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 Hull Daily Mail - Toyah, princess of punk, is still rocking 'em dead
 Friday 28th November, 2008...................................................Press Clips
She was the princess of punk but now she's taking a step up to become the queen of the damned for a new stage production.

Toyah Willcox is to join the cast of heavy metal musical Vampires Rock when it arrives in Hull for a two-night stay next week.

The 50-year-old singer, who shot to fame in the 80s with an outrageous punk image and hit singles such as It's A Mystery and I Want To Be Free, has joined show creator Steve Steinman for the futuristic show featuring classic rock anthems by bands including AC/DC, Queen, Bon Jovi, Led Zeppelin, Meat Loaf and Guns 'N' Roses.

But it's no mystery why Toyah has joined the cast of the musical which has been touring non-stop for the last four years.

"If I was living in some ivory tower somewhere I would be bored to death," she says. "I just really enjoy working and diversifying, experiencing new things."I do an awful lot of 80s shows so I'm not scared of musical nostalgia and the very clever thing about Vampires Rock is it already has a massive cult following and is built upon the best and greatest rock anthems there are in the whole world."

And Toyah, who starred in seminal art house film Jubilee and The Who's Quadrophenia, says she didn't hesitate when asked by Steinman to play his devilish bride.

She is especially looking forward to seeing the hoards of fans turning up to see the show in outrageous vampire costumes.

"I was asked to come in and play quite a controversial character, The Devil Queen, which quite appealed to me," she laughs. "I'm singing, I'm doing comedy, I'm wearing some pretty outrageous costumes and I also get to improvise because there is quite a lot of improvisation throughout the evening, so it has everything I love to do as a performer."

In the show Toyah plays the 2,000-year-old wife of the villainous Baron Von Rockula who runs Club Live And Let Die in a futuristic New York.

But when the Baron decides to trade his old wife in for a younger model in the shape of singer Pandora, all Hell breaks loose to a anthemic rock soundtrack.
The production has proved so popular this year that it has announced a second night at Hull New Theatre.

Vampires Rock is at Hull New Theatre, Kingston Square, Hull, on Tuesday, December 2, and Wednesday, December 3, at 7.30pm. The Tuesday performance is now sold out. Tickets cost from £16.50. To book, call (01482) 226655

 Worthing Herald - Vampires Rock! Toyah Willcox and Steve Steinman
 Friday 28th November, 2008...................................................Press Clips
Vampires Rock! Toyah Willcox and Steve Steinman talk about getting their teeth into Worthing

A rock show with added bite will sink its teeth into Worthing this month.

Vampires Rock promises to bring a pyrotechnic cauldron of classic rock, comedy and creatures of the night to the Assembly Hall on December 13. 

Featuring classic hits by rock legends such as Queen, AC/DC, Meatloaf and more, the spectacular cult show is now in its fifth year and is celebrating with a 44-date national tour. 

TV and music legend Toyah Willcox stars alongside the show's creator, Steve Steinman, and she said the show has had audiences on their feet. 
She said: "It's hit after hit after hit. I think vampires have a fatal fascination with people; they're romantic and mysterious but rock and roll." 

She said the "loud and bombastic" show's dedicated cult following had given the production an extra dimension, with fancy dress almost commonplace in the audience. 

She said: "The audience are turning it into an event. We have some very serious vampire impersonators in the audience along with people who dress up for fun. 

"They go in and shout back at the actors." 

Steve Steinman said the show originated from a desire to produce a show featuring a selection of great rock songs, without the constraints of focusing on one performer. Then he added vampires. 

"Some of the great lead singers seem like they could be vampires," said Steve. "They do everything wrong under the sun but still look great at 70. 

"People are going to have a laugh. The music is done very seriously — you can't mess about with AC/DC — and there's an incredible live rock band on stage. 

"People get drawn into the show. The feel they own part of it, which is great. Some of them travel hundreds of miles. "To me, that's incredible. 

"People call it a musical but it isn't. It's a very fast concert with a very slight storyline." 

Steve Steinman's Vampires Rock is heading to the Assemby Hall, Stoke Abbott Road, on December 13. For more information, visit: www.vampiresrock.com 

For ticket information, visit www.worthingtheatres.co.uk or call the box office on 01903 206206. 

NB: This interview had also been published in the 'Littlehampton Gazette' the 'Shoreham Herald'.

 The York Press - Vampires Rock Review
 Friday 28th November, 2008........................................................Theatre
Vampires Rock: 
Grand Opera House, York
by Jon Butler:

Think Cabaret meets Spinal Tap and you have the essence of Vampire Rocks. The paradox of being great entertainment while still managing to be essentially naff is amply illustrated by the performance of impresario and fun-meister Steve Steinman. 

Steinman looks like Alexei Sayle, dresses like Uncle Fester, but sounds like Gordon Ramsay on far too many occasions when his talent is to sound like Meat Loaf. The show is a collection of old rock anthems tentatively linked together by older jokes, but... the audience loved it. The script was unsophisticated, smutty, and for the most part disjointed, while the humour was crude and crass; similar in style and delivery to one of the 'plays' at the end of the old Crackerjack kids TV program, complete with a Peter Glaze look-a-like, but written by the Carry On scriptwriters supervised by Bernard Manning. 

The band were excellent, and the cast put everything into it, and of course there was the added box office attraction of the wonderful Toyah Willcox, but with so many small children in the audience Steinman made the mistake of letting his vehicle drift over the line of family entertainment, a mistake you won't find perennial successes in York like Berwick and Huge making. 

The vampire theme makes it easy to say it all sucks, but it doesn't; it Panto-Rocks! 

It's a great show that needs to just take a long look in the mirror at itself. Let's hope vampires are really not allergic to mirrors. 

 The Press Association - Toyah Willcox is keen on soap role
 Friday 28th November, 2008...................................................Press Clips
Veteran singer and actress Toyah Willcox has admitted she would jump at the chance to feature in a soap.

She even went so far as to reveal that she's "constantly being approached by Emmerdale," and "would love to do one, as I'm a huge fan."

The flame-haired celebrity would have to do some serious juggling with her schedule, thanks to the fact she's busy as a bee with the touring stage musical Vampires Rock.

Speaking about the production, the brainchild of Steve Steinman, Toyah enthused: "I got involved because Steve has been considering bringing artists on board for a while, and he asked me."

She goes on: "I've known about the show for years and it's always done well, but in the world of theatre, to be an independent producer I just think 'hats off to you'."

For those who may not have caught the show, it follows the story of bloodsucking Baron Von Rockula (Steinman) who is in search of a young bride to be his queen, and features some of rock's greatest anthems.

Creator Steinman says: "I had the idea for a while, how can we hook all these great songs, the big classics into one show. We came up with the idea for vampires because it's so much fun. That was five years ago and it's gone from strength to strength. It's purely the fans keep coming back. It's been a slow start but it's built and built and built."

When asked whether he'd like to see his show take the West End by storm, Steinman replies: "I don't know. We're taking it to London for a week in a small theatre and I thought I'd dip my toe in and give Andrew Lloyd Webber a scare.

"It's something I've not really aimed at, it's come about. We'll see how it goes and if somebody picks it up."

 Dreamscape News Archive
 Friday 28th November, 2008.....................................................Site News
Toyah News for October 2008 has just been added to Dreamscape's News Archive. Please take a look, there's almost nine years of Toyah news to browse.

 Vampires Rock - York/Billingham
 Thursday 27th November, 2008.....................................................Theatre
Only two more November dates left for Vampires Rock, in York tonight and Billingham tomorrow night.

Thur 27th Nov: York Grand Opera House
0870 606 3595 

Fri 28th Nov: Forum Theatre, Billingham
01642 552 663

The show has six dates for December, two in Hull (2nd and 3rd - added due to overwhelming demand), Preston (11th), Scarborough (12th), Worthing (13th), and the huge Echo Arena show in Liverpool on 27th December.

Toyah has been receiving rave reviews for her performances as The Devil Queen, with many reviewers citing her as one of the best things about the show, and diehard Vampires Rock fans saying she has been a great addition to their favourite show.

 Vampires Rock - The Devil Queen in Northampton
 Thursday 27th November, 2008 • Thanks to Tiff............................Pictures
Photos of Toyah from earlier this month. Vampires Rock and The Devil Queen  visited the Derngate Theatre in Northampton on 2nd November

 Vampires Rock - Rebel Yell @  YouTube
 Thursday 27th November, 2008 • Thanks to Paul..........................Theatre
Toyah, as the Devil Queen, performs 'Rebel Yell' in Vampires Rock at Blackpool Opera House on 15th November.

 New York Daily News - Events for Wednesday
 Thursday 27th November, 2008................................................Press Clips
Toyah was namechecked in yesterday's 'New York Daily News':

Head to BAM Rose Cinema's to see 1977 film "Jubliee" starring Jenny Runacre, Nell Campbell, Toyah Willcox. The story line shadows Queen Elizabeth, as she is thrown into modern day England. 4:30, 6:50, 9:15 p.m.; $11. 30 Lafayette Ave., Brooklyn. (718-636-4100)

 Toyah on TV/Sky Movies
 Thursday 27th November, 2008.................................................Television
Quadrophenia : Sky Screen 2 - Tuesday 9th December : 11.05pm
The Who wrote and produced this energetic story of a young man disillusioned with his life in 1960s London. Phil Daniels excels as the alienated anti-hero Jimmy Cooper. Director: Franc Roddam. Starring: Phil Daniels, Leslie Ash, Toyah Willcox, Philip Davis, Mark Wingett, Sting, and Ray Winstone. (The latter will be broadcast simultaneously on Sky Screen 2 HD)

Most Fertile Man In Ireland : Sky Movies - Wednesday 3rd Dec : 3.05am
Most Fertile Man In Ireland : RTÉ 2 - Monday 8th Dec : 0.00am
Shy Irish bachelor Eamonn discovers his overly potent sexual abilities at the ripe old age of 24, finding that he can even make a girl pregnant in spite of her using birth control. Eamonn's talents soon inspire a co-worker to help him launch a business whereby he rents himself out as a sure-fire babymaker to local women frustrated in their attempts to procreate. (NB: This is showing on Sky Movies Comedy and Sky Movies Comedy HD simultaneously)

NB: See below (Sunday 23rd November) for more Toyah on TV.

