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April 26, 2003: 'Daily Mail' - PLEASE DON'T LET THEM OUT OF THERE!
Daily Mail - 26th April 03Toyah is featured in a two-page article about I'm A Celebrity .. in today's 'Daily Mail'. It looks really good, with each contestants head stuck on a charicature body. The article is fairly sarcastic about them all, can there really still be journalists around who think making fun of TW's lisp is even remotely amusing? Oh yes there is, oh dear!!

I'm A Celebrity ... Get Me Out Of Here starts on Monday. Here, the Mail gives you a light-hearted form guide to the ten new recruits...

Next week sees the launch of the second series of I'm A Celebrity ... Get Me Out Of Here. The show leaves ten famous people in an inhospitable Australian rainforest, and then viewers vote them off one by one. Last time, it was a ratings winner, this time it's likely to be even more successful. here, the Mail presents its own form guide.

Toyah Willcox, 44
Ithn't she the one with the lithp? That's her, actress/punky pop star/all-purpose telly presenter, who shot to fame in the 1979 movie Quadropohenia. She then had shouty early-Eighties hits like It'th A Mythtery. Recently fronted The Holiday Programme and her voice introduces The Teletubbies.
And ith she buthy now? The past year spent touring provincial theatres in Calamity Jane.
Huthband? Kiddieth? Married to Robert Fripp, 56, guitarist with King Crimson. The couple, who have no children, often spend months apart while he is on tour.
Could she go theriously mad? Toyah is a fiery character, and a self-confessed 'incurable flasher' who is 'terrified of virtually every insect except buuterflies'.
Odds: Christine Hamilton goes punk 2/1 joint favourite

April 26, 2003: 'The TV Mag' - Carry On Camping
The TV Mag - 26th April 03The jungle survival show returns with new recruits.

Meet the jungle VIPS... Will they become friends or enemies? Will viewers love them or loathe them? Will careers be revived or ruined? One thing's for sure, all eyes will be on the intrepid celebrity contestants.

Toyah Willcox, Age 44
Best Known For: being a punk-singer-turned actress and TV presenter.
Jungle Skills: As she's a keen environmentalist, she'll feel at home with nature...
"I was addicted to last year's show - I hope we make it as interesting to watch this time round".

April 26, 2003: 'The Look' - Eruptions from the Celebrity volcano
The Look - 26th April 03An all-star line up prepares to face the survival challenge as hit gameshow I'm A Celebrity ... Get Me Out Of Here! returns...

"Not only do they have hazards to tackle, but their own giant egos too".

OCCUPATION: Actress/singer/TV presenter. The pint-sized queen of punk, Toyah was as famous for her multi-coloured hair and lisp as for her '80s hits such as It's A Mystery. She can now be heard on Kid's TV singing, "Over the hills and far away, Teletubbies come to play".
LEAVING BEHIND: Her musician husband, Robert Fripp.
WILL MISS: "My three duvets - I'm always cold - and hot baths. I spend four hours in the tub reading papers when I'm not working."
CELEB SUPPORTERS: Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po. Probably.
SPECIAL SKILL: "Climbing and mucking in."
SURVIVAL CHANCES: Toyah is a born leader. "I hope I'm not going to be too bossy." Plus, she is not at all vain and expects people to take her as they find her. "I'm used to looking rubbish and having to do my auditions in the open air." Nice!

April 26, 2003: 'Daily Record' - Something For The Weekend / Daily Mirror
Daily Record - 26th April 03Uri Geller delivers his verdict on the latest batch of jungle hopefuls to Brian McIver

He's the country's best-loved paranormal and psychic expert and was one of the best things in last year's I'm A Celebrity... Get me Out of Here.

Now, Uri Geller gives his verdict on the latest round of stars to get lost in the jungle, exclusively for the Daily Record.

As our resident I'm a Celebrity expert, Uri will be giving daily updates on how he feels the 10 contestants cope with creepy crawlies, heat, stress and starvation - all the things that made the first series such a hit. Here, the famous spoon-bending star gives us his opinion about the celebs desperate to win our hearts and votes.

