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May 1, 2003: 'Metro' - Bitching begins as jungle takes its toll / Toyah in the papers/Newsybits
Metro - 1st May 03Metro: Bitching begins as jungle takes its toll

Oz test: Phil Tufnell checks Toyah Willcox's locks for ticks while Wayne Sleep dons waffles and takes on the rats.

'The Metro' today reports on the bitching and backbiting that has taken the place of all the calm in the Australian outback.

Daily Record: Danniella remains very emotional but I don't think she'll quit. Toyah Willcox has sort of adopted her as a surrogate daughter and the pair of them have had a few heart-to-hearts. It's an unusual friendship. Toyah is an earth-mother figure who is so clean- living she doesn't even drink coffee, while Danniella is recovering after a well-publicised cocaine problem.

Also from the 'Daily Record': On TV there is no greater sin than being boring - and the celebs are getting bored, of that there is no doubt. When Phil returned from washing his shorts in the stream, at least three campers eagerly demanded to know if he'd enjoyed himself.

To liven things up, they decided to rehearse a scene from the Liza Minelli musical Cabaret, with Toyah as Sally Bowles and Wayne directing. I must admit, the rehearsals looked fantastic, with the other eight shimmying and high-kicking in the chorus lines as Toyah belted out her lines. But I guess there must have been copyright problems with broadcasting the music, because the sound was muted every time Toyah started to song. Unless, of course, ITV2 producers didn't dare broadcast her famous punk bellow before the watershed.

Ireland Online: Singer Toyah Willcox belted out Life Is A Cabaret while Wayne tap-danced in a performance the dancer described as “How to ruin 10 careers in two minutes”.

The performance earned the gang one bottle of wine – although cricketer Phil Tufnell, chef Anthony Worrall Thompson and designer Linda Barker begged for more.

News.com.au: Brits tune to stranded stars in bush
A Posse of stranded British celebrities roughing it in the jungle on the NSW-Queensland border are proving to be the real Big Brother of reality TV ratings. 

An average of 10 million British viewers are switching on nightly to the second season of "I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here" which is being filmed in a remote rainforest near Mount Warning. 

"Murwillumbah is being watched by millions," quipped show publicist Richard Squire today. 

The whopping 46 per cent audience share for Celebrity dwarfs the 2.2 million people who tuned into Channel Ten's Big Brother last Sunday. The two reality shows are being filmed within an hour's drive of each other. 

Thanks to Michael Cooney for the 'Metro' scan.

May 1, 2003: 'ITV Teletext' - What next for the 10 celebs?
It didn't take long for the cracks to show in I'm A Celebrity... 

After three days in the wet, muddy Queensland jungle our ten celebrities are starting to turn against each other. The food is bad, it's getting boring and they are homesick. 

Danniella Westbrook is already on the brink of quitting. TV Plus looks in its crystal ball and makes some celebrity predictions...

Prediction One: Wayne Sleep will be first or second to get nominated for eviction by the public next week. He is very touchy and a show-off and doesn't really fit in with the others. The show's producers are not showing him in a good light.

Prediction Two: Danniella Westbrook won't quit the show but she will be eliminated pretty quickly, probably midway through next week.

Prediction Three: Weathergirl Sian Lloyd is not coming across very well. She has complained about desperately needing coffee in the mornings but hasn't emerged as a personality. She will be an early evictee.

Prediction Four: The eventual winner will either be crazy ex-cricketer Phil Tufnell or top chef Antony Worrall Thompson. The viewers already love "court jester" Tuffers who chose food over wine on his birthday. Wozza is calm under pressure and a really likeable normal guy.

Prediction Five: Toyah Willcox is going to have a major bust-up with one or more of the jungle dwellers this week. Before leaving for Queensland she admitted she "doesn't suffer fools gladly" and on Tuesday said she is really missing her husband. Toyah, 44, loves taking long hot baths at home and washing in a pool is bound to drive her mad eventually.

Prediction Six: We foretell that ex-Corrie actor Chris Bisson is going to fall for stunning model Catalina Guirado in a big way. She has already admitted she flirts with anyone on two legs (including women). He says he's had several relationships that have just fizzled out. Could the rainforest work its magic? We reckon it will.

May 1, 2003: 'London Evening Standard' - On The Couch
London Evening Standard - 1st May 03London Evening Standard: On The Couch
Psychologist Oliver James analyses the show

The usual psychobabble, about those involved in a reality TV show, from the 'London Evening Standard' today. Oliver James has this to say about Toyah:

TOYAH WILLCOX is keen to be the Earth Mother in touch with her feelings. She speaks with tremendous earnestness and wants to be seen as having put her attention-seeking punk days behind her. So why's she there?

