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June 30, 2005: 'Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs' - Not just hear'say
[ Snow White 05 ]Thanks to one of my friends, who works for the Ambassador's Theatre Group, who has informed me that Toyah's 2005 panto co-stars, confirmed by the Milton Keynes Theatre yesterday, are Richard O'Brien and (ex-Hear'Say singer) Suzanne Shaw.

Not only that, but, apparently, Richard has it written in his contract that, somewhere in the show, he must perform 'The Timewarp'!!!

The names previously being discussed to appear alongside Toyah were (believe it or not) Don 'Miami Vice' Johnson and Martine McCutcheon.

June 30, 2005: 'Fitness First' magazine - New Romantic
[ Fitness First - Summer 2005 ]Toyah is interviewed, in a three-page special, in the 'Fitness First' magazine's Summer 2005 issue.

In a career spanning almost 30 years Toyah Willcox has been a succesful recording artist, film and stage actor, writer and businesswoman. She talks to Fitness First about beauty, image and writing her compellingly open and honest account of her recent facelift.

Q. We live in a very image-obsessed age and on one hand, some might see this as evidence of our shallowness, others might argue that failing to make the effort to look one's best indicates somehow a lack of self-respect or ambition. Do you feel that society should place so much importance on image and do you think this puts too much pessure on people - particularly the young?

A. Society has placed importance on image from as far back as the Pharaos. Image has set Kings and Queens apart from the comon hordes throughout the centuries therefor it is only natural in all cultures for people to question if their image reflects their successes in life, whether it be in finding a mate, or getting a job or in getting a role in a movie. There is nothing shallow about self-appearance because I believe it is natural to care about one's looks.

Do we put too much importance on image? Only when obsessed with an unnatural level of perfection. I do get despondent with the media for selling us what is beautiful and what is not, because surely beauty should be about celebrating diversity, but it seems we only get the 'Barbie doll' images shining happily from our magazine pages.

I have always said that if we can teach our sons to believe they are leaders from an early age then we can teach our daughters the same and that goes for enforcing self-worth. It is a crime to give the young the impression that ageing is something to fear or to be ashamed of. That said I neither fear nor feel shame in the ageing process I simply want to prolong a quality of life in an industry that will always be image conscious. I love my work and I love the entertainment industry, telling me to go away and have therapy so I can learn to age gracefully would be like telling a porn star to have therapy to remain a virgin. I fully accept the values of my workplace.

Q. In Diary Of A Facelift you recount a story about how, despite Katharine Hepburn's incredible talent her earliest reviews were all (negatively) about her appearance. Did you feel that your own achievements over the years were being sidelined by the public's preoccupation with looks?

A. It is true that in recent years my looks dominated my achievements when it came to critical comment. You say in your question 'the public's comments' - the public have nothing to do with this, they are passive readers. The comments I received were media reaction, people who decided it was more worthwhile to say I looked 'haggard' than to say 'wow what a great performance', that's life, it doesn't alter my talent,  Iam still talented, it doesn't alter my ambition, I am still ambitious, and all it does is stop me buying the newspapers and buy their rivals instead.

[ FF - Facelift interview ]Q. Fitness First recently commissioned a survey that revealed that 15 per cent of British people would be prepared to pay over 10,000 to wake up tomorrow and find their body in the best shape it could possibly be. Do you feel that beauty will become more viewed as a commodity?

A. I find it surprising that only 15 per cent said this, I thought it would be more like 60 per cent. undoubtedly to some, beauty is a commodity, I can think of a hundred examples and not all of them are flattering. But what I have undergone is not about beauty it is about 'freshening up' and liberating myself from a potential 40 years of ageist reviews and comments such as 'are you angry?', 'have you been crying?', and 'are you not well?'. I'm 46 I have at least another 40 years in me and I want those years to be happy, after all I have worked for it and have saved for it, so is beauty increasingly going to be seen as a commodity, yes - but I have news for you - it has been since printing was invented.

Q. You refer to Sharon Osbourne and Debbie Harry as being the only people prepared to admit their cosmetic surgery. Why do you think there is so much more stigma attached to facial surgery as opposed to say, breast enhancement?

A. I admire them for being honest and admitting to surgery in a hostile environmant. Breast implants are asscoiated with young women and latest fashion and face lifts are associated with sad, ageing women, now that is what I call shallow. Face lifts have been around for over a century and have almost exclusively been the practice of the super-rich.

In recent years surgery has improved to the point that one need never have to admit to having had it because it's all starting to look natural (in the good cases). The danger here is that if we don't talk about it, misinformed women could go to 'cowboys' for surgery and we need to regulate this industry. Also we need to eradicate from our minds that ageing means we step outside of society. Personally I have never been more qualified in life to work and advise and I am showing no signs of slowing down. We have all seen in the space of a few years that the 30's are becoming the new 20's and 40's becoming the new 30's, we are all remaining healthier longer, this will mean we will remain sexually active longer and I don't know anyone who has sex and doesn't care about their image.

[ Diary Of A Facelift ]Q. Having your Diary published was an extremely brave and possibly risky step - was your motivation to achieve some sort of catharsis or a genuine desire to help others by recounting your experiences and your delight with the obvious positive result?

A. I wrote the book because if I see another advert for a beauty product with a surgically-enhanced model promoting it, I will scream and if I meet another woman who tells me she looks 10 years younger than she is, because she drinks water, I will scream again. Surgery is very, very common. It needs to enter our every day vocabulary in order to protect those who are considering it.

Q. During your career you have successfully reinvented yourself on numerous occasions and it is quite evident that you are thrilled with both your appearance and your self image at the moment - do you have any more surprises left for us?

A. Do I have any other surprises left? Well of course. Where there is secrecy there is the element of surprise, just watch this space.

Diary Of A Facelift by Toyah Willcox is avaialble at all good bookshops priced 14.99 in illustrated hardback.

It includes a detailed appendix of practical advice aimed at anyone considering or about to undergo facial surgery.

Many thanks to Steven Askey for this article.

June 28, 2005: Vote for Toyah - Best Ever Female Punk Singer poll
[ Best Ever Female Punk Singer? ]Vote for Toyah in the 'Psycho' website's Punk Polls . She is doing fairly well so far. You can visit the site daily and vote for Toyah. However please don't multiple vote as these will be invalid and could lead to Toyah being disqualified from the list.

"The Punk polls are continuing to get hits daily and we will give you a monthly provisional top ten of each poll chart. Dont forget you can vote daily in each of the polls. Multiple voting for one act on the one day from any PC, which will be identified by its IP number, will result in these votes deemed invalid and removed from the poll."

Apparently the website will soon have "The Psycho Interviews", which will be exclusive one on one interviews with the leading names in the Punk/Oi music industry.

Please click on the picture to add your vote.

June 28, 2005: Somewhere In The Distance! - German Articles
[ German Toyah articles ]Meanwhile.... Somewhere In The Distance... 1981/82 to be precise... Toyah brings a riot of colour to German magazines!

These amazing looking features, including rare pictures rarely seen in the UK at the time of publication, took Toyah and her various early Eighties images to Europe.

Apologies!! I cannot speak even ein wort of German so I haven't a clue what the articles say.

The first article, including a small but cool pic of the Toyah band of the time, is titled "Rock Hexe Toyah".

The second, which I (most probably incorrectly) translated as "Make-up and fashion tips from Toyah", is a reproduction of an original "Toyah fashion" feature that was published in 'Jackie' magazine in mid 1982. Whether it uses the same text I'm not sure but it probably does.

More soon. And a HUGE THANKS to Andi Westhorpe for these.

June 26, 2005: Toyah in Blackpool - "If only my **** could sing!"
Toyah Superfan ;oo Paul "necronomicon 2000" Lomas is currently offering other Toyah superfans the chance to buy a CD of Toyah's Blackpool PA, from March of this year, for the bargainalicious price of 4.

Tracklist: 1. Echo Beach, 2. Hanging On The Telephone, 3. Thunder In The Mountains, 4. It's A Mystery, 5. Sweet Child 'O Mine, 6. I Want To Be Free, 7. River Deep, Mountain High, 8. Don't Stop Me Now.

