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[ Toyah @ THE CLUB, 2002 - Pic by Dominic Fallows]

"It's called Minx because that sums me up." Daily Record, 1985

[ Trax (Dummy Issue) - June 1980 - Click for larger version - Thanks to Andi ]

Bring on the computers,
The ones that cannot lie,
Tape every brain cell,
Every scene & every sigh
Computer: 1979

[ Toyah on 'Pop Quiz'; 8th May 1982 ]


.FEBRUARY 2006 NEWS:......................................................

[ Wild Essence - Toyah Live! 2005 ]

 Mon 27th February, 2006: 'The 100 Greatest Funny Moments'
• Toyah popped up again on TV last night, during Channel 4's The 100 Greatest Funny Moments. She commented on a variety of humorous events from yesteryear!

[ Greatest Funny Moments - 26th Feb 06 ]

Including, the craziness of the Finnish entries in the Eurovision Song Contest, Jordan being foul-mouthed on So Graham Norton, The Grand Knockout Tournament (for the second time that weekend), and Paul Burrell & Natalie Appleton being big blouses on I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!

 Mon 27th February, 2006: Toyah @ Bognor
• Toyah, pictured at her Bognor gig, on Saturday night. The "rumoured" new cover to Toyah's set is, apparently, Cameo's 'Word Up'.

[ Toyah @ Butlins, Bognor - 25th Feb 06 ]

[ Thanks to Kurt Jones for the great pictures ]

 Mon 27th February, 2006: Du Maurier Festival 2006 website
• The Official website to accompany 'The Daphne Du Maurier Festival of Arts & Literature 2006' has just been launched. The site uses random images, on the opening page, of the variety of eclectic artists appearing at the festival. This includes, of course, Toyah, who is taking her An Audience With Toyah Willcox to St. Austell.

[ Du Maurier Festival 2006 ]

The 2006 Festival programme will be available to browse at the website from Wednesday 1st March. Patrons Priority Ticket Booking begins Monday 6th March, Public Booking begins on Monday 13th March.

 Mon 27th February, 2006: Toyah on TV **update**
Through The Keyhole : BBC2 - Monday 27th February : 3.00pm
David Frost challenges celebrities to identify famous people by peeping into their homes with the help of Catherine Gee and a camera crew. Starring: Colin Jackson, Toyah Willcox and Peter Sissons. 

Richard & Judy : Ch4 - Monday 27th February : 5.00pm
Richard & Judy : More4 - Tuesday 28th February : 12.45pm
Richard & Judy : More4 Plus 1 - Tuesday 28th February : 1.45pm
John Robb, author of 'Punk Rock: An Oral History' will be leading a discussion on the book and punk music. Daily live entertainment show hosted by Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan. It's live - so anything can happen - but expect more celebrity guests, competitions, exclusive previews and features and plenty of surprises.

What Women Really Want : UKTV Bright Ideas - Saturday 4th March : 11.30am
Girlfriends. Get up close and personal with the female psyche in this pacy new series featuring feisty celebrity opinions and gripping true-life stories. In this episode, Jenny Eclair, Toyah Willcox, Jodie Marsh and Sarah Cawood discuss why their girlfriends are so important to them. Discover which celeb hates her own company, and who admits that even her best mates bitch about her behind her back. Miaow! Narrated by Ulrika Jonsson.

Have I Been Here Before? : ITV1 - Tuesday 7th March : 4.05am
Phillip Schofield presents a series in which celebrity guests regress to their past lives. Toyah Willcox recalls a life of enforced solitude in a church in 15th-century Holland, dying alone and lamenting her wasted life. Could Toyahs past life be a reflection of her own fears about her present one?

Brum : CBeebies - Wednesday 8th March : 8.40am
Brum and The Football Hero. The adventures of a little car who lives in a motor museum, narrated by Toyah Willcox. Brum scores the winning goal when he comes on as a substitute during a football match.

Quadrophenia : Saturday 11th March - TCM : 9.00pm
The Who wrote and produced this energetic story of a young man disillusioned with his life in 1960s London. Phil Daniels excels as the alienated anti-hero Jimmy Cooper. Directed by Franc Roddam. Starring: Phil Daniels, Leslie Ash, Philip Davis, Mark Wingett, Sting, Ray Winstone and Toyah Willcox.

 Sun 26th February, 2006: Now That's Embarrassing: The 80s - Transcript
[ Now That's Embarrassing: The 80s - Fri 24th Feb 06 ]A full transcript of Toyah's *talking head* contributions from Friday night's Now That's Embarrassing : The 80s.

Toyah, on Eddie 'The Eagle' Edwards: "I actually would find myself praying for him, because it was just too horrible to watch."

Toyah, on TVAM's keep-fit woman, Mad Lizzie: "That whole thing that you can get fit by doing five minutes in the morning, just doing this (waves arms out and in). I mean, if you watch Lizzie, look at her posture, she's bent over, her legs are apart. What kind of exercise is that? You're just gonna do your back in. It's like, does she know we have a skeleton inside us that doesn't quite bend that way?!"

Toyah, on shoulder pads: "You had shoulder pads in t-shirts, swimwear, cardigans, anoraks! I mean, absolutely everything that a shoulder pad should be at least five miles away from had shoulder pads!"

Toyah, on big hair: "I invented big hair. I know Joan Collins likes to think she did, but I would fight to the death over this statement. I can hold my head up, with pride, and say 'big hair was Toyah!'"

Toyah, on novelle cuisine: "Antony Worrall-Thompson had a restaurant called ménage à trois, and I was taken there as a treat, and I came out... I was so hungry!"

Toyah, on lycra: "The first conversations I ever had about having a cosmetically adjusted vagina came from women wearing these lycras, because they showed everything. And you'd be in the changing room and women were going 'it shows too much!, I don't like it, what can I do about it! Can I see a plastic surgeon?'"

Toyah, on men in make-up: "I love men in make-up. I think it's fantastic. Okay, the Duran Duran boys might've been good looking without it, but it enhanced them. It's the way a wonder-bra enhances a woman."

Toyah, on the Mini-pops: "It wasn't till we really saw it that you realised it wasn't right. It was like watching a car crash. It was like... urgh! that's horrible!!"

Toyah, on mobile phones: "I had a friend who had a mobile phone, and it was a suitcase. It was absolutely enormous."

Toyah, on novelty records: "I just remember watching that on Top Of The Pops and thinking if that's the route I have to go... pass me the gun! My feelings about 'Agadoo' and 'Birdie Song' were... thank fuck I was on tour the whole time and never had to listen to any of them!"

Toyah, on the Grand Knockout Tournament debacle in 1987: "Four months before the event Edward called me to a secret meeting and asked me to be involved with setting it up. The Royal It's A Knockout featured four royals; Prince Andrew, Fergie, Prince Edward and Princess Anne. Princess Diana wanted to do it, and Edward wanted Diana to do it, but Prince Charles banned Diana from doing it. On the day it went incredibly well, and it was a very hot day. But Prince Edward, for me, just made one mistake. He didn't allow the press to mingle with any of the stars. they were all kept in a tent. At the end of the day he went into the press tent and he sat down and went 'well, what do you think?' They were hot, they were hungry, they hadn't seen anything in the flesh, so they didn't give him any reaction. They just dissed him and he lost his temper. And that is the moment that is remembered of the whole event."

Toyah, on singing soap stars: "If she's (Anita Dobson of Eastenders) embarrassed about that performance atall it's gonna be the dress she's wearing. She's a tiny woman but those shoulders are right out there!"

Toyah, on shell suits: "I bought a shell suit in 1987 - aaaaargh! I got it on mail-order. It arrived and I never opened it. I realised that this was the biggest mistake in the whole of my life!"

 Sun 26th February, 2006: Toyah @ Bognor
[ Toyah - Butlins ]Toyah played in Bognor last night and it's obvious she is a big favourite with the perennial holiday company as she is emblazoned across the top of their 'One Big Party' website.

Rumour has it that the set-list comprised entirely of covers, seven in total, including 'Echo Beach' and a new song (also a cover, obviously) to Toyah's repertoire, never performed before. Interesting!

If any snapshots surface from this I will, of course, add them here.

Toyah returns to Bognor later this year, in November. She also plays in Minehead and Skegness in March and returns to Skegness in October.

 Sat 25th February, 2006: Now That's Embarrassing: The 80s
• As mentioned last week, Toyah guested on last night's Now That's Embarrassing : The 80s, a three-hour extravaganza "celebrating" all that was naff and nasty (as voted by the public) about the 1980's, on Ch5. Toyah appeared numerous times throughout the programme, commenting on a variety of subjects, including; shoulder pads, nouvelle cuisine, lycra, men in make-up, mobile phones, novelty records, shell suits and big hair... "I invented big hair... big hair was Toyah!"

