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Click to download 'These Boots Are Made For Walkin' from iTunes

Click to buy the CD 'We Are The Humans' by The Humans from Remember The Eighties

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.Season's Greetings From Dreamscape
.Christmas Eve, 2009.........................................................Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas, all the very best, and a huge thank you to everyone who has visited the website over the last 12, very busy, months. Thanks, as always, to Toyah for giving us all another amazing year of music and much more.

.Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs - Newsy Bits!
.Christmas Eve, 2009.................................................................Press Clips
Yorkshire Post - Oh yes there is far more to do than sit at home
It's Christmas Eve and the sound of Slade will be ringing in your ears by now. Nick Ahad reports on where you can go to escape Noddy Holder between now and New Year.

Jack and The Beanstalk / Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: Our crack team of pantomime reviewers have been trawling the county to see this year's pantomimes so you don't have to. In times like these, if a trip to the panto is a family tradition, it's tough to know which one to pick.

Our reviewers handed out two five-star reviews this year to Jack and the Beanstalk at the Bradford Alhambra and Snow White at Sheffield Lyceum.

According to our reviewer, Billy Pearce in panto in Bradford can raise a belly laugh from the most miserable misanthrope (I'd like him to try it with this one) and she claims "this is still probably the best panto in Yorkshire". There's a counter-claim from the south of the county, where our reviewer saw Toyah Willcox in Sheffield take on the role of the Wicked Queen and Damian Williams as the dame, stealing the show.

Both shows are on every day apart from Christmas and New Year's Day

Sheffield Telegraph - Ten Top things to do over Christmas
Looking for something to do in and around Sheffield over the long Christmas weekend? Check out our 10 top things.

5.Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the story of a young girl escaping her wicked step mother and setting off on an adventure in the forest full of dwarfs, magic mirrors, poisoned apples, singing, dancing, audience participation and all the ingredients of a traditional pantomime with Toyah Willcox as the Wicked Queen, Damian Williams back as the dame, Nurse Nellie, and Toby Foster as Muddles, Lyceum Theatre, Christmas Eve, 10am, 2pm, Boxing Day, 2pm, 7pm, Sunday, 1pm, 5.30pm, Monday, 2pm, 7pm, Tuesday, 10am, 2pm, 7pm, Wednesday, 2pm, 7pm, New Year's Eve, 2pm continuing to January 10 (£13-£18).
.Christmas YouTubing with Toyah - Christmas Top Of The Pops 81
.Wednesday 23rd December, 2009.................................................Internet
On Christmas Day 1981 Top Of The Pops included Toyah performing their biggest hit of the year, 'It's A Mystery', with Toyah looking incredibly similar to the sleeve of the, recently released, 'Four More From Toyah' EP. Only the night before the band had appeared on The Old Grey Whistle Test, live from the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane. The concert, and this Top Of The Pops appearance, marked the end of an incredibly successful year for Toyah.


.Record Collector - Thirty Years In The Life Of A Punk-Popette
.Sunday 20th December, 2009...................................................Magazines
'Record Collector' magazine, issue #371 (January 2010) is now on sale. This includes a Toyah interview: TOYAH: Thirty years in the life of a punk-popette.

The flame-haired priestess of punk looks back on 30 years of fame. Interview by Ian Abrahams

Few artistes have moved so effortlessly between mediums as Toyah Willcox. As an actor she appeared in some of the most important pop-culture films of the 1970s, playing ‘Mad’ in Derek Jarman’s controversial Jubilee and ‘Monkey’ in the seminal mod-revivalist Quadrophenia, but also performing in works as diverse as Jarman’s adaption of The Tempest and the final instalment of the Quatermass saga for ITV.

At the same time, she has released a slew of records that moved from the ferocity of her early post-punk albums, Sheep Farming In Barnet and Blue Meaning, through the peak of her commercial appeal, with the It’s A Mystery led Four From Toyah EP, and her image-defining LP Anthem, hitting numbers four and two in their respective charts.

Read the full feature in 'Record Collector' magazine. Visit the website

.Toyah on Christmas TV - Psychic Therapy
.Sunday 20th December, 2009....................................................Television
Bio's one-hour Toyah documentary special, Psychic Therapy, which originally aired in September, is repeated on the last two days of the month (year, and decade!).

Psychic Therapy is specifically focused on the spiritual aspect of Toyah's life but it is also an interesting overview of her career, with a selection of great photos from throughout the last 30 years plus.

