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Click to download 'These Boots Are Made For Walkin' from iTunes

Click to buy the CD 'We Are The Humans' by The Humans from Remember The Eighties

Click to download 'We Are The Humans' from iTunes

Click to buy 'In The Court Of The Crimson Queen' on CD from Remember The Eighties

Click to download 'In The Court Of The Crimson Queen' from iTunes

.Toyah/The Humans At The Scala, February 2010
.Sunday 28th February, 2010 • Thanks to Manuel Sylvain.............Pictures
Toyah, after performing with The Humans on the final date of their mini-tour, at The Scala on Wednesday night. Please click on these for larger versions.

.Toyah/Vampires Rock in Salisbury, December 2009
.Sunday 28th February, 2010 • Thanks to Paul Cable....................Pictures
Fangtastic photos of Toyah at the City Hall, Salisbury after the final date of the 2009 Vampires Rock tour on 5th December. Click on these for larger versions.

.The Humans Live 2010 - Financial Times 4-Star Review
.Saturday 27th February, 2010 • Thanks to Paul Lomas...............Live/Gigs
The 'Financial Times' have reviewed Wednesday's gig at The Scala;

The Humans, Scala, London
By Ludovic Hunter-Tilney

The Humans are an art-rock band featuring two bassists – one, confusingly, is REM’s drummer Bill Rieflin – and Fripp on guitar. Willcox, in a black PVC top, a memento of her 1970s punk roots, led the line with expressive vocals, twirling dances and stylised stage movements: Stevie Nicks meets Brechtian cabaret.

The twin bass players, occasionally complemented by programmed beats, played sinewy, rumbling rhythms, a kind of twisted funk, with Fripp contributing a range of guitar effects, from gnarly riffs and a pounding cover of Hendrix’s “Purple Haze” to delightfully subtle chimes.

On this basis the work of Mrs Robert Fripp and Mr Toyah Willcox, as Willcox introduced herself and her husband, deserves a far wider audience.4 star rating

Read the full review at 'FT.com/Arts' here.

'SwimathonPete's Blog' offers an interesting perspective of the Bishops Cleeve warm-up show in his Toyah Toyah Toyah post. Read that

.The Humans @ The Roundhouse - Making News!
.Saturday 27th February, 2010 • Thanks to PJ/Paul Cable........Press Clips
A brief mention for The Humans in the 'London Evening Standard' review of Thursday's Haiti Fundraiser;

Haiti Earthquake Fundraiser @ The Roundhouse: Egos landing for Haiti, By Rick Pearson

Last night, a conveyer belt of stars took part in a five-hour musical marathon to raise money for Haiti. Egos were left at the door as all profits from the show at the Roundhouse went to ActionAid and Médecins Sans Frontières, in a bid to help the charities rebuild the country following the earthquake.

Of the early acts, The Humans were the strangest, Bombay Bicycle Club the hippest and The Futureheads the most entertaining — particularly during a rabble-rousing rendition of Kate Bush’s Hounds of Love.

Read the full review

Meanwhile, today's 'Mirror' features a news story on Toyah - the interesting aspect is that it is a report on/reaction to a review of The Humans' set at the Haiti Fundraiser by 'The Times' newspaper;

The Mirror: Toyah's Shock & Bore | The Mirror/Celebs: Toyah Gets Fans Seeing Red And Not Because Of Her Hair This Time: Singer Toyah Willcox's hair may have changed from electric pink to stylish blonde but the ex-punk still has some people seeing red.

Her performance at a fundraiser for the Haiti quake was panned by The Times critic Pete Paphides.

He described it as: "A succession of songs so uniformly awful that the applause they elicited stemmed from the realisation that mere silence would heighten the sense of communal embarrassment."

Clearly the 51-year old singer still has the power to shock.

.Toyah on TV - TV Diary Round Up [ Update ]
.Saturday 27th February, 2010...................................................Television
Top 50 Showbiz Comebacks : Sky3 - Monday 1st March : 8.00pm
Top 50 Showbiz Comebacks : Sky3 - Friday 5th March : 11.45pm

Bargain Hunt Famous Finds : Home - Wednesday 3rd March : 5.00pm
Bargain Hunt Famous Finds : Home +1 - Wednesday 3rd March : 6.00pm

Toyah Willcox v Kiki Dee. The bargain-spotting continues, here with rock queens Toyah Willcox and Kiki Dee shopping for hidden gems at an antique centre in Farnham, Surrey.

Brum : BBC2 - Thursday 11th March : 6.35am
Brum and the Football Hero. The adventures of a little car who lives in a motor museum, narrated by Toyah Willcox. Brum scores the winning goal when he comes on as a substitute during a football match.

In Your Dreams : Channel 4 - Friday 12th March : 12.05pm
In Your Dreams : Channel 4 HD - Friday 12th March : 12.05pm
In Your Dreams : Channel 4 +1 - Friday 12th March : 1.05pm

Acclaimed dream analyst and psychotherapist Brenda Mallon in conversation with personalities discussing their dream life. Toyah Willcox has had an eclectic career spanning four decades and is renowned for her rebellious spirit. She's always had an extremely dramatic dream life and, in this episode, discovers one particular dream that has significantly altered the course of her life.

Psychic Therapy: Toyah Willcox : Bio - Friday 12th March : 4.00pm
Psychic medium Gordon Smith reveals some of Toyah's innermost secrets, delving into her past and predicting her future with help from the spirit world.

.The-Rocker - We Are The Humans/Crimson Queen Reviews
.Saturday 27th February, 2010...........................................................Music
'The-Rocker/Zeitgeist', "an idiosyncratic collection of music news and reviews", recently gave the thumbs-up to both 'We Are The Humans' and 'In The Court Of The Crimson Queen';

The Humans - We Are The Humans
The Humans are an odd little cove. A project that was first put together to perform new songs at a series of concerts in Estonia, they comprise Chris Wong, Bill Rieflin and one Toyah Willcox.

After the shows were completed, they went into the studio to record the material, before heading back to Estonia to perform them again. Which is a curious, yet perversely intriguing way of doing things.

Most of the music comprises dense, electronic landscapes, with the clipped, robotic voice of Toyah acting as an additional instrument. It's certainly interesting, and bears more than a passing resemblance to solo David Sylvain. Which is a good thing. 'Twisted Soul' is probably the closest thing to anything conventional, and acts as a good entry point. Me? I liked it.

Toyah - In The Court Of The Crimson Queen
Listening to The Humans album reminded me that I had quite forgotten how good the last Toyah album was, the wittily titled "In The Court Of The Crimson Queen".

