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[ Toyah, 'Don't Fall In Love (I Said), 1985 - Thanks to Andrew York - Click to zoom ]

"I don't think I'll ever be an utterly serious artist. I'll always have a girlish flamboyance, I'll always have a sense of mischief. It's in my character and I hope it's always there. But that doesn't mean I'm immature." Birmingham Post, 1991

[ The Telegraph - December 1980 - Click to zoom - Thank to Andi Westhorpe ]

Love lies cold, Time lies over me, The leaves are crisp and old, Like the snow in the cemetery... What a time to hold secrets from me, Drifting on my voice in tranquility For You: 1981 (Willcox/Bogen/Spalding)

[ Toyah performing 'Echo Beach' - Live At The Palladium 1987 ]


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 JUNE 2006 NEWS: .............................................................
 Tue 27th June, 2006: 'Theatre Royal, Brighton' - Aladdin
[ Aladdin 2006/07 ]Toyah will be playing Aladdin at the Theatre Royal in Brighton this Christmas (yep, I know it's just gone Mid-Summer ;o)). It's a place Toyah knows well as she filmed Quadrophenia's legendary riot scenes there in the late 70s.

TOYAH WILLCOX (80s pop sensation) and a host of stars from London's West End star in ALADDIN

After the record-breaking success of Jack and the Beanstalk, the starriest panto cast ever will appear in Aladdin from 14th December 2006 - 14th January 2007.

Join us in the wonderful world of panto with the best show of all. Magic lamps, evil wizards, mystical genies, flying carpets, fantastic sets, glittering costumes, superb singing, dazzling dancing, comedy, slapstick and bags and bags of fun for all of the family! This lavish panto has it all and presented to you by an amazingly talented cast.

80s pop sensation TOYAL WILLCOX joins an all-star cast, shortly to be announced, on this magical carpet ride to the Far East. Don't miss out - book now. 
BOX OFFICE 08700 606 650 (booking fee)

Fantastic group rates available. Make sure you don't miss out for your group or school. call our Groups Hotline on 08700 606 617 (Mon - Fri 10am - 5.30pm) and make your Christmas outing one to remember! 

[NB: Note to the Theatre Royal - Before you start printing up tour flyers etc - there are two L's in Willcox ]

 Tue 27th June, 2006: 'The Argus Lite' - New wave icon signs up for panto
Feisty Eighties pop icon Toyah Willcox will star in this year's Christmas panto at the Theatre Royal, Brighton.

The I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! star will appear in Aladdin.

She rose to fame with hit singles including It's A Mystery and I Want To Be Free and went on to build a successful career as a stage and screen performer, starring in West End musical Calamity Jane and the films Quadrophenia.

The show will staged from Thursday, December 14, to Sunday, January 14, with more names announced in coming weeks.

Tickets cost £11.50 to £20, with concessions available.

There is also a discount for groups of ten or more booking before September 25. Call 08700 606650 or the group hotline on 08700 606617.

[ News Source: www.arguslite.co.uk - 22nd June 2006 ]

 Tue 27th June, 2006: 'Kick FM' - The Celebrity Circuit
[ Kick FM - Celebrity Circuit ]Toyah is included in the 'Kick FM' (West Berkshire's local radio station) Celebrity Circuit game:

We are trying to link as many famous people together as we can, associated by any means possible!  Check out the well known name James reveals every day at 2:30pm and it's your job to come up with a connection they have to another famous person!  The link can be obvious, tedious, cryptic ... basically anything that links the two and allows us to build up our Celebrity Circuit!

Cricket St Thomas in Somerset, which is also the house used in To The Manor Born starring Penelope Keith ... who has provided a voice in the hit children's show Teletubbies, along with former rock chick Toyah, according to Jeff in Ham ... Danielle in Newbury has linked Toyah to Alfred Hitchcock, because Toyah had a big hit with It's A Mystery, while of course Hitchcock is the master of mystery movies ... one of those movies was called Vertigo, which was also the title of a hit for U2, led by Bono, thanks to Jonathon in Speen ... 

