Available for download from 21.09.09 at iTunes, Amazon, Play.com, Tesco, HMV, 7Digital & more

Click to download 'These Boots Are Made For Walkin' from iTunes

Click to buy the CD 'We Are The Humans' by The Humans from Remember The Eighties

Click to download 'We Are The Humans' from iTunes

Click to buy 'In The Court Of The Crimson Queen' on CD from Remember The Eighties

Click to download 'In The Court Of The Crimson Queen' from iTunes

.Grimsby Telegraph - Vampires Rock Review
.Saturday 31st October, 2009.....................................................Press Clips
Review: Vampires Rock,
Grimsby Auditorium

28 October 2009, By Trevor Ekins

Something to get your teeth into...

As darkness descended on Grimsby Auditorium, the vampires came out to play and, boy, did they play – and it wasn’t even Halloween!

According to Steve Steinman, the writer, producer, director and star of Vampires Rock, this is not a musical but a concert.

It’s against the backdrop of a story that we are treated to some of the greatest rock anthems as numbers by Billy Idol, Queen, AC/DC, Bon Jovi and Gun ‘N’ Roses, to name but a few, are literally belted out.

This show has it all: kitsch, humour, pyrotechnics, sexy costumes, eye-catching dancers, talented musicians and blood-sucking vampires.

Toyah plays her character with exactly the same attitude I first witnessed almost 30 years ago, delivering an energetic performance that belies her years whilst her rendition of Sweet Child O’ Mine was deservedly a crowd pleaser.

Meanwhile, Steinman’s Bat Out Of Hell was equally well received and he sings with such power that it is difficult to believe he can sustain this night after night.

Read the full review at 'This is Grimsby'

.This Fragile Moment
.Saturday 31st October, 2009.............................................................Music
Some interesting info, from the MySpace of Lee Fletcher (Halo), on Toyah's latest collaboration, This Fragile Moment:

Recorded in Estonia this summer, the album centers around predominantly improvised performances by Toyah, bassist Chris Wong (of Toyah's other current band The Humans), producer & touch guitarist Markus Reuter, plus the members of Estonian duo Fragile; Arvo Urb (drums) and Robert Jurjendal (guitar)... It's a very unique album, which stands apart from Toyah's previous work, though in some ways there are tenuous links with The Humans' project, not least due to the added involvement of fellow band-mate Chris Wong... The self-titled album will be released next month (November 2009) via Unsung Records, housed in distinctive artwork created by designer Ritxi Ostáriz.

Visit Lee's MySpace Blog
here. Visit Unsung Records website here.
.Vampires Rock - Nottingham Concert Hall
.Saturday 31st October, 2009 • Thanks to Richard Smith...............Pictures

Toyah, pictured after Thursday's Vampires Rock show, at Nottingham Concert Hall. Vampires Rock plays the Brighton Centre tonight, Chatham Central Theatre tomorrow, and a sold out show at Norwich Theatre Royal on Monday.

.Happy Halloween - Toyah Wallpapers
.Saturday 31st October, 2009 • Thanks to Andi..............................Pictures

Random Toyah Goodie For Halloween 2009: Two Toyah wallpapers - A fantastic photo from 1981. Please click on either for larger wallpaper versions.

.Toyah Newsy Bits & Pieces!
.Thursday 29th October, 2009.........................................................Various
Vampires Rock is gearing up for another spooky show this Halloween. Toyah, Steve and the gang play the Brighton Centre this Saturday night. On the scariest night of the year there's bound to be a few bumps and surprises during the show!

Vampires Rock played at the Grimsby Auditorium last night, and is at Nottingham Concert Hall tonight, Northampton Derngate tomorrow night and, the aforementioned, Brighton Centre on Saturday.

• It started out as a working title but it looks like there is a possibility that Power Of Three could become the official release title of Toyah's forthcoming film after all. At the moment it is known as Three To Tango but that could change. Keep an eye on the film's Official site
here and Facebook here.

• The legendary and evergreen Quadrophenia may be released yet again in the coming months. This time on Blu-Ray. More details if and when this happens (Thanks to Paul Lomas).

• The 'Chester Standard' reported a cute story on 21st October: 'Punk' pigs get a new home at Chester Zoo: The pigs are called Iggy, Toyah, Malcolm and Nancy. Click
here to read the full story.

• Toyah was namechecked in a recent 'Daily Mail' article on Leslie Ash. Read it
.In The Court Of The Crimson Queen - It's Everywhere!
.Thursday 29th October, 2009............................................................Music
Toyah's 'In The Court Of The Crimson Queen' is now available to download from various online music stores. The album was exclusively available as a download via iTunes but is now listed at many other stores, including play.com.

This fantastic album deserves as much exposure as possible so the more availability, the better. Toyah's Official website has a dedicated 'Crimson Queen' section here, and Dreamscape's feature can be viewed here.

.Dreamscape News Archive - September 2009
.Thursday 29th October, 2009.....................................................Site News
Dreamscape's Toyah news for September 2009 has now been archived. Look back at an incredibly busy month for Toyah news: 'These Boots Are Made For Walkin' - the digital single, video and pictures, Psychic Therapy - the Toyah documentary on Bio, the Vampires Rock 2009 Tour opens, Toyah on the cover of 'GScene/Out & About' magazine, the PA at New Foresters in Nottingham, BFBS Radio coverage of the Rewind Festival, more news on Three To Tango, Casualty info, a guest appearance on Celeb Experiences, plus numerous Toyah press interviews with 'The Sentinel', 'Basildon Recorder', 'Bury Free Press', 'Bournemouth Daily Echo', and 'Inverness Courier', and much more.

.YouTubing with Toyah! - Naughty Toyah/Palais Paris
.Tuesday 27th October, 2009..........................................................Internet
More YouTubing with Toyah! Naughty Toyah pulls a face, during the video/photo session for 'Lesser God' in 2007. Plus, 'Ieya', and an interview clip, from Palais Paris 1981. There are also links to 'Furious Futures', 'Thunder In The Mountains', 'It's A Mystery' and 'Masai Boy' from Palais Paris at YouTube.


.Toyah on TV - TV Diary Round Up
.Tuesday 27th October, 2009......................................................Television
• Quadrophenia : Sky Movies Modern Greats - Mon 2nd November : 11.50pm
• Proud Parents : Channel 4 - Monday 9th November : 12.30pm
• Proud Parents : Channel 4 +1 - Monday 9th November : 1.30pm
• Quadrophenia : Sky Movies Modern Greats - Mon 9th November : 0.00am
• Secret Diary Of A Call Girl : ITV2 - Date & Time tbc (rescheduled to 2010)
.Midlands Mag - "I Have Enjoyed Not Being Bound To One Medium"
.Sunday 25th October, 2009.........................................................Interview
An interview with Toyah, published in Vol. 1/October 09 issue of 'The Midlands Magazine':

Her career spans thirty years of music, theatre, film and TV and she shows no sign of slowing down. The irrepressible Toyah Willcox comes to Birmingham's Alexandra Theatre in November as the Devil Queen in the hit show, Vampires Rock

As an Eighties icon, she was up there with the best of them. She blasted onto the pop scene in a blaze of neon hair, outrageous fashion and powerhouse energy. The punk princess from Birmingham, who came in with a bang and made you sit up and listen with hits like It’s a Mystery, sung with her trademark lisp.

