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[ Toyah! Lady or Tiger? 1986 ]

"I find it very easy to manipulate people - there's a certain breed of person who's scared witless of little people.  ." Woman's World, 1986

[ Tops - April 1982 ]

Someone somewhere is looking at me, someone somewhere is looking at the same stars as me, a bitter sweet taste, shivers through me. Laughing With The Fools: 1982

[ Toyah @ the 1983 Rock & Pop Awards ]


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 NOVEMBER 2006 NEWS: ..................................... ..............

 Mon 27th Nov, 2006: 'Reminscin' - New Toyah interview
• The rather good 'Reminscin' website have a new Toyah interview, just published:

[ Reminscin - Toyah interview ]

In her 30-plus year career, Toyah Willcox has been a rock warrior, minx, changeling and Ophelia's Shadow. In 2006 she is still going strong and looking great.

[ Source: - 25th November 2006 - Thanks to Toni Williams ]

 Mon 27th Nov, 2006: 'The Hitmakers Tour' - Toyah in Folkestone
• A selection of great pics of Toyah, taken at Folkestone Leas Cliff Hall on Thursday 23rd November, when the 'Hitmakers' Tour rolled into town for the latest gig.

[ Toyah in Folkestone - 23rd Nov 2006 ]

The next 'Hitmakers' show is at Eastbourne Congress Theatre on Thursday 30th November (Tel: 01323412000). Following that there are two other dates:

Dec 1st: Portsmouth Guild Hall - Tel: 023 9282 4355
Dec 7th: Tunbridge Wells Assembly Hall Theatre - Tel: 01892 530 613

[ Many thanks to Brian Marsh for the great pics ]

 Mon 27th Nov, 2006: Toyah @ 'Collectormania 2006' - Birmingham NEC
• Toyah's signing appearance was such a success at last week's 'Collectormania', at the Manchester GMex, that, who arranged for Toyah's appearances, requested she do similar at the Birmingham NEC this past weekend.

[ Memorabilia ]

[ Thanks to John Sanders for the info ]

 Mon 27th Nov, 2006: Tiswas & Swap Shop return
[ Tiswas ]The two iconic, and most fondly remembered, children's Saturday TV shows are both returning for one-off specials.

Multi-Coloured Swap Shop and Tiswas' original presenters are all reuniting for the special shows. Both are looking for fans to contribute to the shows, and the latter is looking for old clips from viewers too. 

Maybe a Toyah fan with good-quality footage could send Tiswas a clip? Toyah was a guest a number of times on both shows so it would be fitting if she was included in the nostalgiafest.

Tarrant brings Tiswas back to ITV
Anarchic 1970s children's programme Tiswas will return to ITV next year with original presenter, Chris Tarrant. 
He will host a one-off show featuring classic sketches and interviews with guests who were "gunged" on the programme, such as Sir Trevor McDonald. 

But Tarrant has launched an appeal for recordings of Tiswas, as many of the original tapes were scrapped. 

"If anybody's got any videos that will help us put this programme together, please get in touch," he told the BBC. 

Tiswas became a cult favourite when it hit the airwaves on Birmingham-based ITV station ATV in 1974. 

The tribute programme will have a similar format to ITV's Audience With... series, where stars perform and answer questions from a celebrity audience. 

Tarrant said it would mark the 30th anniversary of Tiswas becoming a national programme "that fundamentally changed children's television forever". 

Members of the public who want to submit tapes of the original series can contact Tarrant's production company at the email address

[ Source: - 23rd Nov 2006 - Thanks to Karen Wadsworth ]

[ Swap Shop ]Swap Shop stars set for reunion
Stars of the 1970s Saturday morning show Swap Shop, including Noel Edmonds, are to reunite for a one-off special. 

The two-hour programme will also look back on other shows of the genre, including Saturday Superstore. 

Other Swap Shop stars, including Keith Chegwin and John Craven, will appear along with Posh Paws, the purple dinosaur who was the show's mascot. 

The programme's makers are looking for people who appeared on Saturday morning shows to take part in the special. 

'Amazing memories'
Contributors who took part in a swap or had a film crew in their house on one of Chegwin's outside broadcasts are being asked to come forward to mark the 30th anniversary of live Saturday morning TV. 

It Started With Swap Shop, due to be aired between Christmas and the New Year on BBC Two, will relive some memorable moments from Saturday morning TV, and will feature celebrity swaps. 

Edmonds, who recently revived his TV career as host of gameshow Deal Or No Deal, said: "I have some amazing memories and a special affection for Swap Shop. It was a programme that broke the mould and I am proud to have been a part of it. 

"The show's going to be like a giant party... old friends reunited!" he added. 

Multi-Coloured Swap Shop, which ran on BBC One from 1976-82, was the first live show of its kind, containing cartoons, live guests and outside broadcasts. 

Young viewers used to phone the programme and offer items to exchange for something they wanted, the best of which would be placed on the "swap board". 

The programme was replaced by a succession of derivatives, including Going Live and Live and Kicking. 

Anyone who contributed to Saturday morning shows and would like to take part in It Started With Swap Shop should visit for further information.

[ Source: - October 2006 ]

 Mon 27th Nov, 2006: 'The Hitmakers Tour' - You Tube
There are a few clips of Toyah's 'Hitmakers' Derby gig over at the 'You Tube' website. She is sounding fine voice. Go to and search for Toyah.

[ Thanks to Paul Cable ]

 Mon 27th Nov, 2006: Toyah on TV - Jubilee
[ Jubilee ]Jubilee : ITV4 - Monday 4th Dec : 01.10am

Director Derek Jarman's controversial portrait of early British punk which imagines Elizabeth I paying a visit to the future of her sceptred isle, with the aid of an astrologer and Shakespearean fairy Ariel. Somewhat overshooting the present, she finds herself in a land of chaos and decay in which the punks have inherited the Earth. Made in the year of Elizabeth II's silver jubilee.

Director: Derek Jarman. 

Starring: Jenny Runacre, Nell Campbell, Toyah Willcox, Jordan, Hermine Demoriane, and Ian Charleson.

 Mon 27th Nov, 2006: 'Northern Lights Film Festival' - Jubilee
[ Northern Lights Film Festival ]Jubilee was one of the films included in the recent, punk retrospective, 'Northern Lights Film Festival':

Credited as being THE British punk film, Jubilee is a jewel of a movie that stunned, disgusted and excited critics at the time of its release. Made as a response to the Queen’s Silver Jubilee in 1977, it is a radical anti-monarchy, anti-establishment film that stars some of the UK’s best known music stars from the era.

A young Toyah Wilcox rubs shoulders with Adam Ant, alongside Jenny Runacre and Richard O’Brien (Rocky Horror Picture Show). Runacre stars as Queen Elizabeth 1, who travels through time to the modern age where the world is populated by violent punk girls who are tough and aren’t afraid to show it.