Thanks to Michael Cooney for this.

May 1, 2003: 'This Is Worcester' - Bridge too far for our Toyah
Pershore pop star Toyah Willcox narrowly escaped the latest in a series of terrifying challenges on I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. 

Presenters Ant and Dec whittled away the celebrity contestants to face the Bridge of Doom Challenge until it was neck and neck between our Toyah and ex-footballer and Gladiators presenter John Fashanu. 

The 80s punk princess looked relieved when it was finally announced that Fash would be taking on the challenge to cross the precarious rope bridge above the jungle canopy. 

He will take on the challenge later today in order to win food for his starving fellow celebs. 

So far, Fash has had ants in his pants for the first challenge and model Catalina has waded in waters filled with not very deadly fake crocodiles and Wayne had to crawl through tanks filled with 300 jungle rats with waffles strapped to his head. 

Until yesterday, Toyah had done little to pull herself out of obscurity in the show. 

However, her performance of Life is a Cabaret, accompanied by a tap dancing Wayne Sleep earned the gang a bottle of wine and some chocolate buttons. 

The dancer described the performance as: "How to ruin 10 careers in two minutes". 

But one bottle of wine was not enough for cricketer Phil Tufnell, chef Anthony Worrall Thompson and designer Linda Barker who begged for more, but their pleas fell on deaf ears. 

April 30, 2003: Toyah - Leader for the day!
Toyah - Team Leader!Phil Tufnell named Toyah as camp leader of the day with the words, "I think she will get us moving forward."

And within minutes Toyah was busy organising and hoping that it would be a day of friendship.

It has to be said that she did keep herself seriously busy for most of yesterday; stocking up the camp with wood, keeping the area looking good and tidy, and issuing instructions to the others in a no-nonsense, firm but fair, manner. She did really well considering there is two people stirring things in the bush. The jungle would be a better place if one of the jungle mates headed East:)

Toyah also found the time yestreday to chat to Linda about being in her 40s and life with Robert. But every time she was about to say anything interesting the sound was cut or there would be a switch to another conversation. Toyah and Wayne also reprised Cabaret for the other jungle residents, which can only be described as, interesting!

The highlight of Toyah's "leader" day was, for the other contestants at least, successfully negotiating wine and chocolate for everyone. As John Fashanu said, "she did good"!

This evening Toyah narrowly missed doing her first "Bush Trial Tucker", but the cruel old British public decided that John Fashanu, who suffers from vertigo, should do the 'ladder of doom' trial

April 30, 2003: 'I'm A Celebrity' Toyah-related newsybits & pieces - Issue 10
• Channel 4 Teletext 'Sauce', I'm A Celebrity ... Chit Chat!: It's only been on for a day but we're already hooked on IACGMOOH!. We can smell the fights to come. We're buying bets on how long it'll be before Toyah biffs Sian. She's got more layers than a teee trunk, that weather girl. As we predicted we loathe Catalina. But we thank her for demonstrating so clearly the powers of airbrushing...miaow!

• Dippy Darren Day describes Toyah as "looking a bit sour" in 'The Sun' today!

April 30, 2003: 'I'm A Celebrity...' - Recent cast pictures

The 'I'm A Celebrity' cast
The contestants in their jungle outfits, 26th April 2003. Toyah, Antony, Sian, John, and the others taking a boat trip to a Gold Coast island for survival training, 27th April 2003.

April 30, 2003: 'This Is Worcester' - Toyah misses life at home 
Toyah misses life at home

Just three days into the I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here experience Toyah Willcox is missing home. 

But the 80s popstar, who has a house in Pershore, was uncharacteristically quiet throughout last night's episode. 

But she did say that the experience had so far been "better than I thought it would be". 

Bookmakers William Hill have given odds of 11-2 for Toyah to win the two-week show. 

On last night's programme, viewers saw the team celebrate cricketer Phil Tufnell's birthday by making him leader for the day. 

The group, led by Toyah, sang him Happy Birthday and presented him with a crown and staff made from leaves and wood. 

The highlight of last night's programme was the admission by Essex model Daniella Westbrook that she wanted to go home to be with her family. 

It might have been sparked by Toyah saying "I miss my husband", as they sat in the camp. 

One thing is for certain, Daniella has the daggers out for one of the team, but she has not revealed which celebrity is bugging her. 

It could well be Toyah, who has already had a spot of tension with model Catalina. 

Catalina made herself popular by completing her Bushtucker Trial, which saw her wade through a crocodile-infested swamp to release weighted down stars to win food. There was no real danger though - the crocs' jaws were taped shut. 


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