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May 4, 2003: They Want To Be Free!!
The Windy Outback!Another day, another "Bush Trial Tucker" featuring poor John Fashanu!

Everyone, including Toyah, is chomping at the bit to take part in the meal winning challenge but unfortunately the public seem to be enjoying watching 'Fash' suffer daily.

Toyah reverted back to her pigtails yesterday (though the hairstyle has changed yet again a few hours ago) and was heard to mutter more than once how hungry she was feeling.

She also had a heart-to-heart with the other contestants, telling them she "would like to be less bossy and more spontaneous in life". She also said that even she felt that she was "holding back" and that her true personality had not been revealed on the show as yet.

Last night Toyah serenaded (well, sort of) John Fashanu with a burst of 'Secret Love' from Calamity Jane. John showed much interest in the show, "drilling" Toyah for info on the musical, and asked Toyah to continue singing. Aside from this, much of the time was passed with a long game of word association, and lots of talk about food.

Later Catalina mentioned feeling claustrophobic and suddenly burst into 'I Want To Be Free', much to the bemusement of Toyah. To bolster that bemusement further all the contestants then asked Toyah if she would warble the song! 

Needless to say, she didn't!

May 4, 2003: Toyah in the papers
The Look - 3rd May 03Toyah was pictured in 'The Look' TV magazine yesterday, beside the listing for last night's I'm A Celebrity ..., "Toyah goes wild in the jungle" read the caption.

Daily Record (Sat 3rd May): There were plenty of great one-liners as the celebs fell back on native wit. "I'm too old for my hairdo," said Toyah. "I get wolf-whistles from behind and screams from in front."

The Sun (Sat 3rd May): Darren Day's Diary - Toyah also seems to be coming to Danni's rescue - she reckons they've got a lot in common because they both like to be free spirits. Danni will grow closer to her - she'll appreciate a guide.

May 4, 2003: Place a bet on Toyah (or any of the others!)
Sporting OddsSporting Odds, in association with the 'Daily Mirror' is offering everyone the chance to place a free 1 bet on one of the ten I'm A Celebrity ... Get Me Out Of Here! contestants.

Before the show started Toyah was favourite to win with some bookmakers and at present Phil Tufnell is in the lead. Favourites to win, and the odds available, are changing daily at the moment.

Click the picture to visit their website for full details on how to do this. Offer ends tomorrow.

May 4, 2003: 'Femail.co.uk' / 'Teletext'  / 'Ananova' 
Femail.co.ukFemail - I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!
Name: Toyah Willcox 
Age: 45
Claim to fame: Toyah first came to fame in the 80s as a pop singer and later became an actress. She has also presented the BBC1 Heaven and Earth show and Holiday on a Shoestring. 
Jungle skills: She'll be the one to inspire singing around the campfire to lift spirits when the going gets tough.
Drawbacks: She might be able to muster up a tune or two by whistling on a gumleaf but could she bring herself to munch on bugs for the sake of being crowned queen of the jungle?

ITV Teletext: Toyah Willcox told the group she hates her "lonely life" back in Britain and wants more friends. The former flame-haired punk said: "I choose not to live as a celebrity, I have a nomadic life and I despise that life intensely. "I want to return to a house where people drop in whenever they want."

Ananova: Fash to endure another Bushtucker 
John Fashanu has been selected to do yet another challenge in I'm a Celebrity - it is his third. He will have to endure the Snake Pit Bushtucker Challenge in order to win food for his fellow contestants.

Earlier in the day Linda Barker earned the nickname "Miss Whiplash" after being appointed camp leader for the day.

"Every time you sit down, it's 'Have you finished over there yet?' and 'Did you do those logs?'," Fash complained.

There was also toilet talk with singer Toyah Willcox suggesting a fine for the men who pee on the seat. But Wayne Sleep claimed he was not guilty because he had to kneel on the toilet seat. "I do not have a long wanger," he said.

May 3, 2003: Toyah is Jungle Jane!
Jungle JaneInto day six and Toyah is now resorting to pleading to be allowed to do a Bush Tucker Trial. She was heard asking Ant and Dec at the end of last night's ITV1 show: "Can I have a trial soon, please?". She also later asked in the Bush Telegraph if she could do one soon too. Is she bored, or just feeling like a bit of adventure?

Toyah seems to be on the move constantly and is rarely seen sitting down. Could the camp cope without her? She does enough work for about three people.

So much has happened in the last few days, including: Toyah chatting to various other jungle mates about Robert, her early career (Danniella was particularly interested in how Toyah got her first record contract), and working with Katharine Hepburn. She also talked about touring with Calamity Jane, and Sian asked Toyah if she would perform a song or two from the show. Maybe we can look forward to Toyah singing 'Windy City' or 'Secret Love' in the days to come.