Toyah is one of those people who only really became interesting to me after the hits dried up, and this album is a bit of a secret joy. There's half a dozen songs here that deserved to be huge with the likes of 'Sensational', the bluesy (!) 'Latex Messiah' and 'Legacy', utter delights. However, it would be a brave man who listened to 'Come' and 'Bad Man' more than once.

You really ought to buy this, just so Toyah doesn't have to slum it on the Vampires Rock tour again.
.Toyah Newsy Bits & Pieces!
.Saturday 27th February, 2010........................................................Various
• Toyah is voicing the eSure sponsor slots on Michael Winner's Dining Stars. The new series, which started last night, airs on ITV1 (not Scotland) each Friday over the next few weeks. [Thanks to Paul Lomas]

• Anorak.co.uk mentioned Toyah this week in a satirical article about London Fashion Week. London Fashion Week introduces Vivienne Westwood continuing her impression of Queen Elizabeth 1st at a Toyah Willcox concert. View it

• Toyah was also namechecked by 'Jarrow & Hebburn Gazette' yesterday in a news story about the South Tyneside Summer Festival. Read it

• 'The Sun' ("Pontins Getting Into The Eighties Spirit") and 'The Mirror' ("Camping It Up, Toyah?") both mentioned Toyah last week, in articles about acts that are playing Pontins in 2010.

• Florence & The Machine, who recently won a BRIT for Best British Album, and Marina & The Diamonds, both continue to be compared, favourably and sometimes not so, to Toyah in various reviews and article.
.Toyah & Hazel For Scarborough's Open Air Theatre?
.Friday 26th February, 2010.......................................................Press Clips
Scarborough Evening News: Unveiled: Star Show At Scarborough's Restored Theatre

Boy George is among a number of stars lined up for Scarborough's renovated Open Air Theatre, the Evening News can reveal.

Entertainment group Apollo Leisure have also said that a "worldwide superstar" will top the bill at the opening night of the revamped £3.5 million theatre on Saturday July 24.

That will be the first live event at the historic venue for almost 25 years and the identity of the star will be revealed late next month.

The following week Boy George will appear with music legends including Midge Ure, Paul Young, Rick Astley and Nik Kershaw. The concert will feature Heaven 17, T'Pau, Kid Creole and the Coconuts, Hazel O'Connor and Toyah.

They are set to grace the theatre's stage in an '80s Rewind concert on July 31, which will celebrate the re-development of the 6,500-seat venue. It last hosted entertainment in 1986 when the James Last Orchestra performed.

Read the full report
.Se-e Me Now - Chloe Bass Talks Toyah
.Friday 26th February, 2010.......................................................Press Clips
Chloe Bass, of Vampires Rock, was interviewed in the Winter 2009/2010 'Se-e Me Now' Newsletter. She briefly spoke about the Devil Queen herself;

This is 26 year-old Chloe's second year with the production and she feels lucky to have a contract taking her through to 2013.

She has learnt a lot from the show's stars Steve Steinman and Toyah Willcox. She says: "Toyah has taught me so much, she is the most professional person I have ever met. Her energy on stage is outstanding every night."
.The Humans Live 2010 - Gig Reviews/Opinions
.Thursday 25th February, 2010.....................................................Live/Gigs
There's now a good online selection of reviews, fan opinions and comments on, and about, the mini-tour by The Humans. Go here for interesting overviews and reviews of Bishops Cleeve, and here for a great review by Merx of Wyre Piddle. 'DGM Live' visitor Colin Coates reviews the Cambridge concert here, and for numerous fan opinions on each of the gigs visit Toyah's Official Facebook here.

There are further fan opinions at The Official Toyah MySpace and The Humans MySpace, and, as previously mentioned, The Assembly website, here, has a great selection of photos from the Leamington Spa gig.

.Haiti Earthquake Fundraiser - The Roundhouse Tonight!
.Thursday 25th February, 2010.....................................................Live/Gigs
The Humans' very short, but nonetheless sweet, tour is over, the final gig being The Scala in London last night. There's already been many reports on how good the five shows have been. Tonight, The Humans play a set at the Haiti Earthquake Fundraiser at The Roundhouse, London. Also playing are Paul Weller, The Futureheads, The Magic Numbers, Bombay Bicycle Club, KT Tunstall and many others. Please click below for further details on this.

.Tasty Fanzine - We Are The Humans Review
.Thursday 25th February, 2010..........................................................Music
Yet another glowing review for 'We Are The Humans'. This one from 'Tasty Fanzine';

The Humans - 'We Are The Humans'
If anyone ever asks me what my favourite King Crimson album is, I can answer without blinking that 1971's 'Islands' is probably the group at the actual peak of their abilities. Robert Fripp is involved in 'We Are The Humans' at varying points. Toyah, for those of you born in the 80s, was a bit of a star around the beginning of that decade. If anyone asks me what my favourite Toyah song is, I might scratch and frown while comparing 'I Want To Be Free' and 'Ieya'. 'We Are The Humans' is very much Toyah's own album, and Bill Reeflin from REM plays bass and all sorts of other things. Toyah and Robert Fripp are married, and The Humans are inexplicably big in Estonia, where they can include the Estonian President and Justice Minister (these aren't the same person) as committed fans (says the press blurb). Getting all of this?

Toyah, I am pleased to inform the Tasty readership has, after 25 years, still got it. In buckets. 'We Are The Humans' could've been released in 1983 to acclaim from her then legions of adoring fans, although it certainly sounds an altogether harder edged proposition than the girly synth punk Toyah was then known for. The combination of vocal aptitude and tunes that had me imagining a bluesier Scritti Politti make for an as ever challenging performance from the original diminutive ginger topped pop pixie, and I only want to ask, do the Humans perform 'Good Morning Universe' as an encore? I'm sure they could. [Review by JG]

• DSD, who reviewed 'We Are The Humans' at the end of last year, have also given a grudgingly positive-ish review to 'These Boots Are Made For Walkin'. Read the review here.

.The Humans @ The Assembly + The Scala, London Tonight!
.Wednesday 24th February, 2010 • Thanks to Weewaa...............Live/Gigs
The Humans' Toyah, looking wonderful onstage, with Bill, at The Assembly, Leamington Spa on Monday 22nd February. Is London ready for The Humans? They play The Scala tonight! Please click below for a two-page gallery of great photographs from The Humans gig at The Assembly website.

.YouTubing With The Humans
.Tuesday 23rd February, 2010........................................................Internet
The Humans play The Junction in Cambridge tonight, the fourth concert of their six-date mini tour of England... Here are three good reasons to be there.


