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June 29, 2003: 'Calamity Jane' - Shaftesbury Theatre - West End reviews
[ West End reviews ]Thursday evening was Calamity Jane press night at the Shaftesbury Theatre in London's West End.

Over the past few days there has been a real variety of reviews and opinions from those awfully awful theatre hacks. Yeah, those irritants that get free tickets for everything, spend all night at the bar, and then rip a show to shreds.

'The Times' and 'Daily Mail' were particularly pleasant and hailed the musical a must-see success!

Unforunately a few of the others are less favourable but only one was overtly negative. The po faced critic in today's 'Mail On Sunday' obviously got out of bed on the wrong side on Thursday morning. I won't be reproducing her bitter words as I'd rather not waste my time typing crap!

All of the other reviews can be found on the new 'West End Reviews' page in the Dreamscape CJ section.

Huge thanks to Michael Cooney and Andi Westhorpe for their help.

June 29, 2003: 'Calamity Jane' - West End photo call
[ West End photo call - 19th June 03 ]Toyah and the Calamity Jane cast gathered together at the Shaftesbury Theatre in London's West End, on Thursday 19th June, for the official photo call for the musical's London run.

The musical opened there, officially, on Thursday (26th June) evening, after a fortnight of previews, and a 'Toyah Fan' night special.

This was, I think, the fourth Calamity Jane photo call, with another set of stunning Toyah (plus cast) pictures resulting from the shoot.

Many thanks to Andi Westhorpe.

June 29, 2003: Toyah guests on 'Jonathan Ross Show' - BBC Radio Two
[ Jonathan Ross - 28th June 03 ]Toyah guested on yesterday's Jonathan Ross Show on BBC Radio Two.

Jonathan introduced Toyah by saying: "She was once the high priestess of punk!," to which Toyah replied, "I still am!," before continuing: "I don't understand where it came from. I think it's because I did Jubilee and all of that."

Toyah stayed on the show for around 30 minutes and chatted about Calamity Jane, I'm A Celebrity ..., fruit, fitness, moustaches and much more.

The show is archived at the BBC for visitors to listen to anytime over the the next week, click the picture to go there. Toyah joins the show around 1hr 50 minutes in if you'd rather not listen to the entire three hours.

June 25, 2003: 'Woman's Own' - Why being on Big Brother would be a real calamity
[ Woman's Own - 30th June 03 ]No doubt my newsagent will soon be asking if I'd like to place 'Woman's Own' on order! Toyah is interviewed again in the magazine, in their 'Big Interview' feature, this week.

Toyah talks about I'm A Celebrity: "I love all that stuff,' she says with wide-eyed enthusiasm. 'They're what cookery shows were in the 1990s - they're the new rock 'n' roll.", and much more besides.

She even finds time to choose her fantasy ideal jungle mates.

Read the full interview by clicking the picture.

June 25, 2003: 'Greenwich Mercury' - Going green with Toyah 
[ Greenwich Mercury - June 03 ]Going green with Toyah

Actress and singer Toyah Willcox was in Eltham to boost two recycling campaigns last week.

She visited Eltham Park South as part of a national campaign and she has teamed up with Alupro --the can and foil recycling company - who offer councils a free tree for every tonne of cans collected. She also lent her support to Greenwich council's new MRF or "Merf" pilot scheme for doorstep collections currently being run at about 2,500 households in Eltham. The council's new 5million Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) which will handle borough-wide doorstep collections is set to open next year.

Councillor Angela Cornforth and local residents joined Ms Willcox in the park off Glenesk Road. Cllr Cornforth said: "It's good fun that Toyah is backing our joint campaign."

June 24, 2003: Toyah Cover - 'What's On In London'
[ What's On In London - 18 - 25th June 03 ]Toyah is the cover star of 'What's On In London' this week (18 - 25th June 2003). This is a listings magazine detailing almost everything there is to do in, and around, the city.

The magazine features a one-page interview with her. Toyah talks about Calamity Jane, Doris Day, Eastenders and her career at the age of 45!:

"I'm a middle-aged woman. I don't want to pose in limos or wear Gucci. I love being able to walk down the street and to observe real people. And I think acting is the only career that can allow me that lifestyle."

Read the full interview by clicking the picture.

June 24, 2003: Toyah on TV - 'Are You Telepathic?' & 'Pulling Power'
[ Are You Telepathic? ]Toyah's much mentioned (in the TV Guides and this website, at least) appearance on Are You Telepathic? amounted to a five second clip at the very beginning of the programme last Thursday night.

Toyah said: "I believe 100 per cent in telepathy. I actually believe it's idiotic not to believe in it!"

Toyah also popped up on ITV1 (maybe just Scottish TV? Not sure!) on Sunday afternoon on a show called Pulling Power. She was driven around in an old Ford Escort while reminiscing about her very first car, which was, yes, a Ford Escort! She bought it around 1980.

