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May 30, 2004: New 2004 PA - The Nightingale Club, Birmingham
[ Toyah @ Nightingales ]Exactly a week before her PA at THE CLUB in Stoke, Toyah will be appearing at the Nightingale Club in her native city of Birmingham.

This PA at "Birmingham's hottest nightclub" has just been announced by the Nightingale website.

It's a first for the Nightingale Club, TOYAH WILLCOX will be performing on stage.

Saturday 19th June 2004 : 10pm - 6am
Entrance 1 - The Nightingale Club
Free B4 9pm. | £6. B4 11pm. | £8. After.

The Nightingale Club
Kent Street
B5 6RD
Telephone: 0121 622 1718

Thanks to Kev McNamara and Steve Buckley.

May 30, 2004: Rabbit Welfare Fund
Toyah recently lent her support to the RWA (Rabbit Welfare Fund) Easter Campaign 2004:

Toyah Willcox lends her support to the RWA Easter campaign
“Rabbits are exceptional, they are not dumb, fluffy creatures. No animal is. Rabbits respond to company, kindness, and love. Please consider giving a rescue rabbit a home. They need love just like you and me” 

Toyah Willcox

[ Source: www.houserabbit.co.uk ]

May 30, 2004: 'Hell's Kitchen' - Extra Portions
[ Hell's Kitchen - Extra Portions - 28th May 03 ]Toyah appeared briefly on Friday night's edition of Hell's Kitchen - Extra Portions on ITV2.

This was in Jordan's interview section - "Indigestion".

Toyah appeared on the red carpet, entering (or leaving?) the restaurant and was asked who her favourite celebrity chef was. She replied: "James" (as in James Dreyfus of Gimme Gimme Gimme).

Other guests included Penny Smith, Engelbert Humperdink, Mark Curry and Yvette Fielding.

Toyah was also shown briefly on Friday morning's GMTV. Penny Smith, hosting the News-Hour was talking about her visit.

And finally - Toyah has been mentioned in a few recent press articles on Hell's Kitchen. Including 'The Independent' (28th May) and 'The Telegraph (29th May).

Thanks to Michael O'Brien.

May 30, 2004: A Horse on the hill… 
[ Photo by Robert Fripp ]A rare candid photograph of Toyah...

This is taken from Robert Fripp's Official Diary at the DGM (Discipline Global Mobile) website.

The Diary entry is from 22nd May 2004 and the picture was taken on the Malvern Hills.

There is a small collection of other pictures dotted through the Diary. If you'd like to take a look, please click on the picture.

Be quick, though, pages aren't archived and will disappear as new dates are added.

Thanks to Owen Keenan and Giddy Gavin.

May 28, 2004: Toyah dines @ 'Hell's Kitchen'
[ Hell's Kitchen - 27th May 04 ]Oh, I was slightly tempted to title this "Toyah goes to Hell!";) but that may have sounded a tad rude (not that Gordon Ramsay worries about technicalities like that). Yes, even ruder than taking screen captures of a group of diners enjoying an evening meal!! I did feel a wee bit intrusive taking these captures, but the TV programme was broadcast to millions of viewers so...

An absolutely scrumptious looking Toyah, along with husband, Robert, Penny Smith and her male companion, dined out at ITV1's Hell's Kitchen last night. 

Toyah was shown, very briefly, in the main ITV1 show, and then appeared more substantially over on ITV2's Hell's Kitchen - Extra Portions and Hell's Kitchen - Live!

Toyah really seemed to enjoy her meal, as did the rest of the table, though Robert wasn't too happy with his dessert. He also mentioned that he wasn't a "very big meat-eater".

Apparently, Sixties icon Engelbert Humperdick ventured over to the table to introduce himself to Toyah, but this wasn't shown. We will just have to take the host's (Mark Durden-Smith) word for it that "Toyah swooned"!

Look out for more Toyah on tomorrow night's various Hell's Kitchen shows. They usually show the previous evening highlights, and restaurant guests etc. so it's more than likely that Toyah will feature.

Toyah may even pop up in Jordan's segment of the show, 'Indegestion', where she "interviews" guests as they arrive at the restaurant.

Click the pictures for another helping *doh!* of screen grabs at Dreamscape's CAPTURED section.

