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29 June : Toyah On Telly
Ever Wondered? : BBC2
Saturday 30th June : 9.05am

Fascinating questions answered. Toyah Willcox finds out what reading horoscopes says about human behaviour, while Katharine Merry explores the world of astronomy

Holiday In Style : UK Style
Sunday 1st July : 7.00am
Thursday 5th July : 7.00am
Tuesday 10th July : 7.00am

Toyah Willcox relaxes in Langkawi. While there she samples local snack the king fruit, eyes up a hand painted sarong, takes a boat trip to the Pregnant Maiden Island and still finds time to admire the awesome sunset. Toyah described Langkawi as "care-free, stress-free and duty-free!".

Brum : BBC Choice
Throughout July : Monday to Friday
7.35am / 10.35am / 1.35pm / 4.35pm

The adventures of a little car, narrated by Toyah 

Under Offer : Meridian

Whose Recipe Is It Anyway? : Taste (CFN)
Run of shows finishes at the end of July
Monday to Friday : 3.30pm / 7.00pm
Saturday/Sunday : 1.00pm / 8.00pm

Take one ex punk princess, mix liberally with a selection of chefs, garnish with a celebrity of the minor variety, and you have a relaxing and not atall unpleasant way of passing half an hour! Yep, Toyah still cooking up a storm on Carlton Food Network's Taste channel every day.

Beyond Medicine : Discovery Health
Throughout July : Mon / Fri / Sun
Monday & Friday : 6.00am / 5.30pm / 8.30pm
Sunday : 7.30am / 10.30am / 1.30pm / 4.30pm

More alternative therapies in this interesting and informative guide to staying healthy in 2001.


28 June : Jubilee Reissued
Jubilee, probably the best known 'punk' film ever made and Toyah's big screen debut, has been reissued for the 3rd or 4th time on video, and the first time on DVD. Toyah plays Mad, a punkette pyromaniac who is also fond of knives. Originally released in 1978 and directed by Derek Jarman the film also stars Ian Charleson, Adam Ant, Little Nell, Jenny Runacre and Jordan.

The film includes the song 'Nine To Five' by Toyah and Adam Ant's very short lived band The Maneaters.

Label : Second Sight 
VHS Video : 2ND1085 
DVD : 2NDVD3017

28 June :  A Midsummer Night's Dream
This evening at 8pm is the opening performance of A Midsummer Night's Dream at Stafford Castle. The play runs until 14th July and is part of the annual Stafford Open Air Shakespeare Festival. Toyah stars as Titania & Hippolyta alongside Paul Henry as Bottom, Paul Fox as Lysander, Chloe Newsome as Puck & Sarah Vandenbergh as Hermia. 

Shakespeare's best loved comedy was written around 1595 and fuses the worlds of fairies & Greek mythology and takes the audience on a voyage of discovery through fantasy, magic, romance and love, where everything isn't quite what it first seems. This will be the 3rd time Toyah has performed in 'The Dream', she has previously played Hermia at Birmingham Rep in 1988 and Puck at Regents Park Open Air Festval in 1995.

Thanks to Paul Richards & Rob Cope for the pictures.


26 June : The Sentinel
This is the article from Stoke newspaper The Sentinel which was in last Saturday's edition:

'Toyah Willcox made a celebrity appearance at a Hanley nightclub to kickstart fundraising for an AIDS charity. 

The eighties punk star paid a visit to The Club in Hillcrest Street last night to launch money making events for local HIV/AIDS charity Staffordshire Buddies.'

26 June : On Guide

An interesting question and answer session with Toyah in the latest edition of ON Guide, the digital channel magazine. Read the full interview here.

Thanks to Rob Cope for both of these.


24 June : Toyah Triumphs in Stoke On Trent
On Friday 22 June Toyah returned to the stage as a singer and proved she still has the magic that first made her a star over 20 years ago. She only played six songs but they were six of her classics: 'Good Morning Universe', 'Thunder In The Mountains', 'Be Proud Be Loud

Be Heard)', 'It's A Mystery', 'I Want To Be Free' and 'Ieya' as the much requested encore. Toyah was onstage for around 40 minutes and didn't wear one of her old 80's stage outfits. Ruby, however, was in full Thunder get up for the 30th birthday bash as a nice nod towards the Toyah of the past we all know and love. Toyah launched Ruby's charity parachute jump and interviewed her onstage about Staffordshire Buddies, the local HIV charity that will benefit from the jump. Toyah and Ruby were also interviewed by local paper The Sentinel, which hopefully I will add to this page sometime in the next few days. Everyone I have heard from who attended really had a fantastic time. All in all a resounding success, and surely a clear mesage to Toyah that there is still much interest in her as a music performer, and what a birthday treat for Ruby. Now who mentioned a tour!?!!