Funnily enough, last night while Toyah was cleaning up in the camp she actually burst into a few lines from 'A Woman's Touch', maybe a force of habit after performing it almost every night for the last year. Is she missing the other cast members? Could it have been a secret message to them? Who knows?

Toyah and Phil TufnellToyah also got shot of her pigtails yesterday, possibly with the help of Linda, the resident interior designer and hair expert!

Time was passed yesterday by lots of chat and games. Toyah and Catalina had a few races around the camp with Antony deciding the winner, until all got bored.

The group also had a meditation session yesterday, and have been excercising almost each morning, led by resident "Bush Trialer", John Fashanu. Toyah was heard to exclaim that Fash "was a god" something that not many of the others seemed to agree with. She also seems to have bonded with Phil in the last few days.

The group are threatening to do a conga round the camp later today, and Toyah has just decided that her "rambo legs are slowly becoming almost feminine"!

Last night the food rations were lowered in and included was a huge, unrecognisable fruit. No one could pinpoint what it was but Toyah decided it "looked like a giant testicle"!

The heat and lack of food is getting to them all. And there's well over a week of camp shenanigans to go!

May 3, 2003: 'Now' & other magazines
Now - 7th May 03I'm A Celebrity ... snippets are featured in a number of magazines again this week. Including 'Radio Times', 'TV Times', 'Heat', 'New!', 'OK!' and this from 'Now':

Another Tara P-T interview with her enthusing that Toyah wull win, though she has probably changed her mind about five times since this was done.

"I think Toyah will be the wise owl. She's done so much in her life so far. I think she'll be quite sensible rather than the wild Toyah most people think of her as - the one who the others can go to when they have a problem. She's smart, streetwise and diplomatic. She may well win."

May 3, 2003: 'I'm A Celebrity' Toyah-related newsybits & pieces - Issue 11
It's a jungle out there!• William's 'Brave New World' fansite has the opening credits to IACGMOOH! and a few Toyah comments for view. Hop on over and take a look by clicking the picture. 

• Toyah's husband, Robert, guested on GMTV yesterday morning to chat about Toyah's progress. He said that he had voted for Toyah to do the "Swimming With Crocodiles" Bush Tucker Trial as she would have enjoyed that one. Robert flies out to Australia soon and will be there to meet Toyah when she leaves the camp. (Thanks to Andi)

• 'The Sun' yesterday ran an article on the similarities between some of the jungle mates and other celebs. They think that Toyah is looking like Charlie Watts from the Rolling Stones (!!!). I suppose it could have been worse, Danniella Westbrook, apparently, is a dead ringer for Marty Feldman, the goggle-eyed comedian.

May 3, 2003: 'Glasgow Daily Record' - Toyah bits!
• Singer Toyah Willcox, who was voted group leader yesterday, has revealed that she dreams of growing old in a house made of glass and wants to write horror books and eat chocolate all day.

• Toyah Willcox continues to have the time of her life out there. She's the complete opposite of Catalina and doesn't seem to be aware that TV cameras are filming every second of their day. Changing Rooms star Linda Barker seems to have escaped any snide comments. The whole group think she's lovely and are all going to her for advice on decorating their homes.

• Uri Geller - It's nice to know I'm not the only showbiz abstainer - Linda and Toyah yesterday confessed they have never touched drugs. "I'm just not interested," said Linda. "I don't even do coffee," admitted Toyah. Just what are they doing on this show? They're nice, normal people. Where's the fun in that?

• GIVE 'EM A SLAP (..of some much-needed make-up) - Toyah Willcox is in the middle of an Australian jungle, so you wouldn't exactly expect her to look her glamorous best. But in TV's I'm A Celebrity 2, she's sorely in need of slap. We're so used to seeing our stars in full warpaint, it's a shock to discover that without the powder, mascara and gloss,they can look just as rough as the rest of us. You can feel sorry for the unpainted stars who get caught by the camera in unguarded moments. But what about the celebs who go out on the town without lipstick and liner?