[ Source: www.kickfm.com - June 2006 ]

 Sun 25th June, 2006: Site News: Gallery: 1981 page - Huge update
• It's the Gallery. It's crammed full of Toyah pictures. It's 1981. 

Yes, the 1981 page has been updated with dozens of new additions. There is now almost 200 photos in the 1981 section, and almost 500 in the Gallery overall.

[ Dreamscape Gallery ]

[ Please click here or above to race through (cyber)space back to '81 ]

 Sun 25th June, 2006: 'Dark Neon' - Toyah Thtory - Part One
[ The Toyah Thtory ]In their ongoing efforts to resurrect pop trivia languishing in the crumpled magazines in their attic,the 'Dark Neon' website have just put online Part One of Mark Manning (Zodiac Mindwarp)'s classic comic-strip story about Toyah taken from 'Flexipop!' magazine in the early '80s. Part Two will go online soon.

Another classic cartoon history from Flexipop! magazine: In part one: Toyah trains her dog, meets interesting new friends with powerful motorbikes and discovers that she has occult powers which cause items of underwear to move of their own accord...

[ Click on the picture to visit 'Dark Neon' - Thanks to Huw Collingbourne ]

 Fri 23rd June, 2006: It Shouldn't Happen To A Pop Star
It Shouldn't Happen To A Pop Star, originally aired last year on ITV1, is repeated this Saturday night on the same channel.

Toyah makes a few appearances on the 60 minute programme.

[ It Shouldn't Happen To A Pop Star ]

"It's like you've won the lottery, you've been given the gift of eternal life., The feeling is extraordinary!" Toyah said of being a pop star. 

She also said: "To be a pop star, I think you've got to have the biggest ego on the face of the planet. When I was starting out in the business I would have sold my granny to get where I wanted to be!". 

On fans: "Having fans is a currency. It's so powerful. They fight for you when the press dares to diss you. They fight for you whatever the show is like. They are so pro-you it is unbelievable." 

And ultimately: "It opens every door that you need to open!" 

A tiny clip of the 'Rebel Run' video was also shown. 

It Shouldn't Happen To A Pop Star : ITV1 - Saturday 24th June : 10.15pm
Rory McGrath presents a selection of mishaps from exploding drum kits and fans who attack to spectacular stunts and monstrous egos unleashed, all of which have afflicted pop singers past and present.

[ Thanks to Andi & PJ ]

 Fri 23rd June, 2006: 'DVD Reviewer' - Fight! Fight! Fight!
Universal Pictures Home Entertainment set the Mods against the Rockers again with the release of the Quadrophenia Special Edition on 7th August for an RRP of £17.99. 

August: the time for summer holidays, Bank holidays and, back in the 1960s, if you were a mod or rocker, a time to head to seaside resorts for an almighty punch-up. 

Quadrophenia, based on The Who’s seminal rock opera from the early 1970s presaged the mod revival of late 70s Britain. It introduced a new wave of Brit actors, including Phil Daniels, to audiences and has proved to be an inspiration to scores of bands, film-makers and British youth ever since. It is safe to say that, without Quadrophenia, there would have been no Britpop… This truly is a landmark British film. 

It’s 1964 London and two youth cults emerge – the mods and the rockers – with explosive consequences. For Jimmy (Phil Daniels) and his sharp-suited, pill popping, scooter riding mates, being a mod is a way of life. Together they head off to Brighton for an orgy of drugs, thrills and headline-making violent clashes with the rockers.

Directed by Franc Roddam in his first feature length outing, the film also stars Toyah Willcox, Mark Wingett, John Altman, Leslie Ash, Ray Winstone and Sting.

This Special Edition two-disc DVD, includes: * Digitally remastered widescreen picture * Brand new stereo audio track * A Way Of Life : Making Quadrophenia – A restrospective documentary looking back 25 years to the making of one of the most significant ‘youth’ films to emerge in the UK * On Location With Franc – Franc Roddam revisits several locations used in the film * Audio Commentary – With director Franc Roddam and actors Phil Daniels and Leslie Ash.

[ Source: www.dvd.reviewer.co.uk - 20th June 2006 ]

 Wed 21st June, 2006: 'Quadrophenia' - Two Disc DVD
[ Quadrophenia DVD 2006 ]The cover for the soon to be released Special Edition Two-Disc Quadrophenia DVD.

