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[ Toyah in 1991 - Ophelia's Shadow ]

"I love being pretentious. I like pretentious music and pretentious films. There's nothing wrong with being pretentious, but I admit it can become predictable." ZigZag mag, 1980.

[ Toyah on 'Top Of The Pops'; October 1982 ]


 JANUARY 2006 NEWS:.......................................................

 Tue 31st January, 2006: 'SWESA' - Toyah to promote learning in Somerset
[ SWESA - January 2006 ]A report on Toyah's forthcoming appearance in Somerset, first mentioned in the 23rd January news update:

Toyah to promote learning in Somerset

Former "wild girl" punk rocker Toyah Willcox is heading to Somerset for a gig with a difference – to help promote the concept of lifelong learning.

The singer, actress and composer will be presenting the prizes in the 2006 Champions of Learning Awards, organised by Somerset Learning and Skills Council.

And as someone who has overcome her own learning difficulties to scale the heights of her profession she seems well qualified to be the keynote speaker.

Toyah had to cope with dyslexia at school and in recent years has been a great advocate of lifelong learning, writing numerous articles on the subject.

Today she said: "There are too many people who believe that education ends at the school gates. Yet in this country we are so lucky that there are endless opportunities for people of all ages to continue their learning.

"I’m thrilled to be involved in Somerset’s Champion of Learning Awards, which rightly recognises extraordinary achievements, sometimes against the odds."

The Champions of Learning Awards – dubbed the “Learning Oscars” – are now in their fourth year.

The awards will be presented at a celebration dinner to be held at the Holiday Inn Taunton on March 2.

 Mon 30th January, 2006: 'Now' - January 2006 - Full article added
[ Now - January 2006 ]The complete 'Now' Email Interview, from 25th January 2006, has now been added to Dreamscape's Article Archive:

Do you ever look back at pictures of what you used to wear and wonder: 'What was I thinking?' [Lynne Westcliff, Chichester] 

No, I'm extremely proud of all the decisions I've made, especially when they've had an influence over many generations. When I look at celebrities who don't take any risks to be strong individuals I find them dull. One thing I'll never be accused of is having an orange tan and the same pout. 

A further 13 interviews, articles and reviews have also been added to the Article Archive today.

 Mon 30th January, 2006: 'Portfolio No. 1' - Dennis Simcott
[ Dennis Simcott ]If you ever visit Dreamscape's Forum you may already recognise the name Dennis Simcott.

Dennis is a young artist and musician who has recently recorded his first collection of music, 'Portfolio No.1'. 

Some who have heard it say there is a definite, perhaps vague, Toyah influence to some of the music, particularly in the 'Red Horizon' recordings.

Dennis is a Toyah fan so who knows, it maybe so...

If you'd like to have a listen, purchase the CD, or even just take a look at his artwork please click on the picture to visit Dennis at his website.

 Mon 30th January, 2006: Somewhere In The Distance! - Toyah's Magic Patch

[ Toyah's Magic Patch ]

 Sun 29th January, 2006: Janet Street-Porter's 'Desperate Women'
• Somewhat inevitably, Toyah appeared briefly on last night's Janet Street-Porter's Desperate Women on Channel 4. She was included in a piece about the explosion of interest, and participation, in plastic/cosmetic surgery in modern life, media/television, and culture.

[ Desperate Women - Ch4, 28th Jan 06 ]

The programme saw Janet commenting and disapproving of the media, and other women in particular, attacking women. Something Janet, herself, did to Toyah on the Paul O'Grady Show last year.

Toyah said: "Everything I've done to myself, to improve myself and to fight age, I've done because I've wanted to do it. Anyone who tries to hold you back is just scared of having it done themselves... But you've gotta remember that once you hit the magic 4 0 the press kind of becomes disinterested in you!"

 Sun 29th January, 2006: Toyah newsy bits & pieces!
The Most Fertile Man In Ireland is being reissued on budget price DVD this March 27th. The release will be on the Prism label, region 2, and retail at approx 5.99. Toyah plays a fertility doctor in the film, made in 1999.

