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February 26, 2004: 'Killing Made Easy' - Family of Noise 
[ Killing Made Easy - Family of Noise ]Remember Toyah recorded a song, 'Lime and the Coconut', in 2001 with the band Chester?

Cool news - the track has been renamed, remixed and released as a CD single for 2004.

Released on Catmachine Music under the band name Family of Noise, the CD single 'Killing Made Easy' contains not only the original 2001 recording, but two very different remixes; A Shot in the Dark and Lime Pickle.

Killing Made Easy
CD single CATCD01

1. Killing Made Easy 
2. Killing Made Easy (a shot in the dark mix) 
3. Killing Made Easy (lime pickle mix) 

Written by Stranger/Limb/Bartram

Toyah Willcox: verbals 
The Elusive Stranger: percussion 
Chris Limb: bass, computer, vocals 
Rob Bartram: guitar, vocals

Numbered limited edition of 500. First 100 in slimline white jewel case, thereafter in PVC slipcase. 

Click on the CD artwork for details on how to buy this, a great addition to your Toyah collection.

February 25, 2004: Toyah's Magic Patch - Adventure Three
[ Toyah's Magic Patch ]Just added to Dreamscape, the third, and final, adventure in the 'Toyah's Magic Patch' series.

These were originally published in 'Suzy' magazine in 1983.

Adventure Three finds our heroine (that's Toyah) visiting a local street parade, only to be whisked off to the Caribbean. There she finds herself on a pirate ship!, mistaken for a stowaway, grappling with a "lean, sun-bronzed woman in a fiery red outfit", and generally saving all of mankind from horrible and nasty types! Hurrah!!

Yep the 80's really were strange, weren't they!

Thanks again to TONE-E for the cartoon strips. Click the image to read all three stories.

February 25, 2004: Toyah newsy bits & pieces!
[ Celebdaq ]• Help save Toyah! - Celebdaq, the BBC celebrity stock exchange, will remove two celebs from their charts this Friday. Toyah is currently second in line to be voted off, with 31%. Julia Volkova has 37%, Mike Skinner has 20%, and Ralf Little has 10% of votes. 

Anyone who is registered with the site could help Toyah stay in the listings by clicking over and voting for Mike or Ralf to go instead of TW! (Thanks to Michael Cooney).

• Thanks to Robert Fripp's online diary I can report that Toyah was in Paris at the weekend. He doesn't elaborate (and why should he?) except to say she was there regarding "a project she has undertaken." (Thanks to Alec Kelly).

• Toyah's recent revelation, that she may be appearing as Mama Morton in Chicago, has been reported on a number of websites over the past couple of weeks.

• Another teensy weensy mention for The Tempest (region 2) DVD. Toyah's commentary is very interesting. I'd recommend it to any Toyah fan, and I'm not biased in the least :o/

February 21, 2004: 'The Tempest' & Derek Jarman
[ Jubilee/The Tempest ]It's the 10th anniversary of Derek Jarman's death. He directed Toyah in Jubilee and The Tempest, the latter of which has just been released on DVD in the UK (along with other Jarman films) to commemorate the anniversary.

The fantastic 'Mono Digital - Weird & Wild Cinema' website has a page dedicated to Jubilee and The Tempest US DVD releases, with collages, stills and overviews of each DVD.

Toyah has often spoken about Derek Jarman, as her director and friend, and the breaks he gave her early in her acting career.

"Derek was a vivacious, effervescent and intellectually astute social butterfly. I had never, and have not since, met anyone quite like him. The milk of human kindness was cupped in his hands and the critical unforgiving wit and observation of Oscar Wilde were silently waiting to strike like a viper in his mouth. Derek could meet anyone on their level and subtly move them beyond their wildest aspirations. It may be because of this that Derek was never alone." Toyah; Living Out Loud - 2000

Please click the image to visit the 'Mono Digital' website. For further Toyah personal recollections on Derek Jarman and The Tempest, highly recommended is her autobiography, 'Living Out Loud' (2000, published by Hodder & Stoughton - available from www.amazon.co.uk). Also recommended is 'Modern Nature - Journals of Derek Jarman' (1992, published by Vintage - available from www.amazon.co.uk).

