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November 26, 2005: Wild about 'Wild Essence'
• Toyah's first ever official music DVD, Wild Essence, is now in the shops (online and in the "real world"), just waiting to be snapped up. The entire packaging; cover, booklet, menu screens and disc, is excellent, and needless to say the actual contents; concert, interview, gallery, discography, and Safari promos are amazing.

[ Toyah - Wild Essence DVD ]

Thanks to Craig, Alan, Andi, John, Dean, Cherry Red  et al. This would definitely make a cool Christmas present for anyone you give a figgy pudding for :o)

November 26, 2005: Toyah on ITV2's 'Jungle Drums'
• A couple of screen captures of Toyah guesting on I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! Jungle Drums yesterday evening on ITV2. 

[ Jungle Drums - 25 Nov 05 ]

[ Jungle Drums - 25 Nov 05 ]

Huge THANKS to Andi Westhorpe for the captures.

November 26, 2005: 'Mayhem' - Sublime obscenities and solved mysteries
• 'Mayhem' on CD is finally a reality. And WHAT A REALITY it is... Packaging that stays true to the original (just like all the other CD releases we have had in 05) but crams in much, much more. Unseen and rare archive pictures of Toyah and band(s), tracks never available on CD before, and detailed insight and info into each track and its origination. Fantastico!

[ Mayhem... on CD! ]

Worth the 20 year wait from viny to CD. THANKS to Craig, Alan, Scott, Andi, Cherry Red et al for this!

November 26, 2005: John Shepherd Photography - Toyah Gallery
• Please click on this awesome live shot of Toyah, from The Robin gig in September, to view a cool montage of photographs taken by, photographic expert extraordinaire, John Shepherd  >>>

[ Toyah - September 05 ]

Huge THANKS to John.

November 26, 2005: Toyah in the 'Daily Mail'
Toyah has been in the 'Daily Mail' twice in the past week. She was interviewed in yesterday's edition (Friday 25th November 2005), in a feature about therapists.

She was also mentioned in a news item on the latest series of I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!, mainly concerning (ex-Eastenders actress) Elaine Lordan's very ealry departure due to illness:

I'm A Sick Celebrity

Miss Lordan, who gave birth to a son James in January, her first child with partner Peter Manuel, has experienced a turbulent past few years. She was convicted of drink-driving in October 2003 and sacked from the BBC's flagship soap that December. 

Nine months ago her mother, Bernadette, who suffered with depression, committed suicide by jumping under a train in North London. She is not the first celebrity to suffer medical problems on the show. Last year's winner, Joe Pasquale, almost collapsed after being plagued by insect bites. 

After being evicted from the 2003 series, Toyah Willcox claimed a daily food allowance of just 500 calories resulted in her being diagnosed with hypoglycaemia, a potentially dangerous lowering of glucose levels in the blood. 

[ Daily Mail - 22nd November 2005 ]

November 20, 2005: 'Wild Essence' - @ Cherry Red
[ Wild Essence @ Cherry Red ]Toyah
Wild Essence – Live In The 21st Century

The first ever DVD to feature one of the great British pop stars of the 1980's - Toyah Willcox.

Since first exploding into the public's consciousness with her much acclaimed role as "Mad" in the Punk epic Jubilee, Toyah has gone on to establish herself as one of Britain's most successful, prolific and versatile artists, featuring in many television, film and stage projects including the seminal UK movie Quadrophenia. 

As well as her success as an actress, Toyah established herself in the 1980's as one of Britain's most popular female vocalists, notching up a remarkable total of 82 weeks in the British charts with 11 Hit Singles, several of which lodged themselves in the top ten, making Toyah one of the most recognizable and iconic performers of the era.