 Vampires Rock - December DVD?
 Tuesday 25th November, 2008 • Thanks to Nick..........................Releases
According to Rockman Music, the Vampires Rock promoters, the show filmed on Halloween in Ipswich will be released on DVD next month.

Just in time for a Vampirtastic Christmas!

 The Tempest - Two Rare Posters
 Tuesday 25th November, 2008......................................................Pictures
Two rarely seen publicity posters for The Tempest, Toyah's 1979 film in which she played Miranda, have recently appeared on auction site eBay.

Toyah's performance as Miranda in the film led to her being nominated as Best Newcomer at the 1980 Evening Standard Film Awards.

 Toyah @ Ray's Gigs
 Tuesday 25th November, 2008 • Thanks to Stephen.....................Internet
A BBC article on Ray Morrisey, who has attended over 5000 gigs in his lifetime, was published yesterday. Read the article here. Ray saw Toyah (band and solo) live nine times between 1979 and 2002. Click below to visit his website.

 Vampires Rock - More Aftershow Pictures
 Tuesday 25th November, 2008 • Thanks to Minna/Paul................Pictures
Toyah pictured with Minna after the Central Theatre, Chatham Vampires Rock show on Sunday, plus another of her in Blackpool on 15th November.

 Medway Messenger - Losing her soul to rock 'n' roll
 Tuesday 25th November, 2008.................................................Press Clips
Singer and TV personality Toyah Willcox is touring with the hit show Steve Steinman's Vampires Rock. Toyah stars as the Devil Queen, the long-suffering wife of Baron Von Rockula, played by Steve Steinman. 

A show like no other, Vampires Rock has a twist of rock, a hint of musical theatre and is jam-packed with the anthems you know and love.

You can catch the show when it flies into The Central Theatre in Chatham on Sunday. Set in New York in the year 2030, the undead are livelier than ever, especially in club Live and Let Die, where Baron Von Rockula and The Devil Queen reside.

Toyah said: "My husband, the Baron, is on the lookout for a new bride, but not if I have anything to do with it! I would say 'over my dead body', but then I'm already dead, aren't I?!"

The new bride in question is innocent, aspiring singer, Pandora (Emily Clark), who stumbles across the club in need of a job. Cue a host of classic rock, played live by the Baron's hand picked band, The Lost Boys, and a hint of comedy.

With songs made famous by the likes of AC/DC, Guns N' Roses, Bon Jovi, Meat Loaf, Joan Jett, Suzi Quatro, Queen and many more, you'll be rocking in the aisles. 

An amazing stage set, pyrotechnics to blow your mind, beautiful dancers and of course Steve Steinman's powerful vocals and sense of humour make sure this show is not to be missed!

 Discover Jersey - 'Little Big Island' by Toyah Willcox
 Sunday 23rd November, 2008..................................................Press Clips
Toyah Willcox and husband Robert Fripp take a winter break in Jersey. It’s the first time she’s been back since a childhood visit. The island seems to have grown up with her.

I was seven years old when I took my very first plane on my very first trip abroad – to Jersey. Okay, I know that Jersey is perceived as being a part of Britain. But where in the Albion isles do you find turquoise seas and the French hopping just 14 miles across the water on day trips?

Forty-three years later and one hour and 10 minutes from Birmingham Airport and I am back in Jersey, a lot older and wiser. It’s all so easy – with no passport or baggage queues you simply walk off the plane, catch a bus or taxi or, like me, hire a car and drive a maximum of nine or 10 miles to find your port of call. Any further and you’d be in the sea.

We are staying at The Royal Yacht Hotel and Spa, overlooking the waterfront at St Helier… exactly where I stayed 43 years ago! But how things have changed. What I remember as a quaint quayside has grown into a big, busy state-of-the-art harbour, complete with multi-purpose leisure complex, that almost reaches out to the tiny island of Elizabeth Castle about half-a-mile offshore (you can walk out to it at low tide – a wonderful adventure).

I'm here towards the end of winter and the sun is out but the wind is bracing. The Royal Yacht – like its harbour location – has been restored and expanded. The effect is stunning. We are in a swish room with balcony overlooking gardens and the old harbour. Our entrance is by swipe card, and the room has a TV in the bedroom and bathroom, a DVD player, fridge and not a Corby trouser press in sight. 

Instead there’s mood lighting, soft colours and designer furnishings. The room is instantly relaxing, comforting and cosy. It doesn’t matter how cold it might be outside. And anyway, in the basement is Spa Sirène, a top-end spa offering an exotic cocktail of treatments from seaweed wraps to all-over body masks, after which you can take a dip in the swimming pool.

We’re on a three-day break and I’m slightly concerned how we are going to fit everything in. There’s so much to do. I’m a keen walker and I soon discover that the island is bigger than it seems. Jersey measures around nine miles by five, but it expands every day by a huge amount thanks to one of the largest tidal reach in Europe. So at low tide you can end up walking a mile or so across the sands to find the sea. 

Icho and Seymour Towers, for example, were put up 200 years ago to defend Jersey and are cut off daily by the sea. When the tide is out you can take a 2½-hour walk to them, but always with a guide, for you wouldn’t want to get caught amongst the reefs and rocks when the Atlantic rushes back in. The experience is almost unearthly. In all my life I have never seen anything quite like the eerie landscape of spiky rocks and pools that unfolds with the retreating tide.

If all this sounds too strenuous then take the easier option of a walk around the harbour, guessing how much the boats must be worth. Then beat a retreat to Jersey’s cosmopolitan café, bar and restaurant culture. 

We amble back to our hotel for a light lunch – and end up having one of the best meals we’ve ever had. Jersey does ‘food’ really well. In The Royal Yacht’s Café Zephyr I had what I love to eat any time, anywhere – miso soup and sushi. I would never have associated it with Jersey, but it was wonderful. Hubby had a Mediterranean salad so tasty I ate half of that too.

Come pm it was time to explore the town. We set off in search of St Helier’s traditional market and found a lot more. But first came the Victorian Central Market with stalls selling everything from fresh veg to jewellery, and a fabulous centrepiece – an intricate fountain of painted maidens gushing water with fish swimming among coins thrown by visitors. 

St Helier’s streets aren’t quite paved with gold, but the jewellery shops just kept coming – it’s a big theme on this island, as are pearls. Virtually every other shop sells the stuff. There are the usual chain stores too, and lots of smaller independent shops you don’t see on many High Street nowadays.

I return to the hotel laden with clothes, DVDs and dance wear (yes, I even found a dance shop called Centre Stage where I got my touring supply of dance tights!). And then it was spa time.

We’d booked a ‘Husband and Wife’ massage, with two tables in the same peaceful room and two masseurs who gave us stunning all-over deep massages lasting over an hour. They were the best we have ever had, and we returned to our room on cloud nine.

You’re never short of places to eat in Jersey. That evening we catch a taxi to The Salty Dog Bar and Bistro in St Aubin, the pretty harbour across the bay from St Helier. Rumour has it this is the locals’ favourite restaurant and you know what they say: ‘Eat where the locals eat.’ The setting was modest, especially after the hotel’s ultra-modern sharpness. But it was warm and friendly with a menu based on New World fusion and a large variety of fish dishes. 

My grilled scallops and Robert’s sea bream were served with bright, fresh vegetables and another yummy salad. Then I made the fatal mistake of telling Robert I didn’t want a dessert but would have a spoonful of his. He chose three home-made ice-creams with a caramel sauce also made on the premises. I ate most of it before he could say Salty Dog!

We start our next day with a wake-up walk along the beach then head back to the Jersey Museum and Maritime Museum, both on the waterfront and full of surprises. During World War Two, for example, the Germans occupied the island and ended up almost starving themselves and the inhabitants to death. In an earlier era the celebrated French author Victor Hugo was exiled here and later wrote Les Misérables in neighbouring Guernsey. I even learned a few rollicking sea shanties.

Later, we head across the island to Victoria village, home of the Eric Young Orchid Foundation where a purpose-built nursery displays a wonderful array of jewel-like orchids. This horticulturist’s dream was a calm antidote to my shopping frenzy of the day before. It’s close to an island icon, the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust. Dubbed the ‘zoo that is not a zoo’, its main purpose is the breeding and survival of endangered species worldwide. In addition to its global work, here in Jersey it makes great efforts to recreate habitats for a wide range of animals including gorillas, orang-utans, bears… and even the South American golden poison-dart frog.

Durrell is famous, but Jersey has lots of hidden gems too. Back in St Aubin we come across the delightful Harbour Gallery, an art and textile workshop run by two artists with a passion for all things visual – just like me. The creativity, ideas and standard of work are inspirational. Pat Robson, a co-founder, tells me that Jersey has a large population of artists who all contribute to the space. I was drawn in particular to the intricate beadwork of some of the neck collars on display. There were ideas here of the kind I have only seen in the V&A in London – quite simply, it’s a ‘must visit’ if you enjoy art and fabrics.

Our last evening sees us back at The Royal Yacht dining at the sophisticated Restaurant Sirocco. Even though we only order three courses we get five. Each ‘main’ course is punctuated by small, zesty appetizers like foie gras mousse and berry sorbet. The mains, thankfully, are not huge, but are beautifully presented and served with panache.

My advice in Jersey is always to go for the fish. With 45 miles of coast, clear waters and a thriving local industry, you’re guaranteed great seafood – which is exactly what we had with our red mullet and sea bass.

If you’re a couple who love good food, great views, comfort and surprises, you’ll like Jersey. It has changed a lot since I was last here. And I’m going to have to come back. Even though we had a busy time we only scratched the surface of this little, big island – and that was in winter.