As well as the eight-song appearance, the CD also has the bonus tracks 'Don't Stop Me Now' from Queen Mania and 'Sweet Child 'O Mine' from The Lee Mack Show.

Please click on the picture to visit the thread @ the Dreamscape Forum with info on how to buy a CD.

Paul offered to donate half the sales total towards Dreamscape's webhost bill, but I told him to go raffle his donut! ;o)

June 26, 2005: 'A View Of Wales' - Toyah: How Green Is My Valley?
[ A View Of Wales - Summer 2005 ]As mentioned back in January by Dreamscape, Toyah is featured in 'A View Of Wales' tourist guide, in a lavish article that includes great new pictures of her in Wales. Toyah is also namechecked on the cover.

The Spring/Summer issue of the Wales Tourist Board's award-winning ‘View of Wales’ magazine is full of inspirational articles, including features from Toyah Willcox, Helen Willetts, Hazel Irvine, Dr Mark Porter and respected travel writer Simon Calder.

How Green Is My Valley?

Very green, if you happen to live in the Vale of Conwy. It's a verdant swathe of farmland and forest stretching from the coast of the foothills of Snowdonia. Not only that, but along the way there's Bondant, one of Britain's finest gardens. Toyah Willcox, an enthusiast of all things green, takes a look:

Katharine Hepburn once said to me that Wales was the most beautiful place on Earth. She was referring to North Wales - Snowdonia to be precise. According to the brochures, it's a 'land carved by glaciers and bathed in mystery, so much so it will draw you back time and time again'. Well it has only taken me 26 years to return, but I have been somewhat busy. If I'm not on stage, on the TV or writing a book I'm probably starving in the depths of the Australian jungle or trying to get the tea stains off my best porcelain mugs. I don't know how I do it but I always manage to forget to have holidays.

Now I am winding down the A470 from the coast towards Betws-y-Coed. It may sound romantic and believe me, it is! I am on my way through the Vale of Conwy and thinking I should have come back sooner.

I have the grand boast of being able to say I spent two months in Betws-y-Coed in 1978 making a film with the late, legendary Katharine Hepburn and director George Cukor. We were filming a remake of Emlyn William's The Corn Is Green, a Welsh classic. Most of our time was spent waiting for the rain to thin and the fighter jets from some nearby air base to stop 'buzzing' us. but that said, the warmth of the people and the magnitude of the natural beauty left an indelible and delectable mark on my memory.

[ Toyah at Bodnant Garden's Canal Terrace and Pin Mill ]Now I'm pulling into the drive of Tan-y-Foel Country House (the English pronounce it 'ton of oil') after a pleasant and not too long journey from London.

On first appearances it looks like a small, well-maintained guest house, albeit one with magnificent views over Snowdonia. Then I step through the front door and am blown away. Tan-y-Foel is a little gem.

Take the snappy modernism of London's Soho House and the grandeur of Bath's Ston Easton Park, remove the stuffiness and pomp of both and condense them into a six-bedroom private country house and you have Tan-y-Foel. The locals call it the 'posh Japanes place on the hill'. I call it 'yummy'. It's clean, crisp, friendly, incredibly relaxing and plainly adored by the Pitman family 'mother', father and daughter' who created it and run it personally.

I arrived with the world on my shoulders, worrying about misplaced e-mails, VAT accounts and a leaking immersion tank. Within five minutes the lot was forgotten. My only criticism was that my room was so comfortable (four-poster bed, large batheroom, etc, etc) that I could easily have stayed put and not walked a single hill.

Next morning I was greeted by the view over the rocky peaks of Snowdonia that gives Scotland, Switzerland or France a run for their money. But I wasn't here to climb mountains but to look at something a little less wild. Beneath me lay a beautiful, broad vale carved by the River Conwy. It was a garden in itself, with neat fields and rivermeadows flanked by hills and forests. My destination, however, was the genuine article.

[ The verdant Vale of Conwy ]Gardens spring from the soul, they are the last true freedom of expression we have in this day and age. Within six miles of the hotel is one the National Trust's showpiece properties - Bodnant gardens, 32 hectares of sumptuous colour laid out in a stunning way and filled with rhododendrons, azaleas, camelias, magnolia, hydrangeas, clematis and freesias.

So much pleases the eye here - almost too much if such a thing were possible. Don't even try to spend a few hours at Bodnant. Think about most of the day, because this is an experience you really shouldn't hurry as hectare upon brilliantly conceived hectare unfolds before you.

I almost started off on the wrong foot, if you are not careful or vigilant you, like many, could miss Bodnant's most famous feature, the Laburnum Arch, which is immediately on your left as you enter. Originally planted in the 1880's in the form of a curved tunnel, it is an overwhelming mass of yellow blooms from mid-May to mid-June.

Strolling through the arch, surrounded by reflective golden light thrown from a galaxy of grape-like flowers I bumped into a superstar among gardeners, Martin Puddle, Bodnant's third-generation Head Gardener. He wasn't hard to find. He was the one everyone was stopping to congratulate on keeping a garden of such enormity so pristine.

Martin walked with me to the five grand terraces. I stopped in awe. Bodnant's unique character comes from the way in which it has used the fall of the land to such striking effect, stepping down the hillside in a sequence of huge Italianate terraces into the wooded Dell at the front of everything.

Ahead of me was a lily pond the size of a small football pitch and tumbling below that was the Rose Terrace, followed by the Canal Terrace. And it didn't stop there! The formality of these terraces has a counterpint in the Winter Dell, a delicious mix of tangled woodland, shrubs and water features leading to an old mill.

[ Toyah explores the garden's terraces, five giant steps in the hillside ]We stood in admiration for the great mind (and income) that created this homage to Gardener's World. Bodnant is one of those fingerprints that the can-do industrialists of old left on the land along with satanic mills and titanic bridges. First on the scene was Henry Davis Pochin, a successful chemist (he invented, of all things, white soap!). But it was his grandson, the second Lord Aberconway, who really left his mark, creating Bodnant's glorious terraces.

Martin explained that at one end of the Canal Terrace was a stage for outdoor performances and at the other was the Pin Mill. It didn't look anything like a mill to me, even though I am reliably informed that it once served as a pin factory. It seemed more like the 'great big Greek thingy' you see on the hill as soon as you enter Athens.

What I love about this garden is that surprises like that keep on coming. Bodnant has so many levels, literally and metaphorically. Once you have explored the Laburnum Arch, navigated the terraces and admired the perfectly framed views across to Snowdonia, you still have The Dell in which to delve.

On the descent I discovered a magnolia (Magnolia Wilsoni) growing low enough to the ground for my short little legs to reach a bloom and sniff. It has the most extraordinary fragrance of passion fruit and vanilla. And, providing yet another contrast, in The Dell I had to peer skywards to see the top of the largest giant redwood (Sequoia sempervirens) in Britain, one of the many magnificent specimens of 200-year-old native and introduced trees.

After the splendour and the crowds - for Bodnant is incredibly popular - I headed back into the Vale of Conwy. gardens and gardening are a passion in these parts. I'd been told about the small, neat village of Rowen, just across the valley. Every two years, the villagers open up their gardens to visitors and hill walkers. Although this won't be happening again until 2006, it's worth a visit at any time. Rowen, the complete opposite to the lavish wealth of Bodnant, is brimming with affordable inspiration and ideas. It's a rare sight in modern Britain to see such an unspoilt, timeless village. there's even a fabulously, uncrowded tea room - a huge welcome after the queues st Bodnant - called Pen-y-Bont where you can nourish yourself with everything from chicken breast in wine to home-made lemon sponge. And it's cheap but delicious!

Even though I had by now been thoroughly spoilt by the vale I always like to save the best till last. I have such vivid memories of filming in Betws-y-Coed I couldn't wait to return to see if it had changed in the 26 years since I was last there.

In many ways it hadn't. The hotel I had stayed at looked exactly the same. But further up into the town, I couldn't believe the number of shops - many, many of them, selling outdoor gear to crafts. I suppose this is no bad thing since when I was last here it was nearly impossible to feed yourself past sunset. But, one thing, I'm pleased to report, hasn't changed - those magical walks.