"Wild Essence.." features Toyah performing a full show to her ever loyal fanbase at the Robin 2 club in Wolverhampton, England on her 2005 UK tour. Bonus features include a career spanning interview with Toyah and original promo videos for the UK hit singles "Thunder In The Mountains", "I Want To Be Free", "Rebel Run" and "Brave New World". Amongst the tracks performed are the UK top ten hit singles "It's A Mystery", "I Want To Be Free", and "Thunder In The Mountains".

Echo Beach
Race Through Space
Neon Womb
Little Tears Of Love
Thunder In The Mountains
Jungles Of Jupiter
Our Movie
It's A Mystery
I Explode
Sweet Child Of Mine
She Sells Sanctuary
Till Victory
I Want To Be Free 

Bonus Footage – 
Promo videos for 'I Want To Be Free', 'Thunder In The Mountains', 'Brave New World' and 'Rebel Run'.

November 20, 2005: 'Snow White' - Susanne Shaw talks Toyah
[ Toyah and Suzanne Shaw ]Suzanne Shaw, who will play the title role in Toyah's panto in Milton Keynes this Christmas, mentioned Toyah in an interview at BBC Three Counties this week:

Susanne Shaw's looking forward to panto

It sounds ideal. Is there anything you're not looking forward to or anything that's a bit daunting?

Suzanne: The challenge is two shows a day! It's the first time I'm going to be doing something like this.

Toyah hit the nail on the head when she said that while lot of people say they're not going to do panto because it's not the credible thing to do, it's actually the most challenging thing to do.

You have to have talent, you have to have stamina and you have to be able to pull yourself together everyday and get on that stage because it's hard work and that's what I'm looking forward to. I love working, I love having the challenge of new jobs. I love crossing that hurdle of doing something that I didn't think I would ever have done.

It will be such hard work - especially being a mother as well - but I'm looking forward to the challenge - and shedding the pounds!

It's a brilliant line up isn't it?

Suzanne: Yes it's fantastic - I'm really proud to be in this pantomime, really proud - the line-up's just incredible. I'm like can I have your autograph!

To read the full interview please click on the picture of Toyah & Suzanne. Read a recent interview with Toyah by heading to Dreamscape's NEWS ARCHIVE: September 14 Update.

November 20, 2005: Shaky gets it wrong!
Despite sharing the charts with her for years, Shakin' Stevens still seems to be under the impression that Toyah is a "stage name". He was interviewed this week in the 'North Wales Daily Post':

Shaky rattles 'n' rolls

When I ring Michael Barratt, better known as Shakin' Stevens, at his London studio, we start by talking about his stage name. 

In a businesslike voice, betraying hardly a trace of a Cardiff accent, he says: "I'm stuck with Shaky in conversation, and Shakin' Stevens on the records and posters." 

Shaky says stage names are quite common after all. "Bono, Toyah, Twiggy, they're all out there, even going back to the blues with Muddy Waters." 

The singer burst into the charts in 1981 with a cover of Rosemary Clooney's This Ole House, sporting an Elvis quiff, denims and a wobbly-limbed dance routine. He became the best-selling Welsh artist in UK singles-chart history, with other hits including You Drive Me Crazy, Green Door, Oh Julie and Cry Just A Little Bit..." 

November 18, 2005: 'Mayhem' - Mick Mercer review
[ www.mickmercer.com ]Mick Mercer has just recently reviewed 'Mayhem' at his website:

Cherry Red

This weird one is coming out on Cherry Red any day and has deserved a release on CD having long been a collector’s item, originally issued by Safari in the mid-1985 but I must admit that I missed it. It’s a weird mixture cobbled together. ‘Clapham Junction’ is certainly daftly enjoyable, taking a lightly euphoric spin on her earlier, darker style and it’s a sumptuous opener. Unfortunately ‘Change Of Scenery’ is high-falutin’ garbage. (‘I live in London town, and I like to get around’? Please!) From Barbara Dickson to an agitated Bonnie Tyler in mere minutes, she crawls through a fluffy ‘Problem Child’ which isn’t a Damned cover. Equally grand in its slick nonsense is ‘You’re My Hero’ all mock-dramatics and wibbly drivel. Given that this gets an airing they should have dug up an old live tape of the days when they apparently covered ‘Freebird’ – I bet that would be hilarious.