Psychic Therapy: Toyah Willcox. Bio backed by music. Gordon 'Psychic Barber' Smith interviews Toyah Willcox on matters psychic and family. He reveals some of the star's innermost secrets, delving into her past and predicting her future with help from the spirit world. On Toyah's birth, her mother apparently said, 'This isn't my child,' which seems to be partly behind her sense of dislocation. Of most interest to fans.

Psychic Therapy : Biography Channel - Wednesday 30th Dec : 5.00pm
Psychic Therapy : Biography Channel - New Year's Eve : 10.00am

.Toyah on Christmas TV - TV Diary Round Up
.Sunday 20th December, 2009....................................................Television
• Quadrophenia : Sky Movies Modern Greats - Monday 21st Dec : 1.45am
• Quadrophenia : Sky Movies Modern Greats HD - Monday 21st Dec : 1.45am
• I'm A Celebrity: Jungle Gems : ITV2 - Tues 22nd Dec : 9.25am
• I'm A Celebrity: Jungle Gems : ITV2 +1 - Tues 22nd Dec : 10.25am
• 100 Greatest Christmas Moments : More4 - Christmas Eve : 8.05pm
• 100 Greatest Christmas Moments : More4 +1 - Christmas Eve : 9.05pm
• 100 Greatest Christmas Moments : More4 - Christmas Day : 3.00pm
• 100 Greatest Christmas Moments : More4 +1 - Christmas Day : 4.00pm
• Quadrophenia : Sky Movies Modern Greats - Sunday 27th Dec : 2.05am
• Quadrophenia : Sky Movies Modern Greats HD - Sunday 27th Dec : 2.05am
• Ready Steady Cook : BBC2 - Tuesday 29th December : 3.10pm
• Celebrity Brides Unveiled : Wedding TV - Tuesday 29th Dec : 10.30pm
• Celebrity Brides Unveiled : Wedding TV - Wednesday 30th Dec :2.30am
• Psychic Therapy : Bio - Wednesday 30th December : 5.00pm
• Jubilee : Film 24 - Wednesday 30th December : 10.00pm
• Psychic Therapy : Bio - New Year's Eve : 10.00am
• The Most Fertile Man In Ireland : TG4 - New Year's Day : 10.00pm
• Brum : BBC2 - Tuesday 5th January : 6.40am
.Sheffield Telegraph - Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs Review
.Friday 18th December, 2009..........................................................Theatre
Another 'Pun-tastic' Lyceum Spectacular

Watch out behind you – it's panto time at the Lyceum and this year's show is as spectacular as ever.

Christmas wouldn't be the same for many families without a trip to the panto and the Lyceum hosted its first in 1897. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs keeps up the proud tradition.

Sheffield Theatres and Evolution Pantomimes have produced the city's main festive show for the last three years and have definitely found a recipe for success. The magical ingredient is without doubt Damian Williams, who steals the show as the outrageously dressed Nurse Nellie. He excels in poking fun at the audience and has them rolling in the aisles, appearing to make up some of the best jokes as he goes along.

The whole script is 'pun-tastic' with plenty of toilet humour as well as many jokes which fly straight over younger heads. The one-liners are clever but there are also themes which run though the show. There's a whole scene based on chocolate puns with the groans getting louder at every quip.

The music is aimed at every generation, too, with comic takes on everything from a High School Musical favourite to a reinvention of the Madness classic Our House.

Toyah Willcox is delightfully wicked as Queen Ivannah and belts out some cracking songs to a noisy background of excited boos.

Review by Nancy Fielder. Read the full version at the 'Sheffield Telegraph' website
.Toyah on Christmas TV - Celebrity Brides Unveiled
.Friday 18th December, 2009......................................................Television

The edition of Celebrity Brides Unveiled with Toyah reminiscing about her wedding day, and revealing some previously unseen photographs, will be repeated over Christmas. This is the first time it has aired in almost a year.

Celebrity Brides Unveiled : Wedding TV - Tuesday 29th Dec : 10.30pm
Celebrity Brides Unveiled : Wedding TV - Wednesday 30th Dec : 2.30am

In this episode punk rock Princess Toyah Willcox talks about the heartbreak of her first love, while we quiz T'Pau's Carol Decker on whether she had china on her wedding list!

.The Stage - Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs Review
.Thursday 17th December, 2009.....................................................Theatre
Sheffield’s lovely old theatre, the Lyceum, has been staging pantos since the 1890s, but there can have been few better than this lavish version of the ever-popular Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Toyah Willcox, who can boast 13 Top 40 singles, reveals herself to be a natural for this genre, hamming it up delightfully as the nasty narcissist, Queen Ivannah, as well as still being in great voice. She spends most of her time consulting the oracle, the Lord of the Mirror, played in virtual reality to great comic effect by local stand-up comedian Bobby Knutt.