May 3, 2003: 'I'm A Celebrity' - Goes global!
I'm A Celebrity ... has been reported on in many of Australia's newspapers in the last day or two. This article was featured in: The Australian Daily Telegraph, Melbourne Herald Sun, South Australia Advertiser, Australia Sunday Times, Brisbane Courier Mail, The Australian, as well as The Pakistan Daily Times and  Saudi Arabia's Arab News, 

Brits tune in to stranded stars in Aussie rainforest
GOLD COAST, May 1 - A posse of stranded British celebrities roughing it in the jungle on the NSW/Queensland border are proving to be the real Big Brother of reality TV ratings. An average of 10 million British viewers are switching on nightly to the second season of "I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here" which is being filmed in a remote rainforest near Mount Warning. "Murwillumbah is being watched by millions," quipped show publicist Richard Squire today. The whopping 46 per cent audience share for Celebrity dwarfs the 2.2 million people who tuned into Channel Ten's Big Brother last Sunday. The two reality shows are being filmed within an hour's drive of each other. While Big Brother is a three-month series with 15 housemates in relatively comfortable surroundings near Dreamworld theme park, Celebrity has invited 10 famous faces to spend 15 days in the bush miles from civilisation. The first series was filmed in North Queensland and was also a huge ratings success in the UK. Actress Danniella Westbrook, who made international news when her nose collapsed from cocaine abuse, was on the verge of quitting the show after just two days of swatting mosquitoes and dining on rice and beans. "I've already asked to see the psychiatrist, I need someone else to talk to! I can't hack this. I just miss my family and my kids and we've got another six days before someone gets voted off," she told former English test cricketer Phil Tufnell who is also stranded in the jungle. "If I don't like it in two days time I am going to ask to go." Mayhem followed the discovery of a spider on one of the open air beds and led to actor Chris Bisson suffering mild concussion when he leapt out of the way and hit his head. The other stars are celebrity chef Antony Worrall-Thompson, interior designer Linda Barker, controversial footballer John Fashanu, model and TV host Catalina Guirado, weather anchor Sian Lloyd, actor Wayne Sleep and 80's singer Toyah Willcox. The celebrities are competing to win $500,000 for charity. Viewers will begin evicting members of the tribe on May 6 with the king or queen of the jungle to be crowned on May 13. A US version of the series set in the same location aired last month. Granada Television is currently negotiating for a second US season and a series for Germany to be also made in the rainforest. 

May 3, 2003: 'The Times '- Jungle celebrities pull in punters
The new series of I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here! is proving a big hit with television viewers and punters alike. Almost 11 million people tuned in to see the first programme in the second run of the jungle survival show, while bookmakers report brisk trading on who will win the two-week contest.

Jennie Prest, of William Hill, said on Wednesday: "We have already taken twice as much on this show as we did last year and it's only three days in. The first series took a little time to warm up, this time the viewers were chomping at the bit and we took plenty of bets before the show even started."

On Tuesday night Danniella Westbrook, the former EastEnders actress, threatened to quit the show because she missed her family and did not want to be away from home. Ladbrokes offers 6-1 on her carrying out her threat.

Warren Lush, a spokesperson for the firm, said: "We don't believe Danniella will quit the programme after just two days in the jungle. She knew what was coming when she signed up for the series and is playing the game very well."

Phil Tufnell, a best-priced 2-1 with Ladbrokes, and Anthony Worrell Thompson, now no bigger than 11-2 with William Hill, have been well supported but Sian Lloyd, 14-1 with Coral, Westbrook, at 18-1 with Sporting Odds, and Wayne Sleep, pushed out to 25-1 by Blue Square, have been friendless.

Toyah Willcox, Linda Barker and Chris Bisson have their supporters, but Coral is content to offer all three at 7-1. John Fashanu has emerged with credit from the early shows, but is still available at 11-1.

The first evictions, voted for by the viewers, will take place next week.

May 2, 2003: 'IACGMOOH!' Websites, Links and polls
Vote for ToyahThere are now countless websites, links, polls and competitions online related to I'm A Celebrity ... Get Me Out Of Here!.

You can vote for Toyah at 'The Internet Forum' in their four fun polls. Toyah led two of these for a fortnight but in the last couple of days has been overtaken by Phil Tufnell. I suppose if anyone should steal her thunder Phil is the best choice. He comes across as a nice guy and a good laugh, and will probably win the show.

GMTVGMTV, the UK breakfast TV station, are also running polls at their website. You can vote for which male and female contestants you think will win. Toyah is currently in second place to Linda Barker, but all five are fairly close. Go forth and give Toyah a hand by clicking the picture. There is also a contestant gallery to have a look at.

The site also has a mini-feature on I'm A Celebrity ... , and there is a link to their Calamity Jane competition too. Lots to see and do at gm.tv!

Latest Thing'Latest Thing' is a fantastic website, not only featuring a comprehensive section on IAC but much, much more besides.

They have a page on Toyah, with quotes from her for each day. And loads more too, including another poll on who should win the show. The site also has a page of pictures from the show.

There are plenty of other sites to check out, incuding: The official website - www.itv.com/celebrity and, www.survivor-online.co.uk. I'm afraid I wouldn't recomend www.digitalspy.co.uk, a great website but unfortunately when I had a look there seemed to be a very "anti-Toyah" stance on the forums.


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