‘Cotton Vest’ is older, so these must be the demos. This is flat post-punk doldrums, with far more life than the above. ‘Gaoler’ finds an eager, roaring Toyah, with twitchy guitar, and a rockier feel. ‘Paradise Child’ is an early song with a big commercial hook, which seems odd, timewise. Toyah blazes through this which is a good indication as why labels were prepared to pounce. ‘Israel’ is slower, with farcical lyrics and delivery, then we tumble into a simple, charming ‘Christmas Carol’ which has nothing Yuleish about it, just chomping keyboards, skinny guitar and odd sounds gliding beneath the woozy vocals.

'The Merchant And The Nubile’ is playfully epic, with ponderous drum tones, and a measured mood which Toyah controls in a masterful, swishing fashion. It gurgles and throbs superbly, leading into a cool demo of ‘Danced’ which starts fresh and innocent and then bounces off into the distance with cute, curly keyboards everywhere and a magnificent vocal performance.

‘I Believe In Father Christmas’? Yes, that thing, done with a simple gloss, passionately. ‘Guilty’ is a bit ropey, sounding like a second-rate ‘Run Wild’, ‘Three Sided Face’ has an angular frothy poise, sidling along sternly, but ‘Island Race’ is quite ghastly, and that’s the point about cobbled together compilations, where the good and bad mix together. Overall the quality shines through and keeps the rubbish is respectful shadows.

Please click on the picture to visit Mick's website.

November 18, 2005: 'Wild Essence' - @ Pinnacle Vision
[ Pinnacle Vision ]There's a short feature about Wild Essence at 'Pinnacle Vision':

The first ever DVD to feature one of the great British pop stars of the 1980's - Toyah Willcox. Since first exploding into the public's consciousness with her much acclaimed role as "Mad" in the Punk epic JUBILEE, Toyah has gone on to establish herself as one of Britain's most successful, prolific and versatile artists. As well as her success as an actress, TOYAH established herself in the 80's as one of Britain's most popular female vocalists, notching up a remarkable total of 82 weeks in the British charts with 11 Hit Singles. "Wild Essence" features Toyah performing a full show to her ever loyal fanbase at the Robin 2 club in Wolverhampton, England on her recent UK tour. 

NB: Tons of other online shops and websites are running small/mini Wild Essence features. Most using the above text or similar. All good publicity for the new DVD.

November 18, 2005: 'Snow White' - New Toyah publicity pic
• Another great picture of Toyah, as the Wicked Queen, in anticipation of her panto for 2005, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

[ Snow White 2005 ]

November 18, 2005: Emergency!!
Girlschool have recorded a special 25th anniversary version of their single 'Emergency' which will be available for download only alongside another Girlschool classic, 'London' from November 21st. 

Toyah formed a band with Girlschool in the very early 1990's, Shedevils, for a one-off gig. Shedevils eventually became Strange Girls, who played gigs in the early 1990's, playing Girlschool and Toyah classics, including a stonking version of 'Emergency'

www.girlschool.co.uk [ The Official Girlschool website ]

November 13, 2005: Toyah & John @ 'In Her Shoes' UK premiere - Screen caps
• Toyah was interviewed on the red carpet at the premiere of In Her Shoes on an ITV1 special last night. Toyah arrived at the event with John. Other famous faces included Cameron Diaz and Toni Colette (the stars of the film), Anastacia, and Lauren Laverne.

[ In Her Shoes - UK Premiere ITV1 ]

Asked about what she was wearing, Toyah said: "I'm wearing a jacket in got in TK Maxx for ten quid!"

On her shoes she responded: "I only own about three pairs of shoes, but that said, when I'm onstage... I have all my thigh boots made for me, cos I wear really outrageous thigh boots. I have them made. So I do have expensive shoes but I don't have that many."

