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31 May : This Is Your Life - Kevin Woodford
Last night it was the turn of TV chef and presenter Kevin Woodford to be presented with the big red book. Toyah was a guest, she has worked with Kevin on the Heaven And Earth Show and Fasten Your Seatbelts. Toyah introduced herself and Esther McVey as "Kevin's Angels". She also recalled that they used to walk to the studios each Sunday morning and that he would always leave a box of chocolates in a bus shelter for a homeless lady who had the misfortune of living there.
31 May : Through The Keyhole
Don't forget that Toyah is a panel member on Through The Keyhole this afternoon on BBC1 (not Scotland unfortunately) at 2.55pm. Toyah is also scheduled to be appearing on this show on Wednesday 13th June at 2.10pm.

There is also another chance to catch Toyah visiting Thailand in Holidays In Style on the UK Style channel this morning at 7am.


30 May : Toyah In Viz!

Toyah is in the latest edition of Viz magazine. Nothing too exciting, just a joke about her lisp (that'll be the three squillionth since records began then), and a nice pic, unfortunately they have committed the sin of mispelling Willcox!

Thanks to Claire for the info and picture.

30 May : Daily Mail - An ocean apart but still together

Another small Toyah article in Monday's Daily Mail (again in the Nigel Dempster column).

Complaining last year that she didn't see enough of her husband, Nashville-based Robert Fripp - 'You don't marry someone to be single', she said - Toyah Willcox now appears to subscribe to the notion that absence makes the heart grow fonder. 'We spend about 15 days a year together ', confessed the 43 year old former wild girl of punk, who wed Fripp 15 years ago near the 11 bedroom Dorset mansion thay all too infrequently share. 'It doesn't put a strain on the marriage. It's like we're still in the honeymoon stage.'

As I revealed, Toyah, who stars in A Misummer Night's Dream at Stafford Castle next month, moved two years ago from their Wiltshire home, Reddish House, to their more discreet residence in Dorset after she felt vulnerable following the murder of her close friend Jill Dando.

Former King Crimson guitarist Fripp has launched Bootlegtv.com, which makes live music avaiable on the internet. He told me: 'When we are together, we have what the Americans call quality time.'

Thanks, once again, to Paul Lomas.

28 May : Top Of The Pops Reunion 1981

Presented by Jamie Theakston, dressed as Adam Ant, this tribute to the music (well, some of it) of 1981 was shown yesterday on BBC1. Jamie introduced Toyah thus, "This week Jeniffer Lopez was voted sexiest female of the year, so who had that title 20 years ago?" There then followed a montage of clips, included were tiny bits of Toyah's 'It's A Mystery', '1 Want To Be Free' and 'Thunder In The Mountains' Top Of The Pops appearances. "Britain's most fanciable female of '81, Toyah Willcox", announced Jamie. "Is it true that 20 years ago everyone was a lot shorter?" he asked Toyah. "Everyone was a lot shorter, a lot brighter and mobile phones were a lot heavier", answered Toyah. "The first album I ever bought was 'Sheep Farming In Barnet'" Jamie said, "Good taste", replied  Toyah, "All these bands, Depeche Mode, Human League, The Cure, Siouxsie Sioux have all stood the test of time. Fantastic music."

Also featured were ABC, Midge Ure, Reef (one of my favourite bands doing a stonking version of The Rolling Stones 'Start Me Up'), and Soft Cell closing the show with the biggest selling single of 1981, 'Tainted Love'.

28 May : Toyah On Telly
Holiday In Style : UK Style
Thursday 31st May : 7.00am
Tuesday 5th June : 7.00am
Toyah visits Thailand.

Through The Keyhole : BBC 1
Thursday 31st May : 2.55pm

Brum : BBC Choice
Saturday 2nd /Sunday 3rd June
Saturday 9th /Sunday 10th June
7.10am / 10.10am / 1.10pm / 4.10pm
(Shown at these times)

I Love 1979 : UK Horizons
Sunday 3rd June : 10pm
Toyah remembers Quadrophenia

Beyond Medicine : Disc. Health
Sunday 3rd /  10th June :
7.30am / 10.30am / 1.30pm / 4.30pm / 7.30pm
(Repeats of earlier shows)

Monday 4th June
6am / 5.30pm / 8.30pm.
(Entire series being reshown from today at these times each Monday and Friday).

