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[ Warrior Rock & Love Is The Law... on CD ]  

February 25, 2005: 'Warrior Rock'/'Love Is The Law' - Latest round up
[ Warrior Love ]• Most online stores are now listing both 'Warrior Rock' and 'Love Is The Law... Plus' CD's. Availability is wide and everyone should be able to get hold of them.

• It's likely that some High Street and shopping mall retailers, HMV, Virgin, will also be stocking the releases.

• A press ad for the 'Warrior Rock' CD is included in the current issue of 'Record Collector' magazine. The first Toyah press music advert for many a year. Hurrah say us!

• The current issue of 'Record Collector' (featuring The Beatles on the cover) also includes a small news feature, along with a pic of Toyah from early 1982 , on the two new CD releases.

• Press adverts for 'Love is the Law' and 'Warrior Rock' are also expected to run in 'Uncut' and 'Word' magazines.

• Keep an eye out for reviews of both CD's. No doubt 'Q', 'Record Collector' and various other magazines will give an opinion on them in the next couple of months.

• Various music and 80's related websites have been reporting the releases on their news pages. Good that the CD's are garnering attention outwith the Toyahland boundaries.

• Both CD's will have pictures and information from their respective eras. No word yet on whether either will include lyrics. Unlikely with 'Warrior Rock' but perhaps with 'Love Is the Law'?

• Toyah is so pleased that 'Love Is The Law' is finally being issued on CD that she has agreed to provide sleevenotes for the booklet. This will also be "lavishly illustrated" with Toyah images from the era.

• 'Warrior Rock' has been digitally remastered for its debut on CD.

• Although 'Warrior Rock' isn't officially released until this coming Monday (28th February) some people are reporting that their CD's have already been dispatched. Keep checking your postbox :)

• 'Love Is The Law' is officially released on Monday 28th March 2005. The same day that Toyah makes her first live outing of the year, a PA @ Flamingos in Blackpool.

• The Official Toyah website has a new section dedicated to the new CD releases. You can access it by clicking on the FEATURES menu.

• If anyone spots any other news, information, adverts, reviews on either CD, please feel free to let me know and I'll add it here: toyahdreamscape@yahoo.com - Thanks!

• THANKS, hugs, and cake.... for the persons who have made these releases a reality ;o)

• "Don't be depressed, that's a distraction, buy these CD's, if you want action..."

February 25, 2005: Toyah on TV / Newsy bits & pieces!
The Most Fertile Man In Ireland : Sky Movies 3 - Tuesday 8th March : 2.15am
Bedded by his town's good-time girl, Eamonn quickly acquires a reputation as a man who can make babies. While both sides of Belfast struggle with their sperm-counts, the lucky man becomes the hot property of both Catholics and Protestants. Crown jewel comedy. Director: Dudi Appleton. Starring: Kris Marshall, Bronagh Gallagher, James Nesbitt, and Toyah Willcox.

• Toyah (and Robert) has the builders in! - Check out Robert Fripp's Online Diary >>> http://www.disciplineglobalmobile.com/diary/

• Leap on over to www.rexfeatures.co.uk (type in Toyah) to take a look at two pictures of Toyah taken at last week's An Audience With Joe Pasquale.

February 21, 2005: Toyah newsy bits & pieces!
[ An Audience with Joe Pasquale ]• Toyah, accompanied by her pal John (aka Ruby), was an audience guest on Saturday night's An Audience with Joe Pasquale on ITV1.

Toyah, in the front row, was among a plethora of well known faces watching the comedian, who won the latest series of I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!

She was looking great, wearing cool shades and the jacket she sported on the cover of the autobiography 'Living Out Loud'

The show was recorded last Wednesday evening in London.

Thanks to Andi Westhorpe for the screen capture.

• 'I Want To Be Free', Toyah's 1981 Top 10 hit, taken from the album 'Anthem', was played today on the Radio 2 show Steve Wright in the Afternoon.

Thanks to Alec Kelly.

• Toyah's forthcoming book, autobiographically detailing a specific period of time in her life, 'Diary Of A Facelift', is slowly being picked up on by various websites. As the publication date nears this will certainly increase. Look out for more media interest from magazines, newspapers, websites, radio, and television.

• Another Toyah book, currently on the back-burner, the intriguingly titled 'We Have Angels Here', is still scheduled for publication. Actual dates aren't known but many fans are looking forward to Toyah's first novel.

