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May 11, 2003: 'I'm A Celebrity ... NOW' - Interview
Last night Toyah guested on ITV2's I'm A Celebrity ... NOW, looking rejigged and back to her usual lovely self, to be interviewed by the double barrelled duo, Mark Durden-Smith and Tara P-T!

Tara introduced Toyah with a little poem: 

Outrageous, courageous, the queen of punk,
did her trial in a pond that stunk,
gonna turn this jungle inside out
she's turned herself proud, without a doubt,
too cool for school, this lady rocks,
give it up everybody, for Toyah Willcox

Toyah, again, said: "I'm so happy. It's the darkness, it was cold, dark, damp and stinky." Asked how she had spent her first hours of freedom, she replied: "I got out, I had a bar of chocolate. Got to the hotel, had a bar of chocolate. Had lunch, had a bar of chocolate!"

She said she thinks, or hopes, Wayne Sleep is going to win: "He's so good. He doesn't belong in the jungle. if he wins it'll be so funny.

Mark read out Toyah's "Jungle Obituary", Toyah had stated that she would be a "24 hour camp flirt" before going into the jungle, "I have to admit, there was no one to flirt with as far as I was concerned," she said redeeming herself.

Toyah also revealed that her manager had told her off for "not being controversial enough." And she took a couple of phone calls, asked if she'd had to have got "hot and heavy" with one of the males, she said: "I'd like to try and turn Wayne straight. I have a reputation in the outside world for turning gay men straight (!!), I'd like to have got together with him under a waterfall." Another caller asked how the jungle experience compared to punk: "Nothing compares to punk, but I'm glad I've had two great experiences now."

And to round off Toyah's jungle exploits, Tara presented her with the "ITV2 Pooh! You Stink Like Shit" award!!

May 11, 2003: Toyah's jungle liberation - Reprise
Thirty minutes after Toyah's "eviction" interview she was back on ITV1 in the I'm A Celebrity ... jungle greenroom, appearing with a mug of tea.

She repeated that she was "really, really happy to be out," and said: "I've hugged my husband. I've realised how much family means, cos you take it all for granted."

Toyah spoke about some of her jungle mates; Linda: "I'll miss her, she felt like a real girl friend.", Chris: "I was shocked when he went. I thought he was a good bit of eye candy, and great conversationalist.", Antony: "We had a few moments. We're so similar. He told me to stop getting ratty, and I said 'I'm not getting ratty, I'm my own leader'.", Wayne: "I'm worried about Wayne. I think, like me, he has aged 100 years."

Robert also made an appearance, saying: "It's very rarely that I'm stuck for words. In England when I went to bed I saw my wife getting up, and when I got up I saw her going to bed!

"I thought she was being completely herself, very focused and very centred. I noticed Fash saying she wasn't a natural leader. My wife has the, very rare, capacity that she can step forward to the stage and take charge, occasionally that might seem bossy, but she is also well equipped at stepping back into the ensemble. Probably that has a lot to do with her theatrical background."

Toyah asked Robert if she had embarrassed him: "Never, never, never.", and if he would have been embarrassed if she had streaked: "No, no."

Tara Palmer Tompkinson also guested, and Toyah told her that she was glad she had kept that she was a good cook a secret, "I hate cooking," she laughed.

May 11, 2003: Toyah's jungle liberation
Free!Tension seemed to be in the air on Friday night as Ant and Dec announced that it would be Toyah leaving the jungle, the fifth to be evicted.

To hugs and shouts of "good luck" and "well done, T", Toyah made her way out of camp and along the bridges to be greeted by Ant and Dec, while clips were shown of the other's talking about her: "Toyah's been fantastic, she's great with entertainment and she inspires people," said Chris Bisson. Anthony Worrel Thompson said: "Toyah's energetic, she's fun, she's lovely. She's good at bringing a little bit out of people.", and Linda Barker said: "She is very energetic, and she's a real kind of up person. So she makes you feel quite bouyant quite instantly."

Immediately Toyah said "I'm glad to be out," and then her jungle highlights were played to the sound of Madonna's 'Ray Of Light'.

"I wanna kill that cameraman," laughed Toyah, after the montage finished with her walking back across the bridge in her bikini after her BTT. 