[ Now That's Embarrassing: The 80s - Fri 24th Feb 06 ]

[ Coming Soon: A full transcript of Toyah's comments and more screen captures ]

 Sat 25th February, 2006: Toyah on 'Richard & Judy' - Twice!
A clip of Toyah, taken from last night's Ch5 show Now That's Embarrassing: The 80s, was shown on Richard & Judy yesterday on Ch4.

Toyah's Official website have also updated with the news that Toyah will be a guest on Richard & Judy on Monday afternoon.

Richard & Judy : Ch4 - Monday 27th February : 5.00pm
Richard & Judy : More4 - Tuesday 28th February : 12.45pm
Richard & Judy : More4 Plus 1 - Tuesday 28th February : 1.45pm
John Robb, author of 'Punk Rock: An Oral History' will be leading a discussion on the book and punk music. Daily live entertainment show hosted by Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan. It's live - so anything can happen - but expect more celebrity guests, competitions, exclusive previews and features and plenty of surprises.

[ News Source: - Thanks also to Paul Lomas ]

 Sat 25th February, 2006: Toyah on Tour 2006!
• Following on from 2002's 'Here And Now' Tour and the 'Best Of The 80s' Tour 2004, Toyah's Official site will soon be exclusively announcing another similar outing, with various other bands/artists, including Toyah this coming Autumn.

Keep an eye on for full tour dates - to be announced soon.

 Sat 25th February, 2006: Toyah @ 'Bury St Edmunds Festival 2006'
It looks like tickets for Toyah's headlining night, Saturday 27th, at the 'Bury St Edmunds Festival' are selling well. According to the Anglian Newspapers website (mentioned and linked to in the earlier News Update - Sunday 19th Feb), who are the main ticket sellers for the event, there are less than 100 tickets left.

Obviously other outlets may be selling tickets but this is a good indication that this will be a sell-out, especially as there is still over three months to go.

[ Thanks to Stuart ]

 Thu 23rd February, 2006: More on 'Faith & Music'
[ Music & Faith ]A few more snippets of info on the forthcoming ITV1 Faith & Music Toyah special:

• Toyah recorded her interview/performances in London yesterday evening  (Wednesday 22nd February).
• Toyah performed four songs. Two acoustic, two electric.
• All of the songs were Toyah originals.
• There's the possibility of fan footage/photographs of Toyah to be included.
• There may also be some retro TV/DVD clips used.

 Thu 23rd February, 2006: 'The Gothic Music Handbook'
Toyah: UK (Active): All the art and drama we expect from a Goth, done better by a former punk turned pop craftsman. All the music is good (Minx aside), getting steadily poppier as the 80's slide on. The Blue Meaning would be a good place to start for the early stuff, and Prostitute the ideal place to start period. Also part of the inexplicable lame Sunday All Over the World with her husband, Robert Fripp. 
 Thu 23rd February, 2006: Toyah on CBeebies
[ Brum ]Brum and The Football Hero. The adventures of a little car who lives in a motor museum, narrated by Toyah Willcox. 

Brum scores the winning goal when he comes on as a substitute during a football match.

Brum : CBeebies -
Wednesday 8th March : 8.40am

 Tue 21st February, 2006: Toyah @ The Flamingo, Blackpool - Even more pics
• A few more amazing pictures of Toyah from her PA at The Flamingo, in Blackpool, last Monday night. 

[ Toyah, The Flamingo - 13th Feb 2006 ]

[ Thanks to Michael O'Brien ]

 Tue 21st February, 2006: Toyah @ The Flamingo, Blackpool - Toyah & Nadeam
• A great shot, from last Monday night @ The Flamingo, of Toyah and Nadeam

[ Toyah & Nadeam ]

[ Thanks to Michael O'Brien - Nadeam, air guitaring with TW, is Michael's mate ]

Tue 21st February, 2006: Toyah's 'Faith & Music'
[ Faith & Music ]Toyah will be the subject of a forthcoming edition of the Faith & Music series, the documentaries featuring musicians talking about their faith and music careers.

This will be included in the fifth series and aired later in 2006, though it is being filmed this week.

Past Faith & Music subjects have included Tori Amos, Sinead O'Connor, Sting, Lionel Ritchie and Beverley Knight.

For pictures/transcript of the Tori Amos Faith & Music, broadcast in February 2004 please click on the picture.

More information will be available on this later in the year.

[ Thanks to John and Craig @ ]

 Tue 21st February, 2006: Toyah 2006 Live Dates **revised**
Saturday 25th February : Bognor (full band) 
Friday 17th March : Minehead (full band) 
Saturday 18th March : Skegness (full band) 
Thursday 11th May : Du Maurier Festival, Cornwall - An Audience With Toyah
Saturday 27th May : Bury St. Edmunds festival (full band) 
Friday 23rd June : Berkshire - Warners We Do Weekends (Here & Now band)
Friday 6th October : Skegness (full band) 
Sunday 26th November : Bognor (Live PA)
 Sun 19th February, 2006: BBC Suffolk' - Bury St Edmunds Festival 2006
[ BBC Suffolk ]The Bury St Edmunds festival is set to hit Suffolk with a bang in 2006. The event, running from May 12th–28th will include a lively mix of orchestral concerts, new music, open-air party nights, lunchtime jazz and top classical performances.

The Festival has become one of East Anglia’s best-loved arts events, but organisers never rest on their laurels. Festival manager Nick Wells is always looking for exciting new events to combine with Festival favourites brought back by popular demand.

“Every year is slightly different because of the nature of the artists that come,” says Nick. “I suppose the big change is the opening night of the festival this year. After the annual beating of the retreat on Angel Hill, we are going to the Abbey Gardens and there’s going to be a fantastic gig involving two or three hundred local people and also a great band called Mbawula with some really infectious South African inspired Jazz.”

“There’s the Simunye project which I was talking about at the launch and I Fagiolini who sing early English music mixing in with a South African choir so there’s this fantastic mix of cultures. The outdoor gigs in the Abbey Gardens are always absolutely brilliant, fantastic atmosphere and we have people like Toyah Willcox coming this year. I could go on all night, but I’ll stop!”

[ News Source: - 17th February 2006 ]

 Sun 19th February, 2006: 'Anglian Newspapers' - 80s Night featuring Toyah 
[ Anglian Newspapers ]Greene King Festival in the Gardens in partnership with BBC Radio Suffolk

Bury St Edmunds Festival 2006 - 80s Night featuring Toyah 

Saturday 27 May - 7.30pm Abbey Gardens (ends 10.30pm) 

3 bands are featured for what promises to be another great party night. Bleach, the ultimate tribute to Blondie, will be followed by Wham/Duran and then to finish the evening Toyah and her band will take the stage.

Adults: £15 (increases to £17.00 from 13 May, inc. reservations)

Children (Under 12s): £8 (£9.50 from 13 May)

Festival Box Office: 01284 769505 

[ Please click on the screen capture to purchase tickets ]

 Sun 19th February, 2006: Loving together, living apart - again!
The article that ran in last Sunday's 'The Independent' here in the UK has been reproduced in 'The Sunday Independent' in South Africa this weekend in their Sunday Life section.

The article, which includes a short paragraph on Toyah (see below - Mon 13th February news update), appears to be identical except for a slight change to the actual title of the piece: "Loving together, living apart".

[ News Source: South African Sunday Independent - Sunday 19th February 2006 ]

 Sun 19th February, 2006: 'Blackpool Today' - New Flamingo... flying start
New Flamingo gets off to a flying start

It was a case of diva, diva, diva at the opening of the brand new Flamingo in Blackpoool.

Part of the £5.5 million complex created by entrepeneur Basil Newby at the former Odeon building on Dickson Road, the new Flamingo saw a trio of disco divas help with the opening night party. Rachel McFarlane, Kelly Llorenna and Jocelyn Brown were all on hand to help things go with a swing.

"It was hard work getting everything ready on time but we worked like beavers the last couple of days and we opened the doors just 15 minutes later than planned," said Basil. "The reaction has been great –and made all the hard work seem worthwhile."

The venue reached its 2,000 capacity last Friday and Saturday nights and Basil says although he is sad to see the old Flamingo close on Talbot Road, there's no time to look back.

"I'm really proud of the new place and if it lasts anything like as long as the original Flamingo, I'll be more than happy - and just about ready to retire!" he said.

