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June 30, 2004: More from THE CLUB
[ Toyah @ THE CLUB ]Newly added to Dreamscape... more pictures from Toyah's appearance at THE CLUB, Stoke, last Saturday. Plus... the entire PA to download over eight video files.

Please note that these were captured with a mobile phone so the quality varies. It does improve after the first couple of tracks. Sound quality is better if kept fairly low to reduce fuzziness. They do capture the energy and excitement of the night and you can listen to much of what Toyah said between songs.

I would recommend playing the files with Quicktime or a similar player.

A MASSIVE thanks to MERX for this. Thanks also to Michael O'Brien and Andrew York for their pictures. And to Alec Kelly and (again) Merx for taking some of my pics when I just wanted to jump about a bit ;o))

June 30, 2004: 'Brave New World' - Nightingales Toyah wallpapers
[ BNW - Wallpapers ]William's BRAVE NEW WORLD website has been updated.

You can now download six brilliant new Toyah wallpapers, all taken from Toyah's live appearance at Birmingham's Nightingales club the weekend before last.

The wallpapers can be downloaded for 800x600 or 1024x768 screen resolutions.

BRAVE NEW WORLD also has wallpapers from last October's 25th Anniversary gig at London's Mean Fiddler, 18 unique moving Toyah images, and two video clips - 'Masai Boy' live from Drury Lane in 1981, and 'It's A Mystery' from Top Of The Pops, 1981.

Please click the pictures to visit the website.

June 30, 2004: sofa so naked
[ Sofa So Naked ]Toyah and Ruby will both be appearing completely naked in the fothcoming publication by Dean Stockings 'sofa so naked'.

The book contains a series of black & white portraits of people naked on their sofa with one prop of their choice, which in some way reflects their personality.

For a chance to appear in the book alongside Toyah & Ruby please send an email to deanstockings@ntlworld.com stating your name, age, occupation, what you would use as your prop and why. I look forward to hearing from you.

[ Taken from the reverse of THE CLUB flyer promoting Toyah's 26th June PA ]

Please click on the picture to visit www.deanstockings.co.uk - There is a sneak preview of the Toyah picture.

June 30, 2004: Toyah newsy bits & pieces!
[ Toyah ]• A couple more great pictures of Toyah arriving at the 'Some Enchanted Evening' charity party a couple of weeks ago. These were taken on Thursday 17th June in London.

• Toyah was mentioned on This Morning last Friday (25th June). Paul Henry, best known for playing the character Benny in Crossroads, was talking about appearing opposite her in A Midsummer Night's Dream back in June/July 2001 at the Staffordshire Castle Open Air Festival. Toyah was playing the double roles of Hippolyta and Titania, Paul was Bottom.

• It now looks likely that the issue of 'Celebrity Homes' that the Toyah photo spread will be included in will be the September one.

June 28, 2004: Toyah raises the rafters for Ruby!
[ The Club - 26th June 04 ]Toyah's latest appearance at THE CLUB, in Stoke, was easily the best yet of her numerous visits to the Staffordshire venue. I can't emphasise enough how 
much spirit and enthusiasm Toyah put into her 40 minute, eight-song set. She seemed determined to ensure that Ruby's birthday was a loud, proud, night of fun, music, and Toyahness!!

Ruby, complete with full body-paint (which took FOUR hours to apply - see pictures), welcomed Toyah onstage to a rapturous response from a packed club. The atmosphere was great and there seemed to be more than a fair share of dyed-in-the-wool Toyah fans present.

Toyah performed the first song, 'Echo Beach', wearing a blue head dress. She then quickly donned the red feathers before launching into a cool version of the Blondie classic 'Hanging On The Telephone', followed by a much loved classic of her own: 'Thunder In The Mountains'.

The remainder of the PA Toyah spent without any head "gear" which left her free for plenty of headbanging and the like.

The black PVC catsuit was reminiscent of that famous 'Don't Fall In Love' rubber dress, and it has to be noted that Toyah was looking more than a little bit "shexxy" (as we say in Glasgow!).

A fantastic night with Toyah performing her socks off, covering ever corner of the stage and leaning over into the crowd on a number of occasions.

Highlights included Toyah happily throwing the blue head-dress at Ruby, after a great version of 'Echo Beach', and giggling; "get outta here!" when the birthday girl offered her a little sniff of something "poppy"!!