Damian Williams, who has done most things in panto, contorts his features into an impression of Tommy Cooper, dragging it up as the game dame, Nurse Nellie, cleverly gauche in every way, especially in those well-rehearsed calamities. Toby Foster gives great support as the well-named Muddles, trying to quip his way into the affections of our heroine.

Review by Andrew Liddle. Read the full version at 'The Stage' website
.Toyah on Christmas TV - Ready Steady Cook Christmas Special
.Thursday 17th December, 2009.................................................Television
The festive edition of Celebrity Ready Steady Cook Toyah guested on last Christmas is repeated this Christmas. The programme will air on Tuesday 29th December at 3.10pm on BBC2. Click on the caps below for further info on this.

Ready Steady Cook Christmas Special : BBC2 - Tue 29th Dec : 3.10pm
Toyah Willcox and Shauna Lowry. Singer Toyah Willcox and TV presenter Shauna Lowry battle it out to see who'll be Christmas number one in the kitchen as Ainsley Harriott hosts another twenty-minute cooking challenge.

.The Star - Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs Review
.Wednesday 16th December, 2009.................................................Theatre
You know what they say about an apple a day...

Well, never mind about keeping the doctor away, this one banishes the winter blues.

But the infamous poison apple is not the only fruity thing on offer as Snow White and those seven dwarfs take up residence at The Lyceum for the region's biggest, most lavish panto.

Take some of the costumes 80s singing star turned actress Toyah Willcox wears as Wicked Queen Ivannah - and a couple of the gags designed to go over young heads.

Writer/director Paul Hendy knows what people want and completes a hat-trick of pantomime successes having previously delivered Crucible hits with Aladdin and Cinderella.

Helga Wood's sets and costumes are done too well for this to be anything like tacky. And while there's the odd dollop of cheese we're not talking common old cheddar, but a ripe and frisky Wensleydale.

Those missing local comic Bobby Knutt get him in a virtual role as the all-knowing man in the mirror, but the brightest star in this cosmos of fun is Damian Williams, once again Dame for a laugh.

Review by David Dunn. Read the full version at 'The Star' website
.Toyah/The Humans - In Concert 2010
.Tuesday 15th December, 2009....................................................Live/Gigs
Two new live solo (with full band) gigs have been announced by Toyah for March/April 2010, as well as confirmation of the two Pontins/48Hour Party dates we previously mentioned.

An extra "secret warm-up concert" by The Humans (with special guest Robert Fripp) has also been confirmed for February. Please see the Calendar at
www.toyahwillcox.com for further information on all of these dates.

The full 2010 live schedule, so far, for Toyah and The Humans is now as follows:

The Humans In Concert 2010 (with special guest Robert Fripp)
Saturday 20th February - Secret warm-up concert - Further info tba
Monday 22nd February - The Assembly, Leamington Spa
Tuesday 23rd February - The Junction, Cambridge
Wednesday 24th February - The Scala, London

Toyah In Concert 2010
Friday 19th March - 48Hour Party, Southport
Friday 26th March - 48Hour Party, Cambersands
Saturday 27th March - The Robin 2, Wolverhampton
Friday 23rd April - The Asylum, Birmingham

From Official Toyah: TOYAH LIVE DATES FOR SPRING 2010
Toyah has announced a busy live gig calendar for Spring 2010 which will see both live dates with her band The Humans in addition to solo headline gigs. The Humans will perform their material for the first time in the UK in a short tour of 3 dates with an additional secret warm-up gig in an intimate venue to be announced nearer the time. Toyah will also perform solo headline gigs with her full band in Birmingham’s Asylum and Wolverhampton’s Robin 2.
.Toyah on Christmas TV - Sky Movies - Quadrophenia
.Tuesday 15th December, 2009..................................................Television
• Quadrophenia : Sky Movies Modern Greats - Monday 21st Dec : 1.45am
• Quadrophenia : Sky Movies Modern Greats HD - Monday 21st Dec : 1.45am
• Quadrophenia : Sky Movies Modern Greats - Sunday 27th Dec : 2.05am
• Quadrophenia : Sky Movies Modern Greats HD - Sunday 27th Dec : 2.05am
.The Star - Star Toyah's Panto Agony
.Saturday 12th December, 2009...................................................Interview
Toyah Willcox has revealed starring in Sheffield's panto, Snow White And The Seven Dwarves, will help her get through the toughest Christmas of her life after losing her father.