November 12, 2005: Toyah & John @ 'In Her Shoes' UK premiere - Pics
• Toyah and John pictured arriving at the at the UK premiere of In Her Shoes at the Empire, Leicester Square, on November 7, 2005 in London, England.

[ Toyah & John - 7th Nov 05 ]

November 12, 2005: Toyah on Sky's 'The 50 Worst Decisions of All Time'
The 50 Worst Decisions of All Time was repeated on Sky Three on Wednesday night (9th November). This was originally broadcast last year on Sky One, with Toyah giving her opinion on a number of the "decisions" included:

[ The 50 Worst Decisions of All Time ]

Toyah, on George "Public Convenience" Michael: "It was a good career move!"

Toyah, on David "Son of God" Icke: "I remember seeing him saying it (that he was the "Son of God", that turqouise was the new black, etc) on the telly and thinking... 'Sssssss.... that was just awful, just terrible!"

Toyah, on Jocelyn "cosmetic surgery made me look like a cat" Wildenstein: "These surgeons! Have they no scruples? These surgeons should ban her from their operating lists. Really! Being that rich is tedious, and the tedium is written on the terrible mistakes made on her face."

Toyah, on Glenn "Idiot" Hoddle: Glenn Hoddle said that a disabled person is someone who has bad kharma and did something bad in a previous life, and are paying for it in this life. Now in Eastern philosophy it's a complete reverse. They say that you choose the body to live in, and if you choose the body of a disabled person you are going to be more sacred at the point of death and you have a higher place in Heaven. That is what I've heard. How he came across that one, I think, is very, very misguided."

Toyah, on Michael "Baby Dangler" Jackson: "That isn't a human life in his hands, it's Michael Jackson Mk II. It is utterly horrific!"

Toyah, on The Grand Knockout Tournament, BBC1 1987 (aka The Royal It's A Knockout), (aka "A complete f***ing disaster"): "One incident that happened that turned the whole event on its head... After the event Prince Edward went into the (press) tent to speak to them (the press/media). That, I think, is the one moment that really turned the event into the disaster it's been portrayed as."

November 12, 2005: Toyah on Five's 'The Aphrodisiac Test'
• Toyah popped up a few times during Channel Five's The Aphrodisiac Test on Thursday night.

[ The Aphrodisiac Test - 10th Nov 05 ]

[ The Aphrodisiac Test - 10th Nov 05 ]

During the programme Toyah was seen holding a revolting looking plate of bull's testicles, and a tube containing human pheromones, with Toyah exclaiming that wearing the stuff had changed the reaction most men, she passed by the day she wore it, gave her, with most smiling or even trying to engage in conversation.

Toyah also mentioned that making lurve in the same bed "was like a prison sentence". So there!

Many thanks to Andrew York for the two smaller (and better than mine) screen caps above.

November 12, 2005: The Funeral of Edward Heath
[ Toyah - July 2005 ]Toyah, attending the funeral of, former Prime Minister, Edward Heath on Thursday 22nd July 2005.
November 12, 2005: Cherry Red - Toyah is back
• Toyah is, apparently, BACK!** And to celebrate this fact she is currently featured on the main page of Cherry Records website, with a link to a mini feature on the upcoming 'Mayhem' CD

[ Cherry Red Records ]

** Where was Toyah when she was "away"? ;o)

November 12, 2005: Toyah @ 'Birmingham Music Awards 2005'
[ Birmingham Music Awards - Nov 2005 ]Toyah, presenting Butterfly Catchers with the "Unplugged Award", at the 'Birmingham Music Awards 2005' on Friday 4th November.

The awards are engraved crystal glass trophies in the shape of Birmingham's iconic Rotunda building, and the ceremony took place at Havana Room on Gas Street in Toyah's home city.