Read fan reviews, John's (aka Ruby) message and more pictures : Toyah Live 2001

Thanks to Dan Greensmith for these fantastic pictures. Also thanks Rob Cope, Tiff Davidson & John Swain.


23 June : Banzai

Toyah's appearance on this spoof Japanese betting show was shown last night on channel 4 some months after first being broadcast on E4, in a slot called 'The Pop Prize Price Conundrum'. The voiceover went "20 years ago Mrs Toyah Willcox won this British pop music Oscar for Best Female Vocalist. It like winning the the pop World Cup or something, but that is sadly now history, now all she has is memories. But like the wise man said 'memories will not put food on the table', so Mrs Toyah pops into local pawnbroker to swap her award for cash".

There then followed the 'bet' where Toyah's "pride and joy" was valued at 500, to which Toyah exclaimed "is that it?"

23 June : The Club

Last night Toyah performed, musically for the first time in a couple of years, at The Club/Ruby's Diamond Mine in Stoke On Trent. This was her 3rd time performing at this venue, the show was to celebrate Ruby's 30th birthday and was Toyah's gift to Ruby (aka John). Toyah was due to go onstage at around midnight to a capacity crowd of 600 for her much anticipated and long awaited PA. No word yet of how it went or what songs she performed but hopefully I will be adding pictures and opinions of it all to this and the Toyah Live 2001 page very soon.


21 June : Whose Recipe Is It Anyway?
Is Toyah the new Fern Britton? Here are some screen grabs from 'the television cookery sensation that is sweeping the nation' (sort of!). Mystery celebrities, chefs, and Toyah cook up a storm! Each week a different chef (on this show it was Lesley Waters) will join Toyah to prepare a recipe from an unknown celebrity (Mark Curry here) source. As they cook the dish, the chef will attempt to guess whose recipe they are preparing using the ingredients, style and theme of the dish as their only hints.

Carlton Food Network 'Taste' : Broadcast Twice Daily
Weekdays @ 3.30pm / 7pm  Weekends @ 1pm / 8pm

Thanks to Paul Lomas

20 June : Toyah On Telly
Ever Wondered? : BBC2
Saturday 30th June : 9.05am

Fascinating questions answered. Toyah Willcox finds out what reading horoscopes says about human behaviour, while Katharine Merry explores the world of astronomy

Holiday In Style : UK Style
Sunday 1st July : 7am
Thursday 5th July : 7am

Toyah Willcox relaxes in Langkawi

20 June : Boyz
There is a half page ad for 'The Club', Toyah's appearance, and the birthday bash which happens tomorrow night in this week's edition of this national gay magazine. If anyone has this and wants to send me a scan I will stick it on here.


18 June : Heaven And Earth Show
Toyah made one of her regular appearances on the Heaven And Earth Show yesterday morning to review the week's newspapers. Also featured on the weekly Sunday morning show was an interview with Toyah's 80's contemporary Hazel Oconnor, who is touring at the moment in 'Beyond Breaking Glass'. Hazel spoke about her career,  how she feels no bitterness towards the music industry, her faith, spiritual beliefs and the Hare Krishna movement.

Heaven & Earth Show presenter Juliet Morris introduced Toyah by asking her "You must have been around at the same time as Hazel?" Toyah: "Oh yeah, we were very competitive about 20 years ago but now I'm hugely supportive of her. I think she's just wonderful. The music is so good, it's fantastic, it'd be really good catching that tour." Juliet: "It was lovely listening to those 80's hits again." Toyah replied, "Tell me about it, I was there, I was singing 'em!"

Among other topics Toyah discussed teachers and their plight in 2001, a woman leading the Gurkhas, and Madonna. "Now I've had many role models in my life, many have been women, but two I will remember for the whole of my life because they turned femininity on its head, they made femininity respectable, strong and brilliant. One is Princess Diana, the other is Madonna. But why on earth was she pictured holding a gun in her stage show last week, shooting male dancers. You could argue that old chestnut, she's got the male symbol of oppression and she's shooting the oppressor. It's not right, music and guns should not go together because some of the audience don't know any better. I just think, Madonna, her career is perfect, her mind is perfect, she's in a league of her own and she does not need to adopt this male stance. It's very, very weird."


15 June : TV Years 1981

Originally broadcast last October, this look back at the TV events of 1981 was reshown on Wednesday by Sky One. Toyah made a couple of appearances, commenting on New Romantics, "Marilyn was a big London name, Boy George and Steve Strange, and they were dressing noticeably differently and were years ahead of their time. Pretty boys with pretty haircuts, pretty make up, and very pretty clothes. I can remember thinking, 'that's not going to catch on really, is it?', and the Royal Wedding, "The wedding was on the telly and I came in and peeked at it, and was really intrigued by it. The whole kind of pageantry and ceremony was really very touching and beautiful, and the scale was very beautiful". 