Many thanks to Michael Cooney and Stephen Bennett.

February 18, 2004: 'The Tempest' - Region 2 DVD
[ The Tempest ]The Tempest, on DVD, is now available to own. With the added bonus of Toyah's commentary.

The Tempest - Special Features 
• Audio commentary from actress Toyah Willcox and the film's cinematographer 
• Interview with director Derek Jarman 
• Short films 
• Region 0 

Hailed as one of the most successful adaptations of Shakespeare, Derek Jarman’s The Tempest is also, unsurprisingly, one of the most unconventional. Though keeping the essence of the text, the films greatness lies in Jarman’s skill at creating a visually stunning, erotically charged world of haunting imagery. 

Flamboyant, highly atmospheric and full of Jarman’s punk era attitude, the famous finale, in which Elizabeth Welch sings ‘Stormy Weather’ surrounded by sailors, is one of the most memorable, and campest moments in British cinema history. 

Actors: Toyah Willcox, Peter Bull, David Meyer, Neil Cunningham, Heathcote Williams. 
Director: Derek Jarman. 
Certificate: 15 years and over. 
Year: 1979. 
Screen: Fullscreen 4:3. 
Languages: English. 
Duration: 1 hour and 32 minutes (approx). 

February 18, 2004: Dreamscape's mini Toyah music survey
Thanks to everyone who has emailed me their favourite Toyah album and Toyah song. Please keep 'em coming, and hopefully this will be as definitive (of online Toyah fans) as is possible!
February 18, 2004: Toyah newsy bits & pieces!
• According to Robert Fripp's online diary Toyah did some sort of "solo performance" on Sunday evening (15th February).

• Toyah, and Robert, recently visited the hairdresser Derek Goddard (Toyah's old friend and creator of some of her coolest haircuts).

• Toyah is currently filming a televsion programme on dyslexia. Robert (Fripp) was recently interviewed for this too.

Thanks to Owen Keenan and Alec Kelly.

• The Rainbow Network website is currently running a competition to win The Tempest on DVD. You have to register with the site to take part.

• Don't forget that Maigret & The Hotel Majestic, featuring Toyah as Gigi, is now available to buy on DVD.

February 18, 2004: Toyah in the press
Toyah has recently been mentioned in a couple of UK broadsheet articles:

DVD Collectibles
by geoff brown
Our critic enjoys Oscars past
Thursday February 12, 2004

With the award-giving, ballyhoo season upon us, Warner Home Entertainment is issuing for our amazement, delight, and instruction DVD editions of six Oscar-winning movies from the 1930s and 1940s, ranging in time from the 1932 Grand Hotel to the 1944 Gaslight. As the producing studio is MGM the sugar quotient is high at times, along with the opulence that just misses good taste. But alongside Mrs Miniver and The Great Ziegfeld you have Mutiny on the Bounty to enjoy, with Charles Laughton’s Captain Bligh sputtering “Mr Christian!” at Clark Gable while the crew’s blood boils. 

Then there is Grand Hotel, the collection’s prize. The film itself is a poignant document of old Hollywood’s glory, with its parade of Berlin hotel guests (and MGM stars). There is Garbo the ballerina who wants to be alone, Joan Crawford, the ambitious stenographer, jewel thief John Barrymore: the list goes on. 

The extras entertain as well. One is a bizarre musical parody, made the next year, entitled Nothing Ever Happens (the hotel’s catchphrase). 

Another is a 1932 newsreel showing the Hollywood elite arriving at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre for the spectacular Los Angeles premiere. 

Such stars! Such style! With one exception: you have to laugh at the studio boss, Louis B. Mayer, greyly uttering scripted platitudes from a cue card plainly planted high on the camera’s left. 

With its glamour and glossy packaging, Grand Hotel was born to collect Oscars, and in 1932 it won the big one, for Best Picture. Fair enough; but let’s also spare a thought for the variously excellent or challenging films that never win Oscars or get the paparazzi circling — the wildly personal and quirky films, made to no factory recipe. 

