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May 15, 2003: 'IACGMOOH! 2' - Live Final
IAC FinalAnd it's all over!! After two crazy weeks of build-up to the event, and then two even crazier weeks of the show, it's gone to that great jungle vault in the bushes!!

I'm A Celebrity ... Get Me Out Of Here! 2 bowed out in style on Monday night with a 90 minute special on ITV1 and a 30 minute "after show" peek on ITV2.

Toyah and all the other contestants ventured back into the jungle for the final.

Linda Barker came third, John Fashanu second, and the winner, and "King Of The Jungle" 2003, was Phil 'Tuffers' Tufnell. Toyah squeezed Fash tightly as the result was read out.

Toyah commented on Linda: "She has an incredible imagination. Her creativity transformed the camp. It was entertaining to hear Lindy's raucous Northern accent as she told jokes and stories," and on Phil: "He is spotaneous, he's dangerous, he's unpredictable. And his use of the English language should be banned.

"He's obviously a natural wit and a natural character. The beautiful thing about him was nothing was ever forced, he never gave a performance. that was Phil, and I admire him for that."

It's all over!After Phil had been interviewed, and "crowned" King, coverage switched to ITV2. All the celebs were interviewed briefly, including Toyah, Chris Bisson, and a slightly squiffy Wayne Sleep!

Toyah said: "This is really good. You're the best dressed here, Tara".

As Wayne Sleep whizzed around while chatting on his mobile (and making the odd salacious comment to Mark D-S), Toyah, Chris, Mark Durden-Smith and Tara P-T all looked on bemused.

Toyah continued: "I wanted Wayne to win but the best three were up there. Wayne was up there as well! Anything could have happened. I did vote for Lindy but Phil won and I have no grudge there. Good man! Like any coward I switch my allegiance!"

A few flashback clips from the series were shown, and then it was almost over and time for everyone to return to their normal(ish) lives.

After a brief interview with Phil, all ten jungle mates lined up on the bridge for one last "group boobalah"!! What a jungletastic time it had been!

May 15, 2003: 'I'm A Celebrity' Toyah-related newsybits & pieces - Issue 15
It's over!!• Over 13 million viewers watched the final of I'm A Celebrity ... on Monday night, and almost three million phone votes were made for the final too, a 25% increase from last year. Over 1m watched the ITV2 coverage.

• The night after the finale there was a "top secret" wrap party, with all the contestants ,their families, crew etc. No press or reporters were present at this Cabaret themed night.

• ITV Teletext (Tuesday 13th May): Best Bits From Rumble In The Jungle - "It's like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre," gasped Toyah Willcox as she waded in toxic sludge.

• Toyah's, now famous, comment: "I've been in showbiz for 25 years, I'm used to grovelling in shit," has been named as one of the most memorable moments from the series, and also the most memorable comment. It was even quoted in a number of TV columnist' reviews over the past week.

The Sun - 14th May 03• 'The Sun' interviewed Ant and Dec yesterday, and asked their thoughts on the ten contestants: Ant and Dec’s Celeb Verdict - The celebrities have made it out of the Aussie jungle alive but will they survive Ant and Dec’s celeb verdict? The presenters confide exclusively in The Sun, the official I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here newspaper, telling us who they thought was "fair dinkum" Down Under and who was not.

DEC: I thought she might start barking orders at the lads, but I was wrong. She was quite well behaved apart from threatening to streak which she didn’t do. Shame, really.

CAREER PREDICTION: Inventor of the Toyah Mud Pack.

• CH4 Teletext - Sauce (Tuesday 13th May): Celebrity: What The Future Holds
So, after two weeks in the jungle, Tuffers is crowned winner of IMAC2. Well done Phil - and everyone else - they were doing it for charity, y'know.

But we all know they had their own motives - Each of them had a reason to revive a flagging career - or raise a profile that never got too far. Who will actually benefit, though?

TOYAH WILLCOX: She and her husband will ditch their careers and spend some much-needed quality time together, before opening their house to their village all-year round. Will be on This Morning a lot weighing up the virtue of people versus career and materialism.

• 'The Sun' (Tuesday 13th May): Darren Day's Diary: TOYAH WILLCOX: Unrecognisable as the punk she once was. Best moment when she waded into a swamp and said: 'I've been in showbiz for 25 years so I'm used to grovelling in s***'. 

• 'Daily Star' (Tuesday 13th May): Fash's Favourite Quotes: "Toyah is today's leader, but she picked me as her vice-president because she'll want someone strong to lean on."

• The Sunday Post: Lorraine Kelly - I don't know who’ll win I’m A Celebrity... tonight but I’m glad it will finally be over. Watching Danniella Westbrook unravelling was buttock-clenching and Catalina’s hair-tossing was intensely irritating. Chris Bisson was the invisible man but Wayne grew on me and would be fantastic to have a good bitch with. My own favourites were Linda, Toyah and Phil, but at least after tonight I can go back to having a life.

