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[ Toyah in 'Patches' magazine, 1983 - Click to zoom ]

"Being 18 was the most exciting time of my life. That was the year for firsts - first band, first TV appearance, first film 'Jubilee." Snap Mag, 1981

[ Patches - April 1983 - Click to zoom ]

Here and now access this soul, heal my heart and make me whole, I'm a devotee of your duress, give me the word and I'll strip this flesh.
Little Tears of Love:2002

[ Three Piece Suite: This Situation, April 1977 - Thanks to Andi ]


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 JULY 2006 NEWS: ............................ ................ ................
 Mon 31st July, 2006: Dreamscape 1982 Gallery
• Coming Soon: The expanded 1982 Dreamscape Gallery:

[ Dreamscape 1982 Gallery ]

 Mon 31st July, 2006: 'BBC Radio 4' - Portrait
[ National Portrait Gallery - 150 ]To mark the 150th anniversary of the National Portrait Gallery, a selection of guests choose a portrait from the Gallery which they like, or find intriguing, amusing or annoying. 

Malcolm McLaren discusses Warhol's silk screen portrait of HM The Queen and Toyah Willcox talks about Dora Carrington's famous portrait of the man who obsessed her – darling of the Bloomsbury crowd, Lytton Strachey. Jeremy Paxman chooses a portrait of the feckless King George IV and Professor David Cannadine selects Singer Sargent's portrait of Tory Prime Minister Arthur Balfour. 

The programmes are introduced by the Director of the National Portrait Gallery, Sandy Nairne, with contributions from the Gallery's best and most lively curators.

Portrait : BBC Radio 4 - Monday 14th to Friday 18th August : 3.45-4.00pm

 Mon 31st July, 2006: 'The Hundred and One Dalmations': Reviews Gate review
[ The Hundred and One Dalmations ]The 'Reviews Gate' website have reviewed The Hundred and One Dalmations:

Ditching all things Disney, this comic and touching story of the triumph of courage and love is ideal for all ages.

Glyn Robbins’s adaptation of the well-loved story ditches all things Disney and brings the original children’s classic honestly to the stage. Helped by Toyah Willcox, as Cruella de Vil (who else?), Director David Longford and the Royal Company make it into excellent entertainment.

Those unfamiliar with the book might miss some satirical humour. But, given a character who was expelled from school for drinking ink and who likes eating purple meat, it’s designed to appeal to the child’s anarchic imagination.

Characters are cheerfully caricatured. Willcox’s Cruella has great rapport with her audience, who, on the first night, managed to give as good as they got. It’s like panto in July as well when Saul and Jasper Baddun (Graham Watts and Jason Wrightam, the latter in a shrunk-in-the-wash teddy-boy suit) are let loose among the audience

To read the full review please click on the link below or the Dalmations pic.

[ News Source: www.reviewsgate.com - Wednesday 26th July 2006 ]

 Mon 31st July, 2006: 'The Hundred and One Dalmations': Newsy bits
[ Toyah - 29th July 2006 ]• Toyah, pictured on Saturday night, after the final performance of The Hundred and One Dalmations, in which she, of course, played Cruella De Vil to great reviews.

The picture was taken by Ray Sears. Please click to zoom. [ Thanks to Ray ]

• Claire and Kacey's The Hundred and One Dalmations Dog Blog is due to be updated soon with post-rehearsal news and info. Check it out for their thoughts on the week-long run.

Dog Blog: www.royalcentre-nottingham.co.uk/dogblog

 Mon 31st July, 2006: 'BBC Press Office' - BBC ONE Autumn 2006
Celebrity Masterchef 

John Torode and Gregg Wallace are back and this time they're not looking for the next star restaurant chef – they're finding out which celebrities can really cook. 

The 24 competitors are athletes, singers, actors, models and presenters but they believe they also have the skill, knowledge and tenacity to get through the MasterChef challenges. 

Only four celebrities will survive the heats and go on to face a gruelling final week that will see them cater for one of Britain's most outstanding cooking dynasties, face the toughest food critics and attempt to convince the judges that their food is good enough to make them worthy of the title of Celebrity MasterChef 2006.

[ News Source: www.bbc.co.uk/pressoffice - July 2006 ]

 Sun 30th July, 2006: Goodbye... 'Top Of The Pops'
Top Of The Pops, a true British institution, after 42 years and 2,203 shows, finishes tonight. The last-ever Top Of The Pops will be broadcast on BBC2 from 7pm

[ Goodbye 'Top Of The Pops' ]

Toyah on Top Of The Pops, performing 'It's A Mystery' (three times), 'I Want To Be Free', 'Thunder In The Mountains', 'Good Morning Universe' and 'Be Proud Be Loud (Be Heard)'

 Sun 30th July, 2006: 'The Hundred and One Dalmations': Show over
The Hundred and One Dalmations, starring Toyah as Cruella De Vil, has now completed its limited, one week, run at the Theatre Royal in Nottingham. 

