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BBC Media Centre: Beautiful Britain

April 24th, 2018

bbcbb18aOver the sound of ripping wax-strips, nail drills, clippers and trimmers, Toyah Willcox invites us to eavesdrop on usually private conversations taking place in hair and beauty salons across the UK.

We drop in on appointments at Totally Polished in Blackpool, The Topiary Salon in Basingstoke, Smith Hair Studio in Edmonton and Not Another Salon in London’s East End.

From holidays and bingo wins, to hospital appointments and bereavements – customers relish the opportunity to swap stories, gossip and enjoy an hour’s escape from the stresses of daily life. Beauticians and hairdressers are trusted confidantes, privy to shocking secrets, but they also provide an independent ear and a comforting shoulder to cry on.

For Toyah’s friend and hairdresser to the stars, Keith Wainwright MBE, a trip to the salon is also an important source of physical and social contact in an increasingly online world.

According to industry reports, women and men of all ages and means are spending increasing amounts of time, and money, at hair and beauty salons in the UK. British consumers spent an estimated 1.89 billion pounds on salon services in the last quarter of 2017. We find out why. A Just Radio production for BBC Radio 4

• Continue reading at BBC Media Centre.

BBC: Pop Quiz The Comeback

December 4th, 2016

popquiz16bFirst seen in 1981, Pop Quiz was the BBC’s Saturday night smash hit music quiz show.

Over 30 years later it’s back, with the original presenter Mike Read hosting two special celebration editions where the biggest pop stars from the 1980s will go head-to-head in a test of their Eighties music knowledge – this is Pop Quiz The Comeback!

Tickets will be allocated by random draw. You can register at any time until 10pm on Wednesday 7 December. You can apply for a maximum of two tickets per recording and should you be successful in the random draw you will only receive tickets for one recording. Good luck!

Thursday 15 December, 3.30pm: Guests include Nick Heyward (Haircut 100), Carol Decker (T’Pau), David Grant (Linx), Cheryl Baker and Jay Aston (Bucks Fizz) and Ranking Roger (The Beat).

Thursday 15 December, 6.00pm: Guests include Toyah Willcox, Tom Bailey (Thompson Twins), Andy McCluskey (OMD), Steve Norman (Spandau Ballet), Mari Wilson and Leee John (Imagination).

• Continue reading/Apply for tickets at BBC Shows and Tours.

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Holiday Of My Lifetime @ BBC iPlayer

February 13th, 2016

Yesterday’s Holiday of My Lifetime, with Toyah revisiting a holiday she had in 1968, is now available to watch online at BBC iPlayer. Click below to go there.


Toyah @ The BBC: Back To The 80s

February 12th, 2016

Toyah, and a selection of some of the recent Top Of The Pops re-broadcasts from BBC Four, are featured at the BBC’s Back To The 80s page - Programmes showcasing and celebrating music from the decade. Click below to pay a visit.


Doctors: Talking With Toyah

November 14th, 2015

Toyah’s interview on the Doctors set is online at the BBC website.  Now you’ve seen the episode, watch this behind-the-scenes exclusive with the legendary Toyah Willcox. Click below to watch.


• Ever wondered what it takes to be a zombie? This Doctors EXCLUSIVE shows you the fabulous work our make up artists do. Browse all of Dreamscape’s “Toyah on Doctors” news here.

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The Independent: The People’s History of Pop

September 17th, 2015

independent15aBBC asks viewers to share their musical memorabilia to tell ‘The People’s History of Pop’

Do you treasure a ticket stub from David Bowie at Aylesbury Friars? Is there a glow-stick from an illegal rave in your attic? Does your teenage diary list every band you ever saw in painstaking detail?

Now the BBC is asking viewers to share their most cherished musical possessions to help tell The People’s History of Pop through a unique crowdsourcing appeal. An online archive is being created for a new BBC4 series which will tell the story of British rock & pop music from the 1950s to the noughties – but without the traditional narrative from chin-stroking “experts”.

Craig Astley uploaded a picture of himself, then aged 4, with his first pop idol, the punk singer Toyah after a concert in Newcastle. “Sixteen years later and I received a phone call from Toyah herself if I would be interested in running her website,” writes Astley, who now manages the singer’s archive. “Pop dreams can come true.”