Derek Jarman’s work, for instance, too often forgotten in the ten years since his death. Next week marks the exact anniversary, and two of his features will arrive in the shops in DVD editions from Second Sight. 

The more easily accessible is The Tempest from 1979. Not your normal Shakespeare, of course, what with horn-piping sailors, Elisabeth Welch singing Stormy Weather, and Ariel in a boiler suit. But Jarman’s gay sensibility flourishes on Prospero’s isle, and Shakespeare’s verse survives the shocks remarkably well. Toyah Willcox (Miranda) shares commentary duties with a cameraman, Peter Middleton. 

The other disc contains The Last of England (1987), Jarman’s fiery, jagged, angry elegy to a lost world, the images of 1980s urban decay intercut with home movies of his own childhood. This DVD enjoys the liveliest commentary, with four participants, including the producer James Mackay; both releases add various silent super-8 films from Jarman’s burgeoning days in the early 1970s and a moving interview from the end of his life. Grand Hotel and the Oscars seem as far away as Mars.

The tabloid week 
Toby Manhire 
Friday February 13, 2004 

ITV's celebrities-and-insects spectacular had its climax on Monday night, but it continued to dominate the British tabloids through the week. 

The papers scrambled to secure exclusive access to the rainforest-hardened I'm a Celebrity contestants. The Daily Mail, inevitably, had spoken to runner-up Jennie Bond, the former royal reporter. The Daily Mirror claimed to have secured "John Lydon's only interview" when it was "invited ... to an exclusive party in his room", yet could only muster 350 words out of the encounter. The Sun said it had "got the interview they all wanted", but in fact it had signed up Peter Andre. 

The Daily Star had the most to brag about, having enlisted topless model Jordan and former pop singer Kerry McFadden, who was voted "queen of the jungle". The tabloid was keen to assert its exclusivity: "The Daily Star - the only paper to get the real story. Do not accept cheap and nasty fakes," it blared. As fate would have it, that exhortation appeared directly alongside the protruding breasts of a semi-clad Jordan. 

At the Mail, the debate raged. I'm a Celebrity - good or bad? "It was a microcosm of human social interaction and class war, unfolding before our eyes," said Val Hennessy. "As compelling as any Tolstoy novel, or Chekhov play." Phooey, said Sir Roy Strong: "It made me feel utterly ashamed that the country of Purcell, Shakespeare, Isaac Newton and Winston Churchill had sunk so low." 

The post-match analysis in the Daily Record came from Toyah Willcox, a participant in last year's series. "They all talked to each other and got on with each other and it was incredibly interesting ... I was interested in all of them." 

In the Mirror, Sue Carroll declared herself a Jennie Bond convert. "She was a trouper who never whinged. She ate everything put in front of her, refused to be drawn into slanging matches, didn't gossip, approached the most appalling challenges without demurring, and stoically survived for days at a time without an alcoholic drink. Just one question. How did she ever become a hack?" 

Another recent visitor to Australia, Prince Harry, was on high rotation in the tabs this week. "Another night on the tiles for party prince," said the Daily Express. He had been "photographed out on the town for the second time in six days". Not everyone was distressed by this 19-year-old-has-social-life scandal, however. "Good on His Highness," cheered the Daily Mirror's 3am girl Jessica Callan. "The ginger party boy has proved he has plenty in common with most other 19-year-olds in this country. Harry is, quite simply, one of us ... [He] has got all the staying power of one of grandmama's Derby runners. And that's unlike his lightweight brother, Wills, who notoriously cannot stay the distance ... [Harry] may not have the pin-up status of William but I know who I'd rather have a pint with." 

February 11, 2004: 'Daily Record' - "Winner is a perfect role model"
[ Daily Record - 10th Feb 04 ]Toyah on the telly (Day fifteen) : Daily Record, Feb 10th 2004. 
"Winer is a perfect role model"

I am absolutely thrilled for Kerry McFadden.