The Club, Stoke: Saturday 26th June 2004 - Set-List:

Echo Beach
Hanging On The Telephone
Thunder In The Mountains
Because The Night
It's A Mystery
Sweet Child 'O Mine
I Want To Be Free
River Deep, Mountain High

Vocally, Toyah was sounding very good. 'Thunder In The Mountains', 'It's A Mystery' and 'I Want To Be Free' were performed effortlessly, with the crowd singing word-for-word along with Toyah.

Of the four covers I'd say 'Hanging On the Telephone' was the grower. If only because Toyah put so much passion into 'Sweet Child Of Mine' and 'River Deep Mountain High'. Both these songs really seem to suit Toyah's voice, as does the, now, fan fave, 'Because The Night'.

Maybe it's because they are new in Toyah's set, or that they are considered classics, but these covers got as big, if not bigger, positive reaction than the famous Toyah hits. It may also have had something to do with Toyah's obvious pleasure and enthusiasm to be performing them.

Definitely one of the best receptions I've ever witnessed her minxness receive. And thoroughly deserved too. Toyah proved, once again (not that she needs to) what a truly amazing live performer she continues to be.

Thanks to John, Alec, Garry, Andrew, Anya, Merx, Michael, Chris, and everyone else I met for a cool night.

Please click on the picture to visit DREAMSCAPE'S 'The Club - Live 2004' page.

June 23, 2004: More from Nightingales!
[ Toyah @ Nightingales ]Newly added to Dreamscape... more pictures from Toyah's appearance at Birmingham 'Nightingales' last Saturday. Plus... eight video clips.

A couple of newsy bits from the PA: Toyah originally intended to include 'Because the Night' in the set but this was changed prior to her performance. Toyah revealed onstage on Saturday that she was asked to record 'River Deep Mountain High' way back in 1981. Obviously this didn't happen but she did perform a brilliant live version at the Birmingham nightclub.

Please click on the images to visit Dreamscape's 'Nightingales' page. A big THANK YOU to Dominic Fallows for the latest pictures, and to Merx for the video clips.

Please note that the videos were filmed via a mobile phone and are low quality, though they capture the energy of Toyah, and the audience, well. To view the clips I'd recomment using Quicktime.

June 23, 2004: 'The Most Fertile Man In Ireland' DVD
[ Most Fertile - on DVD ]The Most Fertile Man In Ireland is now available to buy on DVD. The film, with Toyah playing a fertility doctor, was released on Monday.

"Every bit as hilarious the title suggests": The Observer

Starring: Kris Marshall, James Nesbitt, Bronagh Gallagher, Kiera Clarke, Kenneth Cranham, Pauline McLynn, Toyah Willcox, Tara O'Neil, and Marc O'Shea. Directed by Dudi Appleton. 

DVD extras include: 
Interviews with the director 
Behind the scenes footage 

June 21, 2004: Sweet Toyah rocks Brum!
[ Nightingales - 19 June 04 ]Toyah rocked at the 'Nightingale Club' in Birmingham on Saturday night.

Arriving onstage at 1am, Toyah looked amazing - squeezed into a bright red pvc catsuit, with red feather headpiece (last seen in the Dean Stockings 2004 photo-session pics), red high heels, and a red and black feather boa.

A real "fun" look and unlike anything Toyah has ever put together before.

The seven-song set opened with 'Echo Beach', the first time (I think) that Toyah has ever performed the song live!

There followed a selection of Toyah hits, and choice cover versions of very famous songs by Blondie, Guns 'N' Roses and Tina Turner.

Birmingham Nightingales: Saturday 19th June 2004 - Set-List:

Echo Beach
Thunder In The Mountains
Hanging On The Telephone
It's A Mystery
Sweet Child 'O Mine
River Deep, Mountain High
I Want To Be Free

MASSIVE Thanks to Paul Cable for this picture, and for those on the 'Nightingales' page. To view these please click on the picture. And to Merx for his review @ the Dreamscape Forum.

June 21, 2004: Enchanting Toyah
[ 17th June 2004 ]A gorgeous looking Toyah was pictured earlier this week arriving at the 'Some Enchanted Evening' party.

The event, on Thursday (17th June) was held at the Chelsea Physic Garden in London.

Also spotted at the party were Shirley Bassey, Ivana Trump, Jeffrey Archer, Catalina Guirado, Rolf Harris, David Bellamy, Cherie Lunghi, Judith Chalmers, and Phixx.

Party On!! :o)

June 19, 2004: Toyah - Live in Birmingham TONIGHT!
GOOD LUCK to Toyah for her Birmingham PA tonight, at Nightingales club, in her native city.