The iconic singer and actress is facing her first festive season since her dad died and says she is grateful to be playing the Wicked Queen at The Lyceum Theatre to distract her.

"It's my first Christmas without my father which is a big hurdle," she confirmed during final rehearsals for the show, which opens today.

"It's been a very poignant year and this Christmas will be tough but I'm actually counting my blessings that I have the pantomime because if I hadn't it would be harder."

Toyah, who first made her name in the 1980s with hits such as It's A Mystery, joins a cast that includes Sheffield comedian and radio presenter Toby Foster and one of the UK's best dames, Damian Williams.

And she said she is loving spending time in the city. "In Sheffield, which is one of these remarkable, versatile, quickly-changing cities, full of energy, I don't get up in the morning and think, 'Oh God, I've got to go to work'.

"It's 'Wow, I wonder who I'm going to see arriving at the Academy or City Hall this morning'. You see everything going on – everyone is part of the life of this city."

She described her accommodation, overlooking the City Hall stage door, as "like having a front seat to OK magazine every night, especially when there is more than one artist on the bill... the squabbles for the best limo, the deafening silence when fans haven't been waiting at stage door, and the roar of the crowd when there are adoring fans waiting out in the winter temperatures!"

Read the full interview online at 'The Star'
.Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs - Opens Today!
.Friday 11th December, 2009..........................................................Theatre
Toyah's panto for 2009, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, opens at the Lyceum Theatre, Sheffield this afternoon at 2pm. There's a further performance at 7pm this evening, with a total of 52 shows, including three-a-day on 15th/29th December, before the panto finishes on Sunday 10th January.

There's been a long build-up to today's opening, beginning way back in early June with the press launch/photo call that took place in Sheffield's Botanical Gardens. Read reports on the launch at 'The Star' here, 'Sheffield Telegraph' here, 'South Yorkshire Times' here and 'Sheffield Theatres' here.

In August 'Sheffield City Hall' opened a great page dedicated to Snow White. View it here. A new publicity photo of Toyah, as Wicked Queen Ivannah, was released in September. View that here.

In October Toyah was interviewed in the Nov/Dec issue of 'Your Sheffield'. Read the full interview here. Also in October 'South Yorkshire Times' reported on the panto here, as did 'The Star' here, and Evolution Pantomimes updated their website here.

In late November a new video interview, with Toyah talking about the panto, was released by 'The Star'. Watch it here. The 'Wakefield Express' included a news article here, and finally, for now, the 'Sheffield Telegraph' interviewed Toyah here.

There is also the 'Sheffield Theatres' Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, and website for further info on Snow White over the festive season.

.Christmas YouTubing with Toyah - I Believe In Father Christmas
.Friday 11th December, 2009..........................................................Internet
Christmas 1982. Pop Goes Christmas on ITV. Toyah performs the Greg Lake classic 'I Believe In Father Christmas'. Watch the full clip of Toyah, Joel and Keith at YouTube, or listen to it on the player at Toyah's Official website.


.Toyah on Christmas TV - I'm A Celebrity...
.Friday 11th December, 2009......................................................Television
ITV2 are currently airing a series of new I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! compilation shows, covering the entire nine series. Toyah may possibly appear.

I'm A Celebrity: Unforgettable Trials : ITV2 - Sat 12th Dec : 3.30pm
I'm A Celebrity: Unforgettable Trials : ITV2 - Mon 21st Dec : 9.25am

Highlights show taking a look back at the greatest - and most horrible - Bushtucker Trials seen in the last seven years. Every series the jungle campmates must take part in the most painful, terrifying and humiliating trials imaginable. This show relives classic moments and gives the celebrities a chance to tell their side of the story.

I'm A Celebrity: Jungle Gems : ITV2 - Sat 12th Dec : 4.30pm
I'm A Celebrity: Jungle Gems : ITV2 - Tues 22nd Dec : 9.25am

Highlights show looking back over the greatest moments in the history of the I'm a Celebrity jungle. Relive the classic rows, romances, tears and tantrums, and hear the stories behind these amazing scenes from the very people who made them happen - the celebrities.

I'm A Celebrity: Jungle Kings & Queens : ITV2 - Sat 12th Dec : 5.30pm
I'm A Celebrity: Jungle Kings & Queens : ITV2 - Wed 23rd Dec : 9.25am

Highlights show looking back at every King and Queen of the Jungle since Tony Blackburn won the very first series in 2002. Relive the stars' journey to victory as the champions recount their highs and lows, and what it meant to them to win the competition. Featuring Tony Blackburn, Phil Tufnell, Kerry Katona, Joe Pasquale, Carol Thatcher, Matt Willis, Christopher Biggins and Joe Swash.