She is the perfect role model for women these days. She's normal, not anorexic, and a mum.

And she came out with some great one-liners.

Her observation about Jennie's bush tucker trial, when she said: "She's got more balls than any man I've ever met," was superb.

This series was better than any of the previous ones.

The trials were gobsmackingly harder. Psychologically, they were the cruellest yet. I couldn't have done any of the ones they did.

I really liked Jordan when she was in, but when she left it made the show more interesting.

The sexual tension left the programme and it became what people had gone into it for the challenge.

If Jordan had won I think it would have been unfair because the media is so pro-Jordan and she doesn't represent the whole entertainment industry, just a pocket of it.

It isn't just brilliant that Kerry won. It's bloody remarkable.

I'm an fan of celebrity television and this time there was a very diverse team.

They all talked to each other and got on with each other and it was incredibly interesting.

In my time, not everybody talked. There was tension.

But this time there was an exceptional team and I was interested in all of them.

The only thing that surprised me was Jordan. I didn't expect to like her but I did.

When Jordan and Kerry did their trials they were fantastic.

February 10, 2004: 'Daily Record' - "The King is dead, long live the Queen"
Toyah on the telly (Day thirteen/fourteen) : Daily Record, Feb 9th 2004. 
"The King is dead, long live the Queen"

Tonight we'll see the first ever Queen of the Jungle and it will be Kerry McFadden.

But the real shock is that Jennie actually made it to the final.

At first, I was amazed when Jordan got booted out on Saturday until I realised the people who usually vote for her were all down the pub. They probably woke up in shock on Sunday morning to the news that their favourite had been evicted.

Lord Brocket will probably be fuming that the public chose the opinionated Jennie ahead of him. I must say that it surprises me too. If Jennie wins, she will be absolutely intolerable.

Could we live with Jennie being signed up to make as many public appearances as Linda Barker has done since last year's show? I think not.

However, it won't come to that. Kerry and Peter have been the most consistently entertaining contestants.

But I do wish someone would tell Peter that talking to God in a New York accent is a no-no. But none of that matters because little Kerry will win this out of the park.

February 9, 2004: 'Daily Record' - "Bottom line on real Alex"
[ Daily Record - 7th Feb 04 ]Toyah on the telly (Day twelve) : Daily Record, Feb 7th 2004. 
"Bottom line on real Alex"

The plot thickens. Alex finally gets her just desserts and the rest start to put their plans for winning into action. The only surprise about Alex's eviction is that she was fifth to go, not first. She has done virtually nothing in the last 12 days except show off her pert bottom and thong after the bush tucker trial.

But we saw a brief glimpse of what she may really be like when she joined Lord Brocket in his bitching about Jennie, then looked as though butter wouldn't melt in her mouth when asked about it on camera.

It's getting very interesting and Lord B is at the thick of the intrigue. His hostile reaction to Jennie is typical of middle-aged men from his sort of background sorry to bring the monied background up again your lordship!

But he doesn't like the fact she doesn't sit and smile and simper when he's pontificating at the top of his voice. She's a good journalist who can't help asking questions.

By the way, Jennie might be 53 but she's fit. She looked fantastic in her swimming costume during her trial and that just might have swung some more votes her way. If only she didn't talk so much.

I'm fascinated by what's happening with Peter and Jordan.

Sorry to be harsh but he's too dim to be using her as his way of winning. That's Jordan's job and she's made a complete hash of it.

It would be one in the eye for her if she ends up being voted out and Peter makes it to the final three.

Kerry is still my favourite to win. She just gets more and more watchable and she'll have swung things her way by putting Lord B in his place about the bitching.

But I think the game might be up for Charlie boy. His nasty remarks behind Jennie's back could do for him in tonight's vote.

February 9, 2004: Bedtime Stories
Toyah can be sporadically heard reading children's Bedtime Stories, as part of the 'Bedtime Reading' series, on the CBeebies channel. (Thanks to Anya).
February 7, 2004: 'Daily Record' - "The fun left with Johnny"
Toyah on the telly (Day eleven) : Daily Record, Feb 6th 2004. 
"The fun left with Johnny"

Bye bye Johnny. What a shame my old mate has left the camp.