Special features on this release include:

• Audio commentary from director Franc Roddam with cast members Phil Daniels and Leslie Ash.
• 'A Way of Life: Making Quadrophenia' a restrospective documentary looking back 25 years to the making of one of the most significant `youth¿ films to emerge in the UK.
• 'On Location with Franc' - Franc Roddam revisits several locations used in the film.

"Quadrophenia tells a universal story. 'Mod' is a shorter word for 'young, beautiful and stupid' - We've all been there", Pete Townsend, The Who

Due for release on 7th August 2006.

[ Apologies for the poor quality of the cover ]

 Wed 21st June, 2006: Dreamscape Gallery
• Stay tuned for yet more pictorial Toyah madness... This weekend will see another major update to the Dreamscape Gallery... with some interesting & rare photos.

[ Dreamscape Gallery ]

 Wed 21st June, 2006: Toyah on TV
• This was only reshown on UKTV G2 a couple of months ago but, Never Mind The Buzzcocks, originally from October 2004, is being repeated again early next month.

[ Never Mind The Buzzcocks ]

Never Mind The Buzzcocks : UKTV G2 - Tuesday 4th July : 11.20pm 
Never Mind The Buzzcocks : UKTV G2 Plus 1 - Wednesday 5th July : 00.20am
Comedy pop quiz hosted by Mark Lamarr, with team captains Phill Jupitus and Bill Bailey. Guests include Steps survivor Lisa Scott Lee, 80's survivor Toyah Willcox and rockers Larry Hibbitt from 100 Reasons and Nick Atkinson from Rooster.

 Mon 19th June, 2006: Site News: Gallery & Library updated
• New Additions to the website today - Almost 100 new pictures. The Gallery now has well over 300 photos. Also added 40+ items to the Library (mainly Reviews)

[ Dreamscape Gallery ]

I still have many other pictures to add to the Gallery and more Interviews/Articles for the Library. These will be added over the coming weeks and months.

 Mon 19th June, 2006: 'Barnet Online' - Sound of the Suburbs
[ Barnet Online - Sound of the Suburbs ]As previously mentioned on Dreamscape, Toyah is included in the Church Farmhouse Museum's 'Sound of the Suburbs' exhibition:

'Sound of the Suburbs': From 29 April to 10 September 2006

Popular music is arguably the most important art form of the last 50 years. Since rock and roll erupted in the early 1950s, helping to create a new phenomenon - teenage culture, pop has defined the following decades. 

From skiffle to ska, blues to bhangra, heavy metal to hip-hop, pop music in all its many varieties has been the main means by which contending youth subcultures have identified themselves, but its significance is much greater than that. 

Pop music has influenced everything from the clothes we wear to the way we speak. For those born after the Second World War, popular music has been the soundtrack to their lives.

Church Farmhouse Museum in Hendon was featured on Thursday's BBC London News programme, broadcast on BBC1 at 6.30pm, 11 May.  There was also a radio interview the same morning with Jono Coleman and Joanne Good on BBC Radio London.

Museum curator Gerrard Roots was interviewed by Gary Crowley during the opening week of the Sound of the Suburbs exhibition. The museum is displaying a host of musical memorabilia with local connections, including two rare Fender guitars, clothes worn by Marc Bolan and The Kinks, and lots more.

[ Source: Barnet Online ]

 Sat 17th June, 2006: 'Peter Pan' - Artwork revealed
[ Peter Pan ]The cover of the new Peter Pan double CD, released on BBC Childrens' Classics, Monday 7th August 2006:

When Peter Pan flies into the night nursery of Wendy, John and Michael Darling, he takes them on the journey - and the adventure - of a lifetime. Mermaids, wolves and Indians weave their spell in the magical Never Never Land - where also lurks the wicked Captain Hook...Toyah Willcox stars as Peter Pan, with Ron Moody as Captain Hook, Roy Hudd as Smee and June Whitfield as Mrs Darling in this spectacular BBC Radio 4 dramatisation, recorded in Dolby Surround Sound with stunning sound effects and specially composed music. 