Hope all the fans going enjoy it. Any info that I could add to the new "Toyah Live! 2004 section" on the set-list, how she sounds and looks, what she is wearing etc, would be much appreciated. 

But most of all - HAVE A GREAT TIME! Try not to sing yourselves too hoarse

June 19, 2004: Toyah @ ebay - Interesting Item # 1
[ Dr Jekyll - Rare video ]I knew this item existed but had never actually saw it until it was listed on ebay in the last day or so.

An official BBC VHS Pal release of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde, parts one & two. Toyah played the part of Janet the maid in this 1980 television remake of the famous drama. Not sure if the video was released in 1980 or sometime after.

Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde - Starring David Hemmings, Toyah Willcox, Diana Dors, Lisa Harrow, Ian Bannen and Clive Swift.

A terrifying struggle between good and evil is the central conflict of this powerful adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson's compulsive thriller.

To view the item, please click on the picture.

June 19, 2004: Toyah @ ebay - Interesting Item # 2
[ Toyah by Gayna Evans ]Another auction listing that may be of interest to Toyah fans:

This extremely RARE book written by GAYNA EVANS is signed by both TOYAH herself and the Author. ONLY 10,000 books were printed in 1982 and ONLY ONE on this planet, is signed by both. (That we know of). The book is hand signed by both on the inside front cover. Toyah writes " TO GAYNA LOVE TOYAH ". and Gayna has signed it. Please note" The book, at 22 years old is worn.

This package also comes with a very rare letter from TOYAH to Gayna regarding publication of the book and a TV interview. The letter, dated 22nd Aug 1982 reads:

"Dear Gayna. How are you? I was very pleased to meet you on tour. I'm writing because as yet "Proteus" have not come back to Safari records about our TV Interview. They did at one point expect me to do lots of paper interviews & I quite frankly told them to get stuffed, but I promised you that TV interview & I still intend to do it. So please dont think Ive turned my back on the whole matter. I hope the book is doing well & that it is getting your name known. Good luck with your future projects, but next time get a royalty fee & a higher advance. You were not paid enough on the last book my girl & you need money to develope other ideas. Bye for now. Love Toyah"

In addition to these items....A letter to GAYNA from TOYAH wishing her a happy birthday...

You will not find these items anywhere else, other that here on EBAY!!!

To view the item, please click on the picture.

PS. Whatever happened to Gayna? Possibly the best known Toyah fan ever!!

June 19, 2004: Toyah newsy bits & pieces!
• Toyah has been mentioned for a third time on Big Brother 5. Fortunately it wasn't during the riot/brawl/chaos (delete as you like) that took place on Wednesday night in the house! 

Earlier in the week, Dan was talking about the various "Big Brother" voices, and said: "I want to meet the one who sounds like Toyah".

• Apparently Toyah was mentioned in one of the UK tabloids, possibly 'The Sun', sometime in the past week. There was a reference to Toyah undertaking some testing on a programme on Five on aphrodisiacs. (Thanks to Colin Dew-Parry - Does anyone have any further info on this?)

June 19, 2004: 'Bishops Stortford Citizen' - James beats the odds to become a learning champ
A teenager whose dedication to learning helped him and others to achieve has been honoured as a runner-up in the Champions of Learning awards.

James Burley was commended during a ceremony in Chelmsford hosted by TV personality and actress Toyah Willcox.

James, a pupil at Mountfitchet High School, Stansted, who has raised hundreds of pounds for children's charities, was a runner-up in the Young Learning Champion category.

James has battled against the behavioural challenges arising from Asperger's syndrome to become a senior prefect, student listener and dedicated mentor to other students.

He said: "I was so delighted and surprised to be a runner-up. My message to other young people who have Asperger's syndrome is that with patience, care, reasoning and a firm hand when necessary, anything is possible."

James, who lives in Elsenham, was invited along with some 100 other guests to the awards presentations at Waterfront Place, Chelmsford. The presentation was broadcast live on BBC Essex.

The countywide awards, run for the third consecutive year by the Learning and Skills Council, Essex, recognise people who have improved their lives or the lives of others through learning. The winners, aged from 19 to 68, beat off stiff competition from nominees in eight categories.

Each category winner was presented with an engraved award and £500 towards further learning by Toyah Willcox, who has herself overcome major learning hurdles, in recognition of being an inspirational example of learning success.