This will be reshown on Saturday 23rd June, again on Sky One at 8.30pm

15 June : Banzai
Supposedly - but not actually - Japanese in origin, this entertaining show has a variety of stunts which viewers can bet on. The betting though is really just a hook to hang lots of comedy on. Toyah appears somewhere in this series, first broadcast on E4, with her Best Female Rock & Pop Award in hand. The series begins on Channel 4, Tuesday 19th June at 10.30pm and will be broadcast on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening
15 June : Popst@r Website

Something is stirring at the Popst@r website, the legendary Toyahtastic fansite that leaves the rest of us trailing. Hopefully it will be online again in the very near future. Toyah fans who have only recently got 'netted up' are in for a treat & a half!

15 June : Live PA
Well I just found out today that I won't be able to make it to the live PA at The Club a week today. Boo, hiss, moan, sulk etc etc. To say I am disappointed... If anyone who is going to be able to make it could email me a pic or review after the event I'll be happy to add them to this site, and rest assured you will be stopping me from sinking into a deep, deep depression. (yep, even deeper than usual). John (Ruby) from The Club emailed me today to say lots of fans, from all over the place, have emailed him to say they'll be there.


10 June : Official Site Updated

Toyah's official web presence has been updated. For more information on all the latest news, as well as Toyah's Diary entry for the month of June, leap over to toyahwillcox.com now! 

There are details about the rerelease of Jubilee on video and dvd, and the new issue of Looking Back. As well as news about the Soho run of The Shagaround

10 June : Toyah On Telly
Whose Recipe Is It Anyway?
Carlton Food Network 'Taste'
Broadcast Twice Daily
Weekdays @ 3.30pm / 7pm
Weekends @ 1pm / 8pm
Mystery celebrities, chefs, and Toyah cook up a storm!

Brum : BBC Choice
Sun 10th / Sat 16th / Sun 17th
Sat 23rd / Sun 24th June

I Love 1979 : UK Horizons
Mon 11th June : 11pm
Toyah remembers Quadrophenia.

Through The Keyhole : BBC 1
Wed 13th June : 2.55pm

TV Years (1981) : Sky One
Wed 13th June : 9pm
Sat 23 June : 8.30pm
Toyah comments on the big TV shows of 1981, including the Royal Wedding. 

Heaven And Earth Show : BBC1
Sun 17th June : 10am
Toyah makes another of her sporadic appearances to review the week's newspapers. 

Beyond Medicine : Disc. Health
Broadcast 4 Times on  Sundays
7.30am / 10.30am / 1.30pm / 4.30pm
3 Times each Monday & Friday
6am / 5.30pm / 8.30pm


8 June : OK Magazine
8 June : Special Toyah Gig For Loyal Fans
Paul Richards suggestion, via the Angels & Demons club at Yahoo, has received a very favourable response in the last few days. Paul wondered if there would be any chance of Toyah playing a gig for all the loyal fans, and asked how we could go about organising a suitable venue, location and date, what costs would be involved, and most important how and who will persuade Toyah to agree to perform. So maybe Paul's idea could eventually lead to a fantastic gig, here's hoping. There have already been lots of suggestions and ideas put forward, including the Royal Albert Hall as a venue and London or Birmingham as a location. If, as I'm sure we all hope, this idea is to become a reality we all need to get as many people interested as possible, and make sure they will definitely go. And if Toyah is to commit to one or more concerts it all really must be organised and administered properly.

Visit Angels & Demons to read Paul's original message & the many replies posted. I'm sure he will be thrilled with the response when he returns from holiday next week.


7 June : The Club / Toyah PA Flyer
Here it is! The flyer from The Club, announcing not only that it is Ruby's 30th Birthday but also the news that Toyah is set to make her first live musical outing of this millenium:

'It's The Queen's Birthday'

That's right it's Ruby's 30th Birthday Bash!

This year she's doing it in style, with her good friend Toyah Willcox performing for her, live, at 'The Club'.

Toyah will be performing for the first time this millenium especially for our Ruby.

So come along to Ruby's Birthday Bash, Friday 22nd June.

Thanks to John (aka Ruby).


6 June : Whose Recipe Is It Anyway? - On Guide
Another feature on Toyah and Whose Recipe?

Eighties pop diva turned millenium TV presenter Toyah Willcox (right) hosts a new cooking programme with a mysterious twist. A cross between Celebrity Ready Steady Cook and Through The Keyhole, the programme focuses on a different mystery guest and celebrity chef every episode. Each week a different chef will join Toyah to prepare a recipe from an unknown celebrity source. As they cook the dish, the chef will attempt to guess whose recipe they are preparing using the ingredients, style and theme of the dish as their only hints. While the chef guesses whose dish it could be, Toyah catches up with her mystery guest behind the scenes to discuss the chef's comments and personal slant. Celebrity chefs will include Lesley Walters, James Martin, Sophie Grigson, Manju Malhi, Ed Baines and Tony Tobin. 