May 25, 2004: 'ITV1 Teletext' - Toyah Willcox reveals comedy streak
There was a Toyah interview on the Entertainment section of 'ITV1 Teletext' yesterday (page 142), as well as their website. Unfortunately Teletext don't archive their articles so it is no longer available. Well, except here that is:

Toyah Willcox reveals comedy streak
She's already gained fame for her singing and acting talents, and now Toyah Willcox is venturing into the world of comedy. 

Currently rehearsing for The Best Of The 1980s nostalgia tour in October, Toyah is also planning a one-woman stand-up show to tour next year.

She tells Teletext: "The show is humorous, it's irreverent and it's naughty. It's certainly not for the over-60s."

In addition to her own material, Toyah says her new stand-up show will include extracts from musicals she has appeared in such as Calamity Jane.

She also hopes to perform some of her late '70s and early '80s rock songs to raw musical accompaniment.

"It's in the workshop stage at the moment and I'm working on a musical accompaniment," she says. "I'd love to perform with just a harp player."

Toyah is busy preparing the set for October's tour with Nick Heyward, Altered Images and Curiosity Killed the Cat. The '80s tour kicks off at Kings Lynn's Corn Exchange on October 6, before moving on around the UK.

"It will be a 40-minute set with predominantly Toyah material but I want to add two influential anthems from the 1980s," she tells Teletext. "It's very high energy and I want the whole audience to feel involved."

She is also busy writing several books: "I'm writing two books and one of them is a diary. I can't tell you the subject matter of the other because it will outrage people. 

"It's something that's on everyone's mind and in the newspapers. I've written it because I think it's hilariously funny but everyone who's read it thinks it's challenging."

Toyah says since releasing her autobiography in 2000, she's had the busiest four years of her life.

"Maybe it's time to update my career," she tells Teletext. "I always aimed at having this renaissance and here it is.

"It can be dirty work. The way things work in this country you can just go round and round in circles. But I've got plenty of ideas left."

The singer found fame once again when she appeared on I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here. And she says she'd love to do another reality TV show.

"I wouldn't go into the jungle again but I'd love to do something like Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Hell," she says. "I like reality TV because it's so entertaining.

"But I wouldn't do a reality show to try and get my name back in the papers. I'm happy with my profile as it is."

Thanks to Alec Kelly.

May 25, 2004: Toyah newsy bits...
• Check out the GALLERY section of www.toyahwillcox.com for a new collection of Dean Stockings photographs of Toyah. Including possibly some of the best pictures Toyah has had taken for many, many years.

• You may also want to pay a visit to www.deanstockings.co.uk. This website has some exclusive Toyah pictures, including a stunning illustration capturing four of Toyah's most memorable "face-paint" looks, plus alternative 'Prostitute' artwork.

• Toyah was on Radio 4 last Thursday night (20th May - the same evening she appeared on ITV News), again on the news but this time she was being briefly interviewed at some motivational speakers event about (yes, you guessed) motivational speaking. Apparently she does a bit of that these days. (Thanks to Andi Westhorpe)

Toyah on TV: The Most Fertile Man In Ireland : Sky Movies 7 - Thursday 3rd June : 11.55pm

May 21, 2004: 'ITV News' - Toyah, on Napster
[ ITV News - 20th May 04 ]Aha!! Toyah's got an Apple laptop! :)

Toyah was interviewed, briefly, on yesterday's 6.30pm 'ITV News'. With the report being reshown numerous times on the ITV News channel throughout the evening and night. 

The news report was on the launch of the "legalised" version of the download site Napster, with a brief clip of Toyah's 'Rebel Run' video being shown before she appeared onscreen.

Toyah was shown at home, on her laptop, with a gold disc and picture discs on the wall behind her.

She was also shown looking at her Official website, with the page promoting the appearance at 'The Club' clearly visible.

Toyah said: "You can find, or will be able to find, every artist from Prince to The Rolling Stones, to the obscurist punk band in the world. It'll all be there."

Why Toyah was chosen to comment on this is a mystery, but a pleasant mystery all the same.

Thanks to Kev McNamara and Andi Westhorpe.

May 21, 2004: Vote for TOYAH in Channel 4's 100 Greatest Pop Videos
[ 100 Greatest Pop Videos ]Please vote for Toyah in this new poll.