And, while Madonna may hold the reputation for being the mistress of reinvention, Toyah Willcox must surely rank as one of the most successful multi-media artists.

A glance back over her 31 years in the business shows just how effectively the recording star, who enjoyed superstar success on the pop scene as a song writer and performer, simultaneously managed to carve out highly successful and prolific theatre, film and TV careers with a longevity that is extraordinary.

Her range has been epic, seamlessly moving from rock and pop albums to films such as the groundbreaking Quadrophenia and theatre work including the Taming of the Shrew, Emile Zola’s Therese Racquin, the award-winning comedy Three Men and a Horse, and the lead role in the major national touring production of Calamity Jane, which was nominated for an Evening Standard Award for Best Musical.

As she explains, having parallel careers has been her aim from the very start.

“I always wanted to sing and act, but I never wanted to combine the two at the same time. That was quite unusual a few years ago, as people had to focus on one thing. As I grew older, the bindings loosened, the Svengalis and managers let go, and I found that incredibly liberating. I have enjoyed life ever since, not being bound and gagged to one medium.

“Thirty years ago there was a snobbery that kept people away from doing that. Now major A-listers are doing TV series and soaps - perceptions are changing.”

Toyah has continued to push the envelope artistically ever since. This autumn, she is playing to full houses with a UK tour of the hit theatre production Vampires Rock, which has been compared to The Rocky Horror Show of the Eighties. Set in the future, it’s a rock-comedy bloodfest of vampires, fantastic sets, costumes, dance and pyrotechnics, set to a sound track that includes some of the most iconic rock hits from the likes of Meatloaf, Bon Jovi, Alice Cooper, The Rolling Stones and Queen. Toyah stars, opposite Steve Steinman, as the Devil Queen and spends a good deal of the show wearing skin-tight rubber costumes, thigh-high boots and skyscraper heels. The production comes to the Alexandra Theatre in Birmingham on November 6.

Read the full interview at 'The Midlands Magazine'

.Three To Tango - Charity Preview - Red Carpet - For Real
.Sunday 25th October, 2009...........................................................Pictures
Photos from the charity preview screening of Three To Tango, held earlier this week. The event included an auction which raised over £4,000 for Breakthrough Cancer. There was also a camera crew present filming the evening. Please click on the photos to visit the Three To Tango Facebook for more pictures.

.Toyah Top 10 @ iTunes
.Friday 23rd October, 2009................................................................Music
Currently the most popular Toyah downloads at iTunes are the original versions of 'Thunder In The Mountains' and 'Danced', from 1981 and 1979. These are included on the '25th Anniversary Commemorative Album of Safari Records', but can also be downloaded as individual tracks.

The remainder of the Toyah Top 10 consists of songs from last year's 'In The Court Of The Crimson Queen' album:

1. Thunder In The Mountains
2. Danced
3. Legacy
4. Come
5. Hyperventilate
6. Bad Man
7. Love Crazy
8. Angel In You
9. Lesser God
10. Heal Ourselves

The original recording of 'Thunder In The Mountains' has been available as a download via various online digital music stores for a while, but only as part of the 'Smash Hits Party' album, rather than individually.

Another Toyah related album available at iTunes is 'How To Dress Sensibly' by English Eccentrics. Toyah's vocals can be heard on the song 'One Cup Of Tea'. Check it out here.

.Nottingham Evening Post - "I'm An Original" - Toyah Willcox
.Friday 23rd October, 2009...........................................................Interview
A new Toyah interview, from today's 'Nottingham Evening Post':

The Newark-based singer and musical producer Steve Steinman has created a monster with the musical Vampires Rock. The show has grown year on year and this year, like last, it features a star name in Toyah Willcox, who plays the Devil Queen.

"I'm an original and I'm a name," she boasts of her contribution. And she's not done there... "I'm an award-winning singer and actress. And I have other things going on which I think adds kudos."

She's going to tell us exactly what...

"I have a single out, These Boots Are Made For Walking, with my band The Humans, which features my husband (King Crimson guitarist) Robert Fripp. And my co-writer is Bill Rieflin who has been drumming with REM for seven years. So that's a hell of a pedigree."

Boasting aside, Willcox admits that her involvement with the show has been a two-way street.

" It's a great, fun show. The songs are great. There's so much talent in the band and then there's the visual elements too. It's a show for people who like rock but want a different experience from just standing in a nightclub.

"It's easy to see why Steve has such a strong following because some of the songs are better than the originals."

Steinman first came to prominence by impersonating Meat Loaf on Stars in their Eyes and his first success with musical theatre came with his touring productions of the Bat Out Of Hell albums.

Mr Loaf isn't a fan, says Willcox.

"I know first-hand that Meat Loaf doesn't agree with people impersonating him but Steve does it so well.

"There's clearly a big audience out there for these rock shows. On this tour, we're going to places that Steve hasn't played before, so there's definitely a demand for it."

Toyah's career in music, which started in the early eighties with hits like It's A Mystery, Brave New World and I Want to Be Free, has been built on a quirky persona -- and the character of the Devil Queen is no exception. So how close is it to her own personality?

Read the full interview at 'This is Nottingham',
.Record Collector Magazine - Forthcoming Toyah Interview
.Wednesday 21st October, 2009.................................................Magazines
The Official Toyah Facebook report that... Toyah is being interviewed for Record Collector this month for a feature which will have some very nice input from toyahwillcox.com.. we'll bring you publication details soon.

'Record Collector' magazine is the UK's longest running monthly music publication. Its history dates back to the early 1960's with a supplement included in 'The Beatles Book' magazines. Work began on a standalone magazine in 1979 and the first issue of 'Record Collector' was published in March 1980. The magazine has been published every month since.

Toyah was "back cover star" of the magazine in June 1982 (issue 154).
.The Humans - Gig Pages
.Wednesday 21st October, 2009...........................................Music/Internet

The Humans have dedicated pages/sections at each of the venue websites where they will play dates next February. Visit the Cambridge Junction here, Leamington Spa Assembly here, and Scala London here.

.Bournemouth Daily Echo - The Devil Is In The Detail
.Wednesday 21st October, 2009................................................Press Clips
It's the year 2030, in New York City the undead are livelier than ever. Over in club Live and Let Die, Baron Von Rockula and The Devil Queen hold court as he begins his search for a new bride, much to his Queen’s chagrin.

“Over my dead body!” she would say were she not already dead.

The baron has set his sights on Pandora, an innocent singer in need of a job.

It’s all the encouragement he needs to let loose a flood of rock classics played by his house band, The Lost Boys, as the baron and his sidekick, Stringfellow, try to convince Pandora to surrender her soul to rock ’n’ roll.

If this all sounds like a top night out then you need to be at Bournemouth’s Pavilion Theatre tomorrow night as Toyah Willcox and top Meat Loaf impersonator Steve Steinman star in Vampires Rock.