Good walking routes sprout in every direction from the centre of town. I chose the Swallow Falls Walk. I was on my own but still felt very safe. In this area there's a huge love of the outdoors, so wherever you venture you bump into like-minded people.

The Swallow Falls Walk takes you through shaded pine trees where the heady scent reminded me of a hot Mediterranean evening. I was there in the height of summer and the famous falls were what I would call friendly, trickling and welcoming, but I'm sure that after a serious rainfall the whole experience would change dramatically. As the sun started to fade this was a moment of bliss. It allowed me to visit old territory in my memories; of Katharine Hepburn chatting with the locals, completely under their spell; of the film crew lugging huge lights up the hillsides to shoot the night shots; of the phone calls to the Ministry of Defence asking them to re-route the fighter jets.

But my most enduring memory was of sitting in a field with Miss Hepburn talking about glamorous Hollywood and at the sam time thinking to myself, 'nothing compares with this'.

The article also includes a substantial 'travelfile', with details on how visitors can experience everything Toyah did.

Please click on the cover to go to the 'Visit Wales' website, where you can request a brochure.

June 26, 2005: Toyah on TV - *update*
The Most Fertile Man In Ireland : Sky Movies 5 - Wednesday 29th June : 00.30am
The Most Fertile Man In Ireland : Sky Movies 3 - Monday 4th July : 00.25am
The Most Fertile Man In Ireland : Sky Movies 5 - Sunday 10th July : 02.05am
Light-hearted comedy about sex and fertility. A young man acquires a reputation as a man with a high sperm count and is soon in demand to make babies in Belfast - with both Catholics and Protestants. Director: Dudi Appleton. Starring: Kris Marshall, Bronagh Gallagher, Kiera Clarke, James Nesbitt, Kenneth Cranham, Pauline McLynn, Toyah Willcox, Tara O'Neil, and Marc O'Shea. 

Brum : CBeebies - Saturday 2nd July : 7.20am
Brum : CBeebies - Saturday 2nd July : 10.20am
Brum : CBeebies - Sunday 3rd July : 7.20am
Brum : CBeebies - Sunday 3rd July : 10.20am
Brum and The Airport Adventure. The adventures of a little car who lives in a motor museum, narrated by Toyah Willcox. When precious gems are stolen from a famous celebrity at the airport, Brum is soon on the trail of the two thieves.

The Late Edition : BBC2 - Thursday 7th July : 11.50pm
Marcus Brigstocke hosts the comic topical talk show, with guests Peter Tatchell and Toyah Willcox. 

June 26, 2005: 'Rye & Battle Observer' - Hastings Beer Festival
Fans of versatile presenter and songstress Toyah Willcox will be partying in the park on Saturday, as she heads up the final evening's festivities, supported by festival favourites Utter Madness and The Electric River Project.

And, don't forget, there are over 50 real ales and lagers to try between acts... 

Tickets for Friday and Saturday cost 10 and 12 respectively. Gates open at 6pm and close at 11.15pm. For booking and information, log on to www.hbmf.co.uk or call the ticket hotline on 781128. 

[ Source: 'Rye & Battle Observer' - Saturday 25th June 2005 ]

June 26, 2005: 'This is Malvern' - Toyah adds voice to recycling call
Singer and TV presenter Toyah Willcox was at the (Operation Target 75) show to launch a recycling project. 

Toyah, who lives in Pershore, is passionate about recycling. 

"It's so important and it's something we can all do that makes a real difference to the planet," she said. 

She was particularly keen to stress the importance of recycling aluminium: "We sell around five billion aluminium drinks cans in Britain every year and they can be recycled over and over again." 

Toyah was also keen to involve children in recycling: "Children seem to grasp better than adults how easy it is to do something important for the planet," she said. 

The diminutive star is wholeheartedly behind Operation Target 75, a partnership between the local county and district councils which aims to increase kerbside recycling and reduce waste going in to landfill. 

A special bus with leaflets, displays and interactive activities will be touring Worcestershire and Herefordshire over the next few weeks.

[ Source: 'This Is Malvern': - Saturday 25th June 2005 ]

June 25, 2005: 'Speak No Evil' - Volumes 5 - 8: Interview CD's
[ Speak No Evil - Volumes 5 - 8 ]I've just compiled another set of 'Speak No Evil' Toyah interview CD's, featuring rare and hard-to-find Toyah interviews and specials.

These are a follow up to Volumes 1 - 4 from last year.

The set includes: Radio 1: Rock On: 'The Changeling' interview from 1982. Toyah talks to Mark Ellen about her new album, aliens, fairies, her 'Brave New World' image and much much more. Also includes a selection of songs from the album. This is a fantastic interview about a fantastic album and Toyah era. 

And much more...

Special THANKS to Sean Polley for his help with these.

If anyone is interested, please feel free to email me: david@toyah.net (it's working again ,at last!)

June 25, 2005: Toyah on TV - 'The Late Edition'
[ Late Edition ]The programme Toyah guested on, on BBC 4 back in late March, Late Edition, will be shown on BBC 2 early next month. Toyah talks candidly about her facelift.

Highlights of the interview included Toyah saying of her facelift: "Sometimes it is a selfish act, and I did it because I wanted to do something. But having a facelift doesn't stop you ageing, you're gonna carry on ageing, nothing will stop that, but hopefully I'll do it a little more attractively..." 

She also asked the interviewer, Marcus Brigstocke, "Am I boring you shitless?" 

He went on to check behind Toyah's ear to have a look at her surgey scars, while she sat on his knee! 

The Late Edition : BBC2 - Thursday 7th July : 11.50pm
Marcus Brigstocke hosts the comic topical talk show, with guests Peter Tatchell and Toyah Willcox. (BBC Four on BBC Two).

Thanks to Andrew York for the screen capture. View more at Dreamscape's CAPTURED section. Please click on the picture.

June 25, 2005: 'Dr Joshi's Holistic Detox'
[Dr Joshi's Holistic Detox ]Toyah is quoted in a new detox book, just published:

Dr Joshi's Holistic Detox: 21 days to a healthier you - for life.

Toyah Willcox
"You feel fabulous, fresh and energised for a long, long time."

Book Description:
He's the stars' secret weapon in the battle to stay healthy, gorgeous and energised. Now his unique approach to nutrition and well-being is available to every one of us. 

Please click on the book for further info on it @ Amazon.

June 24, 2005: Win 'The Safari Records Singles Collection' - Volume 1
[ Win The Safari Singles Collection 1 ]Win one of three copies of 'The Safari Records Singles Collection' - Volume 1, in a new Dreamscape competition, courtesy of those generous people at 'Cherry Red Records'.

This first CD, of two, is a must for any collection, featuring great artwork, Toyah discography (Part One), retro memoribilia, press adverts and Toyah photographs. The CD also boasts Toyah tracks making their debut on the CD format.

Victims Of The Riddle Part 1
Victims Of The Riddle Part 2
Neon womb
Our Movie
Last Goodbye
Bird In Flight
Tribal Look
The Helium song
Danced (Live)
Ghosts (Live)
Neon Womb (Live)
It's A Mystery
Angels And Demons

This from the 'Cherry Red Records' website:

"Originally from Birmingham Toyah Willcox was a professional actress whose film appearances included Jubilee and Quadrophenia, when she suddenly found parallel success as a highly visual punk/pop singer. She is now also a frequently seen TV personality.

The first in our 2 part series, this release contains all the 'A' and 'B' sides from the first 6 Toyah singles. They all reached the Top 10 of the INDIE SINGLES CHART, and 'It's A Mystery' reached No 1 and was in the Indie Chart for 24 weeks. It also made No 4 in the official chart.

As if that wasn’t enough for starters, this brilliant release also features several tracks that have never been available on CD before."

To enter the competition simply answer the following: 

Q. What is the name of the guitarist, and the person who Toyah cites in the CD sleevenotes as "the bond I remember most", who co-wrote many of Toyah's best songs? 

Please send answers, via email, to: comps@toyah.net

Competition closes on Sunday 10th July 2005. Good Luck!

Thanks again to 'Cherry Red Records' and Doug Shipton in particular.

June 22, 2005: Toyah included on 'This Is Not Retro, The Eighties Up To Date' CD
The latest compilation including a Toyah track, 'This Is Not Retro - The Eighties Up To Date', will be available from Monday 11th July.