February 21, 2005: 'Love Is The Law... Plus'
[ Love Is The Law... PLUS ]Most online retailers are now listing the new 'Love Is The Law... Plus' CD.

The Demon Music Group website also now have a page dedicated to the release, and interestingly they say that 'Love Is The Law' will be advertised in the following magazines: 'Record Collector', 'Uncut' and 'Word'.

• Originally released in November 1983, this Top 20 album was Toyah’s last album for the indie label Safari before signing to CBS.

• Featuring the hit singles "Rebel Run" and "The Vow", this CD issue adds the big non-album hit "Be Loud, Be Proud (Be Heard)" for the first time. The remaining bonus tracks were singles b-sides, and all appear on the CD for the first time.

• Annotated by an acknowledged Toyah authority. 

To pre-order 'Love Is The Law' on CD @ Amazon please click on the picture.

February 21, 2005: 'Warrior Rock'
[ Warrior Rock ]The Demon Music Group website now have a page dedicated to the release of 'Warrior Rock: Toyah On Tour' on CD.

• Originally released in November 1982, this Top 20 live album saw Toyah at the peak of her commercial powers. This double vinyl album has never been issued on CD in its entirety, and as a result, six tracks appear on CD for the first time.

• This 15 track CD features blistering live versions of her biggest pop hits "It’s A Mystery", "Thunder In The Mountains" and "I Want To Be Free", as well as songs from her ‘punk’ era like "Ieya" and "War Boys".

To pre-order 'Warrior Rock: Toyah On Tour' on CD @ Amazon please click on the picture.

February 21, 2005: Toyah on TV - 'Girls Forever'
Girls Forever : ITV1 - Friday 25th February : 1.20am

A look back at the very best female solo artists from the last two decades, featuring Toyah, Kim Wilde, Debbie Gibson, Billie Piper, Britney Spears, Tina Turner, Cher, Diana Ross, Natalie Imbruglia, Kylie Minogue, Leann Rimes, kd lang and, of course, Madonna.

Toyah features, among dozens of other female singers, on Girls Forever. 

The short, but sweet, feature opens with a retro Toyah TV appearance from 1985 alongside kid's presenter Gaz Top, followed by a clip of the 'I Want To Be Free' video, over which is muttered... 

"UK girls have always had to disprove the doubters. Why, as one said 'so what if I dye my hair, I've still got a brain up there...' 

'I Want To Be Free' was mainstream, yet arty, post-punk Toyah Willcox's second hit. Number eight in '81 and certainly a better title choice than debut hit 'It's A Mystery'. Not  ideal for a singer troubled by a lisp. 

There followed a bunch more hits by the diminutive woman whose visual style inspired many a new romantic. 

Toyah went on to marry guitarist Robert Fripp, thus keeping music in the family!"

February 21, 2005: Toyah @ '80's Music Central'
Toyah will see her live 1982 double album Warrior Rock released this month and 1983's Love Is The Law studio effort released in March both on CD for the first time. Love Is The Law will include 5 bonus tracks that were original B-sides.
February 21, 2005: Toyah on TV - 'I'm Famous and Frightened'
I'm Famous and Frightened: Scariest Bits : Living TV - Tuesday 22nd February : 10pm
I'm Famous and Frightened: Scariest Bits : Living TV Plus 1 - Tuesday 22nd February : 11pm

Highlights from the show presented by Claire Sweeney in which Jono Coleman, Lee Latchford-Evans, Lucy Pinder, Martin Offiah, Ruth Madoc and Toyah Willcox put their nerves to the test by spending the weekend in Derbyshire's haunted Bolsover Castle.

February 9, 2005: 'I'm Famous and Frightened' - Life in the tree?
[ I'm Famous and Frightened - 5th Feb 05 ]Toyah's first night at Bolsover castle, along with the other five frightened celebrities, wasn't particularly scary, it has to be said, on Living TV's I'm Famous and Frightened 4.

Even Toyah commented, after the group had retired to the area where they would sleep for the first night, that "If anything, I feel more sceptical now, and I'm a believer!".

The first few hours saw the celebrities gather around, hug, and try to summon spirits from a large "plague" tree in the grounds of the castle. Toyah said she felt something but, like most of the others, was fairly vague about exactly what.

Each person then had to secretly nominate anohter to take part in a solo challenge. Toyah nominated ex-rugby player martin Offiah because she said, "I want the shit to be scared out of him!".