This clever satire on British society combines punk idealism and the less wholesome aspects of society with that of England’s Golden Age. The result is a film that is as compelling as it is frank and uncompromising.

“It’s almost an understatement to say that Jubilee has a lot going for it...ingenious” - Time Out

Saturday 18th November, 8.30pm (T)
Director: Derek Jarman, Feature, 100 minutes, UK, 2005.

[ Source: - November 2006 ]

 Mon 27th Nov, 2006: Over the hills & far away...
• ... the TeleToyahs (or ToyahTubbies?) have come to play...

[ TeleToyah ]

Unfortunately, I don't know much about this, other than it is amazing! 

 Wed 22nd Nov, 2006: 'I'm A Celebrity... Exclusive!' - Screen Caps
• A selection of screen caps from last Wednesday's I'm A Celebrity... Exclusive!

[ I'm A Celebrity... Exclusive! - 15th Nov 2006 ]

[ Thanks to Paul Lomas ]

 Wed 22nd Nov, 2006: Toyah... Plus!
Thanks to everyone who has been sending photos of themselves with Toyah...

Please keep 'em coming. I'm hoping to add the Toyah... Plus Gallery sometime soon. 

 Wed 22nd Nov, 2006: 'I'm A Celebrity... Exclusive!' - Screen Cap
• A great screen capture of Toyah from last week's I'm A Celebrity... Exclusive!

[ I'm A Celebrity... Exclusive! - 15th Nov 2006 ]

[ Thanks to Paul Lomas ]

 Wed 22nd Nov, 2006: 'Record Collector' - Leap! review & T!T!T! ad
• 'Take The Leap!' is reviewed in the latest issue of 'Record Collector' magazine

[ Record Collector magazine ]

Toyah: Take The Leap!**
Edsel/Demon, DIAB 8081
Myssstrey solved as 1994 Japanese album gets UK release
Toyah's long-lost album is neither a Smile-style tale of artistic exasparation (despite its slightly schizophrenic new and old content) nor, sadly, much of a mystery. All the same, fans will be delighted it's finally seen the light of day. Originally sold at shows on her 1993 tour as a cassette-only album (simply called Leap!), a CD version was released in Japan the following year, but shelved in the UK in favour of Dreamchild's ambient noodlings.

In contrast, Take The Leap! is straight-ahead (and at times borderline goth) rock, recorded in the wake of a tour with youthful backing band, Friday Forever. The mish-mash album features six (predictably indie) new tunes and eight reworkings of older material, including the ubiquitous I Wanna Be Free and a woefully weak It's A Mystery. If anything showcases the super-tight backing outfit, it's Toyah herself, whose often weedy vocals don't always fit the music. Things work better on the ambient Requite Me and Tears For Elie, two exceptional demos that appear among this expanded reissue's four bonus tracks. Steve Adams

[ Thanks to Zoe Clow for these ]

 Wed 22nd Nov, 2006: Toyah @ 'Collectormania 2006' - Manchester GMex
• Toyah, pictured at the 'Collectormania 2006' event, at the Manchester G-Mex last Saturday (18th November).

[ Toyah, with Laura, @ Collectormania ]

[ Thanks to Laura Balshaw, with Toyah here, for the pic ]

 Sun 19th Nov, 2006: 'Silver Street' - Further info
[ Silver Street ]The character Toyah will play in Silver Street, the BBC Radio soap broadcast on the Asian Network, will be called Siobhan.

It looks likely, going by BBC Press Office releases, that Toyah's character will debut on Monday 4th December.

Silver Street: Monday 4 December 
1.30-1.40pm BBC ASIAN NETWORK 

The Chauhans return from Leicester, but Kamla isn't in the best of moods. At home, Rita is shocked to discover answerphone messages from Siobhan and wonders what she wants after all these years. Pradeep warns her not to get involved – but then Siobhan calls again. 

Meanwhile, Zenab returns from Pakistan, but Mushtaq is disappointed that Imran isn't with her. Later, Zenab decides that she is moving in with Rozena. 

Kamla is played by Surendra Kochar, Rita by Bharti Patel, Siobhan by Toyah Willcox, Pradeep by Ashvin-Kumar Joshi, Zenab by Sudha Buchar, Mushtaq by Paul Bhattacharjee and Rozena by Pooja Ghai.

Silver Street: Tuesday 5 December 
1.30-1.40pm BBC ASIAN NETWORK 

Rita sends Arun to bed because she has an old friend visiting. However, Arun and Krishan eavesdrop from the top of the stairs, and Arun guesses that the visitor is Sean's mum, Siobhan. 

Rita fills Siobhan in on Sean's life, and Siobhan explains why she had to abandon her baby so long ago. Later, Kamla hits the roof when she discovers the visitor, but Siobhan is more concerned about how her own mum will react. 

Rita is played by Bharti Patel, Arun by Naithan Ariane, Krishan by Rahual Das, Sean by Kee Ramsorrun, Siobhan by Toyah Willcox and Kamla by Surendra Kochar.

[ Source: Asian Network Publicity ]

 Sun 19th Nov, 2006: Toyah on TV - Tales of The Unexpected
• Toyah's unforgettable Tales Of The Unexpected episode, 'Blue Marigold', is being shown on ITV3 in December.

[ Tales of the Unexpected - Blue Marigold ]

Tales of The Unexpected : ITV3 - Friday 1st December : 11.35pm
Tales of The Unexpected : ITV3 Plus 1 - Saturday 2nd December : 00.35am
Blue Marigold. Series 5, Episode 1. At the height of her fame, Myra, a fashion model, is suddenly out of favour with her agencies and deserted by her boyfriend. Years later she sees an opportunity to win him back. Starring: John Houseman, Sharon Duce, and Toyah Willcox.

 Sun 19th Nov, 2006: Toyah on the Radio
Following up the news item from last Sunday, broadcast info for the Radio Rivron show Toyah will guest on. Interestingly, the BBC are already describing Toyah as "Silver Street star...":

Radio Rivron Ep 5/6
Thursday 14 December 
10.00-10.30pm BBC RADIO 2 

Rowland Rivron goes to Fowey in Cornwall to speak to Silver Street star Toyah Willcox at the Daphne Du Maurier festival, in the penultimate programme in this light-hearted music celebration show. 

In the studio he's joined by Richard Fairbrass, one half of Right Said Fred, who chats to Rowland about his career and musical passion. Doctor Dave Radio is back helping listeners get through the good and bad, and Martha Reeves receives a phone call as the team finds out what she's up to right now. Finally, the show takes a look at some lyrics penned by Big Audio Dynamite to find out when they stopped making sense. 