 Sat 17th June, 2006: 'Daily Mail' - Has Jonathan become Wossy the wespectable?
Toyah is namechecked in a large article on Jonathan Ross, in yesterday's 'Daily Mail':

Has Jonathan become Wossy the wespectable?
All this seems most unlike Ross, who one thinks of as fearlessly irreverent. Can this pillar of North London respectability really be the man who was so harsh about Toyah Willcox’s physical appearance on I’m A Celebrity . . . that he drove her (she says) to a facelift? 

To read the full article click on the link below.

[ Source: Daily Mail - Friday 16th June 2006 ]

 Sat 17th June, 2006: Toyah newsy bits & pieces
[ St Paul's Cathedral, London ]• Toyah was, once again, in attendance at another of Robert Fripp's Soundscapes/Sacred Spaces/ Churchscapes. This time at St Paul's Cathedral in London, on Tuesday 13th June 2006.

• Please return to Dreamscape over the next few days. I'll be adding dozens of great new (to the website, at least) Toyah pictures to the Gallery. Including some excellent, rare, live shots of Toyah. Have to say a huge thanks to Paul Lomas and Shaun from Newcastle for many of these pictures.

• Toyah will be devising the lunchtime menu for a London restaurant this month. The results should be shown on a future edition of the BBC's Masterchef.

• Don't forget that Toyah plays at the Warners 'We Do Weekends' this coming Friday, at Littlecote in Berkshire. She will be backed by the 'Here and Now' band and is scheduled to play a 40-minute set. If any Dreamscape visitors are going to this - have a great time - and please take a photo or two ;o)

 Fri 16th June, 2006: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
[ The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes ]Toyah features on the BBC Radio Collection's The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, available on double CD or double cassette.

In the fifty-six short stories and four novels Arthur Conan Doyle wrote about his great detective, there are many passing references to successful cases that are never actually written about. These four stories, written by the main dramatist on the complete BBC Radio 4 Sherlock Holmes canon, imaginatively flesh out the cases behind those references to wonderful effect. As in the complete dramatised canon, Clive Merrison plays the great sleuth with the role of Doctor Watson played by Andrew Sachs. Supporting cast includes Tom Baker, Eleanor Bron, Jane Asher, Tim West, and Toyah Willcox.

 Thu 15th June, 2006: 'The Hitmakers Tour - Official website
• Click on the screen shot below to visit the Official 'Hitmakers Tour' website:

[ www.hitmakerstour.com ]

 Thu 15th June, 2006: Site News: Gallery - Live in 1982
• The Dreamscape Gallery has been updated with 18 live pics from 1982. These are from both tours: 'The Changeling', also unofficially known as the 'Warrior Rock', Tour from June/July, and the 'Mini' Tour from December. If anyone, who isn't going slightly senile like myself, can differentiate these please let me know and I'll seperate them.

[ Thanks to Andi, Paul & Shaun ]

 Wed 14th June, 2006: Toyah on TV
The Most Fertile Man In Ireland : Sky Movies 3 - Wed 21st June : 03.25am
Bedded by his town's good-time girl, Eamonn quickly acquires a reputation as a man who can make babies. While both sides of Belfast struggle with their sperm-counts, the lucky man becomes the hot property of both Catholics and Protestants. Crown jewel comedy. Director: Dudi Appleton. Starring: Kris Marshall, Kathy Kiera Clarke, Bronagh Gallagher, James Nesbitt, Kenneth Cranham, Toyah Willcox and Olivia Nash.
 Mon 12th June, 2006: 'Site News': Downloads & Gallery
• More additions to the site today... DOWNLOADS: Toyah's great 1991 interview with Radio Mercury, talking about 'Ophelia's Shadow' and much more. This runs for over 30 minutes so the file size is quite high. More pictures have also been added to the GALLERY: High quality 'Rebel Run' Tour pics, plus new 1985 and 1996 pages.

[ Toyah, interviewed on Radio Mercury: 2nd Aug 1991 ]

NB: Thanks to Andi Westhorpe, the PopRock 'Neon Womb' clip can now be downloaded directly from SaveFile. Go to the Downloads section and click on the pic.