All also air on +1. Visit Dreamscape's huge Toyah/I'm A Celebrity archive

.Official Toyah - Christmas 2009 Blog
.Thursday 10th December, 2009.....................................................Internet
Toyah's December/Christmas 2009 blog has been added to toyahwillcox.com.

.Mirror - How 80s Pin-Ups Have Aged.. Are They Idols or Eyesores?
.Wednesday 9th December, 2009..............................................Press Clips
A feature that appeared in the 'Mirror' a couple of months ago.

Then and Now - What happened to the 80s heart throbs?

With bleach blonde feather-cuts and stonewash jeans, they pouted from a million teenage girls’ bedroom walls. But fast forward two decades and most of those 80s pin-ups are looking, a bit, well… older. The backcombed quiffs and rippling stomachs have been replaced by grey hair (what’s left of it) and, tragically, a middle-age paunch.

Toyah Willcox, 51: Proper actress, property magnate .. and not aged a day.
.Toyah on Christmas TV - The 100 Greatest Christmas Moments
.Tuesday 8th December, 2009....................................................Television
The Christmas double-issue of 'Radio Times' magazine is now on sale, and it reveals that The 100 Greatest Christmas Moments will air again this year, on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

This is the sixth consecutive year the programme has been included in the Christmas schedules, since first airing in 2004.

Toyah is one of the festive "talking head" guests in the four-hour special, commenting on a variety of Christmas-related topics, including her own appearance on Pop Goes Christmas in 1982, when she performed 'I Believe In Father Christmas' with Joel Bogen and Keith Hale.

100 Greatest Christmas Moments : More4 - Christmas Eve : 8.05pm
100 Greatest Christmas Moments : More4 +1 - Christmas Eve : 9.05pm
100 Greatest Christmas Moments : More4 - Christmas Day : 3.00pm
100 Greatest Christmas Moments : More4 +1 - Christmas Day : 4.00pm

The most popular festive clips of all time, as chosen by the British public. Featuring the end of It's A Wonderful Life and the kiss Dawn shares with Tim in The Office, and interviews with Yoko Ono and Shane McGowan.

.Secret Diary Of A Call Girl - iTunes
.Monday 7th December, 2009.....................................................Television
The first two seasons of Secret Diary Of A Call Girl are now available to download from iTunes. Toyah appears in both seasons, in episodes two and eight of the first (2007), and episode one of the second (2008) season.

Season three of Secret Diary Of A Call Girl will air early next year. No word yet on whether Toyah will reprise her role as, the lead character's mother, Gail.

.Christmas YouTubing with Toyah - Happy Xmas From The Stars
.Sunday 6th December, 2009.........................................................Internet
At Christmas 1982 'Smash Hits' magazine gifted its readers with the, now legendary, Happy Christmas From The Stars flexi-disc. A large guest list of pop stars sent seasonal greetings to readers, including a pretend squiffy Toyah - with her unique recipe for "shampoo". Click below to listen - Toyah arrives at 4.46, inbetween Martin Fry of ABC and Steve Strange of Visage.


.Toyah on TV - TV Diary Round Up
.Sunday 6th December, 2009.....................................................Television
• Quadrophenia : Sky Movies Indie - Tuesday 8th December : 10.00pm
• Quadrophenia : Sky Movies Indie HD - Tuesday 8th December : 10.00pm
• Brum : BBC2 - Wednesday 16th December : 6.40am
• Celebrity Life Skills : S4C - Thursday 17th December : 9.00am
• Secret Diary Of A Call Girl : ITV2 - Date & Time tbc (rescheduled to 2010)
.Vampires Rock Christmas - End Of The Year Show in Salisbury
.Saturday 5th December, 2009 • Thanks to Mark............................Theatre
Tonight is the final date of Vampires Rock 2009. The show rounds off the year at the City Hall, Salisbury with a Christmas extravaganza. Toyah's first Vampires Rock dates of the year were way back in February, including shows at London's Shaw Theatre. Here's Toyah at the first of those London dates, on Saturday 28th February, pictured with Samantha Fox and Mark Evans.

.BBC Wiltshire - The Guide - Weekend Things To Do
.Saturday 5th December, 2009.......................................................Internet
Find Christmassy things to do in Wiltshire this weekend: Lost for ideas for something to do this weekend? Find a snapshot of events for Friday, 4 December, Saturday, 5 December and Sunday, 6 December 2009 and links to other sites.