The challenge saw Martin (who almost everyone else voted for too) to go into a dark cellar type room where a plague victim had slowly died (nice, eh? ;o)).

Next up came Toyah and Jono Coleman investigating the Riding Stables door. Apparently someone had been shot there centuries ago and his ghost is seen hanging around the doors. Toyah, and Jono, concluded that this was probably a myth as they felt no overt negativity or spirits there.

All six, along with a medium, Ian Lawman, then took part in a seance (which also saw a horse circling around the group). very atmospheric viewing though, again, little "contact" ws made with anything unworldy. Ruth Madoc did appear to have saw two people in the huge stables.

[ I'm Famous and Frightened ]Toyah said:"I sensed the 1780's, a place of gambling, but also a natural peace, inner beauty. The plague tree outside is in full bloom..."

At the end of the seance poor Ruth Madoc was banished to sleep alone, under the plague tree, in a tent.

The celebs then all retired for the night to their living area, situated just above where the seance had taken place, and part of the castle said to be most haunted.

There they all chatted, ate and drank, went upsatirs for a video "confession" and tried to relax.

Toyah mentioned that she had received a text message from her husband, he was enquiring about who farted during the plague tree shenanigans!!

One of the most interesting things about the show was the onscreen text messages sent in during I'm Famous and Frightened live, including a couple from Toyah fans over @ the Dreamscape Forum.

Toyah and Jono made a great team earlier... Toyah is really getting into this... I hope Toyah experiences something... Toyah is the least scared, Toyah to win... Toyah fears nothing. Good luck from your tribe of fans... I think Toyah is scared the most... Martin or Toyah 2 win... TOYAH - Go for it girl!... I think Toyah will run out scared... Toyah is looking so sexy! Go Toyah... Go for it Toyah ur the best...Toyah looks great. I want her to win!...I think Toyah will be the most scared tonight...Toyah to wn the show... Ain't Toyah great? She's absolutely stunning...Toyah is the most nervous...Toya you are brill. Good luck...Toyah to win. Her strange spooky stories are ace... Toyah seems the most apprehensive. Think she should do the next investigation...

Unfortunately I didn't catch any of the second night of I'm Famous and Frightened, and only a little of the final night, which saw Ruth Madoc voted as the winner.

Please click on the pictures to visit Imagemeister's website for more screen captures of the show.

February 9, 2005: Amazon's 'HOT BOOKS'
Over the weekend Toyah's 'Diary Of A Facelift' was listed at number 24 in www.amazon.co.uk's "Hot 50 Pre-release Books"...

"These books are moving up the Amazon.co.uk sales ranks prior to their official publication date. Pre-order them now and we'll send them to you as soon as they publish."

February 5, 2005: TOYAH WILLCOX - 'Diary Of A Facelift'
[ Diary Of A Facelift ]REVEALED!, by toyahwillcox.com, in a series of e-news and website updates over the past few days, the gorgeous pictures that will be the front and reverse covers of the new book 'Diary Of A Facelift'.

These great shots were taken by Dean Stockings and are surely the best photographs he has ever captured of Toyah?

Toyah also released a statement, via her Official website, about why she has chosen to write the book.

The 'Daily Telegraph' will begin serialising the book on 12th March, five days prior to the book being published.

No doubt there is going to be much more comment, reports, and interviews over the coming weeks and months on this subject.

February 5, 2005: The 'Brits' 25 - It's A Mystery!
[ The Brits 25 ]This Wednesday sees the annual Brit Awards being held at Earls Court in London. The show will be broadcast the next evening on ITV1 here in the UK.

This year's awards are being called 'Brits 25' in celebration of it being the 25th time the event has been held. It began way back in 1977 and was then known as, the less catchy, 'The British Rock & Pop Awards'. The next awards didn't happen until five years later in 1982, and the Brits website seems to want to rewrite music history.

They have listed, in the 1982 Rock & Pop Awards - Best Female Singer category, Randy Crawford as the winner!!! The ceremony, held in January 1982 and marking the previous 12 months in music, of course saw Toyah pick up that title. And not only that she did so with a landslide majority of votes.

There is also a 'Brits 25' book available to buy. Not sure whether Toyah has been airbrushed out of that or not ;o)

February 5, 2005: More gigs for 2005
It has been announced that Toyah will be playing two gigs and a PA at three different Butlins complexes later in the year.

