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Live Talk: Toyah Interview (2000)

October 28th, 2015

Just uploaded to Dreamscape’s You Tube channel, a retro interview with Toyah from ITV’s Live Talk. This aired on 26th September 2000 on the short-lived show, which evolved into Loose Women. Toyah was guesting to talk about her, just published, autobiography “Living Out Loud”.


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Dreamscape You Tube: Breakfast Time 1987

January 19th, 2014

Just uploaded to Dreamscape’s You Tube channel, a short interview with Toyah from BBC Breakfast Time on the day that ‘Echo Beach’ was released as a single in 1987. Click on the caps below to watch and view larger versions of the screen caps here.


Dreamscape’s You Tube Channel

January 19th, 2014

Over the last few years Dreamscape’s You Tube channel has grown into a great place to view retro Toyah television interviews, performances, dedicated specials and more. Click below to view info and screen caps of just some of what is available to view at You Tube.


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Toyah Newsy Bits & Pieces!

December 16th, 2013

The Old Grey Whistle Test: New to Dreamscape’s You Tube channel, a rare clip from Toyah’s 1981 Christmas Eve concert, televised live on BBC2′s The Old Grey Whistle Test. This is the final song of the concert, ‘I Want To Be Free’, but it’s from the TV version not the BBC Video that was released in 1982, so a slightly different ending (Thanks to Andy) – Watch here…


Toyah’s Digital Advent: We are being spoiled this Christmas by The Official Toyah Willcox Website. Already there’s been live footage from the Love Is The Law & More Tour, great audio from 1981, rare photos from the late 70s, and today a treat from the 90s - Visit the Advent…

Nottingham Post: Celebrity signed book by Nottingham care assistant auctioned for charity: Care assistant Victoria Harwood is hoping to raise funds to save endangered animals – by drawing animals… The famous signatures include Richard Kiel and singer Toyah Willcox – Continue reading…

Robert Fripp’s Diary: A selection of great festive photos have been posted to Robert’s online diary – View here…

Official Discography: There is more content being added almost daily. Great info on Toyah;s many releases over the years – View here…

Toyah 1987 – 2003: Great news that Toyah’s back catalogue from 1987 to 2003 will be made available digitally next year. Desire, Prostitute, Ophelia’s Shadow, Take The Leap!, Dreamchild, Velvet Lined Shell – all fantastic albums that will hopefully reach more people in years to come!

Love Is The Law Month: Harty 1983

October 31st, 2013

It’s the final day of October and also of Dreamscape’s Love Is The Law Month. I hope you’ve enjoyed all the LITL related posts over the last 31 days. Of course the Love Is The Law & More Tour is still in full swing, with another three dates still to be played. To finish off here’s a really lovely interview with Toyah from Harty, aired by the BBC in late 1983, plus Toyah and Joel performing ‘The Vow’. Click below to watch at Dreamscape’s You Tube channel and view larger versions of the screen caps here. (Thanks to Andy for the clip)


Saturday Superstore: Phone In/Interview (1983)

October 7th, 2013

It’s Love Is The Law Month here at Dreamscape, and our latest post is a selection of screen caps, and the video clip, from Toyah’s phone in/interview on BBC1′s weekend morning show Saturday Superstore. Presented by, Radio 1 DJ, Mike Read, this aired in December 1983. Click here for larger screen caps and below to watch the clip at Dreamscape’s You Tube channel. (Thanks to Andy)


Toyah Newsy Bits & Pieces!

October 7th, 2013

You Tubing with Dreamscape: Just uploaded to Dreamscape’s You Tube channel – Toyah guesting on ITV’s Neno from 1987, around the time of the release of her ‘Desire’ album. Not great quality but worth a watch to see Toyah having some fun while discussing the album, Cabaret, her earlier career and more - Watch at You Tube…


Neno: View larger versions of the screen caps here.

LITL T-Shirt Image: There was a great response yesterday, on Facebook and to a lesser extent Twitter, to the new image included on the ‘Love Is The Law & More’ t-shirt, with people saying it updated the LITL imagery well etc.

Time Out: ‘Quadrophenia’ producer: ‘We’re planning a sequel set in the 1970s’: At an exclusive Time Out reunion event, one of the key men behind the counter-culture classic reveals details of a long-awaited follow-up – Continue reading…

Prostitute: A photo of the rare pre-release cassette of Toyah’s 1988 album was added to catmachine’s Instagram yesterday – View the photo…

Sixty Minutes: Toyah on Tour (1983)

October 2nd, 2013

A short rare interview with Toyah during the ‘Rebel Run’ UK Tour. This aired on the 5th December 1983 on BBC1′s Sixty Minutes, the replacement news programme for Nationwide. It had only launched in October and went on to be quite short lived as it was “axed” in July 1984. Toyah talks about touring, new single ‘The Vow’ and there’s also some brief soundcheck footage. Click below to view the clip at Dreamscape’s You Tube Channel and view larger versions of the screen caps here. (Thanks to Andy for the clip)


You Tubing: It’s Your Funeral (2001)

September 26th, 2013

Been meaning to do so for a number of years, and finally I’ve transferred this from VHS tape to digital. A 30-minute interview with Toyah from the series It’s Your Funeral, hosted by Kaye Adams, which aired on Channel Five in 2001. It’s an interesting interview and, despite the title, not particularly morbid. Click below to watch


• More footage coming in October to Dreamscape’s You Tube Channel - A selection of Love Is The Law clips.

You Tubing with Dreamscape: TISWAS 1981

September 24th, 2013

A short, but fantastic, clip of one of Toyah’s appearances on TISWAS in 1981. Performing “I’m A Misery” with the band and various presenters, and then flanned by the Phantom Flan Flinger. A classic clip. Click on the caps to watch, and visit Dreamscape’s You Tube Channel.


You Tubing: V Graham Norton (2002)

September 14th, 2013

Just uploaded to Dreamscape’s You Tube channel – Toyah guesting on V Graham Norton in 2002. She appeared on the Channel 4 show in June of that year, around the time of the release of the brilliant ’Little Tears Of Love’ EP, lovingly modelled by Mr Norton. Watch by clicking below.


You Tubing With Dreamscape: This Morning (1994)

June 8th, 2013

Just uploaded to You Tube, an interview from This Morning in 1994. Toyah was in the midst of ‘Dreamchild’, ‘(Take The) Leap!’ and the ‘Leap 2 Dream’ Tour at the time.

You Tubing with Dreamscape

May 21st, 2013

Just uploaded half a dozen short clips of Toyah from various TV shows, mostly from the very early 2000s: FBI, Through The Sunroof, You Dancin? I’m Askin!, Scotland Today… and more. These include a very brief clip of Toyah in rehearsals for Picasso’s Women at the Edinburgh Festival in 2000 and Issey Miyake speaking about the outfit Toyah wore on the cover of her single ‘Don’t Fall in Love’. View these at Dreamscape’s You Tube channel.

Remember 1983/Happy Birthday: Russell Harty Show

May 18th, 2013

A few screen caps of Toyah looking utterly amazing when she guested on Russell Harty’s BBC2 show in March 1983. Other guests were Willie Rushton and Janet Street-Porter in a programme looking back at celebrities’ school days. Toyah’s former teacher also made an appearance. View a clip from the programme by clicking on the caps. (Thanks to Andi)

Remember 1983: ‘The Saturday Show’ Clip

May 5th, 2013

Toyah appearing on The Saturday Show in 1983. (Thanks to Andi for this great Toyah footage)