.MikeDolbear.com: British Drum Icons - Nigel Glockler
.Tuesday 23rd February, 2010......................................................Interview
An interesting interview with, former Toyah drummer, Nigel Glockler at www.mikedolbear.com, in their "British Drum Icons" section;

Nigel Glockler earnt his first taste of success with singer Toyah Willcox in the early 80’s. However, he was soon to reach new heights standing in for one Pete Gill who had suffered an injury to his hand. This gave Nigel the drum stool in one of the biggest and most pioneering British metal bands to date, Saxon. Having left sometime later, he now resides back where he belongs with the rest of the guys from Saxon touring heavily and playing to packed out audiences around the world.

I caught up with this charismatic and professional performer during one of the bands busiest periods in their recent history as he opened up regarding all areas of his playing and his life as a drummer.

Read the interview
.The Prince & Princess Of Wales Hospice - Ladies Lunch 2010
.Tuesday 23rd February, 2010..........................................................Events
If you're looking for a truly fabulous day out with the girls, what could be better than a few glasses of something special, a delicious lunch, a celebrity guest and being serenaded by three gorgeous guys?

If that sounds good, the Ladies Lunch sponsored by Slater Woman, is definitely for you. Taking place in the luxury setting of Glasgow's Hilton Hotel on Sunday 9th May 2010, our host Kaye Adams will be joined by pop icon Toyah Willcox for an "on the couch" style interview.

In a career spanning over 30 years Toyah has had 13 top 40 singles, recorded 20 albums, written 2 books, appeared in over 40 stage plays, made 10 feature films and presented hundreds of television programmes from The Good Sex Guide Late to Songs Of Praise.

Tenors UnLimited, with their good looks, charm and award winning vocal talent will be back.

And if that wasn't enough, there will be the opportunity to win some fantastic prizes in our celebrated tombola and raffle, buy from the Hospice's very own selection of jewellery, scarves & bags and even bid for something special in our Grand Auction.

Tickets £40 each / £400 table of ten - Go
here for further details.
.Secret Diary Of A Call Girl: Seasons 1-3 DVD Box Set
.Tuesday 23rd February, 2010......................................................Releases
The artwork for Secret Diary Of A Call Girl: Seasons 1 - 3 Box Set, available to buy from 15th March 2010. The Season Three DVD will be released on the same day.

Toyah features in the first two seasons of this, and possibly the third as not all of the episodes of that have aired yet.

There is now a myriad of Secret Diary Of A Call Girl DVD releases to choose from; Individual DVDs for each season, a previous box set of Seasons 1 & 2, and now this Seasons 1 - 3 set.

ITV2's sexually-charged drama, Secret Diary Of A Call Girl, follows the double life of a beautiful young prostitute working the streets of London. Based on the internet blogs of London call girl Belle de Jour, this provocative TV drama presents a very human angle on the sex trade. Presented here are the first three series in their entirety.
.The Humans Live 2010 - Warm-Up Shows Set-List
.Monday 22nd February, 2010 • Thanks to Merx..........................Live/Gigs
The Humans two warm-up gigs in Bishops Cleeve & Pershore went incredibly well, playing to capacity audiences both nights. The set-list comprised of the entire 'We Are The Humans' album, four new songs; 'Sugar Rush', 'Sweet Agitation', 'Fragment Pool' and 'Put A Woman On The Moon', plus 'These Boots Are Made For Walkin' and a cover of the Hendrix classic 'Purple Haze'.

The Humans play their first gig proper in the UK tonight; The Assembly, Leamington Spa (01926 523001). Followed by The Junction in Cambridge (01223 511511) tomorrow night, The Scala, London (020783 32022) on Wednesday night, and the Haiti Earthquake Fundraiser at The Roundhouse, London on Thursday. Tickets for the first three gigs are still available. Judging by the reaction to, and feedback from, the two warm-up shows these are gigs not to be missed!

.The Humans Live 2010 - A Review
.Monday 22nd February, 2010 • Thanks to Symon/John..............Live/Gigs
The Humans; Warm-up gig, Bishops Cleeve, somewhere in the deep dark depths of Gloucestershire

Having been introduced to Toyah in 1980/81 by fashion designer Richard Sorger (www.richardsorger.com), who at the time I was at school with, I jumped at the chance to see her play live. I had owned vinyl copies of Anthem and The Changeling.... I still have a cassette tape of Warrior Rock in my attic.

Robert Fripp on the other hand, was a name that I had heard but I have to admit, his music, I had not. I own many CDs by Brian Eno, Harold Budd, Michael Brook etc but for some reason he had missed my radar. But not any longer! He has a new fan today.

The church at Bishop's Cleeve was full. I believe there were about 300 seats.
Robert Fripp started proceedings with The Humans (Chris Wong, Bill Rieflin & Toyah Willcox) joining him after the opening track.

Ms Willcox started off unnecessarily nervous, or at least came across that way, but that seemed to lessen further in to the show. The audience was very receptive and appreciative.

The Humans are a three piece, four when Robert Fripp joins them as a special guest. The band has two bass players and no drummer.

The Humans played all of the tracks from their "we are the humans" along with a reprise of "We are the humans" at the end. This was followed by an encore comprising of excellent versions of "These Boots Were Made For Walking" and "Purple Haze".

Chris Wong's bass playing on "Is It Wrong" stood out for me. You can hear this track on Toyah's MySpace (http://www.myspace.com/toyahofficial). It reminded me of Mick Karn (Japan / Dali's Car / Rain Tree Crow) although Chris may not appreciate me saying that!

I personally liked it so much that I am hoping to be able to make it to the Cambridge gig on Tuesday.

Review by Symon Payne

.The Humans Live 2010 - More Rehearsal Photos
.Saturday 20th February, 2010 • Thanks to John............................Pictures
Further photos from The Humans rehearsal sessions. To everyone who is heading to Bishops Cleeve this evening - I hope you have as good a time as The Humans have been having during their rehearsals for the gigs.

These are sure to be special shows (I'm not envious whatsoever. Not a bit. Nope, no... no... no!! ;)) Please click on the pictures for larger versions.

.YouTubing with Toyah - Light Lunch
.Saturday 20th February, 2010 • Thanks to PJ................................Internet
Once upon a time... there was a daytime TV show worth watching. Light Lunch, presented by Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins, ran on Channel 4 between March 1997 and February 1998. Toyah guested on the show in June 1997, along with Gary Numan and Kid Creole - all helping Mel to celebrate her birthday.


After re-watching this I've decided that after our "We Demand Toyah In Doctor Who... NOW!" campaign is successful, we will move onto "Bring Back Light Lunch With Mel & Su Immediately" with similar gusto!! :)

.The Humans Live 2010 - The Humans Are... Rehearsing
.Friday 19th February, 2010 • Thanks to John................................Pictures
There's now just a matter of hours before The Humans play their first, albeit a warm-up, gig on UK soil. The band have been rehearsing for the shows and next week's short tour, and it looks like they are having a ball. Both this weekend's highly anticipated warm-up shows are booked to capacity. The dates in Leamington Spa, Cambridge and London next week now look unmissable!