Whose Recipe Is It Anyway? :
Carlton Food Network
Beginning Monday 4th June, on each weekday at 3.30pm / 7.30pm. Weekends at 1pm / 8pm


27 May : Bumper News Update : All This Week's Toyah News
Toyah's PA At 'The Club' Top Of The Pops Reunion

John (aka Ruby) from The Club in Stoke-On-Trent, where Toyah's PA will be on 22 June, emailed me last week to say that Toyah fans who aren't members of the club should still be able to get into the gig. Anyone who is planning on going, please let The Club know in advance if you possibly can. This can be done via email or telephone. Visit The Club's website and see their Toyah tribute. www.theclubstoke.co.uk,

Toyah will be on BBC 1 this afternoon as one of the guest presenters on a live Top Of The Pops special celebrating the music of 1981, as part of Music Live. The programme features original artists performing classic hits from the year, as well as some of today's chart acts covering their favourite 1981 tracks. One of Toyah's videos from that year should be on the show. 4.50pm on BBC1 in the UK.

Record Collector : Top 500 Most Collectable Artists

Record Collector magazine ran their annual poll recently to establish which music acts are considered the most collectable. Toyah is featured at number 380, zooming in from who knows where as she wasn't even in the Top 500 last year. She is ranked way above the likes of Coldplay, Alanis Morissette, Enya, Eurythmics, Celine Dion, Boyzone, Westlife and many more. There are less than 20 solo female artists above Toyah, so this bodes well for the Q 'Greatest 100 Women In Music' Poll too. There has never been aToyah feature or discography included in Record Collector magazine and I think that it's about time they did, especially after this poll. 

I wonder if it would be worth the trouble emailing Record Collector and requesting some sort of article on Toyah's music releases. If a few people ask maybe something will be included. Their email addy is: editor@rcmag.demon.co.uk

27 May : Personal Passions
This great little 15 minute programme, from 1999, was on BBC2 this morning. Toyah showed Peter Curran round the garden of Reddish House, the home of Cecil Beaton until his death in 1980, and Toyah and Robert's for 12 years.
27 May : Whose Recipe Is It Anyway?
Beginning Monday 4 June (3.30pm & 7pm) and being shown twice daily each weekday on the Carlton Food Network channel is Whose Recipe Is It Anyway?

A show challenging a guest chef to cook a mystery celebrity, or chef's, recipe and guess their identity. Presented by Toyah Willcox.

24 May : Beyond Medicine
The final of the 39 (count 'em and weep) Beyond Medicine shows was shown on the Discovery Health channel today, looking at anorexia, and alzheimer's. This series has covered dozens of topics, and if you'd like to watch it again, you can. The entire series is being repeated from Monday 4 June, being broadcast three times every Monday and Friday, at 6am, 5.30pm & 8.30pm. Earlier shows also continue to be broadcast each Sunday (four times).
25 May : Trigger Happy TV
The 'one where Toyah got stung' was finally shown on Channel 4 on Friday night, three months after its original broadcast on E4. Dom Jolly's moving about too much (even though he wasn't) was upsetting the cameraman, so off he went. Leaving Toyah to comment, "but you weren't moving about" to Dom. This 'sketch' didn't work as well as other celeb set ups as I think Toyah was aware of who Dom Joly was. Oh well, rubbish sketch, great show. 
23 May : Daily Mail - Wrist Assured
Actress Toyah Willcox is hoping to stay out of harm's way, at least for the next few weeks. The former wild girl of punk is to star as Titania in an outdoor production of A Midsummer Night's Dream at Stafford Cstle next month. However, she is alarmed to discover the fate of two of her predecessors. In previous years both Judy Cornwell and Rula Lenska have appeared in the town's annual Shakespeare festival - and both fell victim to broken wrists shortly before their respective roles. 'This is scary', says Toyah, who has just celebrated her 43rd birthday. 'They say things go in threes, so I am being extra vigilant. I am superstitious at the best of times.'

Thanks Paul.