The unsigned winners for 2005 are as follows:

Rock/Indie: Adrenaline
Urban: 360
Unplugged: Butterfly Catchers
Jazz/Blues: Carole Westwood
Classical: Maraca 2
The lifetime Award winner for 2005: Andy Hamilton

November 12, 2005: Toyah on TV/Sky Movies/Festive TV
Celebrity Life Skills : S4C - Thursday 24th November : 1.15pm
Self Defence. Celebrities explain how to handle extraordinary situations using everyday objects found around the house and office. Toyah Willcox demonstrates how to disable an attacker with the aid of various objects from the broom cupboard. 

The Most Fertile Man In Ireland : Sky Movies 9 - Thursday 24th November : 10.45pm
Twenty-four year old virgin, Eamonn Manley, lives with his mother in Belfast and is painfully shy with the ladies. Things change for Eamonn when Mary Malloy decides to make the first move and soon Mary realises that she is pregnant even though she was using birth control. The doctor discovers that Eamonn has an unusually high sperm count... His mother has the idea that he can help the local ladies who have had problems conceiving a baby... Director: Dudi Appleton. Starring: Kris Marshall, Kathy Kiera Clarke, Bronagh Gallagher, James Nesbitt, Kenneth Cranham, Toyah Willcox and Olivia Nash. 

Never Mind The Buzzcocks : BBC2 : Boxing Day : Time TBC
Toyah joins host Mark Lamarr and guests for a festive edition of the irreverent music quiz show.

The Frank Skinner Show : ITV1 : Still waiting to be confirmed

November 12, 2005: 'Hendon Times' - Lifetimes: Facing up to reality
[ Hendon Times - 13th Oct 05 ]Toyah was featured in a full page article, titled "Facing up to reality", in the 'Hendon Times' Lifetimes section on Thursday 13th October.

This was the same interview that was published on a number of websites in October, including; 'Limited Edition' and 'This Is Local London'.

The 'Hendon Times' article use two beautiful pictures of Toyah, from 2005 and 1985 respectively.

Toyah talks about facelifts, Katharine Hepburn, I'm A Celebrity..., Laurence Olivier, and more.

The full interview can be read at Dreamscape's 'News Archive': October News: October 13th Update.

Many thanks to Michael Cooney for the news article.

November 12, 2005: A work of art!
• A little-seen picture of Toyah, circa 2000/01, with artist Peter Kindred.

[ Toyah & artists Peter Kindred ]

November 9, 2005: 'An Audience with Toyah Willcox' - Stamford
The third, and final (for now) An Audience with Toyah Willcox, took place in Stamford on Sunday evening, with the set-list remaining the same as Finchley last month: 

Thunder In The Mountains / Echo Beach / Obsolete / Because the Night / It's a Mystery / Sweet Child 'O Mine / River Deep, Mountain High / I Want To Be Free

This brief, great, report from Glyn Whelan:

"Toyah was very relaxed and full of her expected energy and kept us all entertained with stories of her upbringing and career. It is a very intimate affair and she lets you in on a few more personal aspects of her life and career than you would usually get access to (brilliant photos of the Glums in front of famous landmarks - sorry you will just have to go see the show!). The small theatre setting is perfect to create this atmosphere.

The question and answer session proved very amusing and interesting. Toyah said it is hoped 2006 we will see another live DVD release next year, and we may seen as many as five more re-releases of old albums! Talk has already started on the writing and release of another new album in 2006. She wants to continue to develop this Audience With Toyah format. She has had an idea for a film (about psychics) penned by a screen writer and is currently presenting it to studios to see if there is any interest! But panto is the first priority! And Toyah's own favourite album at the moment is 'Love Is The Law'."

Many thanks to Glyn.

November 9, 2005: Toyah at 'The Living Room' launch party
[ Toyah - 3rd November 05 ]Toyah, pictured at The Living Room launch party, on Thursday 3rd November.

The Living Room is located at Heddon Street in London.