The state-of-the-art nightclub boasts the best sound and light system in the resort and, says Basil, will bring some of the country's biggest names to town for personal appearances.

"We've got Sugababes, Heather Small, Bananarama and Toyah lined up," he said.

[ News Source: - 3rd February 2006 ]

 Sat 18th February, 2006: 'Anchoress' - A Medieval Film Fest
[ Anchoress ]When a 14th century village girl begins to see visions of the Virgin Mary, her religious beliefs set off a crisis in the town. The local priest and an officer contend with the girl and her mother for power and authority.

Anchoress, the 1993 film starring Natalie Morse, Christopher Eccleston, Gene Bervoets, Pete Postlethwaite, and Toyah as Pauline Carpenter, is being screened as part of The 41st International Congress on Medieval Studies, running from 4th - 7th May 2006 at Western Michigan University, USA.

The film will be shown on Friday 5th May, as part of the "A Medieval Film Fest", with an introduction by Susannah Chewning.

41st International Congress on Medieval Studies
1903 West Michigan Avenue
KALAMAZOO, MI, 49008-5201 
May 4 – 7, 2006

[ Please click on the screen cap for further info ]

 Sat 18th February, 2006: Toyah on Australian TV
[ Songs Of Praise 2002 ]The "Trinity Sunday"edition of Songs Of Praise, originally aired in the UK in May 2002, was shown on Australian television last Sunday on the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) network.

Toyah presented this edition of the religious magazine programme (her fourth time) as well as performing.

Songs Of Praise: The Mystery Of Faith
ABC, 11:30am  Sunday, February 12th, 2006

The wonder and mystery of the Christian faith, Toyah Willcox goes in search of an angel on a Liverpool street, puts the Archbishop of York on the spiritual spot, and sings a new version of her world-famous hit 'It's A Mystery'.

Toyah commented at the end of the programme: "For what it's worth, my advice would be to go through life with your eyes and heart open because those among us are not always what we expect them to be. For me, God is in everything that we see, everyone that we meet and everything that we do. Now, is that such a mystery?".

 Sat 18th February, 2006: 'Record Collector' - Mayhem Review
[ Mayhem CD ]The latest issue of 'Record Collector' magazine (issue# 321, March 2006 - Pink Floyd cover) has another Toyah review included.

Following on from positive comments last year for both the 'Safari Records Singles Collections' CDs, the magazine carries a small review of the recently released 'Mayhem' CD, in the 'Rock Collection' review box.

The CD is given two stars from five and is advised to be "for completists only".

[ Thanks to Voodoo Doll ]

 Sat 18th February, 2006: Toyah @ 'All Music'
[ Toyah @ All Music ]Leap to the 'All Music' website for some interesting reviews/opinions on some of the recently reissued Toyah albums.

The site has very favourable comments on 'Ophelia's Shadow', 'Kneeling At The Shrine' and 'Prostitute':

Prostitute finds actress/vocalist Toyah Willcox at her best. Although her compositions are often derivative and her influences are pretty obvious, it doesn't seem to matter. The album is filled with fairly simple structures, enhanced with textured but simple percussion, enticing vocals, and consistent, steady rhythms. At times, as on "The Show," "Homecraft," and "Restless," Willcox's voice and music sound incredibly like Kate Bush's; even the arrangements and harmonies are reminiscent of Kate's. At other times, a Laurie Anderson quality surfaces, particularly in the occasional spare passage and spoken-word vocal presentation. "Falling to Earth" gives a nod to Bowie (even in its title), and the upbeat, bouncy "Ghosts in the Universe" sounds suspiciously similar to the Bangles' "Walk Like an Egyptian." In addition, sounds that bring to mind Adrian Belew are peppered throughout the album. To top off this hybridized mix, husband Robert Fripp appears uncredited on the opening and closing tracks: His voice is heard in wacky dialogue with Toyah's on "Hello," and that unmistakable Fripp guitar adorns "Ghosts in the Universe." The only real drawback to Prostitute is that Willcox's lyrical and musical aesthetics occasionally come across as forced. David Ross Smith

[ Source: ]

 Sat 18th February, 2006: Coming Soon... Mag of the Month!
Coming Soon... to Dreamscape - Toyah Magazine of the Month! 

Each month a high (OK, fairly decent) quality scan of a magazine/book/programme that Toyah has graced the cover of. Over the months building a great archive of Toyah's magazine covers. There has been many and some are absolutely gorgeous!

Please feel free to send your suggestions:

 Sat 18th February, 2006: Toyah on TV **update**
Now That's Embarrassing: The 80s : Ch5 - Friday 24th February : 9.00pm
Tonight we relive the most embarrassing things that happened in the Eighties as voted for by the British public. Lifestyle, news, fashion, music, TV and celebrities all come under the microscope as we reveal a countdown of shame - the 40 most humiliating mistakes of the 80s - so they can never be repeated. With absorbing archive and hilarious first-hand recollections from experts of the day, this nostalgia-fest will transport you back to the decade that taste forgot. [ Toyah could possibly be a "talking head" on this 80s-fest! ]

Through The Keyhole : BBC2 - Monday 27th February : 3.00pm
David Frost challenges celebrities to identify famous people by peeping into their homes with the help of Catherine Gee and a camera crew. Starring: Colin Jackson, Toyah Willcox and Peter Sissons. 

What Women Really Want : UKTV Bright Ideas - Saturday 4th March : 11.30am
Girlfriends. Get up close and personal with the female psyche in this pacy new series featuring feisty celebrity opinions and gripping true-life stories. In this episode, Jenny Eclair, Toyah Willcox, Jodie Marsh and Sarah Cawood discuss why their girlfriends are so important to them. Discover which celeb hates her own company, and who admits that even her best mates bitch about her behind her back. Miaow! Narrated by Ulrika Jonsson.

 Fri 17th February, 2006: The Most Fertile Man In Ireland - Prism DVD
[ The Most Fertile Man In Ireland - DVD 2006 ]A first look at the cover of the, soon to be reissued, The Most Fertile Man In Ireland DVD, on the Prism label.

The DVD is available from Monday 27th March at the budget price of £5.99

While the rest of the male population of Belfast are firing nothing but blanks, Eamonn  is blessed with “tadpoles on speed that could impregnate a stone”.

Realising that there’s cash to be made out of his fellow man’s infertility, this 24-year-old virgin transforms himself overnight into Belfast’s very own one-man sperm bank. Business is booming until Eamonn is sucked into the “troubles” and finds his crown jewels dangling in the fires of political distrust and religious intolerance.

Amongst the superb cast are some of the cream of Irish talent, the ever popular James Nesbitt as the local Orange hardman and the fabulous Pauline McLynn (Father Ted). There is also a wonderful cameo by Toyah Willcox as Eamonn’s doctor.

Distributor: Prism Leisure Corporation
Starring: Kris Marshall, James Nesbitt
Director: Dudi Appleton
Running Time: 93 Mins. Approx.
DVD Retail Release: Monday 27 March 2006
DVD Retail Catalogue Number: PPA1696RD

 Fri 17th February, 2006: Toyah on TV **update**
Quadrophenia : Friday 17th February - TCM : 11.20pm
The Who wrote and produced this energetic story of a young man disillusioned with his life in 1960s London. Phil Daniels excels as the alienated anti-hero Jimmy Cooper. Directed by Franc Roddam. Starring: Phil Daniels, Leslie Ash, Philip Davis, Mark Wingett, Sting, Ray Winstone and Toyah Willcox.

Through The Keyhole : BBC2 - Monday 27th February : 3.00pm
David Frost challenges celebrities to identify famous people by peeping into their homes with the help of Catherine Gee and a camera crew. Starring: Colin Jackson, Toyah Willcox and Peter Sissons. [ Not sure if this is new or a repeat from a couple of years ago ]

 Fri 17th February, 2006: The 50 Worst Decisions...
The 50 Worst Decisions of All Time was repeated on Sky Three on Wednesday night (15th February). This show has been on a number of times over the past 18 months.

[ The 50 Worst Decisions Of All Time ]

[ Thanks to Paul Lomas ]

 Fri 17th February, 2006: Toyah Supports Leicestershire Awards
[ Leicestershire Chamber of Commerce ]Leicestershire Chamber of Commerce has announced that the singer and actress Toyah Willcox will be the guest speaker at the 2006 Leicestershire Women of Achievement Awards.

Toyah Willcox's amazing career has spanned 29 years and includes thirteen Top 40 singles and 17 solo albums, she has also appeared in over ten movies and 40 stage plays and remains one of Britain's largest box office names.

