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January 31, 2005: 'Change magazine' - My first and last
[ Change magazine ]Toyah is interviewed in the latest edition of the Co-op Bank magazine 'Change'. In the article, titled, "My first and last" she talks about her first and last properties:

My first and last: Toyah Willcox, actress/singer/presenter

My first property was an old British Rail warehouse in Battersea, southwest London, which I rented for £60 a week with three friends and which I converted into an arts centre. We each built our bedrooms with wood we found lying around and there was also a 2,000 square foot space that was used for events and parties. It became part of London's subterranean culture, as well as a haunt of London's glitterati. David Bowie, Boy George and Iggy Pop would come down and Steve Strange would host parties with 400 people and only one loo between them. Even though I was often away filming, I remember living there as one of the most stressful times of my life.

My most recent purchase is an 18th century fisherman's cottage on the Avon, near Stratford, with three bedrooms and a great view over the river and surrounding flood plains. It has an almost Mediterranean light and the sky always seems to be blue. I go there to write, to paint, to be creative, and it's where I feel most settled.

Toyah Willcox is just completing a run in Sleeping Beauty in Canterbury, to keep up with what Toyah is doing go to www.toyahwillcox.com.

Thanks to Alec Kelly for this :)

January 31, 2005: Toyah on 'The Way We Were'... again
[ The Way We Were - 27th Jan 05 ]Toyah, once again, guested on the Meridian programme The Way We Were (100 Years Of Family Film).

Her second appearance, last Thursday (27th January), was an edition looking at the family at home, with Toyah saying:

"My very earliest memories of home life were quite pleasant. Birthdays we were spoilt rotten, Christmas we were spoilt rotten and mum cooked for us twice a day and at weekends three times a day and the food and quality of food were sensational. She made us eat our vegetables and we got a pudding as a reward at the end of the meal. So I think the quality of my childhood was absolutely fabulous."

"My favoritest thing my mother made was a cheese and potato pie and when you think about it , it was nothing really. I mean it was mashed potato, cheddar cheese with great chunks of tomato in it and it would get so scolding hot that I’d burn my mouth every time I ate it and I love it."

'"I had no problems learning decimalisation. I just didn’t like something that I had grown up with going away and then instantly your penny sweets were more expensive. Everything was more expensive it was like an excuse to kind of give less to the consumer."

Thanks again to Andi Westhorpe for the screen caps and info. To view more captures please click on the picture to visit Dreamscape's CAPTURED section.

January 31, 2005: 'I'm Famous and Frightened' - LivingTV Press Release
[ I'm Famous and Frightened 4 cast ]More Fright Nights for Fearless Celebrities in… I’m Famous & Frightened 4


Presented by Claire Sweeney on 5th – 7th February 

I’m Famous and Frightened (main show) each night from 9pm – midnight
I’m Famous and Frightened Extra, presented by Brian Dowling  (6th and 7th February on LivingTV and Living TV 2).

2005 brings Living TV even more game celebrities willing to experience the unknown for 3 days and nights, at Bolsover Castle in Derbyshire, for I’m Famous and Frightened 4. Will the dark, paranormal activity of the castle be too much for rugby player Martin Offiah, too titillating for page 3 stunner Lucy Pinder or even make radio DJ Jono Coleman speechless? As an added twist, another celebrity guest will arrive on the night of the 6th to brave the castle and its paranormal activity… 

Claire Sweeney will present the main show, with Brian Dowling hosting the Extra show getting the low down on the celebrities’ experiences in the castle. 

The setting is Bolsover Castle, described as the lost world of Elizabethan chivalry and romance, built in 1612 and situated in Derbyshire, near Chesterfield. The many old and decadent rooms of the castle will be explored by the celebrities and the psychic medium Ian Lawman, on board to channel any paranormal activity in the castle. Rooms to be ventured into include the Star Room, where a mysterious woman in black has been seen many times, the Riding House where footsteps can be heard when no one else is present, and many others including the Cellar and the Well House.

