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Brighton & Wykehurst by Sharon Dickson

November 6th, 2012

Great photos of a weekend in Brighton! Sharon Dickson with Toyah, and Chris & Andy. Andy Mansfield with Toyah, and Sharon visiting Wykehurst Place. View larger versions of these photos at Dreamscape’s TCRII Gallery. (Thanks to Sharon)

Wykehurst Place Photos & Happy Birthday Asher

October 26th, 2012

A very Happy Birthday to, Toyah fan, Asher Meekins. Thanks to Asher for sending these great photos of Wykehurst Place, which is located in Wykehurst Park in Bolney, West Sussex. It is, of course, most famous to Toyah fans as the house pictured on the cover of The Blue Meaning. It was also used for location filming in the 1973 horror movie The Legend Of Hell House as well as a number of other films (The Eagle Has Landed, Oh! What A Lovely War and a few Hammer Horror’s). Built between 1871 – 74, it was most recenty used as a hotel. Click below to zoom!