In 2000 Toyah's autobiography "Living Out Loud" was released and despite her hectic schedule she still manages to appear on stage in various theatrical roles and performs with her band, whilst writing for newspapers and finishing her first novel.

Toyah has always maintained a deep interest in social issues and is particularly passionate about education. She is also, as her varied career will show, an expert on re-invention and continues to wave the banner for women over forty in the world of entertainment.

The Leicestershire Women of Achievement Awards will take place at Leicester City Football Club on March 3rd and will be compered by local fitness guru Rosemary Conley.

Tickets are available at £50 per person or £470 per table of ten. For more details or to make a booking contact Kam Atker on 0116 204 6614 or email:

The 2006 Women of Achievement Awards are sponsored by The Leicester Mercury's The Business, Leicestershire County Council, Jobcentre Plus, LL&R Community Foundation, Leicester YMCA and O2 with support from Headstorm Marketing & Event Management and Maz Photography.

 Wed 15th February, 2006: Toyah @ The Flamingo, Blackpool - Wallpaper
• A fantastic, Toyah @ The Flamingo, WALLPAPER for your desktops - This amazing pic was taken by Glyn Whelan on Monday night. 

[ Toyah, The Flamingo; 13th Feb 2006 ]

Please click on the pic for the wallpaper. Once larger image has loaded, right click on pic, set as wallpaper/background. Suitable for 1024 x 768 resolutions.

[ Thanks to Glyn Whelan ]

 Wed 15th February, 2006: Toyah @ The Flamingo, Blackpool - Gig Review
Last time Toyah played The Flamingo in Blackpool not only was it on a Bank Holiday Monday but it was an entirely different venue!! The new club leaves the old club firmly in the past with a state of the art sound and light system and an impressive stage set-up, complete with balcony and stairs! So would the party people of Blackpool turn out on a wet, out-of-season, Monday night? Of course they would - this is Blackpool. 

At 1.00am Toyah appeared on stage at the top of the balcony. Dressed in black with a two piece armour body wrap, complete with diamond effect face make-up. 

The night began with Echo Beach. When Toyah started to descend the stairs, for a moment she may have regretted the platform boots she was wearing, as it looked like she was about to slip back into Panto as Peter Pan and fly straight down the stairs!  But this wasn't Calamity Jane and she made it down to wish us a Happy Valentine's Day and to give us Thunder in the Mountains. As it was Valentine Day she said she had to do one love song so we were treated to Because the Night.  The Blackpool chorus also helped with It's a Mystery. 

Following the success at 'An Audience with..' having some people helping play air guitar during Sweet Child, Toyah invited three men to assist. The older rocker she chose, started out in good spirits, but it was apparent that being on stage with Toyah was just too much for him to cope with. Before the song had finished he was not only ejected from the stage, but out of the club.  Just goes to show, you are never too old to be a rebel!!!! 

The show drew to a close with River Deep, followed by a stirring rendition of I Want to be Free.

What Toyah has done is develop her performance to ensure she is well received by both Toyah fans and the audience there for the 80's night. This was important as there were fewer of the usual Toyah faces there. This made it more memorable for those of us there, as it was up close and personal! Once again Toyah put in an entertaining and colourful performance, sending everyone home happy. Including herself!

[ Review by Glyn Whelan ]

 Wed 15th February, 2006: Toyah @ The Flamingo, Blackpool - More pics
• Toyah, who it appears has had a few inches cut from her hair, onstage on Monday:

[ Toyah in Blackpool; 13th Feb 2006 ]

[ Thanks to Paul Lomas ]

 Wed 15th February, 2006: Toyah @ The Flamingo, Blackpool - Set List
The Flamingo, Blackpool: Monday 13th February 2006 - Set-List:

Echo Beach 
Thunder In The Mountains 
Because The Night
It's A Mystery 
Sweet Child 'O Mine 
River Deep, Mountain High
I Want To Be Free

[ Thanks to Merx & Paul Lomas ]

 Wed 15th February, 2006: Toyah @ The Flamingo, Blackpool
• Toyah, before descending the stairs, at The Flamingo in Blackpool, 13th February 2006, opening her show with 'Echo Beach'. As you can see Toyah was also on the club's screens, including memorable images from her crazy-colour past.

[ Thanks to Paul Lomas ]

 Tue 14th February, 2006: 'Ents 24' - Music Highlight
[ Ents 24 ]Toyah's "Warners - We Do Music" appearance, this coming July in Hungerford, has been chosen by the influential website 'Ents24' as a Music Highlight of Summer 2006.

We Do Music: Toyah Willcox + Altered Images + Nick Heyward

Nick Heyward - One of the hottest and most popular artists from the '80s. Frontman of teenpop sensations Haircut 100, Nick went on to amassemore hit singles as a solo artist in his own right when Haircut split up.

Toyah Willcox - A colourful character, part of the '80s post-punk New Wave scene, Toyah had considerable chart success with hits such as It's A Mystery, I Want To Be Free and Brave New World. Alongside her on-going recording career, Toyah has also trod with boards with the lead role in the musical Anne Get Your Gun. [slightly innacurate]

Altered Images - One of the brightest stars in the 80s new wave sky, Altered Images are best remembered for their no.1 single 'Happy Birthday', and bubbly lead singer Claire Grogan (now of 'Red Dwarf' and VH1 fame).

Sunday, 23 July 2006, Three night break organised by We Do Weekends. Visit or call 0870 240 1111 for further details.

At Littlecote House Hotel, Hungerford 
Price: From £299.00 per person 

 Tue 14th February, 2006: 'Nottingham Theatre Royal'
[ 101 Dalmations ]The page dedicated to the forthcoming production of The Hundred and One Dalmatians at the website of the 'Nottingham Theatre Royal' has been updated.

A short Toyah bio has been added and one of the recent Dean Stockings/'Diary Of A Facelift' pictures has replaced the one that was there (See last months's News for a cap of the original page - and is it just me or is the Dean Stockings pic just slightly different from the one we are used to seeing from that session?).

Starring Toyah Willcox as Cruella de Vil

Toyah Willcox joins the Royal Company to play the deliciously evil Cruella de Vil. As well as her singing and recording work, Toyah’s career includes many stage roles, having recently played Sally Bowles in Cabaret and the title role in Calamity Jane in the West End. Film work includes Quadrophenia and Tempest. Her varied television credits include narrating Teletubbies, presenting The Heaven and Earth Show and surviving I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!

 Tue 14th February, 2006: 'Bury St Edmunds Festival 2006'
[ Bury St Edmunds Festival - 2006 website ]It now looks, according to the Bury St Edmunds Festival website at least, that Toyah's date at the Festival will be Saturday 27th May (rather than Friday 26th).

80's Night - Saturday May 27 @ 7.30pm
Event sponsored by Moreton Hall Press

3 bands are featured for what promises to be another great party night. Bleach, the ultimate tribute to Blondie, will be followed by Wham/Duran and then to finish the evening Toyah and her band will take the stage.

Ticket price per person: £15, £8 under 12's 
Increases to £17.00 & £9.50 from 13th May, inc. reservations

[ Click here to buy tix to see Toyah ]

 Tue 14th February, 2006: 'The Aphrodisiac Test' - Canadian TV
[ Sex TV ]Following on from airing on Channel 5 here in the UK last November and on New Zealand TV just last week, The Aphrodisiac Test is now scheduled for Canadian TV next week, Sunday 19th February, on the Sex TV channel:

Sex Exposed: Aphrodisiac Test; The (18+)
The Aphrodisiac Test is a pacey, lighthearted and exciting special, exploring the potency and effect of some of the world's most popular aphrodisiacs. Three couples put five of the world's most intriguing aphrodisiacs to the test. Do pills, herbs, pheromone potions and exotic foods such as bulls' testicles actually work? Through scientific tests and honest video diaries, the couples deliver their verdicts, while celebrities including Carol Smillie, Toyah Willcox, Peter Stringfellow and Richard Blackwood offer their own thoughts.

 Mon 13th February, 2006: 'Bury St Edmunds Festival 2006'
[ Bury St Edmunds Festival - 2006 Brochure ]Make a date in your diary for this year's Bury St Edmunds Festival, which runs from Friday 12th May to Sunday 28th May, bringing an array of international performers to the historic market town. 

The 2006 Festival promises a stimulating mix of orchestral concerts, new music, choral fusions, open-air party nights, lunchtime jazz and folk, top classical players, community workshops, dance, theatre, comedy, art, film, walks, and much more. Festival manager Nick Wells is busy putting the final touches to his wide-ranging Festival programme and will be announcing full details at the Launch of the Festival brochure at the Angel Hotel, Bury St Edmunds on Thursday 16 February.