There is a list of 125 videos to choose from. Unfortunately Toyah isn't included in the list. You have to choose your favourite 10 but after that you get to nominate another five of your own personal favourites. It would be good for a whole new generation of viewers to get to see one of Toyah's promos (best bet would probably be 'Thunder In The Mountains' or 'Brave New World'), so please show your support.

Pop videos have become an integral part of the way we remember our favourite songs. 

We don't just store our greatest hits in our own personal jukebox. We replay them in our mind's eye. 

So when we hear Duran Duran's Rio we also recall it visually. (Did they ever get the seawater stains out of those Paul Smith suits?) 

And Fatboy Slim's Weapon of Choice will forever evoke images of Christopher Walken dancing (and flying) his way through a hotel lobby.

The 100 Greatest Pop Videos will show how the music video has become one of the most popular and influential genres in modern culture. 

The show will trace the development of the pop promo, from The Beatles to Beyoncé and beyond, speaking to those who made it all happen, both in front of and behind the camera. 

Along the way, the show will reveal all about the big budget shoots, the technological breakthroughs and the near-fatal disasters. It will look at the often difficult relationship between pop star and promo director and the effect that these small-but-perfectly-formed films have had on the world. 

And over four hours the show will count down from 100 to 1 the Greatest Ever Pop Videos as voted for by Channel Four viewers. 

But before we can make the show we need your votes. And here are the choices from our music industry panel. 

You might prefer the trail-blazing efforts of acts like Bob Dylan or Queen. Maybe you feel that it's the MTV generation of George Michael and Madonna who have best used the video format. Or perhaps you believe that contemporary acts like Bjork and OutKast have moved the promo video onto a new level. 

Either way, we want to know which ten videos you rate as the best ever. 

And don't forget, it's not your favourite songs you're choosing - it's your favourite videos

May 21, 2004: 'Birmingham Evening Mail' - Dancing queen of Brum dies 
The woman who taught Birmingham star Toyah Willcox and hundreds of other children to dance has died.

Toyah, who grew up in Kings Heath and attended Edgbaston Church of England School, today led the tributes to Dorothy Rawlins who taught at Bellford Stage School in St Mary's Church, Handsworth.

The 79-year-old known as Dot, who taught at the school for 52 years, died of a heart attack at the City Hospital on April 28.

Toyah said: "I started going to the school in 1970 and she taught me tap. She always encouraged me.

"She was a wonderful teacher who was my mentor and she had a complete love of dance. She was very active and full of energy. She was my inspiration." Dot, a grandmother of two, did not stop teaching at the school, even with high blood pressure, sight problems and suffering a stroke in 2003.

Her only child Sue Bellingham, aged 53, and granddaughter Hayley-Roxanna, aged 21, of Beauchamp Avenue, Handsworth Wood, now teach at the school.

Sue, who has been married to self-employed salesman Peter for 32 years, said: "Even the week before she died she was at the class teaching tap. My daughter Hayley-Roxanna became her legs in the end and helped her to teach.

"I have not only lost a mother and daughter relationship but I have lost a partner. I am convinced that mum will continue to help us all - even now.

"At the time when I knew Toyah she had beautiful dark hair and she was a good dancer. She loved modern dance more than ballet, which she found a bit of a giggle, and she loved the limelight."

Dot grew up in Park Road, Aston, and trained to dance at the Nancy Baynham Dance School, in Aston. She married Percy Bellingham, at St Mary's Church, in Aston Brook, on October 19, 1946.

Percy, who died in 1977 of stomach cancer, was devoted to Dot and travelled with her when she danced and sang for American soldiers during the Second World War, in afternoon and midnight shows.

The couple founded the school, which was originally called Dot Rawlins School of Dance, in 1952, and taught scores of children tap, ballet and modern dance.

May 18, 2004: HAPPY BIRTHDAY Toyah
[ Dreamscape Birthday Card ]Many Happy Returns to Toyah, who celebrates her 46th birthday today.

Toyah is mentioned in a number of today's newspapers, including 'The Times', as well as ITV1 Teletext NEWS DAY (page 329).

She shares her birthday with the Pope (84), Miriam Margoyles (63), Nobby Stiles (62), Martika (35), Dennis Bergkamp (35), and numerous others.