This will be the first time that Toyah's 2002 single 'Little Tears Of Love' will be available on a compilation, which will cost 12.

This taken from www.remembertheeighties.com, who have compiled the release:

"New and recent material from NINETEEN of the artists who helped define the eighties, including SEVEN tracks commercially available for the first time on this compilation. 

Released on July 11th but available to preorder in a special limited edition below. 

The first ONE THOUSAND copies of this album will be packaged in a DVD-style case and come with a twenty-four page booklet.

If you PREORDER BEFORE July 4th we will personalise the back cover for you. Click HERE to preorder a personalised copy

Subsequent pressings will be packaged in a normal CD jewelcase with sixteen-page booklet and personalisation will not be available."

Tracklist is as follows:

1. Revolution Of The Heart - Howard Jones, 2. Tears - Kajagoogoo, 3. Broken - Peter Cox (Go West), 4. Scar - Katrina Leskanich (formerly with Katrina & The Waves, 5. Close - The Alarm, 6. American Beauty - Peter Coyle (formerly with The Lotus Eaters), 7. Let It All Fall - T'Pau, 8. Pussywhipper - Sigue Sigue Sputnik, 8. Why So Rude? - Neville Staple (formerly with The Specials), 9. What Would You Do (skin)? - Midge Ure, 10. Age Of Unreason* - Spear of Destiny, 11. Die laughing - Nik Kershaw, 12. Little Tears Of Love - Toyah, 13. Sleepsong - Dr Robert (formerly with The Blow Monkeys), 14. This Is Not My World - Heaven 17, 15. All Day All Night - Go West, 16. So Lonely - Tony Hadley (formerly with Spandau Ballet), 17. Blue Was Never My Colour - Leee John (formerly with  Imagination), 18. Mi Chica Latina - Modern Romance.

June 22, 2005: Toyah compiled!
[ Dreamscape - Toyah compiled! ]To celebrate Toyah's inclusion on yet another compilation (see above) I've updated Dreamscape's COMPILED page.

The page now has details on 34 Various Artists compilations that feature Toyah songs, with 13 additions since the last update over a year ago.

One of the more interesting additions is the 'Wave Pop Generation' 3 CD set, released on Sony, that includes 'Soldier Of Fortune, Terrorist Of Love, the opening track on Toyah's 1985 CBS/Portrait album, 'Minx'.

Please click on the picture, taken from the reverse of the 1999 compilation 'Back To The Eighties' to visit the COMPILED section.

June 22, 2005: Toyah on Sky Movies / kids TV *Updated*
The Most Fertile Man In Ireland : Sky Movies 5 - Wednesday 29th June : 00.30am
The Most Fertile Man In Ireland : Sky Movies 3 - Monday 4th July : 00.25am

[ The Most Fertile Man In Ireland ]Bedded by his town's good-time girl, Eamonn quickly acquires a reputation as a man who can make babies. 

While both sides of Belfast struggle with their sperm-counts, the lucky man becomes the hot property of both Catholics and Protestants. Crown jewel comedy. 

Director: Dudi Appleton. Starring: Kris Marshall, Kathy Kiera Clarke, Bronagh Gallagher, James Nesbitt, Kenneth Cranham, Toyah Willcox and Olivia Nash.

Brum : CBeebies - Saturday 2nd July : 7.20am
Brum : CBeebies - Saturday 2nd July : 10.20am
Brum and The Airport Adventure. The adventures of a little car who lives in a motor museum, narrated by Toyah Willcox. When precious gems are stolen from a famous celebrity at the airport, Brum is soon on the trail of the two thieves.

June 22, 2005: Toyah @ 'Remember The Eighties'
[ Toyah @ 'Remember The 80s ]The latest Toyah news item @ 'Remember The Eighties':

Toyah has begun to line-up live shows for 2006... the singer has seven shows scheduled for 2005 including a gig with Nick Heyward and Limahl at the South Shields Cookson Festival, and has announced a further four for 2006.

Toyah's 'RTE' interview is still available to read at the website too. It's a cool read, with Toyah commenting on the 'Anthem' and 'The Changeling' CD reissues, and much more...

June 19, 2005: Rare Toyah & Robert interviews
[ SAOTW Interviews 1991 ]Available, for a limited time, to download - A little-heard Toyah interview from 1991. Along with a Robert Fripp one too!

Joel Krutt, of  WHUS, interviewed both back in 1991 and has very kindly, via Owen Keenan, allowed me to place them on Dreamscape for Toyah (and Robert) fans to enjoy.

Please note that these files are quite large and may take a while to download (approx 10 minutes with a Broadband connection). If you choose to download can you please note Joel has requested that these should NOT be used in any commercial way whatsoever.

Thanks to Joel Krutt and Owen Keenan.

While on the subject of downloads, don't forget that selected edits of Toyah's 'Nightingales' PA, and the complete PA from 'The Club Stoke', both from 2004, can be found in Dreamscape's Live section (all courtesy of Merx), and two great clips from Toyah's first ever TV acting appearance 'Glitter', can be found in the Castaways section (courtesy of Andi Westhorpe).

June 18, 2005: 'Mayhem' - On CD!
[ Mayhem ]Hot on the heels of 'Warrior Rock', 'Love Is the Law' (both on the Edsel/Demon label), 'The Safari Records Singles Collection - Part 1' and the forthcoming 'The Safari Records Singles Collection - Part 2', all being released on CD in 2005, comes the news that Toyah's 1985 "mish-mash" album 'Mayhem' is likely to be issued on CD later this year too.

Cherry Red Records, who released the two singles compilations, have now confirmed that they have negotiated with Safari Records and have been given the go ahead to release the album. Always a firm favourite with Toyah fans, it has never been available on CD.

'Mayhem' was originally released in 1985 by Safari Records, after Toyah had left the label to sign to CBS/Portrait, and is made up of demos, early versions of songs that were later released with different titles/arrangements, unreleased versions, and the track Toyah recorded for ITV's Pop Goes Christmas, 'I Believe In Father Christmas'.

'Mayhem' was sub-titled: 'A special collectors edition album of rare and archive recordings'.

The cassette version included three extra songs. These will be included on the new CD version.

Tracklist: 1. Clapham Junction, 2. Change Of Scenery, 3. Problem Child, 4. You're My Hero, 5. Cotton Vest, 6. Gaoler, 7. Guilty, 8. Three Sided Face, 9. Paradise Child, 10. Israel, 11. Christmas Carol, 12. The Merchant & The Nubile, 13. Danced (Unreleased version), 14. I Believe In Father Christmas, 15. Island Race.

More info on this exciting release as and when it becomes available. 

Thanks to Steve @ the Dreamscape Forum, Paul Williams, and to all @ Cherry Red.

June 18, 2005: 'Three Counties Newsdesk' - Pop Star Pops In To Three Counties 
[ Three Counties - 15th June 05 ]Pop Star Pops In To Three Counties

Pop star and television celebrity, Toyah Willcox, is to make a guest appearance at this weekend’s Three Counties Show (17 – 19 June 2005). The colourful star, who lives in Pershore, Worcestershire, and has enjoyed a successful and diverse career spanning almost thirty years, is supporting Worcestershire County Council’s recycling project; Mission Impossible – Operation Target 75.

She will be at their stand on Friday 17 June, for the official project launch, and will judge all entries in a competition to design a poster, or write a limerick or poem to encourage people to recycle more materials.

Journalists and photographers are invited to a photocall at the stand on Avenue F, Row 5, at 12.30pm.

Said Sharon Gilbert, Press Officer for Show organiser, the Three Counties Agricultural Society: “Mission Impossible is a very worthwhile project, and we are delighted that the council have chosen to launch it at this Show.

The Showground has welcomed many celebrities over the years, and we are very pleased to add Toyah to what is becoming an all-star cast! I am sure that show visitors will look forward to meeting her this weekend.”

The Three Counties Show features livestock competitions, rare breeds, food and wine, country crafts, flowers, poultry, antiques, a fun fair, country pursuits, vintage tractors and much more.

Main Arena entertainment for this year includes the Grand Parade of Livestock, the Red Devils Parachute Team, the White Helmets Motorcycle Display Team, and Paws For Thought Dog Agility.