The show was a big success with almost all of the performances SOLD OUT throughout the week.

 Sun 30th July, 2006: 'The Hundred and One Dalmations': Leftlion review
[ Leftlion - 101 Dalmations review ]The Nottingham based website 'Leftlion' have reviewed this week's production of The Hundred and One Dalmations:

Dom Henry went to see The Hundred and One Dalmations at Nottingham's Theatre Royal:

If you haven’t already noticed, by the hordes of ice cream lapping children and flustered parents in the streets, the school summer holidays are in full swing. What better way to entertain the bored under tens than to drag them off their 18 rated playstation games and take them to experience the sights and sounds of the theatre and the promise of an interval ice cream. Fortunately for parents running out of ideas for activities this is exactly what the Royal Centre have done, with the Royal Company, the Royal Centre’s community theatre initiative, putting on an adaptation of the classic story of dog napping.

Pongo and Mrs Pongo are two pedigree Dalmatians living in palatial comfort on the edge of Regent’s Park in London with their dipsy owners whom they view affectionately view as pets. The arrival of fifteen lively Dalmatian puppies brings even more fun and happiness into their comfortable domestic world. Their family joy is short lived however when to their horror the puppies are dog napped by the infamous Cruella de Vil, a pampered heiress intent upon creating for herself an exclusive Dalmatian fur coat. Enlisting support from other dogs via the Twilight Barking, Pongo and Missis set off on a thrilling quest to rescue their pups.

This is essentially an amateur show with a professional twist, they haven’t got a huge budget to work with but what they do have is enthusiasm and Toyah Willcox in a black and white wig, Toyah is a feisty actress, always one for the spotlight, we generally know her for her 80s pop career, for which she’s having a nostalgic comeback at present, but she also boasts a varied acting career on TV and stage including the lead of Calamity Jane in the west end. Toyah does a respectable turn as Cruella de Ville, the domineering fur obsessed heiress, capturing some of the poised cool of the original character with the crazed mannerisms of the disney villain. Interestingly this adaptation, which is based on the book, features characters missed out from the Disney feature including Cruella’s husband and pet Cat.

To read the full review please click on the screenshot

[ News Source: www.leftlion.co.uk - Saturday 29th July 2006 ]

 Sun 30th July, 2006: 'The Mirror' - Celebs Battle in Kitchen
As Toyah mentioned recently in her online Webletter, she will be taking part in Celebrity Masterchef soon, as reported in yesterday's 'The Mirror':

Celebs Battle in Kitchen
The BBC has signed up 24 stars to take part in the first-ever Celebrity Masterchef.

And already the contestants are feeling the heat.

Singer Paul Young was close to tears as he filmed the first round, saying it would "just mean so much" for him to get through to the next stage.

The celebs also include sportsmen Graeme le Saux, Roger Black and Matt Dawson, former makeover presenters Charlie Dimmock and Linda Barker and socialite Lady Isabella Hervey.

Also in are singers Tony Hadley, Sheila Ferguson, David Grant and Toyah, comics Roland Rivron, Arabella Weir and Helen Lederer and wine expert Jilly Goolden.

The show will be screened every night for three weeks, starting in September.

[ News Source: The Mirror - Saturday 29th July 2006 ]

 Fri 28th July, 2006: 'The Hundred and One Dalmations': Toyah/Cruella pics
• Toyah, onstage as Cruella De Vil in The Hundred and One Dalmations, yesterday at the Theatre Royal in Nottingham. Thanks to Paul Stephens (pictured below, with his son, outside the theatre) for the first three photographs, taken at yesterday's matinee. and thanks to Richard Smith for the fourth, taken at last night's performance.

[ Toyah - 26th July 2006 ]

[ Please click on the pics to view larger versions in the Gallery - Thanks again to Paul and Richard ]

 Fri 28th July, 2006: 'Dark Neon' - Toyah Thtory - Part Two
[ The Toyah Thtory - Part Two ]In their ongoing efforts to resurrect pop trivia languishing in the crumpled magazines in their attic,the 'Dark Neon' website have recently made available Part Two of Mark Manning (Zodiac Mindwarp)'s classic comic-strip story about Toyah taken from 'Flexipop!' magazine in the early '80s. 