What can be said except... THANKS for the memories, and here's to the next 46 years!

May 17, 2004: 'The Sunday Times' - Toyah's quiet side
[ Sunday Times - 16th May 04 ]Toyah was the cover star of yesterdays's HOME, the supplement with 'The Sunday Times'.

Toyah's quiet side: 
The deep peace of the punk queen's garden

From punk to pastoral
The singer Toyah Willcox enjoys the buzz of the market town where she lives, but also loves to escape to the peace of her garden, says Caroline Donald

Toyah Willcox and her husband Robert Fripp are a couple whose profession it is to make noise. Willcox came to fame in the 1970s as a punk singer who also appeared in films such as Quadrophenia and Jubilee, and Fripp’s rock group King Crimson is still touring after more than 30 years. Last year was busy, with Willcox touring in the West End show Calamity Jane and appearing in I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! It is therefore surprising to find they are the owners of a large and quiet garden, all the more so in that it is situated behind their Georgian former judge’s house and coaching inn, which stands in the middle of a Worcestershire market town. The street in front of the house is full of hustle and bustle, but once you step out of the kitchen door into the brick courtyard, all is tranquillity. The garden, which covers about an acre and a half, stretches down to the River Avon, from the banks of which you can see water meadows and sheep grazing, in a scene of ageless English pastoralism. 

The couple moved there three years ago from Dorset. Willcox was visiting the area — where she was brought up — and had spotted the For Sale sign when boating on the river. She remembered visiting the house when it was a tea room in her childhood. “We came to look round just to be nosy because it is architecturally such a beautiful street and we wanted to know what the houses looked like,” she says. “We walked in and I burst into tears: I knew we had to live here.” 

As they had just moved from Reddish House, Sir Cecil Beaton’s old house in Salisbury, to a manor in Dorset, it was not exactly convenient timing and Willcox decided to forget about the new house. Unbeknown to her, her husband went ahead and bought it with the help of a bridging loan. And, in fact, there was some practicality in the move, as she now commutes to London several days a week and the journey is much easier from her new home. 

[ From punk to pastoral ]It was a good move. The couple have quite a portfolio of properties, though Willcox will not be drawn on just how many. This house, however, is special. “This is the happiest place we have ever lived: we wish we had come here 19 years ago,” she says. 

“There is a resonance about the building and the design, everything is so friendly. You have the town out there where you can buy anything until about 11pm, then the silence in the garden is remarkable. It is two worlds completely divided.” 

Although she has designed her own gardens in London and at her studio retreat nearby, Willcox has not changed the layout of the garden, which was created for the previous owner. “At Reddish House we had a formal garden with very old breeds of roses and flowers that Cecil Beaton had put in. Everything was completely different to what we have here,” she says. 

The plants may be easy to find at garden centres but there are some old cherry, apple, plum and damson trees, as well as a mulberry, which reflect the orchards in the area’s past. Fruit trees are also in evidence at the neighbouring properties. “They each have their original garden,” says Willcox. “Ours was stripped out to be landscaped, but it is still really beautiful.” 

At Reddish House there were seven acres of garden, four of them formal, which needed three full-time gardeners and an annual budget of £100,000 to keep them up. Here, John, the sole gardener, keeps everything looking immaculate in two days a week. “He is just magnificent,” says Willcox. 

The garden is divided into five “rooms”, including a pond area, a cherry orchard and a large lawned area where the couple play football — croquet got too competitive for them. This makes the long narrow space seem much bigger than it actually is and provides plenty of different atmospheres for its owners to enjoy. Tall yew hedges, metal arbours and a fair smattering of works by the sculptor Althea Wynne give it year-round appeal. These include a lifesized terracotta warrior on a horse, a surprise Christmas present last year from Fripp. 

The fountain in the middle of the pond provides a decorative feature even when it is very cold, as it drips with icicles. “It looks like something from Narnia,” says Willcox. 

Up near the house is a bricked patio, with a large dining table. A huge olive tree stands in a pot nearby, which two workmen and her father had to stagger about with from site to site until Willcox found the perfect place for it. 

She has written two books since she has been at the house. One, which she has just finished, is a children’s book with a moral tale (move over Madonna). More intriguing, however, is the diary that she is just finishing, the contents of which she refuses to disclose. “I can’t tell you because it is a bit outrageous,” says Willcox coyly. “It is not to do with sex: it’s very topical but it is not kiss and tell.” The mind boggles. 