[ Source: - November 2006 ]

 Sun 19th Nov, 2006: '' - A Lesson for Toyah

As part of a planned BBC series on environmental issues to be broadcast next year, Toyah Willcox visited Abbotsholme School to film and to learn about the annual restocking of the river Dove with 150.000 young salmon. The salmon are hatched in Kielder Water and then brought down by the Trent River’s Trust to be released into the Dove by the children in Abbotsholme’s Junior Department, This is the fourth year that the scheme has been running and the children were very excited that this year they were going to be releasing the salmon under the watchful eye of Toyah.

Elliot Field (7) from Ashbourne Green, pictured on the left of the fish tank, said, “They were tiny fish and we had to be very gentle as we tipped them into the river. I hoped that my fish would all survive the three year journey to the sea and that some of them would come back again when they were big. It is amazing to think that I will be in the Sixth Form by the time they come back here.”

“We are very pleased to be able to play a part in this scheme,” said Steve Fairclough, Headmaster of the school. “It raises the children’s awareness of the importance of conservation of life in our rivers and they also learn about the cycle of life and death of the salmon. Their imaginations are set alight as they watch the salmon swim out of their bucket and away down river. They wonder what their fate will be and how many will actually return. Then to have Toyah there as well was very exciting for them.”

[ Source: - Autumn 2006 ]

 Sun 19th Nov, 2006: 'NTL World' - Christmas
[ Aladdin 2006 ]Emblems of the British festive season are numerous. Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without carol singers, for example, or an assortment of relatives snoring in front of Live and Let Die. Occupying a prestigious spot on this list is the annual showcase for celebrities, child-friendly laughs and slapstick buffoonery: yes, the mighty pantomime. 

After trawling the country for the most colourful shows set to grace our stages this year, blueyonder has put together a selection fit for even the choosiest panto connoisseur. Oh yes we have! 

Aladdin at the Theatre Royal, Brighton
14 December – 14 January

Pop on your fez, get out your magic carpet and make for the south coast. Aladdin will be gracing Brighton for a month, providing an enticement for pop fans old and new. Toyah Willcox will be proving that she can still shimmy with the best of them, while X-Factor curiosity Chico takes the title role.

[ Source: - November 2006 ]

 Sat 18th Nov, 2006: 'The Hitmakers Tour' - Toyah in Derby
• A selection of great pictures of Toyah, taken at Derby Assembly Rooms on Wednesday 15th November, when the 'Hitmakers' Tour rolled into town for the latest gig. As you can see Toyah is wearing a new outfit, and looking hot!

[ Toyah in Derby - 15th Nov 2006 ] [ Toyah in Derby - 15th Nov 2006 ]
[ Toyah in Derby - 15th Nov 2006 ] [ Toyah in Derby - 15th Nov 2006 ]

The next 'Hitmakers' show is at Folkestone Leas Cliff Hall on Thursday 23rd November (Tel: 01303 288 600)

[ Many thanks to Richard Smith for the great pics - Click on each to zoom ]

 Sat 18th Nov, 2006: Toyah newsy bits & pieces!
• Toyah guested on Wednesday's I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! - Exclusive on ITV1 at 5.30pm. Could anyone provide some screen caps from this?

• The 'Sunday Telegraph' magazine SEVEN ran a Toyah article in their 12th November issue. Does anyone hacve a scan of this?

• It seems that Toyah's appearance at Butlins on Sunday 26th November is, according to, actually at Bognor Regis, rather than the advertised Minehead.

 Sat 18th Nov, 2006: Toyah... Plus!
• Toyah... Plus! is a forthcoming new addition to the Dreamscape Gallery. And that "Plus" could be YOU! Do you have a photo of yourself with Toyah? Would you like it included in the Gallery? If you would, please email it to

[ Toyah... Plus Paul Lomas ]

Please make your photo as large as possible to ensure decent quality. Thanks!

 Sat 18th Nov, 2006: Toyah on TV
Brum : BBC2 - Wednesday 22nd November : 8.55am
Brum and the Football Hero. The adventures of a little car who lives in a motor museum, narrated by Toyah Willcox. Brum scores the winning goal when he comes on as a substitute during a football match.

Never Mind The Buzzcocks : UKTV G2 - Thursday 23rd November : 11.00pm
Never Mind The Buzzcocks : UKTV G2 Plus 1 - Friday 24th November : 12.00am
Never Mind The Buzzcocks : UKTV G2 - Friday 24th November : 01.50am
Never Mind The Buzzcocks : UKTV G2 Plus 1 - Friday 24th November : 02.50am
Mark Lamarr hosts a special anniversary edition of the long-running pop quiz, with team captains Phill Jupitus and Bill Bailey. Guests are singer turned actress and broadcaster Toyah Willcox, ex-A1 (where are they now?) singer Ben Adams, Radio One's Annie Mac and comedian Alun Cochrane. With special performances from X-Factor casualties Sumon Sunyal and Robert King.

[ Toyah on Never Mind The Buzzcocks ]

The Most Fertile Man in Ireland : Sky Movies 5 - Fri 24th November : 03.40am
Bedded by his town's good-time girl, Eamonn quickly acquires a reputation as a man who can make babies. While both sides of Belfast struggle with their sperm-counts, the lucky man becomes the hot property of both Catholics and Protestants. Crown jewel comedy. Director: Dudi Appleton. Starring: Kris Marshall, Kathy Kiera Clarke, Bronagh Gallagher, James Nesbitt, Kenneth Cranham, Toyah Willcox and Olivia Nash.

 Sun 12th Nov, 2006: Toyah set for 'Silver Street'
[ Silver Street ]After years of talk and rumours, Toyah now has a part in a soap!

The whisperings about Eastenders, Emmerdale and, even, Doctor Who (well, it is a sort of intergalactic, time-travelling, shape-shifting soap) never materialised into reality but Toyah will soon be appearing in the BBC Radio soap Silver Street.

Silver Street is broadcast daily, weekdays on the BBC Asian Network, and is recorded at the Mail Box (the replacement for Pebble Mill) in Birmingham. No info on the character Toyah will play, when she starts recording or when her first episode will air, as yet.