Toyah said she couldn't actually drive but needed a car to get around to gigs etc. And that she used the back seats for taking amps and instruments to gigs.

Not sure when this was recorded, but judging by Toyah's hair (which, of course, we all timeline our lives by, don't we?) it looks like 2000/2001.

June 24, 2003: Toyah newsy bits & pieces!
[ Calamity in Bristol ]• Toyah appeared on the cover of the Bristol Hippodrome's brochure a few weeks ago. The penultimate week of the Calamity Jane UK tour was at the theatre. (Thanks to Damon King)

• Cerys Matthews, ex-Catatonia singer, was interviewed in 'The Times' on Saturday, and name-checked Toyah: Cerys Matthews - My Cultural Life: "As a kid I was really into Toyah. I used to write her name on my army surplus school bag!"

• Toyah has written the sleeve notes for the new Doris Day album, released to coincide with her 80th birthday!

• Toyah wants to make a documentary about all the women who have played Calamity Jane, including Doris Day, Barabara Windsor, and herself!

June 19, 2003: 'Hello!' - Seven page Toyah feature
[ Hello! - 24th June 03 ]This week's 'Hello!' magazine (Issue number 770 - June 24th 2003) features a fantastic seven-page Toyah interview special, with a great portfolio of nine new pictures.

Toyah is also pictured on the magazine's cover, unfortuantely not the main one (that is given to that well-known animal hunting moron Prince William).

Toyah looks really good in the pics and some of the art in her new house is amazing. The gardens are stunning too.


Read the full interview by clicking the picture.

June 19, 2003: Toyah newsy odds and sods!
[ London Theatre Guide ]• Toyah, as, of course, Calamity Jane, appears on the cover of 16th - 29th June 2003 edition of 'The Official London Theatre Guide'.

Calamity Jane is going great guns (doh!) at the Shaftesbury in London's West End.

Thanks to Damon King for this.

• The Official Calamity Jane programme has been redesigned for the West End run. As well as featuring all the new actors, the glossy booklet has an updated Toyah career biography and lots of colour pictures from the show. This is more like the souvenir prog that was on sale during the UK tour, and is far superior to the standard one available previously.

Thanks to Alec Kelly.

• Don't forget that Toyah appears on Are You Telepathic?, a 90-minute special presented by Carol Vorderman, on five this evening at 8.30pm

June 18, 2003: 'Metro' - The cult of Willcox
[ Metro - 17th June 03 ]Toyah was interviewed in yesterday's 'Metro', the daily UK newspaper, in an article titled: The cult of Willcox!

Quite an interesting piece; Toyah talks about being "Marilyn Manson in Hicksville", her early "cult heroine" days in London, Derek Jarman, Eastenders, and the iconic (surely she is joshing?) Danniella Westbrook!:

"When I had my first hit single (the EP Four From Toyah, in 1981), I'd already established a respectable acting career, but the pop thing eclipsed that, and, well, people forget."

Read the full interview by clicking the pic.

Many thanks to Michael Cooney for this.

June 18, 2003: 'The Times' - Toyah interview - Love etc.
Toyah is interviewed in today's 'The Times'. A great read, all about her feelings on lurve!

Love etc. What does life tell us about love? 
THIS WEEK: Toyah Willcox 

Read the full interview at Dreamscape's Article Archive.

June 18, 2003: 'The Shagaround' - Rare Toyah memoribilia
[ The Shagaround memoribilia ]Interesting Toyah auction lot currently up for grabs at Ebay. The stage outfit Toyah wore in The Shagaround, a script and a signed photo:

From the listing: "This is a fantastic item! Your chance to own the original costume that Toyah Willcox wore in the play - The Shagaround which performed at the Soho Theatre in London. The costume is accompanied with a copy of the script which is signed by the playwright, Maggie Neville and also included is a signed photo of Toyah herself. These items were donated for a BYT Primrose Charity Auction. Take the chance to own a bit of celebrity history and bid now!"

June 18, 2003: 'Lewisham & Greenwich News' - Toyah Wastes Not
17th June 2003 - Toyah Wastes Not
From jungle adventure to recycling venture, TV star Toyah Willcox is promoting a new kerbside recycling scheme.

The actress who took part in the trials and tribulations of I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here was promoting a green message in Eltham Park South, on June 16. She teamed up with Greenwich Council to highlight the kerbside initiative which is asking residents to separate cans, paper, cardboard and plastic from their household waste — currently being piloted by 2,500 residents in Eltham.

The event was also attended by the UK Aluminium Packaging Recycling Organisation (Alupro), responsible for encouraging and developing recycling collection initiatives, which is offering one tree to the borough for every tonne of aluminium cans and foil collected for recycling.

June 17, 2003: 'London Evening Standard' - Now, I'm a calamity...
[ Evening Standard - 13th June 03 ]Great two page interview with Toyah in 'Metrolife', the magazine with the 'London Evening Standard', on Friday 13th June.