The couple are often away — Willcox will be back on the road with Calamity Jane in September, then touring with Nick Hayward before panto at Christmas — so the house and garden are very much a base, occupied by staff in their absence and kept in immaculate condition for their return. The time when she missed it most was when she was stuck in the middle of the Australian jungle for I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! “I spent every night in the jungle wishing I was back on the high street walking into the One Stop to buy chocolate,” she says. And then bringing it back to eat in the privacy of her own patch. 

Althea Wynne

May 17, 2004: Official Toyah website additions
[ Official Toyah E-Flyers ]The Official Toyah website now has an e:news archive to browse.

This new section comprises of past Toyah News updates from the Official Website and the e:newsletter sent to subscriber's mailboxes.

Also included is an archive of e:flyers designed (by alamoryan) to promote Toyah releases, appearances and events. This is the one created for the release of last year's mini-album 'Velvet Lined Shell'.

This new addition is only part of Toyah goodies available. 

Also coming in 2004..... A Gallery of brand new Toyah photographs shot by Dean Stockings and Sasha Gustov, revised Discography images, and THE TOYAH ARCHIVE.. all online at Toyah's Official presence in cyberspace.

May 16, 2004: Happy Anniversary
[ 18 years ago today... ]Happy 18th Wedding Anniversary to Toyah and Robert.

"We've been married for 18 years. We're apart a lot but when we are together, it's because we want to be. When we met, we always knew that neither of us wanted children and we wanted the freedom to work. We get together because we want to be together - not through lack of choice.

We also have mutual interests that are not music or acting. We're interested in Gnostic spiritual matters and we're both fascinated by human history. This kind of knowledge is incredibly valuable. It helps us to live compassionately."

Toyah: 'Kindred Spirit' magazine, May 2004.

May 16, 2004: 'Calamity Jane' - Update + other newsy bits
CALAMITY JANE : toyahwillcox.com News Flash!: The Calamity Jane tour, ear-marked for September this year has been post-poned until spring 2005 due to Toyah's work commitments and availability.

Tentative dates and cities previously announced via the mailing list and website now no longer apply. 

Once the 2005 tour has been finalised and confirmed we will being you direct news. 

SLEEPING BEAUTY: It has just been announced that Jack Ryder will be appearing in Sleeping Beauty, alongside Toyah, at the Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury, festive season 2004.

THE WRIGHT STUFF: Please take a look at Dreamscape's CAPTURED section. Updated with a selection of screen caps from Thursday's The Wright Stuff, courtesy of Andi Westhorpe.

May 13, 2004: Ruby's birthday @ 'The Club'
[ Ruby's Birthday flyer ]It's Ruby's birthday party on Saturday 26th June and, none other than, Toyah will be helping the celebrations go with a bang!

While most of us get a slice of cake and some cards on our birthday Ruby settles for nothing but the attendance of a true pop hero to help mark the occasion!

This is the official flyer/promo leaflet produced to advertise the party, and Toyah's PA appearance, designed by photographer Dean Stockings [www.deanstockings.co.uk ]. 

Please visit THE CLUB website to view a cool new addition to the site, an animated entry (created by Dominic Fallows) featuring the picture and graphics from the leaflet.

Ruby's Birthday @ The Club
Starring Toyah Willcox : Live PA
Saturday 26th June 2004
Club opened from 10pm through to 4am

There are no prebook tickets for the performance. The Club recommend that you turn up before 11pm on the day of the show to guarantee a place in the venue!!!

The Club, 14 Hillcrest Street, Hanley, Stoke on Trent, ST1 2AA

Contrary to what I said on 11th May News, I'm using one of the new pictures only for the purpose of advertising this forthcoming event.

May 13, 2004: Toyah on 'The Wright Stuff'
[ The Wright Stuff - 13th May 04 ]Toyah guested on this morning's edition of The Wright Stuff on five.

The host of the show, Matthew Wright, introduced Toyah (and the other panel members by comparing them to various coffees!) saying: "My special guest this morning, Toyah Willcox, my teenage pin-up, she would be an exotic frappucino type with the fruity bits in it."

