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 APRIL 2007 NEWS: ............................................... ...........

 Sat 28th April, 2007: More Toyah onstage @ Bognor
• Some great pictures of Toyah, onstage in Bognor last Saturday (21st April).

[ Butlins - 21st April 2007 ]

These pictures will be available in larger versions in the Gallery soon.

[ Thanks to Per-Arne for the pics ]

 Sat 28th April, 2007: Toyah to guest at 'MusicMania Live'
• Toyah will guest at the 'MusicMania Live' convention at thecentre:mk in Milton Keynes. The event takes place on Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th July 2007.

[ MusicMania Live ]

[ Please click on the screenshot for further information ]

 Sat 28th April, 2007: More Toyah offstage @ Butlins
• Toyah, pictured with Per-Arne Baakind, last Saturday at Butlins.

[ Toyah & Per-Arne ]

[ Thanks to Per-Arne for the pic ]

 Sat 28th April, 2007: Toyah on TV
Michael Gambon: Maigret & Me : ITV3 - Mon 7th May : 2.55pm
Michael Gambon: Maigret & Me : ITV3 Plus 1 - Mon 7th May : 3.55pm
Favourite Leading Lady. Many famous actresses including Sorcha Cusack, Toyah Willcox, Jill Freud and Brenda Blethyn appeared in the Maigret series. This episode features Minnie Driver as a nightclub dancer whom Michael remembers with great affection. The scene in which she dances for the clientele of a Paris nightclub drew an admiring crowd!

Michael Gambon: Maigret & Me : ITV3 - Mon 7th May : 10.10pm
Michael Gambon: Maigret & Me : ITV3 Plus 1 - Mon 7th May : 11.10pm
Most Dramatic Episode. Michael Gambon loved the splendour of the location for Hotel Majestic. The kitchens of the hotel were a background for many of the most dramatic scenes, and he relished the bustle and excitement of life below stairs. He also recalls the pleasure of working with John Kavanagh and Toyah Willcox, who played a temperamental prostitute.

[ See below for further Toyah on TV information ]

 Sat 28th April, 2007: Dave Lee's Happy Holidays 2007
Toyah guested at Dave Lee's Happy Holidays show last Sunday (22nd April) at the Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury. This is an annual event held to raise money for children's charities.

Toyah appeared towards the end of the show and performed three songs: 'Are You Gonna Go My Way', 'Echo Beach' and 'My Generation'.

[ Thanks to Katy McAleese for the info ]

 Wed 25th April, 2007: Toyah @ Bognor
• Toyah, onstage and off, in Bognor on Saturday 21st April 2007.

[ Toyah @ Butlins - 21st April 2007 ]

Please click to zoom picture one.

[ Thanks to Sven Inge Winkler Solberg, with Toyah above, for the pics ]

 Wed 25th April, 2007: Toyah @ Bognor
• Toyah, with Paul Cable and Paul Lomas, last weekend in Bognor.

[ Toyah, Paul & Paul - April 2007 ]

[ Thanks to Paul Cable, above left, for the pictures ]

 Wed 25th April, 2007: Toyah on TV
Brum : Monday 30th April - BBC2 : 9.15am
Brum and the Airport Adventure. The adventures of a little car who lives in a motor museum, narrated by Toyah Willcox. When precious gems are stolen from a famous celebrity at the airport, Brum is soon on the trail of the two thieves.

The Most Fertile Man In Ireland : Sky Movies Comedy - Mon 7th May : 12.45am
The Most Fertile Man In Ireland : Sky Movies Comedy - Mon 7th May : 10.05pm
Twenty-four year old virgin, Eamonn Manley, lives with his mother in Belfast and is painfully shy with the ladies. Things change for Eamonn when Mary Malloy decides to make the first move and soon Mary realises that she is pregnant even though she was using birth control. The doctor discovers that Eamonn has an unusually high sperm count... His mother has the idea that he can help the local ladies who have had problems conceiving a baby... Director: Dudi Appleton. Starring: Kris Marshall, Kathy Kiera Clarke, Bronagh Gallagher, James Nesbitt, Kenneth Cranham, Toyah Willcox and Olivia Nash. 