 The York Press - Preview: Vampires Rock
 Sunday 23rd November, 2008..................................................Press Clips
Preview: Vampires Rock
Grand Opera House, York, Nov 27.
By Charles Hutchinson

After eight Top 40 singles, 20 albums, ten feature films, hundreds of television shows and countless stage roles, Toyah Willcox is joining the British tour of Steve Steinman’s Vampires Rock in the special guest role of the Devil Queen. 

On Thursday, she returns to York, where previously she played Kate in Shakespeare’s The Taming Of The Shrew at the Theatre Royal in August 1990, Peter Pan at the Grand Opera House in February 1994 (a year when she also performed at Fibbers), and the title role in Calamity Jane in October 2002, again at the Grand Opera House. 

She has been a punk, she has played Puck, she has presented Songs Of Praise and written a book about having a facelift. Now, at 50, she is starring in a musical spoof cum fantasy concert set in the year 2030 in a New York City where the undead are among us and livelier than ever, especially Steve Steinman’s evil, club-owning, 2,000-year-old Baron Von Rockula. Cue music from Meat Loaf, Queen, AC/DC, The Rolling Stones and Guns N Roses, and Toyah in hot red.

Charles Hutchinson meets the new devil woman ahead of next week’s show. 

Toyah, what possessed you to turn evil for a 44-date tour of Vampires Rock? 

“Steve’s been trying to get me into the show for a couple of years, but I just felt I couldn’t give the time to it at the time. 

“But Steve works like no one else and the important thing about him is that’s he’s a successful independent producer, and he kept asking, and eventually I said I could do 20 dates – and he came back with a list of 44! I said, ‘Okay, okay, I’ll do 44’, and I’m glad I did because, excuse the pun, it’s an absolute scream. 

“My husband [Robert Fripp] saw the show and said this band could blow him off stage, and he’s one of the top ten guitarists in the world.” 

Why has Vampires Rock become such a hit? 

“It seems a ridiculously slight show but it works because it is so clever in that it’s a basic story that we all know so well, as Baron Von Rockula wants to get rid of his 2,000-year-old wife for a younger model. 

“There’s this incredible warmth from the audience because there’s this fine balance between parody and reverence, and that’s where it’s like The Rocky Horror Show: they came long and they’re half the show.” 

Describe your character, the Devil Queen. 

“She’s vile! She’s just pure evil. She’s very glamorous and, for me, she’s the true vampire in the show because she never eases up, whereas Steve is very funny in how he works his character. Mine is just death, death, death, and she’s horrible to everyone.” 

How does this show compare with others you have appeared in? 

“This is the most bizarre thing I’ve ever done. I hadn’t seen the show before I agreed to do it, but I did know it had a cult status and it has far more credibility than any other show like this. 

“I think what Steve has now done is create a star product where a star name can come in, like with The Rocky Horror Show. This show is the future of rock’n’roll, creating conceptual shows such as Mamma Mia!. It keeps rock’n’roll going in a new way.” 

Did you choose your red-hot latex costumes for the show? 

“In the past 12 months, in the lead-up to my new album In The Court Of The Crimson Queen and the single Latex Messiah, I’ve been creating Toyah TV on MySpace – which has already had 35,000 hits – and Steve [Steinman] saw all the costumes I’d created for Toyah TV and said, ‘Could we lift them into Vampires Rock’?. So we have.” 

What songs do you sing in Vampires Rock? Do any of your old hits sneak in? 

“I open with a song off my new album, Lesser God, then I go into Twisted Sister’s Burn In Hell…School’s Out, Rebel Yell, Kiss’s God Gave Rock’n’Roll To You, Bon Jovi’s Lay Your Hands On Me, the Osbournes’ Changes, and Guns N Roses’ Sweet Child O’Mine. Fantastic!” 

What happens next for you and Vampires Rock?

“We go into the West End for a week from February 28, in the Shaw Theatre, and that’s already been a success because we have backers coming that week with a view to taking the show to Las Vegas. 

“Then we come back to Retford [where the show’s rehearsals are held] next September to start another 44 shows, and we have TV companies lining up to do a documentary if the show goes to Vegas.” 

* Vampires Rock, with special guest star Toyah Willcox, Grand Opera House, York, Thursday, 7.30pm, few seats left; box office: 0844 847 2322. The Vampires Rock Christmas Tour visits Hull New Theatre, December 2, sold out, and December 3 (tickets 01482 226655), and Futurist Theatre, Scarborough, December 12 (tickets 01723 374500). 

 Vampires Rock - Lesser God @  YouTube
 Sunday 23rd November, 2008 • Thanks to Paul............................Theatre
Toyah, as the Devil Queen, performs 'Lesser God' in Vampires Rock at Blackpool Opera House on 15th November.

 Halifax Evening Courier - Vampires Rock Review
 Sunday 23rd November, 2008.......................................................Theatre
Vampires Rock: Victoria Theatre, Halifax, by Julia Anderson:

A spooky set scattered with slumped skeletons, bats, an inverted cross, thunder, lightning and billowing smoke greets the audience.

Five very skinny (and very good) musicians enter with dancers writhing in basques, fishnets and high heeled boots. 

A ghoulish voice intones Forgive me, Father, for I will sin, over and over again. God has left the building". 

And all hell is let loose as impressive Steve (Meatloaf) Steinman as Baron Von Rockula with his clown-like side-kick Stringfellow (Mike Taylor) seek to replace his 1,000 year old wife, a remarkably young-looking and energetic Toyah Willcox, with a younger model. Enter Emily Clark as demure Pandora Honey-Box. 

Interspersed with witty dialogue sprinkled in allusions to the rock canon, all four belted out the rock anthems that propelled the story forward. A brilliant show that had the theatre rocking.

 Mystery Solved - Not Toyah (Unfortunately)!
 Sunday 23rd November, 2008......................................................Pictures
This turns out to be French actress Carole Bouquet. The photo is a still from the 1984 film Dream One (Nemo). 

Thanks to Minna for spotting this, Paul for discovering who it was, and Andi for the confirming photo and further info.

 The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes on BBC Radio 7
 Sunday 23rd November, 2008..........................................................Radio
The Singular Inheritance of Miss Gloria Wilson, the fourth episode from Series One of the audio drama, The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, has recently been airing on BBC Radio 7. Toyah plays the title character.

Recorded in October 2001, and first transmitted 20th February 2002 on BBC Radio Four, this story is based on a reference from Arthur Conan Doyle's short story The Problem of Thor Bridge.

After years of apparent inactivity, 'The Ghost' is back with a series of thefts. Featuring: Clive Merrison, Andrew Sachs, Toyah Willcox, Roy Hudd, Sion Probert and Sean Baker.

 Toyah on TV - Our Psychic Family
 Sunday 23rd November, 2008...................................................Television
Toyah wil be guesting in Episode Four of new series, Our Psychic Family, on The Biography Channel. It airs Thursday evenings at 9pm and is repeated a number of times over the following week. Available on Sky Digital, channel 156 and Virgin TV, channel 242.

The Biography Channel’s latest observational series from Thumbs Up Productions follows the day-to-day lives of the Hamilton-Parkers - two of the UK's most well respected and renowned psychics.

The six part series documents a meeting between Jane Hamilton-Parker and Angie Best, former wife of football legend George Best for a personal reading.  Jane claims to makes contact with George, as well as his mum and dad and makes some intriguing revelations about Angie’s son Calum, while Eighties pop icon Toyah Willcox is shocked by Craig Hamilton-Parker’s psychic revelations. 

Our Psychic Family : Biography Channel - Thursday 11th Dec : 9.00pm

 Toyah on TV/Sky Movies
 Sunday 23rd November, 2008...................................................Television
Quadrophenia : Sky Screen 2 - Monday 24th November : 11.00pm
The Who wrote and produced this energetic story of a young man disillusioned with his life in 1960s London. Phil Daniels excels as the alienated anti-hero Jimmy Cooper. Director: Franc Roddam. Starring: Phil Daniels, Leslie Ash, Toyah Willcox, Philip Davis, Mark Wingett, Sting, and Ray Winstone. (The latter will be broadcast simultaneously on Sky Screen 2 HD)

Proud Parents : Channel 4 - Tuesday 25th November : 12.30pm
Proud Parents looks at a celebrity's life through the eyes of their parents. Performer, author and TV star Toyah Willcox visits her dad aboard his beloved boat. (This will be broadcast simultaneously on Channel 4 HD)

Most Fertile Man In Ireland : Sky Movies - Wednesday 26th Nov : 8.30am
Most Fertile Man In Ireland : Sky Movies - Wednesday 3rd Dec : 3.05am
Twenty-four year old virgin, Eamonn Manley, lives with his mother in Belfast and is painfully shy with the ladies. Things change for Eamonn when Mary Malloy decides to make the first move and soon Mary realises that she is pregnant even though she was using birth control. The doctor discovers that Eamonn has an unusually high sperm count... His mother has the idea that he can help the local ladies who have had problems conceiving a baby... Director: Dudi Appleton. Starring: Kris Marshall, Kathy Kiera Clarke, Bronagh Gallagher, James Nesbitt, Kenneth Cranham, Toyah Willcox and Olivia Nash. (NB: This is showing on Sky Movies Comedy and Sky Movies Comedy HD simultaneously)

Leslie Ash: Face to Face : ITV2 - Friday 28th November : 9.00pm 
Leslie Ash was once a tabloid sweetheart and named the ultimate girl next door thanks to starring roles in Quadrophenia and Men Behaving Badly, but when she opted for a lip-filler to combat the signs of ageing, the results were disastrous. Leslie talks about her experience and investigates what went wrong and why it was allowed to happen. She examines the rapidly growing cosmetic beauty industry and highlights the lack of regulation which should serve as a warning to anyone considering treatment.