Toyah asked: "What kind of fruit would I be? Would I be peaches? Or two melons? Or would I be a banana and two apples?"

Matthew continued: "Have I died? Is this heaven? She's a singer, actress, songwriter, TV presenter, she survived I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! but to me she will always be the cool chick on the cover of her 'Sheep Farming In Barnet' EP! So cool, so cool! Lovely to have you here again."

Toyah: "It's good to be here, and it's good to be named after a coffee. A frothy frappucino!"

She also talked about having "so much testosterone. I actually have to not work out to reduce my muscles" after one of the show's regular panel members admired her biceps and triceps.

Matthew also mentioned seeing Toyah in Trafford Tanzi: "amongst other things, when I was stalking you in my teens and early 20s!"

Over the hour-long show Toyah discussed today's papers, the controversial topic of teenage abortions, ex-husbands/wives and alimony, and whether cats or dogs make the best pet.

Toyah prefers neither, saying: "I never want to own either a cat or a dog. Especially a dog, you've got to follow it around and pick up its after-effects". Toyah, of course, loves rabbits.

A more entertaining hour than was anticipated.

Apologies for the quality of these caps. My five reception isn't great on certain days :o(

Please take a look at THE WRIGHT STUFF topic in the TOTALLY TOYAH TALK section of the Dreamscape FORUM for some excellent screen captures, from this morning's show, by Andi Westhorpe.

May 13, 2004: Toyah on TV *update*
The Most Fertile Man In Ireland : Sky Movies 7 - Monday 17th May : 11.55pm
The Most Fertile Man In Ireland : Sky Movies 5 - Sunday 23rd May : 04.00am
May 13, 2004: Kindred Spirit
[ Kindred Spirit ]This is a scan of the article in the May/June issue of 'Kindred Spirit' magazine.

In the two-page interview Toyah talks about her views on mysticism, Gnostic spiritualism, Buddhist teachings and complimentary therapies.

"People at the time of Moses believed angels moved among them - What made them so spiritually aware that they could see angels?"

Toyah also attributes her long and happy marriage to Robert to their shared interets in mysticism and human history.

This magazine is available at selected newsagents and via the 'Kindred Spirit' website, www.kindredspirit.co.uk..

On a lighter note, and although it's barely visible in this scan, the article also uses the original Toyah logo over the two pages.

Huge thanks to Paul Lomas and John Wain: What would I do without ya :o)

May 11, 2004: Toyah on 'The Wright Stuff'
Toyah will be a panel guest on the mid-morning magazine show The Wright Stuff this Thursday.

The Wright Stuff : five - Thursday 13th May : 10.00am

Thanks to Paul Lomas and Anya for the info.

May 11, 2004: "I think I have to go and shag a footballer for some serious attention"
[ More Calamity Jane ]Toyah's May Webletter is now online at the official website:

• That is where the hilarious headline above is taken from.  It's a quote from Toyah regarding the reason why she didn't attend last week's I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! three series' reunion party.

• The official site has also published a sneak preview of the new Dean Stockings photo session, completed only yesterday. This, and the forthcoming new images, have been commissioned exclusively for www.toyahwillcox.com so therefor will not be reproduced on Dreamscape (website or forum).

• As well as the Dean Stockings session, Toyah has also been photographed by Sasha Gustov. And for a feature in the newly launched 'Celebrity Homes' magazine (issue to be confirmed).

• Toyah also confirms that she indeed WILL be returning, for one month only - September, as the lead in Calamity Jane. This will be for a very short series of UK dates.

May 11, 2004: Further reading...
[ Toyah's light reading ]In her latest, just published, Official Webletter, Toyah again mentions more books she has ploughed through in recent weeks...

A collection of the late American comedian's stand up material.

Mark Haddon's bitterly funny debut novel is a murder mystery of sorts--one told by an autistic version of Adrian Mole. Fifteen-year-old Christopher John Francis Boone is mathematically gifted and socially hopeless, raised in a working-class home by parents who can barely cope with their child's quirks. He takes everything that he sees (or is told) at face value, and is unable to sort out the strange behavior of his elders and peers.

In this title, Po Bronson tackles the biggest, most threatening, most obvious question that anyone has to face, 'what should I do with my life?' It is a problem, he explains, that is increasingly encountered not just by the young, but by people who have half their lives or more behind them.

