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May 21, 2003: 'The TV Mag' - BACK FROM THE BUSH
The TV Mag - 17th May 03Most of Saturday's TV Guides and magazines mentioned tonight's I'm A Celebrity ... Get Me Out Of Here! The Reunion, including this, from 'The TV Mag' in 'The Sun'

No more camp fires, starvation rations, creepy-crawlies, deadly reptiles or Bushtucker Trials! The celebrity gang are back in London with hosts Ant and Dec to talk about the traumas and tears they al suffered in the Aussie jungle - and the feelings of elation to have luxuries like a decent meal, a hot bath and a sleep in a comfortable bed after their marathon outdoor ordeal!

John Fashanu, Toyah Willcox, Chris Bisson, Danniella Westbrook, Wayne Sleep, Sian Lloyd, Antony Worrall Thompson, Catalina Guirado, Phil Tufnell and Linda Barker will reminisce about their time in the jungle, which captivated a massive TV audience and raised more than 1million for charity.

I'm A Celebrity ... Reunion : ITV1 - Tonight : 9.00pm

OK! - 20th May 03Toyah is pictured three times in this week's 'OK!' magazine.

Two of the pictures, included in their I'm A Celebrity ... article, are a couple of Toyah's classic moments from the series; In the swamp for her BTT and attending to Wayne Sleep's mosquito bites.

The article says: "Toyah had to turn nursemaid when hungry Australian  mosquitoes made a frenzied attack on Wayne Sleep's bottom, causing him severe discomfort. Reliable Toyah took control and applied the necessary ointment to the relevant areas, visibly relieving Wayne's pain.

The third picture is included in their Danniella Westbrook feature.

May 16, 2003: 'TV & Satellite Week' - I'M A CELEBRITY ... GET ME A JOB!
TV & Satellite Week - 17th May 03Tony Blackburn knows there's nothing like a rumble in the jungle to kick-start a flagging career. But, of course, the contestants on I'm A Celebrity ... Get Me Out Of Here! aren't just in it for the fame and money - oh no, they're not.

Because enduring creepy-crawlies, crocs, hunger pangs, boredom, a rice diet and the company of other celebs for two tear-filled, tantrum-packed weeks can be a life-changing experience. As this year's crop are reunited to reminisce about their jungle jaunt we speculate on how their newly revealed talents could lead to some interesting career moves...

Toyah Willcox: Hidden Talents: Boundless enthusiasm, a nifty way with plaits and mystical sensibilities. New Career: Dolls' wig-maker or healing therapist (presumably not a speech therapist).

May 16, 2003: 'TV Choice' - Stars Reunited
TV Choice - 17th May 03Back from the bush - the celebs talk about their ordeal.

Watching Danniella Westbrook in floods of tears in the Bush Telegraph brought home the 'real' side of reality TV that we all take for granted these days. The strict rules and controlled environment are not to every pampered celebrity's taste. And now that she's back in the bosom of her family, how does Danniella feel about her ordeal? Find out in I'm A Celebrity ... Get Me Out Of Here! The Reunion.

The tears, the tantrums, the cigarette wars, the protests and the lack of food must all seem a lifetime ago to the lean and tanned contestants. How dies Phil 'The Cat' Tufnell remember the experiment? Has Fash beaten his record of 1000 sit-ups? And has Wayne Sleep seen a picture of himself with a waffle tied to his head yet?

May 16, 2003: 'TV Quick' - I'm A Celebrity ... The Reunion / TOP TV - Best Mates?
TV Quick - 17th May 03I'm A Celebrity ... Get Me Out Of Here! The Reunion

The lab rats are reunited for a look back over their special moments (were there any?) in the Australian jungle. This group were definitely less confrontational and flirtatious than the Darren Day/Tara Palmer-Tompkinson gathering. Boredom, it seemed, did not bring out the best in them. In fact, it drove Danniella Westbrook out, the first walkout of the series.

They've had to put up not only with each other but with bad weather, creepy-crawlies and the unrelenting cheerfulness of Ant and Dec. Was it all worth it?

TOP TV - Best Mates?

Alligators, snakes, Chris Bisson's water-pistol and Danniella Westbrook's river of tears... Our weather-beaten castaways encountered some trying times during their jaunt to the jungle, and now they have to put up with Ant and Dec dragging them away from home again for a very rapid reunon. 
Oh, the trials of fame...

May 16, 2003: Toyah, John, Danniella & Antony return home - Various reports
Back homeVarious news and gossip websites, including 'BBC News', 'Sky News', and 'Femail.co.uk',  ran stories yesterday about the return to the UK of Toyah, John Fashanu, Danniella Westbrook and Antony Worrall Thompson.

BBC News - Jungle stars return to UK
Four stars of ITV1's survival show I'm A Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here! arrived back in the UK on Thursday, following the show's finale earlier this week. 

Danniella Westbrook, who chose to leave the show halfway through, and runner-up John Fashanu arrived at Heathrow airport with fellow contestants Antony Worrall Thompson and Toyah Willcox. 

Fashanu told reporters the show had been tougher than he thought it would be. 

"It was one of life's journeys and it is a journey I'm glad has come to an end. I'm very pleased to be out," he said. 