Highlights include: A Bury St Edmunds Township Choir of up to 300 local school children and adults performing South African songs on stage with township jazz band Mbawulu for the Opening Night Celebrations in the Abbey Gardens.

The Budapest Symphony Orchestra making a welcome return with conductor Tamas Vasary, plus a UK premiere from Britten Sinfonia. Guitarist John Williams, jazz singer Clare Teal and 80s star Toyah Willcox among a host of big names, with the popular Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain expected to attract fans from across the country.

The chance to dress up and party outdoors in the lovely Abbey Gardens for a 70s night with The Glambusters and The Funking Barstewards, an 80s night featuring Toyah with tribute bands Bleach and Wham Duran, or join the stars from West End show Rat Pack as Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Sammy Davis Junior for a big band Festival Finale.

Festival brochures will be widely available from late February and can be ordered on the Festival hotline on 01284 757099, or visit the Festival website at for details of all the events.

Mon 13th February, 2006: Toyah in Blackpool - TONIGHT!
[ Toyah in Blackpool 2005 ]Good luck to Toyah for her appearance at The Flamingo tonight in Blackpool.

Last year's PA, in March of 05, was a trememdously good night, with Toyah playing an eight-song set, of hits and covers, to a highly enthusiastic crowd. 

[btw, who was the Scottish person who kept shouting: "sing your own songs, Toyah!"?)

For those who are going to the show - have fun. And can I please have a picture? ;o))

 Mon 13th February, 2006: 'The Independent' - Loving together & living apart 
Toyah was briefly interviewed in an article in yesterday's 'The Independent':

There are as many committed couples living apart now as cohabiting. But who are they? And why do they do it? Katy Guest explores the rules of the modern way to love 

... If a fifth category were to be added, wealthy celebrities might be it. The singer Natalie Imbruglia works from London while her husband of two years, Daniel Johns, frontman for the Australian grunge rock group Silverchair, stays down under. "I would never put any pressure on him to move," she has said. "He's got so many more songs written in the weeks he's been away from me." Diane Kruger, the star of Troy, and her actor husband Guillaume Canet live separately, in Paris, while Toyah Willcox and her husband of 12 years, guitarist Robert Fripp, feel lucky if they get one month a year together. "I like the freedom," she says, "We're never bored with each other, just always thrilled at the thought of meeting up again and leaping into each other's arms."

[ News Source: the Independent; 12th February 2006 ]

 Mon 13th February, 2006: 'Tales Of The Unexpected'
[ Tales Of The Unexpected - DVD ]The third DVD set of Tales Of The Unexpected was recently released, on region 1 format, with series five & six included. The first two sets are also available and the fourth is released later in 2006. This third set is all the more interesting because 'Blue Marigold', the episode in which Toyah starred in 1981, is included.

From the master storyteller who brought the kids such surreal goodies as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, here's a twisted treat for the grown-ups. Roald Dahl's playfully macabre adult stories launched this legendary British television series, which continues with stories of the same creepy ilk. Mixing dark humor with horror and fantasy, the tales are tasty tidbits of the macabre, each building up to a startling final twist. A little bit Hitchcock, a little bit Twilight Zone, and wickedly entertaining. 

21 Episodes from series 5 and 6 of the classic twist in the tale drama series from Anglia TV. Stars include: Toyah Willcox, Ralph Bates, John Mills, James Aubrey, Derek Jacobi, Fulton Mackay, Bill Owen, Harry H Corbett, Susan Penhaligon, Peter Egan, Suzanne Danielle, Bernard Kay, Keith Barron, Sheila Gish, Geoffrey Chater, Jan Francis Ian Holm, Cherie Lunghi, Carol Drinkwater, Alan Rowe, Peter Barkworth, Anthony Valentine, Peter Jeffrey, Tony Osoba, George Sewell, Judy Geeson, Bernard Cribbins,Hayley Mills, Phyllida Law, and Peter Cushing.

3 DVD Box set in slimline cases.
Acorn Media. NTSC Region 1 (U.S. and Canada)
Run Time: 525 minutes 
Extras: Biography of composer Ron Grainer, Episode Trivia & Cast Filmographies. 

Blue Marigold
Marigold (Toyah Willcox) is a dream-girl supermodel, but she is wrecking her career with too much drink and other excesses. Paul Foster (Ralph Bates), her dismayed boyfriend, slowly sees that fame and money are what Marigold cares most about. Sophie Trent is a more easy-going newcomer, but Marigold is driven wild by jealousy when Sophie's dulcet tones are used to replace Marigold's voice on a TV commercial. And Marigold is dangerous when she's crossed.

Guest stars: Toyah Willcox (Marigold), Ralph Bates (Paul Foster), Sharon Duce (Sophie Trent), Helen Fraser (Beryl), Billy Hamson (Bryan Sabotier), Paul Seed (Director of Commercial).

 Mon 13th February, 2006: 'Warner Breaks' - We Do Music 
[ Warner Breaks  - We Do Music ]We Do Music : Toyah Willcox, Altered Images & Nick Heyward
23 June 2006 :: Littlecote House :: Berkshire 

See the ‘80’s come alive again with this fantastic line up. See what made Toyah Willcox such an icon when she performs her hits ‘I Wanna Be Free’ and ‘It’s a Mystery’. Altered Images, fronted by Clare Grogan, were one of the early ‘80’s most distinctive groups with songs ‘Happy Birthday’ and ‘I Could be Happy’. Nick Heyward will be performing Haircut 100’s ‘Fantastic Day’, ‘Love Plus One’ and his many solo hits like ‘Whistle Down the Wind’. A great weekend to see three classic acts that defined the ‘80’s. 

Plus, Now 80’s tribute act performs on Friday night, and Duran Duran tribute band, Duran will entertain you on Sunday night.

[ Please click on the screen capture for further info ]

 Sun 12th February, 2006: 'Three Of  A Kind' - Series 2 DVD
[ Three Of A Kind - Series 2 ]The second series of Three Of A Kind is available to buy on DVD from next Monday (13th February ).

Toyah features on the DVD, performing 'Street Creature', and appearing in a sketch with Lenny Henry.

The first series was released last year, with Tracey Ullman impersonating Toyah. The third Series DVD will be available from Monday 17th April 2006.

Lenny Henry, Tracey Ullman and David Copperfield are back with more gags that'll have you in fits of laughter. Following on from the successful, award-winning first series, catch up with Rev. Nat Minister, Fred Dread, Roz and Old Scrunge plus all new characters Hippy Cops.

Starring Lenny Henry, Tracey Ullman and David Copperfield and guest appearances by The Boomtown Rats, Thin Lizzy, and Toyah. 

Like most comedy shows, Three Of A Kind set out to be as funny as it could be; but - unlike most other shows - it filled every nanosecond of airtime with gags, wall to wall, top to bottom, in an effort to do so. Apart from its use of video trickery and teletext-style 'Gagfax', which printed jokes on screen in between the sketches, the humour was delivered straight - adopting an 'in-your-face' style without any 'side' or pretensions to grandeur, and, as befitting a pre-watershed BBC1 primetime slot, purposefully lacking the savagery associated with much of the concurrent 'alternative' scene. 

 Sat 11th February, 2006: 'Barbican Newsroom' - Pop Fiction 
[ Barbican Newsroom ]SAINT ETIENNE present: POP FICTION – Tuesdays 7, 21, 28 February

Following last summer’s Gonna Make You A Star season, Saint Etienne build upon their body of curatorial collaborations at the Barbican with Pop Fiction, a collection of fictional pop groups that featured in the BBC’s Play For Today strand and unreleased movies. Dating from the sixties to the eighties the centrepiece is a 1976 Play for Today called Jumping Bean Bag which will be shown on the 30th anniversary of its original broadcast. It features a Glam/Prog Rock band called Slag Bag, with Denis Lawson as the singing drummer, Snare. The film follows the group’s rise and fall following their expulsion from public school. From Glam-Rock, to Punk, Two Tone and the New Romantics, this season rediscovers a world of Pop Fiction beyond Spinal Tap. Of particular note is a very rare screening of Ladies and Gentlemen…The Fabulous Stains with Diane Lane; Laura Dern. Other faces to look out for during this season are: Paul Cook and Steve Jones, drummer and guitarist of The Sex Pistols; Paul Simonon, bass player for The Clash, Ray Winstone; British folk-rock artist Roy Harper; Ray Davies; Toyah Willcox; Phil Daniels and Noel Edmonds

 Sat 11th February, 2006: Toyah on TV - Have I Been Here Before?
[ Have I Been Here Before? ]Toyah's Have I Been Here Before? is scheduled for another repeat airing early next month.