[ News Source: - 10th November 2006 ]

 Sun 12th Nov, 2006: 'The Hitmakers Tour' - Reading Set-List
[ Reading, 9th Nov 2006 ]Toyah, pictured post-show at the Hexagon Theatre, Reading. Her Set-List at that 'Hitmakers' show, and probably the same for all of the others, was/will be:

Are You Gonna Go My Way
Thunder In The Mountains
Echo Beach
Jungles Of Jupiter
It's A Mystery
Sweet Child Of Mine
She Sells Sanctuary
I Want To Be Free

[ Thanks to Angus Turner for the pic and info]

 Sun 12th Nov, 2006: 'The Hitmakers Tour' - More Toyah in Reading
• Further pictures of Toyah, onstage at the Hexagon in Reading, last Thursday night:

[ Reading Hexagon - Hitmakers Tour - 9th Nov 2006 ]

[ Thanks to Angus Turner (pics 1-3), and Paul Williams (pics 4-6 ]

 Sun 12th Nov, 2006: 'The Hitmakers Tour' - Ipswich review
• A 'Remember The Eighties' review of the Ipswich 'Hitmakers' gig, at the Regent Theatre on Friday 3rd November. To read the full review please click on the link at the foot of this news item:

[ Toyah - Live in Reading - 9th Nov 2006 ]

THE HITMAKERS TOUR: Ipswich Regent Theatre: 3rd November 2006

You couldn’t have visited this website without noticing that the Hitmakers have been on tour in the UK. However, for those who have had their eyes closed for the last few months, Toyah Willcox, Howard Jones and ABC featuring Martin Fry are together to perform a series of concerts, billed collectively as the 'The Hitmakers Tour', and I caught them at the Ipswich Regent.

[ Toyah - Live in Reading - 9th Nov 2006 ]

The opening act was Toyah, who was the artist I was least familiar with, but was ideally suited to start the proceedings for the evening, as she brought the audience to their feet having delved into her back catalogue to give storming renditions of 'It’s a Mystery', 'Thunder In the Mountains' and a surprise cover of Guns ‘N Roses 'Sweet Child O’ Mine', her version of Martha and the Muffin’s 'Echo Beach', as well as a few other songs. She truly rocked, and ended up being the real entertainer of the evening.

Thanks to Paul Williams for the pics - Reading Hexagon Theatre; 9th November.

[ Source: - Review by Craig Martin - 7th Nov 2006 ]

 Sun 12th Nov, 2006: Toyah's November
The remainder of November is very busy for Toyah. As well as further 'Hitmakers' tour dates, she will also be signing at the 'Collectormania' event at the Manchester GMex (on both days), and playing another Butlins show.

Wednesday 15th: Derby Assembly Rooms - Tel: 01332 255 800
Saturday 18th: Collectormania, GMex, Manchester
Sunday 19th: Collectormania, GMex, Manchester
Thursday 23rd: Folkestone Leas Cliff hall - Tel: 01303 288 600
Sunday 26th: Minehead (Live PA)
Thursday 30th: Eastbourne Congress Theatre - Tel: 01323412000

 Sun 12th Nov, 2006: Toyah at 'Henley Festival 2007'
[ Henley Festival ]Toyah is to play the 'Henley Festival' in July 2007, along with Belinda Carlisle and Go West.

It's what the Summer was invented for... Five truly spectacular evenings with the stars - under the stars... 11th to 15th July 2007.

Henley Festival of Music and the Arts
14 Friday Street
Oxon RG9 1AH
Box Office: 01491 843404

Other Toyah dates also already tentatively scheduled for 2007 are:

February 23rd: Butlins Skegness 
March 16th: Butlins Minehead
April 20th: Butlins Bognor 

[ News Source: - 10th November 2006 ]

 Sun 12th Nov, 2006: 'Saving Planet Earth' 
Toyah has filmed a documentary "about animal extinction in the Midlands", titled Saving Planet Earth.

I'm unsure if this is linked to the other wildlife documentaries Toyah recently filmed, but Saving Planet Earth will air early in 2007 on the BBC.

 Sun 12th Nov, 2006: Toyah to guest present 'Destination Lunch'
[ Destination Lunch ]Toyah is to guest present the early afternoon chat/magazine show Destination Lunch.

The show, which launched around May this year, and is usually presented by Peter Purves and Judith Chalmers, transmits daily at 1.00pm on the new lifestyle channel, Overseas Property TV. It can be found on Channel 287 on Sky.

Toyah will record her guest slots soon, to be broadcast around Christmas.

[ News Source: - 10th November 2006 ]

 Sun 12th Nov, 2006: 'Sunday Mercury' - I'm being terrorised by jet-set stalker
And another. This has a lengthier interview with Toyah than the others. 

Toyah: I'm being terrorised by jet-set stalker
Midland rock star Toyah Willcox is living in fear after being plagued by a woman jet-set stalker.

The obsessed fan has been jetting in from New York to harass the singer and actress at her home. And the situation has become so serious that a friend has offered Toyah an ex-SAS soldier to protect her.

The Birmingham-born singer, who lives in the quiet market town of Xxxxxxxx in Worcestershire with rock star husband Robert Fripp, said: "This woman is severely mentally ill. She is very dangerous.

"I want her to leave me alone but I don't wish her any harm. I told a high-profile industrialist about the problem and he offered me the number of the SAS man who could 'remove' her.

"Fortunately, these days, stalkers are taken very seriously and the police have been very helpful."

So frightened has the 48 year-old star been that she has enlisted Government help.

"Immigration are also dealing with the problem," she revealed. "They are trying to stop her coming into Britain. It is a long way to come from New York, but that's what people do when they're mentally ill. When I say anything, she thinks I'm communicating with her. 

"I've had to deal with several stalkers over the years. Some are just over-zealous fans who don't mean any harm, but their presence is inappropriate. I don't want people hanging around outside my front door. It's difficult when I live in a town and not the middle of the country. I don't like to create that kind of attention.

"My husband has had even more problems than me. Ten years ago, someone tried to kill him. The stalker was sectioned and is now in prison in Germany."

Toyah, who grew up in Kings Heath, Birmingham, is returning to her home city on Saturday to perform at the Alexandra Theatre in The Hitmakers Tour, a 1980s revival show with Howard Jones and ABC's Martin Fry.

She admits that touring these days is different from 20 years ago.

"I'm much more relaxed now, and there's no throwing TVs out of hotel windows!" she said. "I used to be very rock'n'roll, going for days without eating and sleeping, and just going AWOL. Once, I jumped off a Manchester hotel balcony and swung from a chandelier in the foyer. It was very dangerous and stupid.

"A security man had to get a ladder to get me down. I have a lifetime ban from that hotel!"

These days Toyah is teetotal, and more interested in a quiet country walk. She's made four nature documentaries for the BBC to be screened next year, featuring animals in danger in the Midlands - swans, salmon, water voles and slow-worms.

It was facing snakes, spiders and eels in the Australian jungle that proved a turning point for Toyah.

She was horrified to see footage of herself without make-up on I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! Jonathan Ross said she looked so awful that she shouldn't be allowed to appear on TV.

And Toyah agreed with him.

In February 2004, she went to Paris for a 7,500 procedure and then published a book, Diary Of A Facelift.

"It's put some people off," she admitted. "They say 'I'm really glad I read your book because I know I could never go through that'."

Holding her hand after the operation was her husband of 20 years, guitarist Robert Fripp, the 60 year-old founder of supergroup King Crimson. 