20 May : Holidays In Style
This was shown on UK Style this evening, and will be rebroadcast a number of times in the coming weeks. Toyah visited Thailand. In Bangkok she witnessed the city's fitness freaks converge in a park at 6am, rode the skytrain which took seven years to complete, and visited one of Bangkok's 150 buddhist temples. Toyah also ventured to the nearby resort of Pattaya, where she visited the 40ft buddha on the hill, checked out the bargain Thai gold and silk, and raved about the dazzling nightlife and beautiful beaches.
20 May : Heaven And Earth Show
Toyah made another of her sporadic appearances on this show last Sunday morning. Looking back on the week's top newspaper stories, she found time to talk about Egyptian pyramids, the vague connection between Lady Godiva and Geri Halliwell, and John Prescott's 'punch up'.
19 May : The Shagaround
Final night of the Southampton run of this play, which has been at the Nuffield Theatre for the last month. As of Tueday (22 May) it will be at the Ashcroft Theatre in Croydon for a short run (ends 27 May). Then from 23 July to 18 August you lucky people can catch Toyah (and Cathy Tyson among others) treading the boards in the Soho Theatre in London.


18 May : Happy Birthday Toyah
Many Happy Returns to our fave female singer who is, as you all know, 43 today. Sometimes it's difficult to believe Toyah is now in her forties, not only does she look ten years younger but she seems to have the drive and stamina of a woman half her age. I wish she would let us all in on the secret. Have a great day, and year!
18 May : Toyah At The Theatre
The Shagaround : Nuffield Theatre,
Southampton. (Ends Tomorrow).

The Shagaround : Ashcroft Theatre, Croydon : 22 - 27 May.

A Midsummer Night's Dream : Stafford Castle 28 June - 14 July.

The Shagaround : Soho Theatre, London
23 July - 18 August.

Aladdin : Stockport Plaza, Stockport.
12 December - 6 January 2002.

18 May : New Look Dreamscape
So it's 'see you around' to the old Dreamscape ( take a last look) and a 'how do you do' to the new one. I have finally uploaded version two,  (that's right the one that's made you go yuck!!). 

Have to admit I sort of regretted deciding to redo the site halfway through as I didn't realise it would be so much work and for a while I didn't know if I would get it completed.

Anyway I eventually did, hope everyone likes it, and considers it an improvement on version one. Any comments or suggestions are very welcome.

17 May : Kenny Everret
Paramount are reshowing all the old Kenny Everett Telesision Shows at the moment, and who should pop up on tonight's but Toyah. The year - 1985, the song - 'Don't Fall In Love', the memories - brilliant!!!


16 May : Toyah On Telly
Jumpers For Goalposts : Sky One
Wednesday 16th May : 10.30pm

Heaven & Earth Show : BBC1
Sunday 20th May : 10.00am

Holiday In Style : UK Style
Sunday 20th May : 7.00pm
Monday 21st May : Midnight
Sunday 27th May : 7.00am
Thursday 31st May : 7.00am

Toyah visits Thailand.

Personal Passions : BBC2
Sunday 27th May : 7.30am

Through The Keyhole : BBC1
Thursday 31st May : 2.55pm

Beyond Medicine : Discov. Health
Each weekday four times daily
8.00am / Midday / 4.00pm / 8.00pm

Continuing throughout May
Repeats of earlier shows every

16 May : Happy Anniversary

Happy 15th anniversary to Robert and Toyah.


15 May : Jumpers For Goalposts
The edition of Jumpers For Goalposts featuring Toyah was broadcast last night on Sky One. Toyah was on the team captained by Ron Manager, (Paul Whitehouse). At one point quizmaster Clive Graham (Simon Day) said "Now, Toyah, you once boasted in one of your hits that you were going to turn suburbia upside down. Did you manage it?". Toyah smiled, stuck her tongue firmly in her cheek, and replied, "Nah". She also had an arm wrestle with Ron/Paul, but unforunately her team was beaten 16-14 by the opposition, captained by Tommy Stein (Mark Williams). Never mind, a great time (and a carton of chips) was had by all. NB: This will be repeated, again on Sky One, tomorrow night (Wednesday 16th May @ 10.30pm).
14 May : Through The Keyhole
Toyah was a panel guest on this show today on BBC 1 (not Scotland).
15 May : Toyah @ Ebay
Is there, as Toyah seems to think, very little interest in her as a singer anymore? If anyone needs an answer to the question of whether Toyah's music is still popular or not, then all they need to do is pay a visit to www.ebay.com. All sorts of Toyah memoribila is often up for auction there and more often than not the items receive many bids, and are eventually snapped up for large sums. Old magazines, badges, videos, fan club stuff and autographs are all popular. But it is Toyah's music, mainly CD's but vinyl and tapes too, that is proving most popular. 'Minx', 'Desire' &  'Prostitute' seem to be the most sought after on CD, and if you manage to acquire the original CD release of 'Anthem' consider yourself very lucky indeed. As more and more Toyah fans get online the demand will surely grow, and maybe will prove to Toyah that there is still an audience that would love another album to add to their collection.