Have I Been Here Before? : ITV1
Tuesday 7th March : 4.05am
Have our souls lived before? Do you believe in live after death? Where do our dreams come from? Have you ever met someone and been convinced you have met them in a previous life? All these questions, and more, will be tackled in this fascinating series. 

Hosted by Phillip Schofield, Have I Been Here Before? will offer the chance for celebrity guests to see if they have lived before... in a past life. The celebrities will be taken back to their past lives by experienced regression therapist Andrea Foulkes, and in the process they often reveal some deeply intimate thoughts about their current lives.

Former wild woman of rock Toyah Willcox imagines she was an anchoress (In the middle ages an Anchorite or Anchoress was a man or woman who lived in a small, sealed room inside a church) in 15th century Holland, living a life of enforced solitude, finally dying alone and lamenting her wasted life. Could Toyah’s past life be a reflection of her own fears or will the history detective uncover some unsettling accuracies in her tale?

[ Please click on the pic for further screen captures from this show ]

 Sat 11th February, 2006: 'Quadrophenia' - A Condition Of Today 
[ Quadrophenia / Trainspotting / 8 Mile ]Quadrophenia is airing on the TCM channel this coming Friday. The film is one that has never went out of "fashion" but it appears that there is something of a Quadrophenia revival mustering...

Brit *Mod* bands such as The Ordinary Boys are currently citing the film as an influence and there are a variety of DVDs, videos and related CDs all available for Quadfanatics to snap up!

In honour of the growing re-interest, and Friday's screening, surely it's time for a Quadrophenia newsy bits & pieces & trivia fest?:

• Director Franc Roddam conceived Quadrophenia as "a film about young people who had some freedom but no responsibilities". The 1979 film is based on the 1973 album by The Who.

Quadrophenia was recently released in a three video set, on the 4 Front Video label, along with Trainspotting and 8 Mile. The same label released another three video set a number of years ago, on that occasion teaming Quadrophenia up with Sid & Nancy and The Doors, as well as a two-film set coupling it with another Who classic, Tommy.

• There have been a number of, non-box set, video issues of the film over the years too, the first being in 1979. It has subsequently been re-issued in 1986, 1997, and most recently in 1999.

• The film has been issued on DVD twice, in 1999 on region 2, and 2001 on region 1. The latter is far superior, with tons of DVD extras including; original theatrical trailer, audio commentary by director Franc Roddam, trivia tracks, virtual Vespa tour, photo gallery, cast and crew bios, and more.

[ Quadrophenia - A Condition Of Today ]• There were numerous/various Quadrophenia movie/film posters for different countries (try searching on ebay) all with their own design but most featuring the famous "line-up" photo of Toyah, Phil Daniels, Sting, Mark Wingett, Leslie Ash et al.

• The film has used a variety of taglines over the years. The most famous is, obviously, "A Way Of Life" especially since the 1997, 18th anniversary, reissue. Other taglines have included; "A Condition Of Today" (Australia), "Hell On Wheels!" and "We Are The Mods!".

• Doh! - At the end of the film when Phil Daniels is about to run over a cliff with his scooter, in the first shot there is a windshield on the scooter. In the second the windshield is gone. In the third the windshield is back again!

• As well as appearing alongside Phil Daniels in Quadrophenia, Toyah also made her television acting debut with him in Glitter (1975/6), and appeared onstage with him, at the ICA in London, in American Days (1979).

• In 2004 the magazine 'Total Film' named Quadrophenia the 35th greatest British film of all time. Here here!

• Everything, and anything, you ever needed to know about Quadrophenia (the film) can be found in Gary Wharton's 'Chasing The Wind: A Quadrophenia Anthology', published in 2001.

Quadrophenia, the greatest film ever made about youth culture...

 Fri 10th February, 2006: February live date cancelled
Toyah's live date in Skegness, scheduled for Friday 24th February, has been cancelled.  Please see below (Mon 6th February News) for a full list of Toyah's 2006 gigs, so far.

[ News Source:]

 Fri 10th February, 2006: 'Electric 80s'
[ Electric 80s ]Forgive me if this has been around for a while and I just haven't noticed! As always, I'm still searching... for a clue :o)

Another version of last year's 'Electric 80s' triple CD collection has been spotted. It seems that the only variation from the original is that the artwork is black and red, as opposed to white and black (and the sticker is a different colour too!).

Toyah's legendary 'It's A Mystery' is, of course, included in the collection.

[ Thanks to Garry Lambie ]

 Thu 9th February, 2006: The Flamingo
[ The Flamingo ]As previously mentioned, Toyah is appearing at The Flamingo, in recently opened new venue, in Blackpool on Monday 13th February. The PA is a St Valentines Special.

Toyah's last appearance at the (previous) venue was a huge success.

Open: 11:00pm - 4:00am 
Admission Prices: Members: £2.00/ Non Members: £4.00/Concession: £3.00 
DJ's: DJ Baz and I from 11:00pm 

[ Please click on the picture to visit The Flamingo website ]

 Thu 9th February, 2006: Toyah @ 'Remember the Eighties'
Toyah has announced more dates, both with her band and also for her one-woman show 'An Audience With Toyah Willcox'. See GIGS for more details.


 Tue 7th February, 2006: Official update - Toyah's Webletter +
[ The Official Toyah website ]The Official Toyah website has been updated with News and Toyah's Webletter for February 2006.

Read up on the new quiz show Toyah has in the pipeline... a new film script... the importance of the number 6... and a little hint on what Toyah will be doing for the next two Christmasses! Plus much more!

There's lots to see & explore @ so go on, take the leap!

 Mon 6th February, 2006: More Toyah CD reissues for 2006 
[ Toyah! Toyah! Toyah! & Desire ]Good news in the latest Official Toyah e-news:

'Desire' will be reissued with relevant bonus tracks in the coming months. Cherry Red will reissue the 'Toyah! Toyah! Toyah!' live album in late Spring/early Summer and is tentatively planned to have a selection of bonus tracks too. is again involved with both of these releases.

 Mon 6th February, 2006: New Look Dreamscape
THANKS! to everyone for the comments/feedback about the new look. So far it's only the Latest News (which is also now the permanent Home/Index page of Dreamscape) and January News pages, with the remainder of the site becoming a temporary archive until it can be redesigned. 
 Mon 6th February, 2006: Toyah 2006 Live Dates
More dates have been added to Toyah's schedule for the latter part of 2006, and there is also the possibility of another 80s type tour, with ABC and Howard Jones, around October/November 2006. Further live dates are expected from soon.

Monday 13th February : Blackpool - Flamingo's (Live PA) 
Saturday 25th February : Bognor (full band) 
Friday 17th March : Minehead (full band) 
Saturday 18th March : Skegness - Butlins (full band) 
Thursday 11th May : Du Maurier Festival, Cornwall - An Audience With Toyah
Friday 26th May : Bury St. Edmunds festival (full band) 
Friday 23rd June : Hungerford, Berkshire - Warners We Do Weekends (PA)
Friday 6th October : Skegness (full band) 
Sunday 26th November : Bognor (Live PA)

The previously mentioned Millfield Arts Centre, An Audience With... from 10th March, has been postponed until later in the year.

There is also a week-long run playing Cruella De Vil in Nottingham:

Tuesday 25th - Saturday 29th July : Nottingham, Theatre Royal - 101 Dalamtions

In addition to these, Toyah also makes these, corporate type, appearances this year:

Wednesday 8th February : London - Purple Apple Marketing Awards Dinner
Thursday 2nd March : Somerset - Champions of Learning Awards 2006
Friday 10th March : Leicester - Women of Achievement Awards 2006

 Sun 5th February, 2006: 'The Lee Mack Show' - 3 CD set
[ The Lee Mack Show ]Toyah is included on the new, 3 CD set, The Lee Mack Show, part of the BBC Radio Collection, available to buy from tomorrow, 6th February.

Lee Mack, star of ITV's The Sketch Show and BAFTA Award Winner and British Comedy Award nominee, had his first six part radio series broadcast on Radio 2 in March and April this year. Special musical guests on the first of the Lee Mack series include Toyah Willcox, Midge Ure, Suggs, Sophie Ellis Bexter, Tom Robinson and Tony Hadley. Alongside the musical guests, other guests include the comedians Dermot O'Leary, Noel Britton, Mick Miller, Milton Jones, Rhod Gilbert and Mike Wilmot. Also included in the proceedings is bandleader Steve Brown who fulfilled a similar role in the Knowing Me Knowing You TV series. 