Until recently, he spent most of his time working 4,000 miles away in Nashville. They used to spend just 12 weeks of the year together, although they spoke on the phone five times a day.

Now they are more regularly both to be found in Pershore or at their London home. Toyah admits they have grown closer since her facelift.

"There were some pretty gruesome moments after the op, but he was wonderful," she said. "He was so patient and calm. I really thought that the moment he saw me, looking all bruised and swollen, he'd run away. But he rose to the occasion brilliantly and it's made our marriage even stronger."

[ Source: Sunday Mercury: 5th November 2006 ]

 Sun 12th Nov, 2006: Celeb ‘fears for her life’
Another article on the stalker story. Amazingly, especially as this is about a stalker, they published Toyah's FULL address!! I have removed that here and also won't name the publication source.

Celeb ‘fears for her life’
Pershore celebrity Toyah Willcox has been receiving some unwanted attention recently leaving her fearing for her life'.

Toyah, 48, has put up with a prolonged period of harassment from an obsessed female stalker who jets into the UK from New York to visit her home in Xxxxxx Xxxxxx.

The situation has become so serious that one of the celebrity's friends has offered her an ex-SAS soldier as protection, from any of the woman's possible advances.

Birmingham-born Toyah has lived in Pershore for six years with her musician husband Robert Fripp and they divide their time between the Vale and a home in London.

She said: "This woman is severely mentally ill and is very dangerous. I want her to leave me alone but I really don't wish her any harm at all."

She added: "Fortunately, these days stalkers are taken very seriously and the police have been very helpful."

Toyah has also contacted the Government to try and stop the woman entering the country.

She added: ""It is a long way to come from New York, but that is what people do when they are mentally ill. When I say anything she thinks I am communicating with her.

"I have had to deal with several stalkers over the years. Some are just over-zealous fans who don't mean any harm, but their presence is inappropriate. I don't want people hanging around outside my front-door."

Police spokesman Richard Bull said he was unable to comment on individual cases but thanked Toyah for praising the force's work.

[ Source withheld - 9th November 2006 ]

 Sun 12th Nov, 2006: Toyah on the Radio
Toyah will be guesting on an forthcoming edition of Rowland Rivron's BBC Radio 2 show. No date for Toyah yet but the series begins this coming Saturday (18th).

Radio Rivron Show
Saturdays: 1.30-2.00pm BBC Radio 2 

Rowland Rivron returns with another series of light-hearted music celebration, which this time around boasts celebrity guests including Jack Dee, Brenda Blethyn, Richard O'Brien, Bonnie Tyler, Richard Fairbrass and Valerie Singleton, who reveal the musical acts they have a true passion for. 

Rowland also goes on location with comedians from The Secret Policeman's Ball, father-and-daughter Joe and Sam Brown, Toyah, the Bonzo Dog Doh Dah Band and Alan Cumming. 

Resident musical Agony Uncle, Doctor Dave Radio, makes a welcome return, helping the bemused and confused by giving them all the answers to their musical quandaries. 

Where Are They Right Now?, meanwhile, tracks down more pop acts from the past and discovers where they've been and what they're up to now and gets them to share some of the memories from their careers. In this series, Rowland walks down memory lane with Tony Hadley, Mica Paris, Martha Reeves and many more. 

The first programme in the series features guests including: comedian Jack Dee, recent star of the BBC comedy Lead Balloon; Chaz Jankel of The Blockheads; and Scottish musician and songwriter BA Robertson. 

[ Source: - November 2006 ]

 Sun 12th Nov, 2006: 'Official Toyah' - e:news & Diary / New song title
[ Officially Toyah ]• The latest Official Toyah e:news & Diary for November has been mailed to subscribers.

This will, no doubt, be added to the Offical site by the time I have added this update.

Head on over to read Toyah's latest news... incontinence... fabulous women from the Midlands... emailing people in the wee small hours... hot water bottles... and schoolboys in her car... just a fraction of Toyah's interesting October!

• Interesting tidbit from the e:news: Following on from last month's exciting news of Toyah writing and recording new material with Simon Darlow in his studio, we can exclusively reveal one of the song titles is Latex Messiah (Viva La Rebel In You).

• Interesting tidbit numero two from the e:news: Toyah's 1987 album 'Desire' will be reissued on CD in 2007.

 Sun 12th Nov, 2006: Duncan Borrowman's blog
[ Duncan Borrowman's blog ]Please forgive me! I wouldn't usually mention politicians, or politics, here. I'm of the opinion that most, if not all, are self-serving charlatans (ooops! too political?).

This caught my eye recently though... A politician with good taste...

07 November, 2006: Quadrophenia... Toyah... fear me I'm the beast... Zion, Zuberon, Necronomicon 

So what has this all got to do with Liberal Democracy?

A few weeks ago I was at a fundraiser at the home of Lib Dem supporter Brian Eno.

The man is a life time hero - so much of his work has been part of my life. With my favourite all time band Talking Heads (and David Byrne as a solo artist), Bowie, Roxy Music, solo, or an endless list of other performers. Among the other guests were one of my other all time infatuations - Toyah Willcox and her husband, guitar god Robert Fripp.

I mention this tonight as Quadraphenia is showing on the TV - with a young and dumpy Toyah in a major role.

I first got into her at the time of the Blue Meaning album - especially the track IEYA, a protoGoth anthem that few now will remember. I, and my then friends played it endlessly - and more danced to it in a very late 70s/early 80s way...

On 15 June 1980 I went to see her live (I am not so anal as to remember the date - I checked it out on the web.

In 1980 I had just joined the BBC and Toyah was new to the "pop" scene and was on Top of the Pops - I broke the golden rule and asked her for an autograph.

Many years later as I was the Sound Supervisor on The Good Sex Guide Late, presented by Toyah - but chose to let a freelancer mix the show for a lot of the time, while I looked after the studio floor - it was great fun (on what was actually very much a sex education show). 

I never did take her up on her (public) request to "do an old girl a favour" while adjusting her microphone.

So where are these ramblings of an (infatuated?) old man going...

Well, she was a guest of Eno at the party, I don't know if she is Lib Dem sympathetic or not. But oddly she sums up a generation.

She was the post punk protoGoth. Changed her image to serious actress, family TV presenter, sex show presenter, writes a book about her plastic surgery. And she has a diary (Blog) on her website. And she is about my age...

But through it all never alienates any of her audieces. OK I am not convinced by the Calamity Jane thing, but as someone who hooked me through IEYA she just still manages to keep that edge ... and maybe, just maybe, her and Robert (I am not worthy) will realise they are lifetime Lib Dems.

[ Source: - 7th November 2006 ]

 Fri 10th Nov, 2006: 'Get Reading' - Hitmakers Interview
[ Get Readinf - Hitmakers interview ]Interview: Toyah Willcox, Martin Fry and Howard Jones are back!

