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May 6, 2003: 'The Sun' - Dear Toyah : Wish You Were Here
The Sun - 5th May 03Dear celebrities - The nation is glued to the action on ITV’s I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here! But back home it is a trying time for the friends and family of the ten celebs. Unable to communicate with them, they can only watch and wait as their loved ones endure the trials and tribulations thousands of miles away in the show’s jungle camp in north east Australia. 

TV host and former singer Toyah Willcox’s hubby, rock guitarist Robert Fripp, 48 writes: 

Dear Toyah 

I loved your Cabaret act with Wayne – it was a great skit. 

I know you haven’t got a malicious bone in your body so watch out for some of your inmates.

Your friend Wayne has been bitching with Sian and Danniella about some of the others.

This is the longest we’ve gone without speaking in 16 years of marriage and I can’t wait to be with you.

I’ve made plans for our wedding anniversary on May 16 and your birthday on May 18. I’ve replaced the rabbit.

I know how upset you were that he died.

I can’t wait to get you out of that jungle so I can tickle your feet. I know how much you must be missing that. 


May 6, 2003: Treasure, Trials & Evictions!
Sian Lloyd has become the first celebrity to be evicted by the public from the camp, she left last night, closely followed by Danniella Westbrook who left of her own accord after days of tears and talk of going. 

Toyah has slowly came out of her shell over the past day or so and seems to be having fun at last. She took part in her first "Treasure Chest" this morning, along with Catalina, who suddenly became ill and dizzy (!!), leaving Toyah with no option but to carry the chest back to camp on her ownsome!

If Toyah survives another viewer vote it looks like she will be doing the next "Bush Tucker Trial". Let's hope it doesn't involve eating insects or bugs. Help keep Toyah in by ringing 090 111 543 09, or text TOYAH to 87654.

May 6, 2003: Toyah in the papers!
Press bitsIckle Toyah newspaper bits & pieces from Sunday, Monday and today's newspapers.

Daily Star (Sunday 4th May - Group pic): STAND-OFF: One of the producers confronts a furious Antony Worrall Thompson.

Daily Star (Sunday 4th May): What'll happen on I'm a Celebrity 2: TOYAH WILLCOX: She's a successful TV star and the show may put her back in the pop charts.

Sunday People (Sunday 4th May): CELEB PEOPLE: Ex-pop star Toyah Willcox, 44, is lonely back in Blighty and is desperate or more friends. She said: "I've quite a lonely, nomadic life and I despise that intensely."


Daily Record (Tuesday 6th May): REBEL CHEF BRAVES CREEPY-CRAWLIES TO WIN FIVE FOOD TREATS: The ringleader of the rebellion over food rations braved a pool of creepy-crawlies to win five meals for his pals yesterday.

Moaning telly chef Antony Worrall Thompson, who had earlier demanded to see his agent over the dire conditions in the ITV reality show, swam through the murky water to complete the last bush tucker trial before evictions began. And the 52-year-old managed to send out a secret love message to his wife at the same time. He scrawled `143' on his hand - a coded message telling his wife Jay `I Love You'.

He returned to the camp smiling and shouted: "Five, only five meals I'm afraid. It was in a pond about 100 feet long with 10 lily pads around it. There was a big tube underneath the lilies with snakes and creepy- crawlies in. You had to pull the tube up out of the water and put the stars in a net. The stars were under the creepy-crawlies. It was purely time, I think I could have done ten."

Antony also escaped a scare during his task when a venomous snake - who was not part of the task - fell into the water. But he walked away unhurt. Later, the I'm A Celebrity campers played saucy party games to take their minds off the looming eviction. They passed a homemade ball between each other in the position normally used when people snog.

Cricketer Phil Tufnell, who passed the ball to Catalina Guirado, said: "I better brush my teeth. C'mon then let's play, ooh saucy Kitty-Cat."

The ball then fell between Catalina and Antony and he had to rub her all the way down her body to get the ball. But it seemed to be an experience he enjoyed as he groaned with pleasure.

Toyah Willcox then got the ball from Phil and joked: "Oh that was so good Phil, it was quite good with you too Wayne. I like this game."

ITV bosses also gave the 10 contestants an extra camera yesterday so they could make a video. Wayne Sleep, who directed the film with Toyah Willcox, said: "I think the first thing we have to film is the loo.