The runners-up were also commended and presented with a certificate.

June 14, 2004: Toyah - telly related newsy bits & pieces!
[ 80s Mania - 12th June 04 ]• There was a tiny clip of Toyah on Saturday evening's 80's Mania on ITV1 (repeated last night on ITV2).

The programme, presented by Anita Dobson and Leslie Grantham (of Eastenders) was a rather feeble look back at the crazy decade, with music from Jennifer Rush, Midge Ure, Kelly Marie, and possibly the worst cover version ever - of Duran Duran's 'Wild Boys'!

Toyah was shown, in a montage of clips, kissing a rubik cube (the top toy of the early 1980's) with Anita's voicover stating "It seems Toyah was a fan!"

• Toyah's presence was also evident on the "bloopers" edition of A Question of Sport on Friday night on BBC1, with the "Guess the Sports Star" featuring a reshowing of the mock 'I Want To Be Free' video clip. The mystery sports star was shown punching the wedding cake a little too hard and hurting his hand. It has to be said that the clip owed more to Tracey Ullman's parody of 'I Want To Be Free' than Toyah's.

If anyone missed this, Andi Westhorpe has added a screen capture of this to the "80's Mania" thread at Dreamscape's Forum.

• Toyah has been mentioned a couple of times on the latest series of Big Brother... so far!

Thanks to imamystery, wardrobe, and elus!ve stranger @ the Dreamscape FORUM.

June 14, 2004: Somewhere In The Distance! - Toyah @ THE CLUB in Stoke
[ Toyah @ THE CLUB 2002 ]To mark Toyah's latest appearance at THE CLUB, in Hanley, Stoke-On-Trent, in less than a fortnight's time, we're going to take you back into the mists of time (well, 2001 and 2002!), to Toyah's previous two appearances at the Midlands hot spot...

Those pictures, over there >>> were taken on Friday 26th July 2002, by Michael O'Brien. Toyah blasted onstage at midnight after the DJ played the awesome 'Little Tears Of Love', and a biiiiiiig introduction from Ruby. She looked stunning in her 'Here & Now' tour-outfit.

The set-list that night was: 'Good Morning Universe', 'Thunder In The Mountains', 'Be Proud Be Loud (Be Heard)', 'It's A Mystery', 'I Want To Be Free', and 'Ieya'. And the DJ rounded off the Toyah-fest with 'You're A Miracle'.

Toyah happily chatted to the crowd between songs and even announced that Kate was the winner of Big Brother 2002. Ruby joined Toyah onstage for 'I Want To Be Free' clutching the chorus cue cards. A brilliant night was had by all and Toyah certainly helped Ruby's "Wild West Birthday" shenanigans go with a BANG!!

[ Toyah @ THE CLUB 2001 ]Toyah's 2001 PA @ THE CLUB took place on Friday 22nd June, and Toyah, once again, took to the packed venue's stage at midnight. She had just been introduced by Ruby, resplendent in full 'Thunder In The Mountains' drag

These pictures <<< were taken on the night, by Dan Greensmith. The set list was: ''Universe', 'Thunder', 'Proud', 'Mystery', 'Free', and 'Ieya'. 

Toyah said: "I wrote the next one for anyone who feels they are different from the rest of society", before launching into 'Be Proud Be Loud (Be Heard)'.

And 'Ieya' was played as the encore, with Toyah insisting everyone in the club pogoed!

Toyah has, over the past seven or eight years, made numerous appearances at THE CLUB, all memorable. The visit a week on Saturday is bound to be just as memorable!

June 14, 2004: The Club - Newsletter June 2004
[ The Club Newsletter - June 04 ]TOYAH LIVE @ RUBY’S BIRTHDAY - SAT 26 JUNE 2004


We can reveal Toyah will be performing an exclusive solo live date this summer when she returns to The Club. Following on from hugely successful personal appearances at The Club in both 2001and 2002, the live date will be Toyah's first for her NEW MATERIAL (following a warm up gig in Birmingham), a month ahead of her appearance at the Here and Now outdoor stadium show at Bolton's Reebok Stadium.

The live date takes place on Saturday 26th June and we can confirm will feature a newly revised Toyah set including Patti Smith and Blondie material. This may well be an exclusive sneak preview of what is to come on the BEST OF THE 80's TOUR later in the year... find out for yourself!