Also on hand to give his professional opinion is Para-psychologist Louie Savva, who will delve into the deeper spiritual levels of the castle, asking why, who and how. In other series of I’m Famous and Frightened, winners such as Julie Goodyear contacted the spirit of Coronation Street’s Pat Phoenix who played Elsie Tanner, and more recently comedienne Faith Brown was “entered” by the spirits” of a hundred marching soldiers. Who will step into the spiritual side this series?

On the final night the winner will be decided by who is the celebrities’ favourite, with money going to their charity of choice.

I’m Famous and Frightened will be presented by Claire Sweeney and will broadcast live on 5th, 6th and 7th February from 9pm – 12 midnight. Viewers can also get up close and personal, through live streaming, with the celebrities from 12 midnight. 

To find out even more about the goings on join Brian Dowling on Sunday 6th and Monday 7th for I’m Famous and Frightened Extra (see times below).

I’m Famous and Frightened is a Scream Films production, executive produced by Paul Flexton. Richard Woolfe, who created the show, is the executive producer for Living TV along with Clare Hollywood.

I’m Famous and Frightened Extra, presented by Brian Dowling, is on:

Living TV: Sunday 6th Feb; 12pm-1pm, 4pm-5pm 
Living TV 2: Monday 7th Feb; 12noon-1pm 
Living TV: Monday 7th Feb; 6.05pm – 7.05pm 

January 31, 2005: Interactive Digital - 'I'm Famous and Frightened'
[ I'm Famous and Frightened ]Following the huge success of its previous three incarnations, I’m Famous and Frightened! is again live and exclusive as Living TV gathers a new group of eight nervous celebs for an umissable haunted weekend at one of the country’s spookiest spots.

Preparing for a scaring this time around are DJ Jono Coleman, former Steps member Lee Latchford-Evans, model Lucy Pinder, rugby star Martin Offiah, actress Ruth Madoc and presenter and performer Toyah Willcox.

Presented by Claire Sweeny, this innovative paranormal scare-fest will once again test the celebrities’ courage to the limit. Over the course of three nights, they must perform a variety of demanding and often terrifying group and solo ghost-hunting tasks. 5th-7th February from 9pm.

Also I'm Famous & Frightened! Extra and live streaming on Living TV 2.

January 31, 2005: Toyah on TV
The Most Fertile Man In Ireland : Sky Movies 7 - Friday 4th February : 00.15am 

Light-hearted comedy about sex and fertility. A young man acquires a reputation as a man with a high sperm count and is soon in demand to make babies in Belfast - with both Catholics and Protestants. Director: Dudi Appleton. Starring: Kris Marshall, Bronagh Gallagher, Kiera Clarke, James Nesbitt, Kenneth Cranham, Pauline McLynn, Toyah Willcox, Tara O'Neil, and Marc O'Shea. 

January 28, 2005: 'Warrior Rock' - Tracklist & release date confirmed
[ Warrior Rock - click to pre-order ]The tracklisting for the 'Warrior Rock: Toyah on Tour' CD has been confirmed. As has the release date - 28th February 2005

This will be a single CD release (to keep the price as reasonable as possible for fans), with audience applause and selected speech cleverly edited. This means all 15 of the original tracks are included. 

Warrior Rock: Toyah on Tour (Demon - DIAB8071)
Confirmed Tracklist:
1. Good Morning Universe, 2. Warrior Rock, 3. Danced, 4. Jungles Of Jupiter, 5. It's A Mystery, 6. Castaways, 7. Angel And Me, 8. Brave New World, 9. The Packt, 10. Thunder In The Mountains, 11. We Are, 12. I Want To Be Free, 13. Dawn Chorus, 14. War Boys, 15. Ieya. 

No word yet on artwork etc. Various online stores are listing the CD; Tesco, Play... If you would like to pre-order 'Warrior Rock' @ Amazon, click on the picture. Thanks to www.toyahwillcox.com.

January 28, 2005: 'Love Is The Law' - Tracklist confirmed
[ love Is The Law ]The tracklisting for the 'Love Is The Law' CD has been confirmed. The actual release date has not been announced as yet, though the album will be available sometime in March of this year.