Tales of The Unexpected : ITV3 - Monday 7th May : 6.25am 
Tales of The Unexpected : ITV3 Plus 1 - Monday 7th May : 7.25am
Tales of The Unexpected : ITV3 - Monday 7th May : 2.30pm 
Tales of The Unexpected : ITV3 Plus 1 - Monday 7th May : 3.30pm
Blue Marigold. Series 5, Episode 1. At the height of her fame, Myra, a fashion model, is suddenly out of favour with her agencies and deserted by her boyfriend. Years later she sees an opportunity to win him back. Starring: John Houseman, Sharon Duce, and Toyah Willcox.

 Sat 21st April, 2007: Toyah @ 'The Club' 2007 - Club website ad
• The ad/promo flyer for Toyah's forthcoming appearance at 'The Club'

[ Toyah @ The Club 2007 ]

The Club, 14 Hillcrest Street, Hanley, Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire, ST1 2AA. 
Tel: 01782 201829 

[ Please click on the ad to visit 'The Club' website ]

 Sat 21st April, 2007: 'Through The Keyhole' - Screen caps
• A selection of screen captures from Toyah's Appearance on Thursday's (19th April) Through the Keyhole on BBC2. Houses looked at were Andy Abrahams, Jacqueline Bisset & Bill Pertwee.

Toyah also guested on another edition of Through The Keyhole last week. She has now made three appearances this series.

[ Thanks to Andi Westhorpe for the caps & info ]

 Sat 21st April, 2007: Live in Bognor - Set-list
Toyah played at Bognor last night, coming onstage at 11.15pm, the set-list was as follows:

Are You Gonna Go My Way
Echo Beach
Hangin' On The Telephone
Thunder In The Mountains
Word Up
Little Tears Of Love
She Sells Sanctuary
It's A Mystery
Jungles Of Jupiter
Sweet Child 'O' Mine
I Want To Be Free
My Generation

Toyah plays the same venue again today, at 2pm

[ Huge thanks to Paul Lomas for the info ]

 Sat 21st April, 2007: 'The Scotsman' - Anton simply loves dancing
Coincidentally tying in with Toyah's latest appearance on Through The Keyhole, Anton Du Beke is interviewed in yesterday's 'The Scotsman'. As he says, he guested with Toyah on an edition of the show recently:

...But nothing has yet come close to the thrill he enjoyed as a panellist on Through The Keyhole. 

"I got to sit next to Toyah Willcox!" he exclaims. "I spent many hours with Toyah when I was younger - in my imagination. When I saw her I wanted to give her a big kiss but had to settle for a small kiss. And as for Sir David Frost, what a legend." 

Click on the link below ro ead the full article.

[ Source: www.thescotsman.com - Friday 20th April 2007 ]

 Sat 21st April, 2007: 'Memorabilia 2007' - More Toyah pictures
• More great pictures of Toyah at 'Memorabilia 2007' at the Birmingham NEC:

[ Memorabilia 2007 ]

Please click on the above pictures to view a larger version of picture one.

[ Thanks to Martyn Hampton, pictured above with his son, Jordan ]

 Sat 21st April, 2007: 'The Corn is Green' - Further DVD info
[ Toyah & Katharine Hepburn ]Katherine Hepburn recreates the role originally played by Bette Davis - of schoolteacher Lilly Moffat. She is horrified by the conditions - and the children's lack of knowledge. When she tries to set up shop and strart giving basic classes, the locals object. A woman of moxy, she pushes ahead, setting up her own school in her home. Over the course of the film, one special student shines - progressing from classroom bully to studious pupil. 

Hepburn gives a bravura performance as the devoted teacher in this remake of the 1945 film based on Emlyn Williams's famed autobiographical stage play. When her protégé learns that he's fathered an illegitimate child, Miss Moffat's careful plans - and the boy's future - are thrown into jeopardy.

THE CORN IS GREEN, filmed on location in Wales, was Hepburn’s second television project with Cukor, following LOVE AMONG THE RUINS, and the ninth film on which the two Hollywood legends worked together. The spark between director and actress--which breathed magic into such Hollywood classics as ADAM’S RIB, THE PHILADELPHIA STORY, and LITTLE WOMEN - is still alive in THE CORN IS GREEN, contributing to a grandeur and emotional depth not commonly found in made-for-television movies. 