• It looks like there may not be an offical DVD of the series.

IAC2 Official Book• Read the full behind the scenes story of the hottest show on television in the only official book. With exclusive access to tell the full story, including what the cameras miss or cannot show. 

I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! follows, day and night, ten celebrities who have volunteered to swap their lavish lifestyles for an eye-opening experience in one of the world's most inhospitable climates. With basic rations of rice and water, a hammock for a bed in a jungle clearing, and neighbours of venomous snakes and deadly spiders, the celebrities will have to fend for themselves. 

Witty, gossipy and Compulsive this book will take viewers behind the scenes on the most talked-about show of the year, and reveal who really thought what about whom, why, how and when. 

May 15, 2003: 'Heat' - Today's Picks
Heat - 17th May 03Toyah is pictured in this week's 'Heat' magazine three times, their 'Pick Of The Day' for Wednesday 21st May (page 107), The week's best TV shows (page 118), and Saywhat? (page 122):

Something tells us that this year's reunion won't be quite as tense as when Tara P-T and Darren Day shot laserbeam eyes at each other last year. There was no secret notes passed around this time (to our knowledge - though if Antony had got hold of a pen who knows what may have happened?), and there were no giant bust-ups on the scale of Rhona vs Everyone grudge match. So while this show won't have a built-in time bomb, it's still going to be fun to relive the two weeks of jungle life in the company of Ant, Dec and the contestants themselves. We can also find out how life has been for the celebs since they got home. We're pretty curious about Danniella's last couple of weeks, and how are things for Phil now that everyone in Britain wants to be his mate? Just in case all of that isn't enough to draw you in, there's the promise of celebrity fans lending us their punditry, and one contestant will undergo a final Bush Tucker Trial, to be voted on during the show.

May 15, 2003: 'IAC2' - Official Website
Official IAC2 WebsiteThe Official I'm A Celebrity ... Get Me Out Of Here! 2 website still has loads to do and see (even though the series is now over), although all the celeb's faces, apart from winner Tuffers, have all been covered by a spider's web!!

As well as clips from the series, celebrity news and gossip etc., there is also a prize draw giving visitors the chance to win a copy of the new Official book.

Click the picture to be in with a chance of winning a book.

May 15, 2003: 'Closer' / 'New!' - IAC Titbits!
Closer/New! - May 03CLOSER: Sian Spills The Beans On Her Co-Stars...

Toyah Willcox, 44: Toyah was really energetic and loved cleaning. I am quite a messy person - I would still like her to come over to my flat and tidy up. She also sang Fash a love song from the musical Calamity Jane, which she has been starring in recently.

New!: Top 10 I'm A Celebrity Moments...

1. Feed Me: This year's I'm A Celeb... team really came into their own when they were given nine measly sausages for dinner between ten of them after John Fashanu won them just three meals in a challenge. The starving group clubbed together and threatened to quit the show unless they were given more grub. Antony "Wozza" Worrall-Thompson led the way, whining, "It's a joke." The revolt did the trick, as the producers coughed up some more dinner pretty quickly. You go, Wozza.

May 15, 2003: 'Closer' - Closer's Choice
Closer - 17th May 03If you've been feeling slightly bereft since I'm A Celebrity .. finished, join the club. Every night for a fortnight, we were transported to the other side of the world to the deepest, darkest depths of the Australian jungle, where the people were weird and wonderful, and yet, sometimes, just like us. So how have the celebs been coping since they got back to Blighty? Does Danniella regret leaving? Is Antony sorry for behaving so awkwardly? Has Sian been "changing her shoes" regularly? Ant 'n' Dec find out tonight, as all ten contestants are reunited in this hour-long live studio special. And those naughty Geordie boys have a surprise in store too. Just when the celebs thought they were home and dry, you'll be given the chance to vote on an extra Bushtucker trial. So who will face the final challenge? Surely it has to be Fash... for old times sake!
May 12, 2003: 'Mail On Sunday' - I'm a celebrity TV crew could have killed me
Mail On Sunday - 11th May 03Toyah reveals how "irresponsible" starvation diet nearly sent her into a coma

Actress and singer Toyah Willcox collapsed from starvation and could have slipped into a coma while taking part in the TV reality programme I'm A Celebrity ... Get me Out Of here!, she revealed last night.

The former punk rock star, who was voted off the show on Friday, said she was rushed from the camp site for medical treatment when her blood sugar level dropped dangerously low.

Toyah, 44, blamed the Granada Television production team for the incident, saying they fed the 10 celebrities just 500 calories a day - a quarter of the recommended daily intake for the average woman.

She said she had warned them she needed at least five meals a day to stop the risk of a coma. She said: 'On the second day I started to feel quite weak and lethargic. By the third day I was barely able to move around because I felt so ill.

'My vision was blurred and all I wanted to do was sleep. We were all distressed and hungry, but because of my condition I felt it more than the others. I was completely spaced out and having to lie down a lot. At one point I could barely get out of my bed.'