Additional Information:

Toyah Willcox began life as an actress at the Old Rep Drama School in her home town of Birmingham. Her first notable role was in 1977, when Derek Jarman offered her the part of ‘Mad’ in the film ‘Jubilee’. She went into music at the tail end of the seventies, and was signed as a solo artist by CBS in 1985.

Photograph courtesy of:

[ Three Counties Newsdesk - Wednesday 15th June 2005 ]

June 18, 2005: 'Worcestershire County Council' - Toyah sets Target 75
[ Worc County Council - 13th June 05 ]Toyah sets Target 75

Local well-known pop star and TV celebrity Toyah Willcox will be officially launching the Operation Target 75 recycling exhibition vehicle at the Three Counties Show on June 17. Worcestershire County Council in partnership with Herefordshire Council, the six district councils and Welcome to Our Future, will launch Mission Impossible Target 75 at the Worcestershire County Council stand, at 12 noon.

Target 75 is part of the Mission ImPossible campaign which aims to increase kerbside recycling and minimise waste going to landfill. The new scheme aims to increase participation in kerbside recycling schemes to more than 75 per cent by March 2006. 

The recycling exhibition vehicle has displays and interactive activities to promote kerbside recycling. After its official launch at the Three Counties Show the vehicle will be going on a tour of Worcestershire and Herefordshire.

Local schoolchildren have been invited to design a poster or write a poem to encourage people to use their home recycling collection scheme. Children should bring their entries along to the stand, Toyah will be judging the entries and giving out prizes.

[ Worcestershire County Council - Monday 13th June 2005 ]

June 18, 2005: Somewhere In The Distance! - Open Your Minds!
[ National Association for Youth Clubs ]After a year and a bit, it's another 'Somewhere In The Distance'... The, very, occasional look back at events from Toyah's past...

This rare poster was part of the National Association of Youth Club's 'Open Your Minds' campaign: "Open your hearts, Give today, Give youth a start"

The campaign ran, I think, in the late 1980's, using a great pic of Toyah... on a bike!

Toyah, for a time around 1987/88, was the Vice-President for the National Association of Youth Clubs in the UK, and spoke about various projects she wanted to start up. 

These included a tour of the "Inner cities" of the UK, talking to kids and encouraging them to get involved in music, theatre etc. As well as raise money for various youth charities.

June 16, 2005: Toyah in Worcestershire
Toyah will be in Worcestershire tomorrow, as part of a recycling project in the area.

The 'Worcestershire Express & Star' mentioned this week that she would be doing something to help promote recycling. No further info, I'm afraid.

Thanks to Katy (@ the Dreamscape Forum) and her brother James.

June 13, 2005: Hastings Beer & Music Festival - The Official Site
[ Hastings Beer Festival ]Tickets available now for Toyah Willcox

The legendary Toyah Willcox is our featured performer for the Saturday evening session complimented by Utter Madness and tremendous local talent 

Tickets are available and can either be purchased in advance by credit card from the Hastings Information Centre – either by phone on Hastings 01424 781128 or by calling at their office at the Priory Meadow Shopping Centre which is open Monday to Friday from 8.30 to 6.15; Saturdays from 8.30 to 5.00; and Sundays from 10.00 to 4.00pm. 

Tickets will also be available on the gate, subject to availability.

June 13, 2005: Toyah Live 2005: Hastings Beer Festival
[ Hastings Beer Festival - ArrowFM ]Toyah's 2005 is filled with sporadic live appearances all over the UK, at a variety of interesting live events and festivals.

Her next appearance is at the 'Hastings Beer Festival' on Saturday 2nd July. Toyah is headlining the festival with full band accompanying her.

ArrowFM rcently ran a poll, asking who festival goers were looking forward to seeing most. The good news is that Toyah placed second (with 22.22% of the vote), beaten only by local boys. and chart regulars. Keane.

Please click on the graph to go to the ArrowFM website.

June 13, 2005: Toyah Live 2005: Live On The Lawn
[ Live On The lawn ]NTS Live On The Lawn


The National Trust for Scotland’s summer music festival, ‘NTS - Live on the Lawn’ has announced the full line-ups for its weekend gigs throughout Scotland at Crathes Castle, Newhailes House and Culzean Castle.

The final weekend (12th-13th August) will take place at Culzean Castle in Ayr, with a Friday night of 80’s nostalgia featuring The Stranglers, Kim Wilde, Toyah and T’Pau. The final gig on the Saturday night is a pop party of Glasgow’s finest, Darius, plus Girl’s Aloud and a solo debut from ex-S Clubber, Jo O’Meara, as well as punk/pop triplets The Noise Next Door and new band, D-Side. 

Ian Preece, Head of Marketing at the National Trust for Scotland said “There really is something for everyone – a great mix of pop, punk, opera, classic rock, swing, alternative and a bit of nostalgia thrown in for good measure. Our properties will provide an excellent backdrop and a real atmosphere for a summer evening of music.” 

All of the gigs have capacity for 6,000 and tickets are available only from www.nts.org.uk (click on events) or the dedicated booking line 0870 1181931. 


12- The Stranglers and Kim Wilde with T'Pau and Toyah - 27 per ticket 
13- Girls Aloud, Darius, Jo O’Meara, The Noise Next Door, D-Side - 20 per ticket 

Gates open for each gig at 5pm, with performances starting at 7.30pm, all tickets are subject to a 3 booking fee.

June 13, 2005: Toyah Live 2005: Cookson Summer Festival
Cookson Summer Festival

21st August 2005
Cookson Summer Festival 
South Shields, Tyne & Wear (UK) 

Join Toyah in the summer sunshine as she appears along side Nick Heyward and Limahl at this outdoor festival. 

Throughout the summer, South Tyneside buzzes with kid's entertainment, rock, pop and folk music, brass bands, street theatre, fun days and Sunday concerts with a galaxy of top stars. 

The Festival is FREE so there is no excuse for not joining in the fun.

Time: 12:30am to 05:30pm
Price: Tickets Free
Venue: Bents Park
Telephone: 0191 424 7985


June 13, 2005: Toyah Live 2005: Butlins '80s Madness' 2005
[ Toyah @ Butlins ]80's Madness
18th - 21st November 2005
Butlins, Bognor

Relax – it’s the best of the eighties!

It ain’t what you do it’s the way that you do it – that’s the theme of the Butlins ‘Fantastic’ 80s party. From Yuppies to New Romantics, puffballs and pixie boots to power dressing. The extravagant eighties had unique styles and sounds – It’s a Kind of Magic and it’s happening all over again at Butlins, so lets put on our red shoes and dance the blues! 

These ‘Top Gun’ weekends ‘go like the wind’ but ‘Don’t worry, be happy’ - if you book your break early! 

Original artists include:
- Alexander O’Neal
- Toyah
- Dr & the Medics

Tributes & Bands:
- Heart of Glass – tribute to Blondie
- George Tiwary – Tribute to George Benson
- Complete Madness – Tribute
- Wham Duran – tribute to the 80s
- More Specials – Tribute to Specials

June 13, 2005: Toyah on KID'S TV - 'Brum'
Brum : CBeebies - Saturday 25th June : 7.20am
Brum : CBeebies - Saturday 25th June : 10.20am
Brum and The Airport Adventure. The adventures of a little car who lives in a motor museum, narrated by Toyah Willcox. When precious gems are stolen from a famous celebrity at the airport, Brum is soon on the trail of the two thieves.
June 10, 2005: 'Live On The Lawn' - The 80's are back with style!
A half-page press advert for August's NTS (National Trust for Scotland) 'Live On The Lawn' concert. has appeared in today's 'Daily Record'.

'Live On The Lawn' takes place on Friday 12th August at Culzean (pronounced Culain ;o)) Castle in Ayrshire. Gates open at 5pm with the concert starting at 7.30pm. 

Toyah is on a bill that also includes The Stranglers, Kim Wilde and T'Pau. 

The concert is being held in association with Lloyds TSB's 'notefornote'.

Tickets are priced 27, plus 3 booking fee, and can be purchased via the National Trust for Scotland website, by clicking on the press ad. Or by telephoning the booking line: 0870 118 1931.