“I’m thrilled to be part of the show again in 2009,” says Toyah. “I’ve done a lot of theatre in the past and this show is so much fun. Where else could you get to dress up in costumes like this and sing your favourite rock songs?”
.Three To Tango - Charity Preview - Last Night
.Wednesday 21st October, 2009...............................................Film/Events
The Three To Tango charity preview screening, plus Q&A session, took place last night at The Everyman in Hampstead. The event was in support of the Breakthrough Breast Cancer charity. Please click below to visit the Official Three To Tango website, full of info about the forthcoming movie.

.YouTubing with Toyah! - Mum & Mobiles!
.Wednesday 21st October, 2009.....................................................Internet
Something that may, or may not, depending on what is available, become an (ir)regular feature on Dreamscape... YouTubing with Toyah. This week: Toyah and her legendary infamous "Mum" ad from the late 1980's, plus more 80's, with Toyah, and lots of other "talking heads", discussing mobile phones.


.Vampires Rock News
.Wednesday 21st October, 2009.....................................................Theatre
Over the last week Vampires Rock has played at Bournemouth Pavilion, and two sold out shows at Mansfield Palace. The next dates are The Grand Opera House, York (tomorrow night), Sands Centre, Carlise (Friday) and The Opera House, Manchester (Sunday).

.Tea & Ten - A Virtual Cuppa With Toyah
.Saturday 17th October, 2009 • Thanks to Sharyn........................Interview
We met up with Toyah Willcox (pictured centre) for a virtual cuppa while she was rehearsing in Estonia. She is a one woman dynamo best known for her outlandish hair and makeup along with her 80's rock hits. She sings, writes, dances and is now enjoying more acting roles including a lead in a new feature film due out this October - Three to Tango.

What is the most unique thing about you?
I believe that we're all unique, yet utterly the same. My uniquest bit is probably my ability to pre-empt a question accurately and infuriatingly before the questioner has finished asking it.

What makes you dance?
I'm a rock singer as well as an actress, so my job keeps me dancing. But virtually anything positive encourages me to dance, it's cheaper than going to the gym and twice as much fun. Dancing cures all ills, frustration, anger, lethargy, writers block and weight gain!

Who do you believe in?
I believe in most things and in most people because I believe that part of the privilege of being a human being is our ability to believe. I also believe in my writing partner Bill Rieflin. I believe in my husband Robert Fripp because he is my greatest sounding board whether I choose to believe his answers or not. Whilst filming Three to Tango I believed my fellow actress's. Our continual feed back was the essence of our group identity, very important and trusting.

Read the full interview
.York Press - Toyah Willcox Stars in Steve Steinman’s Vampires Rock
.Saturday 17th October, 2009.......................................................Interview
Toyah first said she could do only 20 shows, vamping it up as the Devil Queen in a special guest star role in Steve Steinman’s touring musical Vampires Rock.

Steve, however, talked her into playing 44 performances last year and the Eighties’ pop star, film and stage actress, television presenter and author has agreed to return to the rock musical for another run of 55 shows between September and mid-February.

Why? “I’m enjoying doing other people’s songs because your memories are very different. They tend to be much more romantic than when you’re writing your own material to deadlines,” says Toyah, who returns to the Grand Opera House, York, on Thursday night.

“The songs we sing are great and mean something to everyone; the band is really phenomenal, the girls are phenomenal and it’s just a great show. “It’s fun, and it’s a tough environment at the moment, people are struggling, and so this show is a real tonic for the audience and performers alike.”

Vampires Rock is a musical spoof cum fantasy concert set in the year 2030 in a New York City where the undead are livelier than ever, especially Steve Steinman’s evil, club-owning, 2,000-year-old Baron Von Rockula.

Cue covers of Meat Loaf, Queen, AC/DC and some new additions for Toyah: “Live And Let Die… that’s going to be quite a challenge, that one; Shot Through The Heart; Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door. That’s part of the show’s humour. Obviously, with Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door, there’s just such an irony to singing that,” she says.

The 51-year-old Toyah “loves the dressing up” for playing the Devil Queen, a woman as red hot in her wardrobe as her name would suggest.

“There are new costumes for this tour, but I want them to be a surprise. One is red; there are two sets of armour, eight costume changes and three pairs of shoes over ten inches high; three sets of thigh-high boots; a silver thong and a gold thong. There’s great fun in planning them as you never know when you’ll find.”

You can see an example of Toyah’s costume designs in the video for her new single, a cover of Nancy Sinatra’s These Boots Are Made For Walkin’, recorded with her new group The Humans.

“I have a place in Seattle now with my husband Robert Fripp and I’m going out to America regularly, playing in the band I have there with REM drummer Bill Rieflin and Chris Wong,” she says. “We now have an American manager and we’ll touring next year in the spring.”

First vampires, now Humans, whatever next awaits Toyah?

• Toyah Willcox stars in Steve Steinman’s Vampires Rock, Grand Opera House, York, Thursday, 7.30pm. Box office: 0844 8472322 or grandoperahouseyork.org.uk

The Humans’ album, We Are The Humans, was released on September 21.
.Sunday Mercury - Ozzy Osbourne and Toyah Willcox Back Campaign
.Saturday 17th October, 2009....................................................Press Clips
Ozzy Osbourne and Toyah Willcox back campaign to get Roy Wood a star on Birmingham Broad Street

Brummie rock icon Ozzy Osbourne has added heavyweight support to the Sunday Mercury’s Get Woody A Star campaign.

The Prince of Darkness, who was the first person to be inducted onto Birmingham’s Walk Of Stars, says Roy Wood has made such an important contribution to Brum’s music scene that he MUST be honoured.

"I’m amazed that Roy wasn’t up for one of the first stars," said 60-year-old Ozzy, while promoting his autobiography in Birmingham.

Last night, Ozzy’s praise of Woody was echoed by Birmingham chart star Toyah Willcox.

"Roy is a genius whose music has represented Birmingham all over the world," said the 51-year-old singer from Kings Heath.

"He certainly deserves his place on the Walk of Stars, and I wholeheartedly support the Sunday Mercury campaign."

Toyah, who now lives in the Worcestershire town of Pershore, is currently touring with a 1980s revival pop package. She has just recorded an album with her new band The Humans, and plans to tour with the group in the New Year.

Read the full report
.Cosmetic Surgery Today - Brave New World
.Saturday 17th October, 2009.......................................................Interview
An interview with Toyah, with 'Cosmetic Surgery Today', from July 2008:

The name Toyah Willcox conjures up images of wild hair, outlandish makeup and the distinctive voice and vibrant energy of the 1980s chart topper and star of cult classic Quadrophenia. But what happens when you grow up and grow old. Stung by media criticism of her looks, Toyah made the life-changing decision to embrace cosmetic surgery and have a facelift in 2004. What makes her stand out is her honesty about her experiences, giving comfort to many women who feel distanced from those in the public eye who claim to be all natural while secretly indulging in every age-defying treatment available.

How long had you been contemplating cosmetic surgery before you had your facelift in 2004?