Toyah talks Calamity Jane (of course), life in the Australian jungle, playing at the Shaftesbury Theatre 20 years ago, what drives her, and the pleasures of family life.

Read the full interview at the Dreamscape Article Archive (by clicking the picture). You'll also find hundreds of retro, and not-so-retro, Toyah interviews, features, articles, reviews and news clippings to browse.

Many thanks to John Shepherd for this.

June 17, 2003: Toyah/'Calamity Jane' in Blackpool
[ Blackpool Press - June 2003 ]A brief Toyah interview from a fortnight ago, when Calamity Jane was playing at the Opera House in Blackpool.

I'm a cowgirl, get me out of here!

Queen of the jungle Toyah Willcox has revealed she prefers Blackpool to the snakes and bugs of the Australian outback.

Amazingly, the famous entertainer, who is starring in Calamity Jane at the Winter Gardens which opened last night, said Blackpool in June was hotter than Down Under where she spent weeks surviving during ITV's I'm A Celebrity ... Get Me Out Of Here!

The 45-year-old former punk, who also admitted she was smuggled in food during the show - but only because she had to keep up a special diet - said: "It was Winter over there and it was freezing at times, it's much hotter in Blackpool, especially in this outfit.

"But I loved it out there, it was a good laugh and it was physically dangerous which was the reason I wanted to do it - as long as they kept me away from the spiders.

"I lost half a stone out there and as soon as I got to the hotel, I ordered the entire menu!

"The last time I was at the Winter Gardens was 20 years ago for a rock concert and it's great to be back. I like Blackpool a lot, especially in the WInter.

"The jungle was good but this is what I do and everybody's on a high because it's such a great place to perform in," she added.

Thanks to John Shepherd for this.

June 17, 2003: 'Calamity Jane' - In London
[ Calamity in London ]As mentioned last week, the exterior of the Shaftesbury Theatre, home to Calamity Jane for the next three months, is looking great. As you can see from the picture Toyah, as Calamity,  looms large over the theatre's entrance.

Huge thanks to John Shepherd, who took this picture when he attended the opening night of Calamity Jane last Thursday. Please click the pic to visit the slightly altered Dreamscape Calamity Jane section for more Shaftesbury pictures.

Calamity Jane has also become part of 'Totally London':

London Theatre Guide - Calamity Jane and The Master Builder join Totally London

Due to popular demand, two more top London shows, Calamity Jane and The Master Builder, have now joined our Totally London Month promotion. 

The film Calamity Jane, starring Doris Day, was a classic from the golden age of the Hollywood Musical. Now it hits the stage as an action-packed, rip-roaring comedy adventure round the Wild West with one of the most witty and memorable scores ever written for a musical.

Totally London Month, run by the Mayor of London and London Tourist Board, is dedicated to promoting the best that London has to offer - and what better way to celebrate London than to experience the best theatre in the world at great prices?

June 16, 2003: 'Daily Mail' - Toyah Willcox on her traumatic childhood and unusual love life
[ Daily Mail - 16th June 03 ]Toyah is interviewed in today's 'Daily Mail'. A quite revealing, and interesting, article titled:

I only see my husband a few weeks a year, but bizzarely, my marrige was saved by I'm A Celebrity

In a full page feature Toyah talks about I'm A Celebrity .. Get Me Out Of Here! saving her marriage, being "overshadowed" by Linda Barker and Catalina while in the jungle, posing nude for the cover of 'Good Housekeeping' magazine, Calamity Jane, Botox, cosmetic surgery, being unhappy in the Nineties, feeling overweight and unfulfilled in her Thirties, looking like an Italian porn star in her Forties, and learning to have fun again!

Read the full interview at Dreamscape's Article Archive by clicking the picture.

June 16, 2003: 'The Most Fertile Man In Ireland ' - Opens in UK 20th June
[ The Most Fertile Man In Ireland ]Four years after it was filmed, and almost three since it opened in Ireland and other selected European countries, The Most Fertile Man In Ireland debuts in the UK this coming Friday (20th June).

Toyah has a small role in the film, playing a fertility doctor.

Jim Keeble, who wrote the script, was interviewed in 'The Times' last week in an article titled 'OK, Don't Shoot Me!' and said: "Toyah Willcox proves a fresh-faced revelation as the kindly doctor. "

Kris Marshall, who plays the lead character in the film, guested on This Morning today to chat about the film. Kris is now better known as the son in BBC comedy My Family.

Sky Pictures present in association with Bord Scannan Eireann/Irish Film Board and the Northern Ireland Film Commission a Samson Films production in association with Hot Films, The Most Fertile Man In Ireland. Stars Kris Marshall as Eamonn Manley, who is the most fertile man in Ireland. Other cast includes Kathy Kiera Clarke, Bronagh Gallagher, James Nesbitt, Tara Lynne ONeill, Pauline McLynne and Toyah Willcox. Written by Jim Keeble and produced by David Collins for Samson Films.