Culzean Castle
South Ayrshire, 
KA19 8LE 

[ www.nts.org.uk ]

June 10, 2005: Toyah @ 'Wasted' - More opinions
[ Audiolect Music]Audiolect Music: Then it was a dash across the road to catch Toyah’s set in the Arena. The band looked professional, shiny and just a little bit scared as they looked out on the Wasted crowd. This you felt was not their normal gig. Toyah danced on in a black tutu and they were off. To be honest I was never a great Toyah fan, but she went down a storm and offered a bit of a change to the usual Wasted band. [ http://www.audiolectmusic.co.uk ]

Ray's Gigs: Next was Toyah showing off her recent facial plastic surgery . For the age of 47 she looks incredible and very sexy in her little black tutu. I feared she would get bottled off but her friendly stage banter won the punters over. Of course she played " Its A Mystery " and " I Want To Be Free" and a neat cover of The Cults " She Sells Sanctuary" [ www.raysgigs.com ]

Doom Wolf: I went back to the Platform to see Toyah's spoken word performance. I was expecting her to read from her new book or something similar - instead she told a Russian children's story and answered questions from the audience - which was nice enough.... Toyah came onstage to roaring applause dressed as a sort of goth ballerina. She played a mix of her very well-known stuff and a few new tracks, then finished with a cover of The Cult's "She Sells Sanctuary" - which was actually quite good! (honest!) The one thing that did kinda annoy me was that she forgot her guitarist's name.... [ www..d00mw0lf.com/Wasted.htm ]

June 10, 2005: News release from The Hastings Beer & Music Festival 
[ Hastings Beer Festival 2005 ]Hastings set to welcome Toyah and Co. 

The 24th Hastings Beer and Music Festival is now just three weeks away and Alexandra Park in the town is readying itself for an invasion of rock and pop fans. Around 12,000 revellers are expected to attend the four day event, which begins on Wednesday June 29th and runs through to Saturday July 2nd. 

Last year the Festival, organised by Hastings, Battle and Bexhill Round Tables, had nostalgia fans flocking to see the likes of Tony Hadley, Showaddywaddy and The Sweet – and this year those who crave the old music are in for a treat. 

Saturday night sees the visit of Toyah Willcox, whose hits spanned the 70’s and 80’s. Nowadays much less of a rebel rock star and more a cultured media personality, Toyah will, nevertheless bring the house down with her electrifying show based around her hits. Supporting Toyah will be perennial Festival favourites Utter Madness. 

Headlining the Friday evening will be the Robbie Williams tribute show presented by Millennium and ably supported by the Bootleg Blues Brothers. 

[ 2005 Festival ]In addition, on Wednesday evening there’s ParkLive, a unique music event for young people featuring an exciting line-up of local youngsters, including DJs, live bands, dancers, singers and much more. And on Saturday afternoon there’s the traditional showcase for local bands. All this plus a huge selection beers and lagers to choose and food from Festival sponsors Simply Italian. 

Tickets are selling well for the event which is great news for St Michael’s Hospice and the other local charities that stand to benefit from the event. Over 250,000 has been raised from the event in the last five years and with the sold out concert by Keane added to this year’s programme, the organisers are hopeful of adding considerably to that sum Tickets are still available for Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights. These can either be purchased in advance by credit card from the Hastings Information Centre – either by phone on Hastings 01424 781128 or by calling at their office at the Priory Meadow Shopping Centre which is open Monday to Friday from 8.30 to 6.15; Saturdays from 8.30 to 5.00; and Sundays from 10.00 to 4.00pm. Tickets will also be available on the gate, subject to availability. 

June 9, 2005: 'Have I Been Here Before?' & other 05 screen caps
[ Have I Been Here Before? ]Now Online - Screen caps from Toyah's edition of Have I Been Here Before?, aired on ITV1 a fortnight ago.

Toyah was regressed, and recalled a miserable life of solitude and darkness as an Anchoress in 15th Century Holland.

Please click on the picture to view the captures @ Dreamscape's CAPTURED section.

The CAPTURED section also includes captures from many of Toyah's other 2005 TV appearances; The Way We Were, LK Today (GMTV), Late Edition, The Wright Stuff, Celebrity Life Skills and Loose Women.

June 9, 2005:  'Andromeda Rising' - Neon EP
[ Andromeda Rising ]You may remember I mentioned a few weeks ago that Andromeda Rising had covered Toyah's brilliant 1983 single 'Rebel Run'.

The song is available now on the newly revised and remastered edition of the "NEON" EP. The EP can be purchased for the bargainesque sum of 5.

The CD now features 4 tracks including "Fixated", "Rebel Run", "High Life" and a demo version of "Merry-Go-Round".

Please click on the pictures to visit THE RISING SIGN - Home of ANDROMEDA RISING info & music on the web!

June 8, 2005: 'Herald' - Hooked on the warrior Queen
[ Boudica - Vanessa Collingridge ]Toyah was mentioned in an interview with author Vanessa Collingridge in yesterday's 'Glasgow Herald'. Vanessa was talking about her new book about 'Boudica'.

Toyah Willcox, the red-haired British singer, actress and businesswoman, author, presenter and wife, who recently revealed she had undergone a facelift at the age of 46, is another fan. When Collingridge contacted her for her opinion on Boudica, she was stunned by Willcox's response.

"She talked non-stop for a whole hour," she says. "She said that back in Boudica's day, women were warriors and leaders, but that the greatest conspiracy in the his-tory of mankind has been to deny women their power.

"I reckon that any woman who is willing to go against the grain could be called a latter-day Boudica." 

Boudica, a Groundbreaking Biography of the True Warrior Queen, by Vanessa Collingridge, is published by Ebury at 18.99.

June 8, 2005: Toyah newsy bits & pieces! / Toyah on kids TV
• Toyah's webletter for June 2005 is now online at the Official site. Read up on exactly what she thinks of that 'Daily Mail' article from last week! As well as her thoughts on the 'Wasted' Festival, a secret gig she played last month, and a private trip to Barcelona.

• Just who could Toyah's potential co-stars in her 2005 panto, Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs, at the Milton Keynes Theatre be? I've been sworn to secrecy but the initials DJ or MM could be relevant. Only time will tell...

• Toyah has just completed a short film with the sculptor Tim Tolkien, J.R.R. Tolkien’s great nephew. The film is for the BBC and will be broadcast later this year.

• Toyah is namechecked in a review of Beangrowers' new album 'Dance Dance Baby', in the latest issue of SPLENDID magazine: "It's an effective crash course in new wave revivalism: pounding drums, a herky-jerky guitar intro, a bass line that may well have been sampled from Is This It and an icy, seductive Teutonic vocal (from singer-guitarist Alison Galea) that recalls obscure British postpunk diva Toyah Willcox and early eighties Siouxsie."

• Wasted - More favourable reports of Toyah's 'Wasted' Festival set:

"We got back into the Market to see Toyah, now Toyah was always a pop star rather than a punk singer, but the crowd gave her a really good reception. She came on stage in a tutu, with black knee length boots on, and I expected her to get splattered with beer or water, but that never happened. In fact she went down really well, and everyone was jumping up and down to her. She included of course her main song, 'Its a Mystery'." [Source: Punk & Oi In the Uk]

• Toyah on kids TV:
Brum : CBeebies - Saturday 11th June : 7.20am
Brum : CBeebies - Saturday 11th June : 10.20am
Brum and The Airport Adventure. The adventures of a little car who lives in a motor museum, narrated by Toyah Willcox. When precious gems are stolen from a famous celebrity at the airport, Brum is soon on the trail of the two thieves.

June 3, 2005: Toyah @ 'Wasted' wallaper
[ Toyah @ Wasted wallpaper ]Huge THANKS to John Shepherd for this rather excellent Toyah @ the 'Wasted' Festival wallpaper.

Featuring five of John's brilliant Toyah pictures, it's a cool addition to Dreamscape, as well as to many a desktop over the coming weeks I'd guess.

Please click on the picture to go to Dreamscape's Wallpapers page. Toyah @ 'Wasted' can be downloaded in two resolutions.

Don't forget that John is selling prints of some of his Toyah pics. See below for further info.