The CD release will contain five bonus tracks, most related to the album (single B-sides etc.).

Love Is The Law (Demon - DIAB8072)
Confirmed Tracklist:
1. Broken Diamonds, 2. I Explode, 3. Rebel Of Love, 4. Rebel Run, 5. Martian Cowboy, 6. Dreamscape, 7. Time Is Ours, 8. Love Is The Law, 9. Remember, 10. The Vow. Plus bonus tracks: 11. Be Proud Be Loud (Be Heard), 12. Laughing With The Fools, 13. To The Mountains High, 14. Baptised in Fire, 15. Haunted.

No word yet on artwork etc. No online stores have the release listed at the moment. Thanks to www.toyahwillcox.com.

January 28, 2005: Safari, so good! *doh!*
[ A fine set ]With the imminent first CD issue of 'Love Is The Law' ALL of Toyah's original Safari studio albums are now in print and available on CD.

Plus, of course, the live 'Warrior Rock' album. The 1980 live album 'Toyah! Toyah! Toyah!' was released on CD in 1990 on the Great Expectations label (as were 'Sheep Farming In Barnet' and 'The Blue Meaning') but has long since been deleted.

Still waiting to be liberated from its vinyl tomb is 'Mayhem', the rather good 1985 "cash in", a compilation album of demos and rare songs, released by Safari after Toyah had departed to CBS. 

Anthem (Connoisseur Collection - EVSOPCD263) 1999
The Changeling (Connoisseur Collection - EVSOPCD264) 1999
Sheep Farming In Barnet/The Blue Meaning (Safari - VOORCD4002) 2002
Warrior Rock: Toyah on Tour (Demon - DIAB8071) 2005
Love Is The Law (Demon - DIAB8072) 2005

All of the above, except 'Warrior Rock', boast bonus tracks. 

January 28, 2005: Promoting 'Warrior Rock' and 'Love Is The Law'
[ Toyah lights up Piccadilly Circus ]Toyah lights up Piccadilly Circus in London's West End!! If only!

This brilliant pic was created by William ( also responsible for the, recently departed, 'Brave New World' Toyah fansite), incorporating Dreamscape's 'Warrior Rock' / Love Is The Law' ad banner. And rather excellent it is too. It seems fitting, especially as Toyah is no stranger to the West End.

Just imagine if this could be a reality? Thousand of people seeing the ad every day. The Piccadilly Circus electric advertising display, situated in London's "swinging" West end, is a world famous landmark. It is situated at the junction of five of the capital's busiest streets and overlooks the famous Eros statue (which is actually a fountain topped by a figure of a winged archer!).

The illuminated advertisements first appeared way back in 1895, and, originally, the plaza used to be surrounded by billboards, creating London's version of Times Square, but currently only one building still carries large (mostly electronic) displays.

Here ends the London Piccadilly lesson for today!! I don't know why I'm telling you this, but it makes the idea of a 'Warrior Rock' / 'Love Is the Law' electronic ad all the more appealing ;o))

January 26, 2005: 'Sleeping Beauty'
[ Sleeping Beauty ]Toyah's panto, Sleeping Beauty, comes to an end this weekend...

And for its final week 'Kent Essential' in association with 'Invicta FM' named it one of the things to see:

Kent Essential - The Guide to what’s Hot n Happening in Kent

Sleeping Beauty – Sleeping Beauty is the romantic and enchanting tale of Princess Aurora who is cursed by the Wicked Fairy Carabosse (Toyah Willcox). Only the kiss of a prince (Jack Ryder) can awake her. Also starring Dave Lee.

Location: Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury
Date: 9th December - 30th January 2005
Contact: Box Office: 01227 787787
Cost: £8.50 - £18.50

Also found this quirky, amusing, little review of the show...

