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April 29, 2003: 'The Sun' & 'Daily Mirror' - Toyah in the papers
In the papers!Toyah newsybits in today's tabloids:

Bookies Ladbrokes are offering crazy bets on the jungle antics. John Fashanu ia 16-1 to be the first to punch dancer Wayne Sleep. Toyah Willcox is 25-1 to be the first to strip completely naked - and 100-1 to do it while singing her hits. Danniella Westbrook is 10-1 to be the first to quit - and 7-2 to be the first to be VOTED out.

Also in today's 'The Sun' : Darren Day says: The RAT TUNNEL TRIAL where the victim crawls through in a food-caked suit is the most grotesque. If anyone is going to wimp on this, I reckon it will be Wayne - and most of the women. Toyah may go for it.

TW is also pictured in today's 'Daily Mirror' wearing her Aussie hat.

April 29, 2003: 'GMTV' & 'This Morning'
GMTVGMTV reported, throughout their show this morning, on I'm A Celebrity ... Their report strands are preceeded by a little intro featuring charicatures of all the celebs (Toyah and Wayne Sleep pictured).

Lorraine "really, really good" Kelly was enthusing this morning about how, er, really, really good last night's launch show was.

This Morning also reported on overnight events too. Their daily phone vote saw Toyah receive less votes than the 42% she garnered yesterday but that should change when she becomes more involved and does her first Bush Tucker Trial.

April 29, 2003: First show last night - Brief report
I'm A Celebrity ... - 28th April 03After what feels like months, but is actually only two weeks, of hype and speculation the first show of the new series of I'm A Celebrity ... Get Me Out Of Here! 2 was aired on ITV1 last night at 9pm.

By all accounts it has been a huge ratings success, attracting more viewers than the final of last year's show managed.

All the celebrities were introduced and each had little interview segments where they talked about their expectations etc. Toyah quipped that it would be interesting getting to know Sian Lloyd as her "layers fall away", and already this has been latched onto by the media, hoping for a catfight!

Then all 10 were shown entering the jungle after being flown by helicopter to the outskirts of the rainforest.

Toyah, it has to be said, seems to be the only female in the camp with the balls to actually not wear any make-up whatsoever (though she did actually have some confiscated - tut tut!), Danniella Westbrook even going to the extreme of having her's tattooed on!!

The first day/night seemed to go well. Toyah talked about the prison tour she did, with Cheap Thrills, in the early 90s, making a film in Estonia, "it's full of Scottish people!", and even showed her jungle mates how to do the dance from Calamity Jane.

Toyah also escaped the first, viewer voted, "Bush Trial Tucker", which saw Catalina swimming with crocodiles.

April 29, 2003: Official 'I'm a Celebrity ... ' website
Official websiteThe Official I'm A Celebrity ... Get Me Out Of Here! 2 website was finally launched last night, a mere hour before the show launched on ITV1.

It does look good though, and they have used great pictures of Toyah on there.

There is sections for each jungle mate, plus celebrity gossip, a chance to vote in their polls, all the numbers for voting, info about the charities that will benefit from this year's show, and loads more...

April 29, 2003: 'I'm A Celebrity' Toyah-related newsybits & pieces - Issue 9
Celebdaq• Toyah shares at 'Celebdaq' rose conciderably today. Pretty good considering that Toyah stayed relatively in the background on the first night of the show.

• Today's 'Daily Record': THE CELEBS' PERSONAL STASHES - TOYAH WILLCOX - A hot water bottle and a pair of tweezers

• Also in the 'Daily Record': The next bush tucker trial is swimming with crocodiles. Toyah likes baths, so I've voted for her. The TV veterans and the natural stars like Phil made an instant impact on the screen. At the end of 90 minutes, I felt I knew Wayne, Antony, Toyah and Fash. And Westy really is a British icon.

But who is Chris Bisson? I still wouldn't recognise him. Sian was hiding her real self behind her smile and I couldn't see much more of Linda's character. Catalina has more to say for herself than most models. Faced with an early taste of bush tucker, most of the group shrank into the background. Phil Tufnell, the biggest of the band, was trying to hide behind Toyah, the smallest.

• Toyah's chosen charity, which will benefit from her appearance in the series, is the INSPIRE Foundaton.

• The "Reunion" show will take place on 21st May in London.

April 29, 2003: BBC News - Jungle return is ratings hit / Guardian - ITV hails Celebrity success
BBC News Jungle return is ratings hit
The second series of I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here got off to a successful start on Monday after being watched by an average of 10 million people. That is higher than every instalment of the first series except the final. 

Viewers will get nightly instalments of the show, which sees a group of celebrities camping on the slopes of a remote volcano in southern Queensland, Australia, for two weeks. They have to fend for themselves and live among jungle creatures, while viewers have the chance to vote them out one by one. 

The show's participants include Actress Danniella Westbrook, dancer Wayne Sleep and cricketer Phil Tufnell. Viewers also saw ex-footballer John Fashanu endure a task with jungle creatures and former Coronation Street star Chris Bisson injure himself falling off a tree. 