I had been considering cosmetic surgery since my twenties. Like a lot of young people I had been unhappy with what nature had given me. My eyes always looked tired and I felt there was room for improvement. But the prospect had scared me because in the 1980s not much was known about cosmetic surgery. In fact, the only things you heard about were the horror stories of procedures that had gone wrong. You never heard about the successes.

It is a common complaint that show business is a hard business to be in as an older woman. Had you started to notice an impact on your career?

I decided to have the surgery for me. But since I have had it I've never been busier. In my business, having surgery shows a commitment to your work. My music career has gone from strength to strength, mainly because promoters want to see sex appeal. As for acting, well cameramen insist on you looking your best whatever your age. I suspect that casting agents feel the same too, even to the point that you being overweight can be a problem for them.

Was my career slowing down because of my age? No, I have always been fantastically busy. But I was starting to get press purely based on my appearance and not about my talent. All they seemed to talk about was how I was ageing.

Read the full interview here.

.Vampires Rock - Toyah Performs She Sells Sanctuary
.Saturday 17th October, 2009 • Thanks to Nikki....................Music/Theatre

Toyah performs The Cult's classic 'She Sells Sanctuary' during Vampires Rock at the Opera House, Blackpool on Tuesday 6th October.

.Casualty - Overnight viewing Figures
.Saturday 17th October, 2009.....................................................Television
Overnight viewing figures for last Saturday's TV schedules had Casualty with 4.61m, a 19.3% share of the overall audience. This figure will most probably rise when official figures are released next week.

It's a particularly respectable total, especially as Casualty was up against the all-conquering X Factor on ITV1.
.Hot Disc - Toyah Interview
.Saturday 17th October, 2009.......................................................Interview
We mentioned Toyah's 'Radio Borders' interview, with Hugh Brown, last week. This is a Hot-Disc production and really is worth watching as Hugh talks to Toyah about her early career in music and acting, as well as more recent years right up to Vampires Rock.

There's conversation about early songs, including of course 'It's A Mystery', and acting roles, including Quadrophenia.

Please click on the screenshot or logo below to visit the Hot-Disc website. There are links on the site (or in our news update below) to watch the full interview.

.Kent On Sunday: Review - Devilishly Entertaining
.Sunday 11th October, 2009 • Thanks to Michael.......................Magazines
Yes! Hot on the heels of 'GScene' and 'The Guide', it's another pretty amazing Toyah/Devil Queen cover. This is the 'Review' supplement from 'Kent on Sunday', published on 27th September.

Toyah Willcox Rocks As A Scorned Vampire

Hell Hath No Fury... Toyah Willcox is vamping up her career

The thought of Toyah Willcox clad in tight-fitting leather could be a vision of heaven for many of her fans.

But for her latest role, Willcox plays a devastating creature from hell as she struts her stuff in the red hot musical Vampires Rock. Alongside co-star Steve Steinman, she models some eye-popping costumes and belts out classic rock songs in the guise of a 2,000-year-old Devil Queen.

"At 51 years of age, I'm kind of made for this role," she said. "The story is set way in the future, in New York, at a nightclub run by vampires and the lead character wants to trade in his 2,000-year-old wife for a younger version."

This could be the ultimate demonstration of the fact that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. More importantly, it gives Willcox and the rest of the cast opportunities to sing popular hits by the likes of Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Queen, Meat Loaf, Suzi Quatro and many more.

Read the full fantastic feature here, and click here for a larger version of this latest Toyah magazine cover.

.Official Toyah: Discography - The Humans Promo
.Sunday 11th October, 2009...............................................................Music
The Official Toyah Willcox Discography has been updated, with the "Collaborations" section now having further info on The Humans releases. This includes details on the highly rare 'These Boots Are Made For Walkin' one-track promo CD.

The Humans debut single, released exclusively as a digital download, is available at iTunes
.Vampires Rock - Toyah Performs Live And Let Die
.Sunday 11th October, 2009 • Thanks to Nikki......................Music/Theatre
Toyah performs the Wings James Bond 70's classic 'Live And Let Die' during Vampires Rock at the Opera House, Blackpool on Tuesday 6th October.

.Brave New World - rage gets HAIRY
.Sunday 11th October, 2009.............................................Television/Music
Toyah's iconic and timeless 'Brave New World' video was part of the "rage gets HAIRY" playlist special yesterday on ABC Australia.

rage is getting hairy on Saturday the 10th October! A follicle focused special showing some of the crazy and wonderful hair styles sported in music videos!

Notable hairdos will be all the rage so get ready for a load of clips featuring untamed manes, manicured moustaches, mullets, perms, signature styles, afros, baldies, beehives, weaves and more.

Featured artists include A Flock Of Seagulls, The Cure, 4 Non Blondes, B-52s, Coolio, Cyndi Lauper, Boy George, The Prodigy, Bjork, Peaches, Bob Marley, Sinead O’Connor, Spilt Enz, Super Furry Animals, Ludacris, ZZ Top, Beck and many more!

On rage from 10.00am Saturday morning on ABC1 (if you sleep in and miss it flick on ABC2 at 5.00pm for an encore) then tease your hair and tune in from 11.25pm Saturday night on ABC1.
.Casualty - BBC iPlayer
.Sunday 11th October, 2009.......................................................Television
Last night's Casualty is now available to watch online at BBC iPlayer. This will be there to view until next Saturday, just before the next Casualty episode airs.

.Toyah Newsy Bits & Pieces!
.Sunday 11th October, 2009............................................................Various
• After two successful shows at the Palace Theatre in Newark, Vampires Rock plays the Sunderland Empire tonight.

• To the right: Four vamptastic Toyah covers. The Devil Queen look is now becoming so familiar it will surely be joining some of Toyah's other iconic images from through her career. Please click on the picture for a larger version of thse covers.

• Playlist News: 'It's A Mystery' was included on 'Dublin City FM 103.2' in their "Morning Live Drive" playlist on Friday 2nd October. A variety of Toyah songs also continue to be played sporadically on 'Star 107.9'. (Thanks to Minna)

• Toyah on TV: Quadrophenia : Sky Movies Modern Greats - Thursday 15th October : 10.10pm
.Devilishly Entertaining - Soon!
.Saturday 10th October, 2009 • Thanks to Michael....................Magazines
Check back tomorrow for yet another great magazine with Toyah's Devil Queen as the cover star. Along with the interview with Toyah that accompanies it.

.Tiscali TV Guide: One To Watch - Casualty
.Saturday 10th October, 2009.....................................................Television
Welcome to One To Watch. We pick out the best of the day's TV programmes across terrestrial and digital so you don't have to.

Casualty (BBC One, 9.25pm): We're used to famous faces occasionally turning up at Holby in desperate need of treatment - and there's another one to look forward to this week.

Toyah Willcox has been a performer for more than 30 years, originally bursting onto the scene as part of the punk movement. She was an anti-establishment figure, but is now regarded by fans as a national treasure - certainly back in 1979, she would never have dreamed of appearing in a prime-time medical drama.