Shoestring : Alibi (formerly UKTV Drama) - Thursday 4th Dec : 7.00am
Shoestring : Alibi (formerly UKTV Drama) - Thursda 4th Dec : 1.00pm
Find The Lady. Detective drama series. Shoestring investigates the reported murder of a seaside beauty queen. Starring: Trevor Eve, Michael Medwin, Doran Godwin, Christopher Biggins, Toyah Willcox, and Gary Holton.

Our Psychic Family : Biography Channel - Thursday 11th Dec : 9.00pm
Our Psychic Family : Biography Channel - Thursday 11th Dec : 11.30pm
Our Psychic Family : Biography Channel - Friday 12th Dec : 9.00am
Our Psychic Family : Biography Channel - Friday 12th Dec : 2.00pm
Craig takes a trip to London to meet eighties pop icon, Toyah Willcox. Craig’s revelations of personal information shocks Toyah and she takes away some helpful relationship advice for her husband! 

NB: Please also keep an eye on The Paranormal Channel. Toyah has been popping up sporadically on The Big Black Book Of Horror. The show has a variety of celebrity guests reading ghost and horror stories and airs at 8pm weeknights. The Paranormal Channel is available on Sky Digital, channel 201.

 Gazette Live - Get your teeth into this
 Friday 21st November, 2008.....................................................Press Clips
Maybe it is because of Toyah Willcox (pictured right), maybe it is because it is about vampires, maybe it’s the rock music or just the whole combination, but VAMPIRES ROCK has certainly bitten theatre audiences.

“It’s the largest touring one night production in the country, that’s why it sells out,” says its female star ... and the Forum at Billingham, where it plays a week tonight, is no exception.

Set in New York in 2030, in the Live And Let Die nightclub it seems the undead are livelier than ever.

“I play the Devil Queen and I’m a 2,000-year-old wife,” says Toyah. “My husband the Baron Von Rockula is on the lookout for a new bride and is trying to get rid of me, but not if I have anything to do with it.”

His target is the lovely aspiring singer Pandora who stumbles into the club in search of a job.

Written by Steve Steinman, who plays the Baron, it features lots of humour, and some of the greatest rock anthems ever from Meat Loaf, Rainbow, AC/DC, Alice Cooper, the Rolling Stones, Bon Jovi, Guns N Roses, Queen, Whitesnake, and Cher.

“It has a full rock band, pyrotechnics, singers and dancers,” says Toyah, “and the dialogue is very quick because the songs tell it all.”

The current tour runs to 44 dates with more planned, perhaps without Toyah.

“It’s been non-stop for me. I’ve been writing a new album, I’m shooting a movie in April, and I have to tour the album.”

 Vampires Rock - More Aftershow Pictures
 Friday 21st November, 2008 • Thanks to Louie/Paul....................Pictures
Toyah pictured after the Aberdeen Vampires Rock show last Friday, and another of her in Blackpool last weekend.

 Fantastic 80s The Complete Collection / Smash Hits Party!
 Thursday 20th November, 2008...................................................Releases
Over the last few years Toyah has been included on a number of Various Artists CD compilations, including three this year and two in 2007. Now, just in time for Christmas, she appears on another two next month, 'Fantastic 80s! The Complete Collection' and 'Smash Hits Party!'

Fantastic 80s! The Complete Collection - A 5CD, 100 song compilation. 'It's A Mystery' is included on Disc 4, sub-titled "Electric 80s". The others are: Disc 1: 80s Pop Heaven, Disc 2: The Power of 80s Love, Disc 3: The 80s What A Feeling!, and Disc 5: 80s On The Radio. 

Smash Hits Party! - A 4CD, 70 song compilation. 'Thunder In The Mountains' is included on Disc 2.

Both compilations are released on 1st December 2008. Some online retailers are listing 8th December for 'Smash Hits Party!'

Already this year Toyah has been included on '100 Hits - 80s Pop' (It's A Mystery), 'Here And Now - The Very Best Of The 80s' (It's A Mystery), and 'The Edge Of The Seventies' (Ieya).

In 2007 she appeared on 'Electrax' (I Want To Be Free), and 'The No.1 Woman Album' (Don't Fall In Love (I Said)). 

And in 2005, there was 'Electric 80s (It's A Mystery), and 'This Is Not Retro - The Eighties Up To Date' (Little Tears Of Love).

 Sunderland Echo - Rock with bite
 Thursday 20th November, 2008................................................Press Clips
Toyah and Steve Steinman were interviewed by the 'Sunderland Echo' last week.

Well known for being a poster girl for punk in her heyday, it seems fitting that Toyah Willcox was chosen to be the leading lady in Steve Steinman's smash hit stage show, Vampires Rock.

Dubbed the new Rocky Horror Show, Vampires Rock is set in the year 2030, when Baron Von Rockula (Steve Steinman) is on the hunt for a new bride.

When Pandora Honey Roseybox arrives to audition for the resident vocalist position at the Live and Let Die Club, little does she know the only job up for grabs is to become the Baron's eternal bride.

At the heart of the show is the evil Baron's attempt to convince Pandora to lose her soul to rock and roll.

Cue songs from the likes of Meat Loaf, Queen, Suzi Quatro, AC/DC, Guns 'n' Roses, Bon Jovi and Alice Cooper.

And with a combination of music, humour and the dark side, it's little wonder the show, which premiered in 2004, quickly secured itself a cult following.

Now Toyah Willcox is joining the cast and the man behind the show, Steve Steinman, on stage, propelling it into new heights of fame.

"I was attracted to this show from the start on many levels," Toyah said. "I knew it was successful and knew it had a cult following.

"Steve Steinman is a complete success story and that was one of the reasons I wanted to get involved. 

"He's an amazing talented man, and to have put this show together, as well as star in it, is a real achievement.

"The other reason was the fact that this is a rock show. 

"I grew up in Birmingham when rock theatre was first created by Alice Cooper and David Bowie and I loved it. This is really a continuation of that."

Another element that has amazed Toyah is the number of people who come to the event dressed in gothic gear or as vampires, ghosts and ghouls.

"I think that's amazing and proves its success," she said. 

"It's like when people go to see The Rocky Horror show they get all dressed up and I think that's what Vampires Rock is becoming.

"More and more people are talking about it and people will come back and see it again and bring their friends, so it's really exciting to be involved."

Steve Steinman added: "The first five or six rows of people will come to the show dressed in full gear, and that seems to be growing as we take the shows out.

"It makes it more fun, not just for us on stage, but also for the audience. It makes for a great vibe."

As well as touring the UK, Vampires Rock is heading to Las Vegas next year and Steve is already in talks with TV bosses who want to do a reality TV show on it going Stateside.

Toyah said: "That would be unbelievable if that happened, and would really help to spread the word even faster."

Steve added: "This is an absolutely amazing show and with the current credit crunch under way is an absolute bargain.

"You get top music with all of the hits everyone knows the words to, a great storyline and some fabulous costumes."

 Bristol Rocks - Live Review
 Thursday 20th November, 2008................................................Press Clips
A great review of Vampires Rock, by 'Bristol Rocks', of the Hippodrome show from last month.

How do you best describe Vampires Rock? It is basically what happens if you watch too many Hammer horror movies, listen to way too much 70’s and 80’s rock music and then eat cheese before bed time. 

It is what happens when you mix Mama Mia, Return to the Forbidden Planet and The Beetlejuice Review  from Universal Studios in Orlando. 

Essentially Vampire Rocks is a pantomime for grown ups (well to be fair, 15 year old boys judging by the costumes the female cast members were wearing).

It has all the elements of a great Rock Show with a touch of panto thrown in. Imagine if you will Allo allo  married with an Alice Cooper gig and I think you should have it. 

All the great clichés were there; guitarists spitting blood whilst playing Eddie Van Halen  inspired guitar licks. 

Bare chested long haired bad boy musicians and leather and lace clad starlets (hence the attraction for adolescents…..or any other male with a pulse). 

Skulls heads with brightly lit eyes, coffins, smoke machines, huge flash bombs, gothic thrones, the whole cast wearing false fangs, the short portly bloke in a pink leotard…..a script written on a postage stamp (folded in half). Steve Steinman, Meatloaf impersonator (and a good job he does of it to) and Toyah Willcox. 

Now I defy anybody of a certain age group not to have a soft spot for Toyah and considering this girl turned 50 in May 08 she can still rock better than most of them.

Playing the Devil Queen and wearing costumes that I reckon she must have brought with her from her old days she belted out classic tunes such as Gunz N Roses ‘Sweet Child of Mine’ with such style and passion most of us were left with big stupid grins on our faces.. 

I suppose I had better just quickly explain what the whole concept of Vampires Rock is so that you might have a small clue as to what I am talking about. 

Essentially it is a vehicle for Steve Steinman (clearly a made up name) who headed the acclaimed Meatloaf Story which has toured and performed in Bristol several times (I believe he has also appeared on Stars in Their Eyes). 

With VR the premise is simple. It’s a covers gig wrapped around a flimsy story line of Vampires. But hey, haven’t I already said that it felt like a good old rock gig from the 70’s & 80’s. 

It works well as it never tries to be something that it isn’t. It isn’t pretentious. It isn’t trying to make any musical statements. It isn’t cutting edge. It’s purely and simply rock & roll pantomime with some great songs, daft panto banter and of course for the 15 year olds…those girls. 

To be honest, if all us covers bands in the city went and put as much effort into the performance as this lot have I think our audience sizes might be a tad higher. 

My only complaint of the evening was the sound quality (my sincere apologies to the sound engineer as I am sure there was good reason for this). 

The guitars could have been quite a bit louder (I think my mother could have sat through it) and the vocals a little more blended….as for the feed back whistling…ouch! But hey, I not going to nit pick as it was a great show. 

Basically, it did what it said on the tin….it entertained! And I for one would go and see it again.

 Daily Express - Toyah And The Vampire Curse
 Wednesday 19th November, 2008............................................Press Clips
Singer and actress Toyah Willcox claims Vampire’s Rock, the musical in which she is touring the UK, is haunted.

Toyah, 50, who is in the middle of a 44-date run which ends at the Liverpool Echo Arena on December 27, says some performances have been hit by mysterious problems.