Vampires Rock Christmas at Salisbury City Hall

Vampires Rock Christmas is a show like no other. With a twist of rock and a hint of comedy and jam packed with the greatest anthems you know and love, you're guaranteed to be on your feet!

Along with Steve Steinman and Toyah Willcox, a full cast of superb singers, dancers and formidable band blast their way through some of the greatest ever rock anthems, including songs from; Roy Wood, Slade, Bon Jovi, Queen, Meat Loaf, Suzi Quatro and many more!

Saturday 5 December. Tickets are priced at £19.50. Visit the Salisbury City Hall website to book online.
.Sheffield Telegraph - From Punk To Panto For Versatile Toyah
.Friday 4th December, 2009.........................................................Interview
Since bursting on the scene as a singer in the punk era, Toyah Willcox has remained prominent in the entertainment business for more than 30 years which the star puts down to her ability to constantly reinvent herself.

But one mainstay has been performing in pantomimes at Christmas, which this year brings her to Sheffield to play the Wicked Queen in Snow White and the Seven Dwarves at the Lyceum Theatre.

This is her 17th panto appearance. "I have played various roles – Jack, Aladdin, Peter Pan. This will be my sixth time as the Wicked Queen," she reveals.

And she takes them very seriously. "I am very fussy that the panto tells the story because I think these stories are wonderful," she says.

"I also believe that the tradition of panto grew out of Shakespeare roles – Midsummer Night's Dream is a comedy for a wedding celebration and when you look at good pantos the structures are the same.

"You've got the characters pretending to be different sexes and characters pretending to be different people and the fight between good and evil and I think these are very good stories to tell at Christmas."

There are potential difficulties with the staging of Snow White, she says. "Walt Disney made a very famous animated film and it means firstly as a trademark you can't go near that film and secondly you are dealing with a film that demonised the stepmother which feminists don't like.

"And then you are dealing with a production which uses a very unique kind of human being, the dwarves, so I will only do a Snow White which is in total celebration of everyone on that stage and that's what I find very, very good about the Wood family."

Read the full interview at the 'Sheffield Telegraph' website
.Brighton Music Scene - Vampires Rock Review
.Friday 4th December, 2009...........................................................Theatre
'Brighton Music Scene' have also reviewed Vampires Rock at the Brighton Centre.

Steve Steinman (Stars in their Eyes) plays Baron Von Rockula trying to find a replacement for his scary wife the Vampire Queen (Toyah Willcox), and finds it in the form of schoolgirl Pandora (Emily Clark). This leads to the inevitable quip about opening Pandora's box and gives you a feel for the tongue-in-cheek humour that the whole show was delivered.

Three devilishly hot backing dancers that didn't seem to mind being caged and whipped occasionally played the Baron's nightclub concubines gyrating to every track in an array of bodices and suspenders.

The stage set was a massive gothic nightclub named ‘Live and Let Die' featuring towering windows and red-eyed bats that Ozzy Osbourne would have been proud of. We were also treated to a fabulous light show, occasional sparking explosions and Kiss style towers of flame - give me a wooooooo!

The vocal performances of Toyah, Taylor, Steinman and Clark were brilliant, often breathing new life and energy into old tracks. Particular highlights were Toyah's ‘Sweet Child of Mine', Steinman and Clark's duet of ‘We're Going Through Changes' and the epic ‘Bat Out of Hell' that showed Steinman in his ‘Meaty' element.

Toyah looked fabulous in her many costume changes and showed her star qualities with real stage presence, great acting and a powerful trademark vocal style. Definitely worth a night out next year if you like all the trappings and clichés of a big rock gig or have a passing interest in lingerie clad vampires.

Read the full review at 'Brighton Music Scene'
here (scroll down below their Toyah interview).
.YouTubing with Toyah! - Doctor Who/It's A Mystery
.Thursday 3rd December, 2009.................................................TV/Internet
I've asked this before, and I'll ask it again... Why oh why hasn't Toyah been in Doctor Who? It's a mystery! (doh!!). Steven Moffat are you listening? (probably not!). Anyway, thanks to these cool YouTube clips she now is, sort of. We've mentioned the Sarah Jane Smith one before but the NuWho The Unicorn & The Wasp video is new, and pretty darn brilliant.


While on the subject of Doctor Who: A shameless plug, as if it needs it, for the forthcoming Christmas/New Year specials, 'The End Of Time'. Unmissable, epic television, and Paisley's finest, Mr David Tennant's Who swansong!