 Mon 12th June, 2006: 'In Your Dreams' - More screen caps
• Further screen caps from Monday's In Your Dreams

[ Scroll down to earlier News updates for more caps from this ]

 Mon 12th June, 2006: 'In Your Dreams' - Full transcript
Over four decades Toyah Willcox has had an extensively diverse career, and has managed to find success in the fields of music, acting and as a television presenter. She's re-invented herself many times and is known for her rebellious spirit.

[ In Your Dreams ]Toyah: "My dreams, the texture of my dreams has changed considerably over the years, and the only thing that gets me to sleep, because I'm quite phobic about sleeping, I really resent giving up that time in the day, is the thought that I might dream.

When I was a child my dreams were vivid to the pint of terrifying. And very tangible and very solid. Bit now, as a 48 year-old woman, my dreams are quite flimsy... they're like chiffon in the wind... having less and less meaning. But when I was a child they were life changing dreams!

When I was very, very young one of the dreams upset my mother so much she asked me never to talk about it again. It was a concentration camp dream. I was being lined up in front of two dome, church arched-shaped green garage doors. And we were being sent in one-by-one, stripped off and dismembered. I had that dream when I was about four, possibly younger. When I told my mother, she was visibly shaken, absolutely terrified. I had no concept of war. No concept of history.

A recurring dream I had, about my mother, which still resonates today... I was on a cliff, like Dover, the White Cliffs of Dover, and I'm standing on the very top of the cliff, in a storm. The wind is whipping my face, and my mother is in a Rolls Royce on the beach below. The sea is approaching the car, and I know she's waiting for me, either to see me, or to pick me up, or to get a sign from me. And I'm shouting from the top of the cliff, screaming to her to get out the car, but she can't hear me and she can't see me. But I can see her and the loss of communication between us is tragic, it's really tragic.

I was having a very bad time at school. School didn't suit me because I had dyslexia and dysplasia, so, basically, attention deficit in a way. I think the whole problem with schooling and my education meant that my mother and I divided very, very quickly. I couldn't get her to see how awful the education system was for me in particular. And, I think, it was just a dividing of values. She said it was like living with a stranger, living with me. I was never a daughter to her, I was always a stranger!

[ In Your Dreams ]But then I went through a pretty magnificent puberty when things got really, very, very strange. And I started to have telekinetic and ghost experiences. They were quite sexual, these experiences. The person was whispering sexual obscenities into my ear. But then physical things started to happen in the house that proved the telekenesis was happening. Water would start running down the walls, wallpaper would start peeling off. Doors would start banging. My poor mum was so frightened by this, when nightime came she'd just lock herself in the bedroom. Quite a lot of bad, almost violent, things were going on and then suddenly... I started to dream about something new and it was a... silver man! A kind of other-worldy being!

He was magnificent. And I talk to him even today. As far as I'm concerned he's my Guardian Angel. It was the elongation of him. Absolutely beautiful. He had a phenomenal bone structure. Almost like a living skeleton, just with a very thin layer of flesh. Beautiful benign eyes. He was like a very wizened silver man. Long silver hair, and he seemed to always be shimmering in some cosmic breeze. He shimmered with movement. I remember his shoulder blades being quite prominent because he was incredibly thin and tall and elongated. He was about 15 foot tall and this, kind of, silken nature was blowing in this cosmic breeze.

He appeared at the end of the bed, and he walked round to the side of the bed. He took my hand and I rose up into the air and I remember the first time this happened I actually turned in the air, when I reached the ceiling, and saw myself in bed. He took me by the hand and said: 'I want to show you your relationship with time. I just want to show you a soul', and he called them 'colour beings'. And we shot into this awesome cloud of colour, and in the clouds there were these balls of colour, like gas, but they were quite solid, they never dispersed into smoke. There was a whole city of them, in bright, vivid, colours I'd never seen in my life. And as these bubbles passed through each other they made noise, they made music. The notation changed.

We were in this vast city of these bubbles, and it was like a choir. They were all passing and permeating through each other. He said: 'These are souls They're pure colour, they're pure sound'.