These, added to the previously announced dates, brings the, current, total of Toyah appearances in 2005 to six:

Monday 28th March : Blackpool - Flamingo’s Club (PA)
Saturday 21st May : Morcambe - Wasted Festival (full band)
Saturday 2nd July : Hastings - Beer festival (full band)
Saturday 15th October : Skegness (full band)
Saturday 19th November : Bognor (full band)
Saturday 3rd December : Minehead (PA)

February 5, 2005: Toyah @ 'Remember The Eighties'
Toyah is to have more of her back catalogue albums made available on CD for the first time. Her 1982 live double album 'Warrior Rock' and her excellent 1983 studio album 'Love Is The Law' will both be released with 'Warrior Rock' coming out on a single CD on February 28th and 'Love Is The Law' following in March. 'Love Is The Law' will also feature five extra tracks, originally released as b-sides.


February 4, 2005: Toyah's 'I'm Famous and Frightened' webpage
[ Toyah ]A great new picture of Toyah and a lengthy bio over @ Living TV's I'm Famous and Frightened website:


Famous for: Outrageous 80's superstar turned actress and reality star.
Frightened of: Hearing voices.

Personal: In a career spanning 25 years Toyah has had 13 top 40 singles, made 15 solo albums, written 2 books, appeared in over 20 stage plays and made 10 feature films making her one of Britain's biggest household names. 

Toyah's presenting career began back in 1992 with a show called '1st night' for Mentorn Barraclough Carey. This soon resulted in many offers, she was asked to present Meridian's 'Anthing Goes' and a BBC1 series 'Discovering Eve'. She also became the only female ever to play the title role in the BBC Radio 4 dramatisation of Peter Pan which received massive critical acclaim. 

In 1996 Toyah presented 'The Good Sex Guide Late' for Carlton Television every Friday night as part of the new late-night series of programmes. She also began a long-standing relationship with the BBC where she has since presented the 'Holiday' programme, 'Fasten Your Seatbelts', 'Face Value', a 'Songs of Praise' special and 'The Heaven and Earth Show'. 

In keeping with her musical background, she became the face of VH1 presenting a series of programmes namely 'Into The Music', 'Weekend Review', her own show 'Toyah' then 'Toyah and Chase' and 'Happy Hour'. 

During the year 2000 Toyah reported for 'Paradise Found' (ITV), where she spent a week at a retreat in Santa Barbara away from her stressful work routine to go on an adventure to find her true self! She also presented a series for BBC 'Open University' called 'Ever Wonder' and became a team captain for Meridian's property quiz 'Under Offer'. The following year Toyah presented an alternative health series for Discovery Health called 'Beyond Medicine' and 'Whose Recipe Is It Anyway?' a food show for the Carlton Food Network. 

In August 2000 Toyah's autobiography 'Living Out Loud' (Hodder & Stoughton) was released. 

She presented the programme 'Life Class' for HTV West, looking into the drawings of the human figure, which won an award at the 2002 Columbus International Film and Video Festival in the USA and also presented the last programme to come from Birmingham's legendary TV studio BBC Pebble Mill. Alongside all this she took time out to survive 12 long days and nights in the Australian Jungle for ITV's 'I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here' in May 2003. 

Her first Novel 'We Have Angels Here', was out at Christmas and her first self penned one woman show hits British Theatres between June and July. On top of all this she is making two TV series, one for ITV1 and a second for FIVE. And Q magazine gave a huge thumbs up to her latest album 'Velvet Lined Shell'. 

On the Paranormal: Toyah's experience of the paranormal stems from her childhood with her mother, father and sister in what she calls a 'freaky' house in Birmingham. Both parents were huge believers in the paranormal and encouraged her to believe in an afterlife, even going so far as to persuade her to talk to the dead, including an attempt to contact her own deceased Grandparents. When Toyah was in her teens her sister had a job in the cancer ward of the local hospital. As she was caring for terminally ill patients, many died whilst in her care and the family began to notice a correlation of paranormal events in their own home every time there was a death at the hospital. 

This activity would include her fathers' bed sheets being pulled off him whilst sleeping without explanation and her mother discovering the wallpaper in Toyah's bedroom ripped off from inside her fitted wardrobe in the middle of the night, and the wall soaking wet. These experiences have led Toyah to believe that females are more susceptible to the paranormal. 

Whilst she was working on the show 'Most Haunted' and staying overnight at The Margate Theatre an electrician noticed a light which had been left on in the theatre and went to switch it off only to discover the light was not plugged in at the socket. 