Toyah performs sketches with Lee as well as a great version of 'Sweet Child 'O Mine'.

 Sun 5th February, 2006: 'Private Eye' - Luvvie!
[ Private Eye ]A quote/comment from Toyah's recent 'Now' magazine Email Interview has been included in the latest edition of 'Private Eye' magazine, in their "Luvvies" feature.

"I have a house to keep my press cuttings, costumes, head-dresses, stage make-up and books that refer to me. There’s a room of recordings of every TV show I’ve done and another full of fan mail."  TOYAH WILLCOX , Now magazine 

An occasional column devoted to gems from the acting profession. 

 Sun 5th February, 2006: Toyah on TV
Maigret & The Hotel Majestic : Sunday 5th February - ITV3 : 4.45pm 
Detective mystery series. Maigret is called to the scene when a beautiful woman is found dead in the basement of the Hotel Majestic with a gun in her handbag. The Chief Inspector's investigations initially centre around the staff at the hotel - until he discovers that the woman's husband booked a trip to Rome that he never made. Starring: Michael Gambon, Geoffrey Hutchings, Jack Galloway, James Larkin and Toyah Willcox.

Quadrophenia : Friday 17th February - TCM : 11.20pm
The Who wrote and produced this energetic story of a young man disillusioned with his life in 1960s London. Phil Daniels excels as the alienated anti-hero Jimmy Cooper. Directed by Franc Roddam. Starring: Phil Daniels, Leslie Ash, Philip Davis, Mark Wingett, Sting, Ray Winstone and Toyah Willcox.

 Sat 4th February, 2006:  Toyah - The SMASH HITS Years
• The three striking 'Smash Hits' covers that Toyah graced, highlighting just three of her dozens of early '80s radical image changes. 

[ Smash Hits - 1980 - '82 ]

 Sat 4th February, 2006: 'Glitter' - At The Barbican
[ Glitter @ The Barbican ]Toyah's very first television drama, from 1976, is to be screened at the London Barbican at the end of this month. 

Glitter will run with 'Play For Today', Jumping Bean Bag, as part of St Etienne Present: Popfiction.

This will be the first time the drama has been screened for almost 30 years.

Jumping Bean Bag + Glitter
Introduced by Bob Stanley / 28 Feb 06 / 7.00
Cinema 1

Jumping Bean Bag
Play for Today
This 1976 Play For Today has never been reshown until now, its 30th anniversary. Public school Glam band Slag Bag dream of being "as big as the Bay City Rollers". With singer Ozzie Freemantle (David 'Ford Prefect' Dixon) and drummer Snare (Denis Lawson) and songs like Snake Madness, they debut at an end-of-year school play, are expelled, then rise swiftly to the top only for disaster to strike. Among their loyal fans is a young Linda Robson. UK 1976, Dir. Alan Cooke 69 mins. 

Toyah Willcox and Phil Daniels star as kids who break into a TV studio only to be caught by Noel Edmonds. UK 1976, 30 mins. 

Tickets: Online/advance - £6.50/£5 (£16.50/£13.50 for all three PopFiction events)
Full Price - £7.50/£6 concs (£18/£15 concs for all 3 events) 
subject to availability

Barbican Centre
Silk Street
London EC2Y 8DS

Main Switchboard: 020 7638 4141
Box Office & Membership 020 7638 8891 (9am-8pm daily) 
Group Bookings: 020 7382 7211 (Mon-Fri 10am-5pm)

Centre opening times 
9am - 11pm Monday - Saturday
12noon - 11pm Sundays and Public Holidays 

 Sat 4th February, 2006: Smash Hits magazine to close ( "down the dumper!")
[ Smash Hits - Goodbye! ]'Smash Hits', the magazine that constantly featured Toyah throughout the early to mid-1980's, is to close it was announced yesterday, after 28 years.

Toyah graced the 'Smash Hits' cover three times, in 1980, '81, and '82. She was also interviewed numerous times over the years and the, fortnightly, publication regularly included Toyah lyrics, pin-ups, posters and adverts.

BBC News: The lasting legacy of Smash Hits 
Smash Hits, which is to close after 28 years, was the bible for many teenagers discovering their musical tastes in the 1980s and 1990s. 

Every fortnight, Smash Hits thumped through the letterbox dishing out gossip, interviews, pull-out posters - and perhaps most importantly - lyrics to the top tunes of the day. The whole kit and caboodle was served up in a typically playful house style that would go on to set a new standard in magazines. 

In 1981, it is rumoured that the then Smash Hits editor David Hepworth sent a memo to record companies saying he intended "to reverse the entire direction" of pop music publishing in favour of trivia, demanding to know the colour of their artists' socks. The approach worked. 

Before long, Smash Hits' irreverent and witty style was pulling in a regular readership of half a million readers. 


Hepworth - and the two editors before him - had gathered together a sharp team of writers, including Mark Ellen, who is now editor of Word Magazine, and Neil Tennant, who would go on to front the Pet Shop Boys. 

They helped shape the tongue-in-cheek style of the magazine that triumphed throughout the 1980s and early 1990s. Where else would the pop royalty of the day be known as Dame David Bowie, Sir Clifford of Richard and Fab Macca Wackythumbsaloft? 

Bros were nicknamed Matt, Luke and Ken - after third member Craig was declared irrelevant - while Brother Beyond were somewhat shortened to The 'Yond. 

"Corky O'Reilly! It's Kylie" and "Legs akimbo!" were often used phrases among it vernacular. 

Pop stars were not pandered to on the pages, but asked both probing and silly questions of the "do you have smelly feet?" ilk. They often received equally silly replies. But the magazine also succeeded in appealing to the teenager with a wide taste in music, as anyone who was anyone in the charts making it onto the hallowed pages. 

Morten Harket's Bottom 

Interviews with artists like The Cure and the Cocteau Twins were sandwiched comfortably between gossip on pop acts like Duran Duran and Wham! Letter writers to Black Type mused on the songwriting ability of their favourite stars, wrote poems, and argued amongst themselves. 

They signed their letters Morten Harket's Bottom, Neil Tennant's Chest Wig, or Jesus and Mary's Chainstore. 

Smash Hits was the brainchild of former NME man Nick Logan who called his protegee pop bible Disco Fever. The first test issue - featuring Belgian one-hit-wonder Plastic Bertrand on the cover and Sham 69 as the centre spread - was put to together on Logan's kitchen table. 

But unsure of how it would go down, Logan refused to print his name as editor, using instead the pseudonym Chris Hall - a combination of the names of his children Christian and Hallie. After just three issues, Smash Hits moved from monthly to fortnightly, and its impact was immediate and lasting. 

I think these days, a lot of pop music is invented in boardrooms at record companies, 
Mark Frith, former editor 

During the 1980s, appearing on the Smash Hits cover equalled BBC show Top of the Pops in determining when an act had finally arrived. Morrissey wearing a hearing aid and holding a kitten inside his cardigan was just one of the memorable covers of the time. 

Even footballer Paul Gascoigne made the cover when Gazza-mania gripped the country during the 1990 world cup. 

"End of an era" 

Smash Hits not only launched the careers of the pop stars on its pages, but it also gave its creative editorial team a leg up the ladder. Founding editor Logan went on to launch The Face in 1980, while broadcaster and columnist Miranda Sawyer was also one of the magazine's early writers. 

Perhaps the most high-profile editor was X-Factor presenter Kate Thornton who took the helm in 1996 aged just 21. She said the magazine's closure was "the end of an era" but added that "times were changing". 

In recent years the magazine was sold with free gifts from notepads to coloured pens for its increasing pre-teen readership, as teenagers turned to new technology to influence their musical direction. 

Mark Frith, who now edits Heat magazine, said the music industry itself may also be to blame for the demise. 

"I think these days, a lot of pop music is invented in boardrooms at record companies and it kind of ticks all the boxes and appeals to the right demographic," he said. 

"Where are the characters coming through now and making pop music? It's not just there. 

"I think Smash Hits particularly thrived on those kind of people." 

 Sat 4th February, 2006: 'The Aphrodisiac Test' - New Zealand TV
The Aphrodisiac Test, shown in the UK on Ch5 in November 2005, is to air in New Zealand in a few day's time, on the TV One channel

[ The Aphrodisiac Test ]

The Aphrodisiac Test : TV One - Tuesday 7th February : 9.30pm
The Aphrodisiac Test is a pacey, light-hearted and exciting hour, exploring the potency and effect of some of the world's most popular aphrodisiacs - all available to try at home. 