He's an undoubted superstar and while the others might think him arrogant for saying he would have won the damn thing, he was right. He'd have won it by a landslide.

I've known Johnny for more than 25 years, ever since we both auditioned for the film Quadrophenia.

It was me who had to nurse him through that audition and can tell you this he is an incredible gentleman and a man of amazing talent.

Forget the public image of the snarling punk rocker. John Lydon is an absolute sweetheart and I think the nation caught a glimpse of that over the last 10 days.

And now he's gone from the camp so has all of the energy and the fun.

We're bored with Jordan and Peter, who should either put up or shut up And no one else has Johnny's wild personality.

What we will see is everyone's true colours emerging and the ones who really want to win it won't be able to hide their ambition.

So expect a lot more bitching of the sort Lord Brocket was indulging in about Jennie. I can't believe he called her an old slag.

Jennie's got the right approach to this. She sees it as a game and if she wins, she wins.

If she doesn't, no one's dead and she's had a holiday out of it.

That's not the way Jordan and Lord B are looking at things now.

Jordan will have done cartwheels when she realised Johnny was off. She probably thinks she has no more competition.

But she might be counting her chickens too soon. Like Johnny I'm backing Kerry to sneak the ultimate prize.

She's a woman with talent and also vulnerability viewers like that.

And if she ends up doing another horrible bush tucker trial the sympathy votes will come flooding in.

February 6, 2004: 'Daily Record' - "It's a mystery to me why Razor was evicted"
Toyah on the telly (Day ten) : Daily Record, Feb 5th 2004. 
"It's a mystery to me why Razor was evicted"

My perfect record of predicting who is next for the chop has been wrecked by the Razor.

His eviction last night did surprise me because I felt Jennie wouldn't last another day.

But Razor hasn't really done anything since he performed heroics in the very first bush tucker trial. Since then he'd been lying around moping because he doesn't like the food. Now he's gone, we're getting to the nitty-gritty.

Sure, Jordan wants to win she said from the start that's the only reason she's there. And while she's friends with Kerry and Alex, her flirtation with Peter has dominated.

Now it's starting to backfire on her. He's so keen and so old-fashioned in his pursuit that he's pushed her much further than she intended.

Peter is having the time of his life and he's the unconscious clown. Somehow I don't think he'll realise that the joke is on him when he comes out.

The toilet situation isn't funny either. This lot are going to the loo in twos and threes because at night the wildlife, from rats to snakes, slither on in there and surprise you.

But Jennie won't have to worry about it for much longer. I'll stick my neck out and predict she'll be gone by tonight.

February 6, 2004: Toyah on TV - 'The Tempest'
[ The Tempest ]The day after it is, finally, released on Region 2 DVD, the Artsworld channel will broadcast The Tempest. The channel is also showing Jubilee on the 13th February. It's a Toyah-70's-film "fest"! ;o)

The Tempest : Artsworld - Tuesday 17th February : 8.00pm

Derek Jarman's highly individual and beguiling version of Shakespeare's last play, shot in ruined abbeys and mansions with an undercurrent of absurdist humour. Director: Derk Jarman Starring: Heathcote Williams, Toyah Willcox, Elisabeth Welch, Karl Johnson, Peter Bull, Richard Warwick (1979).

For more info on The Tempest DVD please see 7th January news update.

February 5, 2004: 'Daily Record' - Toyah's latest IACGMOOH! column
[ Daily Record - 4th Feb 04 ]Toyah on the telly (Day nine) : 
Daily Record, Feb 4th 2004. 

Just as I predicted, Diane didn't survive a public vote last night.

But I don't think her being kicked off was a reaction to her flopping at the bush tucker trial, when she managed the grand total of zero meals for the camp.

That particular trial was one of the hardest and most sadistic I've seen and I don't think anyone could possibly have caught even one star.

What did it for Diane was not being seen to be up front in the first week. But I was surprised that it seemed to be between her and Peter.