Runtime: 93 mins
Original Product Release Date: 29/05/2007
Original Aspect Ratio - 1.78
Widescreen [16:9 Transfer]
Sound Quality: English: Mono 1.0 - 
Subtitles: Brazilian Portuguese, English, Francais

 Sat 21st April, 2007: Katharine Hepburn 100th Anniversary Collection
[ Katharine Hepburn Box Set ]Six films from screen icon Katharine Hepburn are featured on this collection:

The Corn Is Green
Dragon Seed
Morning Glory
Sylvia Scarlett
Without Love

Welsh-born writer Emlyn Williams' 1938 play The Corn is Green originally starred Ethel Barrymore as L.C. Moffat, the strong-willed schoolteacher under whose guidance the illiterate Welsh teenager Morgan Evans matriculates as an honor student. Bette Davis played Moffat in the 1945 film version; this second filmization, made for television on location in North Wales, stars Katharine Hepburn. Morgan Evans is portrayed by newcomer Ian Saynor; the rest of the cast is populated by such old reliables as Bill Fraser and Anna Massey. Directed by George Cukor (his ninth collaboration with Katharine Hepburn), The Corn is Green premiered on January 29, 1979.

This set contains DVDs which may be available seperately:

 Sat 21st April, 2007: Toyah Gig Guide for 2007
Saturday 21st April - Bognor Regis - Full band
Saturday 19th May - Blackpool Gay Pride - North Pier Theatre - Live PA
Saturday 9th June - Stoke-On-Trent - The Club - *new*
Saturday 30th June - Harewood House, Leeds - Here & Now show - *new*
Sunday 15th July - Henley Festival - Here & Now show
Saturday 21st July - Alnwick Castle, Northumberland  - Here & Now show
Saturday 28th July - Audley End, Cambridgeshire - Here & Now show
Sunday 29th July - Tatton Park, Cheshire - Here & Now show
Saturday 18th August - Clumber Park, Nottinghamshire - Full band
Saturday 25th August - Battle Abbey, Hastings - Here & Now show
Friday 5th October - Lincoln, Gainsborough - Headline concert
 Sat 21st April, 2007: New 'Here and Now' Tour date
We are pleased to announce another Here and Now date: Here and Now: Harewood House, Leeds on Saturday 30th June. The line-up includes:

Belinda Carlisle
Go West
Paul Young
Midge Ure

Adult 32.50
Child: 20.00 (ages 5 - 15)
Under 5: Free Entry

On the gate:
Adult: 40.00
Child: 25.00 (ages 5 - 15)

Box Office: 01603 660 444

[ Source: Here & Now promo mailout - April 2007 ]

 Sat 21st April, 2007: Toyah newsy bits & pieces!
Urgh! A Music War was recently reshown on VH1 Classic in the US. Six peformances from the original movie, from 1980, were omitted from the airing but Toyah's 'Danced' was included in the broadcast.

• Toyah was namechecked in a couple of recent articles: She was mentioned in 'The Sun' on 12th April, in an interview with Michael McKell, read Doctors star's crash comeback here.

• As well as the 'North West Evening Mail', on 18th April, in an article about Brum: Kids cry as Brum breaks down on way to show. Read it here.

 Wed 18th April, 2007: Toyah @ 'The Club' 2007
• Toyah will be appearing at The Club in Stoke-On-Trent in June. This will be her first PA at the Staffordshire venue since June 2004.

[ Toyah @ The Club: 1996(?), 2001, 2002 & 2004 ]

Toyah has played at The Club numerous times over the past ten years or so, first appearing in August 1996 at their Grand Opening Party!

Stay tuned for further details soon! Please click on the pics above to visit 'The Club' website.

[ News Source: John/Tintin @ Dreamscape's Forum - 17th April 2007 ]

 Wed 18th April, 2007: 'The Corn Is Green' on DVD
The Corn Is Green will soon be available on Region 1 DVD. Toyah played Bessie Watty in this 1978 remake of a Bette Davis 1940's classic, alongside Katharine Hepburn, and directed by George Cukor. More info on this soon.