Please click on the pictures for larger versions.

.Coventry Telegraph - Pop Icon, Toyah Willcox...
.Friday 19th February, 2010.........................................................Interview
The 'Coventry Telegraph' also has a new interview with Toyah:

Pop Icon, Toyah Willcox Takes New Band On The Road

The lady in the thigh-high boots and flaming basque-cum-breastplate is unmistakably Toyah Willcox – the stack-heeled wench with her back to camera requires a tad more explanation.

“Ah yes,” says Toyah, “that’s John Wayne! He’s actually a transvestite who owns a nightclub in Stoke-on-Trent – I met him because he’s a Toyah impersonator and now he’s my PA.

“He was there when we were making our video and the director said ‘right John, get your gear on, we’re filming you’.”

Toyah (the surname has been superfluous since It’s A Mystery provided her breakthrough hit in 1981) supplies the information in a matter-of-fact tone which confirms that the bizarre is perfectly normal in her world...

... Artists can sometimes get decidedly sniffy if interviewers attempt to pin down their sound, but Toyah, fortunately, warms to the suggestion that there is a Brechtian feel to The Humans’ music.

“That’s a nice comparison,” she says. “It’s not 100 per cent because there’s a lot of energy and we’ll be playing some new stuff which is very Seattle grunge, but it is a listening experience rather than the ‘come on everybody sing along’ when I’m out there as Toyah. And, yes, it is a bit dark and bleak – the Humans’ world is permanently in winter!”

That being the case, long-term fans expecting a quick chorus of Thunder In The Mountains or Brave New World will be disappointed.

“We will be doing some hits, but they’re not Toyah hits,” she says. “That’s not a possibility because we are so peculiar – it’s not a band set-up – it’s two bass players and a guitar and vocals.”

Read the full interview online at 'Coventry Telegraph'

.Toyah on TV - TV Diary Round Up
.Friday 19th February, 2010........................................................Television
Brum : BBC2 - Saturday 20th February : 6.35am
Queen Mania : ITV2 - Sunday 21st February : 4.00am
Queen Mania : ITV2 +1 - Sunday 21st February : 5.00am
Top 50 Showbiz Comebacks : Sky3 - Monday 1st March : 8.00pm
Bargain Hunt Famous Finds : Home - Wednesday 3rd March : 5.00pm
Bargain Hunt Famous Finds : Home +1 - Wednesday 3rd March : 6.00pm

.Gloucestershire Echo - Toyah Ready To Rock Cheltenham Church
.Friday 19th February, 2010.........................................................Interview
A new Toyah interview, by the 'Gloucestershire Echo':

Toyah Willcox And The Humans Come To Cheltenham

Former pop punk star Toyah Willcox has chosen a Bishop’s Cleeve church to kick off her new tour.

St Michael’s and All Angels Church will be filled with fans of the singer, who shot to fame 30 years ago with hits such as It’s a Mystery.

Her new band The Humans will play a free, intimate gig at the church, which has a capacity of 200 people, on Saturday.

Joining the one-time princess of punk on stage will be REM drummer Bill Rieflin.

Toyah, who has had 13 top 40 singles, recorded 20 albums and toured the world, said: “We have a strong association with Bishop’s Cleeve artist PJ Crook.

“And a long-standing relationship with Cheltenham.”

Toyah and her husband, guitarist Robert Fripp, are patrons of Cheltenham Art Gallery & Museum and she said her mother, who was a touring dancer, worked in a theatre in Cheltenham before she was born.

This will be her first gig in Cleeve, but Robert has already played at the church twice.

“I am so excited about it,” said Toyah.

Read the full interview online at 'This is Gloucestershire'
.So Glos - The Humans Gig in Bishops Cleeve
.Friday 19th February, 2010.......................................................Press Clips
The Humans, led by 80s singer Toyah Willcox, will be playing a free warm-up gig in Bishop’s Cleeve before embarking on a tour of the UK.

St Michael’s & All Angels’ Church in Bishops Cleeve will play host to the very first live show from The Humans this February, when the free warm-up gig takes place.

The band led by Toyah Willcox, with special guest Robert Fripp, will be playing the first warm-up performance in Gloucestershire prior to kicking off the band’s UK tour.

Taking place on Saturday 20 February 2010, tickets to the gig are free of charge but are limited in number. Email info@moriartymusic.com with the subject ‘The Humans at Bishops Cleeve’ to request free tickets.
.Classic Rock Society - Toyah And Other Humans
.Tuesday 16th February, 2010......................................................Interview
Toyah is interviewed in the latest issue (Feb/March 2010) of 'Classic Rock Society' magazine.

Steve Tomlin talks to Toyah Willcox about her latest musical project: The Humans

Toyah Willcox first came into the public conciousness 30 years ago as a flame haired pop-punk songstress bouncing around the Top Of The Pops stage to songs such as 'It's A Mystery', a single I own to this day. You may think her flirtation with fame was brief, but that is not the case. This is a woman of many talents. Apart from continuing to record solo albums, the most recent of which came out in 2008, she has pursued a successful acting career on both stage and screen, remember 'Quadrophenia'? She's also been a regular on our TV screens as a presenter and contestant on 'reality' shows. As well as all of this, she has undertaken possibly her most difficult challenge, being the wife of Prog Godfather, the reputedly difficult Robert Fripp.

Now she has formed a new band, The Humans, who have an album and single out and are touring the UK in February. I managed to find 10 minutes in the lady's busy schedule to find out more about this and everything else in her ridiculously busy schedule.

Read the full interview at Toyah's Official Facebook,
here. You may have to register.

.Toyah & Furry Friend In Yeovil
.Tuesday 16th February, 2010 • Thanks to Trisha Cox...................Pictures
Thanks to Trisha for this very recent photo of Toyah, taken last Friday - the final date of the Vampires Rock tour. Trisha works with Hospiscare and this will be added to their website soon.

.BBC Gloucestershire - Toyah Willcox To Play A 'Secret' Gig in Glouc
.Saturday 13th February, 2010..................................................Press Clips
It may seem like a strange choice of venue for a pop legend to perform at, but Toyah Willcox is to play a low-key gig in Bishops Cleeve Parish Church.

The 'secret' gig will be a warm-up ahead of a short UK tour for Toyah's new band The Humans, and will offer a unique opportunity to see the band in very intimate and beautiful surroundings.

The performance will take place on Saturday, 20 February, 2010.

The band also features Bill Reiflin (who plays drums for R.E.M.), Chris Wong, and Toyah's husband and King Crimson guitarist Robert Fripp.