"You have to show things like the gravel on the floor and how dirty it is."

They then showed a variety of daily events including Catalina Guirado washing, John Fashanu fetching drinking water and Wayne Sleep in bed with Danniella Westbrook. But things got a bit more lively after the group passed won two cakes each in yesterday's chest challenge. Drinking pals Phil and Linda Barker collected the chest from the jungle after swinging across trees. And after bringing the trunk back they had to answer a question.

The question was: "According to a recent survey, which superstar would British women most like to have breakfast with: A: Sean Connery or B: George Clooney."

The group eventually went for Sean Connery and got the answer right. After last night's eviction, one celebrity will be evicted each night until the final next Monday, when the final three contestants will battle it out.

Cricketer Phil Tufnell is hot favourite.

May 6, 2003: 'Evesham Journal' - It is like a jungle out there... 
Beric and Barbara Willcox, the parents of actress Toyah, will be nervously glued to their television set until the end of their daughter's trial in jungle hell. 

Toyah, who lives in Pershore, is one of ten willing victims staring in the hit ITV show I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here. 

The winner will become King or Queen of the Jungle. 

Toyah's 82-year-old father, who also lives in the Vale with his wife Barbara, has pledged to give no interviews until after the show finishes. 

He did say however: "It's terrible for parents, you have no idea what it is like. 

"We won't be able to see Toyah or contact her ourselves until after the show, and will be nervously watching her at each episode." 

Millions tuned into the first hour and a half show on Monday which saw Toyah and her fellow jungle mates initiated into the creepy crawly dangerous world of an Australian rainforest. 

Other celebrities she'll be rubbing shoulders with until she's voted out of the camp include the TV chef Antony Worrall-Thompson, dancer Wayne Sleep and former footballer John Fashanu. 

She said on Monday: "I don't think I want to be touching spiders or eating bugs." She was filmed relaxing in her bath doing "absolutely nothing" as part of her training Toyah said. 

She was allowed two luxury items and she chose her tweezers "to stop my eyebrows joining together" and hot water. 

The idea of the show is to encourage viewers to ring in to vote to punish contestants who annoy them by nominating a celebrity for a really unpleasant challenge, and ultimately determine who stay and who goes.

May 6, 2003: 'The Sun' - Stars on 25k for jungle stint
Celebrities are being paid a huge 25,000 each to be stranded in the jungle, it was revealed yesterday.

The two-week show is raising cash for charity and it had been thought all ten contestants gave their time for nothing. But the celebs get money to cover lost earnings and expenses.

Some get extra, depending on how famous they are.

The 10 contestants staged a mutiny on Sunday after receiving meagre rations — and whinged about their harsh living conditions.

Psychic spoon-bender Uri Geller admitted yesterday he and other contestants got 15,000 each on last year’s first series. Uri told Channel 4 brekkie show RI:SE the money had gone up 10,000 this year.

And, speaking hours before Sian was booted off the show, he revealed they were also being paid bonuses linked to their celebrity status. A source at makers Granada said: “The contestants last year wanted to be paid, so we had to do it.

“It was harder to get people this time so the money went up.

“They are getting a lot of free publicity from the show but if they carry on moaning that could backfire.” 

An agent of one of the stars confirmed: “Each of the contestants are receiving a 25,000 payment.” 

Granada refused to comment on contracts. Danniella Westbrook has moaned constantly about how hard she finds it in the camp. Wayne Sleep has protested he is fed up with the others leaving him to clean the primitive bathroom. 

May 5, 2003: Junglist Warriors - Mutiny in the Outback!
Junglist warriorsTrouble reared its head yesterday, with all ten campers threatening to walk out of the show, and all hollering "I'm a celebrity, get me outta here!" while running across the suspension bridges in the pitch-black Australian night.

Peace seems to have been restored today and the jungle mates have been amusing themselves by playing games. Toyah was heard to enquire, "what's sardines? Can we play that?" Antony WT replied, "you have to go into a cupboard"! For some reason, in the middle of one of the games, Toyah found herself almost between Phil Tufnell's legs!!

 Toyah chatted with Chris about acting and his career in Coronation Street, and also advised him he should take up singing. "Anyone can sing", she told him.

Later, Toyah overheard  Sian whispering to Wayne about dishonesty. Toyah said to her, "If anyone is dishonest with me I just totally cut them out of my life."!