For me, Peter has been one of the stars. He's provided great entertainment with his singing and his flirting and his camp leadership qualities that revolve around cuddles - or, more specifically, him cuddling Jordan.

Their relationship is getting deeper and deeper and Jordan's backing herself into a corner. But I admired her honesty in talking openly about having liposuction - great free advice for middle-aged women like me.

What we need now is for Jordan to tell the world she's not a role model for young women and they don't all need the double D cup to get on. If she does that, she'll push my old mate John Lydon all the way.

And will the very prim and proper Jennie live up to her ambition to be Queen of the jungle?

Sadly, she's my hot tip to be voted out on tonight's show.

February 4, 2004: 'Daily Record' - "Johnny Rotten will be king"
[ Daily Record - 3rd Feb 04 ]Toyah on the telly (Day eight) : Daily Record, Feb 3rd 2004. 
"Johnny Rotten will be king"

Toyah Willcox isn't surprised Mike got kicked out. Now she gives her verdict on which celebrity will be crowned king or queen of the jungle.

John: The winner. He's been stropping about and threatening to leave since he got there, but he's too good to go. There's no way the production team will let him walk, not now that he's become such a ratings winner. Johnny has been the star of the show.

Jordan: A revelation. And she'll be among the final three so long as people don't get tired of her constant chat about men's private parts.

Kerry: What a fabulous recovery Kerry has made from the first miserable couple of days of whining. Now, she's bubbly and funny and has formed a formidable double act with Jordan. She'll make the final three.

Lord Brocket: The Rocket has been impressive. He doesn't take himself too seriously. I liked his spat with Jennie - they're very alike - and his charm could mean he lasts until Sunday.

Razor: Mr Amiable has been a very cheery chappie around the camp, but he hasn't done much. I don't think Razor has what it takes to be king.

Jennie: We haven't heard much from Jennie since her bush tucker trial. I want to see more of her with Johnny because they are such opposites. Jennie will make it until Friday.

Peter: He'll suffer a viewer's backlash over the Jordan flirtation. Women find him endearing but I think guys will soon have had it with him. Out on Thursday.

Alex: What a missed opportunity for Alex. If she'd stripped in the stream after her great performance in the bush tucker trial, she would have probably won the damn thing. As it is, I can't see her surviving beyond Wednesday.

Diane: The quietest one in camp and my tip to be voted out tonight unless, of course, she has a blinder in her bush tucker trial. That's what wins you public sympathy.

February 4, 2004: Toyah in 'Chicago'? / February Webletter
[ Chicago ]Toyah's February webletter is now available to read at www.toyahwillcox.com.

As always, an interesting read. Toyah reveals she might, just might, be playing Mama Morton in the musical Chicago. That would be worth a trek to London!

Toyah also confirms that she will be returning to the Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury for Christmas 2004, playing Carabosse, the evil fairy, in Sleeping Beauty.

There's also chat about writing for the 'Daily Record', I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! series 3, being asked to play the Queen of the Fairies in a new children’s drama for Saturday mornings called Misty, The Tempest DVD release, and that her three priorities for 04 are the new book, the one-woman-show, and returning to Calamity Jane.

Bravo to all that. Click on the Chicago logo to visit Toyah's Official website.

February 3, 2004: 'Daily Record' - "Viewers hooked by Andre's pursuit"
Toyah on the telly (Days six/seven) : Daily Record, Feb 2nd 2004. 
"Viewers hooked by Andre's pursuit"

Peter is turning into the date from hell. Not just for Jordan but for everyone watching.

That moment when he tried to force her into saying she loved him was the ultimate embarrassment. But that's what's keeping us watching.

He has gone way beyond pathetic in his pursuit of Jordan.

Well done to Jordan and Kerry for chomping on those insects for the bush tucker trial.

They did a whole lot better than I expected.

I think that the people behind the show have really upped the danger level of all the trials and treasure hunts.

No one is getting an easy ride and I think it's helping the camaraderie in camp.

But that team spirit will suffer tonight when the first celebrity is voted out.

I haven't changed my mind about who will go first.