“I believe Vampire’s Rock is cursed, absolutely I do,” says Toyah, who plays the Devil Queen. “The lid of the coffin [used during the opening stages of the show] has been closing down on Mike Taylor [who plays the Baron’s butler Stringfellow] even though it doesn’t have a lock on it.”

She adds: “On Hallowe’en in Ipswich, people started fainting, saying they were overcome by spirits. There have also been some instances where the keyboard inexplicably changed its settings, even though no one had touched it beforehand.

“Something happens every night. It was as if we are haunted. But it doesn’t give me the chills – I actually love it. It’s fabulous. I’ve more reservations about presenting Songs Of Praise." 

 Aberdeen Evening Express - Spectacular cult musical had real bite
 Wednesday 19th November, 2008............................................Press Clips
Another positive review for Vampires Rock. This is from last Saturday's 'Aberdeen Evening Express'.

 Vampires Rock Newsy Bits & Pieces!
 Wednesday 19th November, 2008.................................................Theatre
• Emily Clark, of Vampires Rock, was interviewed in the 'Blackpool Citizen' on Monday. She had this to say about Toyah:

This tour is especially good because Toyah is on board. She's a really lovely lady and she's nice to work with. Because she's been in the public eye for years she attracts new audiences and it's good for me because she gives me advice on how to keep my voice strong. She's definitely added something to the show.

Read the full interview here.

• Check out Paul Lomas' Facebook here to see Toyah performing 'Lesser God' from Vampires Rock. You will need to register with Facebook.

• Some more post-show photos of Toyah, from Manchester and Blackppol. Pictured with Toyah are, clockwise, Roger, Michael and Paul. (Thanks to Andrew, Paul & Michael for the pics).

 It's A Mystery!! - Is this Toyah?
 Wednesday 19th November, 2008................................................Pictures
Ha! Apologies for the cliché above... but... is this Toyah?

 In The Court Of The Crimson Queen - Dreamscape SuperFeature
 Sunday 16th November, 2008....................................................Site News
Coming Soon: A SuperFeature on 'In The Court Of The Crimson Queen', the best thing to happen in 2008 (the album, not the Feature ;))

 Blackpool Gazette - Toyah enjoys vampire rocking
 Sunday 16th November, 2008..................................................Press Clips
Steve Steinman's, Vampires Rock returns to Blackpool Opera House tonight – this time with special guest, former chart star and television personality Toyah Willcox.

It's a return visit to the resort for the actress and rock star who was here for Gay pride last year.

"I was on North Pier and it seemed very shaky," she said. "I thought 'this is moving' so I did my show and ran."

In a career spanning over 30 years, Toyah has notched up 13 top 40 singles, recorded 20 albums, written two books, appeared in over 40 stage plays, made 10 feature films and presented hundreds of TV programmes from The Good Sex Guide Late to Songs of Praise.

"I've always been careful to try and maintain a healthy career balance," she says. "I've been lucky with good management.

"Most of the time I create documentaries – I'm lucky in that people phone me about work – not the other way round."

Her acting career began at the Old Rep Drama School in her home town of Birmingham and her breakthrough was playing Mad in Derek Jarman's 1977 epic punk film Jubilee.

It was later that year she put her first band together and within two years she was juggling hit records with roles such as Miranda in The Tempest and Monkey in the film Quadrophenia.

"It was a case of my chart success interrupting a healthy acting career," says Toyah.

That's part of the reason she had no qualms about joining up with Steve Steinman in Vampires Rock.

"It's one or those shows that is growing and growing," she says. "I was asked if I could go into it and I thought 'why not?' It's one of the largest touring one night shows in the country with a full band and a full show – and it's a rock show rather than a concert."

Set in New York in 2030, the undead are among us and livelier than ever, none more so than in club Live and Let Die, where aspiring singer Pandora (Emily Clarke) arrives to audition to be resident vocalist.

Little does she know that the only job on offer is to be the eternal bride of evil Baron Von Rockula (Steve Steinman) alongside current spouse the Devil Queen (Toyah).

It's been one of her busiest years – a best selling Best Of album, a record audience for her documentary on insomnia ("l am an insomniac - so I've got a lot of time on my hands"), a free festival in King's Lynn performing to 15,000 people and playing Billie Piper's mum in Secret Diary of a Call Girl.

She has also embraced new ways of marketing her past and future recording product.

"I-Tunes and YouTube are phenomenal vehicles - I've taught myself all about them because I saw them as the way ahead."

Hence the Official Toyah MySpace site which previews her new material and the Toyah YouTube channel with her videos.

 Halifax Courier - Toyah is bringing her wicked side to Calderdale
 Sunday 16th November, 2008..................................................Press Clips
The original red-haired rebel is coming to town as the evil Devil Queen in a vampire spectacular. But she has many other irons in the fire, as Pauline Hawkins finds out 

Rockers, like vampires, never die... they simply stake a claim to your heart by belting out timeless tunes that live on forever in the memory.

Red-haired rebel Toyah Willcox is currently spending her evenings with the undead as a cadaverous cast and mystical musicians blast their way through some of the greatest rock anthems ever written and performed.

Tracks from Meat Loaf, Rainbow, AC/DC, Alice Cooper, the Rolling Stones, Bon Jovi, Queen, Whitesnake, Bonnie Tyler and Cher are given fresh life as Vampires Rock prepares to bring pulsating sounds and pyrotechnics to the Victoria Theatre, Halifax.

Toyah, who turned 50 this year, shows no sign of ageing – thanks in part to a facelift five years ago – as she dons a figure-hugging red outfit and headgear shaped like ram's horns to star in Vampires Rock as the Devil Queen, wife of the supremely evil Baron Von Rockula.

The role is light years from some of her previous incarnations in the 1990s as the narrator of the BBC children's show Teletubbies and a presenter of Songs of Praise series.

But, as she points out, these appearances were more than 10 years ago. And she currently has a workload that would terrify most actresses half her age.

The Vampires Rock tour began in Retford, Nottinghamshire, in mid-September and finishes in London next February. But there will be time for her to enjoy Christmas and set about other projects, including the third series of Secret Diary of a Call Girl, starring Billie Piper, which is due to be filmed in the spring.

The musical comedy Vampires Rock is set in the future in New York, when the undead are livelier than ever and the charismatic and supremely evil Baron Von Rockula, owner of the Live and Let Die Club, is seeking a woman to agree to eternal immortality, be his queen and live forever.

The baron is played by Steve Steinman, who made his name as a Meat Loaf tribute act. The evil baron is looking to "trade in" Toyah's Devil Queen for another model.

"What I like about this show is that it is not every night, the dates are in batches," she says. "I am doing a lot of TV at the moment and I have an album in the iTunes chart and I'm preparing that for commercial release next Easter.

"I'm filming Supersize Me and Ready, Steady Cook at the moment, so it's quite mad.

"Originally I told Steve that I could fit in 20 dates and he said 44 theatres wanted the show. So I'm with film crews in the morning and as long as I'm at the theatre by 4pm, that's all that bothers him.

"I think Steve started the show in smaller venues but it has become so successful that he is booking larger and larger venues. We are going back to some places – Hull sold out immedaiately so we're going back for a second date.

"I open with one of my new songs, Lesser God, and the show is really about establishing the story through the lyrics of major rock anthems. The story is very light, but it's very loud rock and amazing pyrotechnics.

"People who have not seen the show before and don't know what it is are stunned. It's a very accomplished rock show. The band are phenomenal.

"It lacks the pomp of West End shows and is very inclusive of the audience. It's very lively, high-energy music and I get to play the baddie, which is a lot of fun. It is beautifully visual. I think people have been blown away by it."

Vampires Rock is on at the Victoria Theatre, Halifax on Thursday, November 20 (7.30pm).

 Toyah Newsy Bits & Pieces!
 Sunday 16th November, 2008........................................................Various
• Toyah has mentioned in a recent interview that she is currently filming Supersize Me and Ready Steady Cook (if this is correct ths will be her third appearance on this cookery show). Toyah also filmed a celebrity edition of Britain's Best Dish earlier this year which is still to air at some point, on ITV1.

• 'In The Court Of The Crimson Queen' will be released commercially at Easter 2009. The album, which has delighted many Toyah fans, is currently available via iTunes, www.remembertheeighties.com, and at venues visited by the Vampires Rock tour.

• Toyah was mentioned in yesterday's 'Mirror', in an article titled "Meet Britain's only psychic family". 

Craig and Jane Hamilton-Parker, a husband and wife psychic team, together with their two daughters as well as extended aunts, uncles, grandmother and great grandmother are Britain’s only psychic family.

They're the stars of a new TV documentary starting next week, which sees them meet Angie Best, former wife of football legend George Best, for a personal reading - as well as giving advice from beyond the grave to Eighties popstar Toyah Willcox.

• Toyah was also mentioned in a recent article in the 'Lancashire Evening Post':

Self-confessed eccentric Lord Odin admits his unusual name has raised more than a few eyebrows over the years. But it could have been a lot wackier as his other choice when he decided to change it by deed poll nearly 30 years ago was Mickey Mouse.

And it is singer and actress Toyah Willcox he has got to thank for the change after hearing her on a radio programme talking about unusual names.

Read the full article here.

• Look out for a special anouncement soon on something Toyah will be doing in May 2009!

 The Paranormal Channel - The Big Black Book Of Horror
 Thursday 13th November, 2008 • Thanks to Stephen................Television
Toyah guested on Tuesday night's The Big Black Book Of Horror on The Paranormal Channel. The show has a variety of celebrity guests reading ghost and horror stories and airs at 8pm weeknights. 

Toyah has also been heard making sporadic announcements on the channel, which launched in June, such as "I'm Toyah, and you're watching The Paranormal Channel". She also may reappaear on The Big Black Book Of Horror. The Paranormal Channel is available on Sky Digital, channel 201.

