their Christmas.

• Urgh! A Music War : Sky Movies 1 - Saturday 12th January : 1.30am. Documentary film looking at some of the best sounds from the early 80s, with punk, new wave, reggae and techno represented by contemporary groups such as Wall of Voodoo, Sting, Toyah Willcox, Belinda Carlisle and OMD.

• For those lucky people in the Carlton/Central region, don't forget the 'Rock Legends' Toyah Documentary is broadcast tomorrow night, ITV1 at 10.30pm.

January 1, 2003: December Was Magic Again...
Christmas 2002I hope everyone had a fantabulous Christmas and, if in the UK, managed to catch Toyah on the box at least once in between opening presents, eating lots, and having the occasional festive sherry.

Christmas Eve morning got off to a fine start with Toyah narrating "Joanna's Christmas", a story from Norway, in From Far And Near. And on 27th December Toyah, accompanied by my good friend John (aka Ruby), appeared on BBC1's Animal Awards 2002. A great show, highlighting the fact that there are still many people who do care about animal welfare in the cruel and selfish noughties!

Just two of Toyah's many TV appearances over Christmas.

Subscribers to the official Toyah website's E-Newsletter also received a nice surprise on Christmas afternoon, a lovely E-card featuring TW as santa - Thanks Craig:)

Let's hope 2003, Toyah's 25th year in music, the 20th anniversary of  'Love Is The Law', Trafford Tanzi and The Ebony Tower, is as Toyah filled as 2002 has been.

A very Happy New Year from Dreamscape.