Eamonn, a virgin who still lives with his overbearing mother, is pushed around by every teenager in Belfast. When he's not working, he spends his time wistfully dreaming of a life of romance. He never did have much luck with the ladies, but all this changes after an encounter with Mary Mallory, the local good-time girl. Eamonn learns he has a unique gift - apparently he has the highest sperm count in all of Ireland. Soon he has become the Lothario of Belfast. His newfound confidence gives him the courage to ask out his dream girl Rosie, and soon he is leading a bizarre double life, providing his unique services to the good ladies of Belfast by day and playing the shy lover to Rosie at night. But when his unique talent comes to the attention of the local Protestant paramilitaries, his troubles are just beginning. Aware that the rising Catholic birthrate means they will not be the majority for much longer, they concoct a devious scheme to kidnap Eamonn in order to even the demographic score. 

June 16, 2003: 'Calamity Jane' - Update
[ Calamity Jane ]Press ads for Calamity Jane, at the Shaftesbury Theatre, can be spotted in a number of newspapers and magazines at the moment, including many London publications.

This one is taken from the current issue of  'OK!' magazine.

Calamity Jane is also listed at BBCi London as one of the "shows you shouldn't miss..."

Our critic Mark Shenton continues his essential dates for your June theatre-going...

Thurs 26th June - Rootin', tootin', sharp-shootin' Toyah Willcox
Toyah Willcox returns from the Australian jungle of I'm a Celebrity - Get Me Out of Here, to hit the Deadwood stage in a revival of the Wild West musical, Calamity Jane, opening tonight at the Shaftesbury Theatre (following previews from 12 June). 
Box office: 0870 906 3798

June 16, 2003: Toyah newsy bits and pieces!
[ 20 Years of LITL ]• 'Love Is The Law' - 20 Years On - This October will be the 20th anniversary of the release of Toyah's 1983 album 'Love Is The Law', a favourite album of many Toyah fans and definitely one of the best from her wonderful music career. 

To mark the occasion I'm hoping to create a tribute page all about 'Love Is The Law'. I'd really appreciate contributions from other fans; thoughts/opinions/personal reviews of the album, favourite songs, what you think now compared to then, opinions of the artwork, pictures, musicians, videos, TV appearances, etc. 

Also, feelings about the other happenings around this time; 'Trafford Tanzi', 'The Ebony Tower', the 'Rebel Run' Tour, etc. Please do contribute as I think 'Love Is The Law' really deserves some sort of comprehensive recognition. 

• Toyah Willcox was the answer to last week's Star Search Crossword, published in yesterday's 'Sunday Mirror'. Her name was in the grey squares of the puzzle (apparently)!

• Toyah was mentioned in a number of UK Television Guides over the past few days, in association with her forthcoming apearrance in Are You Telepathic? this coming Thursday, 8.30pm, on five.

[ Remember The Eighties ]• Toyah is featured in Remember The Eighties' current News page - TOYAH has recorded a Stars In Their Eyes special alongside some of the other celebrities featured in the recent reality TV show 'I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here'. The show will air in August. In the meantime TOYAH has her West End run of 'Calamity Jane' this week and will play the main role through to the end of September. You can read our interview with TOYAH in the INTERVIEWS section (click the picture to visit the website).

• 'Metrolife', the magazine that accompanied Friday's 'London Evening Standard' featured a one-page Toyah interview - Now, I'm a Calamity... : After her jungle ordeal in the wilds of Australia for I'm A Celebrity, Toyah Willcox brings her touring production of Calamity Jane to the Wild West End. One page feature and photo.

• Toyah was recently mentioned in a review of the new Mogwai album in 'The Scotsman' newspaper: Mogwai: Happy Songs For Happy People - Mogwai were 15 years from fruition when Toyah lisped It’s A Mystery but her bemused crypto-punk words cross my mind whenever I try to fathom the mystical appeal of Glasgow’s tracksuited terriers Mogwai. 

June 16, 2003: 'At The Rainbow' / 'Good Morning Universe' - On DVD?
[ At The Rainbow / Good Morning Universe ]I've had a few emails from people enquiring if the two BBC videos At The Rainbow (BBCV 3012 1981) and Good Morning Universe (BBCV 3019 1982) are available on DVD. Maybe one day, but currently the answer is NO. I recently emailed BBC Enterprises and received this reply:

Unfortunately there are no plans at the moment to release these products on DVD although the BBC are constantly reviewing their publishing list and this could change at a later date. We can also confirm that the Videos are now no longer available.

We suggest you periodically check on the 'new release' section of the BBC Shop as you will find a regularly updated list of forthcoming BBC DVDs there.