On I'm Famous and Frightened: Toyah has seen some of the last series and is thrilled to be taking part. She felt that some of our previous celebrities acted up to their spooky situations and is looking forward to feeling the experiences herself. She likes to be challenged and would be happy to take part in Ouija boards and séances, as long as she was wearing her crucifix. Toyah has regular tarot readings from her spiritual counsellor, and lives her life astrologically. In 1991 she had her aura read. The worst thing that could happen to her is poltergeist activity, as she found her experiences of it incredibly frightening or worst still, hearing any voices. She believes that now she is older unexplained events can't happen to her anymore, but if they did she is bound to swear a lot! 

Toyah normally likes to surround herself with hundreds of lucky charms, but will be limiting herself to a small suitcase, but will still bring her crucifix and carry her Rose Quartz to avoid negativity. 

Would like to meet: If Toyah were to come back and haunt anyone she'd like to spook David Bowie (her musician husband knows Bowie well). The person from history with whom she most identifies is Boudicca as she battled with her beliefs and believes in a woman's right to be masculine. 

On the other celebs: Toyah thinks Jono will remain calm and jovial should he encounter any ghosts and that her fellow celebrities will be looking for messages from another dimension. If they were to get the proof of another existence they would all freak out! Toyah expects the castle to have a similar feel to the Arthur Conan Doyle classic 'The Hound of the Baskervilles', dark, foggy and decrepit. 

Charity: INSPIRE 
INSPIRE is a UK national charity which was formed in 1985 by people who were themselves spinal cord injured and who wanted to raise funds for the then embryonic Medical Physics Department. In 1995, the Foundation funded the first Freehand operation outside the USA and since then has been able to fund a number of projects in pursuit of its objective. In February 2000, INSPIRE became a member of the Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC).

The object of INSPIRE is to promote research into and the development of electronic, mechanical and medical aids to assist the mobility and enablement of people suffering from spinal cord paralysis and its associated effects in the UK and to communicate the useful results of such research.

Toyah Willcox is one of INSPIRE's patrons. 

Unrelated but... : The Flamingo's website is also running a lengthy bio (taken from toyahwillcox.com) at their website, along with a couple of small Toyah pix, in anticipation of her Easter Monday PA at the club.

February 4, 2005: 'I'm Famous and Frightened' - Living TV's website
[ Living TV's I'm Famous... website ]Living TV's I'm Famous and Frightened 4 website has gone live on the eve of the start of the three-day reality show.

"What will our new celebs face during I’m Famous and Frightened 4? Will the haunted Bolsover Castle be too much for rugby player Martin Offiah, too titillating for page 3 stunner Lucy Pinder or make DJ Jono Coleman speechless? What will former Steps star Lee Latchford-Evans, singer Toyah Willcox, TV star Ruth Madoc and our surprise celeb make of it all?

Claire Sweeney hosts I’m Famous and Frightened, 5th, 6th and 7th February from 9pm – 12 midnight.  Join Brian Dowling for I’m Famous and Frightened Extra Sunday at 2pm on LIVINGtv2, 4pm on LIVINGtv, Monday at 2pm on LIVINGtv2 and 6:05pm on LIVINGtv. Check listings for repeats.

There's also I'm Famous and Frightened LIVE with streaming from 12 midnight on Saturday and Sunday nights on LIVINGtv. Text us your messages and the best will be shown and could win you a prize!"

Please click on the picture to visit the website.

February 4, 2005: TOYAH WILLCOX - 'Diary Of A Facelift'
[ Diary Of A Facelift ]Diary Of A Facelift
Hardcover 240 pages (March 17, 2005) 
Publisher: Michael O'Mara Books 
ISBN: 184317135X 

SYNOPSIS: It's not often a major household-name star admits to having had facial surgery. It's even rarer when she decides to make public a detailed, personal diary which gives a blow-by-blow account of the whole process, from the initial decision and the search for the right surgeon, to the nerve-wracking waiting period, the surgery itself, the recovery, and on to the final transformation. Yet this is exactly what Toyah Willcox has done. In an astonishingly brave, honest, occasionally gruesome and frequently hilarious account, Toyah lifts the lid on a subject which has never been hotter, yet is still shrouded in secrecy and hypocrisy. In doing so, she has given us a fascinating exploration of the nature of celebrity, ageing and beauty in the twenty-first century. 

