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May 30, 2003: 'Heat' - Reviews: The Jungle Book
Heat - 31st May 03I'm A Celebrity Get me Out Of Here! - The Inside Story by Trevor Baker

Events from the Australian jungle are still fairly fresh in our minds, but no self-respecting Reality TV show can be without its own companion and, fortunately, this particular guide is not only revealingly in-depth, it's also humourously written. Baker was granted full access to the camp (when the celebs chatted by the campfire he was probably hiding behind a bush, frantically scribbling down every piece of juicy gossip for our benefit). He witnessed every pout Catalina made and every air punch Fash threw to psych himself up before his record number of Bush Tucker Trials. There's plenty of behind-the-scenes info, plus fact files on each of the contestants, although by now these are a bit pointless, as we already know more about the ten celebrities than we ever thought possible. There's also a lot of trivial stuff about the camp itself - you'll no doubt be fascinated to read how many litres of paint (500) or kilometres of wire (20) went into the camp's construction, and you can even read the list of rules the celebs had to live by. A fab souvenir for those who were glued to their TV for the duration of the show.

May 30, 2003: 'I'm  A Celebrity - Reunion' - Toyah titbits!
Arrival - DepartureToyah, pictured arriving at, and leaving, the I'm A Celebrity ... Get Me Out Of Here! Reunion earlier this month in London.

Looks like lots of goodies were given out to the celebs, as Toyah seems just slightly weighed down with all those bags.

You can now watch Toyah's full appearance/interview from the 'Reunion' show, over at William's 'Brave New World' fansite. Hop on over, by clicking the pictures, to see Toyah giving John Fashanu a good telling off!!

May 23, 2003: 'I'm A Celebrity ... Get Me Out Of Here! Reunion'
I'm A Celeb - ReunionToyah, and all nine of the other celebrity junglmates, guested on Wednesday evening's IAC ... GMOOH! Reunion. Each were interviewed briefly about their time in the Australian Bush.

Toyah, who came on along with Chriss Bisson and Sian Lloyd, looked great.

Presenter, Dec said: "Before we get going, Toyah I want a word with you. I've got a real bone to pick with you!" 

"Why? What've I done?", asked a smiling TW.

Dec: "Before you went in you said we were going to get a right eyeful. We were gonna get a streak off you."

Toyah: "It was too cold. If it was warmer I would've done it. I'd have been naked the whole time, whether it scared people or not!"

IAC - all gone!They then showed the clip where, while Toyah was off valiantly wading in a sludge pit earning the group meals, John Fashanu had commented on Toyah "going naked", and said he wouldn't like her to as "it's not exactly Britt Eckland"!!!

Toyah, who it seemed, was seeing the comment for the first time, didn't look too pleased. She said: "I'd just like to say, you know Fash and verbal diarrhoea go hand-in-hand. And he wouldn't know a real woman if one slapped him in the face!"

"Oh dear! Move on!," muttered both Dec and Ant.

Toyah also went on to back up Chris Bisson after he was accused by Tara P-T of being boring. "He was fabulous in there, and he kept squirting Catalina with his gun, which she didn't like!"

A final Bush Tucker Trial, voted on by the viewers, saw Catalina, with a little help from Ant & Dec, dunking her head into various tubs of insects and bugs, then there was just time to announce that the total raised for charity was a whopping 1,073,103.

A fine way to bring down the curtain on the "phenomenon" that was I'm A Celebrity ... Get Me Out Of Here! 2.

May 23, 2003: 'Salisbury Journal' - Celebrity Toyah gives thousands to local charity 
A star from I'm a Celebrity . . . Get Me Out Of Here donated thousands of pounds to a Salisbury charity on TV last night. 

Toyah Willcox, who braved two weeks in the Australian jungle in front of audiences of millions, appeared on the hit show's reunion yesterday and announced that Inspire, which is based at Salisbury District Hospital, was her chosen charity. 

Each celebrity contestant in the show named a charity to receive the phone-vote cash and, each time the public voted for them, a sum went towards to their selected good cause. 

Toyah, who was the sixth contestant voted out of the jungle, has well-established links with Salisbury. 

She lived in Broad Chalke for many years and has been involved with the charity Inspire since it was founded in 1985. She is also a patron and supporter of the Salisbury Festival. 

Toyah's most challenging task during her time in the jungle came when she had to don a pair of goggles and enter a stinking swamp to collect stars that were hidden at the bottom of the foul pond, in order to earn food for her camp-mates. She managed to retrieve five of the stars. 

After the ordeal, which left Declan Donnelly, one of the watching hosts of the show, retching, she said: "It was the grossest thing I have ever experienced. 

"I would actually like colonic irrigation." 

Toyah, who was born with a twisted spine and hip, has not forgotten her Salisbury connections and invited the director of Inspire, Robert Morgan, to the live show last night in London. 

Mr Morgan said: "We are absolutely delighted and thrilled to be the chosen charity. 

"Toyah has been associated with Inspire for a long time, almost since we began. 

"She has been brilliant and a stalwart supporter. 

"This money will help many of our pro-jects, including the Freehand System, which gives power and grip to paralysed arms and hands." 

Inspire funds research on life improvements for spinal injury sufferers. 

Many paraplegics, those who cannot walk, and tetraplegics, those who are paralysed in all four limbs, have benefited from the charity's research. 


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