14 May : Karrie On Peter - "There Is Very Little Interest In Me As A Singer".
This excellent interview, first broadcast last November, was repeated last night on BBC Radio Wales. Toyah spoke to Peter Karrie about 'Living Out Loud' and much more.

The show began with' It's A Mystery', and Toyah explained how Safari Records discovered the song and how she subsequently grew to hate it. She recalled that breaking up the original Toyah band "broke her heart", and that she cared about the members deeply.

She also spoke about how she doesn't like spiritualism and thinks the dead should be "left to move onto their next life".

Peter played some of Toyah's favourite records through the interview: 'Life On Mars' by David Bowie, "it evoked oncoming freedom, transported me into a future where I would have the 

independence I craved, everything David Bowie does affects me". 'Sleeping Satellite' by Tasmin Archer, "the most perfectly written, beautifully sung and produced song ever". '20th Century Boy' by T Rex, "Marc Bolan was my first teen crush, my first hearthrob". 'Ray Of Light' by Madonna, "I really admire Madonna, the 'Ray Of Light' album is miraculously good, and 'Music' is a sheer act of genius".

Asked if she would ever tour or record another album Toyah replied, "Under the right circumstances, but there is very little interest in me as a singer, that's to do with my age. The last time I toured I took care of everything, the finances, getting the band from A to B, and I'm not doing that again." 

Peter recalled when Toyah made an appearancece on his Welsh television show Unmasked, and the poignant moment when she revealed how she and her mother had recently for the first time said they loved each other.

Peter observed there were parallels between her and Bowie, "Yeah right, I wish" laughed Toyah.

Other interesting revelations: Toyah's more conventional image these days is so she can have some sort of privacy. She thinks the music business is in a "frightening state", and she is nicknamed the pitbull. 


13 May : Toyah Live Appearance
More details about about the venue where Toyah will make her first appearance (in a musical vein) of the millenium. Only members of the club will be able to attend the gig, good news is that membership costs just 2 and can be completed online at their website. There will be no tickets released in advance either, it will be a 'first come, first served' basis on the actual night (Friday 22nd June). Also available at the club's website, www.theclubstoke.co.uk, is a map so that strangers to Stoke-On-Trent will find it. So, what are you waiting for?

Thanks to Rob Cope & Paul Richards

13 May : Birthday Messages
The Toyah Birthday Message Book is now closed. Thanks to everyone who left a message. I have now printed them all and will include them in the birthday card that I'm sending to the Nuffield Theatre in Southampton. I am hoping that it will arrive there on either Wednesday or Thursday.
13 May : David Bailey Book
This is the David Bailey Photo book, mentioned in last month's news, that Toyah is featured in. It is called 'If We Shadows' and is published by Thames & Hudson. It is a collection of the photographs David took through the 80's of celebrities, and the not so famous too. Predictably Toyah is included in a section called Where Are They Now?
13 May : Other Toyah News
Gered Mankowitz

Apparently this photographer is to have a touring exhibition of some of his work sometime in the near future. Gered photographed Toyah in the 80's, including the famous shot on the cover of the 'Four More From Toyah' single.

Busy Week

Looks like a busy week for Toyah, yep even busier than usual! Wednesday is her 15th wedding anniversary and Friday is, of course, her 43rd birthday. This is also the final week of The Shagaround, which ends the Southampton run on Saturday.


11 May : Official Site Updated

Toyah's official web presence has been updated today. For more information on all the latest news, as well as Toyah's Diary entry for the month of May, leap over to toyahwillcox.com now! My favourite section of the site, apart from the monthly Diary, has got to be the extensive CV, particularly the comprehensive Music info.