• Continue reading at The Independent. View further info here.

BBC Doctors: Star of Stage, Screen and Music Toyah Willcox

August 1st, 2015

As tweeted by Toyah this week – the programme she filmed is the BBC’s daytime drama Doctors.

We have had the pleasure of being joined on set by the incredible Toyah Willcox. Toyah has returned to her midlands roots to film scenes for a fanatastic episode that will be aired in November. Keep your eyes on the website for an interview with the lady herself.


NB: Toyah has previously had a role in Doctors. She played “Marcy Preston” in an episode in April 2000.

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Toyah @ Twitter: The One Show

July 22nd, 2015

Another photo from The One Show shoot, tweeted by Toyah yesterday - Filming a special strand for @BBCOne The One Show. (Photo © Toyah Willcox)


Toyah Goes Retro for BBC1′s The One Show

July 22nd, 2015

Amazing photos!! Toyah is Thundering In The Mountains… Well, make-up style at least, for filming of a special strand for future airing on BBC1′s The One Show. Click on the photos to view larger versions. (Photos © Toyah Willcox/Sean Chapman)


BBC: People’s History Of Pop @ BBC Music

July 22nd, 2015

phop15aFive decades of British rock and pop music, told by the people who loved it most – the fans.

The BBC is crowdsourcing photos and audio/video of your cherished music memorabilia – ticket stubs, diary entries, teen band recordings, wrist bands, rare footage and more – to tell the stories of British rock and pop music from the 1950s to the noughties. Whether you were into skiffle, punk, hip hop or anything in between, we want to see your stuff and hear your stories!

What was the first record you bought? Do you still have the ticket stub to your all-time favourite gig?

What was the first record you bought? Do you still have the ticket stub to your all-time favourite gig? Were you in a teen band and do you still have the recordings?

• Continue reading at BBC People’s History of Pop.

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BBC: People’s History Of Pop @ HistoryPin

July 22nd, 2015

There’s a great new project from the BBC who are crowdsourcing the People’s History of Pop. They asked Craig Astley, who manages The Official Toyah Willcox website, if they could use the well known photo of him, aged five first meeting Toyah, as their main website banner. The site launched last Friday. The crowdsourced memories will form the backbone of a new four-part series for future broadcast on BBC Four.

• Visit People’s History of Pop/HistoryPin. (Thanks to Craig)


Toyah/Sounds Of The 80s at BBC Music

June 25th, 2015

Toyah’s recent Sounds Of The 80s special is currently featured at BBC Music.


BBC Who’s in Today?: It’s Toyah’s Throwback Thursday

June 4th, 2015

Hear music star Toyah Willcox sharing her fave Sounds of the 80s with the lovely Sara Cox! Check out Toyah in the 80s when she had a slightly different look for our contribution to this week’s #throwbackthursday


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Toyah Newsy Bits & Pieces!

June 4th, 2015

BBC Who’s in Today?: Check out Toyah Willcox in for Sounds of the 80s on BBC Radio 2 with Sara Cox – we’re celebrating ‪#‎TBT‬ in her honour! – Visit the Who’s in Today? Facebook…


BBC Who’s in Today?: Visit the Who’s in Today? project website…

Tony Banks: A Chord Too Far: More info on the forthcoming boxset which includes Toyah’s Lion Of SymmetryContinue reading…

Brave New World: Some of us never tire of Toyah’s iconic/unforgettable/still relevant 1982 image – Check out what Mark Wallis Design has done with the single sleeve…

Celluloid Wickerman: Alchemical Magic in Derek Jarman’s The Tempest (1979): Forever a cinematic alchemist – a sage that conjured and devoured celluloid before the eventual ritualistic sacrifice- Derek Jarman is the perfect suitor to Shakespeare’s The Tempest (1979); a play whose heart is bathed in the tragedy and power of magic – Continue reading…

Dreamscape You Tube: Breakfast Time 1987

January 19th, 2014

Just uploaded to Dreamscape’s You Tube channel, a short interview with Toyah from BBC Breakfast Time on the day that ‘Echo Beach’ was released as a single in 1987. Click on the caps below to watch and view larger versions of the screen caps here.