Admission will be free but at the end of the evening a collection will be made which will be donated to the local Parish community.

Read the full version
here. View an alternative version of this news story here.
.The Humans - Quicksilver Toyah Collection
.Saturday 13th February, 2010.......................................................Pictures
There's no specific reason for this post (do we seriously need an excuse to emblazon these photos here once more?), other than since the last time another picture from the 'Quicksilver' session has appeared (top right), and the large one was previously only available in black & white. Lots of lucky people will get to hear 'Quicksilver' live in just over a week! Let the fires burn...

.Official Toyah - The Humans Are... Updated
.Saturday 13th February, 2010.......................................................Internet
As previously mentioned, The Humans section at Toyah's Official website has been completely re-Humanised!! A veritable schmorgasbord of information, photos and videos await you! "Does this look like the images in your head?"

.The Humans Live 2010 - Warm Up Shows - Posters
.Saturday 13th February, 2010 • Thanks to Craig.........................Live/Gigs
The posters/promo flyers for The Humans two, just announced, warm-up gigs. Click on either for complete poster and full details on these exclusive concerts.

Much more information on these gigs at The Official Toyah Facebook. If, like me, you aren't a Facebooker further details are also available at Toyah's other official webspaces; The Official Toyah MySpace, The Humans MySpace, and The Offical Toyah Willcox website.

.The Humans Live 2010 - Full Gig List
.Saturday 13th February, 2010.....................................................Live/Gigs
Saturday 20th February: Bishops Cleeve Church, Gloucester
Special warm-up gig - See Official Toyah Facebook

Sunday 21st February: St. Anne's Church, Pershore
Special warm-up gig - See Official Toyah Facebook

Monday 22nd February: The Assembly, Leamington Spa
www.leamingtonassembly.com [ Tel: 01926 523001 ]

Tuesday 23rd February: The Junction, Cambridge
www.junction.co.uk [ Tel: 01223 578000 ]

Wednesday 24th February: The Scala, London
www.scala-london.co.uk [ Tel: 02078 332022 ]

Thursday 25th February: Haiti Earthquake Fundraiser
www.haitiearthquakefundraiser.com - Roundhouse, London
.Ealing Times - Win A 'The Humans' CD
.Saturday 13th February, 2010...........................................................Music
Produced by Bill Rieflin, the 10-song CD, We Are The Humans, was mixed in Seattle by Rieflin and Don Gunn and mastered by Simon Heyworth (Tubular Bells, Brian Eno) in Devon, UK.

Comparisons are always misleading but if The White Stripes met with the vocal adventures of Lou Reed, Kate Bush, Peter Gabriel and Captain Beefheart then you might have a compass for where the band are headed musically.

We have five copies of "We are The Humans" up for grabs for our lucky readers. To enter simply tell us who Toyah is married to.

The first five correct entries out of the bag will win a copy of the band’s new album. Good Luck!

here to enter the competition. No closing date is indicated.
.The Humans Live 2010 - Warm-Up Shows
.Saturday 13th February, 2010.....................................................Live/Gigs
The Humans Announce Two Special Warm-Up Shows

Prior to their first live performances in the UK, The Humans with their
special guest Robert Fripp will be playing two warm-up dates. These shows
will offer a unique opportunity to see The Humans in very intimate and
beautiful surroundings. The warm-up concerts will take place on

Saturday 20th February at St. Michael's & All Angels' Church, School Road,
Bishops Cleeve, Gloucestershire, GL52 8BA.

Sunday 21st February at St. Anne's Church, Church Street, Wyre Piddle,
Pershore, Worcestershire, WR10 2JD

Doors 7pm, Performance 7.30pm.

To reserve tickets, please e-mail info@moriartymusic.com with the subject of "The Humans at Bishops Cleeve" or "The Humans at Wyre Piddle" stating how many tickets you require and include your contact details.

Tickets for both shows are VERY limited. If you arrive without a confirmed reservation we cannot guarantee you admission!

Admission is FREE but there will be a collection for the local parish community.

.It's Humans Nature!
.Friday 12th February, 2010...............................................................Music
February is all about The Humans; With the gigs in Leamington Spa, Cambridge and London just over a week away, as well as the Haiti Earthquake Fundraiser. Now is as good a time as any for a recap of some of the positive reviews 'We Are The Humans' has garnered over the last nine months.

The album itself is a startling work. Startlingly brave and ambitious - and startlingly different from the general public perception of what a Toyah album is, despite her own creatively diverse body of work since the ‘glory’ days of the early ‘80s. Spacerock

Remember the way Bowie deconstructed pop in Low and Lodger? Toyah pulls off the same trick, only more so. Sunday Mercury

Quicksilver is a genuine score, however, with Labyrinth a close contender. Both capture a genuine sense of other-ness without seeming as arch as the other tracks. Die Shellsuit Die

Toyah’s bitter-sweet, rasping vocals are always appealing. Northern Echo

.Flashback To The 80's Concert
.Friday 12th February, 2010.........................................................Live/Gigs
The 'UK Events' website is listing Toyah as being part of the 'Flashback To The 80's' concert, scheduled to take place in August at Clumber Park in Worksop, Nottinghamshire.

Come and join us. Flashback to the coolest decade in pop music. Bring your picnic with you to Clumber Park and enjoy our fabulous line up of 80s sensations.

Confirmed acts include: Rick Astley, T-Pau, ABC, Go West and Toyah.

.Toyah on TV - Queen Mania
.Friday 12th February, 2010........................................................Television
Queen Mania, with Toyah performing Queen's 'Don't Stop Me Now', is repeated later this month on ITV2. The programme originally aired in April 2005.

Queen Mania : ITV2 - Sunday 21st February : 4.00am
Queen Mania : ITV2 +1 - Sunday 21st February : 5.00am

Zoe Ball presents a celebration of the music of Queen. With performances from Melanie C, G4, Lesley Garrett, Heather Small, Tony Christie, Toyah Willcox, Myleene Klass and Russell Watson, and a special version of I Want To Break Free by stars of Coronation Street. Plus classic archive footage of Queen, and celebrities talking about the band.

.Mojo - Toyah: All Back To My Place
.Thursday 11th February, 2010 • Thanks to Jimi LaLumia.........Magazines
Toyah was/is featured in the February 2010 (Issue 195, Jimmy Page cover, yep that one over there ;)) issue of 'Mojo' magazine. She is on page nine answering the questions for "All Back To My place" along with Steve Martin and Raphael Saadiq.

Does anyone have this? If so, can you provide a scan or a transcript? I think it's the March 2010 issue that's now on sale.
.The Humans - Is It Wrong
.Thursday 11th February, 2010 • Thanks to Michael/Stephen............Music
As well as the Official Toyah MySpace streaming of 'Is It Wrong', it's also available via DGM Live as a free download. You will have to register with DGM. 'Is it Wrong' features Robert Fripp, and was recorded live in Estonia in May 08.