Toyah won't be bossed about by macho men - she'll be deeply unimpressed by the Tufnells and Fashanus. If you remember her only as a raucous punk with a lisp, prepare to be bowled over by a feisty woman with a great sense of humour and a strong streak of loyalty. She could prove to be the backbone of the camp, but IAC2 is all about public perceptions. I predict producers will be eager to play up any confrontations which involve Toyah. Before you judge her, see if the edits treat her fairly. ODDS: 7/2

Toyah is also interviewed today in the Record's English "sister-paper", the 'Daily Mirror' - TOYAH'S READY TO RUMBLE IN THE JUNGLE  - Click the pic to read the full interviw in the Article Archive.

And there's also more news in 'The Mirror' on Tara P-T choosing TW as her favourite:

Last year's I'm A Celebrity... runner-up, Tara Palmer-Tomkinson, is tipping Toyah Willcox to emerge from the jungle victorious.

"She's punk rock, cool, streetwise and popular," says Tara. "She's my fave to win - definitely."

This time, the former It-girl is co-hosting the two-week series and won't be suffering. She says: "Unlike the contestants, I'll be taking 15 outfits..."

And here is Tara's verdict on the other contenders...

Brazilian model and TV presenter Catalina Guirado: "She - and her boobs - will be good entertainment, so she'll stay for a while for that alone." Dancer Wayne Sleep: "He's quite small and, since he's nearer the ground, he'll spot the snakes. Plus, he's physically and mentally quite fit." Ex-EastEnder Danniella Westbrook: "She's been in rehab but the people in the jungle may end up even more screwed up than the patients." Coronation Street actor Chris Bisson: "I tip him to be the ladies' man but I hope that he doesn't make too much of a Darren Day of himself." Weather girl Sian Lloyd: "She'll be a real ray of sunshine in the group - always smiling, as she has to do when she's forecasting storms." Changing Rooms' Linda Barker: "She'll come in handy changing the camp around. She'll be good value, too, as she's quite imaginative." Chef Antony Worrall Thompson: "He'll be successful because he works with people and is used to taking control and delegating tasks." Cricketer Phil Tufnell: "His strength will come from the fact that he's an outdoors-type. He is also used to pulling together as part of a team." Gladiators presenter and former footballer John Fashanu: "I guess he'll fare well physically but I don't know how he'll cope mentally."

April 26, 2003: 'I'm A Celebrity' Toyah-related newsybits & pieces - Issue 7
Two days to go!• 'The Sun' (Saturday 26th April): Ex-punk star Toyah Willcox, 44, was ready to STRIP to upstage younger rivals. She said: "They all have great bodies."

• Also from 'The Sun': Socierty girl Tara Palmer-Tompkinson, star of the first I'm a Celebrity series, yesterday tipped Toyah to win. Tara, 30 - who will present some of the new show on ITV2 - said: "She's my fave because she's wild."

• 'Star mag' (26th April): Toyah Willcox (11-4): She scored hits like It's A Mystery in the 80s. Now 44 and not the rebel she once was. But Toyah is deeply religous, and this inner strength could stand her in good stead in the Aussie jungle.

• Channel 4 - Teletext 'Ketch - Up' - Quotes Of The Week "I've been talking about my body with my friends and we decided that if I'm naked I look all right." We'll be the judge of that, Toyah

April 26, 2003: 'William Hill' - BE PROUD, BE LOUD, BE NAKED

The new episode of Help I'm a Celebrity - Get Me Out Of Here2 is set to be the sauciest yet, with second favourite Toyah Wilcox revealing her passion for stripping off. William Hill make it a 10-1 chance that she strip naked in front of the cameras during the show. Hills also offer Even money that veggie Wilcox will eat meat (insect or bug) for the sake of food for her fellow contestants - as Uri Gellar did in the last series - if Toyah gets in to that position during the scary 'Bush Tucker Trials'. Hills spokeswoman Jennie Prest said "these celebrities are obviously up for making this series as fun and popular as the last one and the punters have already caught on, we have taken plenty of bets and the show hasn't even started yet!"