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Toyah Willcox had a remarkably diverse career which has kept her in the public eye for almost thirty years. She is not only an acclaimed singer, but also a successful actress, presenter, writer and business-woman. Her first notable film role came in Derek Jarman's seminal punk epic Jubilee. She later starred alongside Katharine Hepburn in The Corn Is Green, as well as playing 'Monkey' in the cult film Quadrophenia, and she won a nomination for Best Newcomer at the Evening Standard Awards for her portrayal of Miranda in The Tempest. In the 1980s Toyah also had fifteen top-forty hits with songs such as 'It's a Mystery' and 'I Wanna Be Free'. 

In the last two years - the busiest of her life - she has performed in front of at least half a million people in more than five hundred shows, including eleven stadium gigs on the sold-out Here and Now Tour in 2002, and appearing in the title role of Calamity Jane (in London's West End and on a UK tour). In 2003 Toyah appeared in the second series of I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!, alongside Danniella Westbrook. 

Toyah also takes great pleasure in her role as a motivational speaker, which involves addressing adults about further-education opportunities and overcoming the perceived handicap of dyslexia. In her mid-forties, Toyah feels life has only just begun. 

Toyah lives in Worcestershire and London with her husband, the guitarist Robert Fripp.

To pre-order this book @ amazon.co.uk please click on the picture.

February 3, 2005: 'Daily Mail' - How Toyah gave her tired eyes a lift
[ Daily Mail - 2nd February 2005 ]Toyah's "secret" and the subject of her new book has been "revealed" in yesterday's edition of the 'Daily Mail' in a news story titled...

How Toyah gave her tired eyes a lift

At 46, she decided she had a lived-in look she didn't like.

So Toyah Willcox has eradicated the lines and wrinkles the years have given her with a facelift.

The £12,000 surgery has smoothed the face that saw her through the punk era in the 1970's with 13 top 40 singles,and a variety of theatre roles berfore a stint in the jungle in I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here! for ITV. Miss Willcox is more than happy to admit having plastic surgery. 

In fact she has written a book graphically describing her experiences, Dairy Of A Facelift, which is due out in March.

Plastic surgeon, Alex Karidis said she appeared to have had a full facelift on top of Botox treatment.

'Toyah is looking great - there is no evidence of jowls and her neck is more taut since surgery,' he said. 'Botox injections have banished the crows feet around her eyes. Her eyebrows also appear higher and the skin around the area smoother'.

In January last year Miss Willcox told the Mail she had no objections to surgery, adding: "I loathe the bags under my eyes.

'They're hereditary and look so much worse when I'm tired, so I'd have an operation which zaps those.'

Thanks to Merx :)

February 3, 2005: Shoestring - The Complete Series 1' on DVD
[ Shoestring - Complete Series 1 DVD ]The first series of the late 70's/early 80's detective series Shoestring is finally being released on DVD in March.

Toyah, of course, appeared, as Toolah, in the episode 'Find The Lady', along with the Toyah band. The episode finished with the band performing an ace version of 'Danced'.

Eddie Shoestring is a scruffy computer expert who, having lost his job, starts working at a Bristol radio station as a phone-in host. He regularly solves callers' problems, which include all manner of mundane matters as well as missing persons. Features the complete Series One: Private Ear, Knock For Knock, Higher Ground, An Uncertain Circle, Listen To Me, Nine Tenths Of The Law, The Link-Up, Stamp Duty, Find The Lady, The Partnership and I'm A Believer. 

Shoestring - Complete Series 1 (Boxset) (DVD) (4 Discs)
Starring: Trevor Eve, Michael Medwin, Doran Godwin, Liz Crowther, Christopher Biggins, Gary Holton, Toyah Willcox. Directors: Douglas Camfield  Marek Kanievska.

Release date: 21st March 2005. This set is retailing at £39.99, I think Amazon have made a mistake with their pricing as they are listing it as £29.99 plus £7 off. Get in quick for a bargain maybe ;)

Thanks to John Kidd for the info.

February 3, 2005: Toyah newsy bits & pieces!
• Toyah is pictured, along with the rest of the I'm Famous and Frightened contestants, on page 112 of this week's HEAT magazine.

The mag also picks it as the 5th best TV show, on Satellite, Cable & Digital, of the week.

• On Sunday night The 100 Greatest Pop Videos, a 4hr 10m long show, is being shown on Ch4 (from 8pm and clashing with I'm Famous...). Here's hoping one of Toyah's mini masterpieces will be included somewhere in the rundown.