Planet Gromit - Sleeping Beauty

On the 2nd January we went to another Pantomime, this time "Sleeping Beauty" in Canterbury, courtesy of my wife's parents. The difference between this and the previous one was unbelievable....this was more of a Rock Opera than a pantomime, featuring the "talents" of yet another Big Brother contestant, this time "Bubble" from BB2, some annoying ex-cast-member of "Eastenders" and the GLORIOUS talents of Toyah Willcox. She's still hot, even if she is old enough to be my mum ;o) grrrr. They put on a fantastic show and really proved that Panto can actually resemble high class theatre and doesn't necessarily have to involve flimsy cardboard sets and the combined acting talent of a small hungarian toad. Good stuff. Oh yeah, did I mention Toyah was hot? grrr. lol.

January 26, 2005: Toyah newsy bits & pieces!
The Westmorland Gazette - No time to waste

Punks are all ready to get wasted and they are coming back to their favourite seaside resort to do it.

The 2005 Wasted' Festival is shaping up as one to give them every reason to descend on Morecambe. It will take place between May 18 and 22 and the line-up is already looking to be classic.

Confirmed acts include the Undertones, the Damned and the UK Subs and that trio of punk luminaries should ensure thousands of people flood into town. And the outstanding and definitely NOT separated Peter and the Test Tube Babies will also send Morecambe into the stratosphere.

Also confirmed at this early stage are the Business, the Anti Nowhere League, TSOL, TV Smith, the Exploited, the Stranglers and Antidote.

Chas and Dave will make a welcome return after their surprise debut last year, while Toyah, Hazel O'Connor and the Subterraneans are also primed to star. The legendary Splodginessabounds and the Dead Pets are also in the frame.

To get along to see the likes of the Sewers and Arturo Lurkers Punktry and Western Extravaganza, contact Wasted Festivals, Priory Street, Hereford.

Whole event tickets, with camping, cost £65 until March 31 and £75 from April 1.

• Toyah was mentioned in a huge article on Billy Boyd in yesterday's 'The Scotsman':

The Scotsman - Billy the kid comes of age

"When he was ten he was cast as the Artful Dodger in a primary school production of Oliver! The musical’s run coincided with a family holiday at Butlins, Ayr. Rather than pull his only son out of the role, William drove Billy to Cranhill then back to Ayrshire every night. "It was a terrible journey," he says. "Two hours each way. Dad was so proud. My mum enrolled me in a drama club in Bridgeton. And I loved it. I dreamed of being an actor. But when I told my guidance teacher I wanted to act, he just said: ‘Well, I wouldn’t tell anyone else that.’" Three years after his parents’ death, he left school to work as a bookbinder for Collins in Bishopriggs: "I wanted to hold onto something, be cosseted maybe. Earning some money, being able to buy a car and go on holidays just seemed more important. And of course there was this working-class thing of ‘getting a trade.’" 

Books reawakened his appetite to act. Billy read each new book he bound: novels, poetry, plays. At the age of 23 - "almost on a whim" - he applied to the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama. To his astonishment, they accepted him. 

Theatre roles in the musical version of Adrian Mole, Trainspotting and The Ballad of Crazy Paola followed, as did movie appearances beside Jason Connery in Urban Ghost Story and Toyah Willcox in Julie and the Cadillacs - not to mention the occasional Taggart." 

Remember The Eighties - Toyah

Toyah has announced two more gigs for 2005. Toyah will play a PA at Blackpool's Flamingo's on March 28th and Hastings Beer Festival on 2nd July in addition to the previously announced show at the Wasted Festival on May 21st [News Added 21 Jan 2005]

January 26, 2005: Toyah on TV - 'I'm Famous and Frightened' - *Updated*
Toyah mentions in her January Webletter that she will be participating in the fourth instalment of Living TV's I'm Famous and Frightened.

"On February 5th to 7th I will be taking part in ‘I’m Famous & I’m Frightened’ on UK Living TV. Not having managed to see any of the previous series I pray I’m not going to have the living daylights frightened out of me."

I'm Famous and Frightened : Living TV - Sat 5th February : 9.00pm [3 hrs]
I'm Famous and Frightened : Living TV Plus 1 - Sat 5th February : 10.00pm [3 hrs]
Claire Sweeney presents the paranormal reality programme in which a group of six celebrities spend the weekend in Derbyshire's haunted Bolsover Castle. Jono Coleman, Lee Latchford-Evans, Lucy Pinder, Martin Offiah, Ruth Madoc and Toyah Willcox will test their courage by performing various group and solo challenges. And each night, viewers get to vote on which celebrities should leave. (Exclusive to Living TV).