June 3, 2005: 'Daily Mail' - You Only Live Twice
As previously mentioned, on Saturday 21st May the 'Daily Mail' (boo, hiss, spit etc...) ran a Toyah interview in a two-page feature on the Have I Been Here Before? programme.

I've now managed to get hold of the complete article, though I've only reproduced the section relating to Toyah:

Does Reincarnation Exist? In a New TV Series, Celebrities Are Hypnotised and Regressed to See If They Have Lived Before, While a 'History Detective' Looks for Factual Evidence of Their Stories. Here, Three of the Stars Describe the Experience.

Actress TOYAH WILLCOX, 47, discovered that her past life was spent as a hermit in a church cell. She says: I've done past lives regression several times and it's never the same experience - but I have come up with quite surprisingly tangible characters. Once I was a gamekeeper, John Adams, on an estate near Bournemouth in 1750, and, when we looked into it, we found he was a relative of my husband, Robert. I'd never heard of him and Robert hadn't, either. So that was quite disturbing. 

The theory is that, if it's a good marriage, you stay with your partner through several lives, swapping sexes - and I've been married to Robert for 19 years. 

This time I came up with the story of an anchoress - a woman who would have been bricked up inside a church to live the life of a hermit. I was in a film called Anchoress some years ago, so I knew something about them, but the anchoress I emerged as during hypnosis seemed to be part of a completely different cult, from an exclusive community of women who were hostile to men. 

Most anchoresses were educated, well looked after and had gone into it voluntarily. But I was living in my own excrement, which rang alarm bells with the historian. I had foot rot and my hair was falling out. 

I named her - she was Naomi Gunter - and I said I was in Holland. Most anchoresses had all the comforts. People came to see them to tell them their sins. But mine was bricked up in the lepers' corner of this church and the visitors had stopped coming. She was dying and she'd been forgotten. I said the village had gone pagan. 

Also, she'd been forced into this life, aged 14. 

The researcher said that wasn't what usually happened, which led him to explore further, and his detective work suddenly pulled the strings together. 

In 14th-century Holland, there were women called the Beguines and, unusually, one of them was always chosen as an anchoress - so I could have been there unwillingly. 

If I had time, I'd research it further. 

Personally, I believe that we have genetic memory, as well as, very possibly, a memory of past lives. I think it's all there, stored away in the biological microchip of who you are. So I'm very openminded. The experience didn't really affect me, but the John Adams regression, years ago, did, because at that point I didn't believe in reincarnation. I thought about it for years after that. 

Have I Been Here Before? is on ITV1 every weekday at 1.30pm.

June 3, 2005: Meanwhile... in the Sixties!
[ Toyah - 1996 ]Here's a rare, and gorgeous, shot of Toyah on the set of her 1996 film Julie & The Cadillacs. Toyah played the character Barbara Gifford in this musical set in the Swinging Sixties.

The film also featured Thora Hird, and a young Billy Boyd, the Glaswegian actor who later went on to star in the Lord Of The Rings trilogy of movies.

It was on the set of Julie & The Cadillacs that Michael Aspel surprised Toyah with her very own This Is Your Life show.

June 3, 2005: Toyah on TV *update*
What Women Really Want : UK Style - Friday 3rd June : 00.30am
What Women Really Want : UK Style Plus 1 - Friday 3rd June : 01.30am
Money. It's grumpy old men with heels on! Er no, it's feisty high-profile women of all ages giving forth on everything from sex and singledom to plastic surgery and pregnancy. Today's hot topic is money - find out what Toyah Willcox, Jenny Eclair, Nadia Almada and other celebs have to say about loot. Narrated by Ulrika Jonsson.

What Women Really Want : UK Style - Tuesday 14th June : 00.00am
What Women Really Want : UK Style Plus 1 - Tuesday 14th June : 01.00am
Girlfriends. Get up close and personal with the female psyche in this pacy new series featuring feisty celebrity opinions and gripping true-life stories. In this episode, Jenny Eclair, Toyah Willcox, Jodie Marsh and Sarah Cawood discuss why their girlfriends are so important to them. Discover which celeb hates her own company, and who admits that even her best mates bitch about her behind her back. Miaow! Narrated by Ulrika Jonsson.

What Women Really Want : UK Style - Thursday 16th June : 00.00am
What Women Really Want : UK Style Plus 1 - Thursday 16th June : 01.00am
Sex. Fast-paced series presented by Ulrika Jonsson, with an array of female celebrities discussing what they really want out of life in the noughties. Christine Hamilton, Toyah Willcox, Vanessa Feltz and others talk candidly about sex. Find out which celeb finds one-night stands easier than commitment, who lies to her men about sex, and who was called 'undresser' at school - naughty!

Personal Passions : BBC Prime - Friday 17th June : 03.40am
Toyah Willcox talks to Peter Curran about her drive to restore the glories of a garden once owned by Cecil Beaton.

June 1, 2005: Toyah on 'Have I Been Here Before?'
[ Have I Been Here Before? - 27th May 05 ]Toyah guested on last Friday's Have I Been Here Before? on ITV1

In the introduction Toyah said: "This life, Toyah Willcox, I have found incredibly frustrating. I have not enjoyed being a woman. I do believe that I've been made a woman as punishment for being a heartbreaker in my last life. I've always had a strong feeling about that. I feel as though I have a male soul trapped in a female body. 

I think there's nothing better than escaping what you're used to. I really dislike anything habitual, anything predictable. I sometimes feel that being me is a prison sentence, and I know my critics would agree (she laughed while saying that), but there's something quite awful about the thought of remaining one person forever,  I really don't like it. Therefor I'm very optimistic about departing this body."

She was regressed back to 15th Century Holland (1405 to be precise), to a 'previous life' of solitude and darkness as an anchoress, Naomi.

Toyah painted a very vivid picture of life as an anchoress: "I'm enclosed inside a dark room... I'm an anchoress... I will die in this room! No one comes into the room... I have sores, I'm undernourished... I'm just lying on the ground, I'm really, really weak... I just want to go...  I have no regrets, I have no desires, I have nothing to remain for..."

Anchoresses gave up their lives for prayer and solitude, they lived in tiny rooms.

It was left up to the viewer to decide whether or not Toyah's regression was to a genuine past life or a trick of her subconcious, or even just fantasy.

June 1, 2005: 'Daily Mail' - Just what's tormenting Toyah?
[ Daily Mail - 30th May 2005 ]Hmmm... A more than vaguely scathing, two-page, article on Toyah's private (and public) life in Monday's 'Daily Mail'.

JUST WHAT'S TORMENTING TOYAH? enquired Alison Bowyer, who then goes on, into minute detail, about what she thinks is doing so.

She has leafed through 'Living Out Loud', read the synopsis of 'Diary Of A Facelift' and spoken to "a close friend" (possibly someone who met her briefly in 1986) of Toyah, and cobbled together a fairly obnoxious feature.

The worrying thing is that many readers will believe all this, when in reality, if you'll excuse the pun, Toyah (as this website and her official site testify) is far busier than most, if not all, of her 80's contemporaries.

Can't really comment on the points made about Toyah's private life. We haven't a clue so why should we believe Alison Bowyer's "revelations"?

And, for the record, Toyah won't be stripping off for any TV drama in the forseeable future.

Thanks to Alec Kelly.

June 1, 2005: 'Now' & 'Best' - Toyah clippings
[ Now magazine - 2005 ]NOW magazine: [ Your Shout ] A vain attempt: In your feature My Facelift Changed My Life, Toyah Willcox said she thinks she's 'brave' for having surgery. Well, genuinely brave women have surgery to rid themselves of life-threatening cancers, not a few lines and bags.

How vain and insecure she must be. If her skin has no natural elasticity, then she'll soon need another op - or two. Then it'll be hello Jackie Stallone. Lesley Coull, Aberdeen.

Fabulous, Darling: Although I think Toyah looks fabulous after her facelfift, it's a shame that nasty comments from people like the unuttewably boring Jonathan Ross forced her into it. Has he looked in a mirror lately? Tarina La Rue-Blood, Leicester.

[ Best magazine - May 2005 ]Facing The Facts: Toyah Willcox, I salute you! How refreshing to have a celebrity who actually admits to having cosmetic surgery. I do appreciate honesty. Trudy Sullivan, West Sussex.