11 May : Top Of The Pops
Top Of The Pops are having a 1981 reunion show, which Toyah will be taking part in. As well as appearing in the programme, to be broadcast by the BBC, on video she will also introduce one of the acts performing live.
12 May : Toyah To Play First Live Gig Of The 'Noughties'
Toyah is schedueled to play her first live gig of the millenium. It will be a live P.A., not with a full band., at Ruby's Nightclub in Stoke On Trent. Toyah has played at this gay club a number of times before and this appearance is to celebrate Ruby's 30th Birthday. The club has a website, on which they are advertising Toyah's forthcoming night. It is www.theclubstoke.co.uk. I am going to try and make this as it looks like it will be a fantastic night, so maybe I'll get to meet some of you other fans.
12 May : Toyah On Telly
Personal Passions : BBC 2
Sunday 27th May  : 7.30am

Toyah Willcox talks to Peter Curran about her drive to recreate the glories of a garden once owned by Cecil Beaton in this 15 minute programme.

12 May : Manchester Online
Another ickle Toyah piece here. Really just the newspaper article from Manchester Evening News but a nice pic anyway. Go see it here


10 May : Panto In Print - Aladdin (In)Sane!!!
Manchester Evening News

Toyah, and Aladdin, were featured in the Manchester Evening News on Monday 7 May in an article titled 'Punk Star Toyah to wow crowds - oh yes she will!'

The original queen of punk is getting back onstage - as panto's Aladdin.

And paying tribute to Stockport's restored Plaza Theatre TV actor and presenter Toyah Willcox said: "What has been been achieved at the Plaza is truly amazing. And I am certain that the show is going to be a resounding success."

The 930 seat, 1930's art deco town centre theatre re-opened last Autumn after it was saved by campaigners determined to prevent the grade II listed building from becoming a giant pub or club.

Toyah, who plays Aunt Boomerang on TV, stars in the Christmas show with television cop Mark Chatterton and Steven Cole, who played Brookside's troubled teenager Leo Johnson in the soap.

Toyah's diverse and successful career has included hit records and prestige stage and screen roles. Mark starred in TV shows including Last Of The Summer Wine, Coronation Street and Children's Ward, as well as the BBC police drama Cops.

Toyah's launch of the panto, to be staged at Christmas, started a weekend programme of events to celebrate the theatre's re-opening.

She said: "It is marvellous to be part also of the celebrations at the Plaza."

Stockport Express

The Stockport Express also ran a feature on May 9 on Toyah, Aladdin and the Plaza's weekend of celebrations. This article was similar to the Manchester Evening News, though they did use a few different quotes from Toyah

Toyah said: "I am really looking forward to it. Panto is the only way to spend Christmas for me. I think the Plaza is wonderful. It's great that so many people have helped to restore it.".

Big thanks to Paul Lomas for providing both of these.


9 May : Melissa Caplan
The woman who designed and created many of Toyah's early stage outfits appeared on New Romantics : A Fine Romance briefly last night on BBC1. Melissa Caplan, now a photographer, also helped create the 'look' of many New Romantic bands including Visage, Spandau Ballet and Culture Club. Toyah has said of Melissa; "She takes so much time and care over everything she designs. Everything she creates is unique". Melissa also made another brief appearance in Toyah, the, now almost legendary, ATV Documentary way back in 1980. " New Romantics : A Fine Romance was another look back at the Blitz Kids et al with lots on Boy George, Steve Strange, Marilyn, Spandau Ballet etc. Sadly, and not for the first time with this type of programme, no mention of Toyah whatsoever.
9 May : Beyond Medicine
Topics covered so far this week include hair and how it relates to health, and Light Therapy & Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Really just an excuse to print another screen grab showing, yet again, how fab Toyah has looked throughout this series.
8 May : Looking Back
Does anyone know anything about this? It's Looking Back but with a completely different (and much better) cover. Not sure if it is on the same record label but it definitely has the exact same track list and running order as the original 'sleeve'. 


6 May : Beyond Medicine
Among the topics covered in this weeks Beyond Medicine were weight training, and hypnotherapy. Beyond Medicine is being repeated from the beginning again each Sunday.
6 May : A Midsummer Night's Dream Details
Stafford Castle : 28 June - 14 July

Starring alongside Toyah in A Midsummer Night's Dream will be a host of actors better known for their roles in a variety of UK and Australian soap operas. They include Paul Henry (ex -Crossroads), Paul Fox (ex -Emmerdale & Coronation Street), Chloe Newsome (ex - Coronation Street) and Sarah Vandenburgh (ex - Neighbours). 

Tickets for this production are very likely to be snapped up quickly, so grab yours soon. 

Tickets are priced between 8.5 and 13.50 and can be purchased from the Gatehouse Theatre Box Office (Tel : 01785 254653).