She knew immediately that lack of food was leading to the onset of hypoglycaemia.

'I have a history of attacks going back 20 years and told the peoducers when I signed up for the show. I explained to the series doctor that I had to eat five meals a day to stop myself falling ill. I couldn't afford to starve myself or I would become weak and lethargic.

'I wanted to do the show so that I could test myself. Of course I knew there would be food restrictions and that conditions would be tough, but I didn't expect them to starve us.'

When Toyah and the other celebrities complained they were starving, the production team told them to stop whingeing.

Toyah said: 'They did not believe us. We were treated like spoilt children and told to go away. They just thought we were angling for more food because we were greedy.

'Eventually on day four I called for the doctor and he took a blood test. He was shocked at my blood sugar level, which was extremely low. He gave me a glucose drink, two biscuits and half a bottle of pineapple juice. I think it was only at that point that they realised that we were very serious.'

Hypoglycaemia is an abnormally low level of glucose or sugar in the blood. Symptoms include paleness, trembling, a feeling of weakness, rapid heartbeat, hunger and agitatation, leading to convulsions and coma. Most symptoms disappear rapidly after eating some form of sugar or receiving an injection of glucose. However, if the brain is starved of glucose for long periods it can cause serious damage.

The contestants - Toyah, dancer Wayne Sleep, former footballer John Fashanu, Changing Rooms presenter Linda Barker, former cricketer Phil Tufnell, actress Danniella Westbrook, model Catalina Guirado, former Coronation Street star Chris Bisson, TV weathergirl Sian Lloyd and chef Antony Worrall Thompson - threatened a mass walk out over their paltry rations.

Toyah said: 'Antony is a chef and told them that the portions were not enough to keep the group's energy level up. Thank goodness the producers eventually listened to what he was telling them.'

She added that the women in the camp had been hardest hit by hunger. 'One day cat and I went to collect a treasure chest and she almost fainted. She was all groggy and weak, like a drunk person. I had to giver her two glucose tablets the doctor had given me.'

The survival programme, which takes 10 C-list personalities and leaves them stranded in the Australian bush for two weeks without their usual luxuries, is in its second season after emerging as a surprise hit last year. But questions are being asked about the extreme tactics its makers use to feed the public's sadistic fascination with watching celebs suffer.

Dr Wendy Doyle, of the British Dieteic Association, said the TV company's decision to give the celebrities so few calories daily was irresponsible.

She said: 'Having just 500 calories a day would affect not only Toyah but the other people in the camp too. It is a very low calorie intake. They must have all lost weight.

And such is the concern about the growth in this type of reality-based shows that the British Psychological Society has set up a working committee to investigate.

Psychologist Cynthia McVey, who is on the committee, said: 'I know all publicity is said to be good publicity but when you are voted off it sends out a message to people that might employ you that the public don't want to see you anymore.'

A spokesman for Granada said last night: 'We have a medic on the site night and day to supervise the contestants' diets and deal with any queries or peoblems.'

Thanks to Paul Cable.

May 12, 2003: 'I'm A Celebrity' Toyah-related newsybits & pieces - Issue 14
• The final of IACGMOOH! 2 is tonight. Good luck to all three, I'm sure the best (connected) man or woman will win - hehehe!

• Horrible journalist Dominic Mohan (or whatever he is called) was talking about I'm A Celebrity and said: "The British public love the idea of seeing Toyah on television without make-up."

• The rudest couple in showbiz, Richard and Judy were "discussing" I'm A Celebrity on their show this afternoon. Judy mentioned the Toyah article in the 'Mail on Sunday' (sse above) and Richard said he didn't believe Toyah!!!

May 12, 2003: Toyah on the final 'IAC' four
I'm A Celebrity - 11th May 03Toyah, and the others who have already been "ousted" from camp, commented on the remaining four last night on I'm A Celebrity .... Just before Wayne became the seventh to be evicted from the jungle.

Toyah said: "Wayne is going to win on charm, Linda is going to win on intelligence, and Phil could win on charisma and character.

"Fash is a delicous mix of old-fashioned gentleman and chauvinist. And the chauvinist trips him up. If you talk about going to the bathroom, or you talk about streaking, Fash does not like his women to do that!

"I really didn't get to know Phil. Phil decided who he was going to get close to, and that was cool by me. I do think he's a vulnerable person."

May 12, 2003: Velvet Lined Catalina!?
NOTW - 11th May 03Since being evicted from the jungle on Thursday Catalina Guirado has continully "enthused" about Toyah, and seems to have become something of a "fan"! Wonder if she'll buy 'Velvet Lined Shell'?

This from yesterday's 'News Of The World':

TOYAH WILLCOX is another star. I have such admiration for her. She has to be one of the most amazing women ever. She's a very mothering sort of person. She calls herself bossy but I never saw that side in her. I really liked her—and I really appreciated the way that she took care of me when I was feeling ill. 


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