The daily updates of the first series were watched by between six and nine million, with almost 11 million tuning in to see Tony Blackburn crowned King of the Jungle in September. Monday's ITV1 show beat James Nesbitt's new drama, Murphy's Law - seen by an average of six million on BBC One at the same time. After the show, bookmakers cut the odds on celebrity chef Antony Worrall Thompson to win, making him joint second favourite at 11-2. 

Bisson received medical attention after falling from a tree after fellow contestants sent him up the tree to kill a "deadly" spider. The actor suffered a blow to the head and cuts to his shoulder and ear but was soon given the all-clear by a show doctor. 

A spokeswoman for the ITV1 programme said: "Chris was very shocked by the fall and we called in a medic to check he was OK. "Luckily, he wasn't seriously injured and he is now back in camp." 

Volcano camp 

The other contestants are model Catalina Guirado, singer Toyah Willcox and Changing Rooms designer Linda Barker. The first day of the show, hosted by Ant McParltlin and Declan Donnelly, also saw the return of familiar activities - notably the Bushtucker Trial, which contestants must complete to win food. 

Former Gladiators presenter Fashanu appeared mortified when he was nominated for the challenge, which involved pouring 10 boxes of bugs down his trousers. 

Biting and stinging 

He looked uncomfortable as worms, crayfish, stink beetles, cockroaches, stick insects and crickets swarmed over his skin. Fashanu called the challenge to an end before the eighth box, which would have seen rats join the other creepy-crawlies. 

Afterwards, he said: "It was tough, they were biting and stinging. It wasn't nice at all - it was horrible. "I'm pleased that I did it, the team need the food, but I do not want to do that again." 

Monday's public phone poll picked Guirado to face a crocodile-infested pit in an effort to secure more food for the group. 

Guardian - ITV hails Celebrity success
Rumours of the death of reality TV look to have been grossly exaggerated after the new series of I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! got off to a winning start for ITV last night with 10 million viewers.

April 29, 2003: 'ReadaBet' - I’M A CELEBRITY: 11-2 ANTONY IS PUNTERS PICK
Chef Antony Worrall Thompson is the punters choice on the menu again today in the second series of I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here, and he is now joint second favourite with Toyah Willcox at 11-2. Cricketer Phil Tufnell's grip at the front of the market has strengthened to 5-2.

With the rainy weather, cold nights and spiders far too close to their beds, it isn't exactly the jungle paradise some of the celebrities may have imagined and a tearful Danielle admitted she was homesick on the first day. 

William Hill offer 5-2 that any of the ten contestants quit the show by their own accord, without being voted off by the viewers. Hills spokeswoman Jennie Prest said, " last year the contestants were happily bathing in the pool in the sunshine, now this year it looks grey and damp. Although nobody particularly felt like leaving before, this time it is worse weather and trials are deliberately tougher. But they all seem to prepared to stick it out". 

April 29, 2003: 'Shropshire Star' - Outlook is stormy for rivals Sian and Toyah 
A rumble in the jungle is already brewing for Mid Wales weathergirl Sian Lloyd - just one night after arriving at the remote I'm A Celebrity . . . Get Me Out Of Here! camp. 

As viewers got the first glimpse of her new insect-infested home, the stage was already being set for a stormy showdown with 1980s pop-star Toyah Wilcox. 

The pair did everything to avoid each other after Toyah told the show: "Sian created Sian and when the layers fall away we could have problems." 

While former Newtown worker Sian was taking tips on modelling from catwalk queen Catalina Guirado, her celebrity supporter Huw Edwards was fuelling a possible rift. 

He told programme interviewers that he thought the one person Sian may have trouble getting along with was Toyah. 

Sian's boyfriend, Montgomeryshire MP Lembit Opik, agreed. 

He told the Shropshire Star: "Toyah has already shown a surprising degree of raw ambition. She is definitely reckoning that Sian is the one to watch." 

Luckily, Sian escaped nomination for the first challenges - former Gladiators' host John Fashanu failing to complete his creepy challenge and Catalina heading for the crocodile pit after a public vote. 

April 29, 2003: 'This Is Worcester' - Toyah set to strip?
Pershore's Toyah Willcox is 25-1 to be the first to strip naked in I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. 

And bookies Ladbrokes have also laid odds of 100-1 on the 1980s pop star stripping off while singing her hits in the jungle. 

The odds have been set after day one of the celebrities' two week Australian trial, which saw tensions between Toyah and telly stunner Catalina Guirado set to grow. 

Problems began when viewers voted for Catalina to do the second Bushtucker task - the Crocodile Leap Trail - where she will hang perilously low over a river of crocodiles to win food for the team. 

She became decidedly snappy at the prospect and Toyah's reassurance she did not have to go through with the task did little to improve her mood. 

Earlier, team leader and ex-football hardman John Fashanu endured the first Bushtucker Trial with seven different kinds of creepy crawlies - including crayfish, leeches and stink beetles - down his over-sized trousers. 

He wisely called it a day when he saw the next container was filled with rats. 


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