Toyah’s latest appearences and gigs include: ITV’s “Hells Kitchen” and “I’m a Celebrity, Get me out of here!”, HERE AND NOW Tour, Westend hit and UK tour of “Calamity Jane”, a regular at London’s Ronnie Scott’s club, the voiceover on BBC’s “Teletubbies”.

We are serving and open till 4AM on the night so come along for a fantastic party!!!

TOYAH WILLCOX LIVE @ THE CLUB - Saturday 26th June 2004

June 8, 2004: Toyah - namechecked on 'Coronation Street'
Coronation Street, the UK's most watched television programme, finally acknowledged onscreen last night that the character Toyah Battersby was, indeed, named after Toyah!

Picture the scene - Toyah's mother, Janice, was asking ex-husband, Les, if (another character) Chesney was named after one-hit-wonder, 90'a popster, Chesney Hawkes. She commented that it would be funny as she named her daughter, Toyah, after "Toyah Whatsevername".

To which Les replied: "Toyah Willcox had more staying power than Chesney bleedin' Hawkes. Lisp or no lisp!"

Classic bit of Corrie TV. Bizarre why they've chosen to mention it now, though, as the Toyah character left the show in 2003.

June 8, 2004: Official Toyah titbits!
[ Echo Beach ]• The official Toyah website has confirmed that 'Echo Beach' will be part of Toyah's BEST OF THE 80'S set. This will be the first time ever that Toyah has performed the song live.

• The covers that Toyah will perform at the two PA's, have been confirmed as: Hanging On The Telephone (Blondie), Sweet Child 'O Mine (Guns 'N' Roses), River Deep Mountain High (Ike & Tina Turner), and Because The Night (Patti Smith). A couple of these, though which ones are still to be confirmed, will also be included in the BEST OF THE 80'S Tour later this year.

• Bob Carlton, who directed Toyah in The Live Bed Show in 1998, has agreed to do the same with her forthcoming one-woman-show Chain Reaction.

• Check out the Official Toyah site for the latest webletter - Full of Toyah gossip and news.

[ All of the above - Source: www.toyahwillcox.com ]

June 8, 2004: Toyah newsy bits & pieces!
[ Toyah and Penny ]• Toyah, and Penny Smith, pictured arriving at Hell's Kitchen on 27th May 2004.

Toyah mentions her evening at the reality TV show restaurant in her June webletter. Who greeted her (and Penny)?, what did she think of Jordan's breasts?, who did she sit beside?, who cooked her Pistachio soufflé's?, and how long did she wait for her meal? Find out at all at www.toyahwillcox.com.

Thanks to Andi Westhorpe for the picture.

• Thanks also to Andi for the brilliant Toyah picture, from 1982, I've used on the new Dreamscape banner.

• Toyah was mentioned in an article in Saturday's 'Independent' - 
Women break into the men-only A-list of after-dinner speaking:
A regiment of women is preparing to storm one of the last male redoubts of the social circuit: the boozy world of the after-dinner speaker.

The country's first agency exclusively for raconteuses is opening for business with a line-up of celebrities unafraid to make their presence felt when the port is flowing and the air turns blue.

The firm already has an impressive team of female personalities, including the former minister Edwina Currie, the singer and actress Toyah Willcox, author and campaigner Erin Pizzey, athlete Sally Gunnell, soprano Lesley Garrett and supermodel Jodie Kidd.

June 8, 2004: 'French Leave' - A new film role for Toyah
Toyah will be starring in the new film production French Leave

The film is scheduled to begin shooting in September. Written by Stephen Lister and directed by Stephen Dalton, the film also stars Eillen Atkin, Tom Hollinder and Audrey Tautou who played the title role in the hit film Amelie.

[ News Source : www.toyahwillcox.com ]

June 4, 2004: 'Brighton Argus' / sofa so naked
A new picture of Toyah, taken by Dean Stockings, appears in a feature on the photographer in yesterday's edition of the 'Brighton Argus'.

In the picture Toyah is completely naked, except for a strategically placed piece of paper with the slogan "I AM NOT INVISIBLE" written on it!

This picture, along with many others, will be included in Dean's forthcoming photo book, the intriguingly titled 'Sofa So Naked'.

"Student Dean Stockings could not believe his luck when Toyah Willcox offered to strip for him in her living room.

The singer and actress had no quarms about posing naked on her sofa for Dean's art project using only a piece of paper to hide her modesty.

Dean from Worthing, met the star in Birmingham while doing some publicity shots for her.

He told her about his upcoming book called 'Sofa So Naked', a compilation of photos of people sitting on their couch in the buff and she jumped at the chance.

