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What’s on TV: Doctors

November 3rd, 2015

doctors15dDetails on next Tuesday’s episode of, BBC1 daytime drama, Doctors, “Afternoon of the Living Dead”, in which Toyah plays Bill. (Photo © BBC)

The team have a scary day out
1:45pm, Tuesday, 10 November 2015

The team arrive at an abandoned hospital for their team building day. Suddenly Bill appears and splits into two teams to survive a Zombie invasion. Jimmi tells Sid that the whole thing is ridiculous – but Daniel is fired up and starts to take on a lead role in the action.

Both teams are told that one of them has to make a sacrifice, so Mrs Tembe throws herself to the mercy of a zombie, while Heston reluctantly does the same.

Bill compliments Jimmi on surviving and he unenthusiastically admits they worked as a team. Daniel points out you can’t be a good leader without a good team, an idea that gets him thinking…

• Continue reading at What’s on TV. Read more about this forthcoming episode of Doctors here. Cast list and further info is available at the BBC Doctors website.


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