They may be back in a glittering tour full of smash hits and new numbers, but as Sharon Cook rather shamefacedly realised Toyah Willcox, Martin Fry and Howard Jones have never really been away!

The trio are due to hit the stage at The Hexagon tonight as part of their nationwide Hitmakers Tour.

What is obvious from a quick chat with each of them is that they’re all really up for having a good time.

And sharing their incredible talents with the rest of us in a show that will prove the 80’s are even cooler now, than when they came round the first time.

So, time to dig out your pixie boots and puff balls, shiny suits and big hairdos – or not! – and get your trendy little selves down to the biggest venue in town.

Toyah ‘It’s a Mystery’ Willcox told Reading Alive that for her The Hitmakers is not about going back in time, she’s never stopped . 

“For the last 20 years we’ve all been performing this music. I’m so pleased, if it hadn’t been (like this) I’d be out of a job.

“I never expected to be touring at 48, I’m really grateful to be doing it. It’s great fun. We’re just so up for it and I think the whole thing is very infectious.

“So many people say the songs have narrated their teen years, their weddings, their divorces – there are so many memories and they (the songs) haven’t lost their power to inspire. We’ve never really gone away.”

That’s quite an accolade for a woman who burst onto the music scene in 1977 in David Jarman’s punk epic Jubilee, and has been taking the entertainment world by storm ever since – from acting and presenting not to mention her music.

In fact her trademark lisp and fiery locks are still as unmistakable today as they were way back when, as her appearance in an early I’m a Celebrity proved.

And talking of appearances the book Diary of a Facelift, by Toyah Willcox, says it all.

If you want to see for yourself, go and get tickets for tonight’s show.

To read the rest of the interview, with Martin Fry and Howard jones, please click on the picture or link below.

Martin Fry says of Toyah: "Toyah was a real role model, there are a lot of girls who’ve gone into music because of her

[ Source: - 9th November 2006 ]

 Fri 10th Nov, 2006: 'The Hitmakers Tour' - Toyah in Reading
• Toyah, onstage last night at the Hexagon Theatre in Reading. On the fifth date of the 'Hitmakers' Tour. 

[ Toyah in Reading - 9th Nov 2006 ]

The next gig is tonight, at the Peterborough Broadway (Tel: 01733 316 100), with the seventh date following tomorrow night, at Birmingham Alexandra Theatre (Tel: 08701451163).

[ Thanks to Paul Williams for the great pics - Check back soon for more ]

 Fri 10th Nov, 2006: Toyah on TV
Brum : BBC2 - Wednesday 22nd November : 8.55am
Brum and the Football Hero. The adventures of a little car who lives in a motor museum, narrated by Toyah Willcox. Brum scores the winning goal when he comes on as a substitute during a football match.
 Tue 7th Nov, 2006: 'Sunday Express' - In The Closet With...
• Toyah was interviewed in a two-page special in the Sunday Express magazine

[ Sunday Express - 5th November 2006 ]

Please click to zoom and read...

{ Many thanks to Merx for the scan ]

 Tue 7th Nov, 2006: 'The Sun' - Toyah harassed by stalker
• The online and print reports from yesterday's 'The Sun' in the UK:

[ The Sun - 6th November 2006 ]

[ Thanks to Alec Kelly & Paul Williams ]

 Tue 7th Nov, 2006: 'The Mirror' - US stalker tails Toyah
Rock star Toyah Willcox is being plagued by a female stalker from the US.

The obsessed fan has been flying in from New York to harass the singer at her home in the village of Xxxxxxxx, Worcs.

Toyah has now enlisted the help of the immigration authorities to deal with the woman.

The star, 48, said: "This woman is severely mentally ill. She is very dangerous. I want her to leave me alone but I don't wish her any harm."

[ Source: - 6th November 2006 ]

 Tue 7th Nov, 2006: 'Contact Music' - Willcox Reveals Stalker Hell
Rock star TOYAH WILLCOX is considering hiring an armed officer to protect her from a deranged stalker. The singer/actress claims the American fan has jetted over to her British home on several occasions to harass her, and she's so scared she's notified immigration services to be on their guard. But if the situation escalates the IT'S A MYSTERY hitmaker fears she may be forced to step up security at her Worcestershire home. Willcox says, "She is mentally ill. A friend gave me the number of an SAS man (British special forces agent) who could 'remove' her."

[ Source: - 6th November 2006 ]

 Tue 7th Nov, 2006: Toyah's (alleged) stalker
Various newspapers and websites have been reporting the story about Toyah's (alleged) stalker. I'm reproducing them here as these may be of interest to Dreamscape visitors. 

Any specific reference that could identify where Toyah resides have been removed.

Not sure where this story originates from but the quotes seem to be from Toyah's Official Diary entry for May 2006, and comments she made on the recent Faith & Music documentary.

 Tue 7th Nov, 2006: TV Rumours
Toyah was *rumoured* to have been guesting on two TV programmes yesterday. 

The first, The Wright Stuff on Channel Five yesterday morning definitely didn't happen. The second, Central News Tonight on ITV1 Central yesterday evening, I'm not sure about. 

It seems she did appear to promote this coming Saturdays 'Hitmakers' gig at the Birmingham Alexandra Theatre. 

There may be further TV appearances to promote gigs in Derby & BBC Midlands this week.

[ Thanks to Merx & John ]

 Tue 7th Nov, 2006: Toyah guests with SAS Band in December - Update
[ SAS Band ]Further to Dreamscape's news at the weekend that Toyah is to play a gig with the SAS Band in December, it now appears she will be guesting at TWO gigs.

Toyah will be a guest performing with the THE SAS BAND at two concerts in December, singing three cover songs at each gig. 

Tuesday 5 December: The Academy, Basingstoke
Doors open 8.00 pm.

The Academy, Unit 1 Moniton Trading Estate, West Ham Lane 
Basingstoke, Hampshire, RG22 5EE 

Tickets 22.50. All major credit and debit cards accepted. Book with the Box Office on 01256 327 273. Or buy online from

Please note tickets for this gig are not available from the SAS Band office.

Friday 8 December: National Shooting Centre
Doors open 7.30pm

National Shooting Centre, Queens Road, Brookwood, 
Woking, GU24 0NY

Tickets 22.50. We do not accept credit cards, debit cards or Eurocheques. 
Payment must be made by Sterling cheque only. We do not reserve tickets for collection on the night. 

Tickets are available from Jill Davies, SAS Band, PO Box 8658, London SE27 9ZT. 
Cheques should be made payable to JILL DAVIES SAS A/C.

It is essential to include a stamped, self-addressed envelope (a normal DL envelope is fine) for the return of your tickets. You should allow ten working days for your cheque to clear and your tickets to be processed.