• Toyah was namechecked and pictured, pre and post-surgery, in the Channel 4 series 10 Years Younger last Thursday evening. She was shown as an example of a good facelift. The commentator remarked how natural Toyah looked! [Thanks to Sean Polley]

• A little confusion about whether the Friday 10th March 2006, An Audience with Toyah Willcox, at Millfied Arts Centre is going ahead or not. The date is now listed @ so it looks likely that it is a genuine date.

 Sun 29th January, 2006: Toyah pictured in 'The Dave Lee Story' 
[ The Dave Lee Story ]Toyah is pictured in a new book, 'The Dave Lee Story'. Proceeds from sale of the book go to charity. Toyah starred with Dave in Sleeping Beauty at the Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury. 


'Bathroom scales upon the tiles
Tell me something that'll make me smile
You're very handsome and your weight's just fine,
but then again I could be lying!'

Name the author for this one, and incidentally he offers his sincere apologies to Toyah Willcox (the Wicked Queen) for distorting her catchphrase.

Photo of Toyah Willcox courtesy of the Kentish Gazette.

[ Thanks to Katy McAleese ]

 Sun 29th January, 2006: Toyah on TV
Maigret & The Hotel Majestic : Saturday 4th February - ITV3 : 8.00pm
Maigret & The Hotel Majestic : Sunday 5th February - ITV3 : 9.00am
Maigret & The Hotel Majestic : Sunday 5th February - ITV3 : 4.45pm
Detective mystery series. Maigret is called to the scene when a beautiful woman is found dead in the basement of the Hotel Majestic with a gun in her handbag. The Chief Inspector's investigations initially centre around the staff at the hotel - until he discovers that the woman's husband booked a trip to Rome that he never made. Starring: Michael Gambon, Geoffrey Hutchings, Jack Galloway, James Larkin and Toyah Willcox.
 Wed 25th January, 2006: 'Closer' - Naked Celebs [Well, their faces at least!]
[ Closer - 21st January 2006 ]Toyah is pictured, make-up free, in a full page close-up in this week's 'Closer' magazine, part of a six-page article.

Brave celebs get naked!

We're so used to seeing celebs at parties looking beautifully groomed and styled. But what do they really look like under all that make-up? And would any of them be brave enough to allow a camera to capture every little wrinkle and blemish?

It actually took us six months to find half a dozen famous women who would be photographed in the raw. They're a great cross-setion of women of all ages, including Toyah post-facelift.

Six brave stars agreed to face the camera without a scrap of make-up on. Here they show Closer their true selves.

TOYAH WILLCOX, 47: "I normally wear lots of make-up so it's good for people to see how much it changes my appearance."

Closer took these pictures to help raise money for the London Bombings Relief Charitable Fund. We donated money on the celeb's behalf and would like to thank them for their time. To donate, visit

[ Thanks to Paul Lomas ]

 Wed 25th January, 2006: 'An Audience with Toyah' - Another date in Cornwall
[ Conway Celebrity Productions ]Another date of An Audience with Toyah Willcox, the second of 2006, this one in Cornwall at the Daphne Du Maurier Festival.

The Daphne Du Maurier Festival of Arts & Literature 2006 runs from 11th - 20th May.

The known dates for An Audience with Toyah Willcox, so far, are:

10th Mar 2006: Millfield Theatre, Edmonton 
11th May 2006: Daphne Du Maurier Festival, Fowey, Cornwall 

 Wed 25th January, 2006: Women of Achievement Awards 2006
[ Women Of Achievement 2006 ]Toyah is to make an appearance as Guest Speaker at the Women of Achievement Awards 2006:

We have great pleasure in introducing the Women of Achievement Awards 2006 to Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland. In association with International Women’s Day, this prestigious event will launch the renowned activity of LeicestHERday on Friday 10th March. 

This unique celebration is designed to capture the achievement of almost any woman in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

The event will be an enjoyable experience, not only for the entrants but also for friends, colleagues and clients. The evening will commence with a wine reception, followed by a sit-down dinner and special guests. This years guest speaker is Toyah Willcox.