.YouTubing with Toyah - Toyah In The Press
.Thursday 11th February, 2010 • Thanks to Stephen Bennett.........Internet
Yikes! It's yet another "YouTubing With Toyah!" - These are far less sporadic than I expected - Anyway, something more than a wee bit interesting and unique and Toyah-filled has very recently been uploaded to YouTube.


Toyah In The Press - A virtual scrapbook, with numerous Toyah clippings and pictures from music papers, magazines, and newspapers - set to the soundtrack of 1987's "lost" classic, the 'Desire' era Toyah song, 'Re-Entry Into Dance'.

View the Toyah-fest by clicking above. Double click if you'd rather watch the larger version at YouTube. Please click on the clippings collage for a larger version.

As well as all that, I spotted, to my eyes anyway, a rare photo of Toyah. I can't remember ever seeing this one before, or if I have I've forgotten!.

.Toyah on TV - Brum
.Thursday 11th February, 2010...................................................Television
Brum : BBC2 - Saturday 20th February : 6.35am
Brum and the Airport Adventure. The adventures of a little car who lives in a motor museum, narrated by Toyah Willcox. When precious gems are stolen from a famous celebrity at the airport, Brum is soon on the trail of the two thieves.
.Secret Diary Of A Call Girl - Season/Series Three DVD
.Wednesday 10th February, 2010.................................................Releases
The third series/season of Secret Diary Of A Call Girl is currently airing on ITV2 on Thursday nights. The DVD of the series/season is released on 15th March 2010. Play.com are listing Toyah as one of the cast, though whether she will appear in the forthcoming episodes is still unknown. The first three have aired, with five episodes still to be broadcast.

Billie Piper, Iddo Goldberg, Joanna Bobin, Cherie Lunghi, Callum Blue, Ashley Madekwe, Nadia Cameron-Blakey, Ace Bhatti, Toyah Willcox & Stuart Organ.

Secret Diary Of A Call Girl: Seasons 1 - 3 Box Set is also released on the same date.

ITV2's sexually-charged drama, Secret Diary Of A Call Girl, follows the double life of a beautiful young prostitute working the streets of London. By day, Hannah (Billie Piper, Dr. Who) is a respectable legal secretary who works long hours to make ends meet. By night she's Belle, a ruthless, money-hungry hooker who will do anything to satisfy her clients' basest fantasies.

A professional in every sense of the word, Belle slips with seeming ease from the role of girl-next-door to high-heeled dominatrix, taking care never to become emotionally involved with her clients. But the constant pressures of keeping her two lives separate begins to take its toll, and in an unguarded moment with a handsome stranger, Belle lets slip her true identity. From then on, he only wants to be with Hannah...

Based on the internet blogs of London call girl Belle de Jour, this provocative third series presents a very human angle on the sex trade.
.The Public Reviews - Vampires Rock Review + Newsybits!
.Tuesday 9th February, 2010..........................................................Theatre
Another review of Vampires Rock at Darlington Civic Theatre. This by Ian Cain at 'The Public Reviews'.

Take the greatest rock anthems of all time, mix with the star quality of punk legend Toyah Willcox and add a story about vampires lurking in the New York of the near future and you have all the elements of Steve Steinman’s ‘Vampires Rock’.

Steinman had no trouble establishing a rapport with the capacity crowd and was completely at ease when exchanging some playful banter with some good-humoured hecklers in the stalls. It is obvious that the show has a massive fan base, similar to the following that ‘The Rocky Horror Show enjoys, and just as evident that many of the crowd had seen it before.

Willcox looks and sounds better than ever and exudes attitude and sexiness in spades as the PVC-clad Devil Queen, who is none too pleased that her husband has decided to trade her in for a younger, fresher model. She gave rousing renditions of ‘Live and Let Die’, ‘School’s Out (for Summer)’ and ‘Rebel Yell’, although the decision to drop one of her biggest hits from the programme is, as the title suggests, a ‘Mystery’. Toyah, having already starred in ‘Calamity Jane’ and ‘The Rocky Horror Show’, looked completely at ease in musical theatre and, if she ever decides to become a little more conventional, I could imagine she’d make a fabulous Mrs Johnstone in ‘Blood Brothers’.

Read the full review online at 'The Public Reviews'

Vampires Rock played the Belfast Waterfront last Saturday. There are two shows remaining; The Playhouse, Weston Super Mare this Thursday, and the Octagon Theatre, Yeovil on Friday.

• The Devil Queen and Vampires Rock will be back... on Saturday 17th July at the Rock N Bike Festival, Derbyshire.

• See
www.vampiresrock.com for further info and ticket details.

.YouTubing with Toyah - TSB Rockschool 1989
.Tuesday 9th February, 2010..........................................................Internet
There's a very brief appearance by Toyah at the tail-end of this clip of TSB Rockschool at YouTube. She presented the "battle of the bands" programme with Mike Read in 1989. Please click below to view it at YouTube.

.This Fragile Moment - Cover Art Info
.Tuesday 9th February, 2010 • Thanks to Ben....................................Music
An interesting tidbit of info - About the cover art of 'This Fragile Moment' from designer, Ritxi Ostáriz, at www.iikki.com: Another new release in the portfolio. This Fragile Moment is a music project formed by Toyah Willcox, Robert Jürjendal, Arvo Urb, Chris Wong and Markus Reuter. This Fragile Moment album was recorded live in Tallin, Estonia, and it is a fully improvised project. My idea was to show this improvisation concept on the artwork, so I asked several people to draw with pens 25 random stripes. I collected all the random composition and remade them to create the artwork.

.The Humans Live 2010 - Official Toyah eNews + Newsybits!
.Monday 8th February, 2010..............................................................Music
An Official Toyah eNews update was mailed out last night; A special on The Humans forthcoming live dates.

The Humans - featuring Toyah Willcox, Bill Rieflin (REM), Chris Wong - and guest band member Robert Fripp - play three UK concert dates later this month. Performing for the first time live, (outside of Estonia) the gigs will see performances of material from their debut album
We Are The Humans, the single These Boots Are Made For Walkin' and brand new songs Sugar Rush, Sweet Agitation, Fragment Pool and Put A Woman On The Moon. Tickets are now on sale and can be bought online for 22 Feb at Assembly, Leamington Spa (+44 (0) 1926 523001), 23 Feb at The Junction, Cambridge (+44 (0) 1223 511 511) and 24 Feb at The Scala, London (+44 (0) 20 7833 2022).