6 May : Songs Of Praise

Toyah presented this evening's Songs Of Praise. As previously mentioned she visited Maidenhead and met up with a millionaire who gives his hard earned cash away, some skateboard kids, and Laurie Holloway & Marian Mongtgomery, among other people. What was not previously mentioned was that Toyah got to dress up as Dick Turpin, and held up a gang of children. As we all know Toyah isn't the slightest bit materialistic so all she confiscated from them was a packet of ginger nut biscuits. Yum!!


4 May : Aladdin Launch & Photocall
Toyah was in Stockport today at the launch of Aladdin, the panto in which she will be appearing later (much later) this year at the Stockport Plaza. The Plaza is a cinema built in the 1930's, refurbished and reopened six months ago. The photocall launched a weekend of celebrations at the Plaza.

Television stars Toyah Willcox (alias Barmy Aunt Boomerang), TV cop Mark   Chatterton and Steven Cole (Brookside's troubled teenager Leo Johnson) will appear this Christmas in all-time children's favourite Aladdin at the Stockport Plaza. The pantomime from 12th December until 6th January promises magical family entertainment, with music, fun and the chance to see the familiar TV faces as you've never seen them before. The original Queen of Punk, Toyah Willcox, regularly seen on our screens as TV presenter and children's television actor, will play Aladdin and exercise her vocal talents again. Toyah boasts a highly successful and incredibly diverse career, with hit records and prestigous stage and screen roles to her name. She is best known by children as the zany Aunt Boomerang and can currently be seen presenting for BBC1's Holiday. Toyah says "It's fantastic to be part of the celebrations at the Plaza this weekend. What has been achieved at the Plaza is truly amazing and I am certain that Aladdin will be a resounding success."

Thanks to Paul Lomas for the Toyah pictures and panto info. 

4 May : Toyah Telly Round Up
Songs Of Praise : BBC1 
Sunday 6 May : 5.45pm

Toyah Willcox visits Maidenhead, on the banks of the Thames. She meets a man who doesn't want to be a millionaire, discovers the spiritual side of skateboarding and talks to jazz singer Marian Montgomery and composer Laurie Holloway. Music comes from St Luke's Church and hymns include 'Lord of beauty thine the splendour', 'O Lord of every shining constellation' and 'Let all the world in every corner sing'

Jumpers For Goalposts : Sky One
Monday 14 May : 10pm
Wednesday 16 May : 10.30pm

Comedy football quiz from the FastShow team. Host Simon Day and team captains Ron Manager (Paul Whitehouse) and Tommy Stein (Mark Williams) are joined by 'Handy' Andy Crane, Bob Mortimer, Toyah Willcox and Crystal Palace's Neil Ruddock.

Other TV/Radio News:

Karrie On Peter : BBC Radio Wales
Sunday 13 May : 6pm

Peter Karrie goes backstage to take great entertainers on a musical journey through their careers. This edition features Toyah Willcox.

Through The Keyhole : BBC 1
Monday 14 May : 2.55pm

Holiday In Style : UK Style
Sunday 20 May : 7pm
Monday 21 May : Midnight

Toyah visits Thailand.

Beyond Medicine : Discovery Health Various days & times.

Barmy Aunt B'rang : BBC Prime
Various days & times.

6 May : Q Magazine Poll

Vote For Toyah In Q Magazine's Poll 

The 100 Greatest Women In Music!

This taken from Q:

Who's the most iconic? Who's the greatest songwriter? Who's the most outrageous performer? You decide...

Q is compiling an imminent special issue, based around the 100 greatest women in the history of music. What we need from you, dear reader, is to nominate your Top 5 candidates for the list. And don't forget to say why you think your choices stand out above the rest of the competition.

Email : q@emap.com

Nominations must reach us by May 11

1 May : Shadow Newsletter
The all new Shadow Newsletter is now available. Packed with oodles of exclusive Toyah news that I'm not going to repeat here. A great Toyah read! Those interested in obtaining a copy of "Shadow: TW Info Service Newsletter" please direct enquiries to Ryan, Toyah's Shadow c/o RD Media. Email: toyahshadow@rdmedia.fsnet.co.uk
1 May : The Shagaround Reviewed
Huge thanks to Paul Richards for his review of The Shagaround  and allowing me to put it on the website. Paul went to see the play at the Nuffield Theatre on Saturday 28 April. Read his great review here.

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