Thanks again to Paul Lomas for this.


5 June : All Star Australian Charity Auction
The Australian Animal Lib Organisation are holding an All Star Charity Auction to raise funds so that they can continue to fight the terrible cruelty and abuse some idiots inflict on animals. Included in the auction is a Toyah Tour Scarf from the 80's. This is from their press release:

We want to make this an auction to remember. The animals need us and we need money to help them.

All of the money raised from the auction (which commences on July 1st on ebay.com.au) goes to Animal Liberation. We are not Government funded and all of our staff are volunteers. We've been working hard for the animals for 25 years and we are a highly respected animal welfare organisation.

We want everyone to bid high and bid often! Every dollar raised will go directly to help the animals. Animal Liberation has been fighting for animal rights since 1976, and this fundraiser will help pay the bills ofsome ground-breaking court cases. We've got rent to pay on our office and shop and we ALWAYS have lots of campaigns to run.We always need extra funds and we are just so incredibly happy that so many celebrities worldwide have come out to help us by donating some wonderful autographed items.

Animal Liberation would love for everyone to get behind us and ......BID!!!!

Some of the other artists include Adam Ant, Boy George, Pearl Jam, Kiss, Chrissie Hynde, Moby, Reef, REM, Natalie Portman, Billy Idol and plenty more.

Something for everyone's musical tastes. I hope that a fortune is raised. The way the world is going the animals need more help than ever.

5 June : Q Magazine Poll

There is still time to vote for Toyah in Q's 'The 100 Greatest Women In Music!' Poll. The closing date for sumbissions has been extended to mid June.

This taken from Q: 

Who's the most iconic? Who's the greatest songwriter? Who's the most outrageous performer? You decide... 

Q is compiling an imminent special issue, based around the 100 greatest women in the history of music. What we need from you, dear reader, is to nominate your Top 5 candidates for the list. And don't forget to say why you think your choices stand out above the rest of the competition. 

Email : q@emap.com 

This is a fantastic opportunity for us all to help get Toyah featured in the biggest selling British music publication of the moment. The higher she places in the poll, the more chance of a larger mention, and who knows what that could lead to. Whatever happens it can only be a positive bit of exposure for Toyah's music.


4 June : Whose Recipe Is It Anyway? - Personal Magazine
Toyah was featured in yesterday's Personal magazine in the Sunday Mirror. In a short article about Whose Recipe Is It Anyway? entitled 'Taste The Mystery'.

One of the keys to a great chef is creativity, and with creativity comes a unique style that will inspire you. Toyah Willcox (pictured with chef Tony Tobin) presents her own show called Whose Recipe Is It Anyway?, which asks celebrity guests to guess which well known chef has devised the recipe cooked on the programme. It's fun, it's different and has all the essential ingredients (doh!) to entertain the whole family.

You can watch Whose Recipe Is It Anyway? any weekday at either 15.30 or 19.30 on Carlton Food Network 'Taste'.


4 June : Toyah 'Embraced By The Pop Kids'
It seems that in 2001 Toyah is finally receiving some recognition and appreciation, from some of the music industry's top pop acts. Last week Ian Watkins, otherwise known as 'H' from the pop band Steps revealed that Toyah is one of his favourite artists.

This is taken from BBC Online News: We love them - but you forget that your idols have their own heroes too! Well if you think about it, something or someone must have inspired today’s successful stars to put in the hard work, and long hours, that is required to make it to the top of the pops these days! 

Take the dance routine-tastic pop collective Steps. Claire and H have revealed that they both had things for 80s pop stars. Claire really fancied Prince and H told Radio 1 about his love for Toyah: " I had loads of posters of Toyah. She was very weird. I loved her for being outrageous and experimental." 

Toyah! Toyah!…..will you ever know what you have done! 

This follows Melanie B of the Spice Girls declaring on a flight she shared with Toyah from Dublin to London that "This book is brilliant!". Mel had started reading a copy of Toyah's autobiography 'Living Out Loud' and was enjoying it so much she decided to tell the other plane passengers.

So whatever your opinions of Steps and the Spice Girls it can only be a good thing that Toyah has fans in bands that millions of teenagers idolise the way we did in the 80's with Toyah.

4 June : BBC Pop Guide

The Top Of The Pops website, part of BBC Online, have set up a Pop Encyclopedia on their website. There are tons of artists and archive TOTP performances to watch (no Toyah unforunately). It includes a fairly substantial bio entry for Toyah. If you'd like to take a look you can here.

4 June : The Shagaround
BBC Southampton has a review of the Nuffield Theatre production of The Shagaround which ended a couple of weeks ago. No way near as comprehensive or interesting as Paul Richard's but worth a look all the same. Go here.