[ Thanks to Paul Lomas - Visit Paul's MySpace page ]

 Tue 17th April, 2007: 'Faith & Music' - Repeat on ITV1 next week
• Toyah's excellent Faith & Music documentary, originally broadcast in September 2006, will be re-aired next Sunday night/Monday morning here in the UK.

[ Faith & Music ]

Again the 55 minute special will broadcast across the ITV1 network. Please click on the pics above to visit Dreamscape's Faith & Music page.

Faith & Music : ITV1 - Monday 23rd April : 00.30am
Toyah Willcox looks back at her diverse and prolific career, discussing teenage rebellion and the punk scene, and performing an exclusive acoustic set, including Neon Womb, It's a Mystery and Little Tears of Love.

 Sun 15th April, 2007: Official Toyah @ 'MySpace'
• Toyah now has an Official MySpace presence:

[ The Official Toyah MySpace ]

You can listen to great Toyah tracks, view pictures, read Toyah's latest Webletter/Diary entry, and request to be added as a frend.

 Sun 15th April, 2007: 'Express & Star' - Short Toyah interview
Leap on over to the 'Express & Star' website to view a short video from the 'Memorabilia 2007' convention at the Birmingham NEC.

This includes a brief interview with Toyah:

"I'm here, it's a signing weekend for collectors, who like to collect autographs of people in film and television, and people that have even done walk-on's, I think, get to sign autographs here, it's very varied!

I grew up, well I was born, conceived even, in Kings Heath in Birmingham. And I love Birmingham now. I didn't when I was a child but now I Just think it's the bee's knees, I think it's fantastic. I love Brigley Place, I love the whole new regeneration of the Bullring area, it's really exciting.

Please click the above screenshot to view the clip.

[ Source: www.morningandstar.co.uk - April 2007 ]

 Sun 15th April, 2007: Official update
[ The Official Toyah Willcox website ]The Official Toyah website has been updated with Toyah's Webletter/Diary entry for April 2007.

It's a quite poignant missive from Toyah and I'm sure will resonate with anyone who has experienced losing a loved one.

Toyah also keeps us up-to-date with her latest news and happenings, so take the leap over to the Ofificial site, or visit the new Official MySpace (see above), to read it all for yourself!

[ News Source: www.toyahwillcox.com - 14th April 2007 ]

 Sun 15th April, 2007: More 'Blue Marigold'
Tales of The Unexpected : ITV3 - Monday 23rd April : 6.25am
Tales of The Unexpected : ITV3 Plus 1 - Monday 23rd April : 7.25am
Tales of The Unexpected : ITV3 - Monday 23rd April : 2.35pm 
Tales of The Unexpected : ITV3 Plus 1 - Monday 23rd April : 3.35pm
Blue Marigold. Series 5, Episode 1. At the height of her fame, Myra, a fashion model, is suddenly out of favour with her agencies and deserted by her boyfriend. Years later she sees an opportunity to win him back. Starring: John Houseman, Sharon Duce, and Toyah Willcox.
 Mon 9th April, 2007: Dreamscape Gallery - Updated
• The first batch of new photos have been added to the Gallery. There are additions to 1980 and Toyah+, and a new 1984 page has been added. Click below to visit.

[ Dreamscape Gallery ]

[ Thanks to Dan Greensmith ]

 Mon 9th April, 2007: Toyah on TV - Tales of the Unexpected
• Toyah's unforgettable Tales Of The Unexpected episode, 'Blue Marigold', is being shown again on ITV3 later this month. 

[ Tales of the Unexpected ]

Tales of The Unexpected : ITV3 - Monday 23rd April : 6.25am 
Tales of The Unexpected : ITV3 Plus 1 - Monday 23rd April : 7.25am
Blue Marigold. Series 5, Episode 1. At the height of her fame, Myra, a fashion model, is suddenly out of favour with her agencies and deserted by her boyfriend. Years later she sees an opportunity to win him back. Starring: John Houseman, Sharon Duce, and Toyah Willcox.