Never a dull moment in the camp at the moment.

May 5, 2003: Week Two - Now voting to keep jungle mates in
Toyah in the Bush TelegraphI'm A Celebrtiy ... has now entered its second week, with Antony Worrall Thompson voted to do the final, viewer chosen, Bush Tucker Trial.

From today the jungle mates have to decide which of them will do the tasks, and the phone numbers have reverted to receiving votes for which contestant viewers want to stay in the show.

To date, Toyah still hasn't done a "Bush Tucker Trial" or a "Treasure Chest Hunt". Tonight, or tomorrow morning if you are in Australia, Toyah has been saying she thinks Sian or herself will be first to be evicted from the camp.

The number to keep Toyah in is: 090 111 543 09. Or text TOYAH to 87654.

May 5, 2003: 'Daily Star' - Toyah Lonely
Daily Star - 4th May 03Toyah Willcox opened her heart in a group therapy session about her lonely life at home.

The ex-pop star said: "I've qite a lonely and nomadic life. I despise that life intensely.

"Trusting to become friends with people makes one much happier than keeping people away fro myou.

"Rather than return to an empty house I'd rather return to a house where people drop in whenever they want."

May 5, 2003: 'Ananova' / 'The Scotsman' -Antony heads food mutiny
There was mutiny in the I'm A Celebrity camp when the hungry star contestants threatened to walk out in a row over rations.

The celebrities made a dash across the bridge leading out of the Australian forest back to civilisation. But they were intercepted by producers of the ITV1 show and persuaded to return to their jungle dwelling.

The confrontation followed the delivery of the nine meals earned by ex-footballer John Fashanu in the fourth Bushtucker Trial he has faced since the I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! challenge started a week ago.

"Nine sausages, I'm sorry, doesn't constitute a meal," TV chef Antony Worral-Thompson argued during a mass showdown in the Bush Telegraph.

"Nine pieces of cauliflower, 27 mange tout, two mushrooms and four kiwi fruit and some nuts without a nutcracker. What's wrong with you? It's meant to be nine main meals. It's less than 1,000 calories a day," Antony continued.

"If he (Antony) served that in his restaurant for nine people he would be struck off," former EastEnders actress Danniella Westbrook chipped in.

Weathergirl Sian Lloyd said the food was a snack rather than a meal, but was told that the calorific value and the portions had been carefully worked out.

Singer Toyah Willcox added: "Fash has done four trials and has risked things - he has almost been bitten and has faced his fears and there was no real reward at the end of it. Today we have had a duff deal."

Antony, who tried to escape in a bid to blackmail TV bosses into giving him four cigarettes, pledged that the 10 stars would stick together.

"You are not going to part us or split us... We are a unit and we are going together. We had a lark around last night. This time it's serious."

After covering up the hidden cameras, the celebrities headed for the bridge where they were stopped by the crew who eventually persuaded them to accept an alternative meal with the same calories. They returned to camp happier with their new deal, consisting of meat, vegetables, potatoes and oranges. But Danniella's unhappiness was less easily solved and the miserable Essex girl said she was missing her family so much she wanted to leave.

"I can't stand it, I really can't. It's nothing to do with me and the people (the other celebrities), it's just that I hate it in here.

"I thought it would be fun. Everyone is really starving hungry and starting to feel really ill and weak," she said.

Danniella said she cried herself to sleep because she missed her children and husband and wanted to be evicted from the camp.

She added said: "Antony does his best with what food we get. Fash is virtually passing out. Everyone's spirits are down, everybody can't wait to get out of here."

The star, who was picked to be camp leader for the day, sought comfort from the others and was persuaded to stay. But model Catalina, who has clashed with Danniella in the past, was less than impressed by her quick turnaround. She told TV designer Linda Barker: "It makes her look even better now that she has gone back in.

"The fact that she was about to walk out, everyone is going to say she stayed and she will get (people saying) 'Good on you for that'... I think it was a bit manipulative."

Elsewhere in camp, Fash endured another gruesome challenge to win the much maligned meals for the group. After he had creepy-crawlies poured down his pants in an earlier trial, the former Wimbledon player had to stick his head in containers of jungle creatures to pick up star tokens. He only failed in the box of eels after one of the slippery creatures bit him.

Fash told presenters Ant and Dec he did not feel victimised by the public after being chosen for yet another task and said he was trying to be positive.


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