June 12, 2003: 'Calamity Jane ' - Opens in London's West End tonight
[ Calamity Jane ]This evening is the opening night of Calamity Jane at the Shaftesbury Theatre, Shaftesbury Avenue, in London's West End.

The theatre has been "dressed" for the occasion, with a huge Calamity Jane portrait and other bits & pieces on the exterior of the building. Calamity "fever" has been building for a few weeks in London, with many people anticipating the arrival of the show after a ten month nationwide UK tour. London Underground, travel shelters, buses, and billboard hoardings have been spotted emblazoned with Toyah as Jane, advertising the musical's imminent London run.

The actual show itself has undergone specific alterations for the West End. A number of new actors have joined the cast, including two who play lead characters, and 'Men', the fifth song in the set, has been dropped completely, plus there are additions and changes to many of the other songs and dance sequences in the show. Making the West End performance a must for old and new audiences alike!

The first two weeks of performances are previews, including a "Toyah fan night" tomorrow evening (Friday 13th June), followed by a press night on Thursday 26th June.

Good Luck to Toyah and the Calamity Jane cast.

Further information on the Fan Night, and general booking details @ www.toyahwillcox.com or www.calamityjanethemusical.co.uk

Thanks to Michael O'Brien.

June 12, 2003: Help promote 'Velvet Lined Shell'
[ Velvet Toyah! ]Just a thought! But if every Toyah fan who has a look at this page could spare a couple of minutes of their time we could all really help promote 'Velvet Lined Shell'. As Toyah is now in Calamity Jane in the West End for the next three months she won't be able to do much herself, so maybe we could all do it for her, as a thanks for such a great album.

What can we do? Ring your local radio station, or any of the national stations, or even email them, requesting one of the songs from the album. Each DJ on each BBC station has their own page at BBCi with email and telephone contact details.

'Little Tears Of Love' is possibly a potential single if there was to be one released. These stations will certainly consider playing some of Toyah's new music, particularly if they sense there is a demand for it. Toyah is being name-checked by bands like Evanescence, so surely she deserves some radio coverage in the UK?

So, if like me, you are sick of hearing wall-to-wall Christina Aguilera (whose new video 'Fighter' owes much to Toyah's visuals in the 80's), Justin Timberlake and other such dross, spare a few minutes and let's try to get Toyah back on the radio!

June 12, 2003: 'Loose Lips' with Melinda and Richard, & Toyah!
[ Loose Lips ]Toyah will guest today on Loose Lips With Melinda And Richard, an afternoon chat show on the Living TV channel.

The show is broadcast at 2pm and repeated later at 6pm.

She’s out of the jungle and making for the West End to play ‘Calamity Jane’. Toyah Willcox drops in to tell us all about her adventures.

Thanks to Michael Cooney & Paul Lomas.

June 12, 2003: Toyah on TV - *Update*
Loose Lips with Melinda and Richard : Living TV : Thursday 12th June : 2pm & 6pm
LivingTV's new and exclusive live afternoon entertainment show with Melinda Messenger and Richard Arnold. This edition features Toyah Willcox, David Harewood and an update on the detox experiment.
Personal Passions : BBC Prime : Sunday 15th June : 4.45am
Toyah Willcox talks to Peter Curran about her drive to recreate the glories of a garden once owned by Cecil Beaton.
Brum : BBC2 : Tuesday 17th June : 9.30am
Brum & The Balloons - The adventures of a little car who lives in a motor museum, narrated by Toyah Willcox. Business is booming for the Big Town balloon seller until her balloons are stolen.
TV Scrabble : ftn : Thursday 19th June : 6.00pm
TV Scrabble : ftn : Friday 20th June : 4.15am
Toby Anstis presents the popular word game turned into a TV game show. Played on a dynamic 3-D board, it is a fast-moving battle of words where contestants compete for a chance to win a trip to Las Vegas in the Grand Final. With celebrity guests Toyah Willcox and Rick Wakeman.
Are You Telepathic? : Five : Thursday 19th June : 8.30pm
Carol Vorderman and Charlie Stayt present a live programme that tests the phenomenon of telepathy. Celebrity telepaths, including Toyah Willcox and Gloria Hunniford, recall their own paranormal experiences, and members of the public take part in some intriguing experiments.
Holday On A Shoestring : UK Style : Friday 20th June : 00.00am
Kate Humble presents the budget travel show. Kate stretches her legs on a walking holiday through the rural Limousin region of central France, Kevin Duala takes a cheap city break to Amsterdam, and Toyah Willcox soaks up the luxury of a five-star hotel on the island of Langkawi.
Brum : CBeebies : Monday 23rd June : 7.20am/11.20am/3.20pm
Brum and the Football Hero. The adventures of a little car who lives in a motor museum, narrated by Toyah Willcox. Brum scores the winning goal when he comes on as a substitute during a football match.
Celebrity Ready Steady Cook : UK Food : Wednesday 25th June : 6.30am
TV stars take up the challenge to cook a meal in 20 minutes. In this edition, singer-songwriter Midge Ure and broadcaster Toyah Willcox team up with chefs Antony Worrall Thompson and Lesley Waters. Presented by Ainsley Harriott.
Night Fever : Challenge TV : Every day @ 10.10am & 8.00pm
Toyah could possibly pop up on a few of these repeats of this karaoke show as she guested on a couple around five years ago!
June 9, 2003: 'Sunday Mirror' - TRUTH ABOUT MY PAP PIX
[ M Celebs - Sunday 8th June 03 ]Toyah was interviewed in yesterday's 'M Celebs', the magazine that accompanies the 'Sunday Mirror'.