I'm Famous and Frightened Live : Living TV - Sun 6th February : 00.00 [2 hrs]
I'm Famous and Frightened Live : Living TV Plus 1 - Sun 6th February : 1.00am [2 hrs]
Live streaming of the paranormal reality programme in which a group of celebrities spend the weekend in Derbyshire's haunted Bolsover Castle. The celebs will test their courage by performing various group and solo challenges. (Exclusive to Living TV).

I'm Famous and Frightened Live : Living TV 2 - Sun 6th February : 11.00am [2 hrs]
I'm Famous and Frightened Extra : Living TV 2 - Sun 6th February : 2.00pm [1 hr]
I'm Famous and Frightened Extra : Living TV - Sun 6th February : 4.00pm [1 hr]
I'm Famous and Frightened Extra : Living TV Plus 1 - Sun 6th February : 5.00pm [1 hr]
I'm Famous and Frightened Extra : Living TV 2 - Sun 6th February : 7.00pm [1 hr]
I'm Famous and Frightened : Living TV - Sun 6th February : 9.00pm [3 hrs]

January 24, 2005: First 2005 Webletter 
Toyah's first Webletter of 2005 went live @ www.toyahwillcox.com over the weekend. Zoom on over to read all about:

• Is Toyah the "new Sharon Osbourne"? Find out what Toyah has to say about the new series of The X Factor.

• What she's beeen getting up to during Sleeping Beauty, her panto in Canterbury. Plus a snippet about panto 2005.

• Why did she pay a visit to Soho, London within the first couple of weeks of January?

• And why will Toyah be clutching a huge bottle of bubbly in Southampton on 24th February?

January 24, 2005: 'Sunday' magazine
Toyah was pictured, in 1982 and from 2003's I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!, in yesterday's 'Sunday', the magazine that is included with the 'News Of The World'.

The, not particularly flattering, feature was titled: 

Dear old dear - From beauties to beasties
Fame and fortune certainly doesn't guarantee you'll grow old gracefully

Toyah Willcox: The once wild girl of punk made heads turn with her colourful hairstyles and carefree attitude. Today she wouldn't look out of place down Walford Market as Pauline Fowler's long-lost twin sister.

Miiaaow! Not very fair, especially considering they used a picture of Toyah, make-up free, from the Australian jungle. On the positive side, the 1982 picture is a gorgeous shot of a pink-haired Toyah. And she is in good company. Also included in the feature are Debbie Harry, Faye Dunaway, Liza Minnelli, and Kirstie Alley. Toyah is the only Brit.

January 23, 2005: Toyah on 'The Way We Were'
[ The Way We Were - 20th Jan 05 ]Toyah guested on The Way We Were on Thursday evening (in the Meridian region only).

As well as Toyah, the show featured Chris Packham, Fred Dinenage, Cheryl Baker, Julie Peasgood & Christopher Biggins reminiscing about the past. The show is mainly made up of old film footage intercut with the odd celebrity talking.

This edition was about Holidays and had Toyah talking about her visits to her local Lido.

Toyah said: "I loved Lidos. The only quality time I had with my mother was at Lidos and I dread to think what kind of people were there, we’re not such an innocent culture these days but I would run round the lido in just my knickers even when I was about 11, which was really wrong! um but my mum could relax, we could sunbathe. It was never really hot. The temperatures back then, I'm sure never got higher than 19 in the summer but we had a great time. It was a time for eating Ice Cream. It was the first and only time I'd see azure blue water because the pools were painted blue so it gave you a feeling of being in the Mediterranean. I loved Them."

A HUGE THANKS to Andi Westhorpe for the screen captures and info. Please click on the pic to view more caps at Dreamscape's CAPTURED section.

January 23, 2005: 'Love Is The Law' on CD!!! (+ 'Warrior Rock)
[ Warrior Rock & Love Is The Law CDs ]The fantastic news is that, as well as 'Warrior Rock', 'Love Is The Law' will also be issued on CD for the first time.

