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"Life in those days was not for the feeble. Death by another's gun was a daily occurrence, as was disease, poverty and hunger. But there was a great lust for life, a need to be a pioneer; not to be home bound but, instead, an adventurer. Because of this I hope our production not only captures the humour, music and dance of the film, but also adds another dimension: the incredible spirit of the human race."

"Calamity was a real character, not just a creation for Doris Day. She lived around 1860 and was the only female Indian scout to ride with the military. She dressed, spoke and fought like a man, but late in life she married and had children.

For me, playing Calamity is as physical a performance as Trafford Tanzi, the female wrestler, was in 1983. I'm diving off bars, off scenery, off a stagecoach. My behind is black and blue from being kicked and my Bull Whip abilities are much envied. I LOVE IT"

"Secret Love is the show's most important song. In its time it was the most successful-selling single ever, keeping Doris Day in the charts for over 54 weeks. That's a hard act to follow. We've approached it from the inside, rather than from the out. Rather than stand in the spotlight and hammer it out like a torch song, we've gone for it as a private thought. All time freezes and Calamity is free to move around her own thoughts, unheard by anyone else. It's a beautiful moment."

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