HILLS BET to win Help I'm A Celebrity 2: 3-1 Phil Tufnell, 7-2 Toyah Wilcox, 13-2 Daniella Westbrook, Chris Bisson, 7-1 Linda Barker, 8-1 John Fashanu, 9-1 Sian Lloyd, 10-1 Wayne sleep, Catalina Guirado, 12-1 Anthony Worrell Thompson

Thanks to Michael Cooney for this.

April 25, 2003: 'Daily Record' - Animal Celebs / 'Daily Mirror' - Toyah's the Mother...
Daily Record - 25th April 03Animal Celebs - Stars are creatures great and small

ANTONY WORRALL THOMPSON - Grizzly bear Antony is quite earthy and will eat anything - a born survivor
SIAN LLOYD - Slobby Sian is a sloth - so she'll only need the toilet once a week. Handy
WAYNE SLEEP - Wayne will be the token show-off - a hummingbird by any other name
PHIL TUFNELL - Like the lemur, Tuffers is a creature of the night, so he won't scare easily
LINDA BARKER - Home-builder Linda is just like nature's own interior designer, the bowerbird
CHRIS BISSON - Like the drake, vain Chris likes to look his best - not easy in the jungle
JOHN FASHANU - Friendly Fash is a real mongoose - a sociable animal with a sense of fun
DANNIELLA WESTBROOK - Like the dung beetle, Danniella smells good to the opposite sex
CATALINA GUIRADO - Slinky, sexy Catalina is a fast worker - a cheetah by any other name
TOYAH WILLCOX - Tasmanian devil Toyah is a natural punk. Just watch her go hunting

Daily Mirror - Toyah's The Mother Of All Contestants!

With just days to go before the start of I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! Toyah Willcox, 44, has already taken on a motherly role.

The former punk rocker showed up at Heathrow airport with face masks soaked in homeopathic oils for herself and fellow contestants Catalina Guirado, Chris Bisson and Wayne Sleep to protect them from the deadly SARS bug when they land in Kuala Lumpur en route to Australia.

She told them: "We must wear them on the plane and when we land." Toyah's not going to be very annoying, is she?

April 25, 2003: 'The Sun' - Famous 5 get out of Britain
The Sun - 25th April 03Famous 5 get out of Britain

The last five contestants yesterday jetted Down Under to join Danniella for I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here.

Ex-cricketer Phil Tufnell, former soccer star John Fashanu, celebrity chef Antony Worrall Thompson, weather girl Sian Lloyd, and TV decorator Linda Barker were heading for Queensland for some intensive training in jungle survival.

Former punk star Toyah Willcox, ex-Coronation Street actor Chris Bisson, dancer Wayne Sleep and telly babe Catalina Guirado left on Wednesday.

A spokeswoman for the ITV show said this year's contestants would be in for a far tougher time than their predecessors.

She added: "It's going to be a much tougher location. They're going to need their survival skills."

Phil Tufnell is the bookies' favourite to win the series at 3-1.

He is followed by Chris Bisson at 5-1, John at 6-1, Catalina and Toyah both at 7-1, Danniella Westbrook and Linda Barker both at 8-1, Sian Lloyd at 9-1, Antony Worrall Thompson at 10-1 and Wayne Sleep bringing up the rear at 12-1.

April 25, 2003: 'London Evening Standard' - Tara'a Jungle Lowdown
London Evening Standard - 25th April 03Last year's IACGMOOH! runner-up, Tara P-T, tips Toyah to win the new series in today's 'London Evening Standard'. Here is a section of the article...

Tara's Jungle Lowdown on the Celebrity Contestants
Jungle survivor Tara Palmer-Tompkinson has revealed who she thinks will win the new I'm A Celebrity Get me Out Of Here, as she jetted off to host the reality TV Show.

The socialite, whose hyperactive behaviour won her the second-largest share of viewer's votes - after DJ Tony Blackburn - in the jungle reality show last year, boarded a plane to the Queensland outback last night.

She tipped Eighties pop star Toyah Willcox to scoop the top prize, and former cocaine addict Palmer-Tompkinson said Danniella Westbrook's time in drugs rehab would stand her in good stead, adding: "The people in the jungle will be a lot more screwed up than those she's met in rehab."