Part One is also online at 'Dark Neon'

Another classic cartoon history from Flexipop! magazine: In part two: Toyah gets the chance to appear in her first film, tells lots of porky pies to horrible hacks, sleeps in a coffin, and then becomes a big superstar, with big hair and big make-up... Bravo!

[ Click on the picture to visit 'Dark Neon' - Thanks to Huw Collingbourne ]

 Fri 28th July, 2006: 'The Hundred and One Dalamtions': Dog Blog 2
[ The Hundred and One Dalmations - Dog Blog ]Toyah's presence has well and cruelly (geddit?) arrived at Claire and Kacey's The Hundred and One Dalmations Dog Blog:

So tonight was the big night… meeting the star of the show.

Toyah was lovely from the word GO. She tried to meet everyone and asked our names. I expected her to somehow look different from the rest of us but she is remarkably normal and human!... Toyah is a stunning actress who lights up the room with her energy. Her improvisation is marvellous and she added the odd bit here and there which helped the scenes to sparkle. I can clearly see how she won the label of ‘professional’ actress... 

[ Source: www.royalcentre-nottingham.co.uk ]

 Fri 28th July, 2006: 'Tales Of the Unexpected' - Returns!
[ Tales of The Unexpected ]The entire first series of Tales Of The Unexpected has been showing on ITV3 throughout July.

There's the possibilty that further series will follow. Toyah, of course, appeared in an episode 'Blue Marigold' way back in 1981.

[ Source: www.itv.com - July 2006 ]

 Fri 28th July, 2006: 'Writers' Forum' - Toyah pic
[ Toyah, in Writers' Forum - July 2006 ]As previously mentioned, Toyah is included in the July issue of 'Writers' Forum' magazine.

Only twelve new clients taken on each year

Futerman, Rose and Associates was established in 1984 and now has a list of diverse clients such as Toyah Willcox, Kim Wilde, Ciaran O'Keefe, Iain Duncan Smith and Peter Sallis.

[ Thanks to Katy McAleese for the pic ]

 Fri 28th July, 2006: Toyah on TV
Ever Wondered? : BBC2 - Sunday 6th August : 5.30am
Toyah Willcox finds out what reading horoscopes says about human behaviour. And Katharine Merry explores the world of astronomy.
 Sun 23rd July, 2006: 'The Hundred and One Dalmations': BBC Nottingham
[ BBC Nottingham ]'BBC Nottingham' are running a new Toyah interview in anticipation of her stint as Cruella De Vil at the city's Theatre Royal next week in The Hundred and One Dalmations.

As well as a text feature, there is a three-part audio interview (requires Real Player to listen):

Toyah's role as canine villain:

Toyah Willcox is in Nottingham for a production of 'The 101 Dalmatians' at the Theatre Royal. She's also been singing Nottingham's praises. 

"I've worked in Nottingham many times. It's fabulous."

Toyah Willcox will appear as the evil Cruella de Vil in The Royal Company's production of The 101 Dalmations.

The play opens on Tuesday 25th July, but Toyah is in Nottingham at present preparing herself for the role. She's a big fan of the city and can't believe the bad publicity it's had in the past.

"I've worked in Nottingham many times. It's fabulous. It's never been better than it is today. It has the most gorgeous community. This is one of the most gorgeous places I've been to in England."

The Royal Company is a community theatre group and it's members have daytime jobs. However, despite their amateur status, Toyah is pleased with the show and its moral standpoint.

"They're certainly talented... I'm so impressed. This is a really great family show with a really great message in it, that is animals have feelings and emotions too."

Toyah will be playing one of the most spiteful creations in literature and film, so how does she feel playing Cruella?

"From the point of view of a modern woman I don't like to see middle-aged women demonised like this. When you get to play them, the satisfaction levels go through the roof... evil is so easy to portray!"

The 101 Dalmatians is at the Theatre Royal from Tuesday 25th - Saturday 29th July 2006.

[ News Source: www.bbc.co.uk/nottingham - 20th July 2006 ]

 Sun 23rd July, 2006: 'Remember The Eighties' - Hitmakers: About The Artists
Check out the 'Hitmakers' micro-site over at www.remembertheeighties.com - Their "About The Artists" section features a new Toyah bio, which looks to be taken from the 'Hitmakers 2006' Tour Programme.

NB: Update: (28th July) Unfortunately this has had to be removed for now.

[ Source: www.remembertheeighties.com]

 Sat 22nd July, 2006: 'The Hitmakers Tour' - Remember The Eighties micro-site
• As mentioned earlier this week, 'Remember The Eighties' is the Official Support website for 'The Hitmakers Tour' 2006. They now have a micro 'Hitmakers' site online, complete with countdown to the tour. It also looks like they will be running a new Toyah interview soon.