Toyah commented on a variety of pictures of herself from various stages of her career: Promoting 'Kneeling At The Shrine', appearing as Puck, in A Midsummer Night's Dream, on a skateboard, touring in The Live Bed Show with Joe McGann, her time on I'm A Celebrity ... , hanging with Mari Wilson and Kim Wilde in the mid-80s, being photographed at Top Of The Pops while promoting 'Good Morning Universe', starring in Cabaret in London's West End, signing copies of her autobiography 'Living Out Loud', and her favourite "pap pic", with Princess Diana at the 'Women Of The Year Awards' in 1987.

Read the full interview at the Article Archive, by clicking the picture.

June 9, 2003: Toyah to guest on 'Are You Telepathic?'
Are You Telepathic?, presented by Carol Vorderman, invites the nation to take part in a live test as part of an investigation into whether telepathy really is possible. Viewers will be able to take part in this nationwide telepathy experiment to find out if they are telepathic or not. The special will be broadcast on Five.

Vorderman is joined by co-presenter, and Five News presenter Charlie Stayt to ask a panel of expert sceptics and believers to debate whether chance and superstition can explain away many so called ‘telepathic’ experiences.

Vorderman said: "This is going to be a fascinating experiment. I love the idea of this being a national test for telepathy. Respected scientists will be monitoring the process. The most exciting thing of all is that we honestly don’t know how the programme will end."

The test coincides with the 30-year-anniversary of the Maimonides Experiment which investigated whether people could really receive images sent telepathically while they were asleep. The results suggested that the number of matches was more then coincidental and the issue has been debated ever since.

Five’s Deputy Controller of Factual, Justine Kershaw, said: "We are delighted that Carol is leading this bold event. We aim to produce something that is both healthily sceptical and entertaining, with a real scientific question at its heart."

June 6, 2003: 'Jubilee' New DVD - Further Information
[ Toyah is Mad in Jubilee ]Further information on the "extras" included in the new Region 1 Jubilee DVD. And rather good they sound too!

Jubilee: A Time Less Golden - A new documentary created just for this DVD that features recent interviews with members of the cast, the production designer, art assistants, and filmmaker/critic Tony Rayns. Running at nearly 38 minutes, the documentary shows viewers what it was like during filming, both for the production and as part of the punk movement. 

Jordan’s Dance - A weird short film Jarman shot on Super-8 in 1977. It features Jordan, dancing in a tutu around a bonfire. Shown without sound, much of this short film was seen in Jubilee. Jarman offers a brief introduction on the second audio track. (Wasn't this origianlly called Jitterbug?)

Shooting script -  A scrapbook that features pictures, script revision, written ideas, and an assorted eclectic items from the filming of Jubilee

A New Wave Movie - Fanzine and newspaper clippings, a Derek Jarman letter about Jubilee, and many pictures from the set and from the premiere of the film. Even without audio or moving pictures, this feature is one of the best on the disc because it truly represents the times that surrounded the premiere of Jubilee.

Images of costume sketches that show how production designer Christopher Hobbs envisioned Queen Elizabeth and her crew to appear on screen. Many of the costumes are quite different than those that appear on screen. 

The continuity stills are basically polaroids from the shooting of Jubilee

Many thanks to Garry Lambie.

June 6, 2003: Toyah newsy bits & pieces!
[ It's Behind You! ]• According to the panto website 'It's Behind You!' Toyah will be appearing as the Wicked Queen in Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs this coming festive season.

This will be at the Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury, with her co-star being Sean Williamson (ie Barry Evans from EastEnders).

Thanks to Rob Cope for the info.

• Following on from the departure of Alasdair Harvey as Wild Bill Hikock in Calamity Jane, the character of Susan is now also being played by a different actress. Abigail Aston, it seems, has taken over the role from Helen Harper.

• Don't forget that the Calamity Jane West End Toyah fan night takes place a week today, Friday 13th June.

June 2, 2003: 'Stars In Their Eyes' & other newsy bits!
[ Toyah - set for Stars! ]• 'The Sun' (Saturday 31st May) and 'News Of The World' (Sunday 1st June) both ran stories confirming that Toyah will indeed be taking part in a future celebrity edition of Stars In Their Eyes.