The black and white shots show Toyah and other models in their natural surroundings although they are allowed one prop with which to cover themselves."

One of the pictures from the new Dean Stockings session is also used in the piece.

Thanks to Merx @ the Dreamscape forum for the info.

June 4, 2004: Toyah on TV
The Most Fertile Man In Ireland : Sky Movies 5 - Monday 7th June : 10.35pm
Everything Must Go : ITV1 - Friday 11th June : 1.00pm
The Most Fertile Man In Ireland : Sky Movies 9 - Thursday 17th June : 10.00pm
June 2, 2004: Toyah on Tour 2004
With the addition of The Nightingale in Birmingham date, Toyah is, so far, now playing 23 live dates and PA's during the remainder of 2004. It's been a number of years since Toyah's live calendar was so busy:

PA's - Live vocals to backing tapes
Saturday 19th June : The Nightingale Club, Birmingham (Tel: 0121 622 1718)
Saturday 26th June : The Club, Hanley, Stoke-On-Trent (Tel: 01782 201829)

Here & Now Outdoor
Saturday 10th July : Reebok Stadium, Bolton (Box Office: 0870 060 0243)

Best Of The 80's
Wednesday 6th October : Corn Exchange, Kings Lynn (Tel:  01553 764 864) 
Thursday 7th October : Marina Theatre, Lowestoft (Tel: 01502 533 200) 
Friday 8th October :  Assembley Halls, Tunbridge Wells (Tel: 01892 530 613) 
Saturday 9th October : Auditorium, Grimsby (Tel: 01472 311 311) 
Wednesday 13th October : The Orchard, Dartford (Tel: 01322 220000) 
Thursday 14th October : The Olympia, Liverpool (Tel: 01512 263 633) 
Friday 15th October : Sands Centre, Carlisle (Tel: 01228 625 222) 
Saturday 16th October : Hotel, Holme Lacy (Tel: 01432 870870) 
Tuesday 19th October : Music Hall, Aberdeen (Tel: 01224 641 122) 
Wednesday 20th October : Playhouse, Edinburgh (Tel: 08706 063 424) 
Thursday 21st October : Civic Centre, Aylesbury (Tel: 01934 654 544) 
Saturday 23rd October : Leas Cliff Hall, Folkestone (Tel: 01303 228 600) 
Sunday 24th October : Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury (Tel: 01227 787 787) 
Monday 25th October : Hexagon, Reading (Tel: 01189 606 060) 
Tuesday 26th October : Civic Centre, Wolverhampton (Tel: 01902 552 121) 
Wednesday 27th October : The Astoria, London (Tel: 02073 440 044) 
Thursday 28th October : Assembley Rooms, Derby (Tel: 01332 255 800) 
Friday 29th October : Cliffs Pavilion, Southend (Tel: 01702 351 135) 
Saturday 30th October : Grand Theatre, Swansea (Tel: 01792 475 715) 
Sunday 31st October : Opera House, Buxton (Tel: 08451 272 190) 

June 2, 2004: 'Everything Must Go' at the Birmingham Rep *Repeated*
[ Everything Must Go ]The edition of Everything Must Go with Toyah is repeated, once again, on ITV1 later this month.. 

The show came from the Birmingham Old Rep, where costumes and props were being gathered for an auction to raise money for the theatre. 

Toyah was interviewed about the dress she wore in the Birmingham Repertory Theatre's 1987 production of A Midsummer Night's Dream, in which she played Hermia. 

She recalled that the dress was way too long for her and that throughout the play she constantly had to "hoik it up" so she didn't fall over onstage. 

Toyah also briefly talked about her history with the theatre, training as an actress there in the early 1970's, and also about joining the Board of Directors a decade ago. 

She also helped out in the office raising publicity for the auction. 

The auction eventually raised in excess of £5,000.

Everything Must Go : ITV1 - Friday 11th June : 1.00pm

Thanks to Paul Lomas, @ the Dreamscape Forum, for the info.

June 2, 2004: Toyah @ 'Remember The Eighties'
[ Calamity Toyah ]Toyah will be returning to her successful stage role as Jane in Calamity Jane in Spring 2005. The singer turned presenter is currently taking a break from the show in which she has toured extensively and taken to London's West End. In the meantime Toyah will appear in October's 'Best Of The 80's' tour and is currently working on two books and is putting together a one-woman show...

[ Source: www.remembertheeighties.com ]