[ RTE - Hitmakers micro site ]

[ News Source: www.remembertheeighties.com - 20th July 2006 ]

 Sat 22nd July, 2006: 'Mod Culture' - Win Quadrophenia DVDs
[ Mod Culture - Win Quadrophenia DVDs ]Win Quadrophenia - The Two Disc Special Edition DVD

Good news for all you Quadrophenia fans - the poor quality UK DVD release is finally being replaced by a special edition two-disc version, which gets an official release on 7th August 2006 - and we have three copies to give away.

There's no point going over the plot, you'll know it's Phil Daniels starring as Jimmy in the film version of The Who's classic album about the 60s Mod scene. Whether it's a good portrayal of the Mod scene past is open to question - but it's certainly one of Britain's finest youth movies.

This special edition two-disc DVD includes:
Digitally remastered widescreen picture 
Brand new stereo audio track 
A Way Of Life: Making Quadrophenia - A restrospective documentary looking back 25 years to the making of one of the movie 
On Location With Franc - Franc Roddam revisits several locations used in the film 
Audio Commentary - with director Franc Roddam and actors Phil Daniels and Leslie Ash 

Please click on the screenshot to visit 'Mod Culture and enter the competition.Closing date is 19th August 2006.

[ News Source: www.modculture.com - July 2006 ]

 Sat 22nd July, 2006: 'AV Play' - Mod Squad Return!
[ Quadrophenia @ AV Play ]Quadrophenia gets 2-disc Special Edition

Universal Home Video present Quadrophenia (2-Disc SE) on August 7th!

It's the Mods versus the Rockers in this striking adaptation of the Who's classic rock opera about alienated youth in the 1960s. The film follows Jimmy (Phil Daniels) an angry young man who feels that he can only achieve a sense of identity and meaning in life through his gang and rock and roll music. This edgy time capsule also features Sting (in his acting debut), Leslie Ash, and Ray Winstone. In addition to Who songs such as 'Love, Reign O'er Me', 'The Real Me', and 'My Generation', the soundtrack includes R&B classics by James Brown, Marvin Gaye, and others. 

Disc 1: Main Feature
1.85:1 Anamorphic Widescreen
English DD2.0 Surround
Subtitles: English SDH, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Bulgarian, Arabic, Croatian, Czech, Dutch, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian
Audio Commentary

Disc 2: Extra Features (1hr 14mins total)
A Way of Life: Making Quadrophenia
On Location with Franc

[ News Source: www.avplay.avforums.com - 19th July 2006 ]

 Sat 22nd July, 2006: 'Cinedelica Classics' - Quadrophenia Returns...
[ Cinedelica Classics ]Quadrophenia returns as special edition two disc DVD

Arguably the finest British youth movie of all time, Quadrophenia returns on August 7th 2006 as a special edition two disc DVD.

The Quadrophenia movie, based on The Who’s rock opera from the early 1970s, coincided with the Mod revival of late 70s Britain and has been inspiration to evey wannabe Mod ever since. It's the story of Jimmy and his obsession with the Mod lifestyle in 1964 - which ultimately leads to his downfall and breakdown after the Brighton bank holiday weekend.

The special edition DVD set includes:
Digitally remastered widescreen picture 
Brand new stereo audio track 
A Way Of Life: Making Quadrophenia - a restrospective documentary looking back 25 years to the making of the movie
On Location With Franc - Franc Roddam revisits several locations used in the film 
Audio Commentary - with director Franc Roddam and actors Phil Daniels and Leslie Ash.
Directed by Franc Roddam in his first feature length outing, the film stars Phil Daniels, Toyah Willcox, Mark Wingett, John Altman, Leslie Ash, Ray Winstone and Sting.

If you like the idea of owning it, we should have a competition running to win copies of the movie nearer to the release date. 

[ News Source: www.cinedelica.com - June 2006 ]

 Sat 22nd July, 2006: 'Quadrophenia' - Double DVD Press Release
[ Quadrophenia - Special Edition DVD ]August: the time for summer holidays, Bank holidays and, back in the 1960s, if you were a mod or rocker, a time to head to seaside resorts for an almighty punch-up. This August, that classic British pastime – mods versus rockers – is relived as Universal Pictures releases the Special Edition of Quadrophenia, the classic film that has inspired generations of youths since its release in1979. 

Available on DVD from 7 August 2006 this Special Edition two-disc DVD, includes: 

• Digitally remastered widescreen picture 
• Brand new stereo audio track 
• A Way Of Life : Making Quadrophenia – A restrospective documentary looking back 25 years to the making of one of the most significant ‘youth’ films to emerge in the UK 
• On Location With Franc – Franc Roddam revisits several locations used in the film 
• Audio Commentary – With director Franc Roddam and actors Phil Daniels and  Leslie Ash. 