• 'Is It Wrong' featuring Robert Fripp, recorded live in Estonia (May 2008) is now streaming on the Official Toyah MySpace... a taster of what's to come from the gigs. Take a listen at www.myspace.com/toyahofficial.

• The Humans webpage now updated at www.toyahwillcox.com/thehumans.

• The Humans, with details on their gigs and Haiti Fundraiser, are included in the latest news update at www.remembertheeighties.com. The site will also be running an exclusive competition on the band soon.

.Record Collector - Four From... Toyah Story
.Friday 5th February, 2010...........................................................Interview
Toyah was interviewed in 'Record Collector', January 2010 issue. Now that the issue is no longer on sale in stores, here are a few interesting extracts from the article.

Let's go back. You were already making a name for yourself as an actress when you released your first single, Victims Of The Riddle...
All the early stuff was slighly dictated by my lack of being an actual musician. I'm always very instinctive; I know what I want to hear. With Victims Of The Riddle, I sang the vocals before any instrumentation was put down, and then (Blood Donor keyboardist) Keith Hale created the tune and the sequences around the vocal. I love the whole accident of working that way; it creates the emotional intentions before you get the musical honing.

You were being labelled 'High Priestess of Punk' in '79, '80. Did you feel connected to that scene?
I remember it as being very exciting but also incredibly frustrating, because I didn't fit the mould. It's hard to say that I felt a part of punk, or new wave, because I never did. When Victims Of The Riddle was number one in the indie charts I was making Jubilee, I was making The Tempest, I was in Quadrophenia, I was appearing at the ICA with Anthony Sher. I was doing incredible things. So I think people found me either fake, or couldn't put me in a compartment.

But listening to things like Sheep Farming In Barnet, you transcended punk. Tracks like Neon Womb were almost 'Cyberpunk'!
Oh yeah! All those songs were well-practiced in front of large audiences. They started in Sunday rehearsals and sound checks and then we'd play them as
encores, so they were created in a heightened experience. Songs like Neon Womb, Waiting, Ieya, Victims Of The Riddle, even if I say so myself, are absolute classics because they were created with the audience. They were very shamanistic and our concerts used to just accelerate out there to the point where I used to look out and think, 'God, we're like Masai warriors dancing until we're no longer aware of who we are.'

Anthem was huge, and very commercial, but its follow-up, Changeling, is dark.
Changeling was a reaction because I wasn't ready to write. I wanted to work with Steve Lillywhite but the relationship just didn't work because I should have had another six or twelve months to address the album. It was all written in the studio. I think it's a good album, it says something very powerful. But it was a painful album and a very painful period in my life where I just had to move back into acting, which was Trafford Tanzi.

This issue can be ordered from
www.recordcollectormag.com from their back issues section, priced £4.90.
.LondonNet - The Humans Competition
.Friday 5th February, 2010.................................................................Music
Another Humans competition. This time tickets for The Scala gig in London are up for grabs. Comp entry closes 19th February.

The band - featuring Toyah Willcox, Bill Rieflin (REM) and Chris Wong with a special guest appearance from the legendary Robert Fripp, will perform at Leamington Spa Assembly on 22 February, Cambridge Junction on 23 February and The Scala, London on Wednesday 24 February.

The shows are the first time in 20 years that Toyah has shared a UK stage with her husband Robert Fripp. (The last time was when their 1989 band, Sunday All Over The World, played a handful of UK dates.)

The Humans comprise a very different musical direction for Toyah, not surprising given the band line-up with their own individual musical backgrounds. Their first single These Boots Are Made For Walkin has just been released along with their debut album We Are The Humans.

here for the chance of winning one of five pairs of tickets.
.This Fragile Moment - Download
.Friday 5th February, 2010.................................................................Music
The album recorded in 2009 by Toyah, Markus Reuter, Arvo Urb, Chris Wong, and Robert Jurjendal, released as 'This Fragile Moment', is now available from various online music stores to download.

At Play (www.play.com) it is available as an album download or each track can be bought individually (apart from 'Don't Even Try').

The CD is still available to purchase
here. Further information on 'This Fragile Moment' can be found here.
.Official Toyah - February 2010 Blog - The Humans Tour
.Thursday 4th February, 2010.........................................................Internet
Toyah's February blog is now online at The Official Toyah MySpace and toyahwillcox.com. Read up on Toyah reclaiming her social life, what "it" is with herself and Bill Rieflin, Vampires Rock, and the live dates by The Humans.

Toyah says of the new Humans songs, 'Sugar Rush', 'Sweet Agitation', 'Fragment Pool', and the gloriously titled 'Put A Woman On The Moon', "They are lively little numbers, slightly non-age-appropriate, in the vein of silver surfer rage." Hear some, if not all, of these at The Humans gigs later this month.

.The Humans Live 2010 - Official Toyah - The Humans Competition
.Thursday 4th February, 2010............................................................Music
To celebrate The Humans first ever string of live concert dates (anywhere in the world outside of Estonia.....) we have a prize of a sealed copy of the debut album WE ARE THE HUMANS limited edition CD packaging version PLUS a copy of the very rare 1-track radio promo CD of the single THESE BOOTS ARE MADE FOR WALKIN' featuring Robert Fripp.

To win these two CDs simply send the answer to the following question to: humans@toyahwillcox.com by 19 February 2010.

Apart from last year's launch concert in Estonia, what year did Toyah and Robert Fripp last share the stage as part of the same band?
.The Humans Live 2010 - The Humans Get Into Gear For UK Tour
.Thursday 4th February, 2010......................................................Live/Gigs
With only three weeks to go until The Humans embark on their UK tour things are gearing up...

The set list for the concerts will include some new songs which may include some or all of the following: "Sugar Rush", "Put A Woman On The Moon", "Sweet Agitation" and "Fragment Pool".

Check out Toyah's new blog for February 2010 at
www.toyahwillcox.com and www.myspace.com/toyahofficial for the full scoop on preparations for the tour.

You can buy tickets for the three live dates from the links below....

22 Feb 2010 Assembly, Leamington Spa
23 Feb 2010 The Junction, Cambridge
24 Feb 2010 The Scala, London

Additionally, The Humans are confirmed as one of the acts performing a short set at a concert raising funds for Haiti at The Roundhouse on 25 Feb, the night after their Scala London gig. The benefit gig has been organised by Bill Drummond and acts are being announced daily.... so far alongside The Humans, those playing live sets include KT Tunstall, Paul Weller and The Futureheads.
.The Humans To Play @ Haiti Earthquake Fundraiser
.Thursday 4th February, 2010......................................................Live/Gigs
Just Announced! The Humans will perform a live set at the Haiti Earthquake Fundraiser at The Roundhouse on Thursday 25th February. Please click below for line-up and ticket info on the fundraiser event, plus donation details.