Toyah, who is rumoured to be appearing as Patti Smith, will be joined by John Fashanu, Catalina Guirado, Sian Lloyd and Uri Geller. The show will be recorded some time in the next couple of weeks but won't be broadcast on ITV1 until August.

• As revealed by Dreamscape a while back, Alasdair Harvey has now been replaced as Wild Bill Hikock in Calamity Jane. Bill is now played by Australian actor Michael Cormick.

• Toyah's 25th Anniversary Celebratory Gig is now officially confirmed as rescheduled for Friday 10th October. The gig will be at the Mean Fiddler, Tottenham Court Road, London.

June 2, 2003: 'Calamity Jane' - Yet more @ BBCi
[ Calamity Jane @ BBCi ]A review of Calamity Jane at BBCi Bristol this week. The musical played at the Hippodrome in Bristol all last week.

BBCi Bristol - Facing a calamity in the Wild West by Caron Parsons
Calamity Jane is one of my all time favourite musicals. 

The 1953 film, starring Doris Day and Howard Keel is – for me – virtually faultless, with its great musical numbers and high calibre of acting and singing. 

So, you can imagine that I arrived at the Hippodrome for a version of the story starring former 80s pop chick, and recent celebrity jungle escapee Toyah Willcox, with some amount of trepidation. 

Thankfully, for the main part, I was successfully converted and spent a highly enjoyable evening, as did the rest of a very appreciative audience. 

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This week Calamity Jane is at the Opera House in Blackpool, the final week of the UK tour. As of 12th June Toyah and company will be at the Shaftesbury Theatre on Shaftesbury Avenue in London's West End.

BBCi Lancashire - Calamity Jane, Blackpool Opera House - 3rd - 7th June
The film, starring Doris Day, was a classic from the golden age of the Hollywood Musical. Now, Calamity Jane hits the stage as an action-packed, rip-roaring comedy adventure round the Wild West with one of the most witty and hummable scores ever written for a musical.

Calamity Jane stars the legendary Toyah Willcox whose career spans popstardom, film,TV and stage, with lead roles in everything from Taming of the Shrew to Cabaret and Peter Pan.

Featuring such classic songs as: The Deadwood Stage (Whip-crack-Away!), Windy City,The Black Hills of Dakota Secret Love.

June 2, 2003: 'Manchester Online' / 'Daily Express' - VLS Reviews
[ Manchester Online ]'Velvet Lined Shell' has been reviewed a few times in the past week, including a positive opinion-piece in a Staffordshire newspaper that I haven't managed to track down as yet.

Two other reviews I have got hold of, from 'Manchester Online' and the 'Daily Express', aren't exactly "glowing", but at least the album is being talked about, and there is no such thing as bad publicity.

Manchester Online: Manchester Reviews
Toyah - Velvet Lined Shell (Vertical Species Records)

Hitting the I'm A Celebrity paydirt, Toyah comes up with a mini-album as richly dramatic and wholly unconvincing as only she can manage. 

Citing influences as diverse as Mogwai and Marilyn Manson, she delves into unexpectedly dark, edgy territory on Little Tears Of Love, mounts an all-out nu-metal assault on Every Scar Has A Silver Lining but tempers this with the elegiac and tender Mother.

Musically, she is served well by guitarist Tim Elsenburg, but in her role of nu-metal mutha, she seems about as authentic as she did as high priestess of punk, which is to say, not very. Who will buy this album? Itsh a myshtery.

[ Velvet Lined Shell ]Daily Express : CD Round Up
Toyah - Velvet Lined Shell (Vertical Species Records)

There's nothing quite like a change of direction to get those creative juices flowing again. After years of filling stadiums, Toyah Willcox has decided it's time to put away the light and fluffy pop and move on over to the dark side. 

Much as we'd love to welcome her, most of this record [influenced, apparently, by the likes of satan worshippers Marilyn Manson, Mogwai and Nick Cave] sounds about as dark and dangerous as Cliff Richard during his devil period - only not quite as fun. 

NB: Before anyone accuses me of being a negative creep (again), these are (obviously) not my opinions, I'm simply reproducing them because this is a balanced, non-psychophantic, kinda fansite!! It's not my fault these people have all the musical taste of a Westlife fan!