That was the very first dream I had (of the silver man). He said: 'I want you to know that time bends. Time moves. Time isn't literal'. After these incredibly violent experiences I'd been having from about 13, and I think I was about 14 when I dreamt him, it was... WOW!... WOW! Well that was, not only, really nice, it was actually really quite spiritual.

[ In Your Dreams ]I've probably only dreamt about him three or four times but every time was absolutely spectacular. Took away my fear of the inevitable, my fear of death. Because of this whole concept of time explained what everything was.

To put it in the most basic terms... We are made of stardust, every atom of us has come from the stars. I think that was what he was telling me. It gives me incredible bravado, when someone's telling me: 'Well, you've got to fill in this form, you've got to pay that tax..', my whole feeling is it's irrelevant, it's all completely irrelevant.

I know exactly when I'll see him (silver man) again. When I die. He'll be at the foot of the bed. It's one of those things I just know.

I would prefer my dreams to be as visual as possible. When I was much younger I would write lyrics about my dreams, because they were so bizarre. I would wake up and have to write that down because that really does not relate to me in any way. I'd dream bizarre landscapes, bizarre situations...

I feel quite ashamed to say it but most of my dreams are sexual these days. I wake up having slept with people I've only met once. I wake up and I think: 'God, I could never tell them I dreamt about them in that way!' They're pleasurable, they're not rape or abuse scenarios. They're generally, good fun, mingling scenarios..."

[ Source: In Your Dreams - Ch4 - Monday 5th June 2006 ]

 Fri 9th June, 2006: Official Toyah website updated
[ The Official Toyah Willcox website ]The Official Toyah website has been updated, with Toyah's Webletter for June.

The Official e-news was also sent out yesterday, with brief updates on forthcoming Toyah back catalogue CD reissues and the 'Hitmakers' 2006 UK tour.

Leap on over to www.toyahwillcox.com to read up on the Rocky Horror Tribute Show, Toyah's new company, Jennifer Saunders, Toyah's take on the 'Bury St Edmunds Festival' fiasco, Toyah's hilarious thoughts on her family, and much more.

[ Source: www.toyahwillcox.com - 8th June 2006 ]

 Fri 9th June, 2006: 'In Your Dreams' - More screen caps
• A few more screen caps from Monday's In Your Dreams. Toyah sketches the "silver man" who took her into the sky in her childhood dreams.

[ In Your Dreams - Mon 6th June 2006 ]

Check back over the weekend for the In Your Dreams transcript and even more screen caps from the programme.

 Fri 9th June, 2006: I'm so out of touch...
• Apologies that I haven't managed to get the PopRock 'Neon Womb' clip available for download yet. Hopefully it will be soon... [NB. Now available - click to download]

 Thu 8th June, 2006: Robert Fripp's 'Sacred Spaces'
Robert Fripp played another in his 'Sacred Space' season earlier this week, at Worcester Cathedral, with Toyah (and her dad) in attendance.

This took place on Monday 5th June at around 1pm in the afternoon and lasted for approximately 40 minutes.

Robert played on his own with just a guitar and a array of comp gear (overdubbing looping, etc). The sound was fantastic and he thanked Toyah and her dad for their support.

He also appeared at Sutton Church, Cambridge on Saturday 3rd June and Exeter Cathedral, Chapter House on Tuesday 6th June. 

Other dates in the 'Sacred Space' season are:

St. Paul’s Cathedral, London – Tuesday 13th June, 1.15 p.m. 
Salisbury Cathedral - Wednesday 14th June at 1:05pm
Norwich Cathedral, Presbytery - Friday 16th June at 1:30pm

[ Thanks to John Sanders ]

 Tue 6th June, 2006: Toyah's 'In Your Dreams' on Ch4
• A selection of screen captures from yesterday's In Your Dreams.

[ In Your Dreams - Ch4 - Monday 5th June 2006 ]

Please check back soon for a full transcript & further screen caps.

 Tue 6th June, 2006: 'Sunday Times' - More name check
[ Sunday Times - 4th June 2006 ]Following on from Sunday's news story about 'The Sunday Times' names article... here's the actual scan from the print edition.