The launch party was attended by a plethora of famous faces, including Dannii Minogue, Sheila Ferguson, Donna Air...

Toyah, along with pal John, attended the premiere of In Her Shoes on Monday evening (7th November), at the Empire on Leicester Square.

Please click on the Living Room launch party pic to view a selection of pictures from the Monday night premiere.

November 9, 2005: 'Wild Essence' - The Official e-flyer
• The fantastic Official e-flyer for Toyah's forthcoming FIRST ever music DVD, Wild Essence.

[ Official WILD ESSENCE e-flyer ]

Please click on the e-flyer to visit Toyah's Official website.

November 9, 2005: 'Birmingham Mail' - All that jazz in 87 years!
Midland saxophone legend Andy Hamilton has been rewarded for a lifetime of service to the music industry in the first ever Birmingham Music Awards - at the age of 87.

Andy, who formed his first band in 1928 when he was just ten years old, was presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award for his services to music in the region.

The engraved crystal glass trophy in the shape of Birmingham's iconic Rotunda building was presented by city reggae star Pato Banton, who said: "He's an outstanding artist who has supported many renowned jazz musicians over the years."

Birmingham Mail jazz correspondent Alan Cross added: "It's been my privilege to work with Andy for 20 years now.

"He moved to Birmingham in 1949 where he set up venues and nights around the city. He lost his front teeth to a fascist group who stormed one of these venues, but he never lost his determination to teach young people how to play jazz."

The Birmingham Music Awards, which have been two years in the planning, culminated in a ceremony in the Havana Room on Gas Street. Other awards were handed out by Birmingham ex-punk rocker Toyah Wilcox and Iron Maiden singer Blaze Bayley.

Toyah said: "I'm bored of hearing about the Manchester music scene. Let's hear about the Birmingham music scene. It's about time Birmingham reclaimed its musical heritage."

Category winners, chosen after a series of showcase performances held in the city during October, also receive a support package tailored to their specific needs.

[ Source - Birmingham Mail, by Tony Collins - 7th November 2005 ]

November 6, 2005: 'Mayhem' @ Cherry Red
The third in our critically acclaimed Toyah series, this album was originally issued as a limited edition collectors release (vinyl only) by Safari Records in 1985. It compiles a wealth of previously unreleased and unheard rare and archive material.

A perfect companion to the Safari Singles Collections and ‘Wild Essence’ DVD (also available this month), this fascinating album gives an insight into work in progress by Toyah in the late 1970s and early 80s. Mayhem comprises finished songs not included on EPs and albums, demos and alternate versions unavailable anywhere else. 

The 15 tracks which make up 'Mayhem' include the majestic opener 'Clapham Junction,' an alternate version of the Toyah classic 'Danced' and a unique cover of 'I Believe in Father Christmas' -- originally recorded for Granada TV's 1982 special 'Pop Goes Christmas.' Tracks from the demo tape which got Toyah signed to Safari Records in 1978 also feature in this anthology of lost classics, curiosities and studio doodles. 

[ Mayhem CD ]

The CD includes the full 15 track album with three tracks only included on the original cassette version. In addition, this brand new expanded version of Mayhem will includes 5 further bonus tracks never before commercially released or included on any Toyah CD! 

The package will be rounded out with rare, archive images and comprehensive sleeve notes by The Official Toyah Website webmaster which finally reveal the origins of the tracks in a
song-by-song commentary, not included in the original release. 

Clapham Junction / Change of Scenery / Problem Child / You're My Hero / Cotton Vest / Gaoler / Guilty / Three Sided Face / Paradise Child / Israel / Christmas Carol / The Merchant and the Nubile / Danced (Alternate version) / I Believe in Father Christmas / Island Race / Love Me (Demo) / Tribal Look (Demo) / It's A Mystery (Demo) / Run Wild, Run Free (Demo) / Rinaphobia 

November 6, 2005: 'Quadrophenia' - Live DVD
[ Quadrophenia / Tommy Live ]A live DVD of Quadrophenia is released tomorrow.