Shut up, Toyah: When I read your extract from Toyah Willcox's book about her facelift, the whole thing seemed overblown and full of self-importance.

She needs a reality check. It was cosmetic surgery - not a quadruple heart bypass. Sheila Cakebread, Sunbury on Thames.

BEST magazine: [ Newsy clip ] Be afraid.... now that Eighties star Toyah Willcox has had a face-lift, she's toying with the idea of reviving her chart career. She reveals, "I never thought I could be on Top Of The Pops again, but the new face has made me think."

Thanks to Paul Lomas.

June 1, 2005: Toyah live 2005/6 update
A date change and another live gig added to Toyah's live 2005/6 itinerary:

Toyah - Live 2005
Monday 28th March : Blackpool - Flamingo's (PA)
Saturday 9th April : Dublin - The George (PA)
Saturday 21st April : Morecambe - Wasted Festival (Spoken Word)
Saturday 21st April : Morecambe - Wasted Festival (full band)
Saturday 2nd July : Hastings - Beer Festival (full band) 
Friday 12th August : Ayrshire - NTS Live On The Lawn (H&N band) 
Sunday 21st August : South Shields - Cookson Festival (H&N band) *revised*
Friday 16th September : Wolverhampton - The Robin (full band) 
Saturday 15th October : Skegness (full band) 
Saturday 19th November : Bognor (full band) 
Saturday 3rd December : Minehead (PA) 

Toyah - Live 2006
Saturday 25th February : Bognor (full band)
Sunday 26th February : Skegness (full band)
Friday 17th March : Minehead (full band)
Saturday 18th March : Skegness (full band) *new*

A number of the above dates are subject to change. 

Check out Dreamscape's LIVE section for dedicated pages on Toyah's past 2005 gigs.


June 1, 2005: Toyah @ 'Wasted' - Prints for sale
[ Toyah @ Wasted by John Shepherd ]Toyah's appearance at the 'Wasted' festival was a huuuuuge success.

Her set-list, as we all know, was amazingly good.

She won over a big crowd of sceptics (apparently), looking cool in a tu-tu!

Now you can have that awesome look in your kitchen, hall, or, if it's your thing, bathroom...

John Shepherd, who took this photograph >>> of Toyah onstage, as well as those in Dreamscape's Live section, over @ the Forum, and on Toyah's Official website on the opening page and Gallery, has gorgeous Toyah @ Wasted prints for sale.

Please click on the picture to visit the Forum thread for further info on how you can have Toyah in a tu-tu in your toilet in Twickenham (if you live there). 

And why not!!

John's website: www.johnshepherd-photography.com

June 1, 2005: Toyah on TV & Sky Movies
What Women Really Want : UK Style - Friday 3rd June : 00.30am
What Women Really Want : UK Style Plus 1 - Friday 3rd June : 01.30am
Money. It's grumpy old men with heels on! Er no, it's feisty high-profile women of all ages giving forth on everything from sex and singledom to plastic surgery and pregnancy. Today's hot topic is money - find out what Toyah Willcox, Jenny Eclair, Nadia Almada and other celebs have to say about loot. Narrated by Ulrika Jonsson.

The Most Fertile Man In Ireland : Sky Movies 5 - Saturday 4th June : 03.30am
Bedded by his town's good-time girl, Eamonn quickly acquires a reputation as a man who can make babies. While both sides of Belfast struggle with their sperm-counts, the lucky man becomes the hot property of both Catholics and Protestants. Crown jewel comedy. 

Director: Dudi Appleton. Starring: Kris Marshall, Kathy Kiera Clarke, Bronagh Gallagher, James Nesbitt, Kenneth Cranham, Toyah Willcox and Olivia Nash.

What Women Really Want : UK Style - Tuesday 14th June : 00.00am
What Women Really Want : UK Style Plus 1 - Tuesday 14th June : 01.00am
Girlfriends. Get up close and personal with the female psyche in this pacy new series featuring feisty celebrity opinions and gripping true-life stories. In this episode, Jenny Eclair, Toyah Willcox, Jodie Marsh and Sarah Cawood discuss why their girlfriends are so important to them. Discover which celeb hates her own company, and who admits that even her best mates bitch about her behind her back. Miaow! Narrated by Ulrika Jonsson.

June 1, 2005: 'Cabaret' - Reissued this month
[ Cabaret 2005 ]Yet another CD reissue.... For the third time in eight years 'Cabaret' is issued on CD. This version, again with new artwork, is titled: 'Cabaret: Starring Toyah Willcox & Nigel Planer'.

This release appears to be an edited version, with three songs, that previously appeared on the 1997 and 2002 CD's, not included.

No information on which label will be releasing 'Cabaret' or catalogue numbers etc. The CD is due for release this coming Monday (6th June 2005).

Willkommen - Nigel Planer
Sitting Pretty
Mein Herr - Toyah Willcox
Two Ladies
Money Money - Toyah Willcox & Nigel Planer
Tomorrow Belongs To Me
Cabaret - Toyah Willcox
Don't Tell Mama
If You Could See Her - Nigel Planer

June 1, 2005: The Safari Records Singles Collection - Parts 1 & 2
[ Safari Records Singles Collection Part 1 ]The first CD, of two, in 'The Safari Records Singles Collection' is now available to buy.

First of two volumes documenting the classic era of this much-underrated Birmingham vocalist and actress, now married to Robert Fripp. Alongside Siouxsie Sioux, Hazel O Connor, Lene Lovich and some might even say Kate Bush, Toyah Willcox epitomised the new-found propensity for eccentric female vocalists in the post-punk, post-Rock Follies era: this CD compilation includes, alongside genuine hit single 'It's A Mystery' several unsung avant-garde New Wave classics such as 'Ieya' 'Neon Womb' 'Danced' and 'Victims Of The Riddle' all of which demonstrate why Toyah was somewhat unique and ripe for rediscovery. Detailed sleeve notes include quotes from Mrs Fripp herself. "Zi-on- Zoober-ron. . ."

For the first time, all of Toyah's single and EP's originally released by Safari Records are compiled across two CD's. Featuring 40 tracks in total, the compilations also boast 3 tracks which make their CD debut. The packages contain archive images, illustrated discographies and new sleevenotes by Michael Heatley written with contributions from Toyah Willcox and Craig Astley.

The first CD: Toyah - 'The Safari Records Singles Collection - Part 1' (1979 to 1981)' (CDMRED 266) Tracklisting: 1. Victims Of The Riddle, 2. Victims Of The Riddle (Vivisection), 3. Neon Womb, 4. Indecision, 5. Waiting, 6. Our Movie, 7. Danced, 8. Last Goodbye, 9. Bird In Flight, 10. Tribal Look, 11. Ieya (Full-length version as featured on 12" single), 12. The Helium Song, 13. Danced (Live), 14. Ghosts (Live), 15. Neon Womb (Live), 16. It's A Mystery (EP Mix), 17. Revelations, 18. Warboys, 19. Angels & Demons.

Of the above, tracks 12 and 14 have never been available on CD until now.

[ Safari Records Singles Collection Part 2 ]The second CD will be available sometime in August, with the actual release date to be confirmed soon. Artwork, as with the first CD, features many of Toyah's classic early 1980's single sleeves and striking, memorable, images.

The second CD: Toyah - 'The Safari Records Singles Collection - Part 2' (1981 to 1983)' (CDMRED 267). Tracklist: 1. I Want To Be Free, 2. Walke Talkie, 3. Alien, 4. Thunder In The Mountains, 5. Street Addict, 6. Voodoo Doll, 7. Good Morning Universe, 8. Urban Tribesmen, 9. In The fairground, 10. Furious Futures, 11. Brave New World (Single Edit), 12. Warrior Rock, 13. Ieya '82 (Full-length re-recorded version), 14. Be Proud Be Loud (Be Heard), 15. Laughing With The Fools, 16. Rebel Run, 17. To The Mountains High, 18. Baptised In Fire, 19. The Vow, 20. I Explode, 21. Haunted.

Of the above, track 13 has never been available on CD until now.

Both CD's are released by the Cherry Red Records label.