FireworksToyah was surprised to hear that there had been bitching in the camp, and said she wasn't bothered by the formation of the self-styled "Terrible Trio" of Linda, AWT and Phil, "I've experienced it at school, in theatre companies, let them get on with it. Why try to break up a friendship?," she replied sensibly.

Toyah enthused about her old Cabaret partner, Wayne Sleep: "Wayne didn't want me to go, we were very close."

She chatted again about that, now famous, Bush Tucker Trial: "Did I surprise you?," she asked Ant and Dec.

"Yes!," they both replied.

And then Toyah stepped outside to be met by a glass of champagne, an explosion of flash bulbs from the press photgraphers, and a big hug from Robert, who was waiting proudly to greet her.

"I missed you so much, truly," Toyah whispered to him, while the flashbulbs popped and, er, flashed!

May 11, 2003: 'Sunday Mirror' - Toyah took the biscuit
Sunday Mirror - 11th May 03Toyah Willcox was fed extra biscuits by producers after falling ill with hunger during her jungle ordeal.

The former punk-rock star had a giddy turn on set and medics were called in.

As a child Toyah, 44, suffered from severe anamia and in her own words has a "sensitive system". It was feared her blood sugar had dropped dangerously low.

After a 12-day spell in the jungle, the first thing Toyah did after being interviewed by show hosts Ant and Dec was to spend two hours gorging on food with husband Robert Fripp at the nearby six-star Versace Hotel on Australia's Gold Coast.

"They looked like first-date lovers," said a hotel employee.

Toyah enjoyed her first Coke for two weeks and tore through three courses. She even insisted on taking a bowl of chocolate ice-cream with her so she could keep on munching.

Then the couple went window-shopping in the nearby Marina Mirage shopping centre.

But a few hours later and it was time to eat again. They met up with Danniella Westbrook and her husband Kevin Jenkins, and Sian Lloyd and her partner Lembit Opik MP, and they all headed out for dinner in a limo.

May 11, 2003: 'News Of The World' - I'm A Celebrity ... UNCUT
NOTW - 11th May 03Today's 'News Of The World' includes an eight page pull-out special,  I'm A Celebrity ... Get Me Out Of Here! UNCUT.

Included is a day-by-day look at each Bush tucker Trial, by show presenters Ant & Dec. Toyah features on Day 10:
DAY 10: Oh boyah, Toyah
Ant says: The smell of the Teatime In Hell pit was horrendous. I knew we looked odd with our face-masks on but I tell you - we needed them.

As well as all the things rotting inside the pit there were several gases coming out. It was a mixture of garlic, sulphur and death. I can still smell it now.

Toyah could smell it before she got there and I was surprised she got in. I was chatting to her before and I could see that she wasn't talking back because she was trying to hold her breath. She got five stars which is excellent.

We went off to have a long, scented bath afterwards. I felt so sorry for her, traipsing back to camp stinking like that. No one gave her a hug.

Also in the pull-out is last year's winner, Tony Blackburn's comments on each celeb. Tony isn't the slightest bit shallow, y'know!!

TOYAH: "Like most of the women, she looked a bit rough. The change in the girls when they get a bit of make-up on is amazing."

May 11, 2003: 'I'm A Celebrity' Toyah-related newsybits & pieces - Issue 13
• Toyah is interviewed in today's 'Mail On Sunday' in a piece titled: "I'm a celebrity TV crew could have killed me" - Yikes! Check back soon for the full text.

• In today's 'News Of The World' Catalina again enthuses about Toyah: "Wayne is just the sweetest person. Toyah has to be one of the most amazing women ever."

• It looks likely that all ten contestants will appear on tomorrow night's live final

• Then all ten will gather once more for the reunion show in London on 21st May.

• 'The Guardian' (Friday 2nd May): Toyah gets hubbie's vote - Robert Fripp, the slightly strange musician who fronted King Crimson and, even stranger, is married to Toyah Willcox, appeared on GMTV this morning. "Look at that little luvvie! What a bright spark," he exclaimed, watching live footage of the I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! compound. Unfortunately, he then blotted his copybook by admitting he'd voted for his own wife to take part in a challenge that involved rooting around in a pool of dirty water filled with crocodiles. "Gosh, I hope your marriage is OK when she comes out and finds out that little fun fact, " chirped presenter Kate Garroway. Luckily for Fripp's marriage, the general public's desire to see model Catalina take up the challenge instead meant Toyah was spared. "I thought she would love to do it. Maybe I'm perverse," replied Fripp. Although, given that the crocs turned out to be made of plastic, maybe he knew something the rest of us didn't. 