Alex, Diane and Mike will be the first three to go as not one of them has done or said anything memorable.

But even losing a quiet one will have an effect on morale.

From my own experience, you don't want to be first to go but as soon as someone leaves, all you can think of is getting out of there and being reunited with your loved ones.

My favourite to win is still my old mate Johnny his little outburst about Jordan was classic Lydon.

February 3, 2004: 'Brum' - On (Region 1) DVD
[ Brum - on DVD ]Two Brum region 1 DVD's are released later this month in America, featuring five adventures on each, narrated by Toyah.

The DVD's, which can be bought via Amazon.com, are Brum - The Airport & other Adventures, and Brum - Stunt Bike Resue & other Stories.

Brum is here to save the day in 5 new live action adventures created by the producers of the international phenomenon, Teletubbies! Brum is seen daily on TLC and Discovery Kids Ready, Set, Learn programming block! Get ready for thrills and spills all the way as Brum, a super-brave action hero, regularly saves the zany grown up residents of the Big Town from misadventure! 

DVD One includes episodes Brum and the Naughty Dog, Brum and the Airport Adventure, Brum and the Pizzeria, Brum and the Gymnast and Brum and the King of Thieves! 

DVD Two includes the episodes Brum and the Stunt Bike Rescue, Brum - Chasing Balloons, Brum and the Runaway Train, Brum and the Gorilla Caper and Brum and the Splash and Grab! 

February 2, 2004: Toyah presents 'Goodbye Pebble Mill'
[ Goodbye Pebble Mill - 1st Feb 04 ]Yesterday afternoon Toyah presented the 30 minute farewell show to the Pebble Mill Studios, Goodbye Pebble Mill... at One, on BBC1.

The show featured lots of retro clips from the Pebble Mill vaults, plus recollections from many a famous face. 

There was even a clip of Toyah (looking amazing) from a 1981 edition of Look Hear! Ah the memories...

Many thanks to Andi Westhorpe for the screen captures from the show. Please click on the picture to see more at Dreamscape's Captured section.

February 2, 2004: Dreamscape's Toyah Calendar for 2004
[ Calendar 2004 ]Just added to the site...

A new Calendar page full of Toyah upcoming appearances, events and releases.

Anything, and everything, Toyah related, that is happening in 2004 I will try to add to this page. If anyone has any info they think could be included to, please don't hesitate to email me (david@toyah.net) with the info. Thanks!

February 2, 2004: Toyah newsy bits & pieces
• A short clip of Toyah, from series two of I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!, on Saturday night's BBC1 awards show, 2003 TV Moments.

• Last night's Treasure Chest Hunt in I'm A Celebrity... included a "gift" submitted by Toyah. The junglemates decided to opt for her side of the chest, and were rewarded with a pair of edible knickers!!

• John Lydon (aka Johnny Rotten) briefly mentioned Toyah, and Quadrophenia, on last night's live stream of IACGMOOH! on ITV2

• UK Style (Sky, channel 148) features a Toyah profile or Toyah quiz whenever the show Under Offer is being aired on the channel. Rather bizzarely, the Under Offer isn't the property show Toyah used to be a team captain in (alongside Fred Dineage)! (Thanks to Michael Cooney).

February 2, 2004: Toyah on TV - 'Jubilee'
[ Jubilee ]Toyah's first film, the (almost) legendary Jubilee, is on the cable TV channel, Artsworld in mid-February.

Jubilee : Artsworld - Friday 13th February : 10.15pm

A controversial portrait of early British punk which imagines Elizabeth I paying a visit to the future of her sceptred isle, with the aid of an astrologer and the angel Ariel. Somewhat overshooting the present, she finds herself in a land of chaos and decay in which the punks have inherited the Earth. Made in the year of Queen Elizabeth II's silver jubilee. Director: Derek Jarman. Starring: Jenny Runacre, Toyah Willcox, Ian Charleson, Little Nell, Richard O'Brien, Karl Johnson (1977).

Please click on the Jubilee image for a page dedicated to the film, and Toyah's character, Mad.