Quadrophenia, based on The Who’s seminal rock opera from the early 1970s presaged the mod revival of late 70s Britain. It introduced a new wave of Brit actors, including Phil Daniels, to audiences and has proved to be an inspiration to scores of bands, film-makers and British youth ever since. It is safe to say that, without Quadrophenia, there would have been no Britpop… This truly is a landmark British film. 

It’s 1964 London and two youth cults emerge – the mods and the rockers – with explosive consequences. For Jimmy (Phil Daniels) and his sharp-suited, pill popping, scooter riding mates, being a mod is a way of life. Together they head off to Brighton for an orgy of drugs, thrills and headline-making violent clashes with the rockers. 

Directed by Franc Roddam in his first feature length outing, the film also stars Toyah Willcox, Mark Wingett, John Altman, Leslie Ash, Ray Winstone and Sting. 
Title: Quadrophenia Special Edition: Release Date: 7 August 2006, Recommended Retail Price: 17.99.

[ News Source: Quadrophenia DVD - Official press Release - July 2006 ]

 Sat 22nd July, 2006: Dreamscape - Toyah Forum
• The Dreamscape Forum seems to be dying a death so just a quick plug... Please click below to visit the Forum... ;o)

[ Dreamscape Forum ]

 Sat 22nd July, 2006: Toyah @ 'Remember The Eighties'
Toyah will play the part of Cruella De Vil in 'The Hundred and One Dalmations' which opens on July 25th at Nottingham's Theatre Royal and runs until 29th July.

[ News Source: www.remembertheeighties.com - 17th July 2006 ]

 Sat 22nd July, 2006: More Toyah @ 'Wikipedia'
[ Sheep Farming in Barnet - Wikipedia ]Someone has started two new Toyah pages at 'Wikipedia'.

The first is dedicated to the Toyah band, with overview, albums, band line-ups etc.

The second is all about Toyah's first album, 'Sheep Farming in Barnet', with overview and tracklisting.

Please click on the screenshot to visit the 'Sheep Farming' Wiki, or the text link below to take a look at the Toyah band Wiki.

[ www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toyah_(the_band) ]

 Sat 22nd July, 2006: 'The Hundred and One Dalamtions' Dog Blog 1
Toyah receives her first mention in Claire and Kacey's The Hundred and One Dalmations Dog Blog:

Entry 14 – First whole run with children Kacey (4 th July)
Next time I get to meet Toyah who will be Cruella… I hope she’s not scary.

Entry 15 – Whole run Claire (6th July) 
This rehearsal came at the end of a long day in a long hot week. The rehearsal room was boiling and although we had fans on it was a sweaty stinky place to be.

Warm up was fairly quick .. thank goodness. In this heat we were all warm to start with! We had a short period of feedback which I was interested in. Apparently our servants scene looked very bad and we are going to re-block. I’m pleased about that really as I don’t like that scene because it’s fairly stagnant.

The run went very well. It was mostly for the benefit of the children. They say never work with animals or children – we have children as animals in sweltering heat! They behaved very, very well and most better than the adults!

We begin work with Toyah next week which is very exctiting. We now have a new (very intensive) schedule of rehearsals – the good news is that we have the weekend off … hurray… - the bad news is rehearsals 18 days out of the next 21. Strange to think we have been at this since April, so 3 months, and now it will be over in 3 weeks. Are we ready…no way… but I can see that we will be…and I can’t wait.

[ Source: www.royalcentre-nottingham.co.uk ]

 Sat 22nd July, 2006: 'Dyslexia - The Miracle Cure'
[ Dyslexia - The Miracle Cure ]As mentioned earlier this year on Dreamscape, Toyah is featured in a new book, published in September 2006, focusing on dyslexia. 

A guide to the Dore programme, this book shows how to identify learning difficulties, explaining attention deficit disorder, autism and asperger's syndrome, and discusses cure. 

With examples, diagrams, and case studies, it includes advice and solutions, and chapters on how Toyah Willcox and rugby star Kenny Logan conquered dyslexia.

Hardcover: 272 pages 
Publisher: John Blake Ltd (Sep 2006) 
Language English 
ISBN: 1844542807 

 Sat 22nd July, 2006: Toyah on TV
Never Mind The Buzzcocks : UKTV G2 - Thursday 3rd August : 9.40pm 
Never Mind The Buzzcocks : UKTV G2 Plus 1 - Thursday 3rd August : 10.40pm
Comedy pop quiz hosted by Mark Lamarr, with team captains Phill Jupitus and Bill Bailey. Guests include Steps survivor Lisa Scott Lee, 80's survivor Toyah Willcox and rockers Larry Hibbitt from 100 Reasons and Nick Atkinson from Rooster.
 Sat 22nd July, 2006: Toyah at the window - Rare pic
[ Toyah ]Dreamscape brings you, yet another, rare picture of Toyah.

