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Official Toyah: Toyah’s July 2018 Blog

July 16th, 2018

Toyah’s blog for July 2018 is available to read at


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60th Birthday Fanzines: Update

July 13th, 2018

The new fanzines for Toyah’s 60th Birthday are coming very soon, with just one week to go. Here’s a preview of one of the finalised covers and a double page from the issue. (Original photos © Toyah Willcox – Thanks to


60th Birthday Fanzines: Final Weekend To Order

June 30th, 2018

It’s the final weekend to order the Toyah Fanzine Birthday Bundle. I won’t be ordering extra prints of these so please don’t miss out if you would like this set…


Dreamscape Toyah 60th Fanzine(s): Features Preview

June 26th, 2018

There are just three days left to order Part Two of the 60th Birthday Toyah fanzines. Here is a preview of a few of the features, including the Toyah Discography 2000 – 2018. Celebrating Toyah’s landmark birthday year with a riot of colour… in print. Fanzines, flyers, postcards and the Wonder of Willcox! (NB: Fanzine is essentially printed to order, if you would like these issues please order as no extra prints will be available)


Toyah on the Radio: BBC R4 Extra: The Older Woman

June 25th, 2018

tow15aThe first series of The Older Woman, the six-part radio drama which was originally broadcast in 1993, begins airing again on BBC Radio 4 Extra from today.

Toyah plays Elsa, alongside Martun Clunes and Zoë Wanamaker as Roy and Jane in this excellent, and slightly surreal, drama by Tony Bagley. Toyah also performs the theme song to The Older Woman.

The series, produced by Paul Schlesinger, also features David Troughton, Geoff McGivern, David Holt, Keith Drinkel and Melanie Hudson in a variety of roles.

The Older Woman: BBC Radio 4 Extra: Monday 25th June: 7am/5pm
The Older Woman: BBC Radio 4 Extra: Tuesday 26th June: 5am
The Older Woman: BBC Radio 4 Extra: Saturday 30th June: 12pm
Episode 1 of 6. Local hack journalist Roy Hitchcock meets his former English teacher, and sets out on a crusade to win her heart against all odds. Stars Zoe Wanamaker, Martin Clunes and Toyah Willcox. From January 1993.


• Below are a couple of Radio Times clippings with a little more detail about the series, published when The Older Woman originally aired in January 1993. (Thanks to Anthony Lewis)

Toyah Live 2018: Celebrating 40 Years Of Music

June 24th, 2018

Toyah is celebrating her 40th year in music and her 60th Birthday later in the year with four special gigs, one of which takes place at The Fleece in Bristol on 1st November. Click on their promo image below for full details of all four gigs at Toyah’s Official Gigs page.


Official Toyah: Toyah’s June 2018 Blog

June 12th, 2018

Toyah’s June 2018 blog is available to read at – Click below to read.


Toyah 60: Celebrating Toyah’s Birthday… in Print!

June 8th, 2018

Our celebration of Toyah’s 60th Birthday and 40th Anniversary in music continues. There’s a trio of fanzines to order, with features, photos and more included. There’s also a very limited print run of a set of A5 flyers celebrating Toyah’s iconic 80s studio albums which can be ordered to accompany the fanzines. There won’t be any extra prints being ordered this time so please don’t miss them… Click below for further info on the new fanzines and the flyers.


Happy 38th! to The Blue Meaning

June 6th, 2018

Toyah’s 1980 album The Blue Meaning was released 38 years ago today. Full of atmosphere, drama and great songs, accompanied by Toyah’s fantastic imagery, it was ahead of its time, and still sounds amazing in 2018!! See a larger version of Dreamscape’s anniversary image here and click below to see Toyah’s tweet about the album.


Toyah 60: Birthday Fanzine(s) Continued…

June 1st, 2018

The concluding fanzines celebrating Toyah’s 60th Birthday are now available to order. These are a follow on from the previous “Pop Star” issue, continuing with that theme, and feature some amazing Toyah imagery from the past 12 years. Click below for info and order link.


Official Toyah: Toyah Top 60: 50 – 41

May 25th, 2018

official60bFans recently submitted their votes for their Toyah Top 10.

The votes were received and counted and Official Toyah will be revealing the full Top Toyah 60 countdown over the coming weeks.

The countdown continues… The Toyah Top 60 poll results playlist now includes 50-41. The songs added here start at 50 with The Furious Futures up to Run Wild, Run Free at 41.

Official Toyah: Toyah Top 60: 60 – 51

May 20th, 2018

official60aFans recently submitted their votes for their Toyah Top 10.

The votes were received and counted and Official Toyah will be revealing the full Top Toyah 60 countdown over the coming weeks.

Here is a video playlist to get going from Space Between The Sounds at 60 through to Computer at 51.

Four From Toyah: Birthday Edition EP

May 19th, 2018

Fantastic to see the Four From Toyah: Birthday Edition EP doing so well on its first day of release yesterday. Great new songs from Toyah and Simon Darlow, it’s always special to hear new music from Toyah. Click below to download. (Thanks to Official Toyah for the FFT flyer design)


Four From Toyah: Robert Fripp is a Telepathic Lover!

May 19th, 2018

What’s caused Robert to shake his money maker to Telepathic Lover by Toyah? The news that Four From Toyah (Birthday Edition) is No.1 In Amazon’s Rock Digital Charts pre-order and No.12 in Digital Albums charts as well.

Toyah 60: “This Is Just The Beginning”

May 18th, 2018

A faberoonie birthday photo of Toyah. She tweeted today: “Yeh! BRING IT ON! This is just the beginning“. (Photo © Toyah Willcox)