But times change. Toyah also once claimed that she liked scripts "the wackier the better", so brace yourselves Casualty fans, because this edition could be a humdinger to say the least. She plays Hazel, a sick mother who, during a fall, injures her own baby.

Ruth, who's been having doubts about following a career as a surgeon, impresses Sarah Evans with her skills while operating on the ill youngster. But as she's pregnant herself, Ruth feels torn - should she concentrate on her career, or keep the baby?
.Inverness Courier - Vampires Rock Review
.Saturday 10th October, 2009.........................................................Theatre
Review: Vampires Rock,
Eden Court, Inverness

01 October 2009, By CM

Toyah adds star appeal to crypt classics

A show that does exactly what it says on the coffin lid, "Vampires Rock" has enough classic rock anthems to fill a crypt along with a splattering of non-scary gore and a mild bit of sleaze.

Calling it a musical though is stretching the case. This is no "Rocky Horror". The plot is so slight that it evaporates not far into the second half and the company gets on with the business of belting out familiar rock numbers by an eclectic collection of artists from AC/DC and Alice Cooper to Bonnie Tyler and Billy Idol and, given star Steve Steinman's past life as a tribute act, a decent helping of Meatloaf.

As innocent singer and Count Rockula's potential bride Pandora, Emily Clark delivered a sassy performance with a powerful singing voice, but there still remains a question over Toyah Willcox's involvement.

Billed as special guest star, her role hardly stretches her acting abilities, even if it allows her to wrap her vocals around more rocky material than is usually associated with the former punk princess. She does, though, add some welcome star presence to a production that is a fun night out if you are in the mood to go with the flow and forgive its rough edges.

Read the full review at the 'Inverness Courier' here.

.Toyah on TV - Casualty - Tonight!!
.Saturday 10th October, 2009.....................................................Television
A reminder that Toyah guests in Casualty tonight, on BBC1 at 9.25pm.

.Nottingham Evening Post - Vampires Rock Review
.Saturday 10th October, 2009.........................................................Theatre
Review: Vampires Rock,
Palace Theatre, Newark

08 October 2009, By Patrick Astill

With flame-throwers, blood, fireworks and bats, this show is something of a shameless romp through some top rock anthems, with the music of Queen, Billy Idol, Rainbow, AC/DC, Bonnie Tyler, and even good old Suzi Quatro.

The show lent itself well to the talents of Meat Loaf tribute artist Steve Steinman (the man who dreamed it all up) who - apart from appearing completely bemused by a quiet audience during the first half - gave a solid and passionate performance as Baron von Rockula, owner of the Live and Let Die club, who is searching for a new bride.

The evergreen Toyah Willcox as The Devil Queen in foxy skin-tight red leather is a powerhouse, screaming on to the stage and putting all her energy into hits like She Sells Sanctuary and Live and Let Die.

Toyah turns out to be the star turn, full of energy, vitality and cheekiness. Although she's not the female lead. That's reserved for Emily Clark as Pandora Honeybox, who becomes the object of Rockula's attentions, annoying his hissing, jealous queen.

Some of the signposting is rather tongue in cheek, when characters utter "it must be the final countdown", to usher in the old Europe song, or "I think you give love a bad name" (Bon Jovi).

But the audience IS there to have fun and eventually enter Steinman's world, with a little panto banter between stage and punters developing. A sneaky section in the second half invites the audience to stand - and that's when Newark finally got into full swing, let its hair down and enjoyed a rocking good night.

Read the review at 'This is Nottingham'

.Big Wheel - Vampires Rock Review
.Saturday 10th October, 2009.........................................................Theatre
Review: Vampires Rock,
Music Hall, Aberdeen

03 October 2009, By Dod M

This musical comedy is set in the year 2030, the city is New York, the undead are among us and livelier than ever!

Steve Steinman, with his unique tongue in cheek humor, plays Baron Von Rockula, owner of the Live and Let Die Club.

Explosions and flames start the show with the entrance of dancing vampires in sexy corsets.

The story line is of Pandora a naive young girl looking to star in a rock band but ends up in the wrong part of town where vampires lurk and is persuaded to come back and meet Baron Von Rockula, who falls in love with her and wants her to be his bride but his current devil queen played by punk idol Toyah Willcox, is not too impressed as you could imagine.

All the crowd is enthralled, many make the effort to dress up and by the end of the evening all are standing up from their seats and dancing.

This is a thoroughly enjoyable night out.

Read the full review at 'Big Wheel'

.Three To Tango - Website Redesign
.Friday 9th October, 2009.......................................................Internet/Film
The Three To Tango website has recently undergone a major redesign. The site, which looks great, includes photos of Toyah throughout, an extensive gallery of photos from the film's shoot, and much more. Click here (or below) to visit the site, and here for larger versions of a few of the Toyah photos.

.Three To Tango Newsy Bits & Pieces!
.Friday 9th October, 2009....................................................................Film
• A new video clip of Toyah has been added to the Three To Tango page at YouTube. Toyah talks about the film and the Breakthrough Cancer charity. View the video at Three To Tango Facebook here, or YouTube here.

• Brümilda van Rensburg, who plays Olivia in Three To Tango, is interviewed in the latest issue of 'SA Promo' magazine. Read the full interview online here.

• The Three To Tango website has been completely revamped (see news item above). Visit it here.

• The 'Camden New Journal' published a short article on the film last week. Read that here.

• A reminder that the Three To Tango charity preview screening takes place on 20th October, with Toyah and cast & crew attending. There are a limited number of tickets available. This is in support of the Breakthrough Cancer charity. Please click here for further details on the Three To Tango event.

.Newark Advertiser - Raunchier Look For Rock Return
.Friday 9th October, 2009..........................................................Press Clips
Cult musical, Vampires Rock, is returning to the Palace Theatre, Newark, — and its guest star, Toyah Willcox, promises to be raunchier and rockier than ever.

The show, at the Palace on Thursday (October 8) and a week today (October 9) features Steve Steinman, of Newark, as Baron Von Rockula. Set in New York in 2030, the undead are among the audience and the Baron is in search of a new young bride.

Toyah said: “I am looking forward to being back at the Palace as I had so much fun there last time.

“This time I have got different songs to sing such as Live And Let Die, School’s Out, Rebel Yell, Shot Through The Heart, Sweet Child, Changes and Knocking On Heaven’s Door.

“I have got some new costumes too — two suits of armour, three pairs of killer 10ins shoes and some surprises, and yes, they are all a tight fit, as usual.

“The show is really great fun. There’s never a dull moment and the audience’s reaction wherever we go is just fantastic.”

As well as touring with the show, Toyah has filmed an episode of Casualty, which can be seen on October 10, finished the film Three To Tango, and has released the single, These Boots Are Made For Walkin’ with her band, The Humans.

October 8 to 9 - Palace Theatre, Newark
.The Guide - Vampire Rock Queen
.Thursday 8th October, 2009......................................Interview/Magazines
One of the best Toyah interviews/articles for a while. Written by someone who actually knows about Toyah's music career. Read the full feature here or by clicking below. Click here for the stunning cover of 'The Guide' featuring Toyah.