The Who: Quadrophenia & Tommy Live - With Special Guests

The Quadrophenia Story: Documentary
Visual Commentary by Roger Daltrey & Pete Townshend

Disc 1: Quadrophenia - A 90-minute show filmed on The Who's US tour 1996-97.

1. I Am The Sea, 2. The Real Me, 3. Quadrophenia, 4. Cut My Hair, 5. The Punk And The Godfather, 6. I'm One, 7. The Dirty Jobs, 8. Helpless Dancer, 9. Is It In My Head?, 10. I've Had Enough, 11. 5:15, 12. Sea And Sand, 13. Drowned, 14. Bell Boy, 15. Doctor Jimmy, 16. The Rock, 17. Love Reign O'er Me.

The 1979 movie version of Quadrophenia, in which Toyah played Monkey, was broadcast on the TCM channel last night.

November 6, 2005: 'An Audience With Toyah Willcox' - Stamford
Toyah's An Audience With... rolls into Stamford tonight, after successful recent outings in Fife and Fichley...

Stamford Arts Centre
27 St. Mary's Street

Tel: (Box Office) 01780 763203
Email: boxoffice@stamfordartscentre.com 

November 1, 2005: 'Girls and Boys - Sex and British Pop'
• Toyah, looking gorgeous, was featured on Sunday night's Boys and Girls - Sex and British Pop on BBC2. This was part two, sub-titled Oh You Pretty Things, of a four-part series. This edition looked at Glam Rock and Punk, with Toyah being interviewed and a clip of her from Jubilee shown too.

[ Boys and Girls - 30th October 05 ]

[ Boys and Girls - 30th October 05 ]

Toyah, on the growing strength of women in music: "Revolution was beginning, and it was a gender revolution. It was when people could question how they felt inside, and for me the big issue was that inside I did not feel anything that I was being educated to be. And that was to be a nice, little woman who had three kids, shut up, clean the house, and perhaps had a part-time job. None of that appealed to me."

Toyah, on Siouxsie: "You just didn't take advantage of Siouxsie. Punk allowed women to be aggressive. It allowed women to say, 'well actually yeah, I have got tits and I have got a fanny but that doesn't mean you're invited to touch it, it doesn't mean you have any access to it whatsoever, actually, FUCK OFF!'."

Toyah, on Jubilee: "I'd never had boyfriends. My family presumed I was a lesbian. I can remember in Jubilee seeing my first naked man and I couldn't speak, I'd never seen anything like it before. Derek (Jarman) realised that I'd practically had no sexual experience or education throughout the whole of my life. The whole of the sexual revolution was going on while, I felt, I stood outside of it, and genderless!"

November 1, 2005: 'Wild Essence' - Toyah, in the 21st Century!
• The latest picture from Dean Stocking's Wild Essence photo shoot, as revealed yesterday by www.toyahwillcox.com, with Toyah looking in better shape than she possibly ever has!

[ Toyah in the 21st Century ]

Please click on the picture to visit www.toyahwillcox.com

November 1, 2005: 'Wild Essence' - DVD menu screen
[ Wild Essence - DVD menu screen ]Toyah's Official website yesterday revealed a little taster from the upcoming Wild Essence DVD... The DVD menu screen.

Via a Wild Essence e-flyer came further information on the DVD's contents:


Filmed in true punk style, Toyah goes back to her roots geographically and musically in a colourful and energetic concert.