DW: The End Of Time (Part One) : BBC1/HD - Christmas Day : 6.00pm
DW: The End Of Time (Part Two) : BBC1/HD - New Year's Day : 6.40pm

.Pontins 48 Hr Party 2010
.Thursday 3rd December, 2009....................................................Live/Gigs
Pontins are now advertising their events and parties for 2010, and Toyah is included in two of their 48 Hr Party Weekenders.

They are at Pontins Southport, 19th March 2010, and Pontins Camber Sands, 26th March 2010. Also on the bill for both weekends are Paul Young, Carol Decker, The Christians, and Brother Beyond.

Visit Pontins' website
here for further info and booking details. Thanks to www.remembertheeighties.com.
.Brighton Music Scene - Toyah Willcox Talks To BMS
.Wednesday 2nd December, 2009...............................................Interview
A recent interview Toyah gave to 'Brighton Music Scene'.

Hi Toyah, you're on tour at the moment playing the Devil Queen in Steve Steinman's stage show ‘Vampires Rock' and are due to play the Brighton Centre on Halloween night (of all nights). Can you tell me a little bit about what we can expect to see?

It's a big rock show set in 2030 with fantastic costumes, pyrotechnics and music including Meatloaf, Rainbow, AC/DC, Alice Cooper, The Rolling Stones, Bon Jovi, Queen, Whitesnake, Bonnie Tyler and Cher - we let the classic rock music tell the story! It's been touring for 6 years and has built up a massive following. It's a vampire-based musical but we don't take ourselves too seriously and you can expect a fun night out.

What kinds of people come to see this show?

We get a lot of different people at the ‘Vampire' gigs: Rock fans, Goths, ‘vampire enthusiasts', as well as people who just enjoy the whole dressing-up thing. Of course it's really a fun show and everyone enjoys themselves. I think this kind of role-play is all fine and healthy - and of course we are all consenting adults.

There is currently a resurgence of interest in vampires, the ‘Twilight' series of books by Stephanie Mayer and the TV Series ‘True Blood' etc. - what do you think is the attraction of vampires?

I think a lot of people find vampires very romantic. There is a great deal of fantasy, escapism and imagination involved, a huge erotic element and I also think people enjoy the sense of empowerment that being in that role brings. Modern life sometimes lacks a spiritual dimension and there is still a need in people for the supernatural.

You are looking very vampish on the cover of your new album, you've played ‘Cruella De Ville' and now your playing the ‘Devil Queen' - do you enjoy these types of roles?

Yes I love these roles - it's great to play the ‘Baddie'! I think the boundaries are much wider and you get to show much wider extremes of your personality. I also love being a ‘Baddie' and keeping the audience in suspense by ‘being nice'.

Read the full interview online at 'Brighton Music Scene'
.Manchester Evening News - Two Frightfully Good Parties
.Wednesday 2nd December, 2009.............................................Press Clips
Typical. You wait for ages for one star-studded bash, and then two come at once.

Actor couple Denise Welch and Tim Healy's annaul charity ball is usually the biggest showbiz event of the festive calendar, this year hosted at Lancashire County Cricket Club.

But this year they had to compete in the star stakes with TV presenter Eamonn Holmes, who held his 50th birthday bash at exactly the same time just over the road at his beloved Manchester United.

Denise and Tim pulled out all the stops for their “Healy House of Horrors” spooky-themed ball, which saw a mammoth 900 guests pack in, and no less than 75 celebrities strutting the red carpet.

They included Denise's thespian workmates past and present, including Waterloo Road stars Tom Chambers, Angela Griffin, Chelsee Healy, Coronation Street stars Simon Gregson, Shobna Gulati, Gaynor Faye, Sally Lindsay, Vicky Binns and Alison King, Heartbeat star Tricia Penrose and Denise's Loose Women colleagues Carol McGiffin, Zoe Tyler and Andrea McLean.

Guests were treated to a mammoth night of entertainment from a host of stars hamming it up in a version of the Rocky Horror Show, including Blue singer Antony Costa and ex-Corrie star Scott Wright wearing the skimpiest gold hotpants to play the super-sculpted Rocky Horror.

Stars of theatre extravaganza Vampire's Rock, including 80s icon Toyah Willcox, also burst onto stage to entertain guests at the eye-popping bash, which raised a massive £60,000 for charities the Gem Appeal and the Motor Neurone Disease Association.

Read the full report at 'Manchester Evening News'
.Wakefield Express - Snow Mystery Who The Panto Villain Is
.Wednesday 2nd December, 2009.............................................Press Clips
Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the biggest panto villain of them all?

Well Toyah Willcox will be giving all the other baddies a run for their money in Sheffield Lyceum's Christmas pantomime Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs with her gritty portrayal of the Wicked Queen.