I think this is from the early 1990's. Please click on the pic to zoom.

NB: Update (23rd July): This was most likely taken circa 1987/88 at the E.G. Management offices, with Kings Road in the background. (Thanks to Craig Watkins)

[ Thanks to Waddy for the pic ]

 Sat 22nd July, 2006: Toyah in 'Writer's Forum' magazine
[ Writer's Forum ]Toyah is included in the July 2006 issue of 'Writers' Forum' magazine.

I'll hopefully be adding a scan of this to Dreamscape soon.

[ Thanks to Katy McAleese ]

 Sat 22nd July, 2006: 'Last FM' - Cool records I bought today
Someone over at 'Last FM' has just discovered Toyah's legendary debut album:

[ Sheep Farming in Barnet ]Toyah -- Sheep Farming In Barnet
I believe this was Toyah's first album which beautifully displayed her decidedly avant-garde take on The New Wave. Her music is probably best described as Lene Lovich meets Yoko Ono, which makes it all the more hard to believe that her popularity in the UK was immense (in addition to a prolific career as a film and stage actress, Toyah Willcox has also been a television presenter and The Ominous Voice of God on the children's telly-based Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test known to mere mortals as Teletubbies, among other things), and she's still pretty much a household name along the same lines as, say, Marie Osmond in The States -- you know, without the creepy Mormon cheerfulness. Sheep Farming In Barnet cements her place as a pop-punk alien from Bizarroland that's either trying too hard to be avant-garde or really is that weird but just completely oblivious to the fact that she comes off a bit too enthusiastic.

 Tue 18th July, 2006: Dreamscape - www.toyah.net
• Dreamscape is now exclusively available at www.toyah.net, as I've decided to close down the url/domain www.littletears.co.uk. It's over four years since the EP was released so it was sounding slightly outdated...

[ www.toyah.net ]

 Tue 18th July, 2006: 'Aladdin 2006' - Offiicial Toyah image
• The official Toyah picture, taken as part of publicity for Aladdin at the 'Theatre Royal' in Brighton, December 2006 to January 2007.

[ Toyah in Aladdin 2006 ]

[ Thanks to Merx - Please click to zoom ]

 Tue 18th July, 2006: 'Aladdin 2006' - Toyah as the Genie of the Lamp
[ Aladdin 2006 ]Toyah will play the Genie of the Lamp, and not Aladdin (as she usually plays), in Aladdin at the Theatre Royal, Brighton, Christmas 2006.

This from the 'Theatre Royal' brochure: 

"With more names to come as we continu to complete our line-up, we are delighted to announce 80s pop legend Toyah Willcox as one of the leading members of this year's fabulous show. Her amazing musical and acting abilities continue to enthrall all ages and pack theatres all over the UK."

[ Source: 'Brighton Theatre Royal' Winter 2006 brochure - Thanks to Merx ]

 Tue 18th July, 2006: 'The Hundred and One Dalmations': It's Cruella...
[ Toyah, as Cruella De Vil ]Check out Robert Fripp's online Diary for some fantastic picture's of Toyah, as Cruella De Vil, taken by him at the press/photo call for this month's The Hundred and One Dalmations.

Toyah Willcox joins the Royal Company to play the deliciously evil Cruella de Vil. For one week only... Tuesday 25th - Saturday 29th July 2006

Please click on the picture to visit Robert Fripp's online Diary.

[ Thanks to Owen Keenan ]

 Tue 18th July, 2006: 'The Hundred and One Dalamtions'
[ The Hundred and One Dalmations - July 2006 ]The Hundred and One Dalmatians
Starring Toyah Willcox as Cruella de Vil

Toyah Willcox joins the Royal Company to play the deliciously evil Cruella de Vil. As well as her singing and recording work, Toyah’s career includes many stage roles, having recently played Sally Bowles in Cabaret and the title role in Calamity Jane in the West End. Film work includes Quadrophenia and Tempest. Her varied television credits include narrating Teletubbies, presenting The Heaven and Earth Show and surviving I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!

Tuesday 25 - Saturday 29 July 2006
Box Office: 0115 8989 5555
Toyah plays Cruella De Vil for a 1 week run. 

Please click on the image to visit the Nottingham 'Theatre Royal' website.