 Exeter Express & Echo - Toyah vamps it up in a show with bite
 Thursday 13th November, 2008................................................Press Clips
Billed as a show like no other, it's hard to argue when rock anthems, musical theatre, vampires and Toyah Willcox are all mixed together.

The outcome of the unusual combination is a show called Vampires Rock, a musical comedy set in New York in 2030. The story goes that the undead are among us and livelier than ever — and none more so than in the club Live and Let Die.

Vampire Rocks started touring the UK in September and has sold out at many venues. It stopped off at Exmouth Pavilion last Friday. Steve Steinman, the creator and singing force behind some of the world's best-selling rock musical concerts, plays the charismatic and supremely evil Baron Von Rockula, owner of the Live and Let Die Club. In search of a bride, the baron must convince his chosen one to agree to eternal immortality, to be his queen and live for ever.

Aspiring singer Pandora (Emily Clark) arrives to audition for the resident vocalist position at the club, but little does she know the only job on offer is to be his eternal bride.

Cue a host of classic rock, played live by the baron's hand-picked band, The Lost Boys, and a hint of comedy as the baron and his sidekick, Stringfellow (Mike Taylor), attempt to convince Pandora to lose her soul to rock and roll.
The spellbinding cast and musicians blast their way through rock anthems from the likes of Meat Loaf, Rainbow, AC/DC, Alice Cooper, the Stones, Bon Jovi, Queen, Whitesnake, Bonnie Tyler and Cher.

It had the audience rocking in the aisles — on their knees with their air guitars above their heads.

Toyah Willcox stars as the Devil Queen, who the baron wants to trade in for a younger model.

It's been a busy year for the 50-year-old, who has also had her first studio album in 14 years, created Toyah TV and walked the Gobi Desert and the Great Wall of China with Olivia Newton-John and Danni Minogue.

Toyah's character is a femme fatale devil in high-heeled boots belting out classic rock anthems.

She describes it as a sort of Rocky Horror Show, with songs providing a narrative, and plenty of pyrotechnics and costume changes. Her character is manipulative, always threatening to kick her husband out and beat up Pandora. Although vile, she says audiences just love it and she always gets huge cheers

 Toyah on TV/Sky Movies
 Thursday 13th November, 2008.................................................Television
Quadrophenia : Sky Movies Indie - Thursday 20th November : 00.10am
Quadrophenia : Sky Screen 2 - Monday 24th November : 11.00pm
The Who wrote and produced this energetic story of a young man disillusioned with his life in 1960s London. Phil Daniels excels as the alienated anti-hero Jimmy Cooper. Director: Franc Roddam. Starring: Phil Daniels, Leslie Ash, Toyah Willcox, Philip Davis, Mark Wingett, Sting, and Ray Winstone. (The latter will be broadcast simultaneously on Sky Screen 2 HD)

Proud Parents : Channel 4 - Tuesday 25th November : 12.30pm
Proud Parents looks at a celebrity's life through the eyes of their parents. Performer, author and TV star Toyah Willcox visits her dad aboard his beloved boat. (This will be broadcast simultaneously on Channel 4 HD)

 DVD Release News
 Tuesday 11th November, 2008....................................................Releases
The Region 2 Rocky Horror Tribute Show DVD was released yesterday in the UK (a whole month after the Region 1 version) and is available via numerous online retailers.

Currently the cheapest is Amazon UK @ £9.98 and HMV a miniscule one pence extra at £9.99.

The 'Time Warp' Rocky Horror website have stacks of information on the DVD, and the 2006 Royal Court Gala Night itself. Click here to visit 'Time Warp'.

Other DVD News: Secret Diary Of A Call Girl: Complete Seasons 1 & 2 (4 Disc) will be released on 2nd March 2009. Series/Season 1 is already available on DVD but it appears Series 2 won't be made available on its own.

No artwork or Special Features have been announced as yet.

 Official Toyah - November Blog
 Monday 10th November, 2008.......................................................Internet
Toyah's November Blog has been added to the Official Toyah MySpace and www.toyahwillcox.com

 Blackpool Citizen - Interview: Toyah Willcox in Vampires Rock
 Monday 10th November, 2008..................................................Press Clips
She was a poster girl for punk, then went on to dip her toe into projects as diverse as presenting Songs of Praise and the Good Sex Guide in a career spanning 30 years. Now actress and singer Toyah Willcox is vamping it up for a new role in hit musical Vampires Rock. 

Toyah Willcox is having the time of her life performing in rock 'n' roll musical extravaganza Vampires Rock. 

"Steve Steinman (the man behind the hugely successful show) had been asking me to do it for a couple of years but my filming schedule was always too tight," she said. 

"This year I said: 'OK, I'll give you 20 dates' and Steve being the absolutely brilliant businessman he is, came back with 44 dates! 

"But I'm having the time of my life. I'm loving every moment of it. There's such a buzz around the show, it's fantastic." 

Vampires Rock premiered in 2004. Rave reviews and standing ovations across Britain soon followed. 

The show, which features music from Meat Loaf, Queen, AC/DC, Bon Jovi, Alice Cooper and Guns 'n' Roses, combines a twist of rock, vampires and comedy. 

The latest version of the show is set in 2030 New York city. Baron Von Rockula (Steinman), owner of the Live and Let Die Club, is searching for a new bride, someone he can persuade to sell her soul to rock 'n' roll. 

The reason the show is such a success, according to Toyah, is because of its unique mix of tongue-in-cheek comedy and skilled musicians. 

"The band are fantastic," she said. 

"I'm married to one of the top 10 guitarists in the world (Robert Fripp) and he says these guys can outplay him, that's how good they are. 

"The show is very clever in that it is an arena show set in a theatre. It's mind-blowing. There are pyrotechnics and it's very loud, like a rock concert. From the stage you often see the audience's jaws drop open. It's spectacular. 

"It's funny too, for the fact it's quite ridiculous at times. It's sometimes almost a parody of the songs but done in a very clever way. It doesn't try to be Les Mis. It's a powerful show for people who love rock 'n' roll. There certainly isn't a flat moment in the show." 

Steinman, who made his name as a Meatloaf tribute artist, agreed that there's no other show like it. 

"We know how to work the crowd and they keep coming back, which is the sign of success," he said. 

"The same people will come back night after night five or six times and you think 'You must be off your head' but they're enjoying it." 

And he shared the secret of his success. 

"I've stuck with the northern crowd," he said. 

"I'm from Oldham, our singer is from Blackburn and all the crew are northern. There's lots of talent in the north and, as well as producing a 100 per cent professional show, we've got a good sense of humour, which the crowd loves." 

l See Vampires Rock at Blackpool Opera House on Saturday, November 15. For tickets call 0870 380 1111. Visit www.vampiresrock.com

 Vampires Rock - Newsy Bits & Pieces!
 Friday 7th November, 2008...........................................................Theatre
• Steve Steinman has heaped praise on Toyah in a number of interviews he has given this week. They have been published on various websites in the last few days, including Highland News, Kenilworth Today, Warwick Courier, Leamington Spa Today, and the Inverness Courier.

• From Highland News: Getting Toyah to join this year's tour was a coup for Steve. He makes it sound simple to get her to join the show following last year's guest, Twisted Sister's Eddie Ojada.

"Toyah has always been a singer and I have seen her live and she always came across as a really nice person. So I emailed her and asked her if she'd be interested in being in the show. I think the timing was wrong for her last year, but she's now in the show and has signed up for next year's too playing the queen of the vampires who wins through in the end."

• From Warwick Courier: This year the actor decided to add a new character, the Devil Queen, played by Toyah Willcox and he believes it has made the show even better. He added: "She is a legend and such a nice person.

"I took a risk when I first decided to use her as you have to get on when you are on the road all the time but she's first rate and it has been a pleasure working with her."

• From Inverness Courier: The show also has a genuine pop star in Toyah, though Steinman concedes she is not a singer who would automatically be linked with hard rock. "If you come to the show you can see why we chose her," he said. "She just takes it to a different dimension." Toyah seems to enjoy the show so much that she has signed up for another year, including the show's first ever London run.

Vampires Rock played Weston-Super-Mare Playhouse Theatre last night. Tonight the show hits the Pavilion Theatre in Exmouth, tomorrow night it's Princess Theatre in Torquay, and Sunday the City Hall in Salisbury.

• From The Official Vampires Rock website: We are pleased to announce that Vampires Rock will be supporting the Green Standards charity to help build schools in deprived countries. We are in the process of helping the children of Romania with there first school in a box program. More on this story as it comes in.

 Record Woman - Toyah is one vampy lady
 Friday 7th November, 2008......................................................Magazines
A full scan of the cover of the Daily Record's Woman supplement, with Toyah on the cover, from Tuesday 28th October.

To view a comprehensive feature on all of Toyah's previous front covers please click here.

 Aberdeen Press & Journal - Vampires come alive for rock queen
 Friday 7th November, 2008......................................................Press Clips
Vampires Rock is a show like no other, with a twist of rock, a splash of musical theatre, and a generous helping of fun. But be warned, audiences attending the tongue-in-cheek show may find it hard to sit still, especially when Toyah Willcox is on stage, writes Susan Welsh

Slipping into a saucy skin-tight red leather costume and killer heels is one thing. Wearing the body-hugging costume while giving your all in a high-energy musical that requires you to sing and dance on stage is quite another, especially when, whisper it, the wearer turned 50 earlier this year.

At an age when some gals have quietly begun eyeing up outfits to disguise middle-age spread, singer and actress Toyah Willcox is getting ready to don an outfit that skims her body like a second skin.

Luckily, she’s in extremely good shape, as those with tickets for Vampires Rock, a lively rollercoaster of a horror musical which visits Inverness and Aberdeen this month, will soon see for themselves.

Vampires Rock, a tongue-in-cheek comedy created by Steve Steinman, is set in New York in the year 2030, when the rather lively undead are living among us. Steve Steinman, with his typical sense of cheeky humour, plays the charismatic and supremely evil Baron Von Rockula, owner of the Live and Let Die Club.