This is the third production to be produced by Sheffield Theatres with Evolution Productions after the phenomenal success of Cinderella and Aladdin. Joining Toyah is Sheffield's own Toby Foster, who plays Muddles, and Damian Williams, as Dame Nurse Nellie.

Producer and director Paul Hendy is best known as a television presenter, hosting shows like Wheel of Fortune and Don't Try This At Home. He said: "We are so excited about working with Sheffield Theatres again. Audiences over the past two years have been just fantastic. Our aim is to make this pantomime the best in Yorkshire but also the best pantomime in the country."

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs comes to Sheffield Lyceum Theatre from Friday, December 11 to Sunday, January 10. Tickets are available by contacting the box office on 0114 2496000 or by visiting www.sheffieldtheatres.co.uk

Read the full article at 'Wakefield Express'
.Belper News - Rock Extravaganza Packs Plenty Of Bite
.Wednesday 2nd December, 2009.............................................Press Clips
Buxton Opera House welcomes Toyah Willcox back to the venue on December 3 to provide some chilling festive fun when she appears in the hit show Vampires Rock Christmas.

Vampires Rock Christmas is a show like no other. With a twist of rock and a hint of comedy, and jam-packed with the greatest anthems you know and love, you're guaranteed to be rockin' in the aisles.

Along with Steve Steinman and Toyah Willcox, a full cast of singers and dancers, plus their formidable band, blast their way through some of the greatest-ever rock anthems including songs from Roy Wood, Slade, Bon Jovi, Queen, Meat Loaf, Suzi Quatro and many more.

All this, and an amazing stage set and pyrotechnics to boot, and you've got a mind-blowing rock spectacular not to be missed.

The show starts at 7.30pm. Tickets are £20.50 and £22.50 and discounts are available. To buy tickets or for more information call the box office on 0845 1272190.
.Sky Movies Christmas Channel - Quadrophenia
.Tuesday 1st December, 2009.....................................................Television
Sky Movies Screen 2 has been rebranded as Sky Movies Christmas Channel for December, and Toyah is included in the festive schedules, albeit in the decidedly un-Christmassy Quadrophenia. Here's the Sky Movies blurb!

Happy December! 'Tis officially Yuletide and the Sky Movies Christmas Channel is here in all its seasonal splendour on Sky Channel 303 while bringing more HD joy on 314. The movie wonderland is open throughout the festive season with a daily box set to knock your woolly socks off.

Sky Movies Christmas Channel - and its HD sister - are here to help you unwind with a sleigh-full of cinematic gifts. No hassle, no humbug - just great movies to keep you in the merriest of moods.

The fun begins today with the trailblazing trilogy of the Back To The Future Box Set, with other sparkling collections including The Italian Job and Quadrophenia in the Best Of British Box Set (4th December), the Indiana Jones Box Set (18th December), the Home Alone Box Set (21st December) and Kung Fu Panda and Bee Movie in the Animation Box Set (22nd December).

As you can see, it's not just movies about Christmas but a cracking assortment that brings people together after a hard day's shopping, card-writing and tree-trimming and put everyone in a merry mood. That said, we'd be a right bunch of turkeys if we didn't deliver a sackful of tinsel-wrapped, Santa-stamped Christmas goodies like The Muppet Christmas Carol, The Grinch and Fred Claus.

Quadrophenia (1979): It's 1964, and disillusioned youth Jimmy (Phil Daniels) finds an outlet for his angst in the booming Mod movement. But as part of the moped-riding, Parka-wearing, trouble-causing fraternity, Jimmy is swept up in a wave of violence that's about to crash on the Brighton seafront. Featuring an up-and-coming cast including Ray Winstone, Leslie Ash, Sting, Philip Davis and Toyah Willcox, Franc Roddam's adaptation of The Who's rock opera is as iconic as British drama gets.
.Wave Goodbye To The Noughties!
.Tuesday 1st December, 2009.....................................................Site News

It's December! The last month of the year, and, indeed, the last month of the decade. I've decided this year not to include any specific Christmas content, but please take a look in the News Archive at previous December's for a wealth of Toyah Yuletide trivia, features & shenanigans!

.Vampires Rock Photos/News
.Tuesday 1st December, 2009 • Thanks to Michael/Kevan.............Pictures
The first of the final five Vampires Rock shows of 2009 takes place tonight at Hull New Theatre. Here's two more aftershow photos from the successful tour: Toyah with Michael O'Brien at the Victoria Theatre, Halifax (19th November) and with Kevan Gosling at the Princess Theatre, Torquay (22nd November).


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