June 2, 2003: Toyah on TV - Update
Brum : CBeebies : Monday 2nd June : 7.20am/11.20am/3.20pm
Brum & The Big Airport Adventure - Adventures of a little car, narrated by Toyah Willcox
Hotels And Holidays : BBC2 - Friday 6th June : 5.00am
A top hotel is relaunched, and Toyah Willcox and Kevin Woodford try out jobs in the hotel industry.
Brum : CBeebies : Sunday 8th June : 7.20am/11.20am/3.20pm
Brum & The Balloons - The adventures of a little car who lives in a motor museum, narrated by Toyah Willcox. Business is booming for the Big Town balloon seller until her balloons are stolen.
Holday On A Shoestring : UK Style : Thursday 12th June : 00.30am
Kate Humble presents the budget travel show. Kate stretches her legs on a walking holiday through the rural Limousin region of central France, Kevin Duala takes a cheap city break to Amsterdam, and Toyah Willcox soaks up the luxury of a five-star hotel on the island of Langkawi.
Under Offer : Challenge TV : Twice Daily Weekdays : 9.00am & 2.00pm
Under Offer : UK Style : Shown twice each Friday
Yvette Fielding hosts the game show in which celebrities and their captains try to out-guess each other on the value of properties. Regular team captains, Toyah Willcox and Fred Dineage, are joined by different celebrity guests each day.
June 2, 2003: 'Velvet Lined Shell' - Toyah's first album for nine years - Out Now!
[ Velvet Lined Shell ]'Velvet Lined Shell' (catalogue number VSR001), Toyah's first album release since 'Dreamchild' in 1994, is now available to buy on Toyah's own, newly formed, record label, Vertical Species. The CD artwork is dark and dramatic, similar to the actual music. Toyah has cited Mogwai, PJ Harvey, Nick Cave, Marilyn Manson and Elbow (among others) as her influences while recording these new songs.

"I know that people will appreciate the darker direction I am taking," said Toyah recently. "Hopefully it will appeal to those who still like their music to have little teeth."

Defintely a great, and very welcome, addition to all Toyah fans' CD collections. 

[ Velvet Toyah ]Tracklist for the album is: 

1. Every Scar Has A Silver Lining 
2. Velvet Lined Shell 
3. Little Tears Of Love 
4. You're A Miracle 
5. Mother 
6. Troublesome Thing 

Thanks to Marcus Reddemann for the scans.

June 2, 2003: Toyah "Compiled" / Search for rare Toyah "stuff" at 'Netsounds'
[ Toyah on compilations ]Toyah's 'Various Artsists' Compilation appearances - Originally intended for the fanzine that never happened! Now, finally added to Dreamscape - Information on Toyah's 'Compilation' album/CD appearances.

'Netsounds' - a great resource for finding rare or out of print CDs, tapes, vinyl, magazines, books etc. They have hundreds of thousands of listings on every artist you can think of, including well over a 1,000 Toyah items.

June 2, 2003: 'Prostitute' & 'Ophelia's Shadow' - Reissued CDs - Out Now!
[ 2003 reissues ]The 'Prostitute' and 'Ophelia's Shadow' reissued CDs are now available to buy.

'Prostitute' (catalogue number VSR003CD): A picture CD, with all new artwork and featuring three original promo pictures of Toyah from this era, and introduction text from Toyah. Tracklist: 1. Hello, 2. Prostitute, 3. Wife, 4. The Show, 5. Dream House, 6. Homecraft, 7. Obsession, 8. Let The Power Bleed, 9. Restless, 10. Falling To Earth, 11. Jazz Singers In The Trees, 12. Vale Of Evesham, 13. Ghosts In The Universe. 

'Ophelia's Shadow' (catalogue number VSR002CD): A picture CD, all new artwork and comes with full lyrics and Toyah text introduction. Tracklist: 1. Ophelia's Shadow, 2. The Shaman Says, 3. Brilliant Day, 4. Prospect, 5. Turning Tide, 6. Take What You Will, 7. Ghost Light, 8. The Woman Who Had An Affair With Herself, 9. Homeward, 10. Lords Of The Never Known. 

Both are a must for anyone's CD collection!

June 2, 2003: 'Jubilee' Region 1 DVD - Out Now!
[ Jubilee - Region 1 DVD ]The newest DVD release of "cult classic" Jubilee, with Toyah as Mad, is now available to buy

The Region 1 DVD is possibly the best Jubilee release yet as not only is the actual film a new high-definition digital transfer, but the disc also contains a plethora of extras. 

• New high-definition digital transfer, supervised by director of photography Peter Middleton and enhanced for widescreen televisions. 
• Original documentary on Jarman and Jubilee made by Jarman actor Spencer Leigh (Caravaggio, The Last of England), featuring interviews with stars Jenny Runacre and Toyah Willcox, film historian Tony Rayns, production designer Christopher Hobbs, and filmmakers John Maybury. (Love is the Devil) and Lee Drysdale (Leather Jackets), with rare Super-8 clips and memorabilia from the film. 
• Ephemera from Derek Jarman’s personal collection, including his scrapbook from the film illustrated with rare photos and notes. 
• Original trailer. 
• Liner notes by Jarman biographer Tony Peake. 
• English subtitles for the deaf and hearing impaired. 
• Optimal image quality: RSDL dual-layer edition.