Venue: Leicester City Football Club
Time: 19:00 - 00.00
Cost: 50 including VAT per place
470 including VAT for a table of ten

 Mon 23rd January, 2006: 'Millfield Arts Centre' - More Audience With... ?
[ Millfield Arts Centre ]The 'Millfied Arts Centre' website is currently advertising an appearance by Toyah for this coming Spring, Friday 10th March 2006 to be more precise. From the text accompanying the listing it would appear to be a further date of An Audience with Toyah Willcox.

Toyah Willcox has a highly successful, prolific and incredibly diverse career with major hit records and many prestigious stage and screen roles to her credit, which has made her one of Britain's biggest household names. 

Toyah recently appeared in the title role of the action-packed, rip-roaring Wild West stage musical, Calamity Jane. The production toured the UK, and having played to 18 cities it transferred to London's West End for a summer season at Shaftesbury Theatre, Shaftesbury Avenue.

From 80s iconic punk star to TV presenter, actress and author. This is a chance to meet Toyah and hear her inspirational, funny and unorthodox life story including the revelations about her recent facelift now the subject of her major best selling book, 'Diary of a Facelift'.
Tel: 020 8807 6680

 Mon 23rd January, 2006: Toyah to play Cruella De Vil?
[ Nottingham Theatre Royal ]According to the website of the 'Nottingham Theatre Royal' Toyah will "join The Royal Company to portray the gloriously wicked Cruella De Vil" this Summer.

Theatre Royal Nottingham and The Royal Company Present The Hundred and One Dalmatians:

Starring Toyah Willcox as Cruella de Vil

“Calling Pongo and Missis Pongo of Regent’s Park!”

Pongo and Missis Pongo are two fine Dalmatians who live in splendid comfort with their ‘pets’ Mr and Mrs Dearly on the edge of Regent’s Park in London. The arrival of fifteen lively Dalmatian puppies brings even more fun and happiness into their domestic world. However, joy turns to horror when the puppies are stolen by the infamous Cruella de Vil, intent upon creating for herself an exclusive Dalmatian fur coat. Enlisting support from other dogs via the Twilight Barking, Pongo and Missis set off on a thrilling quest to rescue their pups.

“What absolutely beautiful dogs. Wouldn’t they make enchanting fur coats?”

Dodie Smith’s The Hundred and One Dalmatians has charmed and entertained generations of children with its thrilling canine adventure story and colourful characters. Now, to mark the fiftieth anniversary of its publication, The Royal Company presents this exciting stage adaptation for the Theatre Royal Nottingham, that will be suitable for children of all ages. An ideal family treat for the start of the summer holidays.

The Royal Company is the Royal Centre’s community theatre initiative, enabling some of the best local acting talent to produce top quality work, following intensive professional direction and support. Previous Royal Company productions include The Government Inspector, Fahrenheit 451, Oliver Twist and The Mysteries. We are delighted that top actress, Toyah Willcox, joins The Royal Company to portray the gloriously wicked Cruella de Vil.

“thoroughly enjoyable … special and unique” BBC Online on The Government Inspector

“a first class performance” Newark Advertiser on Oliver Twist, July 2004

“an absorbing and moving piece of theatre” Nottingham Evening Post on The Mysteries, July 2005

BSL Interpreted Performance – Thursday 27 July at 7.00pm

Tuesday 25 - Saturday 29 July 2006
Evenings 7pm, Wednesday matinee 2pm, Saturday matinee 2.30pm 

 Mon 23rd January, 2006: Toyah and Nick Heyward head back to the 80s...
[ Warner Breaks 2006 ]Toyah is, once again, teaming up with Nick Heyward for a retro 80s gig. This time at Littlecote House on 23rd June 2006.

If your idea of a great weekend is to spend it with people like you in a stunning location watching fantastic entertainment in an intimate venue - then a 'We Do Weekends' break is just for you.

Whatever break you choose, it includes a fun lively atmosphere, comfortable accommodation, great food, leisure facilities and a star-studded line up of entertainment. All for one great price. 