[ News Source: www.toyahwillcox.com - Monday 10th July 2006 ]

 Tue 18th July, 2006: 'The Hundred and One Dalamtions': Dog Blog info
[ The Hundred and One Dalmations - Dog Blog ]A Dog Blog has launched on the Theatre Royal Nottingham website in which 2 cast members (Claire and her daughter Kacey) are writing a rehearsal diary. 

Toyah begins rehearsals on Monday 10th July so eyes peeled for some behind the scenes commentary. [Update: No mention of Toyah as of today! ]

[ News Source: www.toyahwillcox.com - Monday 10th July 2006 ]

 Tue 18th July, 2006: 'The Hundred and One Dalmations': Chrnwood Arts
[ Charnwood Arts - Whats on Guide ]The Hundred and One Dalmatians 
Theatre Royal Nottingham and The Royal Company 

Nottingham Theatre Royal
Tue 25th July 2006 to Sat 29th July 2006 

Starring Toyah Willcox as Cruella de Vil 

Calling Pongo and Missis Pongo of Regents Park! 

Pongo and Missis Pongo are two fine Dalmatians who live in splendid comfort with their pets Mr and Mrs Dearly on the edge of Regents Park in London. The arrival of fifteen lively Dalmatian puppies brings even more fun and happiness into their domestic world. However, joy turns to horror when the puppies are stolen by the infamous Cruella de Vil, intent upon creating for herself an exclusive Dalmatian fur coat. Enlisting support from other dogs via the Twilight Barking, Pongo and Missis set off on a thrilling quest to rescue their pups. 

What absolutely beautiful dogs. Would they not make enchanting fur coats? 

Dodie Smiths The Hundred and One Dalmatians has charmed and entertained generations of children with its thrilling canine adventure story and colourful characters. Now, to mark the fiftieth anniversary of its publication, The Royal Company presents this exciting stage adaptation for the Theatre Royal Nottingham, that will be suitable for children of all ages. An ideal family treat for the start of the summer holidays. 

[ News Source: www.charnwood-arts.org.uk - July 2006 ]

 Tue 18th July, 2006: Toyah CD News
[ Toyah - Desire ]It is now looking highly likely that Toyah's 1987 album' Desire' will be re-issued on CD. 

Other exciting news on the CD front is that the live album from 1980 (reissued on CD in 1990) 'Toyah! Toyah! Toyah!' will also be re-issued. As will the splendid 1993 album '(Take the) Leap!'

Actual release dates and any further details on all of these are unknown at present.

[ Source: www.toyahwillcox.com - Monday 10th July 2006 ]

 Tue 18th July, 2006: Official Toyah website/e-news - Update
[ The Official Toyah Willcox website ]Toyah's Official website was updated last week with News and Toyah's websletter for July 2006.

An Official e-news bullentin was also emailed to subscribers.

Read up on Toyah's latest projects, news and happenings, including initial details about a new 'lounge' album Toyah is contributing vocals to.

[ Source: www.toyahwillcox.com - Monday 10th July 2006 ]

 Tue 18th July, 2006: 'Remember The Eighties' - Official Support Website
'Remember The Eighties' - The 80s website is the Official Support website for 'The Hitmakers Tour' 2006:

[ The Hitmakers Tour ]

ABC, HOWARD JONES and TOYAH have added another date to their forthcoming Hitmakers Tour with the announcement of a show at Tunbridge Wells' Assembly hall on December 7th. The Hitmakers Tour is officially supported by this website so look out for much, much more about this tour in a few weeks.

[ News Source: www.remembertheeighties.com - Tuesday 4th July 2006 ]

 Tue 18th July, 2006: 'The Hitmakers Tour' - Extra date added
An extra date has been added to 'The Hitmakers Tour', at the Assembly Hall in Tunbridge Wells, on the 7th December:

October 10th: New Theatre: Oxford [ www.newburytheatre.co.uk ] 
October 11th: North Wales Theatre: Llandudno [ www.nwtheatre.co.uk ] 
October 12th: Opera House: Manchester [ www.manchestertheatres.co.uk ] 
October 19th: City Hall: Sheffield [ www.sheffieldcityhall.co.uk ] 
October 20th: Sands Centre: Carlisle [ www.carlisleleisure.co.uk ] 
October 21st: City Hall: Newcastle [ www.newcastle.gov.uk/cityhall ] 
October 22nd: Auditorium: Grimsby 
November 1st: St Davids Hall: Cardiff [ www.stdavidshallcardiff.co.uk ] 
November 2nd: Colston Hall: Bristol [ www.colstonhall.org ] 
November 3rd: Regent: Ipswich [ www.online.ipswich.gov.uk ] 
November 9th: Hexagon: Reading [ www.readingarts.com ] 
November 10th: Broadway Theatre: Peterborough [ www.thebroadwaytheatre.co.uk ] 
November 11th: Alexandra: Birmingham 
November 15th: Assembly Rooms: Derby [ www.assemblyrooms-derby.co.uk ] 
November 16th: Embassy Theatre: Skegness [ www.embassytheatre.co.uk ] 
November 23rd: Leas Cliff Hall: Folkestone [ www.leascliffhall.co.uk ] 
November 30th: Congress Theatre: Eastbourne [ www.eastbournetheatres.co.uk ] 
December 1st: Guildhall: Portsmouth [ www.portsmouthguildhall.co.uk ]
December 7th: Assembly Hall: Tunbridge Wells [ www.assemblyhalltheatre.co.uk ]