As visitors to Dreamscape will know, this is something most Toyah fans have been waiting for many years to hear. There have been letters to various record labels (Safari/Connoisseuer), petitions, much dignified pleading, news stories, including the first one ever on this website way back in 2000, all to no avail!! Just when we had all but given up hope... This great news. 

A huge thanks to whichever individuals or organisation has made it possible.

No definite information on final tracklisting, bonus tracks etc, but both CDs will be released in February/March of 2005 on the Demon Records label.

Warrior Rock (cat: DIAB8071)
Love Is The Law (cat: DIAB8072)

[ Toyah - 1982/83 ]The original 'Warrior Rock' tracklist is detailed below. 

'Love Is The Law', released in October 1983, comprised; 1. Broken Diamonds, 2. I Explode, 3. Rebel Of Love, 4. Rebel Run, 5. Martian Cowboy, 6. Dreamscape, 7. Time Is Ours, 8. Love Is The Law, 9. Remember, 10. The Vow.

Keep an eye on Toyah's Official website for further updates on both of these CDs. I will also post news on Dreamscape as and when I have any more information.

January 23, 2005: Toyah on TV
Brum : RTÉ 2 - Wednesday 20nd February : 11.05am
Brum and the Airport Adventure. The adventures of a little car who lives in a motor museum, narrated by Toyah Willcox. When precious gems are stolen from a famous celebrity at the airport, Brum is soon on the trail of the two thieves.
January 23, 2005: Toyah live in 2005: Blackpool/Morecambe/Hastings
Toyah will play a live PA at Flamingo's Club in Blackpool on Easter Monday (28th March).

DJs Baz and Irene McGarvie playing tunes from the 70s, 80s and early 90s, featuring 80´s sensation TOYAH. Opens: 10:30pm - Closes: 3:00am. 

Flamingo's, 174 / 176 Talbot Road
Blackpool, Lancashire. FY1 3AZ
Tel: (01253) 624901

Toyah also plays at the Wasted Festival, Morecambe (19th to 22nd May). Other acts playing the long-running punk fest include; Hazel O'Connor, The Stranglers, The Damned and countless others. Ticket are available in a variety of payment methods and are cheaper until March 2005.

Toyah will be playing on Saturday 21st May on the Main Stage and is also listed as appearing on the Acoustic Stage with a SPOKEN WORD performance. 

£65 - 1st November to 31st March 05 
£75 - 1st April onwards 
Cheques payable to Wasted Festivals (please include a SAE) to 14 Priory Street, Hereford, HR4 9LB UK. Credit Cards 02476 559992 or Tickets@wastedfestivals.com

Also recently added to Toyah's live 2005 outings is Hastings Beer Festival (29th June to 2nd July). Toyah will play on Saturday 2nd July with a live band.

This beer festival of over 40 cask ales attracts 14,000 guests every year and all profits are donated to charities and good causes.

There are gallons of real ales, while lagers - usually scorned at certain festivals - are represented by the likes of Fosters and Kronenbourg 1664 on no less than 28 taps. There are also wines, locally produced ciders from Biddenden and soft drinks.

Expect to see the very best in cover bands. There are ample facilities, from catering through to terraces of toilets. Don't forget to keep the badged beer glass!

Venue: Alexandra Park, Hastings, East Sussex.
Contact: Hastings Information Centre. Tel: 02380 625 400
Email: enquiries@seetb.org.uk 
Website: http://www.hbmf.co.uk/

January 23, 2005: An Audience with Toyah Willcox
Toyah's one-woman-show, which had the working title 'Chain Reaction', has been renamed 'An Audience with Toyah Willcox', www.toyahwillcox..com report in their latest news update.

The debut performance of the, long-awaited and much-anticipated, show will take place sometime this year. Details will be announced on the Official site when finalised.

January 23, 2005: New Toyah book(s)
The waiting will soon be over regarding the subject matter of Toyah's new book. All will be revealed soon... This from Toyah's Official website:

"Lastly Toyah will have a new publication hitting shops on 18th March. Watch out for an exclusive announcement on toyahwillcox.com soon." 