Toyah mania returned to Edinburgh on Monday night, with Toyah literally being mobbed post-show at the Vampires Rock store/signing session. Not since the Toyah band played Edinburgh Playhouse in the early 80's have such scenes been witnessed! Vampires Rock plays Newark Palace tonight and tomorrow.

.Radio Borders - Toyah Willcox Interview with Hugh Brown
.Thursday 8th October, 2009 • Thanks to Stephen.......................Interview
A new interview with Toyah, talking to Hugh Brown of 'Radio Borders'. Watch below or double click either to view at YouTube. Full run time is 19m12s.


Toyah Willcox shot to fame in the punk era but since those heady days she's been involved in all areas of the entertainment business. As an actress her appearance in the ground-breaking movie "Quadrophenia" was a memorable one. During her run on the "Vampires Rock" tour she spoke with Radio Borders' Hugh Brown. Two part interview at YouTube by www.hotdisc.net

.TV Choice: Saturday - Casualty
.Thursday 8th October, 2009 • Thanks to Minna........................Press Clips
'TV Choice' magazine have published a small photograph of Toyah and listed Casualty as their "Today's Choice" for Saturday.

Toyah Willcox guest stars in tonight's episode of the hospital drama as a mum who brings her baby into Holby's emergency unit with head injuries following a fall - Casualty: BBC1 9.25pm

Please click on the mini-article to view a larger version.

This episode, subtitled "Comfort Zone", is the 6th (of 49) of Series 24 of Casualty. It will be available to watch at BBC iPlayer as of 10.15pm this Saturday.

Visit the Official BBC Casualty page for this episode
.Grimsby Telegraph - Fangs For The Music
.Thursday 8th October, 2009......................................................Press Clips
Eighties punk rocker Toyah Willcox will take to the stage alongside a spellbinding cast at Grimsby Auditorium on October 28 – in the gory but humorous production of Vampires Rock.

With the recent success of vampire-romance flick Twilight and similar films and TV dramas, it's no surprise the show – starring Steve Steinman as Baron Von Rockula – has already sold out in venues across the country.

The musical, which has been touring for five years, sees Toyah in the role of the Devil Queen.

The actress and singer, who turned 50 this year, dons a saucy leather costume in the show, set in New York in 2030. Toyah stays in shape by doing pilates and sticks to singing in the show, rather than dancing.

"The show has acquired a cult following and it's a bit like the Rocky Horror Picture Show," she said. "We did 60 shows last year and there is a full band on stage. The musical doesn't cut any corners."

"The story is very funny and about 60 per cent of the audience come dressed up. It's a fantastic night out."

The production follows the tale of Von Rockula, who owns the Live And Let Die Club. In search of a bride, he must convince his chosen one to agree to eternal immortality and be his queen.

The show includes classic rock songs by AC/DC, Guns 'N' Roses, Led Zeppelin, Bon Jovi and Queen. Toyah said: "It's a real feel-good show and if you like rock and roll, this musical is definitely for you."

Tickets for Vampires Rock cost £20 or £19 for children, students and senior citizens. Call Grimsby Auditorium on 0844 8472426. To find out more about Toyah, visit www. toyahwillcox.com
.Edinburgh Evening News: The Guide - Vampire Rock Queen
.Thursday 8th October, 2009......................................................Magazines
Another great Vampires Rock/Devil Queen magazine cover for Toyah: 'The Guide', the entertainment supplement to the 'Edinburgh Evening News'.

This was published on Friday 2nd October and included a two-page Toyah interview/feature inside:

Toyah gets her teeth into a new band

IEYA! The vampires are swarming, rocking their way towards Edinburgh and The Humans are hot on their heels.

Which can mean just one thing, Toyah Willcox is heading to town with a show to star in and an album to launch.

The latter sees the diminutive star - just 4ft 10ins in her stockinged feet - teamed up with REM's Bill Rieflin and guitarist Chris Wong, deconstructing pop as The Humans, while the former brings her to the Playhouse on Monday, to rock out as the Vampire Queen in Steve Steinman's Vampire's Rock.

"Steve had been asking me to do Vampire's Rock for a couple of years," says Willcox, who makes a number of special guest appearances on each tour.

"Eventually I decided to give it a try because I like the music and I must admit, I have a lot of fun doing it."

Featuring rock anthems from the likes of AC/DC, Guns 'N' Roses, Led Zeppelin, Bon Jovi, Meat Loaf, Joan Jett and Queen, Vampires Rock is a musical comedy. Set in New York in 2030, Steinman is the charismatic but evil Baron Von Rockula, owner of the Live and Let Die Club.

A vampire in search of a new bride, the Baron must convince his chosen one to agree to eternal life as his new queen. Willcox is his less than happy current queen.

"Everyone on the stage has an amazing voice and the band is just staggering," adds the actress, singer, TV presenter and author, who has become a regular visitor to the Capital.

She first toured here in 1979 as a flame-haired punk rock star, appearing with her eponymous band at the legendary Tiffany's. As her star continued to rise she graduated to the larger Odeon in 1981, before selling-out the 3000-seat Playhouse less than 12 months later.

Click on the mag cover above for a larger version of this.
.Sunday Mercury - It's Only Humans Nature
.Thursday 8th October, 2009........................................................Interview
A Toyah interview/feature, on The Humans, from Birmingham's 'Sunday Mercury'. This was published on 20th September.

If you just love Brummie pop icon Toyah Willcox for her 1980s hits, then you’re in for a rude awakening. If you thought she was wonderful as Calamity Jane, and adore her on the panto stage, look away now. Because the 51 year-old singer and actress has a new band so darkly disturbing that it will send the unwary running for cover. The Humans comprise Toyah, husband guitarist Robert Fripp, bass virtuoso ChrisWong and REM drummer Bill Rieflin. But don’t expect an easy ride. From the album insert image of a porcelain baby doll smoking a cigarette to a setlist of songs suggesting the future is bleak, this is edgy.

Remember the way Bowie deconstructed pop in Low and Lodger? Toyah pulls off the same trick, only more so. “I love European film noir,” she says. “It’s a love affair reflected in the album. It’s bleak territory exploring the deeper emotions that are only hinted at on the surface. “We’ve stripped down the traditional pop song, then rebuilt it, adding things you don’t hear on first listen, but which later creep up and surprise you.” Certainly, the band’s taster single, a cover of Nancy Sinatra’s These Boots Are Made For Walkin’ doesn’t prepare you for the stark sonic surrounds of the main course. And what about that doll?

“Despite all the efforts of the NHS, and news coverage of the importance of a healthy lifestyle, the tobacco industry causes more damage than anything else on the planet,” she says. “We had to use the doll because in the USA, you’re not allowed to show images of people smoking. And it’s more disturbing, too.” We Are The Humans is released tomorrow, a second album has already been written, and they’ll tour in February next year. The real Toyah is back.

By Paul Cole. Please click on the picture to view a larger version of the article.
.The Humans - UK Concerts February 2010
.Wednesday 7th October, 2009....................................................Live/Gigs
The Humans have announced three live dates for early 2010, with gigs in Leamington Spa, Cambridge and London.