Send to: Jill Davies, SAS Band Office, PO Box 8658, London SE27 9ZT
Tel: 020 8761 2329 11.00 am to 5.00pm, Monday to Friday (except Wednesday)

[ Updated News Source: - 4th November 2006 ]

 Sat 4th Nov, 2006: Toyah! Toyah! Toyah!
[ Toyah! Toyah! Toyah! ]After a short delay it appears that 'Toyah! Toyah! Toyah!' (Special Edition) is now available and people are receiving their CDs from online retailers.

With a plethora of extra live Toyah tracks, updated/expanded artwork, and great sleevenotes, this really is a must for everyone's CD collection.

Check out the Wikipedia Toyah! Toyah! Toyah! page for a brief history of Toyah's first live album, originally released exactly 26 years ago.

 Sat 4th Nov, 2006: Toyah guests with SAS Band in December
• Toyah will be playing a gig in December as part of the SAS Band. Spike's All Star Band is a unique ensamble of some of the finest musicians and singers in the World. 
Formed by Spike Edney (Former keyboard player with QUEEN) to appear at the 1994 Gosport Music festival.

[ SAS Band ]

The confirmed band line up for the gig at The Academy Basingstoke, on Tuesday December 5th are; Jamie Moses - Guitar, Neil Murray - Bass, Johnny Marter - Drums, Steve Hamilton - Sax, Andy Bush - Trumpet, with Susie Webb - Zoe Nicholas - Backing Vocals/Fabba girls.

Special guest appearances will include; Chris Thompson, Madeline Bell, Toyah Willcox, Jeff Scott Soto and Tom Robinson.

[ Source: - Click on image for further info ]

 Sat 4th Nov, 2006: 'The Hitmakers Tour' - Toyah in Ipswich
• Toyah, onstage last night at the Regent Theatre, Ipswich, on the fourth date of the 'Hitmakers' Tour. The next gig is on Thursday (9th November) at the Hexagon Theatre in Reading.

[ Hitmakers Tour - 3rd November 2006 ]

[ Thanks to Kurt Jones for the pic - Click to zoom ]

 Sat 4th Nov, 2006: Toyah newsy bits & pieces!
• Toyah is namechecked in a lengthy Howard Jones interview, published in yesterday's 'East Anglian Daily Times', titled: 'The beat goes on for King of Electro Pop'.

• Look left for Dreamscape's November Pic, Mag, Cap, Quote and Lyric of the Month

 Sat 4th Nov, 2006: Toyah on TV
Quadrophenia : ITV4 - Tuesday 7th November : 10.00pm
The Who wrote and produced this energetic story of a young man disillusioned with his life in 1960s London. Phil Daniels excels as the alienated anti-hero Jimmy Cooper. Directed by Franc Roddam. Starring: Phil Daniels, Leslie Ash, Philip Davis, Mark Wingett, Sting, Ray Winstone and Toyah Willcox.

Queen Mania : ITV2 - Tuesday 14th November : 8.00pm
Queen Mania : ITV2 Plus 1- Tuesday 14th November : 9.00pm
Zoe Ball presents a celebration of the music of Queen. With performances from Melanie C, G4, Lesley Garrett, Heather Small, Tony Christie, Toyah Willcox, Myleene Klass and Russell Watson, and a special version of I Want To Break Free by stars of Coronation Street. Plus classic archive footage of Queen, and celebrities talking about the band.

[ Queen Mania ]

The Most Fertile Man in Ireland : Sky Movies 3 - Thu 16th November : 03.45am
Bedded by his town's good-time girl, Eamonn quickly acquires a reputation as a man who can make babies. While both sides of Belfast struggle with their sperm-counts, the lucky man becomes the hot property of both Catholics and Protestants. Crown jewel comedy. Director: Dudi Appleton. Starring: Kris Marshall, Kathy Kiera Clarke, Bronagh Gallagher, James Nesbitt, Kenneth Cranham, Toyah Willcox and Olivia Nash.

 Sat 4th Nov, 2006: 'Win FM' - Toyah interview repeated today
[ WinFM's Big Fun Breakfast ]Toyah guested on Win FM's Big Fun Breakfast this morning. If you missed the interview it is being repeated today on Win FM.

Toyah Willcox on the Big Fun Breakfast

80's punk pop icon, actress, TV presenter, writer, and general workaholic, Toyah Willcox joined Phil Marriott and Dina Burgess on the Big Fun Breakfast this morning. YOU CAN CATCH THE INTERVIEW AGAIN TODAY (4th Nov) from midday on the BEST OF THE BIG FUN BREAKFAST.

[ Please click on the BFB to go to the WinFM website ]

 Sat 4th Nov, 2006: 'The Hitmakers Tour' - Further Update
The Skegness 'Hitmakers' show is now confirmed as not going ahead:

We can confirm that the following dates are cancelled and will definitely not be happening due to the promoters ceasing trading:

Sheffield (19 Oct)
Carlisle (20 Oct)
Newcastle (21 Oct)
Grimsby (22 Oct)
Cardiff (1 Nov)
Skegness (16 Nov)

Howard, Martin and Toyah have taken over the tour from Bristol onwards and will be playing as many dates as possible.

The following dates are currently confirmed as going ahead. 

Oct 11 North Wales Theatre - Tel: 01492 872 000 
Oct 12 Manchester Opera House - Tel: 0870 401 9000 
Nov 2 Bristol Colston Hall - Tel: 0117 922 3686 
Nov 3 Ipswich Regent Theatre - Tel: 01473 433 100 
Nov 9 Reading Hexagon Theatre - Tel: 0118 960 6060
Nov 10 Peterborough Broadway - Tel: 01733 316 100
Nov 11 Birmingham Alexandra Theatre - Tel: 08701451163
Nov 15 Derby Assembly Rooms - Tel: 01332 255 800
Nov 23 Folkestone Leas Cliff Hall - Tel: 01303 288 600
Nov 30 Eastbourne Congress Theatre - Tel: 01323412000
Dec 1 Portsmouth Guild Hall - Tel: 023 9282 4355
Dec 7 Tunbridge Wells Assembly Hall Theatre - Tel: 01892 530 613 

We apologise for any inconveinience and have been reassured that all ticket holders will be refunded by the theatre, point of sale or online vendor.

[ News Source: - 3rd November 2006 ]

 Wed 1st Nov, 2006: 'GScene' - A Lad 'N' A Genie
[ GScene - November 2006 ]Toyah is interviewed in the November issue of Brighton publication 'GScene':

There are six-foot dames, women dressed as boys, boys stroking their magic lamps… and this is family entertainment? Sounds more like a Friday night at Revenge! It’s almost as if panto was made for gay people, but apparently adults and kids alike love to go along and shout, ‘He’s behind you!’ and ‘Oh no he isn’t!’ and ‘Oh yes he is!’ and anything else that comes to mind and it’s great fun. This year Brighton’s Theatre Royal plays host to Aladdin, starring CHICO (of The X Factor fame) and TOYAH WILLCOX as the Genie of the Lamp. Hayley Sherman enjoyed free sandwiches and cake at the theatre and spoke to both.