[ News Source: www.remembertheeighties.com - Tuesday 4th July 2006 ]

 Tue 18th July, 2006: 'The Stage' - First Family sticks with tradition...
[ The Stage - Aladdin 2006 ]First Family sticks with tradition for second panto season

Toyah Willcox will return to panto this year

First Family Entertainment, the pantomime company joint venture between Live Nation and Ambassador Theatre Group, has announced its second season, with an emphasis on traditional panto favourites and soap stars.

Headlining FFE’s Christmas programme will be ex-Dallas star Patrick Duffy, who played Bobby Ewing in the hit US show, Aled Jones, Toyah Willcox, Jonathan Wilkes and Bobby Davro, alongside Coronation Street stars Bradley Walsh, Vicky Entwistle and John Savident and EastEnders actress Kacey Ainsworth.

Duffy commented: “I am delighted to be part of this great British tradition, I think it’s wonderful that pantomime is something that entertains the whole family. What better way to spend Christmas than performing live to all my fans in the UK. I have always been made very welcome on my previous trips to England and look forward to appearing at the New Victoria Theatre in Woking.”

The programme, which runs at nine venues across the UK - one more than in FFE’s inaugural year - does not feature the same number of theatre actors making their pantomime debuts as in its inaugural year. Simon Callow, Richard Wilson, Susan Hampshire, John Barrowman and John Rhys-Davies all featured in FFE pantomimes last year. However, Hampshire returns this year at Woking.

[ News Source: www.thestage.co.uk - Tuesday 4th July 2006 ]

 Sun 2nd July, 2006: Toyah newsy bits & pieces
• Toyah is namechecked in the latest issue of 'Mojo' magazine. They have an article looking back at 1982 which includes a story on Adam Ant being angry at the reissue of the Maneaters' 'Nine to Five' single that year (cashing in on his and Toyah's success). It also mentions that Toyah wrote the lyrics to the song.

• I'm off on my holidays in a couple of days - Meaning there won't be any Dreamscape updates for the next fortnight. Any interesting/breaking News etc will, I'm sure, be posted on the Forum and @ Toyah's Official website.

 Sun 2nd July, 2006: 'Eastbourne Theatres' - Hitmakers
[ Eastbourne Theatres ]Roll up your jacket sleeves, dig out your ra-ra skirts and relive the best of the 80's with ABC featuring Martin Fry, Toyah & Howard Jones

From their amazing debut 'The Lexicon Of Love', in 1982 with its lush brass constructions, shivers of strings and Trevor Horn's epic production, ABC have continued to make perfect timeless pop. The bands many top ten hits include Poison Arrow, The Look of Love, and All of My Heart.

Punk pop superstar Toyah Willcox has had a highly successful and diverse career with hit records, prestigious stage and screen roles to her credit and even a stint as a jungle Queen!

The show also features Howard Jones, a founder of early '80s synth-pop, who spent 103 week’s in the UK charts, with top ten hits which include: Things Can Only Get Better, Like to get to Know you well, & What Is Love?

[ Source: www.eastbourne-theatres.org.uk ]

 Sun 2nd July, 2006: Site news: Future updates
• Thanks for the emails/feedback about the 1981 Gallery. I'm now working on doing the same with 1982 (and eventually 1980, '83 and '85), and have already gathered a number of pictures, in addition to what's already in there, including many 'Be Proud' photos.

Toyah didn't do as many photo sessions in '82 as '81 but if anyone has anything interesting from that year I'd be grateful if you would contribute to the Gallery.

[ Email: david@toyah.net - Thanks to Craig Watkins for the picture ]

 Sun 2nd July, 2006: Happy Birthday www.toyahwillcox.com
• Toyah's Official website celebrated it's sixth year online yesterday. The site was launched on 1st July 2000. Congratulations!!!

[ www.toyahwillcox.com ]

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