Full details can be viewed in the Press Release announcement (see directly below), at
www.toyahwillcox.com, and/or The Official Toyah Facebook.

This will be the first time since the late 80's that Toyah and Robert have performed together onstage.

Tickets for all three dates are on sale now (again, see below for full details).
.The Humans - Are Gonna Walk All Over You - Live 2010 UK Dates
.Wednesday 7th October, 2009....................................................Live/Gigs
THE HUMANS, Toyah Willcox’s remarkable new band, will perform a trio of headline UK dates next year.

The band - featuring Toyah Willcox, Bill Rieflin (REM) and Chris Wong with a special guest appearance from the legendary Robert Fripp, will perform at Leamington Spa Assembly on 22 February, Cambridge Junction on 23 February and The Scala, London on Wednesday 24 February.

The shows are the first time in 20 years that Toyah has shared a UK stage with her husband Robert Fripp. The last time was when their 1989 band, Sunday All Over The World, played a handful of UK dates.

THE HUMANS comprise a very different musical direction for Toyah, not surprising given the band line-up with their own individual musical backgrounds. Their first single “These Boots Are Made For Walkin” has just been released along with their debut album “We Are The Humans”. Both the album and single are available for digital download through iTunes, Amazon, Play.com, HMV, Tesco and all good digital download stores. A new physical CD edition of the album will be available from mid-October from www.remembertheeighties.com

myspace.com/wearethehumans | toyahwillcox.com/thehumans | youtube.com/toyahofficial

.The Humans - In Concert - Ticket Details
.Wednesday 7th October, 2009....................................................Live/Gigs
THE HUMANS - In Concert
feat Toyah Willcox, Bill Rieflin & Chris Wong + special guest Robert Fripp

Tickets for for all three dates are on sale now. Tickets are priced £18 for the 22nd and 23rd and £18.50 for the 24th. They are available from the following outlets:

22nd February 2010: The Assembly, Leamington Spa  01926 523001, www.leamingtonassembly.com  www.seetickets.com

23rd February 2010: The Junction, Cambridge  www.junction.co.uk

24th February 2010: The Scala, London  www.scala-london.co.uk, www.gigsandtours.com

.The Scotsman - Vampires Rock Review
.Wednesday 7th October, 2009.......................................................Theatre
Review: Vampires Rock,
The Edinburgh Playhouse

06 October 2009, By Josie Balfour *****

Catalogue of classics gives this vampire show real bite

Through Vampires Rock a whole new level of obscure pub quiz trivia has been born. After all, even the most knowledgeable musical theatre buff would be hard pressed to find a way to link Roman Polanski, a Broadway flop with Michael Crawford at the helm, Toyah Willcox and a contestant from Stars in their Eyes. Yet through a unique chain of events involving the Polanski-directed German musical Tanz der Vampire, former Meatloaf impersonator Steve Steinman has found a way to indulge his love of rock while earning enough to pay the rent.

If it hadn't been for the failure of Tanz der Vampire's English translation to the New York stage, then there wouldn't have been room for Steinman to pick up the themes of the play and build his own rock tribute based on several of composer Jim Steinman's (no relation) works.

While both shows feature vampires, Jim Steinman's hit Total Eclipse of the Heart and a penchant for bondage gear; Steve Steinman's production plays out as a tribute to some of the greatest rockers of our time rather than as a musical in itself.

In fact, Vampires Rock has no discernible narrative, the set looks like a Kiss concert leftover and the choreography could be described only as heavy metal by numbers.

But then, it's not about what the show is lacking, as what it's got in buckets – and that's attitude. Particularly with Toyah Willcox storming the stage as a disgruntled, PVC clad Vampire Queen.

Set in Baron Von Rockula's nightclub in 2030, the hunt is on to find a new singer to take the place of the Vampire Queen. Sneaking out of school for the audition is naïve Pandora (Emily Clark), blissfully unaware of the Baron's nefarious plans for her.

What follows is a set list of some of Britain's favourite anthems linked tenuously by a series of themed skits saved from the bargain basement comedy bin only by the pantomime banter Steinman, as the Baron, shares with the audience. The punters lapped it up for what it was, a kitsch, tongue-in-cheek night out singing along to some old favourites.

With a good band and outstanding vocal performances from Steinman, Willcox and Clark, the performers ripped through Killer Queen, It's A Mystery, School's Out and Since You've Been Gone as a first half warm up.

Opening the second half with AC/DC's Hell Bells, featuring a prodigious guitar solo, the show got into full swing as it worked its way through White Wedding, Poison and I Love Rock And Roll to Steinman's standalone rendition of Bat Out of Hell. Ending on an encore of Knocking on Heaven's Door, one couldn't help but wonder if some of the audience hadn't touched a little bit of paradise themselves.
.Official Toyah - October Blog/News/Calendar
.Wednesday 7th October, 2009.......................................................Internet
The Official Toyah website has been updated, with Toyah's October 2009 Blog. Read up on all the latest from Toyah, including The Humans, Vampires Rock, and Three To Tango.

There's also a News page update, with info on The Humans' concerts, just announced for 2010, Three To Tango, and Casualty.

The Calendar has also been updated, and a new photo of Toyah, from The Humans' 'Bootz' session, has been added. The Humans MySpace and The Official Toyah MySpace have also been updated.

.The Paul Franks Show - Toyah Radio Interview
.Wednesday 7th October, 2009 • Thanks to Phil................Radio/Interview
Toyah was interviewed on The Paul Franks Show on BBC Radio West Midlands last week. She talked about numerous aspects of her career in an entertaining chat.

This may still be available to listen to
here but possibly not for much longer. For those of you, like me, who missed this, a full transcript of the interview is available at The Toyah Willcox Interview Archive.

Toyah talks about The Humans, Estonia, the 80's "revival", Robert, Vampires Rock, acting, Three To Tango, and much more.

.Toyah Newsy Bits & Pieces!
.Wednesday 7th October, 2009.......................................................Various
• Toyah was mentioned in a huge article in Saturday's 'Guardian': Spandau Ballet, the Blitz Kids and the birth of the New Romantics. Read this interesting feature here.

• ITV1's Loose Women celebrated their 10th birthday with special shows last week. They included a montage of all 87 Loose Women presenters. This included Toyah, who, for just one show, was a LW presenter.

• On Friday the 'Daily Star' reported on the NME Radar Tour, likening the lead singer of Marina & The Diamonds to Toyah: "Marina And The Diamonds, however, is primed for household name status. A beautiful bundle of hair armed with a voice switching from fragile falsetto to full-on banshee wail at the drop of a lazy eyelid. She’s like a 21st Century Toyah (without the lisp) mixed with a dash of Kate Bush's other-worldly quality." Read the full article here.

• Another Vampires Rock article: This from Friday's 'Dumfries & Galloway Standard' - Lose Your Soul To Rock 'N' Roll - Read it online here.

• The 80's Rewind Festival, of which Toyah was a highlight this year, have announced another weekend of concerts for 2010, again taking place at Henley on Thames on 20-22 August. No artists have yet been comfirmed.