Toyah Willcox: The former high priestess of punk sinks to Wayne Rooney's level

This story has been covered all over the place, with 'BBC News': What's in a name?, 'The Sun': Wayne is the chavviest name, 'Megastar': The name game, and 'Anorak.co.uk':The name game, all giving it space.

Please click on the picture to zoom.

[ Thanks to Minna Kelland ]

 Sun 4th June, 2006: Site News: Gallery: 46 pictures added
• A further 46 photos have just been added to the Gallery, mainly to the sections covering 1979 to 1983 but there are a few newbies in 2005 too. These include additions to the 'Nashville '79 pics, more from the 'Ieya' Tour 1980, some great 1981crazy colour shots, and some stunning photos of Toyah from 1982. Plus a few more added to 1983 and 2005 too. Click below to go there and have a look:

[ Dreamscape Gallery ]

There are now, almost, 200 pictures in the Gallery. I still have a lot to add. If you have anything rare... interesting... candid... whatever... you would like included, please email me and I'll do my best to add them: david@toyah.net

[ Thanks to Andi, Sean, Paul, Minna, & Ghost ]

 Sun 4th June, 2006: Site News: Downloads: Four From 1980
• It's back to the heady days of 1980 - with four great Downloads from that year as new additions to Dreamscape. Click below to go there and have a listen/look:

[ Dreamscape Downloads ]

These are 'Indecision' from The Old Grey Whistle Test, 'Neon Womb' from the German TV show PopRock, 'Blue Meanings' from Granada Reports, and finally the classic 'Ieya', from a Dutch music show (I think it was called Countdown). Please note that the 'Blue Meanings' and 'Ieya' clips start off a bit jumpy, but they are still amazing nontheless! Enjoy the trip back in time...

[ Thanks to Andi Westhorpe ]

 Sun 4th June, 2006: 'The Times' - Name check reveals a new pecking order
Is Toyah a "passing fashion" name? That's the thinking in an article on names in today's 'Sunday Times':

The league of first names, perhaps because parents have latitude to choose them for aspirational purposes, signal status more obviously. Names such as Camilla and Rupert retain their upper-class profiles, while those linked to passing fashion, such as Charlene, Toyah and Wayne, are nearer the bottom.

[ Source: The Sunday Times - 4th June 2006 ]

 Sun 4th June, 2006: Toyah on TV
The Most Fertile Man In Ireland : Sky Travel - Tue 6th June : 11.00pm
The Most Fertile Man In Ireland : Sky Travel Plus 1 - Wed 7th June : 00.00am
The Most Fertile Man In Ireland : Sky Travel - Sat 10th June : 00.00am
The Most Fertile Man In Ireland : Sky Travel Plus 1 - Sat 10th June : 01.00am
The Most Fertile Man In Ireland : Sky Travel Extra - Sat 10th June : 9.00pm
The Most Fertile Man In Ireland : Sky Movies 3 - Fri 16th June : 00.30am
Bedded by his town's good-time girl, Eamonn quickly acquires a reputation as a man who can make babies. While both sides of Belfast struggle with their sperm-counts, the lucky man becomes the hot property of both Catholics and Protestants. Crown jewel comedy. Director: Dudi Appleton. Starring: Kris Marshall, Kathy Kiera Clarke, Bronagh Gallagher, James Nesbitt, Kenneth Cranham, Toyah Willcox and Olivia Nash.
 Sat 3rd June, 2006: 'In Your Dreams' - Ch4
Toyah guests on a ten-minute special, In Your Dreams, on Channel 4, Monday afternoon, 5th June. The first in a new series:

In Your Dreams : Monday 5th June - Ch4 : 1.00pm
Our dreams are the most revealing part of ourselves. Every night we are transported to a world where anything and everything is possible, where our true selves are laid bare, raw and uncensored. In Your Dreams sees acclaimed dream analyst and psychotherapist Brenda Mallon in conversation with personalities discussing their dream life. Toyah Willcox has had an eclectic career spanning four decades and is renowned for her rebellious spirit. She's always had an extremely dramatic dream life and, in this episode, discovers one particular dream that has significantly altered the course of her life. 