May 11, 2004: Oh yes she is... 
The Marlowe Theatre website have now confirmed the dates for Toyah's 2004 panto, with a run lasting almost two months!

Sleeping Beauty - Thursday 9th December 2004 - Sunday 30th January 2005

Sleeping Beauty is the romantic and enchanting tale of Princess Aurora who is cursed by the Wicked Fairy Carabosse (Toyah Willcox). The Wicked Fairy interrupts the Princess’ christening celebrations by declaring that the beautiful baby will one day prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and die. The Princess is saved from death by one of the three magical fairies present at the event who states that although the Princess will prick her finger, she will not die but instead fall into a deep sleep for a hundred years. Only the kiss of a prince can awake her. 

The Marlowe Theatre,
The Friars,
CT1 2AS.

Box Office: 01227 787787

May 11, 2004: Happy Holidays
Toyah took part in last Sunday's HAPPY HOLIDAYS charity event at the Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury. She is a regular visitor to the venue; her 2003 panto was there, as is the forthcoming Sleepng Beauty, Calamity Jane played there, and the 'Best Of The 80's' tour will stop off for a date too.

Toyah contributed a song in the 18th annual show which was organised by comedian Dave Hill, who co-starred with Toyah and Shaun Williamson in Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs.

Thanks to the amazingly helpful Alec Kelly ;o)

May 7, 2004: 'This Morning' - More... Beat The Stylist
[ Toyah - 6th May 2004 ]Unfortunately Toyah didn't win yesterday's BEAT THE STYLIST on This Morning.

The outfit Toyah chose; Torqouise fifties style sun-dress, silver bracelet with pink heart charms, large straw basket bag, and pale pink flip-flops with a kitten-heel, cost "including all accessories" a total of £100. That meant Toyah only used half of her available budget.

The style panel on the show preferred Toyah's creation (though one mentioned it could have done with a cardigan!!) but This Morning viewers chose John, the stylists, outfit (he spent £179 on his).

Phillip Schofield presented Toyah with a bottle of champagne and flowers as Fern Britten asked her why she didn't use the entire £200 budget.

"I want a bright, sunny Summer. I don't want women in cardigans. I want women flirting in parks. Women winking at nice young men on boats." said Toyah.

Ach, fluffy mid-morning TV!! You cannae beat it!

Phillip also squeezed in an enquiry about Toyah's forthcoming book, calling it a "tell-all, kiss-and-tell". Toyah quickly corrected him: "It's not kiss-and-tell. The subject's a secret but it's out at Christmas. No hints, especially as I lost. I'm never going to talk to you both again!"

Please click on the pictures for 18 more This Morning screen shots at Dreamscape's CAPTURED section.

May 7, 2004: Toyah newsy bits & pieces!
Toyah on TV: The Most Fertile Man In Ireland : Sky Movies 7 - Monday 17th May : 11.55pm

• Toyah was given a namecheck on the Channel 4 drama No Angels on Tuesday night. (Thanks to Alec).

May 6, 2004: 'This Morning' - Beat The Stylist
[ This Morning - 6th May 04 ]Toyah guested on This Morning, er, this morning!! :)

She was on the show to "compete" in their regular BEAT THE STYLIST feature, taking on the resident designer, John. 

Both put together an outfit for a woman, 40, going on a Spring picnic with her friends - budget for the outfit = £200.

Toyah is a fan of the feature; "I've shouted at the telly virtually every Thursday during this. When you sit at home you think 'this is so easy'. Then you go out shopping and go 'what have I done?'" she said.

Toyah also talked about how she can't find any clothes in the UK that fit her, the trials and tribulations of being small and feeling patronised by "petite" designs, and buying standard sized clothes and chopping six inches off the leg!

This was the first sighting of Toyah's new "red mayan gold" hair. She's looking great.

May 4, 2004: 'Kindred Spirit' May/June 2004 - New Toyah article
[ Kindred Spirit - May/June 2004 ]Toyah is featured in the new issue of KINDRED SPIRIT magazine.

She is profiled in a two-page article in the May/June 2004 issue of "the UK's leading guide for mind, body and soul", and namechecked on the cover too.

Toyah - It's A Mystery
A profile on singer and actor Toyah Willcox.