Please click on the picture to visit www.toyahwillcox.com

November 1, 2005: Toyah live 2005/6 update / An Audience with Toyah
Toyah - Live 2005
Monday 28th March : Blackpool - Flamingo's (PA) 
Saturday 9th April : Dublin - The George (PA) 
Saturday 21st April : Morecambe - Wasted Festival (Spoken Word) 
Saturday 21st April : Morecambe - Wasted Festival (full band) 
Saturday 2nd July : Hastings - Beer Festival (full band) 
Friday 12th August : Ayrshire - NTS Live On The Lawn (H&N band) 
Sunday 21st August : South Shields - Cookson Festival (H&N band) 
Wednesday 14th September : Folkestone - Pipers Nightclub (full band) 
Friday 16th September : Wolverhampton - The Robin (full band) 
Sunday 25th September : Lochgelly Centre - Fife (An Audience with Toyah) 
Saturday 15th October : Skegness (full band)
Sunday 16th October : Finchley Arts Depot - Barnet, London (An Audience with Toyah) 
Sunday 6th November : Stamford Arts Centre - Lincolnshire (An Audience with Toyah) 
Saturday 19th November : Bognor (full band) 
Saturday 3rd December : Minehead (PA) 

Toyah - Live 2006
Friday 24th February : Skegnes (full band) *REVISED*
Saturday 25th February : Bognor (full band)
Friday 17th March : Minehead (full band)
Saturday 18th March : Skegness (full band)

A number of the above dates are subject to change. 
Check out Dreamscape's LIVE section for dedicated pages on Toyah's past 2005 gigs.

November 1, 2005: 'Wild Essence - Live In The 21st Century' - DVD
[ Wild Essence - Live DVD ]Toyah first official music DVD release will be available to buy from Monday 28th November 2005.

The DVD, filmed at the Robin, Wolverhampton, last month is titled Wild Essence - Live In The 21st Century (CRDVD104). "Wild Essence" taken from one of the songs included, that being 'Jungles Of Jupiter'. It is released by Cherry Red Films.

The artwork features a great new picture of Toyah, from a recent yet-to-be-seen Dean Stockings session, as well as the much-loved original Toyah logo.

The tracklist comprises of 16 songs:

Echo Beach
Race Through Space
Neon Womb
Little Tears Of Love
Thunder In The Mountains
Jungles Of Jupiter
Our Movie
It's A Mystery
I Explode
Sweet Child Of Mine
She Sells Sanctuary
Till Victory
I Want To Be Free

In addition there are numerous extras included too:

Backstage Interview with Toyah
I Want To Be Free (1981 Safari promo video)
Thunder In the Mountains (1981 Safari promo video)
Brave New World (1982 Safari promo video)
Rebel Run (1983 Safari promo video)

November 1, 2005: 'Mayhem' - Tracklist confirmed
[ Mayhem - On CD ] 'Mayhem' is set for release on Monday 14th November 2005, by Cherry Red. The packaging is fantastic and includes comprehensive liner notes on the originations of the tracks included on the album, most of which have remained a mytery until this release.

This from Toyah's Offical e-news: "The CD includes the full 15 track album with three tracks only included on the original cassette version. In addition, this brand new expanded version of Mayhem includes further bonus tracks never before commercially released. The package will be rounded out with rare, archive images and comprehensive sleevenotes which finally reveal the origins of the songs in a track-by-track commentary."

Release date: 14 November 2005
Label: Cherry Red Records
Catalogue No: CDMRED 285
Description: Demos, outtakes, rarities and alternate tracks

01. Clapham Junction 
02. Change of Scenery 
03. Problem Child 
04. You’re My Hero 
05. Cotton Vest
06. Gaoler 
07. Guilty 
08. Three-Sided Face 
09. Paradise Child 
10. Israel 
11. Christmas Carol
12. The Merchant & the Nubile 
13. Danced (Alternate version) 
14. I Believe in Father Christmas
15. Island Race
Bonus Tracks
16. Love Me (Demo)
17. Tribal Look (Demo) 
18. It’s A Mystery (Demo)
19. Run Wild, Run Free [Demo]
20. Rinaphobia 

Tracks 18 and 20 were originally only available on the Blood Donor album, and tracks 16, 17 and 19 were never available before.