See what made Toyah such an '80's icon when she performs her hits ‘I Wanna Be Free’ and ‘It’s a Mystery’. Nick Heyward will be performing Haircut 100’s ‘Fantastic Day’ and more, plus many solo hits like ‘Whistle Down the Wind’. A great weekend to see two classic acts that defined the early ‘80’s. Plus fantastic ‘80’s tribute acts on Friday and Sunday nights.

NB: This is part of a three-day break, costing 299. Please click on the screen capture for further information.

 Mon 23rd January, 2006: 'Somerset Gazette' - Punk star backs Learning Oscars
Former punk star Toyah Willcox is coming to Somerset to present the county's 'Learning Oscars'.

She is guest of honour at a special presentation in March.

There's still time to enter any of the eight categories - to find out how and for full details of the scheme, see this Thursday's 'Somerset County Gazette'.

[ News Source: Somerset County Gazette - Monday 16th January 2006 ]

 Mon 23rd January, 2006: 'Raw Power Hour' - with Neon Womb
Enjoy the debut of the 'Raw Power Hour'', which features Toyah's "Neon Womb" in the later part of the hour:

[ Thanks to Jimi LaLumia ]

 Mon 23rd January, 2006: Toyah supports 'The Samaritans'
 Mon 23rd January, 2006: Toyah live 2006 update
Toyah's Flamingo date has changed from April to February

Toyah - Live 2006
Monday 13th February : Blackpool - Flamingo's (Live PA)
Friday 24th February : Skegness (full band)
Saturday 25th February : Bognor (full band)
Friday 17th March : Minehead (full band)
Saturday 18th March : Skegness (full band)
Friday 26th May : Bury St. Edmunds festival (full band)

[ ]
[ ]

 Mon 23rd January, 2006: 'Daily Mail' - December '05 - Full article added
[ Daily Mail - 30th December 2005 ]The complete 'Daily Mail' article, from 30th December 2005, has now been added to Dreamscape's Article Archive:


As a successful singer and actress Toyah had to learn many lines. But secretly, she was battling dyslexia and it was ruining her life. In an inspirational interview, she reveals how pioneering exercises freed her from misery 

Pop star and TV presenter Toyah Willcox, 47, suffered humiliation and deep depression because of her severe dyslexia and learning difficulties. 

Then a revolutionary treatment changed her life. Here, Toyah who is married to musician Robert Fripp but has no children, tells  LISA SEWARDS her compelling story. . . 

Please click on the picture to go read.

 Sat 21st January, 2006:  'Now' - Email Interview 
• Toyah is the star of the latest Email Interview in this week's 'Now' magazine, in a two page feature.

[ Now - 25th January 2006 ]

I'll add the full interview soon. The magazine is still available to buy for the next few days...

 Sat 21st January, 2006: On the radio
[ Radio X ]• A huuuuge THANKS to Jimi LaLumia (from Good Times Magazine, and visitor to Dreamscape's Forum too) for not only making Toyah the subject of his "MusicXtra Minute" on Radio X, but also giving Dreamscape a plug too.

[ ]

• Toyan on 'Capital Gold': Well done to Katy McAleese and her mum, who got 'I Want To Be Free' played on 'Capital Gold' yesterday. Get Well Soon too, to Mrs McAleese.

 Sat 21st January, 2006: 'Inside Out' - Toyah & Tolkien
• Courtesy of Andrew York (aka Imagemeister at Dreamscape's Forum), a few screen caps of Toyah taken from last Monday's Inside Out. This programme was aired on BBC1 Midlands and saw Toyah on the Tolkien Trail in her home city of Birmingham.

[ Inside Out - Mon 16th January 2006 ]

[ Thanks again to Andrew York ]

 Sat 21st January, 2006: 'House Doctor: We Love You' - Repeated on UKTV Style
House Doctor: We Love You, originally aired on Christmas Eve 2004, was reshown on the UKTV Style channel last Tuesday night. Toyah was commenting on the House Doctor, aka  presenter Ann Maurice.

[ House Doctor: We Love You - 17th Jan 06 ]

 Sun 15th January, 2006: 'Record Collector' - The 100 Most Collectable Females 
[ Record Collector - January 2006 ]As previously mentioned, Toyah placed at number nine in 'Record Collector' magazine's "DIVAS - The 100 Most Collectable Female Artists" feature:

The Oxford Dictionary defines 'diva' as: "a celebrated female opera singer, from the Latin word for 'goddess'." But today it's applied to almost every artist who happens to be female.