May 11, 2003: 'IC Teesside' - It's time for Toyah 
IC Teeside - 10th May 03Eighties pop star Toyah Willcox was saying goodbye to the Australian rainforest tonight, after being voted off I'm A Celebrity ... Get Me Out Of Here!

She gave disappointed glances to her jungle friends, who returned her glowing praise, calling her the "backbone of the family.

She told hosts Ant and Dec: "The first day was hell!"

"It was quite remarkable in there because you have to face so many issues.

"There were moments when we could have had a big gangfight."

But she said they often felt "drunk on hunger", adding: "I'm going straight to a hotel and having everything on the menu."

She was evicted by the public in one of the tightest votes so far.

Willcox said some of the best fun during her 12 days came from getting filthy.

But the back-stabbing had passed her by.

She said: "I enjoyed not bathing, I enjoyed not changing my clothes and I enjoyed just getting muddy.

"There wasn't even any back-stabbing. There wasn't any secret whispering."

She was amazed to hear from Ant and Dec that she was wholly wrong in believing the contestants were "all prepared to compromise".

They were all suffering from the lack of food: "Everyone is exhausted. I think we are becoming anaemic because we are living off beans and rice."

But she had praise for celebrity chef Antony Worrall Thompson, who "fed us out of nothing".

She added: "If he had failed in that we would have been on him like a pack of wolves."

Wilcox's eviction from the jungle camp means the group now consists of ex-footballer John Fashanu, dancer Wayne Sleep, and the clique of three, TV star Linda Barker, cricketer Phil Tufnell and Worrall-Thompson.

But the closeness of the three was no problem for Willcox.

"Phil needs quite a lot of support. He really is a delicate little soul. Linda gives him support and then Antony supports them both," she said.

Tufnell remains odds-on at 2-5 with bookies Coral to win the show.

Meanwhile Fashanu, who escaped by a margin of less than 1,000 votes tonight, is favourite to be evicted next, at 13-8.

May 11, 2003: 'CBBC Newsround' - Hungry Toyah voted out of I'm A Celeb 
CBBC Newsround - 11th May 03It seems ex-pop star Toyah worked up an appetite in the jungle. 

After becoming the latest star to get booted off of I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!, she said she wanted a slap-up meal. 

Toyah told the show's hosts Ant 'n Dec that she was heading for a posh hotel and "having everything on the menu". 

She also revealed that one of the best things about being on the show was not having to wash! 

"I enjoyed just getting muddy," she laughed. 

But she said it was hard living on jungle rations, adding: "Everyone is exhausted." 

Now Toyah's been voted off, there are just five contestants left. 

They are ex-footballer John Fashanu, dancer Wayne Sleep, designer Linda Barker, cricketer Phil Tufnell and chef Antony Worrall Thompson. 

Phil - who Toyah described as a "delicate little soul" - is being tipped to win the show. 

May 11, 2003: 'Offical IAC Website' - Chat with Toyah
Official IAC Website - 10th May 03Toyah was the fifth celebrity to leave the jungle and after 12 days in there without her luxuries and even basic items was she pleased to finally be out?
"So how was it?" Ant asks 

"I'm glad to be out" Toyah replies "the first week was hell. It was like another day in hell." 

"I was happy to be out coz I've help my husband and it was getting to the stage where I was waking up crying. But I've realised how special and how deep my family are because you take it all for granted. And in there I couldn't speak to them [her family] or even get a message to them." 

"But it seemed like you made the most of it" prompts Dec 

"It was good. It's remarkable because you have to deal with certain issues. There were moments when we could have easily had a big gang fight but we were so determined not to do it and to stick together." 

When asked about the worst thing about being in the jungle Toyah had a lot to say. 

"The worst thing had to be the starvation. There were about four days when we were as high as a kite on hunger. We were swaying about - it was horrible." 

"But you seemed to enjoy it?" Ant inquired 

"I enjoyed not bathing and not changing my clothes and just getting muddy." 