 Sat 3rd June, 2006: Rare 'Changeling Tour' photographs
• Race on over to the ADP Photographs website for a page of rare 'Changeling Tour' photographs, taken at Coventry Theatre in June 1982.

[ Changeling Tour - Coventry Theatre, 28th June 1982 - by ADP Photographs ]

[ Click on the pictures above to go to the ADP Photographs website ]

 Sat 3rd June, 2006: Win a Weekend with Toyah (sort of)
Warner Breaks are running a competition to win a weekend at Littlecote House:

We are giving away a 3-night weekend Premier Star break at Littlecote House in Berkshire.

Question: What date is Toyah Willcox appearing at Littlecote House? 

[ Go to www.warnerbreaks.co.uk to enter the competition ]

 Sat 3rd June, 2006: The Guide Book for King Crimson 2006
[ The Guide Book for King Crimson 2006 ]A new book, 'The UK Guide for King Crimson - Vinyl' 2006, has just gone on sale. 

Although it's a UK guide it is actually from Japan, with a publication date: 1st June 2006.

The book, lavishly illustrated in full colour, has 138 pages and contains information on all of King Crimson's UK releases and those related to Robert Fripp.

This includes:

Toyah & Fripp / The Lady Or The Tiger (EDITIONS EG/EGED44)
Sunday All Over The World / Kneeling At The Shrine (E'G EEG 2101 1) 

 Sat 3rd June, 2006: 'psmagazine.com' - Ian Lowman interview
Tania Ahsan recently interviewed Ian Lowman at 'psmagazine.com'. He mentioned Toyah, who he worked with on last year's I'm Famous & Frightened.

Ian Lawman is well known as one of the worlds leading Exorcists. After Being asked to work on shows such as Most Haunted, Ian successfully helped trapped Spirits move into the light, and in some cases he was required to do a full Exorcism, and as this was televised, this became the first ever Exorcism shown on UK TV.

Tania: You've just finished 'I'm Famous and Frightened Live'. Who was the most psychic celebrity in your opinion?

It's quite a close call. Ruth Maddox and Toyah Willcox really impressed me. Very, very spiritual people with deep religious beliefs which I admired. I would like to work with those two again. Jono was the person I thought would give me most stick but once again Jono has totally shocked me with how spiritual he came across and how nice he was, a really nice guy. It was crazy because you meet someone for the first time and with him I felt like I'd known him for years, he felt like a mate. 

[ Source: www.psychicsahar.com - 18th May 2006 ]

 Fri 2nd June, 2006: 'Cherry Red' Latest Charts
[ Cherry Red - Top 51 ]The latest 'Cherry Red' charts, including their Top 51, for January to March 2006 have just been added to their website.

Toyah, although not figuring as significantly as in the previous chart (October to December 2005) she is still included, in the DVD chart, moving from 02 to 15. Great news for a DVD that was released over six months ago:

Cherry Red DVD Chart - Jan - Mar 2005
15 02 Toyah / Wild Essence: Live In The 21st Century

 Thu 1st June, 2006: 'Bury Free Press' - Explosive end to festival
Another article on the end of the Bury St Edmunds Festival. To read the full article please click on the link below.

Two weeks of world-class music, comedy and drama went out with a bang as the 21st Bury St Edmunds Festival took its final bow on Sunday.

A spectacular fireworks display thrilled party-goers at the Festival finale, A Salute to the Rat Pack, in the Abbey Gardens on Sunday night.

Festival administrator Michelle Hurcomb said: "The Festival was a real cracker this year.

"We had more sell-out shows than ever before and the finale was just fantastic."

But celebrations were marred as big draw Toyah Willcox's Abbey Gardens show on Saturday evening was cancelled due to bad weather.

Despite efforts to contact ticket-holders, many fans were left disappointed.

Miss Hurcomb added: "It had been raining all day and the gardens were so boggy it would have been impossible to have people walking in it.

"We had to apologise to everyone who had a wasted journey, but the atmosphere at the Sunday night finale was still great."

[ News Source: www.burystedmundstoday.co.uk - 31st May 2006 ]

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