The former footballer, who had to carry out several of the show's "bush tucker" trials, including putting his head in a tank of eels, said he would have thought twice about taking part if he had known how hard the challenges would be. 

But he was pleased to have finished runner-up behind cricketer Phil Tufnell, who was crowned king of the jungle. 

"I was working hard to entertain the public, but I was not disappointed at the end, I was happy for Phil," said Fashanu. 

"He was a good lad and he was just himself. But none of us realised how popular the programme was. It was unbelievable." 

The athlete said job offers had been "flooding in" since the end of the series. 

Actress Danniella Westbrook, who played Sam Mitchell in EastEnders, made no comment after being whisked away from photographers by her minders. 

The former cocaine addict left the show voluntarily during the second week because she was worried it was affecting her recovery from drug addiction.

Singer Toyah Willcox said she had found it difficult in the jungle. 

"It was surprisingly tough because we were hungry all the time," she said. 

"But I'm glad I did it. I have no regrets." 

At one point during the show the contestants protested to producers about the small portions of food they were given. 

Chef Antony Worrall Thompson, who led the protest, said of the show: "The best part was seeing my wife and children." 

More than 12 million people watched the final show on Monday night. 

Tufnell's agent Mike Martin said offers were now pouring in for the ex-cricketer, who quit the game in April. 

"We're lining up all sorts of things. But everything is being kept on ice until he comes back and we can talk things over. At the moment it's all up in the air with regard to what he will commit to doing," said Mr Martin. 

Last year's winner, Tony Blackburn, saw a brief career renaissance after the show, and now presents a radio breakfast show on Classic Gold.

May 16, 2003: 'Ananova' - Jungle celebs fly home 
Ananova - 15th May 03Stars of I'm A Celebrity ... Get Me Out Of Here have returned home to the UK.

Danniella Westbrook, John Fashanu, Antony Worrall Thompson and Toyah Willcox touched down just after 6am.

Fashanu, 40, who finished runner up to former England cricketer Phil Tufnell, says the show was much tougher than he imagined.

But as he walked into the airport lounge wearing African tribal robes, the former Aston Villa player said he had no regrets about taking part.

"It was tough," he said. "It was one of life's journeys and it is a journey I'm glad has come to an end. I'm very pleased to be out."

Fashanu complained about the food provided to contestants on the show and said he would have thought twice about participating had he known how difficult the challenges were going to be.

He said job offers had been "flooding in" since the end of the series.

Meanwhile, Catalina Guirado has launched a stinging attack on producers of the show, complaining the way she was portrayed was "an absolute disgrace".

Speaking about her ordeal, Catalina told The Sun: "They made caricatures. Before anyone went in they decided how people were going to be portrayed.

"They never showed me having fun, helping or being myself. They wanted to portray me as the difficult model."

May 16, 2003: 'Daily Star' - Reality? Get out of here!
Daily Star - 15th May 03This year's I'm A Celebrity was telly's most unreal reality show.
Although the stars appeared isolated in the jungle, there were 350 crew members keeping a close eye on them and the set was less than a mile from a farm.
There was a canopy to keep out rain as well as plastic flowers, rocks - some of which housed cameramen - and crocs. The props pushed the cost of the set to 10m.

Producer Alex Gardiner admitted: "There is nothing natural or real about the camp. It's a film set."
Bosses claim they put in a canvas roof as they "couldn't have the cameras getting wet". The rubber greenery ws because Australian law forbids disturbing jungle plants.
But Catalina's agent Sean Borg insisted the stars still went through an ordeal. "Take the fake crocodiles," he said. "Catalina had no idea the big ones weren't real and was absolutely terrified when she got in the water."

May 16, 2003: 'Daily Star' / 'The Sun' - Leaving Australia
Daily Star/The Sun - 15th May 03Yesterdy, the 'Daily Star' and 'The Sun' both featured pictures of Toyah, John Fashanu and Danniella Westbrook at the airport just about to leave Australia.

The 'Daily Star' simply said: "WE'RE COMING HOME - Toyah, Fash and Catalina (oops, I think they meant Danniella) leave Australia."

While 'The Sun' said: "Fash On parade - John, Toyah and Danniella: Runner up John Fashanu, 40, left Australia yesterday dressed in a traditional Nigerian costume of flowing blue robes.

Ex-footie ace Fash is due to arrive home this morning with Linda Barker, Antony Worral Thompson, Danniella Westbrook and Toyah Willcox. 

Winner Phil Tufnell is due home tomorrow with Chris Bisson and Wayne Sleep.

May 16, 2003: 'I'm A Celebrity' Toyah-related newsybits & pieces - Issue 16
Goodbye Aus• All ten celebs lined up for a final group shot on Monday after the final show

• 'The Sun' (Thursday 15th May): Linda Barker on Toyah: "She's been one of my heroines since her days as a punk rocker, so I was really excited to meet her. 

"But she was actually rather quiet. I don't think the jungle was the right place for her, she didn't really thrive there." 

• Toyah guested on Monday morning's GMTV. She was interviewed twice, live from Australia, along with Wayne Sleep. Unfortunately I missed this.


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