“A lot of actors wouldn’t dream of doing some of the things that I’ve done.”

Toyah Willcox is very difficult to pigeonhole; punk goddess, reality TV star, presenter, actress and mediator of the Tellytubby. She has been doing panto for 14 years and seems just as enthused by Aladdin as the first. “I have such a dislike of winter,” she tells me. “To come to a theatre for two months and lock the door helps me psychologically. Also, it’s the only time in my entire work that I get to work in front of three generations of a family. You look out there and you see grandma and grandpa out there with their kids and the grandchildren and sometimes it’s unbelievably touching. And it’s fun.”

This year Toyah will be donning the MC Hammer pants and playing Genie to Chico’s Aladdin. “There’s actually three genies in Aladdin,” she tells me, “but they’re all played by the same actress ‘cos they all look the same, so it’s a bit of a running gag. The genie always gets Aladdin out of trouble and he’s always in trouble ‘cos he’s a bit of a lad. I think me and Chico are gonna have a lot of fun.”

As she speaks to me, visions of her role in Quadrophenia leap into my head and I can’t quite make the connection between punk and panto, but she’s quick to remind me that the Brighton-set Mod film was 30 years ago. “I think that it’s age appropriate and time appropriate that I’m doing panto. I think if I went from Quadrophenia one year and did panto the next, that would have been odd, but I think a 30-year gap is
actually quite manageable.”

I push the theme of pigeonholing further, but I think it’s not the first time that she has been quizzed on how she would classify herself. “I still have to claim my identity wherever I go,” she explains. “I think that the thing about diversity is that people don’t know what box to put you in and that can be a problem.”

Pigeonholing aside, Toyah has enjoyed such a varied career that I couldn’t help wondering if she intentionally set out to try every job in the industry: “I always wanted to act and sing and because I’d written songs there was the writing element too. The fact of the matter is that I have to work. There’s no choice about it. I can’t stay at home and do nothing, I’m too self-destructive. I’m not snotty about things. I end up doing an awful lot and I think that a lot of actors wouldn’t dream of doing some of the things that I’ve done.”

Her appeal has spread even more widely in recent years with the release of her book Diary Of A Facelift. “My employment has just gone through the roof,” she confides, “Which says a lot about the industry.” 

I was curious to know what made her decide to write about the subject. “Everyone’s doing it and everyone’s talking about it except in public. Also, I did suddenly go away for two weeks and came back looking really well and people were saying, ‘Wow! You look really great, have you been away on holiday?’ I can’t lie you know. No! I’ve just spent 20 grand on a new face. I have no regrets, but there’s no way that I could recommend it to anyone, because that would be irresponsible. All I can do is share my experiences psychologically with people, and the book is more about psychology than the event. That’s why I wrote it because I think that psychologically, it’s one of the most immense journeys someone can make, because you’re tampering with nature and I think that you have to take all that on board.”

I ended the interview by asking her for an autograph for my dad, which she happily did, gushing cheekily when I told her that he fancied her, and then she was on to the next interview. A facelift may have changed her face, but this woman seems to have boundless, natural energy and passion for the things that she is doing: “I’m always so excited about everything,” she tells me. “Everything’s always new to me. I never go into a job thinking ‘I did the same sort of thing a year ago,’ I always think, ‘Wow! This is gonna be the best thing I’ve ever done and it’s gonna be today.’”

Between Chico’s positivity and Toyah’s energy, this year’s Aladdin has got to be one for the diary.

ALADDIN, Dec 14, 2006–Jan 14, 2007, 
Theatre Royal Brighton. Box office 08700 606650

[ Thanks to Paul Lomas ]

 Wed 1st Nov, 2006: 'Win FM' - Toyah guesting this Friday
Toyah Willcox on the Big Fun Breakfast

80's punk pop icon, actress, TV presenter, writer, and general workaholic, Toyah Willcox will be joining Phil Marriott and Dina Burgess on the Big Fun Breakfast this Friday 3rd November.

Toyah will be talking about her current 80's nostalgia music tour, The Hitmakers Tour, which brings together Martin Fry and ABC, Howard Jones and Toyah.

[ Win FM ]

'Win FM' covers Winchester, Eastleigh, Chandlers Ford, Romsey, Winnall and parts of Southampton, but can be listened to live online at the website.

The Big Fun Breakfast begins at 6am, with Toyah's interview being broadcast at approximately 8am on Friday.

Please click on the screenshot to visit the 'Win FM' website.

{ Source: - Thanks to Phil Marriot ]

 Wed 1st Nov, 2006: 'The Hitmakers Tour' - Bristol, tomorrow
• Toyah onstage in Manchester, on the 'Hitmakers Tour', on 12th October. The third date of the tour takes place TOMORROW night at the Colston Hall, Bristol.

[ Hitmaker Toyah - Manchester, 12th October 2006 ]

[ Thanks to Merx for the pic - Click to zoom ]

 Wed 1st Nov, 2006: Toyah newsy bits & pieces!
• Toyah was namechecked in an interview with Phil Daniels in the 'Sunday Mirror' (28th October): "Phil was just a nervous 19-year-old fresh out of drama school when he landed the role of Jimmy in Quadrophenia... about the battle between mods and rockers in 1960s Brighton. The film set became a finishing school for a generation of young stars including Sting, 80s pop star Toyah Willcox and The Bill's Mark Wingett. Phil also shared a raunchy sex scene in a Brighton alley with Men Behaving Badly actress Leslie Ash."

• Toyah was also mentioned in a 'Mirror' (29th October) article on the recent book 'Dyslexia - The Cure': "The 1,700 courses have been used by pop star Toyah Willcox and Scotland rugby ace Kenny Logan, husband of TV soccer host Gabby. Dyslexia affects up to three million in the UK and has no known cure. But scientists now believe the "brain gym" may bring relief to them and sufferers of other conditions such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder."

• Another namecheck for Toyah in another 'Mirror' (30th October) interview. This one with GMTV newsreader/host, Penny Smith: "Penny certainly doesn't believe in acting her age, though. "I've been lectured by 20-year-olds for being silly," she says. "But I like being silly - if I want to prance around in a ridiculous outfit then I will." Penny hasn't ruled out plastic surgery in the future. "Toyah Willcox is a friend and she's had a facelift and looks fantastic," she says. "But I don't think I'd say if I did do it, surely the whole point is that you don't?"

• Check out Robert Fripp's online diary to read up on Toyah and Robert having an early Wonderful Willcox Time! [ Thanks to Merx ]

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