• Toyah/The Humans are included in the latest news update at 'Remember The Eighties'. Visit RTE here.

• There's a new Toyah Video MySpace, with lots of videos and fantastic Toyah pictures to browse through. Lovingly created by Minna of The Toyah Willcox Interview Archive. Visit it here.

• The 'Sunday Mercury' ran a feature on the Humans recently. Check back to Dreamscape soon to see this.

• Toyah was the cover star of the 'Edingurgh Evening News' supplement 'The Guide' last Friday, with a great two page interview/feature inside. I'll also be adding this to the site very soon.

.Toyah on TV - Casualty
.Wednesday 7th October, 2009 • Thanks to Minna.....................Television
A photo of Toyah from this Saturday's episode of Casualty.

She plays Hazel, the mother of a baby brought into casualty with head injuries resulting from a fall.

Casualty airs this Saturday night on BBC1 at 9.25pm and will be available to view online, for a week, immediately after it airs on BBC iPlayer..
.GScene - Fangtastic Toyah!
.Thursday 1st October, 2009......................................................Magazines
The full 'GScene' Toyah feature:

Toyah Willcox is one of the UK’s most easily recognisable household names. She’s the wild punk/new-wave queen whose late-70s/80s music was the rallying call to a generation who discovered through the outspoken star that individuality was a positive attribute in a world of conformity and blandness. It made her an essential addition to any self-respecting punk's record collection and gave her gay icon status. From punk and Shakespeare to the Teletubbies and everything in between, she is hardly ever off our TV screens and still refuses to succumb to the expectations of age and gender.

This Halloween sees Toyah on stage at the Brighton Centre in one of the UK’s largest touring shows: VAMPIRES ROCK. She stars as the Devil Queen, a role that seems to fit the singer/actress like a glove. “The Devil Queen is a great role to play,” she enthuses. “Being evil is so much more fun than being nice!”

Indeed, being evil is a theme that runs right through the spectacular rock show. It has a cult following, playing to packed houses of dressed-up, fullyfanged vampire lovers. In fact, it is a phenomenon that has seen critics liken it to The Rocky Horror Show for its tongue-in-cheek audience participation and fanatical following. Vampires Rock is a show full of pyrotechnics and special effects and is packed with some of the best classic rock songs. “My favourite song to sing in the whole show is ‘Rebel Yell’,” says Toyah, whose gutsy vocals are perfect for the rock music genre. Toyah also doesn’t disappoint in the costume department, wearing a constantly changing wardrobe of skin-tight lycra, body armour and horns. “The costumes are great to wear,” she says. “They’re an extention of me.”

Toyah is no stranger to outrageous outfits, being famous for her groundbreaking images of the ’80s that found her favourably compared to rock chameleon David Bowie.

“Vampires Rock in Brighton this Halloween will be the best night of the whole tour!” enthuses Toyah. Hordes of fanged fans are set to descend on the seafront venue for a rocking night of bloodsucking mayhem, making it THE Halloween stage attraction in the city. As if touring with a rock musical wasn’t enough, Toyah has also recently starred in a new movie Three To Tango, released a solo album In The Court Of The Crimson Queen to much critical acclaim, and has also released an album under the name of The Humans with collaborators Bill Rieflin (of REM) and Chris Wong, which is making waves in the UK, US and Europe. The Humans have released their first single on iTunes – a sexy, guitar-driven version of Nancy Sinatra’s These Boots Are Made For Walking with special guest artist, the legendary Robert Fripp of King Crimson.

There seems to be no stopping Toyah the Devil Queen – long may she reign!
.Vampires Rock News
.Thursday 1st October, 2009...........................................................Theatre
The seventh show of the new Vampires Rock tour takes place tonight at Inverness Eden Court. This is sold out. It's the start of a very busy October for Vampires Rock. Over the next week the show plays Dunfermline Alhambra tomorrow night, Aberdeen Music Hall on Saturday, Edinburgh Playhouse on Monday (5th Oct), Blackpool Opera House next Tuesday (6th Oct), and Newark Palace on Thursday (8th Oct).
.Press & Journal - A Rocking Show To Get Your Teeth into
.Thursday 1st October, 2009.........................................................Interview
A new Toyah interview from 'Aberdeen Press & Journal':

For a show with plenty of bite, it’s hard to beat Vampires Rock, which returns to Inverness and Aberdeen for the second time in under a year, writes Susan Welsh

It says something when less than a year after playing to sellout crowds, a show returns to the same cities for a second bite – and immediately sells out again.

When it comes to a show with plenty of bite, nothing beats Vampires Rock, the tongue-in-cheek horror musical starring legendary 80s singer Toyah Willcox.

“There’s something about Scottish audiences and vampires that seems to send them over the edge,” said Toyah.

“You’ve got to look at the Scottish culture, to see why. You have some fantastic writers in your history, so perhaps the romanticism of vampires is the blood and DNA of the Scots.”

“It is very interesting that this show does sell out everywhere it plays in Scotland, which is great for us.”

Toyah revealed that the show, which visits Eden Court Theatre, Inverness, tonight and Aberdeen’s Music Hall on Saturday, has seen a few little changes made since it was here last November.

“I can’t tell you what the changes are, as that would spoil it for the audience, but I can say they are really, really good and have heightened the show, adding more energy and plenty of the feel-good factor,” said Toyah.

One alteration which can be mentioned is the number of Toyah’s costume changes.

“I set out with the intention of simplifying my costume changes for this tour, but somehow I managed to do the complete opposite,” she said. “There are two sets of armour, eight actual costume changes, three sets of thigh-high boots and a silver and gold thong.

“I’ve ended up with four new outfits, which shows my attempts to simplify just haven’t worked – it’s just as complex as before.

“In fact, I’d go as far as saying I’ve made things worse, but the costumes look good, so I’m sticking with it.”

Read the full interview
.Toyah on TV - TV Diary Round Up
.Thursday 1st October, 2009.......................................................Television
• Psychic Therapy : Bio - Thursday 1st October : 8.00pm
• Psychic Therapy : Bio - Friday 2nd October : 8.00am
• Psychic Therapy : Bio - Friday 2nd October : 2.00pm
• Drama Trails : ITV3 - Tuesday 6th October : 6.00am
• Quadrophenia : Sky Movies Modern Greats - Wed 7th October : 3.10am
• Casualty : BBC1 - Saturday 10th October : 9.25pm
• Quadrophenia : Sky Screen 2 - Sunday 11th October : 3.00am
• Secret Diary Of A Call Girl : ITV2 - Date & Time tbc
.Dreamscape News Archive - August 2009
.Thursday 1st October, 2009........................................................Site News
Dreamscape's Toyah news for August 2009 has now been archived. Look back at The Humans' 'Bootz' teaser, Toyah playing the 'Here & Now' Festival in Whitehaven and 80's Rewind Festival in Henley, interviews with 'High Spirit', 'Whitehaven News', 'BBC News', Junglophilia, the first release of Urgh! A Music War on DVD, Dreamscape's 'In The Court Of The Crimson Queen' feature, and much more.



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