And this from the book's publishers: 

"Toyah is completing a most controversial autobiographical work. It is a remarkably brave, frank and startlingly innovative work which will remain under wraps until published in Spring 2005 by Michael O'Mara Books."

We also have Toyah's first ever novel to look forward to. 'We Have Angels Here'. Plus, don't forget, Toyah contributes to 'The Rabbit Whisperer' by Ingrid Tarrant, published in March.

January 19, 2005: 'Warrior Rock' - Finally released on CD?
[ Warriror Rock ]Is 'Warrior Rock - Toyah on Tour', Toyah's excellent double album from 1982, finally being given a CD release?

The album, a recording of the final two dates of the 'Changeling' Tour, has already been partially available on CD on the 'Live and More' release but a complete issue of the original is long overdue.

The Play.com website is listing it as being released on 28th February. No other online store has, at present, the release listed.

The tracklist is identical to the original album, released in November 1982:

1. Good Morning Universe, 2. Warrior Rock, 3. Danced, 4. Jungles Of Jupiter, 5. It's A Mystery, 6. Castaways, 7. Angel And Me, 8. Brave New World, 9. The Packt, 10. Thunder In The Mountains, 11. We Are, 12. I Want To Be Free, 13. Dawn Chorus, 14. War Boys, 15. Ieya. 

January 19, 2005: "Oh yes it is!!"
[ Dave, Toyah & Jack ]Spare a thought for Toyah... While Christmas is now a, relatively, distant memory for most of us, Toyah still has approx 20 performances of Sleeping Beauty ahead of her before the panto finishes on Sunday 30th January.

As always happens at the Marlowe theatre, the panto has been a massive success, with Toyah and the cast playing three shows on certain days. There are still another two such busy days to come, this Saturday (22nd January) and the next (29th January).

Absolutely no rest for the Wicked Fairy!!

Please click on the picture to visit the Marlowe Theatre's Sleeping Beauty page, for show times and info on how to book tickets for the show.

January 19, 2005: In the bleak midwinter...
[ Toyah's Christmas tree! ]>>> Toyah's Christmas tree!! :oo

Leap on over to Robert Fripp's online diary for a rare insight into how he, and Toyah, spent Christmas 2004.

"A beautiful day, mostly with blue sky and cold: for five minutes it snowed!"

This picture was taken, by Robert, early evening on Christmas Day.

There are more candid pictures, including one of Toyah, dressed as the Wicked Fairy, in her dressing room @ the Marlowe Theatre.

It's advisable to visit the diary as soon as possible. Entries are deleted as new ones are added. Unfortunately previous entries are not archived.

Thanks to Owen Keenan for the info. Please click on the picture to visit Robert's diary.

January 19, 2005: 'Captured' - Christmas Eve TV shows
Now online, two pages of screen grabs from House Doctor: We Love You, and The 100 Greatest Christmas Moments. Both programmes were shown on UK TV on Christmas Eve, and both included contributions from Toyah

Head over to the CAPTURED section to view these.

January 19, 2005: Toyah on Australian TV
[ Toyah on Aus TV ]On ABC TV (Australia) the Rage program (8th Jan 2005) featured a Countdown episode (19th July 1981) featuring Toyah. The show played the 'I Want To Be Free' video.

COUNTDOWN - July 19th, 1981: Hosted by Marcia Hines 

Music Video Highlights: STRAY CATS - The Race Is On, RICK SPRINGFIELD - Jessie's Girl, THE SUNNYBOYS - Happy Man, TOYAH WILLCOX - I Want To Be Free, MEN AT WORK - Who Can It Be Now, MONDO ROCK - Chemistry, TOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERS - The Waiting, PHIL SEYMOUR - Precious To Me, THE LITTLE HEROES - The Last Number One, AIR SUPPLY - Every Woman In The World 

Studio Performance Highlights: MARCIA HINES - Your Love Still Brings Me To My Knees, MEO 245 - Other Places, THE SPORTS - When We Go Out Tonight. 