So, in drawing up our list of the greats, we've thrown our net pretty wide. But, since this is Record Collector, we haven't done the obvious thing and listed them according to sheer sales, media coverage or critical reputation. That's what everyone else would do, and it would just result in a 'usual suspects' list.

Instead, we've listed them in order of collectability - the values of their most sought-after records. This means that some of the biggest names are excluded, because their records were simply too common to be collectable.

But the upside is that our value-based list throws up a fascinating Top 100, which mixes superstars with relative unknowns, 60s freakbeat with 70s folk, Northern soul with rockabilly, 50s jazz with today's megastars... a fantastic cornucopia of collectable cuts ranging from the cool to the crass, but most of them damn classic. What they all have in common is that they've stood the test of time. They have passed the acid test of being records which people are still prepared to spend their hard-earned money on - from 50 to 2000!

Please not: our Diva Top 100 is based - with very few exceptions - on the mint values listed in our book Rare Record Price Guide 2006. The name and label details of their biggest collectable(s) are shown in bold type. if you think we've missed any, write or email to the usual; address...

9. TOYAH WILLCOX - Actress-singer Toyah was a pin-up for a generation of post-punk schoolboys, and a role model for brattish teenage girls everywhere, but not much is known about this, her most collectable record. The picture disc is a close detail of the artwork for the Four More from Toyah EP. Recently seeing some auction sales reach 200, the actual catalogue number (SAFE 25) doesn't appear on Toyah's official discographies. A true anomaly in her catalogue.

Four More From Toyah (Safari SAFE 25) unreleased 12" EP picture disc. 1981 200

Surely they mean the 'Be Proud Be Loud (Be Heard)' 12"? Only 10 of which were created for a fanclub competition in 1982, though the catalogue number is different.

From 'Intergalactic Ranchouse Fan Club Newsletter 15: "A special picture disc. These will be absolutely unique and are the only 10 available anywhere (so please don't write to buy them). These discs will be SAFE 52 "Be Proud Be Loud (Be Heard)" 12" singles pressed in clear vinyl and with a picture cut out from the "Good Morning Universe" poster. The playing quality of these records will not be the same as the normal picture discs as we are only doing these as an unusual item for your wall as a special prize for all your hard work in designing front covers of the newsletters."

 Sat 14th January, 2006: Toyah on TV
Inside Out : BBC1 Midlands - Monday 16th January : 7.30pm
Postponed from last year - Three surprising stories from familiar places. Cemetery vandals: the mindless criminals targeting graveyards. Toyah Willcox goes on the Tolkien Tourist Trail in Birmingham. Prison penpals: the woman who write letters to lifers.

NB Anyone with Sky or Sky + will be able to watch this

Doctors : UKTV Gold - Sunday 22nd January : 04.50am
Doctors : UKTV Gold Plus 1 - Sunday 22nd January : 05.50am
Mum's The Word. Drama series set in a busy Midlands medical practice. Dr Helen Thompson pays a home visit to Stella Darwin and discovers that Stella's nine-year-old daughter knows why her mother is so badly bruised. Marcy Preston takes her tearaway son, Danny, to see Dr Steve Rawlings in the hope that his behaviour can be improved. Starring: Christopher Timothy, Jacqueline Leonard, Mark Frost, Corrine Wicks, Akbar Kurtha, and Toyah Willcox.

 Sat 14th January, 2006: 'Never Mind The Buzzcocks' - Screen caps
• A few screen captures from Toyah's Never Mind The Buzzcocks appearance, aired on BBC2 on New Year's Eve (repeated on Monday 2nd January). This was the 150th edition of the music/comedy panel show, and was Toyah's sixth time as a guest.