Further news on The Humans, from Official Toyah Facebook: With only three weeks to go until The Humans embark on their UK tour things are gearing up... The set list for the concerts will include some new songs which may include some or all of the following: 'Sugar Rush', 'Put A Woman On The Moon', 'Sweet Agitation' and 'Fragment Pool'.

.The Northern Echo - Vampires Rock Review
.Wednesday 3rd February, 2010................................................Press Clips
A review, by Steve Burbridge, of one of the Vampires Rock shows at Darlington Civic Theatre last Friday.

The auditorium of Darlington Civic Theatre was packed to the rafters for the first of two sellout performances of Steve Steinman’s cult classic, Vampires Rock.

Set in New York in 2030, the undead are among us and livelier than ever.

A young girl named Pandora (Emily Clark) has skipped school to attend an audition to be the resident rock singer at the Live and Let Die Club.

There she encounters Baron Von Rockula (Steinman), who instantly falls in love with her and is determined that she should become his new bride Shame he didn’t bother to consult his current Devil Queen (Toyah Willcox, pictured), who is none too impressed with the idea.

Ostensibly, Vampires Rock is The Rocky Horror Show for hot-blooded heterosexual hairy bikers and heavy metal heads.

More vamp than camp, more gothy than frothy, the show uses its storyline – which is as translucent as a vampire’s skin in the midday sun – to string together some of the greatest rock anthems of all time.

They’re all there, from Killer Queen to Total Eclipse of the Heart, The Final Countdown to Bat out of Hell.

Steinman, Willcox and Clark, who delivered stunning vocal performances, were backed by a five-piece band, whose acoustics almost lifted the roof right off the grand old theatre, they really whipped the crowd up into a frenzy.

The shortcomings of the storyline are compensated by the energy and enthusiasm that the cast put into the show which, ultimately, is what makes Vampires Rock a great night out.

Read other recent news reports on Toyah in Vampires Rock at 'Yeovil Express'
here, and 'Weston & Somerset Mercury' here.
.Tony Banks Talks Soundtracks (& Toyah)
.Wednesday 3rd February, 2010........................................................Music
Tony Banks talks about his 'Soundtracks' album, Lorca & The Outlaws, 'Lion Of Symmetry' and Toyah's involvement in these, in an interview with 'The Waiting Room' (date unknown).

Of course in Lorca there were the two songs, the title song which I did with Jim Diamond, You Call This Victory, and other one that I did with Toyah, Lion Of Symmetry. There was a moment in the film where they had a sort of video jukebox and that was the song to go with that. I thought that the song was potentially very good. I just looked around for a possible singer and someone suggested Toyah. She was up for it, she seemed very keen to do it. So we met and the end result was one of the most enjoyable moments of my career in fact. She was a revelation to me, it just sounded so much better than it had ever done on her own where her voice always sounded so small and restricted. She has a fantastic range and it's one of my favourite songs, I was really pleased with the way it turned out especially the middle part. The idea of a female voice on what is essentially a traditional Genesis song was an interesting idea, it just changed the whole character of it completely. She wrote the lyrics and I love some of the imagery - it sends a shiver down my spine when I hear it now!

Read the full interview at the Tony Banks fansite, Lake Of Silence,
here. Tony also talked about Toyah and 'Lion Of Symmetry'/Lorca & The Outlaws in an interview with 'Genesis Magazine' in 1985. Read that interview here.
.Rare Terence Donovan Photo 1985
.Wednesday 3rd February, 2010 • Thanks to Andi.........................Pictures
A rare-ish picture from mid-1985. Numerous photos were taken during this Terence Donovan session, & used for newspaper articles and fanclub mail-outs.

.St. Pauls Gallery - Melissa Mailer-Yates Signed Limited Edition
.Tuesday 2nd February, 2010.........................................................Internet
St. Pauls Gallery are currently featuring the Melissa Mailer-Yates painting, of Toyah from 2008, as a limited edition portrait print. The print is hand signed by Toyah and Melissa. Click below for further details.

Melissa Mailer-Yates describes how the Toyah portrait came to be:

"Thus St Pauls Gallery introduced me to Toyah. Happily Toyah lives quite close to my Mothers house so those first meet nerves were diminished somewhat by plenty of time for preparation, instead of my usual trek from the deep and distant wilds of Herefordshire. In fact I was early for goodness sake unheard of!

I had nothing to worry about as I met with the most gracious, welcoming person I have had the good fortune to meet in a long time. Perhaps being the same age helps a little, but I found I could have stayed all day and talked about everything. Moving up to Toyah's beautifully french furnished drawing room, I found someone a natural in front of the camera, and soon I had what I wanted, together with a real sense of a woman bubbling over with her enthusiasm for life.

Once home I found I had everything I needed, the essence of a truly beautiful woman, inside and out. She was made for my New York Treatment, that is the style of work I first formulated for my New York exhibition in 1997. A combination of representational portraiture together with the abstract interpretation of her emotional self, the dance of life."

Date: June 2008
Signed By: Toyah Willcox & Melissa Mailer-Yates In Pencil
Edition: 20 released World Wide
Dimensions: Image 440 x 540mm, Paper 640 x 770mm
Atelier: Dekkel Fine Art Publishing Ltd
Condition: New - Mint condition
Medium: Giclee On 330gsm Fine Art Paper

.Dreamscape News Archive - December 2009
.Tuesday 2nd February, 2010......................................................Site News
The final month of Toyah news for last year, and the Noughties, has been added to the News Archive. Read up on all that happened in December 09!
.Clout Communications - Toyah Bio
.Tuesday 2nd February, 2010.........................................................Internet

Clout Communications have an updated Toyah career bio at their website.

From punk princess to high priestess of TV, Toyah Willcox is a uniquely gifted performer. Charismatic, outspoken and impossible to categorise, she is one of Britain’s iconic household names – an award-winning rock legend as well as a much-loved actress and music composer...

...Musically, Toyah has remained fresh, uncompromising and ground-breaking. In 2007 she signed a new worldwide publishing deal with Zomba Music and released her first digital single - Latex Messiah (Viva La Rebel In You) from the 2008 album In The Court Of The Crimson Queen, written and produced in collaboration with Simon Darlow. Alongside this Toyah began a collaboration with Bill Rieflin (REM) and Chris Wong on the band project, The Humans. Described as “European experimental meets West Coast American grunge", The Humans debut live performances took place in Estonia in 2007. Their debut album, We Are The Humans, was recorded in Seattle in 2008 and released in Estonia in May 2009 to coincide with the band's return to play before the country's president at Tartufest. It received a UK digital release on Sept 2009, along with a Humans’ single, These Boots Are Made For Walkin’.

here to read the full bio at Clout Communications.


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