Toyah agreed that there were some strong personalities in the jungle, which could have caused problems within the group. 

"There could have been [some problems] but I think we were prepared to compromise and when you've got good leaders why add to the pot? Everything was running smoothly. The structure worked very quickly." 

However, Toyah was very shocked to hear that there had been some backbiting and bitching within the group. But she didn't feel at all threatened by the close bond formed between Phil, Linda and AWT (the terrible trio). 

"I didn't care" she declared "I saw it that Phil needed a lot of support, he's really like a delicate soul, and Linda gave that to him. And that AWT gave them both support. It didn't bother me. Why destroy a friendship and that's what they had." 

Toyah has recently noticed a difference in the group dynamics. 

"I think the group is moving apart and slowly dividing. Linda is slowly moving away, not as enemies but as a necessity as she knows they are going to split up at some point." 

When asked about her thoughts and feelings about the rest of the group Toyah was very complimentary. 

"I was shocked when Chris went because we were really pally and he was good eye candy. I got on really well with Fash but even he's bossy. I will miss Lindy because I thought she was wonderful and like a real girlfriend. I like all the blokes but will I miss them? I'm not sure that I will." 

She admits to having a few confrontations with AWT. 

"Ant and I did have a few moments because we are very similar. He started off in a very powerful position by leading the walk out on the third day and I thought 'he's not going to lead me down that route because I want some dignity in this'. We did have a few run ins but he knows when you're riled by him and he backs down and that's an excellent quality in a man." 

On Wayne Toyah shows concern. 

"He's grown to rely on m e so I'm a bit worried about him. Wayne is a showman and he needs an audience but the three of them [AWT, Linda and Phil] are passive to him but they are not cliquey." 

Her memory of Fash will be his view that women should be proper and dignified. 

"When I was going to barter a streak for chocolate Fash came up to me and said 'Do you really have to do that?'"

May 11, 2003: 'Reuters' - Toyah gets marching orders from jungle camp
Reuters - 10th May 03LONDON (Reuters) - One-time punk songster Toyah Willcox has become the fourth contestant to be voted out of the Australian jungle camp created for reality television show "I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here". 

Willcox, who had a string of chart hits in the 1980s, told the shows' presenters Ant and Dec on Friday that she and her fellow contestants had suffered from lack of food. 

"The worst thing was the starvation -- we were high as a kite on hunger." 

Although Willcox said it was difficult in the camp, she still enjoyed the experience. Several of the contestants said they felt she had played a key role. 

Former footballer John Fashanu called her the "backbone" of the camp "family" while chef Antony Worral Thompson said she was a "natural leader". 

Willcox, who has been an actress and television presenter, said she believed that cricketer Phil Tufnell will win the show, but that if interior decorator Linda Barker is voted off the remaining contestants will be in trouble. 

"If Lindy goes they are in stuck -- she is the gel that holds it all together." 

Weather presenter Sian Lloyd was the first casualty of the show when she was voted out on
Monday. She was followed by former EastEnders star Danniella Westbrook who quit in tears while on Wednesday Coronation Street actor Chris Bisson was voted out. On Thursday model Catalina Guirado got her marching orders. 

May 11, 2003: Toyah leaves the jungle camp - Various reports
ITV Teletext: Weekend TV Review
Toyah Willcox was booted out of the camp on Friday night and she revealed that the other celebrities all know that Phil Tufnell will win.

Toyah actually claimed to have enjoyed the nud, rain and ghastly food. But like the five other stars she looked hugely grateful for being booted out. Wyne wants to follow her.

IC South London - Toyah is the latest'celebrity' casualty
Toyah Willcox has become the latest casualty in I'm A Celebrity ... Get Me Out Of Here.

She seemed disappointed as she was voted off the show in one of the tightest votes so far.

Her 'jungle friends' regarded her as the "backbone of the family.

She told hosts Ant and Dec: "The first day was hell!"

"It was quite remarkable in there because you have to face so many issues. There were moments when we could have had a big gangfight."

She said, however, she was craving good food. "I'm going straight to a hotel and having everything on the menu."

"I enjoyed not bathing, I enjoyed not changing my clothes and I enjoyed just getting muddy.

"There wasn't even any back-stabbing. There wasn't any secret whispering."


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