In search of a bride, the Baron must convince his chosen one to agree to eternal immortality, to be his queen and live forever.

Enter the equally watchable and talented Ms Willcox.

“I play the devil Queen who is married to Baron Von Rockula, a part which men and women in the audience can relate to as it is about the biggest cliche in history – man wants to trade in current wife for a younger version.

“In this case, the baron wants to trade in his 2,000-year-old wife, that’s me, for a newer model, ” said Toyah.

“The audience love the story and go bonkers, but there’s a twist in the tale which allows my character to develop throughout the show and fight to get him back.

“We use classic rock songs and anthems to carry the story right the way through the show with numbers by Bon Jovi, Alice Cooper, White Snake, Cher, Rolling Stones, Billy Idol – the list goes on and on.

“One of the reasons people love the show, especially those who are into rock music, is because there’s a full band on stage – there are no corners cut on this production.

“It’s full of pyrotechnics, has a great stage set and fabulous costumes.

“It’s quite glam rock, too, and harks back to the 1970s when you had the likes of Roxy Music, David Bowie, T Rex and Alice Cooper all donning eye liner and wearing high heels.

“My costume is very much part of that era and it slots in beautifully,”

Which brings us rather neatly to that showstopping costume. How does she manage to stay slim enough to fit into it?

“I’m on stage with four of the most beautiful dancers I’ve ever worked with and they’re all well under 25.

“That makes you work hard but, to be honest, I can’t eat very much while I’m rehearsing and have to do about 200 sit-ups a day, which at times is miserable,” said the star, who has an impressive 32 years under her showbiz belt.

Despite constant demands on her time – she has a new album out and tours regularly with her band, she’s a TV favourite guesting on everything from Tonight with Trevor Macdonald to I’m a Celebrity . . . Get Me Out of Here! – Toyah was keen to get back to live theatre.

“Vampires Rock has been around for about five years and in all that time I’ve never heard anything but good of it,” she said.

“Where it is exceptional, purely on a business level, is that it sells out almost everywhere, yet it is a relatively brand-new, untold story.

“Steve Steinman, who created it, has been asking me for two years to come on board. This is the year I said yes, and already it seems that the show and me are made for each other.”

While Toyah always goes down a storm when she plays live, it’s in front of the camera that she feels right at home.

“I have tackled music, film, television, theatre, plays, reality shows, but I think now is a very interesting time in terms of media, because no one knows where anything is going, but the one constant is that people want live shows and, luckily for me, that’s what I do.”

Recently, Toyah played Billie Piper’s mother in the TV show Diary of a Call Girl, and next year she’s set to film a British movie called The Power of Three.

One movie she will always be linked to is the cult 1979 movie Quadrophenia, which tells the story of two rival gangs of 1960s mods and rockers and set to the music of The Who.

“I’m really glad I took part in the film, not just because I got to work with Sting and Phil Daniels, but because it was quite an experience just filming it.

“We could never have guessed at the longevity the film would enjoy, and it’s great to see generation after generation discovering the film and identifying with it.”

Vampires Rock is at Eden Court Theatre, Inverness, on Wednesday, November 12. There are only a limited number of tickets remaining. Call 01463 234 234. The performance at the Music Hall, Aberdeen, on Friday, November 14 is now sold out.

 Toyah on TV/Sky Movies
 Friday 7th November, 2008.......................................................Television
Leslie Ash: Face to Face : ITV2 - Saturday 8th November : 7.50pm
Leslie Ash was once a tabloid sweetheart and named the ultimate girl next door thanks to starring roles in Quadrophenia and Men Behaving Badly, but when she opted for a lip-filler to combat the signs of ageing, the results were disastrous. Leslie talks about her experience and investigates what went wrong and why it was allowed to happen. She examines the rapidly growing cosmetic beauty industry and highlights the lack of regulation which should serve as a warning to anyone considering treatment.

Quadrophenia : Sky Movies Indie - Thursday 20th November : 00.10am
The Who wrote and produced this energetic story of a young man disillusioned with his life in 1960s London. Phil Daniels excels as the alienated anti-hero Jimmy Cooper. Director: Franc Roddam. Starring: Phil Daniels, Leslie Ash, Toyah Willcox, Philip Davis, Mark Wingett, Sting, and Ray Winstone.

 Ipswich Evening Star - Toyah Interview
 Friday 7th November, 2008......................................................Press Clips
It's been a busy year for Toyah Willcox - a new album, television work and now she's on tour with Vampires Rock. As the show prepares to sell out Ipswich's Regent Theatre she chats to James Marston. 

Toyah takes the call in her dressing room at Manchester's Palace Theatre. 

She's cheerful and excited and getting ready for a photo shoot when I ask her about the Vampires Rock tour. 

She said: "It's a fabulous show. It's a bit like Rocky Horror Show, it has a following all of its own. Audiences have come along dressed as Dracula, vampires, ghosts and ghouls. We're a good ten days into the tour now and we've been selling out the venues which is great. 

"I play the part of the devil queen. I'm 200 years old and the queen to Baron Von Rockula played by Steve Steinman. The story is he wants a younger wife. It's a story that goes down well with the audience. It is basically a heavy rock concert with a storyline."

When Vampires Rock premiered in 2004, it was immediately popular. Now the hit show, that according to the marketing blurb "combines a unique twist of rock, vampires, and comedy", is back for a new 44-date UK tour. 

Toyah said: "I think I get about four or five songs on my own and I'm involved in some of the big group songs. It has been fantastic so far and I'm having lots of fun."

With a career that has spanned more than 30 years, Toyah is no stranger to the stage. Over the year's she's notched up an impressive 13 top 40 singles, 20 albums, made ten feature films and presented hundreds of TV shows.

And this year she has brought out a new album - In the Court of the Crimson Queen. She said: "It's coming out commercially next Easter and it's been doing well on the iTunes charts."

More recently she's appeared in the hit TV series Secret Diary of a Call Girl for ITV2, alongside Billie Piper.

During Vampires Rock she sings not only her own songs from her new album but also numbers by Twisted Sisters, Alice Cooper, Billy Idol, Guns and Roses and the Osbournes. 

Toyah said: "It's a very loud show. The costumes are fantastic. What I love about Vampires Rock is that it doesn't cut any corners. There are pyrotechnics  and excellent lighting. It is a visual experience."

The year is 2030 and Baron Von Rockula (Steinman) is searching for a new bride. When Pandora Honey Roseybox arrives to audition for the resident vocalist position at the Live and Let Die club, little does she know, the only job on offer is to be the Baron's eternal bride.

The night of classic rock is played out by the Baron's hand-picked band, The Lost Boys, and more than a hint of comedy thanks to his sidekick Stringfellow. 

At the heart of the show is the evil baron's attempt to convince Pandora to lose her soul to rock and roll.

Toyah, 50, said: "It reminds me of the visual rock I grew up with in Birmingham."

From her home in Worcestershire, Toyah is used to spending time on the road. 

She said: "I've been touring for 30 years so I'm used to it. I'm an on-the-road person."

[ Courtesy of The Official Vampires Rock website ]

 Toyah Q&A
 Friday 7th November, 2008......................................................Press Clips
Do you have an unfulfilled ambition?: "I'd love to work in Hollywood. I haven't even tried but I'd like to do it."

What's the highlight of your career?: "I've enjoyed this year more than any other. It's been the perfect mix. I've played Billie Piper's mum in Secret Diary of a Call Girl. I played to 30,000 in the Here and Now 80s show and I've got 44 dates on Vampires Rock and a new album."

What's your most embarrassing moment?: "When I forget a lyric. I've la la la-ad through verses before now. Every night I get nervous."

Tell us something about yourself which our readers won't know?: "I collect rare stones, I love crystals."

What's your diva demand in the dressing room?: "I don't drink or smoke. I like a nice cup of tea."

What car do you drive?: "A Peugeot 207."

[ Courtesy of The Official Vampires Rock website ]

 Vampires Rock - eGigs.co.uk Review
 Wednesday 5th November, 2008.............................................Press Clips
Watching a bald man dressed as a vampire belting out cover versions of classic rock songs doesn't sound that interesting on paper.

However that is exactly what Steve Steinman's Vampires Rock show is. It has been around for a few years now gaining a loyal following, which has built up to such an extent that this independently produced show is able to fill concert halls and arenas with ease.

Even though it may sound boring on paper, in reality it is an incredible show with a full band of very talented musicians, singers, and backing dancers. All of which keep you mesmerised throughout the evening.

Over the years Steve Steinman (vocalist) who plays Baron Von Rockula has tried to keep the Dracula looks for bride story fresh and vibrant by attracting special guests to appear in the show. Last year it was ex-Twisted Sister guitarist Eddie O'Jeda who had an incredible impact on the dynamics of the show, and this year the special guest was Toyah Willcox.

Before seeing the show, I was wondering why Steve had chosen Toyah to have a part in the show, I certainly wouldn’t have classed her as being suitable for rock music, thankfully though after watching the show, I walked away in awe of Toyahs vocal ability. Even today she is able to produce an incredibly powerful vocal attack on the senses.

For those of you who have still not seen this show, the story is about a naïve singer by the name of Pandora Rosie Honeybox who turns up for an audition to become the singer for the band at the Live and Let Die club in New York.

During the auditions the club owner Baron Von Rockula (Steve Steinman) takes a great interest in Pandora and through his powers of hypnosis he manages to persuade her to become his wife.

This story unfolds whilst interjected with classic rock songs such as 'Welcome to the Jungle', 'Highway To Hell', 'Bat Out Of Hell' and 'Total Eclipse Of The Heart'. Yes at times the dialogue before the songs is quite cheesy, but witty.

With Steve being the main star in the Meat Loaf Story shows, Vampires Rock is littered with song references to Meat Loaf, for example like when Stringfellow (Baron Von Rockulas bartender) is talking to Pandora and said something along the lines of "For Crying Out Loud, I didn't think you would make it in time" or when he is explaining to her that she had better get out of the club quickly and, "run like a... Bat Out Of Hell". Admittedly the show thrives on being witty and at times cheesy, but it does it in an entertaining way, which keeps you enthralled.