[ Never Mind The Buzzcocks - 31st Dec 05 ]

 Sat 14th January, 2006: 'Snow White' 05 - The Stage Review
[ Wicked Toyah - star of the show ]Great review of Snow White, and Toyah in particular, in "showbiz bible" 'The Stage' - Bravo!!:

Glorious costumes and spectacular sets by Terry Parsons dominate this handsomely mounted show which blooms with sparkling colour from the opening scene. 

Energetic choreography by Sarah Dean keeps the proceedings rattling along nicely with only a hint of occasional restlessness creeping into some of the wordy songs.

Static moments aside, a welcome fresh approach is evident here as certain elements of the story are altered. For instance, the wicked queen goes undercover to infiltrate the dwarfs and the spirit escapes from the mirror to be turned into an evil crow. I liked the idea of one of the famous seven being a full sized man, criticised by the others who say, “You’ve never fitted in, Stumpy”.

Suzanne Shaw, with her fine voice and confident delivery, performs well but is miscast in the title role, while Richard O’Brien’s dithery spirit only comes alive when performing his classic song Time Warp. Mark Hilton as Muddles is pleasantly capable but not quite strong enough to encapsulate all the necessary comedy. 

The star of the show is without a doubt Toyah Willcox who obviously relishes her role as the queen. A wonderful performance, rich with subtle looks and gestures, which she was born to play.

[ Review by Mike Martin ]

 Sat 14th January, 2006: Toyah newsy bits & pieces!
[ Britain's Favourite Comedian - 13th January 2006 ]• Toyah appeared on Channel Five's Britain's Favourite Comedian on Friday night (13th January), This was originally shown last year. [Thanks to Andi]

• Toyah's first Webletter of 2006 is now online at

• More Toyah CD reissues are planned for this year, including 'Toyah! Toyah! Toyah!', the live album originally released in 1980 (and on CD in 1990), and 'Desire', originally released in 1987, may *possibly* be issued too.

 Sat 14th January, 2006: Toyah live 2006 update
Toyah - Live 2006
Friday 24th February : Skegness (full band)
Saturday 25th February : Bognor (full band)
Friday 17th March : Minehead (full band)
Saturday 18th March : Skegness (full band)
Monday 17th April : Blackpool - Flamingo's (Live PA)
Friday 26th May : Bury St. Edmunds festival (full band)

[ ]

 Sat 14th January, 2006: Toyah on 'The Green Room'
[ The Green Room- 30th December 2005 ]Toyah guested on the BBC Radio 2 show The Green Room on December 30th.

Toyah talked about her current panto, Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs; "This is one of the most lavish, beautiful productions I've ever been involved in. It takes my breath away. We have people coming back two or three times."

"It's a clever cast. I'm slightly off the wall and a bit kooky. My casting alone makes it (the show) a bit unusual!"

Toyah also mentioned how much she is enjoying playing the "baddie"; "I like to be hated. I'm not interested in being loved!", and also enthused about the state of the art Milton Keynes Theatre.

She also mentioned that it's great because she could eat whatever she liked over Christmas without worrying about putting on weight as the show is so energetic.

 Wed 4th January, 2006: 'Snow White' 05 - Review
[ Toyah, as the Wicked Queen ]Snow White - a Christmas treat!

This year's panto at the Milton Keynes Theatre is Snow White and what a traditional performance yet with a modern twist. Toyah Willcox put in a phenomenal performance as the wicked witch, her singing and dancing was first class. 

Richard O'Brien was also a great success playing the part of snow white's father. Richard did a rendition of the Time Warp and got the audience (children and adults) on their feet and dancing the Time Warp. 

Suzanne Shaw who plays Snow White is everything a princess should be, charming, pretty, kind, innocent and honest. The singing was great and Suzanne even sang a little of Pure and Simple one of the Hearsay hits.

The performance was first class throughout from the set to the costumes, the dancers and all the other performers. Warwick Davis was great as prof as was Big George as Stumpy. I must also add that the orchestra and acoustics were absolutely spot on and there wasn't an empty seat in the house. We came out of the theatre singing the songs as we were heading for the car and the children kept singing all the way home. If you don't want to miss Snow White this Christmas, then book your tickets now.

[ Review by Diane Hall ]


[ Make Poverty History ]

[ Wild Essence on DVD ]

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