 Sun 8th April, 2007: Toyah on TV
The Story Of Light Entertainment : BBC4 - Easter Sunday : 11.05pm
Part 5, Pop and Easy Listening. Stephen Fry presents a potted history of popular music programmes on TV, exploring why such shows are making a comeback, thanks to the success of The X Factor and Pop Idol. Toyah comments on a number of topics, including: Punk:, MTV, and Sheena Easton. 

 Sun 8th April, 2007: Toyah newsy bits & pieces!
[ Toyah @ Mayhem 1980 ]• I'm hoping to update the Gallery very soon with some more rare and interesting Toyah pics (including this very rare one @ Mayhem in 1980 - Thanks to Dan Greensmith). There will also be additions to the Toyah+ Gallery page too.

• Another online article, on the forthcoming Summer concerts, namechecking Toyah. Head to the Berwick Today website to read their Alnwick Castle venue for 80's spectacular article. 

• Toyah is also mentioned in the Bournemouth Daily Echo Teletubbies 10th Birthday piece, Tubby Or Not Tubby?

• A Happy Easter to all of Dreamscape's visitors. Last month was one of the busiest in the site's history. During March 2007 we had a total of 7,793 page loads (of this main page), 5,216 of which were unique visitors. Many of those were direct hits but we also had links from some quite weird and wonderful places. The most popular section of Dreamscape, apart from the News page, is of course the Gallery.

 Tue 3rd April, 2007: 25 years of The Changeling
We're on our way to mysterious worlds.... Soon!

 Tue 3rd April, 2007: Tatton Park Picnic Concert - Website
• Check out the great looking 'Tatton Park Concert' website:

[ Tatton Park ]

[ Source: www.tattonparkconcerts.com - April 2007 ]

 Tue 3rd April, 2007: Tatton Park Picnic Concert - Press
• Various newspaper and online promotional articles and ads for the Tatton Park Picnic Concert taking place on Sunday 29th July in Cheshire.

[ Tatton Park promotion ]

[ Thanks to Paul Lomas - Click above to read the article ]

Tue 3rd April, 2007: 'Memorabilia 2007' - Toyah & Hazel
• Toyah with Hazel O'connor at the NEC on Sunday 1st April 2007.

[ Toyah and Hazel ]

Toyah was in full battle mode by the Sunday,.as she was then placed directly next to her pal Hazel O 'Connor whom I know wanted to quiz her on a certain little surgery Toyah had done some time ago. They made a good team. Hazel seems to have a chair allergy, she was out in front most of the day... entertaining... chatting... signing, etc.

Toyah was one of the last to leave as she had a crowd even as she was packing up... something about being photographed with the Delorean from Back to the Future. But all in all she was very good fun, very gracious, very giving of her time and hopefully she enjoyed it.

It woud be great to seee many more fans at the next one :) Thanx Toyah for a great Weekend :)

[ Thanks to Damon King for the pics and convention report ]

 Tue 3rd April, 2007: 'Memorabilia 2007' - Toyah solo
• Two great pictures of Toyah, on Saturday and Sunday, from the 'Memorabilia' convention at the NEC in Birmingham. Click on each pic to zoom. Thanks to Damon King for the pics and this report:

[ Memorabilia - Saturday 31st March 2007 ] [ Memorabilia - Sunday 1st April 2007 ]

Toyah was welcomed back at the NEC this weekend and in much demand..Her desk was always surrounded by fans, onlookers and other delights that you get at conventions!

Toyah was in full flow most of the weekend... chatting, signing, listening in many cases. Many fans came along and said hi. I think the youngest I saw was a 2 year old girl in the 'Warrior Rock' tour t-shirt from '82 (which went down to her ankles but she did look cute in it)..

And there was a vast collection of things people were bringing to get signed. I saw tour programmes, t-shirts, an original Tempest poster, CD's, books, and drawings (thanx to Lindsay).

[ Thanks to Damon King for the pics and convention report - Click to zoom]

 Tue 3rd April, 2007: 'Memorabilia 2007' - Toyah & fans
• Toyah, with fans, on Sunday at the 'Memorabilia' convention at the NEC.

[ Toyah @ Memorabilia with fans ]

[ Thanks to Damon King (pic 1) for all pics, except pic 2 - Thanks to Andrew York ]

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