Principally recognised as a singer and actor, Toyah Willcox is less well-known for her keen interest in religious and spiritual matters. Here she shares her personal views on mysticism, Gnostic spiritualism, Buddhist teachings and complementary therapies.

The magazine is available from "all good newsagents" and can also be purchased online. Click on the magazine cover to visit the KINDRED SPIRIT website.

Thanks to John.

May 4, 2004: Toyah... on DVD
[ Toyah... on DVD ]The forthcoming release of The Most Fertile Man In Ireland adds another Toyah related DVD to the growing list of those available on the format.

It has to be said that the region 1, US & Canada, versions of Jubilee, Quadrophenia, and The Tempest are all far superior to their, region 2, UK counterparts. All three boast numerous extras not included on the UK DVD's. They are highly recommended if you own a region 1, or multi-region, DVD player.

As well as the releases listed below there Japanese "square sleeve" versions of Jubilee and The Tempest, both NTSC format, and an Australian release of The Most Fertile Man In Ireland.


The Tempest 
Minder (Ser. 2, Ep 7 - 9)
Minder (Complete Series 2 Box Set)
Maigret & The Hotel Majestic
Maigret (Complete Series 1 & 2 Box Set)
Quatermass (Chapters 1 - 4, 3 disc set)
The Most Fertile Man In Ireland


The Tempest

Most of these are still available to buy and can be found at www.amazon.co.uk, www.amazon.com, www.play.com, www.sendit.com (new name for Black Star), and even www.ebay.co.uk.

Toyah provides voiceovers on various Brum and Teletubbies DVD's but I haven't included these.

May 2, 2004: 'The Most Fertile Man In Ireland' on DVD / on TV
Most Fertile Man - on DVDHere is the cover of the forthcoming The Most Fertile Man In Ireland region 2 DVD.

The DVD, with a host of extras, is available to buy from 21st June.

Eamonn Manley (Kris Marshall) hasn’t much going for him. He’s 24, works in a dating agency (Amoré – Your Love is Our Affair) and lives with his ma. At night he hides in his room and dreams of a superhero adventures, romance and a girl he´s too scared to approach. Yet his life takes on a new direction when, after a miraculous encounter with Mary Mallory, a local good time girl, he discovers he has the highest sperm count in Ireland. Eamonn finds himself in demand. Seduced by the possibility of doing good and a taste of the high life, Eamonn is persuated by his friend Millicent (Bronagh Gallagher) to start providing a unique service to the good ladies of Belfast.

With his newly found confidence he finally finds the courage to ask out the girl of his dreams. Entirely unaware of his new profession, she is drawn to the innocent, awkward Eamonn. His life is weirder and more wonderful than he could have imagined. Meanwhile the "most fertile man in Ireland" has come to attention to a local Protestant hardmen led by Mad Dog Billy Wilson (James Nesbitt). Aware that the rising birth rate in the catholic community means the Protestant will no longer be in majority, he is determined to get Eamonn to even the score. 

Starring: Kris Marshall, James Nesbitt, Bronagh Gallagher, Kiera Clarke, Kenneth Cranham, Pauline McLynn, Toyah Willcox, Tara O'Neil, and Marc O'Shea. Directed by Dudi Appleton.

DVD extras include:
Interviews with the director
Behind the scenes footage

Technical Details:
Certification: 15
Duration: 110 mins
Format: DVD
Region: 2
Cat. No: FCD144 (Arrow Film Distributors LTD.) 
Category: Comedy: General 

The Most Fertile Man In Ireland was shown on Sky Movies on 1st May, and will be shown again this coming Tuesday night/Wednesday morning (5th May).

The Most Fertile Man In Ireland : Sky Movies 7 - Wednesday 5th May : 3.45am
Light-hearted comedy about sex and fertility. A young man acquires a reputation as a man with a high sperm count and is soon in demand to make babies in Belfast - with both Catholics and Protestants. Director: Dudi Appleton. Starring: Kris Marshall, Bronagh Gallagher, Kiera Clarke, James Nesbitt, Kenneth Cranham, Pauline McLynn, Toyah Willcox, Tara O'Neil, and Marc O'Shea.

Thanks to Gareth (aka toyahw01) @ the Dreamscape Forum.