Three couples of differing ages and differing sexual appetites are given a wild week-long mission to test five of the world's most intriguing aphrodisiacs. Can pills, herbs, pheromone potions and exotic foods such as bulls' testicles cure problems like low libido and brewer's droop? 

Through scientific tests and honest video diaries, the couples reach their verdicts on what works, rating each aphrodisiac for its effects on "Lust" and "Thrust".  It will offer both a scientific and personal viewpoint, held together by a potent and entertaining purpose. Celebrities including Carol Smillie, Toyah Willcox, Peter Stringfellow and Richard Blackwood give their thoughts on sex and "the cures of Aphrodite" - the Greek goddess of love. 

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 Thu 2nd February, 2006: 'What's On Anglia' - From Punk To Panto 
[ What's On Anglia - Dec 05/Jan 06 ]Just slightly after the fact... Toyah was pictured on the cover of the December '05/January '06 issue of 'What's On... Anglia'.

Inside there is a great two-page Star Interview with Toyah:


What's On magazine's Emily Jane-Clark caught up with former punk chick Toyah Willcox who is set to star in the new panto at Milton Keynrs Theatre

Toyah Willcox may be in her late forties but there is something quite childlike about her. A self-confessed sweet addict, her unstoppable energy and enthusiasm remind me of a child always on the lookout for the next adventure! She even describes herself as a hyperactive kid and has no plans to retire anytime soon.

Toyah has been working in showbusiness since the age of 17. She went from punk rebel to actress to TV presenter and has now become a much-loved household name. Her career has been a long and varied one and her work an eclectic mixture of punk rock, panto, experimental theatre, West End shows, reality TV and presenting. And at 47 she is showing no signs of slowing down.

Toyah is all set to star in a brand-new panto Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs at Milton Keynes Theatre this December.

She enthused: "I play the Wicked Queen and it suits me! She is a fabulous fantasy character who everybody knows. It's great being able to be as rude as you like. But most of all it is good because it doesn't matter what mood you are in. If I am happy then I am funnier and if I am in a bad mood then I am scarier!"

Toyah has been doing pantmime for the past twelve years now but hasn't lost her passion for it.

She explained: "Some of the reasons I keep on doing it are purely selfish! One is that I absolutely loathe the Winter and panto takes away two months of it. The other reason is that when I am doing panto I can eat exactly what I like and not put on any weight! Which is good because I love sweets. But I also love that you can look into the audience and see three generations of families there. It is traditional British story-telling at its best with goodies and baddies!"

[ From Punk To Panto ]

Toyah believes that more and more actors are getting involved in panto now because there is far less snobbery about it.

She said: "When I was in my twenties I would never have imagined doing panto, but now the whole concept has changed. People didn't want to do anything else but straight acting then. Now you get great actors like Simon Callow and Ian McKellan doing pantomimes. Actors now see that by doing panto it gives them the chance to show off their other talents like singing or dancing."

Although Toyah is more recently known for her work in musical theatre she has worked alongside many great actors including Laurence Olivier and Katharine Hepburn and starred in the hit cult movie Quadrophenia. She feels the secret to a successful career is being pro-active.

"I have never waited for the phone to ring or ever sat on my laurels. I have always got something on the go or trying to come up with new ideas. I know some actors wouldn't dream of looking for their own work but if I see something that looks interesting I'll ring up and see if I can get involved."

It was this determined attitude that won her a place in I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.

She explained: "I just phoned them up and asked if I could do it. If I hadn't they wouldn't have dreamt of asking me. The only thing I regret is not having done more starvation training. If I don't eat I get very sick and they practically starved us from day one. The worst thing was the boredom though but there were also many good things about doing it."

Not only is she an accomplished actress and singer but the former chart-topper also wrote a novel Diary Of A Facelift about her experience of cosmetic surgery.

She explained: "I always knew I'd have surgery if I needed it, even in my twenties. I had got to the stage where I would wake up in the morning after a good night's sleep and feel fantastic but looked in the mirror and looked ill. But I found it so hard to find out any information or patients' points of views.

"I wrote about my experience to help people who feel as strongly as I did about having surgery."

Toyah says she may eventually have more sugery in the future but she puts her youthful, healthy figure down to a good diet.

She said: "I don't drink or smoke. I used to in my twenties but I don't feel the need for it now. I also have a non-dairy diet. I think as you get older it is better to go on to soya milk. As long as you get your calcium elsewhere."

A keen astrologer with a passion for art and ceramics, Toyah is too busy working to spend much time relaxing.

She said: "I am constantly working on new projects. I can be on the email until four in the morning sometimes. But it's OK because I love what I do and so don't find it stressful. My job is an adventre!"

After 30 years in showbusiness Toyah is still brimming with enthusiasm and excitement about her work and is constantly looking for new projects.

She said: "I never stop learning. I don't believe in retirement. You can change jobs or interests but my body's just not made for stopping!"

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 Thu 2nd February, 2006: Help build a Toyah LYRICS database @
[ Toyah lyrics @ ]Please pay a visit to [ Tellurian Online (a Toyah Willcox Wiki) ] to help build the ultimate Toyah lyrics database.

Already listed are the full lyrics to the original releases of 'Love Is The Law' (1983) and 'Ophelia's Shadow' (1991). Toyah, of course, recorded many other albums, collaborations and misc. songs over the years, all of which will hopefully be eventually included.

If you can add an album of lyrics it would be a great help. Please click on the screen capture to visit the website.

 Thu 2nd February, 2006: 'EDP24' - Top names for Bury St Edmunds Festival 
[ EDP24 - 30th January 2006 ]Organisers of one of the region's biggest music festivals have unveiled a packed programme for this year's event - including guitarist John Williams, jazz singer Clare Teal and '80s star Toyah Willcox.

Bury St Edmunds Festival 2006 (May 12-28) will once again bring top-flight entertainment to the town. 

There will be a mix of orchestral concerts, the popular open-air party nights, new music, choral fusions and lunchtime jazz and folk sessions. Top classical players, community workshops, dance, theatre, comedy, art, film and walks are also in the programme. 

The full details will be unveiled at the Angel Hotel, Bury, on February 16. But some glimpses of what will be on offer during the St Edmundsbury Borough Council-managed festival have already been revealed. 

Up to 300 children and adults will give a rendition of South African songs on stage with township jazz band Mbawulu for the Opening Night Celebrations in the Abbey Gardens. The Buda-pest Symphony Orchestra is returning with conductor Tamas Vasary, there will be a UK premiere from Britten Sinfonia, and the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain is expected to attract fans from across the country. 

There will be the usual outdoor concerts, this year featuring a '70s night with the Glambusters and the Funking Barstewards, and an '80s night featuring Toyah with tribute bands Bleach and Wham Duran. Bookings for the outdoor concerts will start on February 13 at or by calling 01284 769505. Tickets for other events go on sale on February 27. For those, call 01284 769505 or visit

 Thu 2nd February, 2006: Purple Apple Marketing Awards Dinner 
[ BCSC - February 2006 ]The 3rd Purple Apple Awards will be presented at a formal dinner in London on the 8th February, 2006 at the delightful venue, The Brewery, Chiswell Street, London, and features guest host, Toyah Willcox. 

It is a fantastic opportunity for everyone to see the range and quality of marketing in shopping destinations in the UK and Ireland. 

Make sure you book your tickets for the Dinner, so as not to miss out on the most important date in the marketing calendar! 

Each Purple Apple Entry Registration receives one dinner ticket (one per centre), however additional tickets may be purchased at a cost of £100.00 (excl. VAT) for BCSC members and £150.00 (excl. VAT) for non BCSC members. 

Why not join the BCSC and take advantage of the members dinner rate. To find out more information about the BCSC and the relevant rates please go to 

If you would like more information about this event please contact Liz Curwen on 020 7227 3469 or by e-mail at 

Date: 8th February 2006 / Time: 7.00 pm - 1.00 am

 Thu 2nd February, 2006: Toyah newsy bits! 
• It now looks like that the Friday 10th March, Millfield Arts Centre, An Audience With Toyah Willcox won't be taking place. However, there should be some sort of appearance from Toyah at the Millfield Arts Centre later on in the year. 

• Toyah @ "In the UK the most famous person of that name is singer and actress Toyah Willcox. Her website says that her name comes from a tribe of American red indians. There is also a place in Texas called Toyah." 

• For anyone who found Toyah's December 'Daily Mail' interview, on her dyslexia and the Dore programme, interesting, the topic is covered in more detail at Chris Tregenza's website/blog,


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