Thanks to Owen Keenan for the info. Please click on the pictures to visit the 'Rage' website.

January 19, 2005: Toyah on TV
Brum : BBC2 - Thursday 20th January : 10.00am
Brum and the Football Hero. The adventures of a little car who lives in a motor museum, narrated by Toyah Willcox. Brum scores the winning goal when he comes on as a substitute during a football match.
January 5, 2005: Sleeping Beauty
[ Toyah/Jack Ryder - Dec 04 ]Don't forget that Toyah continues in Sleeping Beauty for the rest of January, at the Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury, Kent.

The panto runs until Sunday 30th January 2005. 

Marlowe Theatre, The Friars, 
Canterbury, CT1 2AS 
Telephone 01227 787787 Fax 01227 479662

Tickets: £8.50, £12.50, £15.00, £16.50, £18.50

Further information and to book tickets, please visit www.themarlowetheatre.com. Or alternatively click on the picture to visit the Official Toyah website's dedicated page.

Toyah and Jack Ryder are pictured on stage during the dress rehearsal for the pantomime at the Marlowe Theatre ahead of the December 14th press night in Canterbury. 

Thanks to Andi.

January 5, 2005: The Radio 4 Appeal 
[ BBC Radio 4 Appeal ]Toyah's Radio 4 Appeal, on behalf of INSPIRE, was broadcast twice on BBC Radio 4 on Sunday (2nd January).

"It is often the young and active in the prime of life who suffer spinal cord injury, it brings with it so many humiliating side effects; pressure sores, infections that kill, loss of normal bodily functions, loss of self-esteem and sometimes constant and unbearable pain. INSPIRE is a small charity, trying to make life better now for people who are paralysed. It is funding pioneering work which can really make a difference to people - like the electrical stimulator that can enable someone to feed themselves again or open a door or write a letter unaided."

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The Radio 4 Appeal : BBC Radio 4 - Thursday 6th January : 3.27pm
Toyah Willcox appeals on behalf of Inspire.

January 5, 2005: 'Wales Echo' - Stars give views of Wales 
A view of Wales - the Wales Tourist Board's holiday magazine for spring and summer 2005, will have a new look when it reaches readers throughout the UK this month.

The magazine is written by well-known contributors who highlight their own experiences of Wales and presents a host of holiday ideas.

In this edition, under the heading "How Green is My Valley?", actress and singer Toyah Willcox tells about a relaxing holiday in the Vale of Conwy.

Television doctor Mark Porter takes his wife and two teenage daughters to look at the coastline of Anglesey, basing themselves at the Trearddur Bay Hotel.

Under the title "Weather Resistant", meteorologist Helen Willetts and her husband Phil take to the hills and mountains of Mid Wales, while the travel editor of The Independent, Simon Calder, looks at "The Great Divide", the gulf that separates the moorland of the Brecon Beacons from the industrial valleys at their foot.

The magazine's managing editor, Roger Thomas, said that stories in the press now suggest it is increasingly popular to take a holiday at home.

"We can't promise you a tan in Wales - it's deeply unfashionable, anyway," he said. "But we can say, hand on heart, that this is a country that offers quality in terms of its scenery, hospitality, accommo- dation and activities."

A View of Wales is an integral part of the WTB's promotional campaign that aims to spend £6m annually over the next three years pushing on from the ground won by its campaign Wales - the Big Country.

[ Source - Wales Echo, 5th January 2005 ]

January 5, 2005: Toyah on 'Ultimate Top 10 Sci-Fi'
Managed to catch Toyah on one of the Sky One shows repeated over the holiday; Ultimate Top 10 Sci-Fi: Robots.

She commented on a couple of famous robots, and had this to say:

R2D2 and C-3P0 (from Star Wars) who came fourth in the Top 10.

"It was so clever to have two robots, in a relationship that was, not only, comic but actually made you sympathise with them."

False Maria (from Metropolis) who came first.

"It's the most perfect design of a robot. I think that it inspired many a rock video.

"It is probably the most copied costume design in the world."