'How I think they will fare'

Eighties pop star Toyah Willcox: "She's punk rock, cool, streetwise and popular. She's my fave to win - definitely."

Thanks to Michael Cooney for this.

April 25, 2003: 'The Independent' - Toyah newsclip
The Independent - 24th April 03Taken from yesterday's 'The Independent':

A terrible blow for Toyah Willcox (right) before she even arrives in the jungle to take part in I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!: Willcox's friend, Sir Edward Heath, will not be rooting for her. The pair work together as patrons of the Salisbury Festival, but this has not inspred Heath to tune in to cheer Willcox on in her struggle against other luminaries such as Catalina Guirado and someone called Chris Bisson. "I'm a What..?" asks Sir Edward when I call, perhaps miffed that he wasn't asked to be on the programe himself. "I've never watched it. I won't be watching it. Sorry."

Thanks to Michael Cooney for this.

April 25, 2003: 'I'm A Celebrity' Toyah-related newsybits & pieces - Issue 6
'I'm A Celebrity' - The Book!• I'm a Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here! 2 - The Book, by  Jane Cornwell

 Synopsis - For 19 days and nights from April 23rd 2003, ITVI will shadow 9 celebrities who have volunteered to swap their lavish lifestyles for an eye-opening experience in one of the world's most inhospitable climates. With basic rations of rice and water, a hammock for a bed in a jungle clearing and neighbours of venomous snakes and deadly spiders, the celebrities will have to fend for themselves. Witty, gossipy and compulsive, this book will take viewers behind the scenes on the most talked-about show of the year, and reveal who really thought what about whom, why, how and when. 

Latest Thing• Toyah has been given her own page at the 'Latest Thing' website, as have all the other IACGMOOH! contestants. The anagrams of TW's name are a tad rude, though!

• Look out for lots of I'm A Celebrity ... coverage in the weekend papers, and all the TV guides that accompany many of them.

• ITV are now running an updated trailer for the show, featuring the contestants names.

• One of the stories covered almost everywhere in the last day or two has been caused by the new trailers. ITV have spelt Danniella Westbrook and Phil Tufnell's names incorrectly. Ironic, considering Toyah's "Willcox" is often misspelt in the press.

April 25, 2003: 'Reuters' - UK Celebrities Brace for Jungle Fever  / ReadaBet.com
UK Celebrities Brace for Jungle Fever 
Thu April 24, 2003 11:55 AM ET 
LONDON (Reuters) - Contestants in the second series of the reality TV show "I'm a Celebrity -- Get Me Out of Here" will be plunged into life in the Australian rainforest when the show begins on Monday. The 10 celebrities taking part in the show will have to cope with insects, snakes and even a stinging "Gympie Gympie" tree when they set up camp at the foot of a dormant volcano in southern Queensland and compete for the public's affections. 

A spokeswoman for the ITV show said the location was potentially more dangerous than that of the first series, which was also set in Queensland rainforest. 

In the first series last year, socialite Tara Palmer-Tomkinson walked off into the jungle in frustration, but later returned to the show. 

Viewers vote for who wins with the celebrities being evicted one by one. 

The celebrities taking part in this year's series are: actress Danniella Westbrook, former England cricketer Phil Tufnell, model Catalina Guirado, weather presenter Sian Lloyd, chef Antony Worrall Thompson, dancer Wayne Sleep, actor Chris Bisson, ex-soccer star John Fashanu, singer and actress Toyah Willcox and Changing Rooms designer Linda Barker.

The new episode of Help I'm a Celebrity - Get Me Out Of Here2 is set to be the sauciest yet, with second favourite Toyah Willcox revealing her passion for stripping off. William Hill make it a 10-1 chance that she strip naked in front of the cameras during the show. 

Hills also offer Even money that veggie Wilcox will eat meat (insect or bug) for the sake of food for her fellow contestants - as Uri Gellar did in the last series - if Toyah gets in to that position during the scary 'Bush Tucker Trials'. Hills spokeswoman Jennie Prest said "these celebrities are obviously up for making this series as fun and popular as the last one and the punters have already caught on, we have taken plenty of bets and the show hasn't even started yet!"


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