Throughout the evening Baron Von Rockula talks to the crowd in such away that he makes you feel part of the show, and above all I think it is this ability to make everyone in the room feel special that gains Vampires Rock a loyal following.

Toyah Willcox as the Devil Queen, came across as confident, at times scary, but very convincing in the part she was playing, and not only does she deserve all the praise and limelight, she has raised the profile of this show to a new level which has gained it the exposure that this show truly deserves.

In fact even though Mr Steinman has got a brilliant voice, Toyah did outshine him on the duets, her vocal ability is in a league of its own, and one can only hope that Steve tries to keep her in the show for next year.

The music is faultless, and during the interludes in-between songs when the actors stray away from the script or start to laugh, in any other show it would be criticised, however in this show it seems to fit in nicely and makes it even more enjoyable.

Unashamedly cheesy, at times witty, and great music throughout performed by a talented set of musicians, this is good family entertainment at its best. Guaranteed to leave you with a smile that stretches from ear to ear.

The only question is, who will be the special guest be next year?

 East Anglian Daily Times - Banish the gloom with a blast of the 80s
 Wednesday 5th November, 2008.............................................Press Clips
The 'East Anglian Daily Times' website currently have a very substantial article on Richard Evans, the man behind the 'Remember The Eighties' website. 

Toyah receives a couple of mentions during the interview and he also chooses her as one of his Top Eighties icons.

Banish the gloom with a blast of the 80s
And then, in the dying weeks of 1980, Adam & The Ants' Antmusic changed pop forever. 

“I loved it for its pounding tribal drums, for Adam's bold theatrical glamour, for the whole package. It was new and exciting and I felt I understood,” he says. The single almost topped the charts, and coincided with a tour that took in the local Odeon. “I was only thirteen, so I didn't go, but that the Ants came to Chelmsford at all felt like being touched by greatness.”

The New Romantic movement, synthesizers and futuristic haircuts began to dominate the charts. There was Ultravox with Vienna, Human League's huge hit Don't You Want Me and Soft Cell's Tainted Love. Spandau Ballet and Duran Duran burst onto the scene, as did Depeche Mode. There's Kim Wilde - and Toyah, who will become a recurring part of Richard's life for years to come. The autumn of 1982 sees Culture Club appear on Top of the Pops. 

Famous Five: Richard Evans's top Eighties icons

Toyah: On Valentine's Day, 1981, she releases the four-track EP Four From Toyah. “She's a colourful, charismatic, rebellious figure and I'm hooked. A trip to Parrot Records in Chelmsford reveals that Toyah has already released three albums, including a live album Toyah! Toyah! Toyah! which is the one I buy, the first album I purchase with my own money.”

Read the full article here.

 Bridgwater Mercury - Whats On
 Wednesday 5th November, 2008.............................................Press Clips
THURSDAY NOVEMBER 6: 7.30pm Steve Steinman's Vampires Rock at the Playhouse, Weston. Toyah Wilcox stars as the Devil Queen in this cast of superb singers, sexy dancers and a formidable band in a show packed with all the greatest rock anthems including We Will Rock You, Bat Out of Hell and Sweet Child of Mine. With an amazing stage set and pyrotechnics to blow your mind, this rock spectacular is not to be missed. Tickets are priced between £16.50 and £17.50, £2 off for children and £15 each for a group of £10+. Tickets are available from the box office on 01934-645544. 
 The Wiltshire Ocelot - Toyah Vamps it up!
 Monday 3rd November, 2008...................................................Press Clips
Toyah Willcox ‘Vamps’ it up as The Devil Queen in a new show at Salisbury City Hall.

Legendary singer and TV personality Toyah Willcox joins hit show ‘Steve Steinman’s Vampires Rock’

Toyah stars as the Devil Queen, the long suffering wife of Baron Von Rockula, played by Steve Steinman. A show like no other, Vampires Rock has a twist of rock, a hint of musical theatre and is jam packed with the greatest anthems you know and love!

And you can catch the show when it flies into Salisbury City Hall, on Sunday 9th November, but you better be quick, as it’s for one night only!

Set in New York in the year 2030, the undead are livelier than ever, especially in club ‘Live and Let Die’, where Baron Von Rockula and The Devil Queen reside. Toyah says: “My husband, the Baron, is on the look out for a new bride, but not if I have anything to do with it!

I would say ‘over my dead body’, but then I’m already dead, aren’t I?!”

The new bride in question is innocent, aspiring singer, Pandora (Emily Clark), who stumbles across the club in need of a job. Cue a host of classic rock, played live by the Baron’s hand picked band, The Lost Boys, and a hint of comedy, as the Baron and his sidekick, Stringfellow (Mike Taylor) attempt to convince Pandora to lose her soul to rock and roll!

With songs made famous by the likes of AC/DC, Guns N’ Roses, Bon Jovi, Meat Loaf, Joan Jett, Suzi Quatro, Queen and many more, you’ll be rocking in the aisles (or on your knees with your air guitar above your head!) 

Toyah continues: “I’m thrilled to be joining the show! I’ve done a lot of theatre in the past and this show is so much fun. Where else could you get to dress up in costumes like this and sing your favourite rock songs?”

An amazing stage set, pyrotechnics to blow your mind, beautiful dancers and of course Steve Steinman’s famously powerful vocals and sense of humour, make sure this show is not to be missed!

Tickets cost £18.50 and are going like a ‘Bat Out of Hell!’ to get your hands on some call the box office on 01722 434 434 or visit www.cityhallsalisbury.co.uk

For more information please visit www.vampiresrock.com 

 Hazel O'Connor's November Newsletter
 Monday 3rd November, 2008 • Thanks to Stephen/Andi...............Internet
Hazel O'Connor mentions Toyah in her latest email Newsletter.

Very exciting news for next year – I'm doing seven shows with Boy George, Kim Wilde, Claire Grogan and Howard Jones and more. To be honest, I never wanted to do a “where are they now” type tour but when I heard it was Kim, Boy George and Howard, I wanted to be part of it. I asked Toyah about these tours and she told me they're great fun. I said to her lets get the promoter to do a Diva's type tour with other fab women artists. Toyah and I were disappointed that our proposed joint concerts are now not happening. Sorry to all of you that they've been postponed also apologies that my autobiography isn't coming out yet. The publishers approached felt another re-write is necessary and I have to agree with them. So I'm waiting for the right co-writer to come my way.

 LK Today - Screen Captures
 Sunday 2nd November, 2008....................................................Television
At last! A selection of screen captures from Toyah's appearance on GMTV's LK Today show, from October. Please click on the caps for larger versions.

 Vampires Rock - Toyah Vamps It Up In Manchester
 Sunday 2nd November, 2008.......................................................Pictures
Another couple of great photos from Toyah's Vampires Rock visit to the Manchester Palace last month. Please click for larger versions of these.

 A Place In The Sun - Toyah's Menton money-maker
 Saturday 1st November, 2008..................................................Press Clips
Toyah Willcox: pop singer, serious actress, successful author… and now property magnate. This diverse performer once famed for her punk haircut is now persuing a fourth career as a property investor overseas and has bought two apartments on the French Riviera.

Closest to her heart is an apartment in the seaside town of Menton, which she completed on last June and cost £271,800. She spent five months improving the property, which she says she fell in love with instantly.

“I’ve always dreamt of owning a property with French windows that open out onto a sea view and when I walked into this apartment, I felt instantly attached to it,” she says.

Wisely, Toyah rents her two-bedroom property out when she’s not there, using a local agent, Tracy Egan at A-Plus Properties for between 600 and 950 Euro a week. “She finds the sort of people I’d want to rent it out to – people who love gardens and the outdoors, and who will respect it,” she says. 

The property is typical of bohemian Menton, with its sun bleached shutters and antique appearance.

“The French don’t go for properties like this, they don’t like anything old or decrepit,” Toyah says, which is more in line with her second property, an ultra-modern steel and glass one-bedroom apartment in nearby Eze, which she bought off-plan. 

The apartment appeals to the local French rental market, which generally prefers more modern buildings. It was the £720-a-month that this investment earned that allowed Toyah to buy her Menton apartment. 

Toyah is an astute business woman, with a property portfolio of three houses in the UK as well as her apartments on the French Riviera. She is mortgage free in the UK and spots the potential for investment in Menton, saying: “My apartment in Menton is a place of peace for me – but it’s also a very exciting business venture. I’m always looking at what else I might want to buy here.”

NB: This article is a couple of months old but I thought I'd add it anyway as it's just appeared on my news feed.

 Nottingham Evening Post - Vampires Rock at the Royal Concert Hall
 Saturday 1st November, 2008..................................................Press Clips
On the eve of Hallowe'en, Steve Steinman brought his Vampires Rock show to Nottingham's Royal Concert Hall – and brought the house down.

The show was a sell-out, but by the end none of the seats were being used as the successful combination of well-performed rock and audience involvement got the crowd on their feet.

Vampires Rock has been a celebration of classic rock tracks for several years, with rock favourites such as Welcome to the Jungle, White Wedding and Hell's Bells woven into a tongue-in-cheek tale of bloodsucking and debauchery.

But this year the show has evolved, both in terms of plot and profile, with the addition of Toyah Willcox to the cast. While she may have been brought in for the media impact, her performance made what has always been a good show even better.

A particular highlight was the Steinman/Willcox duet on Changes, most recently a hit for Kelly and Ozzy Osbourne.But the main success of the show comes from the to-and-fro between the cast and the audience, meaning a trip to the theatre becomes a real interactive experience. Whichever way you look at it, Vampires Rock is a triumph, and the standing ovation at the end of the show was richly deserved.

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[ SUPERFEATURE: Jubilee - Toyah is Mad! ]

[ SUPERFEATURE: Toyah's GLITTERing beginning! ]

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